robbhawk yep some days you realize how things havn,t changed that much!


| play
TrishLewis @organicsue: "TY Hugs @DeAnn: "~Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – The House Is Rockin'~"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Out of props 4U back at you!@TheJohnC: "Taj Mahal – Stagger Lee" (reblip)
TrishLewis I want to hear this for breakfast Monday Thanks! (reblip)
TrishLewis @S75: "Sid's Big Band Radio: - Louis Armstrong & His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra - Just A Gigolo - OKeh 41486" (reblip)
TrishLewis Try it, you'll like it@lynncinnamon: "rb @tigertuft: "here comes success!!!! James, as ironic as ever :)"" (reblip)
TrishLewis UR@DeAnn: "bei Dir daet I no au gern hondle schpiela LOL@TGDude: "My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am." (reblip)
TrishLewis I had this album once. It moved to NYC with my BF back in the 80s
TrishLewis On the wagon this sound so good!@agogab: "part of the fun!!@MelBee: "@agogab felt like i was tripping on that video "Marrs pump up the volume""" (reblip)
TrishLewis Abbreviations w/humor?@agogab: "auto RB!!@mark_till: "@powerlevel SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE THANK YOU FALETTINME BE MICE ELF AGIN"" (reblip)


| play

Ray Charles I Can See Clearly Now

| play
TrishLewis Should have been President Zappa!@lovemusic: "@Annimallover(Yippy-Ty-O-Ty-Ay)" (reblip)
TrishLewis Seeking Popa's"2nd Ave.Shuffle"@SarahABQ: ":-) @blues_b_us: "@readmylipstick: "@organicsue: "Popa Chubby – Keep on the Sunny Side" (reblip)
TrishLewis I seem to blip this repeatedly at the dreadful day job
TrishLewis @MaskMuse: "very kewl-luv it ty rb @Dr_Wes: "The Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito No. 1"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Just had the pop up to see where Josephine Baker is performing!@ducks2007: "rb @JahDJLLBean" (reblip)

Josephine Baker-After I Say I'm Sorry-1926

| play
TrishLewis Love his new CD "Imaginary Television"!
TrishLewis Don't hear too much about that Wall now what with our jobless health care recovery in progress. (reblip)

You Cant Beat The House

| play
TrishLewis I wish it was night already!@Cangyca: "I just wanna dance the night away... ♫" (reblip)
TrishLewis @MSBloom: "Auto Rb@blues_b_us: "@readmylipstick: "Junior Wells, Buddy Guy & John Mayall's Bues Breakers – Don't Start Me Talkin""" (reblip)
TrishLewis @GimmeSomeTruth: "Slooooooowwww intro build!!!!! Traffic – The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" (reblip)
TrishLewis @avivao: "John Coltrane Quartet / Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) / McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones / #jazz #twitjazznet" (reblip)

Afro Blue : John Coltrane, Mccoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones

| play
TrishLewis @enricchi: "Yep-the Smothers Brothers are a GR8 Treat.TY :-)@Ukuleleuniverse:Fun and silly.We need lots of foolish in the world to make us smile (reblip)
TrishLewis Looking for "Right Here, Right Now" but this will have to do tonight
TrishLewis @GullyJumper: "Instant reblip for a classic.nThanks @kundunphei. Lefty Frizzell - Always Late (With Your Kisses)" (reblip)
TrishLewis Breakfast Backround@GullyJumper: "Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder – .44 Blues" (reblip)
TrishLewis @Ukuleleuniverse: "You bet!@MamaMel: "The years go by as quickly as a wink...Enjoy Yourself! It's Later Than you think ;o)"" (reblip)

Saffire the Uppity Blues Women -- Bitch with a Bad Attitude

| play

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith Harmonica

| play
TrishLewis Don't even try or Tom will make you cry.
TrishLewis Needed a cup to catch this up 2night@Rocketron: "@ShannonGrissom: ":O) @nawlinswoman: Ella Fitzgerald – Black Coffee" (reblip)
TrishLewis Now, I'm comin' to join you Elizabeth!@agogab: "rb via @versatilevampire" (reblip)
TrishLewis Wishing it was night at breakfast@sir_edward_ross: "Sonny Boy RB @charliebishop: "Night time is the Right time."" (reblip)
TrishLewis For Frances who never listens

Tom Waits Waltzing Matilda live 1977

| play
TrishLewis For all the years between the two Toms

Tom Waits- Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)

| play
TrishLewis 3 Stevie's is a Suite? (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughan B.B. King Albert Collins--Texas Flood

| play
TrishLewis Haven't heard this in ages, thanks>@TropicsZ4: "The Who – Eminence Front" (reblip)
TrishLewis Better>@Rocketron: "@TheJohnC: "Herbie Mann – Harlem Nocturne" love this one" (reblip)
TrishLewis @avivao: "Art Farmer + Benny Golson Jazztet / The Cool One / Big City Sounds / Art Farmer (flugelhorn), Benny Golson (tenor sax) / #jazz #twitjazznet" (reblip)

Art Farmer & Benny Golson The Cool One

| play
TrishLewis Good Morning>@redoctopus: ""SIGNATION" Charles Mingus – Freedom THATS IT FOR TODAY - THANKS FOR BLIPS AND PROPS - GOOD NIGHT" (reblip)
TrishLewis Where would this song be w/o Slugs?>@ginhollow: "Slugs are cool!....@greentree" Don't be a slug!"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Peace@DoctorOfJazz: "Hey, I'm in Saginaw@Delta College@nawlinswoman. Enjoy Saginaw Bluesman Larry McCray.Doctor of Jazz on Twitter+FB@howard Sharper." (reblip)

Larry McCray "Run"

| play
TrishLewis Only on the weekends, it seems@enricchi: "Duke Ellington – Stormy Weather" (reblip)
TrishLewis Out of props, but no air freshener thanks>@doctortrustme: "my shoes stink? :-) rb @TrishLewis: "We don't need no stinkin' shoes!"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Here's the one that always gets listeners emailing

Tom Waits-Big Time III

| play
TrishLewis I do mind. I don't mind working hard. But the hamster cage is closing in
TrishLewis Townes@2liveis2fly: @alwilbanks nym comes from TVZ. flying isn't that bad. like the takeoff, watching from 30,000 feet. Landings always get me, though (reblip)
TrishLewis Thank You Howard, Another obsession to stoke.
TrishLewis Even TGIF is Kind of Blue>@Rocketron: "Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Kind of blue #jazz" (reblip)
TrishLewis Another theme song 4 me. Received evil complaint emails from broadcasting this. Still a favorite.
TrishLewis This band from Detroit sounds like the Stones used to.
TrishLewis Happy!@avivao: "Dizzy Reece (trumpet) / Groovesville / Mosaic Select (1958-60) // #jazz #twitjazznet #trumpet" (reblip)
TrishLewis Indeed>@redoctopus: "rb@SKySWiM: "@TarinnAdaria: "Miles Davis – There Is No Greater Love""" (reblip)
TrishLewis New to me, I must never listen to anything but public radio I guess. (reblip)
TrishLewis Wait

Tom Waits Yesterday Is Here

| play
TrishLewis There will be more kids in the squares all over the globe (I hope)
TrishLewis From his album: "Letters from a flying machine" Love the whole CD in order...Rare joy.
TrishLewis Have a gr8t Sat>@Rocketron: "Taj Mahal The Celebrated Walking #Blues" (reblip)

Taj Mahal : The Celebrated Walkin' Blues

| play
TrishLewis He's touring again now with a new CD@Rocketron: "George Thorogood – one bourbon, one scotch, one beer" (reblip)
TrishLewis Thanks back at U>@redoctopus: "Sonny Stitt – Once In A While" (reblip)
TrishLewis Nobody does Randy Newman better than Bonnie
TrishLewis It really isn't, is it?

Bonepony "Love Ain't Predictable"

| play
TrishLewis Really looking for Be Careful There's A Baby In The House but this one's worth a listen. But I'm not smoking again. Yet.
TrishLewis Night all & Thanks 4 all the Fish!
TrishLewis Really want Cool Breeze

Rick Estrin and the Nightcats "You Gonna Lie"

| play
TrishLewis Thanks>@ShannonGrissom: "Noticed you are blippin Loudin... roll up your window GF! :O) @TrishLewis" (reblip)
TrishLewis They are all perfect days, aren't they? (reblip)
TrishLewis Love the animation thanks>@DJCryUncle: "must have some Mogwai..." (reblip)
TrishLewis Have so much work I'm not doing (reblip)
TrishLewis What progress? Why do downloads&CDs still skip? Profit. Never heard this B4 Thanks>@cosmicomics: ""...And that's how science grows."" (reblip)
TrishLewis I Like U Now>@Rocketron: "The Heavy — How You Like Me Now?" (reblip)
TrishLewis Missed this show because I rolled my father's '76 Rivera & his Nikon 35mm and all his lenses. Too bad. I lived though!
TrishLewis High school crap every day for the rest of our lives, really?
TrishLewis Airs tomorrow on my beloved Eclectic Chair. Wish you all were here or I was there!

Rules Of Engagement (Band Ver)

| play
TrishLewis Pulled this out of the library today to listen to it & include it in an upcoming show. Very good advise. Miss Warren too.

Warren Zevon-Dirty Life and Times

| play
TrishLewis Bob's still boB, ass backwards, God Bless him!
TrishLewis Once again, I can't say it again enough, Chuck. If I lose my day job tomorrow, I'll still be singing this song.
TrishLewis Asked the wedding pianist to play this at my brother's wedding back in 1972. She excused herself to go to the powder room. (reblip)
TrishLewis Hey Billy Bob~Thanks for all the angst?

Billy bob Thorton Stonewalls Radio host

| play
TrishLewis Billy helped teach me just to air the tunes. Don't aspire to interrogate.
TrishLewis Why they call it HotLanta. On the Eclectic Chair weeks ago & again in 3 weeks just for thrills. Hey, it's only 2 minutes or so.

Rebecca Loebe *new song!* Married Man @ Hard Rock Cafe

| play
TrishLewis Nothing could be finer>@redoctopus: "Thelonious Monk – Dinah (Solo Monk)@rosenbloom" (reblip)
TrishLewis I keep forgetting to air this!@Rocketron: "@Literati: "How come no one ever blips this for me? <smile> rb @Figgywithit"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Thanks>@DoctorOfJazz: "Express Yourself @ElusiveEm. Enjoy! Thank You & Welcome. You're right, it is nice to meet." (reblip)
TrishLewis Lactose Intolerant but thanks 4 the rb>@caranemica: "I'm the ice cream man, honey, I'll be good to you" (reblip)
TrishLewis Always worth a RB 4 my old Dad's fav Dave (reblip)
TrishLewis This screamed to RB thanks>@SarahABQ: "some good line dancN:-) @pulsar ~Les Fantomes~Hully Dance 1963" (reblip)
TrishLewis It is after all St Pat's,Ladies!@2liveis2fly: "@blues_b_us we interrupt this blipstream for an important leg-shaving message!" (reblip)
TrishLewis Thanks, Melle, Maybe tomorrow?@digitpt: "@mellejohnson: Melle Johnson – The First Lucky Day" (reblip)
TrishLewis Love to>@DoctorOfJazz: "I mean what can you say. Corinne another fav TY@doctortrustme: "auto rb ty @teaandmanners"" (reblip)
GullyJumper Duke Ellington – The Mooche
TrishLewis Just who could do this better?Thank you>@GullyJumper: "Les Paul and Mary Ford – Blues Stay Away From Me" (reblip)
TrishLewis I forgot to rb this 1st thing tonight!@digitpt: "@Neurotico : Tom Waits - Jersey Girl" (reblip)
TrishLewis Got to kill the switch to dreamland, thanks for the new to me old tune>@digitpt: "@Kajun : Blind Willie McTell - Kill It Kid" (reblip)
TrishLewis I had to hide this song from myself for a while I played it repeatedly. Your turn...

abbey lincoln - the music is magic

| play
TrishLewis This is great THANK U>@GullyJumper: "Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer – Redemption Song" (reblip)
TrishLewis @DoctorOfJazz Hey Doc~Remember when I asked to buy her last CD you thought Abbey was part of the past (like dead, I mean!) ;o) Peace

Abbey Lincoln "People in Me"

| play
TrishLewis Any sun is better than none, thanks>@GimmeSomeTruth: "Traffic – Paper Sun" (reblip)
TrishLewis One of my all time favorites~Thanks&Hello! (reblip)
TrishLewis I guess Paul isn't rich enough to share a good copy of this with us. Which animal is he? And what are we blipsters? Media?
TrishLewis Always happy to get out the indies>@mellejohnson: "please share. Rob is getting his music out on his own." (reblip)
TrishLewis Only Thursday tomorrow>@ginhollow: "thanks@GullyJumper: "Great playlist @megabat. Glad to have found you. Aretha Franklin – Trouble In Mind"" (reblip)
TrishLewis I needed this, thank U>@mark_till: "Shrek Soundtrack 11. The Proclaimers - I'm On My Way" (reblip)
TrishLewis Did I play this already? Don't care.
TrishLewis Here's the one I was seeking, not your wallet!
TrishLewis I could really use a drink

David Bromberg and his Big Band perform "Sloppy Drunk"

| play
TrishLewis Everybody done with their taxes or just done?

Hot Tuna w/ David Bromberg: 203 Uncle Sam Blues

| play
TrishLewis Same thing about Sloppy Drunk but miss hearing him! Thanks>@2liveis2fly

Jorma Kaukonen w/ David Bromberg: 105 Death Don't Have...

| play
TrishLewis I hate to say it

Chris Smither "I Told You So"

| play
TrishLewis Too bad I couldn't find but a small bite of his Cuban Sandwich for lunch...

Tom Russell--Van Ronk

| play

1984 There's a Wrinkle In Our Time

| play
TrishLewis Spring with bipolar anyone?

LeE HARVeY OsMOND-Blades of grass

| play

Springtime Can Kill You

| play
TrishLewis Who Bag? (reblip)

Johnny Zamot -- Cat Fish Bag

| play
TrishLewis Wish I had that mule's plan too@redoctopus: ""SIGNATION" Charles Mingus – Freedom THATS IT FOR TODAY -THANKS FOR BLIPS AND PROPS - GOOD NIGHT" (reblip)
TrishLewis Just had to have one last dance for tonight. Thanks for blips, props, reblips&replies. Listen to these lyrics. You can see me waltz in here somewhere.
TrishLewis I hear snow in the forecast again.That makes me very weary even on TGIF. (reblip)
StreamingMimi The Tuneweavers -- Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (1957)

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby = The Tuneweavers 1957

| play
2liveis2fly Because there ain't enough buffalo in my blip!
TrishLewis Hello&Thanks> @jordan1507: "@quailbrander James Brown – Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (reblip)
TrishLewis Next 2 Mondays I'll be live in on the radio pledge drive~;o) @TheJohnC: "Thanks @redoctopus: "Art Pepper Quartet – You Go to My Head"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Peace@redoctopus: Thank you @ZONE: "You have a good playlist. thanks for this one : )) rb@redoctopus: @seattledrumschoolgeorgetown: Keep it goin folks (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello&TY> @jordan1507: "@Awannabeangel: "rb >@Shaman777" Sweet Thing - Rufus & Chaka Khan" (reblip)
TrishLewis This PARTIAL song playing is called the Ali Shuffle. Reminds me of...?


| play
TrishLewis Don't remember this one, TY> @StreamingMimi: "Patti Drew – Workin' On a Groovy Thing" (reblip)
LEVS Values -- That's The Way ~~ More rare #Doowop


| play
TrishLewis Still shakin' after all these years>@sir_edward_ross: "RB @DJEagle ♫ Muddy Waters – You Shook Me" (reblip)
TrishLewis Half would be better than none!@DJDANGERRANGER: "RB @SGMan: Your welcome, man..luv it 2 @DamnTheMan: I love this song, great blip bro! @SGMan (reblip)

Kurt Cobain-Half The Man I Used To Be

| play
TrishLewis Some of Saginaw's Finest Young Rockers

The Bearinger Boys- Ghetto Fabulous Jam w/Eric Ryden

| play
TrishLewis Midland Michigan's Finest & Only Funktified Folk Man
TrishLewis Aired this song but never saw this before~ Her band is from Bay City, Michigan named The Thunderchickens.

Old Victrola by: Melissa May

| play
TrishLewis Sometimes too much new rock sends back to the juke
TrishLewis 2liveis2fly said it was Tom Waits Saturday!

Who's Lovin' You Tonight by David Bromberg

| play
TrishLewis Hello & TY>@matriax: great,thx @sir_edward_ross: RB @essie ♫ Tom Waits – A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun (reblip)
TrishLewis Saw Tracy in Atlanta @ the old fairgrounds back in the gay 90s@jordan1507: "@lilbratsie rb@Angie74: "Inspired by @lilbratsie""" (reblip)
TrishLewis What station do I know U?>@TheJohnC: "Hi, Good to see ya, Thanks @luna1124: " Elvin Bishop – Travelin' Shoes"" (reblip)
TrishLewis TY 4 supper>@lilbratsie: "Guy Clark Texas Cookin'" (reblip)

Guy Clark Texas Cookin'

| play
TrishLewis I'm going to Graceland~What's once more then?@RoRClubSAVE: @Jacqueline126: this album has been on repeat the past couple days. can't help myself! (reblip)
TrishLewis I ache in the places where I used to play
TrishLewis Have an excellent weekend & TY>@redoctopus: "greetings from a new dj (redoctopus) " (reblip)

Ole (John Coltrane)

| play
TrishLewis I requested this on American Routes New Year Show 2005. My 1st real national blip
TrishLewis Too funny still! Hello&TY>@adbert: "[Benny Hill – Dustbins of your mind] Another #emo for your Saturday night, @evablue. =P" (reblip)
TrishLewis Here's eclectic blue grass Hendrix

Hey JoeTim O'Brien

| play
TrishLewis Young Ry is always good for dreamland
TrishLewis PEACE!>>>>@crowjane: "Nothing can ever change my love for U BlipStars~I have to work today~Intense work~I'll be thinking of you~bet dat'~Peace~Out~" (reblip)
TrishLewis Pledge drive makes me shake like a newbee. Silly Me. (reblip)
TrishLewis Crying 4 my own self! TY>@StreamingMimi: "Here's one that I think will tug at your heartstrings...@dANGELofLOVE ~ Peggy Little -- Statue Of A Fool" (reblip)
TrishLewis I'll have to take a day off just 2>@redoctopus: "@dronnoisseur: "welcome spring, whatever you bring // prop/rb thx @redoctopu (reblip)
TrishLewis Love Your list BUT this is Too much like eBay>@redoctopus: rb@Dancer12: STRETCH FOR ME AND 4 YOU -I WILL FEEL WE'RE IN GROUP C ALL CELLS-BREATHE DEEP (reblip)
TrishLewis Thank You Whoever You Are>@TheJohnC: "Antonio Carlos Jobim, Herbie Hancock – No More Blues" (reblip)
TrishLewis What is the deal with the Blip ap removing the source? (Dammit!) (reblip)
TrishLewis This disappearance of prior really sucks even 4 a free ap! (reblip)
TrishLewis Your on>@SarahABQ: "ty:-) U2! rb@TrishLewis: "Keep it coming (please?)>@SarahABQ: "Vivaldi~Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)""" (reblip)


| play
TrishLewis Love this 1 by her thank u>@dharshaw: "@brabul: "If I kiss you where it's sore will you feel better? @tavocarvalho ;-)" (reblip)
TrishLewis just in case u didn't know I was still among the hearing>@Gr8tune: "cool video too." (reblip)


| play
TrishLewis But I am somebody's angel too, don't B worried>@StreamingMimi (reblip)
TrishLewis Always room 4 Aaron, Hello&Thanks>@michelle4386: "Thank you, I tell it like it is =)@DjSkunkDiesel: "For @michelle4386...."" (reblip)
TrishLewis AGAIN w/ the disappearing priors. ONLY good with a record, really!(&I've yet to spend time, thank u very much) (reblip)
TrishLewis Still w/the disappearing reblips! Thanks CharlieBishop! (reblip)
TrishLewis Always in water like a pair o>@ducks2007: "rb @Totengrber: "rb@DJVioletSea"" (reblip)

The Sisters of Mercy- "Flood II"

| play
TrishLewis Close my eyes I won't see the disappearing priors 2? (reblip)

Cripple Clarence Lofton

| play
TrishLewis Thanks, Hello & Hey there!>@blues_b_us: "contrast to Led Zep.. whole lotta love...Muddy Waters – You need love - 1963" (reblip)
TrishLewis Night, Night & Thank U All U Blipstars!

Chris Smither "Don't Call Me Stranger"

| play
charliebishop Not intended to offend ANYone. It's just too funny not to say goodnight on:)

Eric Cartman- Minorities in my waterpark song

| play
TrishLewis Thanks 4 the schmaltz>@Gr8tune: "This song I dedicate to @Dancer12 and @TrishLewis. Thanks! Enjoy! :)" (reblip)

return to pooh corner-kenny loggins

| play
TrishLewis I never meant to offend anyone with this song either!@charliebishop
TrishLewis This is the WUCX theme song this pledge drive. Blood's thicker than mud.

SLY & The Family Stone -- It's a Family Affair

| play
TrishLewis Woke me up@StreamingMimi: "Stevie Ray Vaughan – The House Is Rockin' (Officel Video)" (reblip)
TrishLewis Have to leave now. Have a great day all!
TrishLewis DrTrustMe always good for a memory (reblip)
TrishLewis Thanks 4 your 3rd blip>@divadonna5: "Hey now. You'll like it. Simple percussion and vocals." (reblip)
TrishLewis Charming, thank U>@VelvetCharmer: "TY @SabineWe love piano music!" (reblip)

Ennio Morricone: A Mozart Reincarnated

| play
TrishLewis Thank U>@Rocketron: "Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, He – Soweto Sorrow" (reblip)
TrishLewis Miss mine, thanks again>@Rocketron: "@FitzgeraldKC: "Sophie Milman – "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" #jazz"" (reblip)
jet333 David Bowie – "Let's Dance" (reblip)
TrishLewis This is great if the stream will allow

Eva Cassady-Fieds of gold

| play
TrishLewis 1st blip 4>@ducks2007, Really? Who'd a thunk it! (reblip)

Black Lips "Cold Hands"

| play
TrishLewis Love the Popa, TY>@organicsue: "Popa Chubby – If the Diesel Don't Get You Then the Jet Fuel Will" (reblip)
TrishLewis Have a great day in the garden all.
ragtimerebecca i have to opt for dame bassey: this song was meant for a tortured dramatic female. ;)
TheJohnC Hi & Thanks All @Word_Bandit:"Lovely. TY RB @avivao: Tord Gustavsen Trio / Where Breathing Starts /Chainging Places / Love it. Thanks, vi@redoctopus (reblip)
TrishLewis Then I'd better RB 4 U>@Foolish: "Oh man. I am into this." (reblip)
TrishLewis "All that really matters is that little dash between them"
TrishLewis R WE Taxed? TY>@RadioFreeIllinois: "The Clash ~ Know Your Rights tx @agogab@Dancer12@sunshine33 ~ "LIFE, liberty & the pursuit of happiness...'" (reblip)
TrishLewis My way home seems to get longer every year.
TrishLewis Dated but at least at Motel6 they leave the lights on & the showers are usually high pressure
TrishLewis This is a pledge drive winner
ducks2007 I'm good, I'm gone... Save The Roach For Me

Save The Roach For Me

| play
TrishLewis TY but Y the Clockwork?>@divadonna5: "TY@BlueDemon: "Oh how true this is!!! TY @blues_b_us: "@agogab: ";)@BlueDemon"""" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hi&TY>@its4am: "Thanks for your props/rbs @juankarh! : "@SabineWe: "Ah Coltrane... Merci @TheJohnC: "@ducks2007: "welcome! rb @Manoela: "@CUBABOY :)"" (reblip)
TrishLewis I was born on Ralph Nader's Birthday. Also John Steinbeck & Elizabeth Taylor.
TrishLewis 1st blips never cease 2 amaze!TY>@its4am: "@RightNowRadio here's one more music to cool it down. :)" (reblip)
blackittyblack I dont want a thing to do with YOUR kind.. I aint got no time to kill on your dime.. (Dr. Dog – The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer)
TrishLewis 4th blip was a needful cup 2nite TY>@redoctopus: "great music" (reblip)
TrishLewis Stay away from that studio 'croup'! TY>@DoctorOfJazz: "Caught me smilin' again. Enjoy the groove" (reblip)

J.J. CaleLies

| play
TrishLewis TY>@Air_rapupo: "Thank you...Dear..ღ inspired by @ZONE: I'll Take You There" (reblip)
TrishLewis TY>@thedigitalbee54: "@bshendr: "Visual art, art cars, dance, fashion, film, skateboarding demo. Apr 10, Lakeland, FL."" (reblip)
TrishLewis Gr8t TY>@ZONE: rb@JoSpinner: Out with the new, in with the truth ... interesting thought." ♪ thank you" (reblip)
TrishLewis Seeking another artist, but Junior has me 4 now
TrishLewis Yes, Michigan has Dunes~ There's nothing like climbing cold sand.
TrishLewis This is hot if the stream permits

The Frank Vignola Quintet performing "Luke"

| play
TrishLewis Love this I always picture my own goofy self (reblip)

Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl

| play
TrishLewis Nothing worse than snotty waiters & rude bartenders. Or worse, stingy bartenders?

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised -- Gil Scott Heron

| play

Gil Scott Give Her A Call

| play


| play
TrishLewis Dreamland takes me out. Sweet Blips Dream Stars!
TrishLewis Worked a day/night job at Unique Recording when this was recorded way back then!TY>@cantankerousape: "@minkamu a little 80s back at ya" (reblip)

Malcolm McLaren Madam Butterfly 1984 HQ Lyrics

| play
SarahABQ ty:-) @blues_b_us: "@SarahABQ: "BB King & Shemekia Copeland :-))"" (reblip)

BB King y Shemekia Copeland

| play
TrishLewis Needed this TY>@ginhollow: "Morning, thanks@HotHouse: ""Start this day Straight and Flyin' right""" (reblip)
TrishLewis & Rainbow Pie

Cold Dog Soup (Guy Clark)

| play
Rocketron @jas13: "The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Blue Rondo à la Turk... Very cool TY:) @jet333:" (reblip)
georgetowndrum Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie! #jazz #bird

Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie

| play
cosmicomics "Arm in arm over meadow and farm..."

Nat King Cole -Walkin' My Baby Back Home

| play
TrishLewis Hello from a fat pooch w/your 1st blip>@peazak: "Skinny Puppy - On Tour Now!" (reblip)
TrishLewis Thanks Robot Ghost, I forgot this Paul Simon song! (reblip)


| play
TrishLewis TY>@SarahABQ: "choose not to lose, find your groove, be a winner:-) ~Earth, Wind & Fire~Turn It Into Something Good" (reblip)
TrishLewis TY>@jordan1507: "rb @dkrmdude Everything's Coming Our Way ~ Santana" (reblip)

Everything's Coming Our Way ~ Santana

| play
TrishLewis Hello~never can guess a 1st Blip~Here again 4 your head>@PAW666: "It's been stuck in my head since wathing the movie last night! Now it's out!" (reblip)

Notorious BIG - Hypnotize

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TrishLewis Wish I was there if only for a night. (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello&TY>@GottaLaughGirl: "good morning@amphore: "brings joy every year :-)) Aretha FRANKLIN – "That Lucky Old Sun" (1962)"" (reblip)
TrishLewis New2Me TY All!>@redoctopus: TY@yejele: Merci @BleakMouse: "Thank you @redoctopus: I remember this LP very well - not least for the Ingres cover. (reblip)
TrishLewis ...and some folks don't like harmonica! (reblip)
TrishLewis Straight & Sober is highly overrated, I have to admit. (reblip)
Awannabeangel rb >@leffi333: "cheers to the moon... and to @alexbecker and @ZONE: "Which is great! TY @ZONE: "a....Bajo La Luna Mix......for now visible.....: )""" (reblip)

Jimmy Thackery And The Drivers Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

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TrishLewis Keep trying but my eyes are bigger than my stomach (so far!)
TrishLewis EZ>@blues_b_us: "Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - How Can One Woman Be So Mean" (reblip)
TrishLewis TY!>@Letranger: "see ya in a bit blip. xoxo" (reblip)

Bonepony "Love Ain't Predictable"

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TrishLewis How have I missed blipping this one? There's always free cheddar in the mousetrap, baby!
TrishLewis TY>@agogab: "i'm surprised it hasn't happened already.@bipolar_bear: "Holy Craaaap!So Hooverphonic sampled Isaac hayes,Biggie sampled Hooverphonic..." (reblip)
TrishLewis Just gotta keep it goin'>@agogab: "has my vote! lmao@Uller: "contender for "best cover" ;p"" (reblip)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Punk Style)

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TrishLewis Love the creepy animation. Ready for dream land~have excellent days or evenings Blip Stars & Thanks for all the memories
TrishLewis Latin Friday?@ducks2007: "Tito Puente – Mambo Gozon" (reblip)
TrishLewis We always blame the messenger so take your time&enjoy the flight!@michelle4386: "Fly Away..Still waiting on my wings, shipping is taking forever SMH." (reblip)
TrishLewis TY>@its4am: Wonderful to see you :) @rerkaizen! Wishing you a delightful Friday!: with thanks for this start :) @elinejv: Oh What A Beautiful Morning! (reblip)
TrishLewis Radio with guts could air unedited Bukowski. Maybe in the next life, Charles?
TrishLewis Poetry for losers. Once again, there's always free cheddar in the mousetrap, baby!
TrishLewis This must be my Charles Bukowski Friday. He taught me to publish can be to perish.
TrishLewis TGIF~On my way to the day job I cannot lose like Ham On Rye for fear of a worse instead of brighter future. Peace
TrishLewis @DoctorOfJazz: I lecture on these lyrics@TrishLewis: "Every day you write the book!" (reblip)
TrishLewis Yes, TY VM!>@its4am: "Very nice! .. Thanks via @TheJohnC. : "Charlie Hunter - More than This (feat. Norah Jones)" (reblip)
TrishLewis Fell them turning TY>@PAW666: "we all need a little meds@Charfy1: "Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show"" (reblip)
TrishLewis Nothing like heartfelt schmaltz TY>@redoctopus: "Schumann Piano Quartet, mvt. 3 MOVMENT THREE" (reblip)

Schumann Piano Quartet, mvt. 3

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TrishLewis I haven't slept since Blip FM>@ducks2007: "rb @Kingsofdabeatz: "Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers – So Tired .... @2Tall ... you mean turn blipfm off"" (reblip)

John Lenon IMAGINE

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TrishLewis FEAR?>@blues_b_us: lol..she's sweet!@BarbieRay: that lady is pretty scary, eh Dawlin?!vi@blues_b_us Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble – Cold Shot (reblip)
TrishLewis Beside the enjoyment of a solitary bed~why I never marry.
TrishLewis Just another Friday just like Monday. Perhaps medication is required?
TrishLewis Every body I want to meet is dead or a world away. We are aliens every single one...
TrishLewis This from a dude who gave me a hard time about mood?>@blues_b_us: "Jim Morrison - The End" (reblip)
Marystudio Hi guys : ), thnx! @DelightfulMiles: "@avard "Hello music maestro, you blip good tunes". Hank Williams - Long Gone Blues" (reblip)
TrishLewis Here's a 1st blip 4 the books!>@avard: "dance and ride the wave" (reblip)

Johnny Cash-Folson Prison Blues

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TrishLewis Goodnight Sweet Blipsters~Here's a good good to phone in!
TrishLewis TY>@agogab: "do what you wanna do..." (reblip)

"It's Your Thing" by The Isley Brothers

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TrishLewis Just 'cause I think I've missed Hank till now, TY>@avard: "Hello tyvm@DelightfulMiles: "@avard "Hello music maestro, you blip good tunes" (reblip)
TrishLewis One more for dreamland, Chuck E?

Chuck E. Weiss, "Extremely Cool" :Art Fein's Poker Party

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blues_b_us no longer worried about >>>>@TrishLewis: "One more for dreamland, Chuck E?" (reblip)

Chuck E. Weiss, "Extremely Cool" :Art Fein's Poker Party

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TrishLewis Loudon Wainwright III wrote this masterpiece. Hope floats.
blues_b_us Otis Taylor – Live your life (reblip)
TrishLewis Does it have to be just Rock&Roll and the truth? (reblip)

The Soviettes "The Land of Clear Blue Radio"

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bthecat is he single?? ;)@mnemosine: "LOL and the trolololol? replaced? @bthecat: "gotta get myself to Turkey and find him."" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello & TY>@GaiaMix: "rb@Air_rapupo: "Inside Straight...."" (reblip)

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Inside Straight

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TrishLewis "..if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"-Albert EinsteinTY 4 quote 2>@smirkitty (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello & TY>@pgrell: "Skalpel: Together" (reblip)


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TrishLewis Can't air this one enough
TrishLewis Thanks 4 dat dere>@TheJohnC: "Thanks @VTDarkStar Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Dat Dere" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello>@rachidkas: "Thanks!@joeclassic: "Stevie Wonder – Superstition @ live 720p 4:3 HD""" (reblip)
TrishLewis 6th RB 4 Stealthdude is one of my all time favorites! Thanx (reblip)
TrishLewis 4got about this one, thanx>@Charfy1: "Greg Trooper – This I'd Do" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello&Thanx>@DelightfulMiles: "Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello&TY>@rico: "Animals are after me (Roddy's tune) #ska #2tone #anthem" (reblip)
TrishLewis Change is either hard or soft but always unwelcome it seems (reblip)
TrishLewis Another Saturday night to remember my dear old Dad
TrishLewis Be careful there's still a Baby in the house!

Dat Dere-Cannonball Adderley

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TrishLewis I'm allergic. Must have had too much in the last life.
TrishLewis Another Michigan Great

Pat Cronley-Where do we go from here?

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srfogel great vi@DJLeesaK: "Woody Allen – The Moose" but the jokes on them (reblip)

Lovin' Machine-- Wynonie Harris 1951 (with dancing clip)

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TrishLewis The moon is near there~TY>@blues_b_us: "Sonny Landreth - Howlin' Moon" (reblip)
TrishLewis Hello,Yes&TY>@straywebsurfer: "Something anxious to come, or secrets to be shared between you and me... It's time to listen to this song." (reblip)

KIM WATERS-secrets told.wmv

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TrishLewis Heard this on NPR this morning. Forgot this was him too!
TrishLewis This song & Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette always come to mind of course.
TrishLewis Ten years later, I still miss smoking some days...

Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette) by Commander Cody

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TrishLewis Whow, he grew up, really? What a waste!

Tom Wilson Sings Medicine Girl

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TrishLewis Tom Wilson's latest fine work. Love his crazy visual art as well.
TheJohnC Thank you both @BruceC: "Ultra smooth. Thx @redoctopus: "Art Pepper & Warne Marsh – I Can't Believe That You're In Lo"" (reblip)
rachidkas You're very welcome! Thanks!@Close2U: "T Y and GO! "The Pussycat Dolls - Whatcha Think About That ft. Missy Elliot [OFFICIAL HQ MUSIC VIDEO]video"" (reblip)
ducks2007 more Art... rb @redoctopus: "Art Pepper – Lost Life@SabineWe (He Is One Of My Favorite Sax Players)" (reblip)
TrishLewis TY>@FOGGIELOANER: rb @LeParadis: "you're damn right! can you dig it... reblip thanks ;-) @BleakMouse: "and the grandaddy of blaxploitation flix." (reblip)
TrishLewis TY>@MaskMuse: "Blue in Green by. Miles Davis _my fav MD..." (reblip)

Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

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TrishLewis Wow!>@TheJohnC: ""I'll Take Manhattan" by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart sung by Blossom Dearie." (reblip)

I'll Take Manhattan

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TrishLewis Love this TY>@Rocketron: "Fattening Frogs for Snakes" (reblip)

Fattening Frogs for Snakes, Sonny Boy Williamson & Animals

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TrishLewis Every good day sounds like this 2 me! (reblip)
TrishLewis Another good day's background! TY ALL>@DelightfulMiles: "@Dancer12 The Rhythm Pals – Western Avenue "Delightful". @DelightfulMiles @Dancer12 @avard" (reblip)
TrishLewis Still cool up here~Two blankets and a cat without that 2 dog night
TrishLewis Good Evening all you BlipStars! Peace & Pray tonight's maintenance helps speed up!
TrishLewis Just so I can remember to hear this in the morning! (reblip)
TrishLewis Out of props 4 U but TY~this is my pal Kim's Favorite!@DelightfulMiles: @TrishLewis Down to the Bone - Long Way from Brooklyn (reblip)

Down to the Bone Long Way from Brooklyn

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TrishLewis Love this thanx>@Rocketron: "Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey Speaks His Mind" (reblip)