ThorbenThobias Try walking in my shoes - you´ll stumble in my footsteps! - I adore Corbijns work on the video!
ThorbenThobias ... my memory lingers ... wishing everyone a ♥ly day! Byebye! ,o)

Depeche Mode Ghost Ambient Rushour Mix

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ThorbenThobias This is a cover of Depeche Mode´s "Sweetest Perfection" taken out of ´Violator´. Love that version! ^.~ (reblip)
ThorbenThobias ´I can feel the emptiness inside me fade and disappear´ - I love those stripped-down accoustic or ´bare´ versions!
ThorbenThobias I found this wonderful version - at last! "An end to the tears and the in-between years, and the troubles I´ve seen´
ThorbenThobias No pain and suffering while listening to this! Very well done mash up! Nice vid, too!
leaferi Like this one. rb@ThorbenThobias: "Hi @pappwixe Wünsche ebenfalls einen wundervollen Tag!" (reblip)
ThorbenThobias rb vi@ricktrevino: Didn´t know that version... Didn´t even know that Hilary Duff still makes music... (reblip)
ThorbenThobias I always liked the original - now I came upon this fine version! Greetings to all my blipstars!
ThorbenThobias I´ll leave you with this wonderful relaxing track to get some sleep! Good night @tanzbunny @Oss @Buzzz @SSSIXXX @GR8FL @DeAnn @TuraSatana @Heike @all!
Stay19 Insomnia (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) – <><> Faithless vi@ThorbenThobias (reblip)
potele Before I get too sad, I reblip this GREAT song by Daft Punk, via @klitoria! (reblip)
ThorbenThobias She shot me down -Bang bang- I hit the ground -Bang bang- that aweful sound -Bang bang- my baby shot me down :´-(
bendrix In 2002 I was introduced to this Busta Rhymes wanna be track - thus falling into lust with Waldeck :) => @TechPatience @ZOEBOE,
pappwixe moin moin @ThorbenThobias..good day for you too @tranceatlantico;-)

Lars Wickinger: black is back

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thebastian cool---i fand my own track here--ENJOY
pappwixe fuck i nearly burned my kitchen :-O
Morrell I hear ya,,,hangover is kicking in and blip is what is getting me through @chiron08@ladypn @verawooten @ThorbenThobias @cheesy80s
ThorbenThobias If you want me, you can find me, left of center... *love her voice* d^.^b
leaferi Greetings. Cool visuals on this one. rb@ThorbenThobias: "Hello @leaferi @estrogen and to every blipstar! Going to be very hot today! B-)" (reblip)
ThorbenThobias "It´s a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain" - I wonder why the remix is called like this... ???
ThorbenThobias ´My style is the bom-diddi-bom di-dang di-dang diggi-diggi´ Heard this track last sunday! Couldn´t stand still - had to move around!
ThorbenThobias ...lying in the green gras watching white sheepy clouds flying across the blue sky - breathing slowly
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Hope you've recovered from the w/e & have a great week :) :)
ThorbenThobias Jam&Spoon feat. Plavka - very nice song, adorable voice. Now I just need to find the song ´be.angeled´. Poor Spoon died to soon...


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chiron08 @tranceatlantico -warste in Istambul ? auf der fusion hab ich dich ja nicht getroffen...
leaferi XP8 kick here. This video is one of those where I am not sure whether they are trying to be funny or not. Don't think so... then so much the funnier.

XP8 "The Art Of Revenge" Official Video

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ThorbenThobias Now going to physical therapy... Have a lovely wednesday! @Heike @ladypn @chiron08 @toosweert4rnr @bubblegumjo @TuraSatana @threebears @cremeweiss
Stay19 Lambda – Hold On Tight (Dabruck & Klein Remix)<><> vi@pappwixe Cheers to one of my FAVorite DJ's. (reblip)
leaferi Only heard Tiga remixes before. I like. rb@MoxyBoy: "Cool. @Betoques" (reblip)

Tiga // Shoes

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ThorbenThobias Good morning and a fine day/night to you!
ThorbenThobias mesmerising/hypnotising - just like one of my blip-mentors: @bendrix

Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project/JAZZ ROOM(Spiritual South Mix)

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ThorbenThobias hot and sunny day here - enjoy the sun! See you soon...

MYOMI Sun in my eyes

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coloured haha, wieder einen gefunden :) ja, langsamer @Cosmix bin gleich weg im buli :))
ThorbenThobias Hi blipfriends! "I hear a voice, from one hundred miles away, getting so much closer, everyday" Sounds like Depeche Mode at the late 1980s - love it!
ThorbenThobias "Learn to confide, we'll move the tides, I believe this most of the time" - I remember the time when I had this track on tape... long ago
ThorbenThobias We spend our time in search of the perfect rhyme when all the while, we have it all the time... - you can´t break the peaces of a broken heart in two
ThorbenThobias I noticed that I act like an emotional machine
ThorbenThobias Perhaps that´s the reason why I feel dizzy...
ThorbenThobias Got scared to death today by a crocodile...
ThorbenThobias RB @thelema2009: " – Morgenmuffel –" Japp, dito :) Thnx für den coolen Track! (reblip)
Blippo Minilogue - Hitchhikers choice Hello & THX@LutherGP: "Awesome stop motion animation video." <- Wow, this is sooo great! fwd. @mangoli @steno (reblip)
lafabrock That's clever, now I'm jumping on my chair like an idiot and collegues look at me like ~_- // Thanks@Afy: "@MONIKKA @fabuleuxfab @chiron08 (reblip)
leaferi Like the swimming line better. rb@Totengrber: "italian to me is like french to you...........No? ... Sorry, I'm working on my drunken pickup lines (reblip)
ThorbenThobias That gives me the creeps. Hello blipworld!
Lady_Frostbite we become boxes of passive aggressiveness that are put upon each other for reaction's sake. Somewhere between "wtf?" & "how could you?" is [eject.]
pappwixe ;o)))))))))))))))))))thx vi@Cosmix: "to the Schnucki @pappwixe fühl dich gedrückt ..besten gruss natürlich auch an monsiuer@G_r_e_g bonne journee.." (reblip)
ThorbenThobias Dance with me, make me sway...Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore - Hold me close, sway me more ;-)
ThorbenThobias ... you looked happy - and that´s great. I just miss you...
GR8FL any Firefox users out there? pls give me hand testing beta... I can't be only one having problems - contact me thru link on my page
ThorbenThobias Easy start into the day, wishing a wonderful wednesday!
ThorbenThobias Minimal electro meets classic... leaving to get some sleep! Good night to everyone!
ThorbenThobias Returning to tribal drum principles augmented by ital subbass and enhanced with hypnotic synths! Great! d^.^b


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ThorbenThobias This has to be played immediately after the previous one by Martin Kemp! Enjoy!

MARTIN KEMP.....AZTEC.....2009

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coloured it`s excellent :) thx rb@GR8FL: "speaking of singing sexy (maybe it's the bass... or maybe it's the remix ... or maybe it's...)" (reblip)
coloured thx @DoctorOfJazz .. perfekt for a rain day at home ;) good day for you! (reblip)
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