Tuneaholic It's Sunday, it's a funday, Finger Poppin" time, a real good sign...

Finger poppin' Time

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Tuneaholic I Love this Song I Think her favorite Color is Blue too...
Tuneaholic I learned how to play the drums listening to this one over and over...
Tuneaholic I heard this cover before I even heard the original ( I'm sort of out of it) therefore, this one is my favorite, although the original is very radical (reblip)
Tuneaholic This one is good for shaken those hips plus Sam Cooke, Two for the Price of one.

"Shake" Sam Cooke (1964)

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Tuneaholic If this is not the most poetic, sweetest, beautiful song she has written, and she has written lots. It's like some kind of prayer...

Natalie Merchant- My Skin With Lyrics

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pandoras_box ~are you what you are or what? ~ TY ♥blippers and good nite!
Tuneaholic The One and Only Little Miss Dynamite, I'M Sorry. She speak's for me too.
Tuneaholic Hold on to your tweeters@AmyisImaginary

The Jimi Hendrix Experience- I Don't Live Today.wmv

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Tuneaholic This song breaks my heart (I don't know why).

Tragedy- Brenda Lee

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Tuneaholic This cover is 1000x better than the original, which is a beautiful song@Literati: "How come I can't sing like her? sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, song" (reblip)
Tuneaholic She's is an Angel, no doubt, Alto Soprano, definitely, not to mention beautiful, She's "Super Nova" Thanks @Literati
Tuneaholic One look at this blipster and you'll have to agree, @Mi_Lena: "true" just like the title says (about her) (reblip)

a-ha You'll Never Get Over Me 2001

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Joleesa Saw them live in Apr, awesome concert...he's a lovely man, shook my hand @Tuneaholic: "This is the real deal Toots (pardon the expression) ❣Joleesa" (reblip)
Tuneaholic One more Toots - Who doesn't have a sweet tooth and other craving's at times @Joleesa some people have all the luck :>
Tuneaholic There's a price to Pay... It's not money, that' for sure, just rub her the right way, that's EZ...

Christina Aguilera- Genie In A Bottle Official Video HQ

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Tuneaholic Ok, One of the best Music Video's (If you like shakira dancing) of all time, the one, the only SKAKIRA!!! Her Hips Don't LIE...

Hips Don't Lie by Shakira official video

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Tuneaholic I love this Song, I never put this on my pod, forget that, I now know exactly where it is... (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Lovin' Spoonful – Darling Be Home Soon ~ & a big fat hug right back ;-) ~~> @bytera a musical hug to @DJKatalina @MzTrysRiddim @lostndanet @kundunphei
pandoras_box Love this oldie ;)@Dancer12: "[ANGEL BABY – ROSIE & THE ORIGINALS - LYRICS] . . . I keep going back to this day . . ." (reblip)
Tuneaholic See, He had an Answer for Everything!!!!@shiner

John DenverI'm Sorry

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Tuneaholic This video Alone is worth is worth a reblip, she knows exactly how to apply make-up, and where not @Sly_dog: "@romanus: " Missing Persons :: Words "" (reblip)

Missing PersonsWords

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mark_till David Bowie - The Jean Genie
Tuneaholic Not that many Covers are as good, this one, might be better, after all her name is Annie!!!!@xoitsreneeox
Tuneaholic Not out of nothing at all first I have to find my way out of @pandoras_box , then get out of being ......
Tuneaholic Then you just close your eyes, picture what ever you want, make a wish, and let it go, and then....guess what, anything is possible...
Tuneaholic This song was EZ for him to write then...@pandoras_box sung beautifully, a million tomorrows, just one today, still a long time...
Tuneaholic I'm gonna be my self and grow a mustache an beard just like him ;>@pacha17: "hey!! to be yourself is all that you can do...be yourself...yes..." (reblip)

AudioslaveBe Yourself

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Flying_Roundhouse Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl ~ Not only is the tune great, I love the Edward Hopper paintings ;-) RB @neo_akboy ~ @Tuneaholic, you'll like this one 2 (reblip)
Tuneaholic Not enough Oregon songs (why did I ever leave McMinnville) (reblip)
Tuneaholic Seeing is Believing@pandoras_box: "Fantasy? Then maybe you'll like this 1@Tuneaholic" (reblip)

A dream within a dream

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Tuneaholic @pacha17: "ahhh..now Let me try Espanol, Portugues, Este Musica, es Fabulosa, su nueva pictura esta muy bonita, Gracias for este sonida bella (?) thx (reblip)
pacha17 you can sing in all leguages..nice man@Tuneaholic:"@pacha17:"ahhh..now Let me try Espanol, Portugues, Este Musica, es Fabulosa, Gracias for este.." (reblip)
Tuneaholic If we do, they run down the inside...Great Song (reblip)

The Cure- Boys Don't Cry -Amazing version

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Tuneaholic You are absolutely right...@pandoras_box...but then again, as my old pal william shakespeare said "nothing ventured, nothing gained"

The Beatles "I Should Have Known Better"

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "Oops... That was no Mistake, what a great Video, when dreams come true, all things possible, and yesterday dissolves, tomorrow absorbs (reblip)

Cause Baby, It's You

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Tuneaholic One more "in the air tonight"@Annaleise night .... today...

Joni Mitchell Cactus Tree

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John Fahey plays "In Christ There Is No East Or West" 1969

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Tuneaholic Nice Photo @Sly_dog... close enough to paddle out and:
Tuneaholic En Espanol Las Tortugas @pandoras_box: "Xtra special tY 2 @Tuneholic !♥!" Muchas dias in El Campo!!!! (reblip)
Tuneaholic This one has to put a smile on your cute face... song, not the video...@TkBeeatch

The ShinsAustralia

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millenna ''Cuts you up and spits you out..keeps you walking, but never shout''

Peter Murphy Cuts You Up

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zamfir Another song I'm trying to work out of my system Zorba-style. Until I get tired of it, I can't play any of her other stuff. Plus the video rules.
pandoras_box OK, 1 more just 4 U then.. The answers ✪☮✪ @Tuneaholic are blowing in the wind. ✪☮✪
Sly_dog i'll try not to take that 'personally'...;)@sefrond
pandoras_box TY for props!@RoxBox: "/// The Human Beinz – "Nobody But Me" (Kill Bill O.S.T.) For @pandoras_box" (reblip)
pandoras_box Classic tune (moonshadow) luv it, TY & nitey nite.. ;) Dream a little dream..@Tuneaholic
Tuneaholic Maybe You will find one of these growing in your magic garden @pandoras_box @pacha17 @TkBeeatch
Flying_Roundhouse Pandora – Cocteau Twins ~ Ok, @pandoras_box, this one is for you, based on my grotesque typo back there. You deserve your very own song for it. ;-)

PandoraCocteau Twins

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Tuneaholic @mcsweetnlow... a voice this this.... he is a lucky one....thank's for the tip... now I know what it take's

Raul MaloLucky One

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Flying_Roundhouse You Didn't Have To Be So Nice – Lovin Spoonful ~ Hello & Welcome & RB @texfelsted (reblip)
Tuneaholic @xoitsreneeox: "TYVM! @rockchalk75: Are you sure this is not Brazil/Spain you can do Magic... they did it on me...Great song...Thanks.... (reblip)
mark_till Keane - Love Is The End

KeaneLove Is The End

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Tuneaholic I love this Melody...@pacha17: "beautiful melancholy..." (reblip)

"Sparrow"~ Beautiful Melancholy, by Adam Hurst

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Tuneaholic @Sly_dog I knew it, and you still got it...Once, Always.....Last Fall, what a great Photo...
De_Ann @Tuneaholic: "This is EXACTLY what I got Janis Defined it.. @pacha17 @pandoras_box @Sly_dog @cecialvares @reimarie DeAnn @Flying_Roundhouse.. (reblip)

Janis Joplin Kozmic blues

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pacha17 please..please...please..rb@hankpoints: "sure x 5@patita: "please please please please :D @hankpoints"" (reblip)
pandoras_box Here I am..tell myself a new day is rising..

Thank You Alanise Morrisette

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Flying_Roundhouse Rickie Lee Jones – Satellite ~ Dude, I think we were separated at birth (musical taste-wise) ~> @Luc_Wylder Hello All @Tuneaholic@pacha17@cecialvares
Flying_Roundhouse Wasted - Mazzy Star ~ @rxrx1776: RB @dronnoisseur Sending this to @DoctorOfJazz to see what he thinks ~ sounds like some damn good blues to me.... (reblip)

WastedMazzy Star

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Tuneaholic @pacha17 Loud and Clear... Solamente para Ti!!!!

Aster aweke

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Tuneaholic @pacha17.... Only For You...... How long do I have to wait?....(Una chiste....)
zamfir Edie Brickell – Once In A Blue Moon (Live)
Neruda65 Elton John & Chris Rea - "f You Were Me"

ELTON JOHN & CHRIS REA- If You Were Me (1993)

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Tuneaholic @Flying_Roundhouse..There's some Hot legs in this one some where (I would have shot it differently) but that's me...
Tuneaholic @GGDANCE Just Guessing, but I think you like to Dance. Aster Has Got a great Beat...

Aster Aweke & Laleh 0001

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Aster Aweke --Hagrei(ሐገሬ)

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Aster aweke MEZEZ ALEW

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Aster Aweke "Ayzogh" ETHIOPIAN MUSIC

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Tuneaholic Special delivery @pandoras_box

Aster Aweke-Anteye-classic hit of all time

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pandoras_box To appreciate my songlist tonite - try being 8 miles high.. ;)


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Tuneaholic I Love this Song...@Sly_dog Alsion, what a voice, what a Talent....THANKS....This one song.... (reblip)

Let me touch you for a while by Alison Krauss

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pacha17 Nick Lowe – Whats So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding
Tuneaholic @GGDANCE @IamWhoIamMe Este Sonida es muy especial para bailar despacito...

richie valens oh donna

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My Carolina Sunshine Girl-Jimmie Rodgers

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Sly_dog hahah i wish!! :) TY u'r sweet to think so...@Tuneaholic (reblip)

Curtis Mayfield PS I Love You Baby

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The Doors "end of the night"

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Tuneaholic After dancing with you today, how do you think I feel, one more (please)... @IamWhoIamMe

StingFields Of Gold

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Tuneaholic @Flying_Roundhouse @IamWhoIamMe Sad songs, beautiful, good for a slow dance...Then...Who knows..anythings possible...

Ricky Nelson~Lonesome Town

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Tuneaholic @IamWhoIamMe...Dinner Time Dance ...(helps the Food taste better)

DEE DEE SHARP- mashed potatoes time

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Tuneaholic @IamWhoIamMe Forget the Tap, that's your Part..., Let's have this Straight up...
Tuneaholic This Is for the one and only @Sly_dog I alway's try to learn from the best....
Tuneaholic A Milion Times...Curtis Wrote it, sings 2nd. Verse with them. Over and Over...
zamfir The Mother Hips – Third Floor Story
fun4lilli l e t i t f a l l . . . . lilli out

Lykke LiLet It Fall

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pacha17 beth hard...am i the one (live)____she is crazy and what a voice...wow...wow...wow...wow...
Tuneaholic @IamWhoIamMe one of My Favs... ?not....byorself...

The WhoSqueeze Box

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zamfir David Bowie – Modern Love
Tuneaholic @elocio: "@hondomesa: David Bowie – Suffragette City" I can't find this city on my maps (I'd like to visit)... (reblip)
Tuneaholic This one - 2--Never, heard this slow and extended version...Great.... (reblip)
pandoras_box it would be fine to see.. your face at my door
Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.." That's John Stewart... Ian and Slyvia song Love This..... (reblip)

Four Strong Winds: The Kingston Trio

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pandoras_box leavin' nobody to carry him home..
mcsweetnlow Wow! @frankierocker: "@scotlandlover -- CHECK IT OUT ARETHA'S WAY -- ENJOY!" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @mark_till: "It should be me. @pumpkinsoup: "hey @mark_till .... is it way to late?"" (reblip)


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White Tārā Meditation

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Tuneaholic @huangmarong: ": at the Temple of Heaven Hotel, Beijing,China" (reblip)

Original Music by Michael Cruz "Just Me"

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Tuneaholic @elocio: "ty :) rb @Laoni: Leon Russell - Lady Blue" Blue is my favorite Color.... (reblip)

Leon Russell lady blue

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pandoras_box @Tuneaholic ~ playlist to playlist ;) Guinnevere drew pentagrams..

Paul williams - We've Only Just Begun

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Just An Old Fashioned Love Song

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zamfir Dar Williams – The End Of The Summer
Tuneaholic @sweetromance: "♥ Total Eclipse of the Heart ♥ - Bonnie Tyler - (Lyrics) TY :) @c3p0: "blip"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @sweetromance: "Hold Me Now-Warm My Heart♥ @JonnyWilson: "@yesterhits: "rb@JonnyWilson: Thompson Twins – Hold Me Now""" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @JodiPops: "Lulu Shout !!!! Haaaaaahaaaaa ;-) Thisss Songgg iis Goooooood ;-)" (reblip)


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Jodstar Utrabeat Ultrabeat => use somebody! You Know This 1 its g8? @fxp123@Lisa_Michele@SuperSpaceAngel@RachelPoPachel Loveeeeee iittttt ;-) xoxox
Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "Hey yourself! Is that you all grown up now? ;)@WayLo: "Hey ! @pandoras_box: "rb@piratebear ;)""" (reblip)

The Korgies: Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (Animated)

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Jodstar Hot and COld Remix ==> Katy Perry !!!

Lyrics: Beautiful Love- The Afters

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Tuneaholic @Flying_Roundhouse: "America – A Horse With No Name ~ Hey @innoutwindows ~ I see you too, but you're not on a horse! ;-)" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @LisaWorld: "@girleddy: "what a voice! and he was young! probably had just barely got his manly voice! Eric Burdon – The Animals - We Gotta Get Out. (reblip)
Dancer12 Patti Page – Every Time I Hear Your Name

Beautiful Chinese Music【4】Traditional

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TupeloJo Jennifer Stills and Scott Stambler – ✪ I'm Home ✪ : TY and kisses: @Tuneaholic @ladeedah @sebbisubbu @DSMfive @oldblindog @Scott_Stambler
Tuneaholic She looks good in Make-up (reblip)

Joan JettBacklash

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Tuneaholic rb@Dancer12: "Ty♦Rb@Angelitos55 "nyc.blockpartys theme, luv!@djaces29 "Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – (Love is Like a) Heat Wave"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "yes we speak of things that matter.. with words that must be said.." (reblip)
Tuneaholic Thank's @IamWhoIamMe I'll plant a seed for every single blister, that's my specialty.... (plant breeder) (reblip)

Bruce Springsteen-Secret Garden

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Tuneaholic TY rb @Annaleise: ""David Bowie – China Girl"" Some guy have all the Luck..... (reblip)

David BowieChina Girl

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "we have no past.. we won't reach back.. keep with me forward.." (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@Flying_Roundhouse: "ELO Do Ya "I've seen enough of the world to know, That I've got to get it all to get it all to grow.Do ya do ya want my love?"" (reblip)


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Flying_Roundhouse 'Deed I do ~ Peggy Lee ~ Sweet! Thx @Dancer12: "I want you...'deed i do" @pandoras_box @jimmytheP @Tuneaholic @fun4lilli @Icametumbling @octoberland (reblip)

'Deed I do Peggy Lee

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "rb@Dancer12: "[Do I Love You- The Ronettes- 1964] (reblip)

Do I Love You- The Ronettes- 1964

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "catch a breath of country air and run your pretty fingers thru my hair.." (reblip)
Annaleise Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy
Dancer12 Blip.fm is worth fighting for.....(Was Worth Repeating!) Ty♥Rb@Tuneaholic Blip.fm is worth fighting for..... (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@toni_kejr: "The Doors – The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@elocio: "Thank *you* ! @JoanieBeachMusic: The Cure – From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" (reblip)
elocio David Bowie w Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Jean Genie

Stevie Ray Vaughan & David Bowie-Jean Genie

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Tuneaholic @DJRosaNava: "Listen my Favorites: @fxp123: "Them - Baby Please Don't Go @WildMan021 thanks enjoy"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @DizzyMozzGrl: "Hey--- HEY ;) You don't mean NOTHING at all to me ;))" Nothing... nothing... nothing... good beat...beat..beat.. (reblip)

Everly Brothers- Let it be me (with lyrics )

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box: "and she's lovin' him with that body (I just know it).." (reblip)
toni_kejr inspired by @Tuneaholic : Joan Baez – Joe Hill

Joan BaezJoe Hill

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pandoras_box and she has found.. U! rb@BRAZILIANLAND: "I REALLY HAD FOUND PANDORA'S BOX!" (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@Dancer12: "Love Annie Anything,will send My fav,Ty♥Rb@accdias "Annie Lennox – Waiting In Vain..."" (reblip)

bob dylan 'i shall be free no10' 1964

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box ....listen carefully....nothing about eggs...

I'm not sayin' by Gordon Lightfoot

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box....I'll Change my name to Peter Allen and You can Be MM...

I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love_Carole Bayer Sager

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Tuneaholic @pandoras_box Last one (really) I'll tuck you in and give you my best, and sweetest kiss...
pandoras_box Manic Monday? Not today.. I hope you're enjoying the day off!!
elocio D2 – Az i Ti [ Me & You] #musicmonday

D2Az I Ti

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Tuneaholic rb@toni_kejr: "Before the End – Levellers" (reblip)

Eurythmics SWEET DREAMS (live at The Britts 1999)

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Tuneaholic rb@DJRosaNava: "Listen my Favorites: @goldenintime: "Holly Miranda - No One Just Is (2010)"" (reblip)

Holly MIRANDA "No one just is" (2010)

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Tuneaholic rb@Literati: "Don't really care for the circus..scary clowns you know :) dig the song though" (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@Literati: "I never thank you enough for your flood of good tunes @dronnoisseur" (reblip)

The Gentle WavesFlood

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Tuneaholic @IamWhoIamMe.....Life is sweet...whenyouarewhoyouare... : ) (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@zamfir: "Fountains of Wayne – Red Dragon Tattoo" (reblip)
Tuneaholic rb@zamfir: "Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @Annaleise.... You had to bring up Journey....Of course I'm a sucker for the sad ones...
zamfir David Wilcox – Red Eye

David WilcoxRed Eye

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zamfir The Long Winters – Blue Diamonds
Tuneaholic @StacyAnn: "RB@Sheribaby_SPH: "my brain and a name is all that connects this to you. Hey there @StacyAnn"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @zamfir: "Sarah Fimm – Sexual Animals" (Art of Love/Sex) (reblip)
toni_kejr Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Tuneaholic rb@elocio: "@djdaryl: "Electric Light Orchestra ~ Sweet is the Night"" (reblip)

"Sweet is the Night" by Electric Light Orchestra

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Tuneaholic rb>@RexStone: "@ShannonGrissom: "So worth a rb rb rb @DJRosaNava: "Listen my Favorites: @ShannonGrissom @DizzyGrl You need a Hug (at Least) (reblip)
Tuneaholic This is a very Sad and Romantic Song....(Barry had a lot of them)
zamfir Margot & the Nuclear So and So's – A Light on a Hill
Tuneaholic RB>@TkBeeatch: "RBTY :) @BBandit: "~~ Lady GaGa – Paparazzi ~~"" (reblip)

Lady GaGaPaparazzi

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Tuneaholic RB>@zamfir: "Cat Power – The Moon" (reblip)

Cat PowerThe Moon

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Tuneaholic @Sly_dog It's not the right time of Day, but I don't Care...
zamfir Kirsty Hawshaw - Reach For Me (with accompanying bad slideshow!)

Reach for me lyrics

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Tuneaholic RB>@Sharuana: "Yes, is true...RB!! @MarianaOlariu: "The beauty of the heart is the lasting beauty: its lips give to drink of the water of life. R."" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@DJRosaNava: "Listen my Favorites: @avivao: "Joan Baez ~ Dona, Dona"" ~Joan es La Prima Donna~ and that's good! (reblip)

JOAN BAEZ "Donna Donna"

| play

leanne womack-hope you dance

| play

Tangible Things by Eliza Gilkyson

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Tuneaholic RB>@pandoras_box: ""it's just that I am ... "You can see the forest ~ "You and I, travel ~""" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @pandoras_box This is a very sweet one..just...4..U... just discovered it...(I remember it from way back) it's our fate...
Tuneaholic RB>@Flying_Roundhouse: "Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame ~ Wow ~ haven't heard this in about 500 years! Thanks @ladypn: "You can look at the me (reblip)
sweetromance @JonathanDune:G'day@sweetromanceTYRbs!.You got the teeth of the hydra upon you.You're dirty,sweet n you're my girl...Get it on, bang a gong, get it on (reblip)

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

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Tuneaholic @fun4lilli miles and miles away, to find another place to play... and night after night who treats you right @romanus Wishing you a magical night:D" (reblip)

CAKE- Guitar Man Music video

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Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles

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Tuneaholic RB>@GGDANCE: "@Hamach: "rb thanks @jennyleepenny: ":) Happy Tuesday/Wednesday, Compadre. vi@ Dbe #happytuesday without this little ditty"" (reblip)
GGDANCE @featherears: "RB :)@kimme23: "Jennifer Warnes: "Right Time of the Night""" (reblip)

Jennifer Warnes: "Right Time of the Night" (1977)

| play
Tuneaholic ...YouKnowWhoIam@IamWhoIamMe: "TY as well :) rb @Djfunkysounds: "An rb welcome for a new lister @IamWhoIamMe: "Audioslave - I Am The Highway" GOOD 1 (reblip)


| play
Tuneaholic @mark_till: "Itsadeal!@romanus "I'll mv to Paris, shoot some heroin and f with the stars/U man the island the coke+the elegant cars MGMT Time2Pretend (reblip)

MGMTTime to Pretend

| play

Gary US Bonds : Quarter To Three ( 1961 )

| play
DJRosaNava Listen my Favorites: @ladypn: "Should we call this a lesson learned? (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@DJRosaNava: "If I Fell - The Beatles @navalha" (reblip)

The Beatles, If I Fell, with lyrics

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pandoras_box "Newborn eyes always cry with pain, first look at the mornin' sun.."

chris rea fool if you think its over 1978 full version

| play
fun4lilli going out to @Totengrber

Cold The Cure

| play
Tuneaholic RB>@lostndanet: "one more song... too beautiful not to blip @PaintedDaisy: "~Anya Marina • Move You~"" (reblip)

Anya MarinaMove You

| play
Tuneaholic RB>@GGDANCE: "@featherears: "I'm outta here, THX everybody :) Roy Orbison – You Got It"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@zamfir: "Shivaree – Goodnight Moon" Zamfir....You've got the best girlfriends.... (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@sweetromance: "♫♪♥♫ Marvin Gaye ♫♪♥♫ Lets Get It On ♫♪♥♫ #songsiwillnevergettiredof ♫♪♥♫ @whatevertunes" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@Sly_dog ..Great Art.. + Romance = Pure Love... this is not a cheap trick.... (reblip)

Cheap TrickThe Flame

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Tuneaholic RB>@Dancer12: "Ty♥Rb@jet333 TY;))@Dancer12@DJNickPapag ~ Bonnie Raitt - 'I Can't Make You Love Me'." ...It's not that Hard...(Tuneaholic) (reblip)

Bonnie Raitt-I can't make you love me

| play
Tuneaholic RB>@fun4lilli: "Yeah, you've got my musical number down pretty good lol "@Stef16: "I know right? "Exactly Stef... I hear this then melt, thanks chica" (reblip)

(I Just) Died In Your Arms

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Tuneaholic RB>@DeAnn: "Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky ...I love these back ground singers too.... (reblip)
Matokokepa0516 @Tuneaholic Here is one for you...Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand >>>forward to @fun4lilli mustn't forget my chica
Neruda65 Shirley Ellis - "The Clapping Song"

shirley ellis the clapping song

| play
Tuneaholic RB>@belcanto9900: "@Zjosman ** Joan Baez, Bob Dylan & Paul Simon - Sound Of Silence" (reblip)
Tuneaholic @Flying_Roundhouse: "Missing Persons ~ Words ~ You can borrow some of mine @Tuneaholic" Words... who needs words... I specialize is faces... Womans. (reblip)


| play
Annaleise Uh-huh,lolol:)@Tuneaholic: "You Came up with a Cure...@Annaleise:@lillianwong: "yes it is! @hizzbombchill:hate to say it but fall is moving in swiftly (reblip)


| play
Tuneaholic @sefrond: "Cool @p_conn: "This is my fave Paul Young tune @sefrond EVERY TIME YOU GO AWAY - PAUL YOUNG"" (reblip)


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Tuneaholic @fun4lilli: "Angus & Julia Stone" What's wrong with Angus, Julia Looks great in Make-up...(he needs to open his eyes).... (reblip)
Tuneaholic @1brwneyedgirl: "Cracking a fresh seal ;)) lol @BattLady: "Jet – Cold Hard Bitch~ SPEAKING of did u bring the gin?:) Good Gin...Tanqueray..Tonic..lime (reblip)

JetCold Hard Bitch

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Tuneaholic @pacha17: Marvin Gaye – Too Busy Thinking About My Baby" ...I got all the Time in the World.....What A Great new Photo.... (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@TkBeeatch: "Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB> .....Great Version......@donnadontplay: "Thx hun! @funkyBP: "nice one, Donna :)@donnadontplay: "~ Nirvana - Come As You Are ~""" (reblip)
fun4lilli The Cardigans

I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer The Cardigans

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Tuneaholic @DJRosaNava: Listen my Favorites: Hi @jimmytheP: "it's been national black line through every song I try to preview night goodnight dj's and listeners (reblip)
Joleesa One of my faves ... auto rb >@sanisis55: "Chris Isaak – Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)" (reblip)
mjcharleston "still you are nowhere, nowhere in sight"
zamfir Cat Power – Naked If I Want To
Tuneaholic RB>@zamfir: "Sarah Brightman – Whiter Shade of Pale" (reblip)
1brwneyedgirl ROFL! i may have just *snorted* XD @Tuneaholic: "@1brwneyedgirl --- And then I reach over and guess what...." (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@zamfir: "Credit where credit is due. The guy is good. With time, he may get even better. Or he may "Mayer out" to coin a phrase. Time will tell." (reblip)
pacha17 baby you're a lost..baby you're a lost... baby you're a lost cause...

BeckLost Cause

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Tuneaholic RB>@GeorgeSand: "welcome and thanks for listening!rb@lilythepig: "love this... placido's accent is just lush"" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@GeorgeSand: "rb@Onetoo: "Wow! @PabloM: "corrs & bono – when the stars go blue (mtv)" ...I Love that color...and thoses singers (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@jet333: "TY;)) @tenderlee ~ Canned Heat – 'Going Up the Country'.. (2005 Remaster)" Best place to be..... (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@Flying_Roundhouse: "Mumford And Sons – Awake My Soul ~ Happy Monday" This is really EZ.... (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@LENKI: "via@lovenut" ....Let it all Hangout... is that what he said... makes sense to me.... (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@TkBeeatch: ":: Wake Me Up – Wham ::" nice Video (reblip)

:: Wake Me UpWham ::

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Tuneaholic RB>@mark_till: "This is a great tune! One eskimO - Kandi" (reblip)

One eskimOKandi

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Tuneaholic RB>@zamfir: "The Sadies – Empty the Chamber" (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@sefrond: ""Gimme Some Lovin" Gimme, gimme gimme"... What about please and thank you... oh well forget it...(tuneaholic) (reblip)
Tuneaholic RB>@kirkill: "Shocking Blue - Venus" ..... She's Got it..... (reblip)

Venus by Shocking Blue

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Tuneaholic @alwilbanks ..... We'll, this is just kind of a ....Nice to meet you....
alw wow babe!! the artwork is AMAZING!! LOVE the one of Marilyn Monroe!! ;-) @Tuneaholic
Tuneaholic @alwilbanks This is a good one to Dance to... and it reminds me of how we got fixxed up... (reblip)
sweetromance ♫♪♥♫Physical ♫♪♥♫ Olivia Newton John♫♪♥♫ @alwilbanks ♫♪♥♫ @Tuneaholic ♫♪♥♫ I wanna get physical ♫♪♥♫ (reblip)
Tuneaholic @StacyAnn ....If you are feeling some pain..This is what I want to try....you are worth it....