blackcrayon I love her acoustic version Live! this is also for @MoonBeach03!

Lady GaGa Poker Face Cherry Tree Session

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CLARITY @ScenicKK: "CSS-- Music is my hot hot sex" (reblip)

CSS-- Music is my hot hot sex

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cdub not much for mash ups - but this is wonderful...

Through The Backyards- Au Revoir Simone

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threebears Time to wash clothes and bedding ....
ladypn I'm amazed in this quiet ocean at your world devotion!
dochugo it's a cloudy day ☁ track
dochugo @eightbitkoala @bunq trying to throttle the awesomeness today is what
Sook there are no good remixes of this, so here's the original!
Antenaweb via @FunkShoi: "@sandyriverside, I know I got that Falken 'colour' around here somewheres. Lemme check the pantone book." (reblip)
dochugo @teffymae you know, the hawtness (tm) scale is entirely personal. some say music has to inspire jouissance to be truly hawt @patchit (reblip)
KiddRock Working Man *Alex Lifeson* (Rush)

RushWorking Man

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KiddRock Tks, GR8 Tune my man!! @SevenTenths ~ Rob Zombie – Dragula (reblip)

Rob ZombieDragula

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DJDreamy THKU 4 rb=> @rochtrev: "@DJDreamy: "Supermassive Black Hole ♀ Muse *** I LUV THIS SONG, WAS BLASTIN IT IN THE CAR 2DAY!"" (reblip)
DJDreamy dj BC ~ Nasty Girls Under The Boardwalk <-- how bout meeting here? @DirtyUrine
dochugo awesome! wow, not the same justus sound from doppelleben, way better @jarsen this is so good thank you! (reblip)
dochugo @headshaker tuesdays is when i want to be there most :D @sandyriverside were opining on a blip'n'beach wknd. wonder how many'd come @daretoeatapeach
dochugo we are crossing the rubicon @daretoeatapeach @headshaker // @sandyriverside maybe, but at delano pool bar i know for fact beds are not for sitting
CLARITY @sandyriverside I had no idea this cover existed. I fucking love it. @Fangbaby! (reblip)
CLARITY @Performalosophos <3right back at ya! // @tubilino one of my more favorite remixes to date.
dochugo ahoyhoy @sandyriverside @FunkShoi @HellenKellersIpod teachin me to misspell helen // @MissDiggity trying to do high octane design. music helps. and u?
threebears "Grizzly Bear - Fine For Now" reblipping @laurentblaise ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
jtabz @sandyriverside, another sad song to drown you 5'9" feet deep in tears...
sandyriverside @Budbundystyles no one ever believes me about how ill Blip is. I tell them to have fun on Pandora talking to no one and letting it pick your songs.

Pacific!Hot Lips

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dochugo isn't this just one of the best things ever
dochugo @Sook hey oh where u been? :D @sandyriverside and i planning hawt blipper outing to nikki beach in miami. what do you think?
GrassyKnoll @anothercraze more like hit it and blip it! Have a good day being productive unlike the rest of us. /@sandyriverside you like my new iron? IRON 2.6!
dochugo ✰ one of the better things since sliced bread // @sandyriverside @Shukitty reblippin aqua? that's crazy talk // hi @noochi! cph here i come in aug ;D (reblip)
CLARITY NICE ! My booty shaked, how bout yours ? @dochugo: "hawt. hi and thanks rb@icelandelf" (reblip)
sandyriverside I doubt We Are Scientists put the OK stamp on this one.
jtabz goodness, don't apologize @bluddysavaj--life comes before blipping (!) How's today treating you?
FiFiKaboom I searched long time for a good Remix of this Song and now you found it =) thanks! @dochugo: "sick. @Tranquil @jarsen @Stolen @claaaaaaire" (reblip)
Fangbaby rhetorical question: why do friday's at work suck? i love a cocktail & a spliff
sandyriverside @MissDiggity: "wasn't this a fantastic show @sandyriverside@GrassyKnoll ?!" Hell yes, Anthony didn't sweat one bit. (reblip)
FiFiKaboom @bduubz:Thanks for all the Good Music I'm out of probs for you =) and I'm out my bed is calling... (reblip)
Atomik Good evening @ladypn, Happy Friday!

Get Out of My Dreams-Billy Ocean

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dochugo i'll do things for you if you were born in the 80s
dochugo pretty soon calvin harris is going to drop his new track featuring the lyrics "i'll do things for you if you were born in the 90s" gotta keep it fresh
DJPrimitivo ♪On Her Own - Ben Kweller
FiFiKaboom French Music this a Start I like ♥ hi@moloko_sp @Sook @dochugo @bduubz @VayVay @sandyriverside @Miee: I'm feeling pretty good today =) what about you?
ZOEBOE hmmmm.. Think ima go see him tonight.


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threebears currently my fave BBB track on blip :) :)
Fangbaby loved it! what a talent!! @ShiaoMei: "~~Mitsuru Sutoh~~ @Fangbaby ...check this out>>" (reblip)

Mitsuru Sutoh bass solo

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dochugo @nvaquero today our blips could just as well be from @docvaquero ;D
Atomik handing the decks over to @lifer0727 so I can get ready, he so gangsta..
DjEntronic @sandyriverside I do not, for that you need to a converter, I usually just look for the mp3 in the preview.
Fangbaby making a note for future reference...rb vi@sandyriverside (reblip)

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 15 - Strok

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MissDiggity I like those itsy bitsy versions of snickers bars, too
MissDiggity @dochugo: "❀❀❀❀" I LOVE THIS SONG!! i'd totally forgotten about it! yay! -- !!!! just for added emphasis (reblip)
sandyriverside This got my office ready for lunch @DJFrankie only in midtown we are all going to the combo Dunkin' Donuts/Subway/Baskin Robbins (reblip)
johno @sillygirlwaves , what follows is a few of my favorite wilco tracks for your listening pleasure...

WilcoJesus Etc

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Atomik Chromeo – Mercury Tears
Fangbaby hey hey dudette :D @erinagin: "thxs & whatups dudes @buzzfledderjohn @Fangbaby @dailystendhal i'm obsessed w/ this song" (reblip)
happymooncake i drove past a roller rink the other day- was so happy, i thought they were extinct!
anothercraze There's a joke here about being spent, but I'll leave that up to @TwilightofOurIdols. Since his mind's always in the gutter anyway it's not a stretch.
CLARITY @HellenKellersIpod So.. I think I'm past the point of guilty pleasure with these guys. They got it SO hype at Mile High!
DJPinklady Takin it back again ladies!

GinuwineMy Pony

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Tranquil Usually Bahbooo @MANOTAS: "more like wearing my Timex! I usually dance mostly. hola! @MusicIsMySunshine thx (reblip)
dochugo @DJRazor really into lifelike, they slightly overpower la roux on that one // @axefield i want ur gf's brownies? :D // @MarcelSoSwell hate jack black

FM BelfastUnderwear

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ScenicKK Black Eyed Peas – Let the Beat Rock (feat. 50 Cent - Boys Noize Megamix)
dochugo rb@sandyriverside haha i'm right there with you

PacificHot Lips

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CLARITY @tubilino this CD has been in heavy rotation for me. I love the slowed down breakdowns!

DiscoverySo Insane

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benyasbabe haven't heard this in a long time, rb @msalien: "rb @CBSpinner: "☺♥ These Eyes ♥☺ Guess Who!"" (reblip)
CLARITY @TiffTackToke :D this ones my current repeat track. I'd use it in a movie if given to chance to assemble a soundtrack.
anothercraze Out to buy some 'spensive shit. Later kidddds.
MissDiggity @GrassyKnoll - still see steaming hot iron! // aight everyone I gotta work a while. i've done exactly nothing work related since i got here. laters xo


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Sook like someone said yesterday "abrasive, but good"
sandyriverside A little Wu-Zevon should help this work stress-related ulcer I am developing today.
CLARITY @MissDiggity the thai was marvelous. i feel like a WHALE though... trying to be productive on a full stomach!
technogiant @Oleuanna - no the band is System of a Down - Radio/Video

System of a Down Radio/Video

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bendrix If U R tryN to wake up here's an aural appetizer=> (@chiiQ I love a good story - Keep tellN it like it is :)
FiFiKaboom @moloko_sp You found a Remix of this Song thanks! I loved the Original but now it's even better ♥ (reblip)
CLARITY rb!@ffluxx: "Apparat Feat. Raz Ohara – Holdon (Modeselektor Remix) - can't get enough of this remix .... rock on! --- U might like this one @Bobbin" (reblip)
CLARITY bye blippers... hear ya manana!

WeezerEl Scorcho

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Flying_Roundhouse Wilco – Any Major Dude (Steely Dan) ~ I don't know where the heck *I* have been, but this one slipped past me! ;-) Hugs @Annimallover @TrainWreckRadio

Wilcoany major dude

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CLARITY rb@mkvkelly ... another good one for mash up friday @paulzy! hope you're gettin' atleast a few things knocked off your to-do list! (reblip)
TiffTackToke Woopwoop dancing alone on the bus is allowed right? No one else is dancing... What's wrong with the world?
TiffTackToke Oh shit! How have i not heard this before?! Into the choppa Get doowwn
Mike_Mongoose I know guy! An amazing drop! @axefield: "oh man mike this is so badass | @CLARITY @TiffTackToke @mkvkelly @FunkShoi | #Mike_M: "Thanks for listening! (reblip)
bendrix SearchN for an iLL A$$ Hip Hop Joint for my vid project - Track 29 another for the list
TiffTackToke One of those eargasms INDEED!!! @sandyriverside: "#TiffTackToke @DJLOPZ @axefield @CLARITY one of my favorite Dubstep tracks of all time. " (reblip)
Sook what are everyone's NYU plans?
nastysurprise I really like this song. It does it for me.
FunkShoi this is the longest game of hide and seek I've ever played @PunkBroc
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