TinaDee To all you sweet funny & lovely tweeps..."My Funny Valentine" by Big Muff (yes, that's right)..enjoy. A cool remake...sit back, unwind, relax...ahh
TinaDee When I hear this, makes me want 2 find a mullet haired cowboy boots wearing kick-ass dude! LOL!
TinaDee Get the party started! Remix of Blondie's Rapture...Dedicated 2 @verwon

Dub Pistols Rapture

| play
TinaDee Mr Sandman calling me 2 my Hotel CA.."Mirrors on the ceiling, The pink champagne on ice"...Luv this acoustic vers.
TinaDee Commodores got it rite w/this one! Ladies, get ur 6" heels on..."She's a brick house..."
TinaDee "John Coltrane, plays the sax...me,myself, I luv 2 max", get yo' Soul on..."They dont' want music"-Black Eye Peas ft. James Brown
TinaDee To all the veterans & all those who've sacrificed 4 us this Memorial Day.(Special Thx Dad) "What a Wonderful World"
TinaDee We R in need of a Revolution.."it's time we stop, children, what's that sound.." Buffalo Springfield "For what it's Worth"...
TinaDee @webaddict Think this shld be ur theme song...LOL. "Make me sweat, make me w..."~Basement Jaxx
TinaDee Zoning out to Zero 7; Do u believe what u see, emotions are sweet, nothing is real...wasting my time in the 'waiting line'...
TinaDee G'day everyone! This is for all of U esp. that special some1 who could use a Big Hug..."Call Me, I'll b around"; Gr8 remake~Bran Van 3000
TinaDee @TinaDee: "Tweeting out 4 now...song 4 all u tweeps; Enjoy & "Get down tonight"~KC & the Sunshine Band" (reblip)
TinaDee 4 all u gr8 Tweeps, Try & sit still during this 1, dare ya! "Say Hey I luv U"

Michael Franti and Spearhead : Say Hey Music Video

| play
TinaDee 2 my fave "spooky" tweeps, u know who U R, "Spooky" by Imogen Heap, nice remake

Imogen HeapSpooky

| play
TinaDee 4 @kaiandre U know how cheesy I think this song is, but bc it's ur fave & ur friendship is priceless: "wind beneath my wing"

Wind Beneath My Wings BETTE MIDLER

| play
TinaDee Why do I think of @_SDO when I hear this song...maybe cause he used 2b in a Rock band.... :)

Don't Stop Believin by Journey

| play
TinaDee Yo' gettin' this party started, LOL "Shake it like a salt shaker"
TinaDee Gr8 Party song...."I see you there...shaking that ass..."
TinaDee For all you beautiful tweeps...Enjoy ur wkend! "Sat. in the Park, you'd think it was the 4th July"~Chicago
TinaDee Feelin' a lil' nostalgic....in a Chicago mood.."Wishing U Were Here"~Chicago (Love this grp)
TinaDee Takes me back 2 high schl football games ..."25 or 6 to 4"~Chicago

Chicago25 Or 6 To 4

| play
TinaDee Happy 4th everyone! I love this man..."Philadelphia Freedom"~Elton John, uh...Sir, that is :)
TinaDee Some chillaxin' & a nice drink...."Nights Interlude"~by Nightmares on Wax
TinaDee Sequel to Nights Interlude...."Les Nuits"by Nightmares on Wax (love this grp's name)...Ahh, enjoy...
TinaDee Gr8 song for a sultry night...so nice..."Round about Midnight"~Gotan Project feat Chet Baker
TinaDee "We want a better life 4 the ppl"...Queremos Paz (We want Peace)~Gotan Project...Gr8 song
TinaDee I feel like dancing 2nite...Wheee & spins around...!"History Repeating"~Propellerheads feat. gr8 Shirley Bassey


| play
TinaDee Can't let the 4th go by w/o some "Living in America".....YESsss!~James Brown
TinaDee 'You're like an elixir, U make me wanna mix ya'...."Sexy"~Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed PeasSexy

| play
TinaDee 'dont talk back just drive the car'..."Digging in the Dirt"~Pete Gabriel...awesome...!
TinaDee Ahem...@_SDO...this one's 4 U..."we are living in a material world & I am a Material girl..."~Madonna LOL :)P

Material Girl Madonna

| play
TinaDee Chill out & have some "Lebanese Blonde"....~Thievery Corporation @_SDO @webaddict @CateP36 @krystynchong ;*)
TinaDee Hot & Sultry here n LA 2nite, how u feelin'..."Riviera Paradise"~SRVaughan 4 @CateP36 @webaddict @_SDO @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong
TinaDee U got it..."How I Feel"~Wax Tailor feat Nina Simone @_SDO @CateP36 @webaddict @amys_bus_ticket
TinaDee Yep, that's who we are...LOL "Wikked Lil' Grrrls"~Esthero...@CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @_SDO @webaddict @krystynchong
TinaDee Nice versn of "Summertime"~Angelique Kidjo @amys_bus_ticket @_SDO @CateP36 @webaddict @BrokePimpStyles

angelique kidjo summertime

| play
TinaDee "Dont ya wanna take ride w/me, Hey Pretty"~Poe @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong @webaddict @_SDO @uberdragon @mayhemstudios

PoeHey Pretty

| play
TinaDee 'Dont deny me things that I want'.."3 Play it Cool" by Crazy Penis @amys_bus_ticket @webaddict @SDO @CateP36 @krystynchong @uberdragon
TinaDee Circa 1986..my 1st Love & song frm "Tootsie" RT @krystynchong: ""It Might Be You" by Stephen Bishop is the song I loved by him waaay back... (reblip)
TinaDee U R a magnet & I am steel.."Magnet & Steel~Walter Egan @krystynchong @_SDO @CateP36 @webaddict @amys_bus_ticket
TinaDee @_SDO: 'Hush now, there's nothing to gain'..."Don't Explain"~Nina Simone
dwo34 "and if you find a tenderoni that is right for you....." Bobby Brown "Roni" (reblip)
dwo34 "and if you find a tenderoni that is right for you....." Bobby Brown "Roni" (reblip)
TinaDee @CateP36 'If U like pina coladas..."Escape"~Rupert Holmes; LOL!

The Pina Colada Song

| play
TinaDee @CateP36...."Love will find a way...." by Pablo Cruise ;)P
TinaDee For 2 of my fave tweeps: @_SDO @CateP36 "I'll be seeing U in all the familiar places..."~Billie Holiday ;*)
TinaDee @CateP36 @_SDO @kaiandre @webaddict @krystynchong @amys_bus_ticket @dwo34 Remember this song?! "Undercover Angel"...by Alan O'Day
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @gooberjamie @kaiandre @amys_bus_ticket @dwo34: Whitney @ her best til she hit the crack...
TinaDee Nobody does it better than Marvin; "Sexual healing..." @_SDO @_CateP36 @goonerjamie @kaiandre @webaddict @dwo34 @krystynchong @amys_bus_ticket
TinaDee The OG & my fave vers. Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately" @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie @webaddict @krystynchong @amys_bus_ticket
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie "I know it's kinda late, hope I didn't wake ya...so I'll have to say I..."~Jim Croce
TinaDee Ahh..."One of these nights..."~Eagles @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @webaddict @krystynchong @kaiandre @amys_bus_ticket @dwo34

Eagles- One of These Nights

| play
TinaDee I LOVE this song..@krystynchong: "rb Hello @Eclecticjams I Can't Tell You Why but I Can Show You How...I loooove blippin great songs. ty. :)" (reblip)
TinaDee Cool song & note the sexxy vid..RB @redta: "*** Waylon - Wicked Way ***" @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @webaddict @krystynchong (reblip)

Waylon Wicked Way official video

| play
TinaDee Elusiveness of somnolence led me 2 this beautiful song..."Love Song"~Elton John

Elton JohnLove Song

| play
TinaDee My gift is my song & this one's 4 U..."Your Song"~Elton John @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie @kaiandre @webaddict @krystynchong G'nite my sweet ones

Elton JohnYour Song

| play
TinaDee This how we've been feeling 2day...LOL, "Living Inside Myself"~Gino Vanelli; @CateP36 @kaiandre @_SDO
TinaDee Yep, that's us @CateP36, "Brown eyed girl..."~Van Morrison, RB @shelbilavender >gr8 classic, love Van (reblip)
TinaDee Get Ur grind on w/some "Country Grammer"~Nelly RB@shelbilavender @kaiandre @_SDO @CateP36 @webaddict @krystynchong @dwo34 @amys_bus-ticket (reblip)
TinaDee Friday nite & "Wish You Were Here..."~Pink Floyd @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie @kaiandre @webaddict @krystynchong @dwo34
TinaDee Do U miss me, my darling...take may hand.."Aspetta Mi"~Pink Martini @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie @kaiandre
TinaDee Nice...sexxy song...@xSDOx: "RB>@OliviaWilder // @CateP36 @Tldavidson" (reblip)

George MichaelFree

| play
TinaDee Wonder who taught her 2 talk like that...RB @musicsinmyveins "Dirty lowdown.."~BOZ >@_SDO @CateP36 @kaiandre @goonerjamie (reblip)

Boz Scaggs Lowdown live 2004

| play
TinaDee So U miss her when she's far away..."Hard 2 Say"~Dan Fogelberg; Oldie but goodie @_SDO @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong @webaddict
TinaDee For a very special friend of mine..."Leader of the Band"~Dan Fogelberg

Leader of the Band Dan Fogelberg

| play

Run For The Roses By Dan Fogelberg

| play
TinaDee For those who have ever loved deeply...truly..."Longer"~Dan Fogelberg..


| play
TinaDee Something 2 funk out 2 b4 wk gets going..."Give the Drummer Some"~Fort Knox Five
TinaDee More Fort Knox Five..."Blowing Up the Spot"

Fort knox five-Blowing up the spot(AncientAstronautsMix)

| play
TinaDee Someday I'm gonna be happy..."Gonna be"~Mo' Horizons

Mo HorizonsGonna Be

| play
TinaDee Blowin' up "El Barrio"~Mo' Horizons (Fort Knox 5 Remix)

Olivia: I honestly love you

| play
TinaDee Getting my evening started w/ "Supermassive Black Hole"~Muse @majestic_books @krystynchong @amys_bus_ticket @_SDO @CateP36 @dwo34 @webaddict
TinaDee Like a double cherry pie..."Sex & Candy"~Marcy Playground @amys_bus_ticket @webaddict @_SDO @CateP36 @krystynchong @dwo34
TinaDee Esp 4 Amy, that gurrl's a "Super Freak"~Rick James @CateP36 @krystynchong @_SDO @webaddict @dwo34
TinaDee Esp 4 @CateP36 @kaiandre "Call Me, I'll Be Around"~Bran Van 3000 Remx @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong @_SDO @webaddict
TinaDee 4 @_SDO, Remember this 1? LOL "Wild Wild West"~Escape Club @CateP36 @krystynchong @webaddicdt @dwo34 @amys_bus_ticket
TinaDee LOVE this song! RB @dwo34: "How about a little love from Cali - 2Pac – California Love (Original Mix) ft. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman" (reblip)
TinaDee Esp 4 @_SDO, Happy B'day hon..."Just the Way U Are"~Billy Joel


| play
TinaDee @krystynchong: "Let's Groove - a special vers in celebration of @_SDO's birthday. *turnitUP* @tldavidson @webaddict @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @dwo34" (reblip)
TinaDee Me too! @krystynchong: "loove this song! "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" [thx! RB @DJLOPZ]" (reblip)
TinaDee A lil' song by Dido 4 my new followers "Thank You"... :^)


| play
TinaDee Esp 4 @CateP36, U know where ever I am.."You've Got a Friend"~C King @_SDO @kaiandre @krystynchong @webaddict
TinaDee Sultry 4 a sweltering CA nite..."Smell of Desire"~Enigma @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @dwo34 @webaddict @krystynchong
TinaDee @CateP36 LOL, Kiss the boys & make 'em cry.."Wikked Lil' Grrrls"~Esthero @krystynchong @amys_bus_ticket @webaddict @_SDO
TinaDee I can't breathe until Ur resting "Here With Me"~Dido @CateP36 @_SDO @kaiandre @goonerjamie
TinaDee So beautifully done...1 of my fave of Sting's...
TinaDee Esp 4 @CateP36, LOL... "You Know I'm No Good"~Amy Winehouse @_SDO @kaiandre @webaddict @krystynchong
CateP36 Paloma Faith -I Just Wait.. if I could speak with you every day, yes I would
TinaDee In that small cafe, the park across the way..."I'll Be Seeing You"~Billie Holiday @_SDO @CateP36 @kaiandre @goonerjamie
TinaDee So true...RB @CateP36: "Paloma Faith -I Just Wait.. if I could speak with you every day, yes I would" (reblip)
TinaDee Hard 2 sit still w/this one!

Michael Franti & Spearhead : Say Hey Music Video

| play
TinaDee @CateP36 So let's do a couple of shots & do this but not 2 eac other...LOL! :"Why Don't We get Drunk"~J Buffet (reblip)
TinaDee If this song won't make U reach 4 the bottle, then I don't know what will... (reblip)

Wasted Time Eagles HFO

| play
TinaDee "I'm high enough from all the waiting to ride a wave on your inhaling..."

Frou FrouBreathe In

| play
TinaDee "You can hurt me, I can hurt you...", this chick's voice will melt you...sexxxy...

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

| play
TinaDee Get your Sexxxy on w/Axiom Funk & Bootsy Collins...hubba hubba ding ding...
TinaDee This song sends shivers down my spine: "Baby, don't rush you're no waterfall, Love me that is all..."
TinaDee For that special someone...nice remake...

311Love Song

| play
TinaDee I wanna know bc this feeling won't let me go....
TinaDee I lie awake & watch you dream....goodnite...
TinaDee "I'll never change all my colors for you..."~Whitney in the good ole days...one of her best...
TinaDee Remember this one...soooo 80s...
TinaDee "A few stolen moments is all that we share...."another oldie but goodie from those gr8 pipes...
TinaDee "Tell me will you stay or will you run away...."
shelbilavender Love this song - pay attention are you listening to me?
TinaDee "You lay there drunken...your dreams seem sunken...you break the rules..."

MorcheebaSmall Town

| play
TinaDee Gr8 ambient downtempo remake...."aint no sunshine when he's gone...it's not warm when he's away..."

Ain't No Sunshine by Lenny Macdowell

| play
TinaDee This song makes me manic...story of my life..."running in a cyclone..."

Dub PistolsCyclone

| play
TinaDee Recognize this one...nice remake...
TinaDee "do you believe what you see...wasting my time.."
TinaDee "I look around at a beautiful life...we breathe...we breathe..."
TinaDee This one really takes me back..."Yes, I'll be on my way, I won't be back to stay; I'm looking for a good time..."

The Commodores-Sail On #199.*T*O*T*Ps*70s*

| play
TinaDee "Why in the world would anyone put chains on me....I'm not happy when I try to fake it...that's why I'm easy..."


| play
TinaDee "I don't care who's wrong or right...too much talking baby..."
TinaDee "Ya think I'll just accept you in blind faith...you better be good to me..."
TinaDee @PFunk27: "you must have a..........colonized with sweetness. It shows in your picture. = ]" (reblip)
TinaDee LMAO....! -->@PFunk27: "@ILikeItFromBehind......what a coincidence!!" (reblip)

07-Back Door Man

| play
TinaDee "you're gonna make it somehow...the day has just begun..."
TinaDee Esp 4 @DJKevyK4life...bc U could use some "sunshine" these days... :*)
TinaDee Does anyone remember this one...super oldie...vid iss Mehh...
TinaDee "I want a girl w/shoes that cut...a girl who stays up late, who uses a machete 2 cut thru red tape..." (reblip)
TinaDee Barry playing the piano in bkgrd...another oldie but goodie...gr8 pipes like her cousin Whitney.
TinaDee Don't I know a lotta of these..

Muddy Waters plays "Manish Boy"

| play
TinaDee @xSDOx: "RB> @Blanquis26: "♥Good night hope everybody had a Sexy Sunday, if not,stop tweeting & go talk dirty in more than 140 characters!♥♪"" (reblip)

Ciara feat Justin Timberlake Love & Sexy Magic

| play
TinaDee 'the whole world's addicted to the drama...let your soul gravitate...practice what you preach...."
TinaDee "this is for all the players & playettes"....
TinaDee @dwo34: "Earth Wind and Fire with "That's the Way of the World" Enjoy the elements. So smooth" (reblip)
TinaDee I hope to go here someday w/my special someone....
TinaDee A beautiful instrumental from movie "La Mujer de mi Hermano"..or "the wife of my brother..."
TinaDee "...where's my kiss goodbye...I think I love you.."
TinaDee Somnolence eludes me...maybe this will help....

♫ YpeyWithout You

| play
TinaDee Beautiful song & lyrics...

Book Of Love-Peter Gabriel

| play
TinaDee She's a lady, she's totally committed...watch her strut...

Bob SegerHer Strut

| play
amys_bus_ticket "Can't Take My Eyes Off You – Lady Antebellum" #amys
TinaDee "drink to all that we have lost...mistakes that we have made..everything will change...but love remains the same..."
TinaDee @amys_bus_ticket: ""Can't Take My Eyes Off You – Lady Antebellum" #amys" (reblip)
TinaDee Feeling a little melancholy tonight... (reblip)

Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight

| play
TinaDee "and nobody does it better...makes me feel sad for the rest..."
TinaDee And for my "special" someone too.....@madtownbabe: "For my special guy - our song! Etta James ~ At Last" (reblip)

Etta JamesAt Last

| play
TinaDee Met Roy Hargrove @ The Blue Note Cafe in NYC...gr8 show & a really nice guy...nice version of this song...
TinaDee @krystynchong: " *✶* Turn the volume waaay up & lemme Rock With You *✶* N.Furtado & M.Jackson #krys" (reblip)
TinaDee "You bring meaning 2 the word delicious...You're putting me in over-drive...." one of my fave remixes from the movie "American Beauty".
TinaDee Lyrics get me every time..."If I live til I was 102, I just don't think I'll ever get over you..."
TinaDee For @CateP36....Can we relate or what....@DJTIMMY: "@DJFleur You are welcome :)" (reblip)
TinaDee Melancholy me....."Blue eyes...you're all I need...you're the secret I keep...."
TinaDee @_SDO ;^) "from my hands you'll know never be...more than twist in my sobriety..."
TinaDee This song depresses the hell outta me...but we've all had an "almost lover"....
TinaDee Autumn's in the air...& being in sunny Cal I'm nostalgic for the season's changes...& many other things....

Stan Getz-Autumn Leaves

| play
TinaDee Love Tracey Thorn's version of this song...
TinaDee Love this song....wonder what happened to this singer...


| play
TinaDee Takes me back to circa 1987....good times....
TinaDee Forgot about this one...another oldie but goodie...@dwo34: "Lionel Richie – "Stuck on You" The Lionel hit parade continues!" (reblip)
TinaDee Whooaaa nelly....! LOL... @DJTIMMY: "@vixxeninpink: "yea, what she said" DAMN!!!!!" (reblip)
TinaDee May your wishes come true...LOL>> @DJTIMMY: "I WISH!!!! Lol lol lol " (reblip)
TinaDee @CateP36 @_SDO "I know you want me...You know I want cha"...LOL.. @DJTIMMY: "I'm going to Brasil bye lol lol lol " (reblip)
TinaDee Yeah, me too...LOL>> @vixxeninpink: "what i keep waiting for..." (reblip)
TinaDee @CateP36...."she wakes up & pours herself a strong one..."

EaglesLyin' Eyes

| play
TinaDee I LOVE this song....takes me back a loooong ways....@DJTIMMY: "@jennyleepenny :)" (reblip)

Spandau BalletTrue

| play
TinaDee "Let's fool around..." LOL... @DJTIMMY: "@CashmereGirrrl: "Here you go, Kev! Unexpected, no?! I actually really like this song..." (reblip)
TinaDee Wow...talk about an oldie...my brother used 2 play this non-stop & it drove me nuts! @DJTIMMY (reblip)
TinaDee "One of these nights...gonna find out pretty woman what turns on your lights..." LOVE this song....

Eagles (One Of These Nights) REMIXED VIDEO

| play
TinaDee This is sooooo 80s...LOL @DJTIMMY: "Must stop blip-ing aaaaahhhhhhhh lol lol lol">> Enjoyed Ur blips! (reblip)
TinaDee "That's what she said...." LOL...@amys_bus_ticket: ""Maria Muldaur – Don't You Feel My Leg" #amys" (reblip)
TinaDee Nice remake....@amys_bus_ticket: ""Brownstone – I Can't Tell You Why" #amys" (reblip)
TinaDee Used to love this song....@krystynchong: "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue - Crystal Gayle playing 4 @kinuyo's daughter #krys" (reblip)
TinaDee Love love love this tune....@xSDOx: "RB>@broadwayg /// ... Dreams of time spent not so long ago...." (reblip)

Gato BarbieriEuropa

| play
TinaDee "She's a restless spirit on an endless flight....she's got the moon in her eyes..."

Witchy Woman-The Eagles

| play
TinaDee "You've got Ur ball, you've got Ur chain, tied to me tight tie me up again, who's got their claws in U my friend, Into Ur heart I'll beat again..." (reblip)
TinaDee "Those happy hours I spent w/you...that lovely afternoon...most of all I miss you so..."
TinaDee Discovered this grp abt a yr. ago...gr8 chillaxin' tunes...
TinaDee Another beautiful piece...reminiscing of times lost...never to be regained...but always remembered
TinaDee Especially for @DKKevyK...feel better soon hon. <3 ya! :^)
TinaDee "I'm a bitch, I'm a lover , I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed...I'm your hell, I'm your dream..." (reblip)
TinaDee "Babe I'm leaving...it's only 4 while..Pls believe me, my heart is in Ur hand & I'll be missing U." >Takes me back 2 high schl yrs; roller skating LOL (reblip)


| play
TinaDee "I'd rather live in his world than live w/o him in mine..." RB @pillpushera (reblip)
TinaDee "Take another shot of courage, wonder why the right words never come...you just get numb..."

EaglesTequila Sunrise

| play
TinaDee "I started out clean, but I'm jaded...just phoning it in..oh just breaking the skin..can you help me I'm bent.."

Matchbox TwentyBent

| play
TinaDee "I need your love...I want your love..." >>Cheesy song but sweet...LOL (reblip)
TinaDee "Interesting lyrics...LOL...>> @pcsketch: "So Addicted…" (reblip)
TinaDee "Everybody wishing ya a real good time...." Have a gr8 Birthday @CateP36!! <3 Ya!! :^)
TinaDee "Don't take her smile away from me, she's broken & I'm far away..." (reblip)

ColdCure My Tragedy

| play
TinaDee For @LoriMoreno..."sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of..."
TinaDee "Miss you..."...you know who you are...LOL ;)P (reblip)
TinaDee "there is no love here..& there is no pain...can't remember how this got started.."
TinaDee "You live your life..You go in shadows..You'll come apart and you'll go blind...fade into you..." (reblip)
TinaDee "Remember how I found you there Alone in your electric chair; I told you dirty jokes until you smiled...You were lonely for a man.."

Billy Joel-You May Be Right

| play
TinaDee "You made me promises, promises you knew you'd never keep..." (reblip)
TinaDee "Go on & close your eyes...go on & imagine me there...if that's what it takes to get you through..."
TinaDee This song's teh s@%t...LOL @pillpushera: "Shake That Ass For ME" (reblip)
TinaDee This group's a nice lil' new discovery of mine...b4 my time...the piano solo's gr8...FYI, Steve Winwood used 2b a member of this band from the 60s.
TinaDee Love this remix of Spandau Ballet...anyone remember their one hit wonder...
TinaDee And here's the OG version by Spandau Ballet....

Spandau BalletTrue

| play
TinaDee AWESOME Remix!! @pillpushera: "@starlingpoet: "RB @Alfea: "tks → rb@teamtraveller: "Great find! I've never heard this b4. Depeche Mode- Happiest Girl (reblip)

Depeche Mode- Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix)

| play
TinaDee "Wish I knew what you were looking for....Might have known what you would find..under the milky way tonight..."
TinaDee "It's been so lonely w/o you here...Like a bird without a song...nothing compares...nothing compares to you..."

nothing compares

| play
TinaDee LOL...this song always cracks me up... --> @pcsketch: "…Do it like they do on the discovery channel? (reblip)

Bloodhound Gang- Do it like they do on the discovery channel

| play
TinaDee "What good is a love affair when you can't see eye to eye...oh If you don't know me by now....
TinaDee Love the sexxy video...."sex is natural...sex is good..."
TinaDee Gr8 mash-up of Joan Jet vs Eve vs Alicia Keys....I love rock n roll...
TinaDee Another cool mash up...."riders in the sky"....
TinaDee "I've wasted all my tears...wasted all those years..."
TinaDee How I'm feeling today..."take me away, a secret place...a sweet escape, take me away to better days..."

Pocket Full of Sunshine Lyrics

| play
TinaDee RB @xSDOx: "Everything means nothing...If I ain't got you" (reblip)
TinaDee "I wish you would hold me in your arms like that Spanish guitar...I'd be your song...." (reblip)
TinaDee "I get this feeling I may know U as a lover & a friend but this voice keeps whispering in my other ear, tells me I may never see U again..."
TinaDee Nice Rolling Stone oldie..."You're a fool to cry and it makes me wonder why."
TinaDee This is my fave songs of Van's..."Fill my heart with gladness Take away my sadness..Ease my troubles, that's what you do..."
TinaDee @CateP36 @_SDO @kaiandre: Love this remix..."If I had the chance love I would not hesitate to tell you all things I never said before..."
TinaDee "Like the air that I breathe, you'll always be there...now I drift to you, I dream of a river...wish you were here..."
TinaDee I've blipped this b4, but it deserves another play...just how I'm feeling 2day..."Ur my savior when I fall, & U may not think that I care 4U..."
amphore Miles Davis – It Never Entered My Mind
TinaDee Gr8 lyrics...RB @pillpushera: "Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock - Picture" (reblip)

Sheryl Crow Kid Rock Picture

| play
TinaDee "Nothing's true & nothing's right, So let me be alone tonight, Cause you can't change the way I am, are you strong enough to be my man...."
TinaDee "Wake up baby....you're totally deluded...good luck in your new bed..."
TinaDee Uh..don't think they mean exercising here...LOL "Make me sweat, make me wet...."
TinaDee "It's okay in the day I'm staying busy, Tied up enough so I don't have to wonder where is he...& I wake up alone..."
TinaDee Love Amy's voice...but why'd she have to go & get hooked on that white stuff...miss her gr8 talent...
TinaDee Sappy I know, but still <3 this song..."last night I waved goodbye; and now it seems years..."

Barry Manilow- Weekend in new england

| play
TinaDee "Finally could this be it or Should I give up..Or should I just keep chasing pavements Even if it leads nowhere..Or would it be a waste.."
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie "It's better when something is wrong I get excitement in my bones, Even though everything's a strain..."

adeleright as rain

| play
TinaDee For @kaiandre...LOL..."You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself go by...And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner..."
TinaDee Beautiful lyrics..."I've loved you much too long, And my love's too strong To let you go, never knowing What went wrong..."
TinaDee From the movie "Wall-E", another nice tune from a very talented guy.
TinaDee "With just one look I was a bad mess, 'Cos that long cool woman had it all..."
TinaDee One of my faves by Crosby, Stills & Nash
TinaDee Nice remix....Warning...use of "N" word & other R rated terms....
TinaDee Remember this group from the late 70s....Ambrosia


| play
TinaDee RB @dwo34: "How about the great vocalist George Michael and some "Fast Love" ..."got to get up to get down......"" (reblip)
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @dwo34 @LeftofCenter @pcsketch: Cool remix..."Overground, watch this space, I'm open to falling from grace..."
TinaDee "If you want to be free, you know, all you got to do is say so And when you feel cold, I'll warm you..."

Hall & Oates-Sarah Smile

| play
TinaDee "Cause You're a rich girl, and you've gone too far, 'Cause you know it don't matter anyway...You can rely on the old man's money.."
TinaDee "I need a drink and a quick decision....Now it's up to me, ooh what will be..."
TinaDee "Wake up call, caught you in the morning With another one in my bed...Don't you care about me anymore...I don't think so..."
TinaDee "Win or Lose,When you're born into trouble,You live the blues,I've been thinking about you, baby...See it almost makes me crazy..."
TinaDee Theme song from the show "House"...this vid is trippy cool...
TinaDee LOL I almost blipped this while ago..RB @Thaiangel: "this one is Moments in love --:) (reblip)
TinaDee Love this remix w/Tracey Thorn from EBTG
TinaDee RB @amphore: "kdlang-acquiesce" (reblip)


| play
TinaDee LMAO! RB@DJTIMMY: "A special dedication to Balloon Boy and His Family Lol lol lol lol " (reblip)
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie G'nite Angels...."Angels falling through my hair I want to leave them tomorrow, Angels falling through my hair"
TinaDee "And the pharoahs of my soul is this light of love. Precious little light of love.." by Peter Gabriel; from movie "The Fifth Element"...beautiful.
TinaDee Love Sade's silky, sultry voice...cool remix...
TinaDee For @pcsketch @DJTIMMY @vixxeninpink @xSDOx @CateP36....Beware of these on Halloween or just every day here in L.A., LOL ! ;)P
TinaDee Never heard of this group til today...but cool song & appro-pro for tomorrow...
TinaDee Esp. for @xSDOx...bc hes' shocked that I didn't know this group...LOL. But I do recall THIS song! ;)P
TinaDee "I put a spell on you...because you're mine..."

Nina Simone I put a spell on you

| play
TinaDee I Love Santana!! RB @pcsketch: "Ohh your evil ways…change them hmmm" (reblip)

SantanaEvil Ways

| play
TinaDee Ok, can't have Halloween w/o this vid/song....1 of MJ's best ever...

ThrillerDance Video

| play
TinaDee "When the bullet hits the bone..."
TinaDee "Like the hopeless time you gave to me...there's a hopeless place inside my heart..."

MobyWhispering Wind

| play
TinaDee "I guess we're all 1 phone call from our knees...You pull me closer to love..."
TinaDee Love the Cure.."Show me how you do that trick; the one that makes me scream..the one that make me laugh..why are you so far away..."
TinaDee Love the trumpet in this..."When it comes to love, there's now answer...only you can say what you're gonna do..."
TinaDee For that special someone...RB @Thaiangel: "all I wanted to feel , all I wanted to know.. angel of Mercy !" (reblip)


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TinaDee "Let's do it again...don't worry about nothing...just getting good love..." RB @Thaiangel (reblip)
TinaDee Used to love this group..."Hey hey now...don't dream it's over...when the world comes in to build a wall between us...." RB @DJTIMMY (reblip)

Crowded House (don't dream it's over)

| play
TinaDee "I wanna Sunday kind of love to last past Saturday nite...I'm hoping to discover a certain kind of lover who will show me the way..." (reblip)
TinaDee Think this compilation album is 1 of Santana's best; all songs on the CD are awesome. (reblip)
TinaDee Beautifully sung by Krall..."Rather like a habit one can always break & yet...I've grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air..."
TinaDee Totally agree...Hay's songs have such poignant lyrics...RB @DJTIMMY: "He keeps amazing me /these acoustic tunes as I go deeper into the album:)" (reblip)

Colin HayWater Song

| play
TinaDee Love Orton's vers of this oldie..."Someday we'll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun..."

Beth OrtonOoh Child

| play
TinaDee Nice version...RB @amys_bus_ticket: "RB #amys @CooperHarris: "big mountain - baby i love your way "" (reblip)

big mountain - baby i love your way

| play
TinaDee Love, love this song..."I closed my eyes & I slipped away...it's more than a feeling..." RB @Thaiangel: (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling

| play
TinaDee "You say the right things to keep me moving on, to keep me going strong..whenever I'm down...I call on you my friend..."
TinaDee Thx Amy, <3 ya!! :)P RB @amys_bus_ticket: "fun/w: "Bette Midler – Friends" (reblip)

Bette MidlerFriends

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TinaDee Nice song, interesting video..:"I walk the floor from 9 to 4, in between I drink black coffee...love's a hand me down brew..."
TinaDee Hey Thaiangel, U playing some of my faves on my iTunes! LOVE this song...RB @Thaiangel (reblip)
TinaDee If U feel unfulfilled, remember this is a human condition~KD Lang; "mayb a gr8 magnet pulls all souls towards truth; constant craving has always been"

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

| play
TinaDee An awesome duet w/Lang & the late Roy Orbison.
TinaDee Esp. for @pcsketch; I love this version of "Home & Dry" by PSB. :^)
TinaDee 4 all you tortured souls..."When loving you is easy, Then why do I feel twisted cupid...I'm lovin' you lover like you've never been loved before..."
TinaDee Saw this group in concert...Awesome! Love their music...RB @pcsketch (reblip)
TinaDee Gr8 quote & song RB @krystynchong Who had this #quote on their pg? "We don't get hurt by what we don't know.We get hurt by what we know but don't do." (reblip)
TinaDee "Love sings when it transcends the bad things...have a heart & try me..'cause without love I won't survive..."

incubuslove hurts

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TinaDee Gr8 chillaxin' tunes....love the Buddha Bar compilations...RB @amphore: "Buddha Bar Sunrise – Missing" (reblip)
TinaDee Nice Crowded House tunes...never heard of these...RB @LeftofCenter (reblip)
TinaDee Mi alma no da razon...corazon espinado...; My soul does not give reason...thorned heart..(or broken heart).1 of their best CDs to date, "Supernatural"
TinaDee One of my favorites of Santana's....pure and sensual....
TinaDee For @krystynchong..gr8 words.."oh leave me alone..I'm walking out of the door..I've lost my patience now..I'll make it on my own.."
TinaDee "Pain never makes me cry, but happiness does..it's so strange 2 watch Ur life walk by...wishing it was..."
TinaDee @_SDO @CateP36 @goonerjamie "Hey now all U sinners...put your lights on...all U lovers...put your lights on..there's a darkness deep in my soul..."
TinaDee These 2 are Awesome in the guitar solos....
TinaDee RB @DJTIMMY: "The Sundays – Here's Where The Story Ends.....peace & love....nite all...."" (reblip)
TinaDee Wow...a gr8 version...never thought anyone but Queen could do this one! RB @pcsketch: "Bohemian Rhapsody" (reblip)
TinaDee "Please don't bother trying to find her...She's not there...Nobody told me about her..."
TinaDee Gonna do some "sofa rocking"...G'nite everyone @_SDO @pcsketch @CateP36 @DJTIMMY @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong :*)

Sofa Surfers Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)

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TinaDee Ok, one LAST blip...& saying G'nite fo' reals this time..LOL @pcsketch @DJTIMMY @_SDO @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong...Sweet dreams...
TinaDee What a beautiful song & an OG vid too...RB @pcsketch:"Her Morning Elegance" >>This is amazing lov the Vid" (reblip)
TinaDee Their music makes me want to do the cha cha cha, rumba or something...LOL..@krystynchong @_SDO @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket pcsketch
TinaDee "Oooo baby I love you...what more can I say...I need your sweet loving..." (reblip)
TinaDee For @billzucker...LMAO...remember this song...a one hit wonder!
TinaDee I love this chick...whatever happened to her? RB @pcsketch: (reblip)

Susan Tedeschi~Hurt So Bad

| play
TinaDee You 2 get a room already...LOL...love the music though..RB @pcsketch: @DJTIMMY (reblip)

sting-fields of gold

| play
TinaDee "I don't have a past...I just have a chance...to lie here under you is all that I could ever do..."
TinaDee Ughs...LOL..RB @DJTIMMY: "Lol lol lol lol sorry about this one" (reblip)

Air Supply. Here I Am.

| play
TinaDee @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong "Then touch my tears w/your lips...touch my world w/Ur fingertips...& we can have 4ever"
TinaDee XOXO :) RB @pcsketch: "muwah @DJTIMMY: "@TinaDee: "You 2 get a room already...LOL...luv the music tho' RB @pcsketch: @DJTIMMY" Got one lol lol lol "" (reblip)

sting-fields of gold

| play
TinaDee "were U suddenly aware that the autumn leaves were turning 2 the color of her hair.." @_SDO @CateP36 @pcsketch @DJTIMMY @vixxeninpink @LeftofCenter
TinaDee "If he loved you...like I love you..I would walk away in shame...when we dance, angels will run & hide their wings..."

StingWhen We Dance

| play
TinaDee "thought U had all the answers 2 rest Ur heart upon, but something happens; don't see it coming...can't stop yourself.."
TinaDee "I look around @ a beautiful life, I been the upper side of down, been the inside of out...but we breathe.." @CateP36 @_SDO @goonerjamie @krystynchong
TinaDee Nice lil' song...

Upside Down jack Johnson

| play
TinaDee Here's an oldie...but 1 of my fave of Gloria's..."Here we are..face to face..We forget time & place..."
TinaDee "Time is on our side...how could I miss U to another guy...where we gonna go from here..."
TinaDee Love this song...& the group.....RB @DJTIMMY (reblip)

AmericaI Need You

| play
TinaDee A beautifully heart-wrenching song...& Adele's voice is golden...love her...RB @xSDOx (reblip)
TinaDee Shout out esp 4 @vixxeninpink & all my awesome listeners!
TinaDee Thx! I agree & the soundtrack's really good too. RB @Model_Daughters: "<3 this song (awesome movie "crash" too) (reblip)
TinaDee Love this song feat. Angie Stone...gr8 voice...
TinaDee Nice mix..."Blue skies...smiling @ me...blue skies & summer nights.." @pcsketch @DJTIMMY @vixxeninpink @Model_Daughters

01 - groove armada - superstylin

| play
TinaDee Crystal Meth...gr8 tunes to rock hard to...
TinaDee Sorry for the F word...good song 2 jam to...TURN IT UP!!!
TinaDee "So give me something to believe...bc I am living just to breathe..."

The BraveryBelieve

| play
TinaDee "she's in the mood to love the guy...and we go down slowly..."

max sedgleyslowly

| play
TinaDee Nice remix..."And I don't want to move a thing..it might change my memory..."
TinaDee "What were the skies like when u were young? They went on 4ever & then when I we lived in Arizona.." Have a gr8 day blipsters! :^D
TinaDee Love, love this remake...wish I could find it! RB @tubilino (reblip)
TinaDee For that someone..."And that you miss me sometimes when you're alone in your room..Do I feel lonely too?" Remember this movie & song...

Separate Lives "White Nights"

| play
TinaDee Love this group & song...glad to see it on the blip stream..RB @GR8FL (reblip)
TinaDee Another cool group & nice rmx...RB @amphore: "mo' horizons – como e o ar (easy rhodes remix)" (reblip)
TinaDee RB @amphore: "Nina Simone – Cosi Ti Amo To Love Somebody" (reblip)
TinaDee Love, love Nina...RB @amphore: "Nina Simone – Who Am I?" (reblip)
TinaDee A lil' techno tune 2 get my arse in gear...LOL...RB @GR8FL: "well, there always is something better" (reblip)
TinaDee "Cause I need love, love's divine...Please forgive me now I see that I've been blind..."
TinaDee No, You're amazing...LOL. You're playing a lotta my faves 2day... :^) RB @GR8FL: "you are amazing!" (reblip)

JemIt's Amazing

| play
TinaDee "Bringing back sweet memories...I can't stand the rain against my window...'Cause she's not here for me..."
TinaDee "Would you like me to seduce you...is that what you're trying to tell me...?"
TinaDee Another gr8 tune...the drum & bass is awesome...RB @GR8FL "freezing red deserts turn to dark... (reblip)
TinaDee Cool remix....love William Orbit...
TinaDee A favorite remake of mine & deserves another play..."Sweet comic valentine...You make me smile with my heart..."
TinaDee This song always puts me in a good mood...
TinaDee Shout out to all the blipsters & all my new listeners (a BIG Thanks)!!

PoeHey Pretty

| play
TinaDee "Big black boots, long brown hair...she's so sweet with her get back stare..."
TinaDee I think I need some of this today..feeling laazzzy...LOL. Love me some Aretha.
TinaDee "Hit me like a hammer to my head...wonder if you were pushed or were you lead..."
TinaDee Have a great week Blipsters! And Monday shout outs to @slipperdistortion @santamistura @amys_bus_ticket @GR8FL @Thaiangel @Model_Daughters
TinaDee LOL...Good luck! Gr8 song, btw...RB @GR8FL: "need some miracles right about now @TinaDee @DJFrankie @Muuuzak @gobcarlqvist" (reblip)
TinaDee Oldie but goodie, think I had her greatest hits LP..Wow.. "Even though simple things become rough..Haven't we had enough & I think we can make it.."
TinaDee Especially for @verwon...Have a great day hon! :^)
TinaDee This song is soooo old but I loved rollerskating (couples only) 2 it in high school..LOL..RB @dwo34 (reblip)
TinaDee Bon nuit mon ami et doux reves....love this song...RB @RoxUranus: "bon nuit tout le monde" (reblip)
TinaDee Cool ambient remake....bon nuit mes blipsters...A bientot! :*)
TinaDee "That won't accept the red one that won't accept the white one.. And different strokes for different folks..Oh sha sha-we got to live together.."

Sly & The Family Stone (Every Day People)

| play
TinaDee Nice discovery 2day...awesome voice & love this vers. Shout out 2 @pillpushera @CateP36 @_SDO @amys_bus_ticket @krystynchong @Model_Daughters @GR8FL


| play
TinaDee "got a thing for you & I can't let go...my friends wonder what is wrong with me...."
TinaDee Thx for the blip. Have a gr8 wkend! RB @GR8FL: "where you gonna run to?" (reblip)
TinaDee YW, anytime! And thx 4 the nice song. :*) RB @Model_Daughters: "Thanks for the reblips!" (reblip)
TinaDee "Change your heart, it will astound you..I need your loving like the sunshine.." Shout out 2nite 2 @DJTIMMY @Model_Daughters @GR8FL @_SDO @CateP36
TinaDee OMG...U read my mind...I was just thinking about blipping this song, LOL! RB @DJTIMMY: (reblip)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

| play
TinaDee Some nice "trippy" electronic tunes for tonight...Orbit's just right for this kinda mood....
TinaDee This vid & sound's much better than the one I just blipped...
TinaDee @amys_bus_ticket @CateP36 @krystynchong...Is the "beef" young enough in this vid?! LOL...NSFW...