DJOtterpop @Hnomad: we are totally hanging next week. miss you, sunshine!
apadilla i just got a new ipod w/video capabilities (wow!). w/o a doubt, the 1st music vid I decided to load was for this gem. see it here

BlurCoffee & T.V.

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TryphOrGekko It's Sunday evening, more comfort music.
Versh Dear Science (go buy it now if you haven't already) is perhaps the best album of 2008. And that is saying A LOT.
TryphOrGekko I'm a hustler baby that's what my dad has made me!
TryphOrGekko To day I feel like a child in disguise

Lou ReedThe Kids

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TryphOrGekko I need a long and relaxing swim...
TryphOrGekko Don't ask me where the frack she is :/
TryphOrGekko Let's rock the house. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a cheeseburger? No oh...
TryphOrGekko dedicated to my newest listener, Grace K from Brazil!
TryphOrGekko That's what we want, honest:


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TryphOrGekko Rub the oil lamp and here's the (ta-daaa)
TryphOrGekko I need to tidy a little bit my semi-detached
TryphOrGekko this has not changed a bit (sorry wrong track)


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notsurewho @TyrphOrGekko :) Hello, the going grand. Impatiently waiting for Friday and the next chapter of Freakangels. How's France this time of year?


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TryphOrGekko I used to dream of tropical rains when I was a kid. Closed eyelids and tongue straightened out, and the scent of wet plants.
TryphOrGekko suddenly my feet are feet of mud it all goes slowmo...
notsurewho to make up for the awful techno I danced to last thursday.
TryphOrGekko It starts like an electro song but it's much older!
TryphOrGekko How old is that tune? It seems so recent, so new, so freshly ground (and then it is not!)


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TryphOrGekko I've been waiting outside your house...

Green Velvet - The Stalker (I'm Loosing My Mind)

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TryphOrGekko Whatever happened to that guy, does anybody know?
TryphOrGekko Beware: One CANNOT get rid of that tune once it's been played.
TryphOrGekko Martin Circus' lead singer Gérard Blanc died yesterday.
TryphOrGekko i know nobody will read this, so: my mom is dying and i feel strange half sad, half numb.
TryphOrGekko Yoko Kanno/SteveConteのRainは有るのに何故be HumanやStrayがないのだ・・・ (reblip)

Yoko KannoRain

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TryphOrGekko My mom used to love this song when i was 14.
TryphOrGekko A dancer who was high in a field from a moment Caught my breath on my way home
TryphOrGekko Falling in your arms...(He gives birth....)
TryphOrGekko This is what I need, so bring me one, and sharp about it! (reblip)

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer [12 Version]

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TryphOrGekko Is a paradigm something one hundred percent certain? I wonder.
TryphOrGekko I really feel industrial today, aren't I?
TryphOrGekko wholemeal bread, peanut butter, lettuce and salt&vinegar crisps plus a... (reblip)
TryphOrGekko I remember a summer light in which I shivered and those young arms around my torse, young skin, soft and warm.
TryphOrGekko We enjoy our present because our youth was enjoyable (am I being boring?)
TryphOrGekko You don't know them, give'em a try! Great! Je viens de les découvrir, ils me foutent la pèche!
TryphOrGekko @opomegranate merci! this is just the kind of tune I wanted to hear right now and possibly something I didn't think of. Cheers. (reblip)
TryphOrGekko Are you also frightened? he asks.
TryphOrGekko @TheArtfulDodger look what I've found. This is for you.

Visage - The Damned Dont Cry

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TryphOrGekko Do you know this series? Well written, well played.
TryphOrGekko I caught a cold I'm gonna turn in, g'night and don't dream of...
TryphOrGekko Just saw them on Stage yesterday. They are from sweden and they're impressive (one drummer, one singer)
TryphOrGekko LADIES AND GENTLEMEN 59 minutes of English garage.
TryphOrGekko Intuition is leading us where I don't know yet...


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TryphOrGekko See you later, I need a walk on the pier^^
cleanskies Considering a more violent approach to musak. @TryphOrGekko thankyou, also @SimonWpt. (reblip)
TryphOrGekko Well you tried it just for once found it all right for kicks.
TryphOrGekko @SophieOsmont Congratulations for your first Barbie Spa!
TryphOrGekko candles on floatsams following the sweet caminando of the river, voices around emerging from the misty dusk. Welcome to my imaginary Eastern Europe.
TryphOrGekko @transmichaelpolitan Aw man, I've had one of these shitty days and I'm back home and I sit down and try to relax and I listen to your latest choice ta (reblip)
TryphOrGekko Didn't your mama tell you...
TryphOrGekko I just love this guy

younger lovers

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TryphOrGekko @ElNito: "in the narrow light " awww thank you, long time i heard that (reblip)
TryphOrGekko @Dayvay: "By the red the black and the green, the struggle continues!" (reblip)
TryphOrGekko Sometimes you meet people and you realize you're friends, and it's people you admire, and, well, wunderbar! (Alex I'm back in Berlin next autumn)
TryphOrGekko Memories, aw. How old were we then?
TryphOrGekko I used to listen to that while running with Court-Circuit (remember that guy?) in the forest, many summers ago. @ElNito
TryphOrGekko I'm a girl in your head but a boy in your bed.
TryphOrGekko I am back! Hi everybody!

I Was A Ye Ye Girl

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TryphOrGekko SCIENCE WILL FUCK YOU! (re: Ignition City #4)
ElNito The choice is there ain't no choice but to pursue it !!! :) @RahaSanedas@nocheinuser@TryphOrGekko@ishibutsu
TryphOrGekko I saw that old man on stage, he was great.
TryphOrGekko The flower fragrance helped reveal to me the sign of love which I have failed my fellowman to show

Earth Wind & Fire-Jupiter (1977)

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TryphOrGekko @AlexAgore here's an old memory of a time when I used to party much more than today, lol. Anyway, I finally can't come to Berlin this summer, shei$e!
TryphOrGekko And now, just for the video!

Pon De Floor featuring Afro Jack & VYBZ Cartel

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ElNito those magic days where improvisation works so well !!! in this one my friend Chris plays mandolin, i play the guitar, enjoy :)

LES NAUFRAGEURS Sukkai Nuur impro 1996

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TryphOrGekko Remember? I got the flu and I feel like a

Martha And The Muffins -- Sinking Land

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TryphOrGekko An ancient vision of the Big Apple. And in the diner eveybody seems to have so much class.

A Tribe Called Quest- Electric Relaxation

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TryphOrGekko Charlotte Gainsbourg + Beck. Brand new single.

Charlotte Gainsbourg / Beck "Heaven Can Wait"

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TryphOrGekko Sweet music for a Sunday afternoon (albeit slightly harsh end)
TryphOrGekko Great version of an early eighties Roxy Music tune.
TryphOrGekko Bye, bye my friends good bye!
TryphOrGekko Absolute, on power drive I need you so to keep me alive
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