TiredTulkas A WOP BOP A LOO-MOP!!!

Little Richard-Tutti Frutti

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TiredTulkas Said could you get us some pop. @backtoback: "huh? got up to wan then lost me scooby"
TiredTulkas toe bone connected to the, FOOT bone! foot bone connected to the, HEEL bone! Now hear the word of the lord! DEM BONES DEM BONES DEM, DRRYYY BONES!

Four Lads Them Dry Bones

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TiredTulkas Oh @backtoback You gotta get in on this. RB @cjh @Dancer12 thx rb @marsabell Manfred Mann – "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" inspired by @Dancer12 #1964 (reblip)
TiredTulkas Heimdall – "Moon-Red Light"
TiredTulkas Foreigner – "That Was Yesterday" RB "2/2 Foreigner Double Trouble Pack. Drown some place imaginatlvely." (via @Bogard) (reblip)
kirkill Steve Morse - The OZ - Finally, I can share my favorite Steve Morse tune.
MrBaxterStockman We gotta go! @harDJacreviews: "Starfox Adventures – "GREAT FOX ROCK" 5/3 8-Bit Blips #vgtunes #Gdiffuser #blipchallenge" (reblip)

Starfox Adventures- Meteo

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kirkill Eric Johnson - When the Sun Meets The Sky - I'm outta here!
TiredTulkas Jane's Addiction? What the fuck was I thinking... The Pixies – "Where is my mind?"
TiredTulkas Don't mention it. Couldn't have beat the mythological beasts without ya. \m/ RB!! @kirkill thanks for ur blips. Esp. the Symph X from last wk. (reblip)

Kansas- Silhouettes In Disguise (DEMO 1986- Power Album) [Instrumental]

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TiredTulkas Can you chime that fast?!

SNES Top Gear Theme Remixed!! (Best One)

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MrBaxterStockman You said it @harDJacreviews: "Anybody feel like gettin' high? HIGH ON HOPE! Challenge: Game themes! 3 in 10 minutes, can I do it?! #blipchallenge" (reblip)

Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram music: High On Hope

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MrBaxterStockman From the first Iron Maiden I bought and caused my mind to be blown. Permanently. This is a Brave New World
TiredTulkas A little Paul Gilbert, because I felt like it. Racer X – "Technical Difficulties" #pinkyimplants
TiredTulkas Enjoy the ambience of mountainous pro-mod driving on dangerously narrow highroads. (And unzip your pants) 1/3 Psychoactive Blips #rave #blipchallenge (reblip)
TiredTulkas Devin TOwnsend - Stagnant


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TiredTulkas That makes your car stereo, home entertainment system, and kitchen all very friendly territory w/ me, call me next ski trip! RB (via @kirkill) (reblip)

Lee Marvin Wandering Star Paint Your Wagon 1968

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TiredTulkas Loved your variety show, Dino! Dean Martin – "Small Exception Of Me"
TiredTulkas "Oh to be you discovering Bowie again for the first time." Doc Hammer #colonelHathiLoveMedley
TiredTulkas I have returned! And I have much Rush to catch up on! RB @kirkill Rush – The Spirit of Radio - Spirit of Blip.fm #RushOfkirkill @DjHM_L @iReignMusic (reblip)
TiredTulkas Bite my shiny metal ass! Kenny Loggins – "I'm Alright"
TiredTulkas First ever #blipchallenge RB @DjCacophony: "Start off with some bad company.1/3 #plagiarism #blipchallenge" (via @DjCacophony @OmeRoon @DirtyUrine) (reblip)

Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company (Official song)

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TiredTulkas Ransom, who has been put to work as cook and scullion, secrets a knife and plans to escape when he gets the chance -- OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET!
TiredTulkas Hrnn... I've still got a job to do. via (@DJGrimDingo)

Natasha Farrow: Calling To The Night (MGS) (Legendado) [HD]

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Ian_Aranda The Mary Onettes – Bricks
Ian_Aranda The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Ian_Aranda snif -> Depeche Mode – The Bottom Line
TiredTulkas It's not about changing the world ...it's about doing our best to leave the world, the way it is.
TiredTulkas Captain Kirk! You know what time it is! MAN the sails! We set course for -- Adventure!! @kirkill (The Odyssey Part 1) #symphxblxps #KiRKOmania
TiredTulkas Kirkilles vs the (handmade) Nemean Lion! Dress your armor! But make haste, we make for Troy! @kirkill (The Odyssey Part 2) #symphxblxps #KiRKOmania
TiredTulkas Kirkilles has bested the femmes fatales, great warriors, and temptresses ...now home awaits. @kirkill (The Odyssey Part 3) #symphxblxps #KiRKOmania
TiredTulkas The sands of time, for these slices of pizza, are running, looooow
TiredTulkas ... ...... ................From the Coast of Gold!
TiredTulkas LEAVING MY WORRIES BEHIIIIIIIIIND! via (@kirkill Sorry for giving you so many emails to wake up to!!!! Bwahahahha!!)
MrBaxterStockman @DjHM_L in the night! You'll feel the touch of evil

Judas Priest- A Touch of Evil with lyrics

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TiredTulkas And a voice keeps saying: "This is where I'm meant to be." [2/5] Boltown
TiredTulkas SNOW DOGS! [5/5] Boltown (did you guess this 5/5 @mark_till?)
TiredTulkas Co-Written by Bolton [6/5] Boltown


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TiredTulkas You will walk again. As soon as I'm sure you'll overcome, whatever it is, you have to overcome.
TiredTulkas Oh it is. Hope u like @backtoback: "hope it was a good one scoob"

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam OST 1 Track 07

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backtoback I'm outta here my scooby thanks for taking a ride with me today @DjHM_L

Elmo and Andrea Bocelli

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TiredTulkas Just when I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to count all these bright things in the sky by myself. @backtoback: "room for 2 ???"
TiredTulkas "You have a big nose! You have a beautiful, great big, flesh-and-bone nose! I love your nose! I love your nose, Charlie. I love you, Charlie."
TiredTulkas Boy were you hard to find, blip. And who are you @backtoback calling a clown!
TiredTulkas Special thanks to the Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus!
TiredTulkas @DjCacophony Magic worlds where the impossible becomes the everyday!


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TiredTulkas @backtoback Look Mama, a singer... and an actor!

Linda Ronstadt: Dreams to Dream

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EARLY MAN: More Than Meat and Eyes

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TiredTulkas @kirkill = Don't need no instructions to know how to rock #KiRKOmania (via @kirkill)

9LB HAMMER: Carl's Theme

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TiredTulkas Aww, thanks Madonna. I think you're okay too.
TiredTulkas @DJGrimDingo Leelo. Reero, Peero. Teddy Pendergrass. Teddy P. Number 6. YEAH!


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TiredTulkas RB @kirkill: "Tsauro: "Kids playing outside office window brought this song to mind. Gotta love the summer time."" (reblip)
kirkill REO Speedwagon - Live Every Moment - #BlipMemories when I 1st met @DjHM_L and we went on a REO Speedwagon trip!

Live every moment / REO Speedwagon

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MrBaxterStockman We're down to the last man! There's a beast inside!

Night of the Demons 'The Beast Inside'

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TiredTulkas After you've gone far enough, after enough dolphins have died... perhaps you shall find the hidden city.
TiredTulkas ...I watched the second one too. #deadisbetter
TiredTulkas I want to run through the jungle with the wind in my hair! RB @backtoback: ".." (reblip)
TiredTulkas When I was but a baby this was my mom's favorite segment: the dancing mushrooms. [6/3] #Disneysfantasmicexperiment
backtoback pretty pretty song (reblip)


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TiredTulkas One of my favs RB @kirkill: "Rush – Grand Designs - 4 weeks until #RushAtRedRocks! @iReignMusic @DjHM_L" (reblip)
TiredTulkas Six episodes to go, 20 in the can. It's been quite a Journey.

blue gender Opening english

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TiredTulkas I don't know about you, but I don't wanna live my life again.

Danny Boy-Andy Williams

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TiredTulkas They woke it!! (This was played the year I was born!)
kirkill Susanna Hoffs – Different Drum - @DjHM_L wow!
TiredTulkas RB @DJGrimDingo: "we've all been tempted by the fruit of another, but then the truth was discovered #vicecity" (reblip)


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PumamanRedux Davy Jones "I Can Make You Happy"[from The New Scooby Doo Movies]

I Can Make You Happy (Scooby Doo Chase Song)

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Seven Days a Week (Scooby Doo Chase Song)

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TiredTulkas Oh Mark, you're always up to nudge me in the morning when it's time to turn the coffee on. RB @mark_till: "@DjHM_L Erasure Oh L'Amour" (reblip)

Erasure Oh L'Amour

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TiredTulkas @DJGrimDingo Drive home safe, and remember, it's possible to have good music and disproportionate arms. http://bit.ly/eOJF5e

Samurai Champloo- You Feat. Kazami

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TiredTulkas @backtoback What a friend I have in you!

Bill Medley-It Is Our Destiny

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TiredTulkas Sounds like an awesome person. All Air Supply fans are. RB @backtoback: "always played by my soulmate, my love (RIP)" (reblip)

Mario Kart 64(Rainbow Road)

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TiredTulkas @DJGrimDingo @jojatk Who's the most PHENOMENAL extraordinary fellow? SINBAD the SAILOR! Most legendary episode of Popeye ever.

Popeye & Sinbad the Sailor Music Lyric Intro Remix

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TiredTulkas @mark_till Feeling righteous, Mark? (I ever tell you my middle name is Mark?)
TiredTulkas One more of this amazing performance! The man is almost 60, and still coming out with original music every year. Beautiful voice.
kirkill Vinnie Moore - Emotion Overload - @DjHM_L glad you can still play those uploads...I can't on blip...of course, I own the mp3s...so I can play them...

Vinnie Moore -Emotion Overload...

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TiredTulkas [2/3] [The Sound of my Signing Off.]
TiredTulkas Since it decided to snow last night, we're not quite out of this wintry magic yet.

Reupload 02 Show Me the Light Bill Medley Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [Good Times]

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TiredTulkas I have a feeling.......!!

Lazy Days (Livin' In Paradise) by Ted Poley (Theme of Big)

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REM SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE LYRICS, listening and learning english songs,

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TiredTulkas Waaaalk liiiike a mannn

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons- Walk Like A Man

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TiredTulkas Throwing all these repooorts away! Throwing them aaaaall awaaaaaay!
TiredTulkas @Sega "Blue streak....speeds by....Sonic The Hedgehog!"

Sonic the Hedgehog opening theme song (American) (Fastest thing alive)

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TiredTulkas Tomorrow marks the day! Stratovarius – "Coming Home" 1/4 @DJGrimDingo's coming home blips #friendshipbracelets
TiredTulkas @DJGrimDingo Just because you blipped Toby Keith. I used to love this song, cause it made my mother pull her hair out she hated it so much.
TiredTulkas I picked a weird genre to go over on. Trust me though! I won't be doing "this" again. 5/3 #CMT #gonecountry #blipchallenge
MrBaxterStockman Are you an underwater gorilla or monkey? 4/3 relaxational blips #blipchallenge #ambientescents
TiredTulkas You can't beat my meat for a special treat! RB @rxrx1776: "................" (reblip)

Movie Intermission

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TiredTulkas Happy Birthday @harmony60! You're beautiful! Andrew W.K. – "She is Beautiful" (via @misterDW @harmony60)
TiredTulkas For the price of one annoying nursery rhyme, you now get one kickass song! I'm out for a while peeps. @kirkill BE A GOOD DOG!

Spread Your Wings

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brooks and dunn my maria

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lonestar~simple as that~

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TiredTulkas One more from Hirasawa. Relaxing this morning. #BothHeadphonesOn
Dancer12 @DjHM_L I'll feed you Laurie Ann's songs, had her laughing after while - she says only us Southerners do this (Not our stiff neck Northern family)
TiredTulkas I'll be back in a little while..!
chase4460 @DjHM_L Thank you for your reply and condolences. I was grately shocked to hear what he dead.But, his music will live on forever.
kirkill REO Speedwagon - Keep Pushin' On - Indeed! @DjHM_L
kirkill Eric Johnson – Arithmetic - hey DJs! Add => @DjHM_L aka DJ Hand Made Lion. He'll keep you in stitches! only 19 more to a new badge!
kirkill Eric Johnson – A Change has Come To Me - @iReignMusic @RunswithCizers @DjHM_L - (new EJ CD)
muso Def Leppard - Hysteria (with Lyrics)

hysteria lyrics by def leppard

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jojatk I should have done this a while ago but I'm just catching up on saying thank you for listening... so here's one for you @ankita_gaur
chase4460 ピンポイントすぎるけど、個人的にこの曲は初日の出ソングのイメージw SMAPの曲の中でも結構好きな方だな~。 ってことでここでも明けましておめでとうございます。 朝日を見に行こうよ / SMAP

SMAP 朝日を見に行こうよ

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chase4460 最近、昼あったかくなってきたということで、このころに聴きたくなる名曲。もう少しあったくなったら名盤・etherの出番。 南風 / レミオロメン


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TiredTulkas BYOOOOOOOOOWW!! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest!

Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Theme

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bilda one more...rb@DeckHead: "Night time music" (reblip)

Sam Cooke Soothe Me.wmv

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TiredTulkas One day little girl...

Glen Campbell True Grit

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chase4460 個人的に最近気になるバンド。たまに入るシンセが凄くツボだわ。インストでも聴いてみたい。 Stray in Chaos / Fear,and Loathing in Las Vegas
TiredTulkas Brian Kennedy & Van Morrison –

Tupelo Honey

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TiredTulkas Yeah people. The Church – "Reptile"
kirkill Sponge – Plowed - hey Eric, @DjHM_L how about some Sponge? (reblip)
TiredTulkas @DJGrimDingo Dancing spider on your face time!!! ʃʃʃºͦºʅʅʅ Hahahaha! [6/8] #MattsTCSFinfiniteplaylist God I love this playlist.
chase4460 FFXは寄り道が少なくて若干物足りなかった。あと召喚獣育てすぎてラスト色んな意味で涙目だった。 Blitz off / FFX Original Sound Track

37-Blitz Off-FFX OST

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chase4460 相川七瀬はやっぱりロックが似合う。Marty Friedmanのギターがうなってます。 Circle of Life / CRIMSON-FANG
chase4460 ゲーソンぽくって好き。 Soldier / The Stanley Clarke Band
chase4460 一人でアレンジもするようになって、ちょっと曲の幅狭くなったかと思ったけど、こういうアレンジも出来るんだなぁと。活動休止前にそういう曲落としていくとかちょっと酷いw 

Show Me Love (Not A Dream)

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kirkill Iron Maiden – Caught Somewhere In Time - should have said, Scooby Doo, where are you? @DjHM_L @HMetal_L
TiredTulkas RB @Ian_Aranda: "Sunday hits: Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth" (reblip)
TiredTulkas I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I give Jenny all my love!

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

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chase4460 changes / Base Ball Bear


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chase4460 全部、君だった / 山崎まさよし

山崎まさよし / 全部、君だった

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chase4460 テクノジャズっていうのかな?こういう雰囲気大好きだ。  QUIET CURVES / R4 OST
chase4460 Kings For A Day / TMG(2004)

TMGKings For A Day

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TiredTulkas I just realized a chick's top progressively comes off during the guitar solo. You're welcome! RB @DjHM_L: "Awesome song." (reblip)

Heavenly Lost In Your Eyes

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SpinningDiscs Metallica – Sad But True ....Don't be sad...got lots more #TallicaTuesday coming atcha'!
TiredTulkas We beach our ships! A chance to fight alongside the man, the myth himself on the battlefield. "The Legend of #Kirkilles" #symphxblxps (Great video!)
TiredTulkas Happy Earth Day! RECYCLE! Devin Townsend – "Earth Day"
TiredTulkas well that was fun! ...now to chase some senoritas. To the broken fire hydrant in the street, girls! @backtoback @norak

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam OST 2 Track 9

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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam OST 2 Track 1

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Dancer12 [Moonlight Kiss – Raul Malo Lyrics] . . .My Very Fav Raul #!!!
TiredTulkas Feel good today.

Donkey Kong Country-Bonus Room

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Ian_Aranda Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia
Ian_Aranda Editors – An End Has A Start
vampyrekittie @ysseo21: "Gold Motel - Make Me Stay (RB @vampyrekittie" (reblip)

Gold Motel - Make Me Stay (@Dakeek)

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MottKorn ✔≈∿≈∿≈∿≈ I Love the sound of the ocean!!! More Ocean Sounds – Soothing & Relaxing! @DjHM_L ≈∿≈∿≈∿≈ ✔
kirkill David Bowie – China Girl
TiredTulkas Wasn't that hard to pull up a character map. But there's some truth to your statement. ☺ @backtoback: "getting a little mushy snaggletooth"
TiredTulkas Magic.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam OST 2 Track 9

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chase4460 A Girl From China / Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto
TiredTulkas @myb Thanks for all the Mr. Big!

Hellsing Ending Full

| play
TiredTulkas Sure is good to see this guy again. RB @hawaiibuzz: "Sting – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" (reblip)
TiredTulkas Genuine 2, that last one deceived me! [2/7] Songs from the Salon #septuplication RB @hairgirl (reblip)
TiredTulkas Beautiful gundam music continues after this...

Earl Klugh Across The Sand

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Kenny G-Sentimental

| play
kirkill Rush – Leave That Thing Alone - @DjHM_L I respectfully decline. (reblip)
Tjeerd one of my favs@DjHM_L

Nujabes- Luv Sic PT 3 (Instrumental)

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kirkill Jefferson Starship - Save Your Love

Save Your Love

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kirkill Jefferson Starship - Save Your Love - found this higher fidelity version! @wesk @DjHM_L contains my favorite Chiquaco solo from the period... (reblip)

Save Your Love

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