Timebuilder Your song if you bought it on eBay......need I say more.

"Ebay" by Weird Al Yankovic

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Timebuilder Brown Eyed Girl. You know who you are.
Timebuilder Man this Neil Young song takes you back to an amazing time. Heart of Gold.

Neil Young "Heart of Gold"

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Timebuilder Does anyone remember this song from the 60's. If you are going to San Francisco.

If you are going to San Francisco

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BieBie_Ying "Before I Fall in Love".. Finally I found my lovely guy and now I am in love.. :)
Timebuilder Another one of my favorites from a wonderful singer. Dusty Springfield.
Timebuilder Mama Said there would be days like this. Another Dusty Springfield song that only she could do right.
Timebuilder The Zombies – Time Of The Season from 1968. That year was almost magical. Remember?
Timebuilder The Zombies – She's not There. From 1965. Watch the video. Amazing how things have changed.
Timebuilder Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. Another interesting group from the 60's or maybe early 70's. The group is Steam.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

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Timebuilder Elton John - This Train Don't Stop There Anymore. The video for this one is neat with Justin Timberlake as Elton John. Can't find it though.
Timebuilder Elton John - Nikita. A long song but I like it anyway.
Timebuilder One of my most favorite songs the video is neat too. MICHAEL BUBLÉ – HOME.
Timebuilder Stuck on You probably my favorite Lionel Richie song.
Timebuilder Does anyone remember Steppenwolf? Rock Me if you do.
Timebuilder Whatever happened to Queen?


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Timebuilder Remember Abba? Take a Chance on Me.
Timebuilder This is the new "Take a Chance on Me" What's best the old one or the new one?
Timebuilder This is the best Aaron Neville song that he ever did. Do you know what movie it was in?
Timebuilder Another good Aaron Neville song. The Roberta Flack rendition is still the best.
Timebuilder Meat Loaf was interesting. Lost everything. Was in the movie Fight Club with Brad Pitt.
Timebuilder Remember The Turtles? Invest a dime and remember this one.
Timebuilder Come back and carry me home.

Air Supply I'm all out of love

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Timebuilder I used to think Linda Ronstadt was the best. I guess in 1977 she was.
Timebuilder Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt. This was one of my favorites songs back in the day.
Timebuilder This is another good Linda Ronstadt song.
Timebuilder Crimson and Clover. I saw them in concert at the Terrace Ballroom in SLC back in 65.
Timebuilder I Think We're Alone Now. I loved this song. So many memories this brings up.
Timebuilder The recorded version of Crimson and Clover. Love this.
Timebuilder I get Good Vibrations in Thailand. The song is good too.
Timebuilder This is the original by The Browns. The Three Bells. This goes back to the 50's.
Timebuilder This is for those who are infatuated by the Thai Girls School Uniforms. FOAD!
Timebuilder I need a Bell, Book and a Candle.

Bell Book and Candle-Eddi Reader

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Timebuilder Will be a hot one here again today. Another Summer in the City.
Timebuilder Clap For The Wolfman. He's gonna rate your Blip High.
Timebuilder No TIME? Sounds like this place. Where does the time go anyway?
Timebuilder By the Twelve Girl Band. My FAVORITE Asian girl group. (So Far)


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Timebuilder Calling All Angels. If I search by song there is no preview. If I search by artist there is.
Timebuilder The Pay It Forward version of Calling All Angels.
Timebuilder This was written by Cat Stevens when he was only 18.
Timebuilder Here is the one by the Tremeloes from 1967. Everyone remembers this one.

Here Comes My Baby- The Tremeloes- 1967

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Timebuilder Sylvias Mother by Dr. Hook.

Dr.Hook-Sylvias Mother

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Timebuilder This was my favorite song by Dr. Hook. She was Only Sixteen.
Timebuilder When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman by Dr. Hook. My next favorite one.
Timebuilder Suga Suga How you get so fly.......

Suga Suga-Baby Bash ft. Frankie J-Tha Smokin' Nephew (HQ)

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BieBie_Ying "Let Me Be There" - Olivia Newton John.. Let me take you through that wonderland that only two can share. All I ask you is let me be there.. :)

olivia--let me be there

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Timebuilder No Woman No Cry. My favorite Bob Marley song.
Timebuilder Easy Skanking. My friend Leina HATES this song with a passion.
Timebuilder Does anyone remember Bread? Let Your Love Go?
Timebuilder Another Bread favorite. Guitar Man from 1972.
Timebuilder Mr. Bojangles by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Timebuilder Dang Me by Roger Miller. I bet nobody on Blip.fm even remembers him.
Timebuilder King of the Road another Roger Miller great.
Timebuilder In the Summertime. Which is about gone now.
Timebuilder Angie by the Rolling Stone. A favorite of my youth.
Timebuilder Beast of Burden the Rolling Stones another good one from days gone by.
Timebuilder I feel like I am under everyones thumb. Under My Thumb. Rolling Stones.
Timebuilder Jumping Jack Flash. Rolling Stones. I liked this one in the movie Jumpin Jack Flash.
Timebuilder Heart of Glass by Blondie Debbie Harry. I like this one.
Timebuilder Another good Blondie song. One Way or Another.
Timebuilder Blondie – The Tide Is High.
Timebuilder This is for KungFoYing. You know who you are.
Timebuilder You Turn Me On I'M A Radio. Joni Mitchell.
Timebuilder Sunday Morning in BKK. Sunday Morning Will Never Be The Same.

Sunday will never be the same

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Timebuilder Spanky & Our Gang. Lazy Days.

spanky & our gang---lazy days

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Timebuilder Distance why do you seperate us? Another good Spanky & Our Gang Song.
Timebuilder The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The Kingsmen. Love this it's way cool.
Timebuilder "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Wimoweh) – Ladysmith Black Mambazo and The Mint Juleps. This is GREAT.
Timebuilder How to play the Lion Sleeps Tonight on a Ukulele. This is fun to watch.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (ukulele)

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Timebuilder Witchy Woman-The Eagles.

Witchy Woman-The Eagles

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Timebuilder Remember this song on the X Files. It was the kill switch. Byte Me.
Timebuilder Probably my most favorite Eric Clapton song. Layla.
Timebuilder Another good Eric Clapton song. Promises.
Timebuilder Wish I could Sail Away to Thailand. God I miss it there.
Timebuilder All Summer Long. Kid Rock. Probably my most favorite song and video by him. He's a GOOD guy too.

Kid Rock All Summer Long-READ DESCRIPTION!

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Timebuilder Kid Rock – Feel Like Making Love.
Timebuilder Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine. Probably one of the few I like by GNR.

Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine

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Timebuilder Monday Monday and yes it was good for us.
Timebuilder The Summertime Blues by T Rex. An old song done by many.
Timebuilder Wedding Bell Blues by Marilyn McCoo. Man back in the 70's I thought she was the best. I still do.
Timebuilder Aquarius from 1969. I graduated from high school this year and was introduced to the US Army too.

The Fifth Dimension "Aquarius /Let The Sunshine In" (1969)

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Timebuilder I love this song by the Temptations. Dusty Springfield did this one also that was also great.
Timebuilder You Really Got a Hold on Me with Dusty Springfield's beautiful voice and talent.
Timebuilder Watch this video. It will bring back some memories from the 50's. Done by She & Him.
Timebuilder Angel by Jack Johnson. A good local artist.
Timebuilder A good song for the Summer. Cherry Bomb.
Timebuilder Was my good fortune to find you.
Timebuilder Tight Fitting Jeans mean something else today.
Timebuilder Walk through This World With Me. Another good Conway Twitty song.
Timebuilder A good song to end the night with.

One Republic feat. Timbaland

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Timebuilder Good Thing from the movie Tin Men. Where have you gone. One of the best movies ever.
Timebuilder Such A Night from 3000 Miles to Graceland. A neat movie.
Timebuilder I Just Wanna Fly. Neat Video Too.

Sugar RayFly

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BieBie_Ying "Good Morning" ~ John Legend.. Good morning love.. Before we start the day dear, I am whispering in your ear.. "Good morning".. ♥♥

John Legend- Good Morning

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Timebuilder You Sang to Me. By Marc Anthony. Just heard it today for the first time. A very beautiful song.
Timebuilder Don't You Forget About Me....From the movie Not Another Teen Movie.
Timebuilder Friends. Sprung Monkey.
Timebuilder From the movie Funny People. Great movie.
Timebuilder You Gotta Give to Get Back. God Knows.

God Knows (You gotta give to get)

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Timebuilder Memphis Beat. A good series with good songs. We all have our dreams to remember.

Delbert McClinton "I`ve got dreams to remember"

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Timebuilder Another good song originally done by the Beatles. Delbert does it good.
Timebuilder I never lost you, you were never mine. Another good Delbert McClinton song.
Timebuilder Sometimes we all feel like we are Free Fallin'
Timebuilder Do you know how it feels? You Don't Know How It Feels.
Timebuilder The Saddest Thing is Wasted Talent. From A Bronx Tale. Another of my favority movies.
Timebuilder From A Bronx Tale. I only Have Eyes For YOU.
Timebuilder Are You Alright? I hope YOU come Back Around Someday. I looked Around Me And YOU were gone. Are YOU alright. From a House Episode.
Timebuilder It's not a dream, RemEmBer US. We will Find OuR PLaCe iN tImE. The 4400.
Timebuilder Dreams in AshEs. She Poured HeR Hearth out In the RAiN. Reaching out For YeSterDay, Dreams and Ashes on the FloOr.
Timebuilder Blue. Feed me when i'm hungry, when the red sun disappears from the sky.
Timebuilder Lucinda Williams - Passionate Kisses. This hAs AlWaYs BeEn mY fAvoRiTe SonG by Lucinda.
Timebuilder Even if you can not hear my voice, I will be right beside you, and we will run for our lives.

Leona Lewis: Run (with Lyrics)

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Timebuilder Magic Carpet Ride from 1974. Steppenwolf, after all these years I still love this song.
Timebuilder Even if you can not hear my voice, I will be right beside you, and we will run for our lives.

Leona LewisRun

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Timebuilder The eyes can mislead, The smile can lie, But the shoes always tell the truth....At the End of the Day.
Timebuilder A neat song. Red Rubber Ball.....Bouncing down the beach.

Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle on 1966 Columbia 45.

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Timebuilder One of the few songs by the Bee Gees that I can stand. It's really very good from the movie The In-Laws.
Timebuilder Gonna Find Me A Bluebird to sing me a song. A very old song from the 1950's that has been re-made.

"Gonna Find Me A Bluebird" by Joyce Hahn

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Timebuilder Another version of Gonna Find Me A Bluebird with one of my favorite artists, Skeeter Davis.
Timebuilder Angel of the Morning! I'm looking for the RAP style version of this song. Anyway I love this song always have.
Timebuilder As sung by Tracy Huang not as good as Skeeter, but good.

Angel Of The Morning by 黄露儀 Tracy Huang

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Timebuilder Angel of the Morning by Skeeter Davis from 1969. I graduated in that year. Where have the years gone anyway?
Timebuilder Angel by Shaggy. Done with the music of Angel in the Morning. To bad I can't find a good recording as the CD is much better than this.....

Shaggy Angel in Live

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Timebuilder Success found a good track of Angel by Shaggy. Way cool. You are closer than my Peeps to me!


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