TrgdyAnn In the wild, wild, west tryin my hardest, doin my best to stay alive,....*smiling*

SadeSoldier of Love

| play
TrgdyAnn Who draws the crowd and plays so loud?

BreadThe Guitar Man

| play
TrgdyAnn Just a song before I go, 2 whom it may concern, travelin twice the speed of sound, its easy 2 get burned,.......
TrgdyAnn Shalamar-A Night to Remember remix
TrgdyAnn Full episode clip of Lena Horne, from the movie-Stormy Weather 1917-2010
TrgdyAnn Young ladies that are half dressed in 2Days videos should watch this Lena Horne clip and take lessons on staying DRESSED and STILL being SEXY!
TrgdyAnn She reminds me of an Asian Brandy. Very soulful!


| play
TrgdyAnn A VERY Funky asian artist, Suga Shikao, with alot of Stevie Wonder influence. Worth a listen!
TrgdyAnn My Favorite stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac song-Illume Which was the name of her personal race horse!

Illume~Fleetwood Mac

| play
TrgdyAnn One of the coolest Cars Tunz, Thanx to the pool scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High,....*giggling*!
TrgdyAnn So the Police say, Spirits in the Materal World haunt us,....*giggling*
TrgdyAnn I LOVE Morrisseys MORBID sence of humor!


| play
TrgdyAnn In honor of MAY being Zombie month, Reggae, Ghost Town from, Shaun of the Dead Movie!

Shaun of the dead soundtrack_15 Ghost Town

| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic QUEEN-Dont Stop Me Now, from Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack!
TrgdyAnn QUEEN-Youre My Bestfriend, Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack!

Shaun of the dead soundtrack_19 You're My Best Friend

| play
TrgdyAnn 28Days Later, Theme Song by John Murphy, another kool Zombie Movie. They were wayyy to fast though. I like the slow draggy-legged ones,....LOL
TrgdyAnn Resident Evil End Theme song, Disturbed, Down With the Sickness!
TrgdyAnn Resident Evil, Marylin Mansons Main Theme Score!
TrgdyAnn Directions on how to stop a zombie from Chief Mcclellan, Night of the Living Dead-1968

Night Of The Living Dead News

| play
TrgdyAnn Onto Quentin Tarantino, and Death Proof Soundtrack
TrgdyAnn How about the sexy stripping scene by Butterfly in Death Proof, song Down in Mexico all with flip flops on,.......LOL!
TrgdyAnn Chick Habit, Death Proof Soundtrack
TrgdyAnn Kill Bill, Battle without Honor or Humanity. Anyone notice this same song was in the Transformers Movie, when BUMBLE BEE transformed?
TrgdyAnn Great Theme from Kill Bill-The Lonley Shepherd
TrgdyAnn Salma Hayeks dance theme from Dusk to Dawn!
TrgdyAnn This is live but its Stevie Ray Vaughan doing, Mary Had a Little Lamb. AWESOME tune!

Stevie Ray Vaughan Mary Had a Little Lamb in Iowa

| play
TrgdyAnn I Wanna Play a Game!....*smiling*,Japan X, one of my Favorite Asian Metal Bands. Leaving you guys with one of the theme songs from the movie SAW!
TrgdyAnn My fav Muse song-Newborn,Couldnt sleep so I thought id add a few more tunz!

MuseNew Born

| play
TrgdyAnn Darling Violetta, Angel Theme Song, Im a HUGE Angel fan!
TrgdyAnn Im probrably the biggest US Torchwood Fan I know, heres the Theme Song!

Torchwood [Original Television Soundtrack] 32.Torchwood Theme

| play
TrgdyAnn One of my Fav Classic BritComs, Are You Being Served!


| play
TrgdyAnn ALL of us deal with ppl like this occassionally, The Ojays-Backstabbers!

Ojays Backstabbers HQ Lyrics 70s

| play
TrgdyAnn Rock Steady with my Fav Aretha Franklin Song!
TrgdyAnn What Reflections do you see? Diana Ross and the Supremes
TrgdyAnn Slippin into Darkness with WAR-1972!

War -Slippin' Into Darkness- 1972

| play
TrgdyAnn Is Freddie Dead? Listen in with Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield ~ Freddies Dead

| play
TrgdyAnn Curtis Mayfield-Pusher Man. This was a GREAT addition 2 the Armegeddon Soundtrack!
TrgdyAnn @TrgdyAnn finally turning with Miles Davis-Blue in Green!
TrgdyAnn Wakin up 2 some Jimmy Soul-If You Want To Be Happy Never make a pretty woman your wife,....LOL
TrgdyAnn One of my childhood Favs, King Harvest-Dancing in the Moonlight
TrgdyAnn Say hello to Jackie Blue-Ozark Mountain Daredevils
TrgdyAnn Its a Long Way There with The Little River Band (full version)
TrgdyAnn Baby Come Back with Player!

Player-Baby Come Back

| play
TrgdyAnn Lets go Sky High with Jigsaw!

JigsawSky High

| play
TrgdyAnn @Butterflywinks this is especially 4U! Patti Labelle, Al Green, Mavis Staples, Little Richard all at the Apollo!
TrgdyAnn I LOVE Billie Holiday. Here she is with Artie Shaw and his Orchestra-Any Old Time!
TrgdyAnn Billie Holiday sings, Autumn in New York, and it still feels like autumn here. Its chilly outside!.....LOL
TrgdyAnn I bet Bessie Smith had alot of fun singing this tune 2 her man! Wild About That Thing,(1929)
TrgdyAnn Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune, something to make us all happy, Crosby, Stills, & Nash!
TrgdyAnn Karma Police-Radiohead


| play
TrgdyAnn Get Headstrong with Trapt!


| play
backtoback lots o prayer.. Monday? I can light a candle too then RB@ambit: " What is a "novena"? Prayer?? LOL>>"backtoback: " I have to start saying a novena (reblip)
TrgdyAnn I like this Trapt song-Echo


| play
TrgdyAnn I like the lyrics in this song,Eve 6-Think Twice

Eve 6Think Twice

| play
TrgdyAnn We all deserve a Second Chance once in a while, Shinedown!
TrgdyAnn The lyrics in this song make me giggle and blush, Saving Abel-Addicted!

Saving AbelAddicted

| play
TrgdyAnn I feel like this sometimes, once a month for 4days,.....*giggling* Buck Cherry-Crazy B**ch!
jet333 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – 'Spanish Flea'...
TrgdyAnn I dont cry often when I watch a movie but RENT was awesome! GREAT Soundtrack-Seasons of Love!
TrgdyAnn Will I lose my dignity, will someone care, will I wake 2morrow from this nightmare? RENT

Will I? I RENT I Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

| play
backtoback Happy birthday again my buzz...have fun RB@hawaiibuzz: wear that funny looking cone-shaped hat, TYVM My Boops! "Hau'oli La Hanau (right?) @HB!"" (reblip)
TrgdyAnn One song GLORY, one song before I go,.....RENT!

One Song Glory I RENT I Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

| play
TrgdyAnn @nawlinswoman: Van the Man always makes me smile,thx RB @Jumbojetje: LOOVE vandeman! ty @backtoback:how's it going still busier than heck?@MdniteEagl (reblip)
TrgdyAnn GREAT scene with Angel playing the air drums, 2DAY for You-RENT!

Today 4 UI RENT I Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

| play
TrgdyAnn One of my fav Old School Hip Hop Songz, Kurtis Blow-Basketball

Kurtis BlowBasketball

| play
TrgdyAnn And YES I am an Alicia Keys fan,....*smiling*! Diary
TrgdyAnn This goes out specially to @ThesPNation, ENJOY!
TrgdyAnn Crystal Ship-The Doors, My Fav Doors Song!
TrgdyAnn Im Stone Free with Jimmy Hendrix!
TrgdyAnn They tried to tell Mama Cass she wouldnt make it alone, BUT she Made Her Own Kind of Music!
TrgdyAnn I am NOT an Elvis Fan BUT I like this song, Kentucky Rain!

Elvis Presley-Kentucky Rain

| play
TrgdyAnn R.I.P. Christopher Reeve, Can You Read My Mind? Maureen McGovern
TrgdyAnn I honor of MAY being Zombie month, Faith No More-Zombie Eaters, VERY kool song!
TrgdyAnn Very Kool Latin Hard Rock Band, Ill Nino-How Can I Live!
TrgdyAnn Its The Name of The Game with Crystal Method!
TrgdyAnn Matrix soundtrack-Clubbed To Death, Crystal Method!
TrgdyAnn Never Gonna Give You Up-Cake, An American Werewolf in Paris soundtrack!
TrgdyAnn Klassic Tamia-Stranger in My House!
TrgdyAnn Remember Stacy Lattisaw? Let Me Be Your Angel!
TrgdyAnn Klassic Rick James says we NEED Unity!

Rick JamesUnity

| play
TrgdyAnn I always think of the movie Jeepers Creepers now, when I hear this Henry Hall Song, Hush,Hush Here comes the Bogey Man!
TrgdyAnn R.I.P- Andy Gibb, Hope U R still Shadow Dancing!
TrgdyAnn GrandMaster Flash & White Lines, BASS, ohhhhhh White,.....LOL!
TrgdyAnn Dedicated to my Buddy, @KingRebel09, Cher-Half Breed!

Cher-Half Breed, Gypsy's Tramps & Thieves and Dark Lady

| play
TrgdyAnn Also for @KingRebel09, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Easy Star All-Stars, GET WELL Soon, ((hugging you))!
TrgdyAnn Gotta go get my daughter, so Im leaving you 4 a bit with MY Favorite Bob Marley Tune-Redemption Song, this is a rare LIVE video of Marley! ENJOY!
TrgdyAnn More Cowbell Pleeze!,.....LOL, Blue Oyster Cult-Dont Fear the Reaper!
TrgdyAnn To @Kingrebel09, I know You LOVE the Lion King so here is another dedication & one of my favs too. Disneys, The Circle of Life-The Lion King!
TrgdyAnn Its just no good anymore since you went awayyyyyyy,.......Three Dog Night-One

Three Dog NightOne

| play
TrgdyAnn One of my fav quotes from Janis Joplin is-NEVER Compromise Yourself, Here is a GREAT tune, Maybe-Janis Joplin!

Janis JoplinMaybe

| play
TrgdyAnn @Butterflywinks, Here is a Special Dedication 2U. Patti Labelle-If You Only Knew!
TrgdyAnn R.I.P. TuPac, This is my Fav TuPac Song-I Aint Mad At Cha!
TrgdyAnn Great 80s Tune, English Beat-Mirror in the Bathroom, I wonder what that means,....*giggling*!
TrgdyAnn L.L. Cool J Klassic-Around The Way Girl!
TrgdyAnn System of a Downs cover of a Black Sabbath Klassic. AWESOME remake!
TrgdyAnn Thinking about @St_Clinton, he likes this CAKE Song-Short Skirt, Long Jacket,.....LOL!
TrgdyAnn A GREAT Queen Remake by The Braids-Bohemian Rhapsody!
TrgdyAnn This is for You QueenofHearts11, I know you really like Queen and I was feeling a little campy with this tune, Queen-Flash Gordons Theme!
TrgdyAnn I LOVE Anime and this is one of my Favs, My Neighbor Totoro-Joe Hisaishi!

Joe Hisaishi- My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)

| play
TrgdyAnn Another Hayao Miazaki Klassic, Howls Moving Castle Theme

Hayao Miyazaki Music Tribute (part 8) Howl's Moving Castle

| play
TrgdyAnn Hayao Miazakis, Princess Mononoke Theme, and YES I have seen all of these movies,......*giggling*!

Princess Mononoke Theme (instrumental)

| play
TrgdyAnn Disneys MULAN, this song was played when she decided to cut her hair and run off to fight in her fathers place!
TrgdyAnn Death Note Anime Fans-Alumina

Death NoteAlumina

| play
TrgdyAnn Dani California, Red Hot Chili Peppers, This song was played at the end of The Death Note 1 Live Action Movie!
TrgdyAnn Yngwie Malmsteen & DIO doing an Aerosmith cover, Dream On!
TrgdyAnn Although this doesnt feature alot of Neil Pert,(rush drummer), This is one of my Fav RUSH tunz-Nobodys Hero, I LOVE the Lyrics!

RushNobody's Hero

| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic 80s Hair Band, EUROPE-The Final Countdown!
TrgdyAnn Dutch Symphonic Metal Band, Within Temptation-Ice Queen!
TrgdyAnn Well I was looking 4 the song wLyrics but the Instrumental Rocks 2. Eminem-Beautiful!
TrgdyAnn Good Collab wBusta Rhymes & Linkin Park, We Made it!
TrgdyAnn Hes a Pirate of the Caribbean,...LOL! Curse of the Black Pearl-OST
TrgdyAnn Gladiator-Now We Are Free, Kintar Mix!
TrgdyAnn DJ Tiesto Vs Justin Timberlake-(lovestoned tiesto remix)
TrgdyAnn One of my honorary ZOMBIE songs 4 the Nite, for May being ZOMBIE Month. Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400
TrgdyAnn BLADE Fans here is Techno Blade Tune and a clip that shows Blades AWESOME Car!
TrgdyAnn The Matrix Mix-Blue or Red Pill? White Rabbit
TrgdyAnn Im singing Utada Hikaru-Automatic,.....*smiling*!

Utada HikaruAutomatic

| play
TrgdyAnn Utada Hikaru- doing Frank Sinatras,Fly Me To The Moon-Klub Mix
TrgdyAnn Klassic Lara Fabian-I Will Love Again, such a great voice coming from a tiny Lady!
TrgdyAnn A Night at The Roxy-Its a Beautiful Life, *gives self whiplash right banging my head*,.....LOL!

A Night at The Roxbury soundtrack (track 10)

| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic 80s, The Jets-Private Number
TrgdyAnn Klassic 80s, New Edition-Cool it Now, They were all so cute,....*giggling*!
TrgdyAnn A Wahlberg Flashback, a Live clip of New Kids on the Block-Step By Step!
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 @queenofhearts11, Kings of Leon-Use Somebody, most of the reglr tracks were blocked, but I found this groovy Remix. I hope U like it!
TrgdyAnn I found some Smash Mouth-All Star 4U @queenofhearts11, These lyrics always make me smile!

Smash MouthAll Star

| play
TrgdyAnn The 80s had fun Music, New Order-Bizarre Love Triangle
TrgdyAnn Im always asked 2 do this song when I go to Karaoke, Stroke 9-Little Black Back Pack!
TrgdyAnn One of my fav Eagles songs, Sad Cafe!

EaglesThe Sad Cafe

| play
TrgdyAnn Electric Light Orchestra-Its a Livin Thing, I actually still have this Record,.....LOL!

ELOLiving Thing

| play
TrgdyAnn Joe Jackson asks, Is She REALLY Going Out With Him?
TrgdyAnn Extended Version of Peter Schilling-Major Tom-1983, and OMGoodness its English, it took 4Ever to find an English version,....LOL!

Peter Schilling Major Tom Extended Version 1983

| play
TrgdyAnn David Bowie wQueen-Under Pressure!
TrgdyAnn Klassic David Bowie-Starman

StarmanDavid Bowie

| play
TrgdyAnn WOW,... Was Tom Petty young in this klassic clip, American Girl!
TrgdyAnn 80s Flashback, Aldo Nova-Fantasy!


| play
TrgdyAnn Starland Vocal Band-Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic Carpenters-Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft,....We are observing your earth, and would like to make a contact with You!
TrgdyAnn The Wallflowers-One Headlight, GREAT Lyrics!
TrgdyAnn Johsua Radin-WINTER-This song has some deep lyrics, it was played in the Scrubs episode when Brandon Frazier Died!

Joshua RadinWinter

| play
TrgdyAnn Beautiful song from Men At Works, Colin Hay-Waiting on My Real Life 2 Begin!
TrgdyAnn AWESOME Remix of The Isley Brothers-Summer Breeze!
TrgdyAnn Klub Mix of Vicki Sue Robinsons 1977 Disco Classic, Turn The Beat Around!
TrgdyAnn A 2010- MegaRemix of Donna Summers-Mac Arthur Park!

Donna Summer Mac Arthur Park Megadisco remix.wmv

| play
TrgdyAnn GNite All, Leaving You with Duran Duran-The Chauffer!
RuiFelix Linking Park-New Divide

Linking Park-New Divide offical music video

| play
TrgdyAnn I feel like having a Wang Dang Doodle with KoKo Taylor,...GDay Guys!,.....LOL

Koko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle

| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic Iron Maiden wDiano,BUT Bruce has kept Maiden Rockin and Rollin all these years, They Continue 2B my ULTIMATE Fav Metal Band on the Planet!
TrgdyAnn MORE Iron Maiden-Flight of Icarus Fly on your wayyyy like an eagleeeee, fly as high as the sunnnnnnn......!
TrgdyAnn Im Running to the Hills w Iron Maiden!
TrgdyAnn Aces High-Iron Maiden Winston Churchill,*We shall NEVER Surrender*!

Aces highIron Maiden

| play
TrgdyAnn Skid Row doing a GREAT cover of Iron Maiden-Children of the Damned!
TrgdyAnn Cradle of Filth doing a GREAT cover of Iron Maiden, Hallowed be Thy Name!

Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star

| play
TrgdyAnn *I am a lineman for the county and I drive the main road*,....Glenn Campbell-Wichita Lineman


| play
TrgdyAnn Classic Randy Travis-3 Wooden Crosses, I LOVE these lyrics! I guess its not what you take when you leave this world behind you,....
TrgdyAnn 1st Zombie Tribute song of the Day. Johnny Cash-The Man Comes Around, this song was played in the intro of Tom Savinis, Dawn of the Dead Remake!
TrgdyAnn This a TY song going out 2 ALL my new Reblips, Props and Listeners.Im still learning Blip,so Thanx 4 your Cheers & Support! Daft Punk-Around The World
TrgdyAnn Im getting ready 4 My Live BlogTV Show now, Now Playing: Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc.
TrgdyAnn One of my FAV Kate Bush Tunz! Cloudbusting, I like the video with Donald Sutherland in it!
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 @SOTroopsSylar, Daniel day Lewis singing *Guidos Song*,......LOL!

Daniel Day-Lewis "Guido's Song" [FULL SONG] Nine

| play
TrgdyAnn This is the Ringtone I have on my phone NOW, Strawberry Alarm Clock-Inscents & Peppermints
TrgdyAnn This drummer rocks, Helmet-Unsung


| play
TrgdyAnn I Love this guy, but he is soooo misunderstood by many! Henry Rollins-Liar
TrgdyAnn Ok, YES I am a fan of Tenacious D-Tribute,....*smiling*

Tenacious DTribute

| play
TrgdyAnn Tenacious D-Wonderboy High above the mucky muck, castle made of clouds,......
TrgdyAnn Ive been waiting on the UPS guy ALL Day, Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is-Chicago?
TrgdyAnn Ten Years After-Id Love 2 Change The World, as I am running out the door 2 pick up my Daughter. C U Guys in about an 1hr!
queenofhearts11 Beauty I'd always miss w these eyes b4,just what the truth is, I cant say any more..Cause I love YOU!!!
TrgdyAnn Say Hello 2 My Little Friend,....Gorgio Moroder-Scarface Theme
TrgdyAnn Kool A Clocwork Orange Remix (sonic smith remix) I just stubbled upon,....*i was cured*,.....LOL
TrgdyAnn Cab Calloway-Reefer Man- 2 celebrate my 200 Blips, which after this will be 201,....*smilling*
TrgdyAnn Josephine Baker-Bye Bye Blackbird-1927, One of my FAV Black Female Entertainers!
TrgdyAnn Great footage of Janis Joplin-Try-1970- Live with her tradmark southern comfort in hand!
TrgdyAnn Janis Joplin-Summertime-1968, *the year i was born*, *smiling*, Studio Recording
TrgdyAnn Transformers-Arrival To Earth,*trance remix* Scorponok, I LOVE the special effects in this movie & of course the 80s Sat morning Cartoon,....LOL

Arrival to Earth / Scorponok ( Trance Remix ) [ Re-Edit ]

| play
TrgdyAnn LOVE this movie and the soundtrack, Armageddon!

Armageddon Soundtrack Video

| play
TrgdyAnn LOVE Will Smiths version of The Omega Man, I Am Legend-My Name Is Robert Neville!
TrgdyAnn AWESOME Movie wKevin Bacon, Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, True Story about Henry Young in Alcatraz, Murder In The First-1996
TrgdyAnn Remember those Award Winning Special Effects in Jurassic Park?-John Williams
TrgdyAnn I Wanna Play a Game,.......SAW Theme-Charlie Clouser
TrgdyAnn Lets do it wBonecrusher ft. Lil Jon & Fatman Scoop, SAW Theme Remix
TrgdyAnn If YOU havent seen this movie, You will not be disappointed. DeathWatch Theme, One of my FAV WW1 themed movies!

Deathwatch main theme

| play
TrgdyAnn GREAT Soundtrack to Poseidon-Klaus Badelt-Escape
TrgdyAnn Cab Calloway doing *Moonglow* a classic no matter who does it. Havent heard a bad version yet!
TrgdyAnn Cecil D. Demille,Hosting Old Time Radio, Carey Grant, Rita Hayworth, and Jean Arthur in Only Angels Have Wings-1939
TrgdyAnn Whos on First, Abbott & Costello, ALWAYS Cracks me up!,....LOL Old Time Radio
TrgdyAnn OTR,Suspense Theater, Starring Agnes Moorehead, *Sorry Wrong Number*

Sorry, Wrong Number-ORIGINAL RADIO PLAY-Part One

| play
TrgdyAnn BritComedy-The Young Ones-Opening Theme

The Young Ones Opening Theme

| play
TrgdyAnn Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, by CAKE
TrgdyAnn Rammstien doing Aquas-Barbie Girl,....HELLarious!,......LOL

rammstienbarbie girl

| play
TrgdyAnn Children Of Bodom doing Britney Spears-Oops I Did It Again,.....Hahahahahaha,....GREAT Remix!
TrgdyAnn Klassic Van Halen-Mean street
TrgdyAnn This is the ONLY Sammy Hagar song I like, Heavy Metal! *he kinda gets on my nerves*,.....Giggling!
TrgdyAnn Queensryche-The Thin Line, Headbangers Ball ROCKED back in the day when MTV actually played videos,.....LOL!
TrgdyAnn Queensryche does Run 2 The Hills Cover of MY Fav Metal Band, Iron Maiden!
TrgdyAnn Love the lyrics in this Dream Theater song, Forsaken!
TrgdyAnn One of my Fav Sonata Arctica songs, Paid in Full
TrgdyAnn Klassic Pantera-Hollow


| play
TrgdyAnn Metallica-Ride The Lightning-The Call of Ktulu
TrgdyAnn The Last GREAT Metallica Album I ever owned, Master of Puppets-Orion, R.I.P. Cliff Burton
TrgdyAnn This goes out to @eliroth ,congratulations on your NEW Exorcist Movie coming soon, The Exorcist Theme *metal mix* GNite guys, 4 a few hrs atleast,LOL

The Exorcist Theme (METAL MIX)

| play
22Crystal22 @nawlinswoman: "Lotz of article about new doc: question seems 2 B..was Jim genius or mad doper? A Little of both?? :o)" (reblip)
TrgdyAnn OK, Last one Promise, BUT I had 2 share this, Super Junior-Sorry, Sorry *japanese version* a GREAT wake up 2 coffee song! Logging off NOW,....LOL
TrgdyAnn Check out Alicia Keys official video on her youtube channel,Unthinkable-Alicia Keys Ft. Drake!
TrgdyAnn Spend A Night in Tunisia wMiles Davis!
TrgdyAnn Charlie Parkers version of Autumn in New York, is lovely ALL year round!
TrgdyAnn Bessie Smith sings the St Louis Blues-1925
TrgdyAnn Etta James BEAUTIFUL version of Stormy Weather, R.I.P. Lena Horne-1917-2010
TrgdyAnn Sarah Vaughn was my Mums fav, so this is a dedication 2 her. Maynard Ferguson & Sarah Vaughn, Take The *A* Train!R.I.P. MUM

Maynard Ferguson & Sarah Vaughn -- Take The "A" Train

| play
TrgdyAnn Manhattan Transfer-Operator, dedicated to my Grammy!
TrgdyAnn Ella Fitzgerald sings Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, Im singing it too,....*smiling*!
TrgdyAnn Della Reese beautifully sings Someday, then yells *YOU SHOT MY PINKIE TOE*, *harlem nights*,.....LMAO

Della ReeseSomeday

| play
TrgdyAnn Heres JOHNNY,.......from the Shining end theme, Ray Noble & His Orchestra, Midnight Were the Stars & You!

Midnight, the stars and you.

| play
TrgdyAnn Im going 2 get my son BUT will be back, so Im leaving You with one of my Fav Al Bowlly tunes, *Goodnight Sweetheart*
TrgdyAnn How Im feeling ATM, Like my head could explode. I am soooo pissed!!!!!!!,....Monster Magnet-Heads Explode!
TrgdyAnn L7-Pretend We*re Dead *official video*, Hung out w these gals onstage during a live concert in Nashville, and got a pair of drum sticks,....*smiling*
TrgdyAnn Cause Im Dead & Bloated wStone Temple Pilots!

Dead and Bloated

| play
TrgdyAnn AWESOME Lyrics, Collective Soul-The World I Know
TrgdyAnn First ZOMBIE song of the nite & My personal Theme Song, Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl
TrgdyAnn R.I.P. Peter Steele, Type O Negative-Black No#1

Type O Negative- Black No 1

| play
TrgdyAnn Cute little goth dude,....*giggling*, Cradle of Filth-Her Ghost in The Fog

Cradle Of Filth Her Ghost In The Fog(wih lyrics)

| play
TrgdyAnn Beautiful Video & My Fav NightWish song, NightWish-Amaranth


| play
TrgdyAnn Another good tune from NightWish-Bye, Bye Beautiful
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 ny friend Letmego2, who just helped me outta my Funk, Mary J. Blige-Rainy Days!
TrgdyAnn Just got my 2nd level DJ Blip Badge help me celebrate wMichael McDonald singing-Aint No Mountain High Enough,....Whooo Hoooo!
TrgdyAnn Im singing this Milli Vanilli Klassic or atleast it LOOKS like I am,.....LMAO Milli Vanilli-Blame it on the Rain
TrgdyAnn I never said wasnt gonna tell nobodyyyyyyyy,....Stacy Q-Two of Hearts on Dance fever,.....LOL!
TrgdyAnn Chevy Chase was funny in FLETCH, Harold Faltermeyer-Fletch Theme
TrgdyAnn This was MY Generation and we had a BLAST, The Breakfast Club-Im The Dude What was that ruckus?,.....*giggling*
TrgdyAnn What a klassic movie!,....Scarface-Shes on Fire
TrgdyAnn Lets Push It To The Limit wTony Montana in Scarface!
TrgdyAnn Fly Robin Fly wSilver Convention-1976
TrgdyAnn Justin Timberlake & that SNL Skit, The Barry Gibb Talk Show was HELLarious,....Bee Gees-Nights on Broadway-1975

Bee Gees Nights on Broadway 1975

| play
TrgdyAnn OMGoodness, I found an SNL *More Cowbell* Skit,.... Will Farrell is HELLarious Blue Oyster Cult-Dont Fear the Reaper

More Cowbell Snl Full Original Skit (Real Video!)

| play
TrgdyAnn Fifth Dimension-Aquarious, I remember watching this on the Tele as a kid!,.....LOL
TrgdyAnn The Jackson 5 on Soul Train-I Want You Back

Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 on Soul Train I Want You Back

| play
TrgdyAnn A Cute Remix of The Osmonds-One Bad Apple
TrgdyAnn I Woke Up This Morning-The Partridge Family,...I woke up in love this mornin,....went to sleep with you on mind,....*giggling*

I Woke Up This Morning = David Cassidy & the Partridge Family

| play
TrgdyAnn The Sylvers-HotLine-Presented by Captain & Tennille
TrgdyAnn 1, 2, 3, 4,.....Get Up ah, Get up ah,....James Brown-Sex Machine!
TrgdyAnn Lets Fight The Power wThe Isley Brothers, Time is truley wasting, theres no garantee, smile is in the making,........
TrgdyAnn Klassic Ike & Tina-*Proud Mary* and her gorgeous legs that kept walking when she got fed up w Ikes CRAP,....LOL
TrgdyAnn CHER singing, He Aint Heavy, Hes My Brother

Cher He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

| play
TrgdyAnn Im Stoned Out of My Mind w The Chi Lites!
TrgdyAnn Fly Me to The Moon, Let Me Play among the Stars w*Frank Sinatra!
TrgdyAnn Utada Hikaru wants to Fly To The Moon with her VERY Kool Klub Remix of the Klassic, *Fly Me To The Moon*
TrgdyAnn @TrgdyAnn: This tune gets my toe tapping, Super Junior-Sorry, Sorry *japanese version* Hope U guys dont mind me reblipping this one! (reblip)
TrgdyAnn The orgnl gtr player in this Asian Metal Band died, BUT 2 honor him, they still carry and set his gtr up on stage at ALL their shows,Japan X-Kurenai
NewageSounds Gregorians – My heart will go on (new age - soft group vocal)
TrgdyAnn I Like the way the song grooves!
TrgdyAnn I feel like Bouncing Around the Room wPhish
Caio_sS I frckn love this song... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD #metal #heavymetal
TrgdyAnn Goes out 2 My Maiden Buddy @Caio_sS, Judas Be My Guide-Iron Maiden
TrgdyAnn They may notcomeNashville had a BAD flood@Caio_sS: "@TrgdyAnn great! they're in tour'll probably see them before me! You lucky girl! hahaha" (reblip)


| play
TrgdyAnn Klassic Queensryche-Eyes of a Stranger
TrgdyAnn Is Anybody Listening? Queensryche is!!!!
TrgdyAnn Checking it out @Caio_sS, I like this one. Where do You Live?
TrgdyAnn How about these guys? Fintroll-Trollhammaren, They remind me of Spinal Tap,....Hahahahaha


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TrgdyAnn OMG have U seen Ninja Scroll? Its Great & this is a GREAT remake 2 @Caio_sS: "I like this cover ...this amv is really awesome. =3 #covers #cover" (reblip)

Cradle Of Filth Hallowed Be Thy Name Video ninja scroll

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TrgdyAnn Go 2 My youtube page,.....LOL@Caio_sS: "hahahha! just kidding! I'm studying physics, so... hahaha I'm used to nerds =x" (reblip)
TrgdyAnn I LOVE this Final Fantasy footage, Enigma-Gravity of Love

Gravity Of Love

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TrgdyAnn TY & Thanx 4Checking out my page.BB in a few hrs@Caio_sS: "@TrgdyAnn hahahha the japanese guy is just! kkk pretty daughter you have, btw." (reblip)
TrgdyAnn Sometimes I feel like I am not of this Planet, but I do when I hear Duran Duran-Planet Earth
TrgdyAnn Looks Like Ill be Ridin' The Storm Out with REO Speedwagon *original studio version*
TrgdyAnn Its not XMas But this band rocks. I was lucky to see them live.WELL worth the ticket. Here is Transiberian Orchestra-Carol of the Bells
TrgdyAnn 1st ZOMBIE song of the day, celebrating Zombie month, Shaun of The Dead Soundtrack-The Blue Wrath

Shaun of the Dead The Blue Wrath Soundtrack Theme Song

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TrgdyAnn Its always *More Than a Dream* wPet Shop Boys
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 My Roadrunner Buddy, Blue Magic-Sideshow,Some Old School Groove and one of my personal Fav childhood songs too!

Blue MagicSideshow

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FOGGIELOANER he isnt, and neither am I, but it's still great. @modarcadia your last blip by the stonemen reminded me of this (similar slow groove) @fluffyboots

Alice CooperEighteen

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TrgdyAnn Klassic Kashmir-Led Zeppelin

KashmirLed Zeppelin

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TrgdyAnn When the truth is found to be lies,,....We Jam to Jefferson Airplane-Somebody To Love!
TrgdyAnn This is Spinal Tap- Funny Clips, what a warped movie,....Hahahahaha
TrgdyAnn This is Spinal Tap-Stonehenge, Klassic Funny Scene wThe Little Man,....Hahahahaha


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TrgdyAnn I Love this Tune, Stone Temple Pilots-Interstate Love Song
TrgdyAnn Interesting Cosmic Mix of The Exorcist Theme-Tubular Bells-The Champs Boys Orchestra, I like it!
TrgdyAnn Whoooo Hooooo Jackie Blue-Ozark Mountain Daredevils
TrgdyAnn Lets Jump The Line wHarry Belafonte & Winona Ryder in BeetleJuice-1988

Winona Ryder . Jump In The Line . Shake Senora . BeetleJuice 1988 Harry Harold George Belafonte Jr

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TrgdyAnn Now Listening 2 my Gurl Alicia Keys while I get ready 2 log onto BlogTV, Hope 2 C U Guys there 2Nite!
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 @St_Clinton 4 #FF, & as 4 Pimp, I just sent TrgdyMan out 2 his corner,..JK,.Hahahahaha, Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name
TrgdyAnn Still dont get this Bands name Sniff *n The Tears, but I like the song, Drivers Seat-1978,....*smiling*
TrgdyAnn I was reading a crtn persons tweets & how they were harshly judging ppl thru tweets and wondered if THEIR Kloset was clnr thn those they were judging?
TrgdyAnn Its lonely out in space, on such a timeless flight,...Lets blast off wROCKET Man-Elton John

Elton JohnRocketman

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TrgdyAnn Just Back up Before I Snap,....All These Things I Hate- Bullet For My Valentine
TrgdyAnn Lets Live in Color wLiving Colour-Cult of Personality
TrgdyAnn Dream Theater is trying to *Pull Me Under*, but Im floating,.....*smiling*!

Pull Me Under

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TrgdyAnn Who is The Boy With a Thorn in His Side? Its Morrisey wThe Smiths!
TrgdyAnn Its a rainy day here, but Anne Murray sings about a Snowbird!

Anne MurraySnowbird

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TrgdyAnn I Love this song, BUT wouldnt board a Plane if I heard it,.....LOL John Denver-Rocky Mtn High
TrgdyAnn Kool mix of Rascal Flatts by Cascada-What Hurts The Most
TrgdyAnn They ask the question? How Can I Live-III Nino
TrgdyAnn Roxette-Listen To Your Heart-remix Kingdom Hearts
TrgdyAnn Helen Reddy sings-I Dont Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar
TrgdyAnn *Children of Earth* from Torchwood Series-The Ballad of Ianto Jones
TrgdyAnn The Pet Shop Boys are *Absolutely Fabulous*!
TrgdyAnn The Cure LOVES Cats, the only one I like is Hello Kitty,...*smiling*
TrgdyAnn From Resident Evil, the 1st ZOMBIE song of the day, Killswitch Engage-The End of Heartache

"The End of Heartache" Kill Switch Engage

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TrgdyAnn GREAT Dark Comedy from Guy Ritchie, SNATCH-Golden Brown-The Stranglers
TrgdyAnn I have a *Lust For Life* w*Iggy Pop
TrgdyAnn Its a *Perfect Day* wLou Reed!

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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TrgdyAnn 2nd Zombie song of the day by Charlie Clouser who scored the SAW soundtrack, Resident Evil-Extinction-Convoy
TrgdyAnn Musical genius Danny Elfman scores this Men In Black-Theme
TrgdyAnn Danny Elfmans 80s Band-Oingo Boingo-Dead Mans Party
TrgdyAnn Apocalyptica tribute 2 the movie *Jeepers Kreepers*-I Dont Care
TrgdyAnn My Fav GOTH Band and song from them, Switchblade Symphony-Drool *mother*
TrgdyAnn Switchblade Symphony-SWEET *apoptygma berzerk remix* a fun Dance tune!
TrgdyAnn I have this little dance I do 2 this tune & it cracks my daughter up every time,....LOL, SwitchBlade Symphony-Witches

Switchblade Symphony~ Witches

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TrgdyAnn Switchblade Symphony doing Madonna-Lucky Star

Switchblade Symphony- Lucky Star (Madonna Cover)

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TrgdyAnn AWESOME Slash Tune @queenofhearts11: "Noli me tangere. No, not there! Meditation. @Slash obsession confession, take me away..." (reblip)

Obsession Confession by SLASH

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TrgdyAnn Klassic Henry Mancini-Charade wCarey Grant & Audrey Hepburn
TrgdyAnn Stephen King, Maximum Overdrive Version of Who Made Who-ACDC

AC/DC Who Made Who (Maximum Overdrive Version)

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TrgdyAnn Lets MOSH wThe Ramones-The Crusher
TrgdyAnn I dont wanna be buried in a *Pet Cemetary*-The Ramones
TrgdyAnn DIO ft Tenacious D-Push, I almost named my son after Dio,.....*giggling*!
TrgdyAnn Klassic Dio-Rainbow in the Dark, takes me back 2 High School, Good ole Dayz!
TrgdyAnn LOVE this tune by Joan Osborne-St Teresa, and no Im NOT catholic,....LOL!
TrgdyAnn My Fav Melissa Etheridge Tune, Angels Would Fall
TrgdyAnn Does this song make you wanna cry? Boy George-The Crying Game
TrgdyAnn No matter what YOU say, Rick Astley & I are *NEVER Gonna Give You Up*!
TrgdyAnn They did bad, bad thing,.....Chris Isaak-Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
TrgdyAnn Lets play *Games Without Frontiers*-Peter Gabriel, 2009 remix


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TrgdyAnn Alicia Keys knows *A WOMANS WORTH*, she hasnt sold out 2 the VULGARNESS of 2days recent videos, and continues 2 makes classic MUSIC!!!!
TrgdyAnn SORRY about the last blip, Here is a FULL version of Pat Benatar-Promises in The Dark

Pat Benatar: "Promises In The Dark" (1981)

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TrgdyAnn Klassic Kate Bush-Wuthering Heights
TrgdyAnn One of my Fav Tesla Tunz-Edisons Medicine
TrgdyAnn Im *Nobodys Fool* according 2 Cinderella,....Whooo Hoooo,....*smilling*
TrgdyAnn I dont need 2 be the king of the world, as long as im the hero of this little girl,....Warrant-Heaven


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TrgdyAnn Janes Addiction is my *Superhero*
TrgdyAnn This goes out 2 @queenofhearts11, Ratt-Slip Of The Lip,....*smiling* Ive been up all nite #havingatrgdyannmoment,.....LOL

Ratt- Slip of the lip

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TrgdyAnn Dedication 2 OUR Troops wSlaughter-Fly To The Angels,especially 2 my dad who died in Vietnam!
TrgdyAnn I can totally relate 2 these lyrics, Hinder-Better Than Me

HinderBetter Than Me

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TrgdyAnn GREAT Lyrics, Drowning Pool-Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
TrgdyAnn Dinosaur Jr. does Just Like Heaven, YES The Cure does it too,..*giggling*
TrgdyAnn I was actually looking 4 this tune when #havingatrgdyannmoment I stumbled across the last one, Dinosaur Jr.-Feel The Pain,....LOL
TrgdyAnn Snap your fingers, Snap your neck wPRONG
TrgdyAnn Lets get *Unsung* wHelmet


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TrgdyAnn Biohazard doing After Forever by*Black Sabbath
TrgdyAnn System of a Down-Metro, Dracula 2000 Soundtrack
TrgdyAnn Where did everyone go? Is Anybody Listening?-Queensryche, I am CELEBRATING 400 Blips, celebrate wME! *when i blip this 401*,...LOL
TrgdyAnn Im Getting The Blues Before and After-The Smithereens, cause I cant sleep yet. Any ideas anyone?
TrgdyAnn Look at this, @queenofhearts11, its cute!@TrgdyAnn: "DIO ft Tenacious D-Push, I almost named my son after Dio,.....*giggling*!" (reblip)
TrgdyAnn I hope this cheers you up some @SOTroopsSylar,.....*smiling*! The Smithereens-Blood & Roses
Metal_Rocks Black Tide – Shockwave. Killer tune full of early Metallica influences (...never a bad thing!).

Black TideShockwave

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TrgdyAnn Internet RUMOR, DIO IS NOT DEAD, Killswitch Engage-Holy Diver, AWESOME Tribute 2 Ronnie James Dio!
TrgdyAnn Hammerfall-Man on The Silver Mountain, *Tribute 2 DIO*
TrgdyAnn Apocalyptica-Grace ft. Hotei Tomoyasu


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TrgdyAnn Trainspotting Soundtrack, Born Slippy-1996 *nuxx edit*
TrgdyAnn The Hole Soundtrack-Main Theme, Starring Kiera Knightley, Thora Birch,....
TrgdyAnn An @eliroth Klassic, Hostel II Soundtrack-Synecku,Synecku, I wonder if some rich ppl REALLY do this stuff,....#justcurious

Hostel Part II SOUNDTRACK: Synećku, Synećku

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TrgdyAnn Reflecting with music I grew up on, JS Bach, Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F
TrgdyAnn My Fav piece by J S Bach-Aria de Capo on Harpsicord
TrgdyAnn My Fav Movement in Vivaldis 4 Seasons, Winter, Allegro N.Molto
TrgdyAnn Mine among many other Beethoven Fans Fav piece, Moonlight Sonata, in the AWESOME Movie, Immortal Beloved wGary Oldman
TrgdyAnn A Fulll version of Beethovans, Moonlight Sonata. He was completely deaf when this composition was done!
TrgdyAnn Fredric Chopin/Ken Saku Op.9 No.2 Nocturne in Eflat major *complicated? E flat/major*,....*smiling*
De_Ann Listen to this new German Metal band..... Kissin Dynamite - Hysteria
TrgdyAnn Loved this song from the movie Schindlers List, wish I knew what they were saying, BUT it still moved me!
queenofhearts11 IN YOUR EYES FUCKING SMASHING! :))))) <3
TrgdyAnn Schindlers List Soundtrack-Remembrances

Schindler's List soundtrack (Remembrances) HQ

| play
TrgdyAnn Girlfriend in a Coma-The Smiths,This is what Im going 2B in a minute cause I am exhausted!,....LOL

Girlfriend in a coma • The Smiths

| play
TrgdyAnn Im asking the same thing, Suicidal Tendencies-How will I Laugh 2Morrow?
TrgdyAnn GREAT Red Hot Chili Peppers album,Mothers Milk-Knock Me Down

Knock Me Down

| play
TrgdyAnn Flea could POP that Bass Guitar, Huh? RHCP-Higher Ground-Mothers Milk
TrgdyAnn Back in the Day wFaith No More-EPIC

Faith No MoreEpic

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TrgdyAnn Zombie song of the Day, Faith No More-Zombie Eaters
TrgdyAnn Aerosmith-Train Kept a Rollin,I got 2 meet Stephen Tyler & Joe Perry, yrs ago, Nice Guys
TrgdyAnn Its Way *Too Late* for Me to be up anymore. Saying Gnite Guys, wGuy Lombardo & Kate Smith,1931

Guy Lombardo, Kate Smith "TOO LATE" (1931)

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TrgdyAnn Ppl can be so cruel, DIO IS NOT DEAD,Well know for the 1st time If were evil or divine, were the *Last In Line*-DIO!!!!!!!!

DioLast in line

| play
TrgdyAnn Went 2 this show, it was like a RocknRoll Concert, Had a BLAST Montgomery Gentry*Hell Yeah*, Take me back 2 where the music hit me, life was good,...
TrgdyAnn Slayer & IceT-Disorder, Judgement Night Soundtrack
TrgdyAnn Run DMC/Aerosmith-Walk This way,....Klassic
TrgdyAnn LL Cool J-Around The Way Girl,....Gotta LOVE those Lips,.....*giggling*!
TrgdyAnn This is my Only FAV song they did. Bought this album when I was a tike,....LOL@Caio_sS: "great music. rb@Believer: "Goodmorning...."" (reblip)
TrgdyAnn YES she is , I met her 2!@Rocketron: "@TrishLewis: "Not 2 mention humble>@Caco: "Natalie is kind and generous"" and I'm seeing her a week tomorrow" (reblip)

Natalie Merchant-Kind And Generous

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TrgdyAnn Be back in a bit, BUT I'd LOVE 2 Change The World w10Years After! Big 3 News is on BlogTV now, so I*ll Be Back!
Clinton To All my P-FUNK Fam...

Brides Of Funkenstein "Disco To Go"

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TrgdyAnn Waiting on Rusty Ray, until then listening 2 *One Toke Over The Line* Brewer & Shipley


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TrgdyAnn Take a ride with me & Sammy Johns in our *CHEVY VAN*,.....LOL!

Sammy JohnsChevy Van

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TrgdyAnn Gilbert O* Sullivan-Claire, I think there were issues there,.....LOL!
TrgdyAnn Barry Manilow-Mandy *acoustic*,I remember David Boreanez singing this in an episode of *ANGEL*, he was funny!
TrgdyAnn 1st time hearing THIS Version, Glenn Campbell-Mac Arthur*s Park, goes out 2 @St_Clinton,.......LMAO
TrgdyAnn I beat YOU 2 it @ST_Clinton,....WTF???? A Polka version of *One Toke Over The Line*,.....HELLarious,...Hahahahaha
TrgdyAnn I thought this was a cute movie *LORD LOVE A DUCK* starring Roddy McDowell, and Tuesday Weld-1966

Lord Love a Duck (Instrumental)

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TrgdyAnn LuLu still singing-To Sir With Love, and still Beautiful

To Sir with Love by Lulu

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TrgdyAnn DIO-The Last In Line, a sad day for us old school Metal-Heads!