Lochetic i've seen this one come up a few times ... but @coloured - you've convinced me. it absolutely has to be on the 'blip list' (reblip)


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thatgirlmegan dying my hair tomorrow. should i go blonde?
Twelvevolts I've tried everything - but I love the song, love the album and love the band. Watching the triple live DVD at the moment.
Twelvevolts The new fellas - indie as it should be.
Twelvevolts Saw the band about a month ago and they didn't play this - love the way the song builds from a quiet start.

Arctic Monkeys505

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Twelvevolts I think this song is about illicit substances - but it is still way cool anyway and being playing this for years,
Twelvevolts Currently my most scrobbled song by my most scrobbled band. Here comes a delivery . . .
Twelvevolts The new album - quieter than Babyshambles but Pete writes good songs.
Twelvevolts One of my favourites off the first album - Juanita Stein has great voice.
Twelvevolts One of my favourites in the last few years - both the song and the band.
Twelvevolts best song of 2008 - I've been working on a cocktail . . .
TheMostReverendJim still the best ego boost song ever thanx much @jadeosaurusrex!!! Good God, that version kills
Twelvevolts another favourite - one of the quieter ones on the album
Twelvevolts love the drumming by Matt Tong

Bloc PartyBanquet

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Twelvevolts simply brilliant - favourite Muse track
Twelvevolts another live cover that eats the original
Twelvevolts hadn't heard this version before - excellent
Twelvevolts I'm so glad I found this lol


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Twelvevolts a favourite song - brilliant

04.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For

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Twelvevolts favourite KOL song about being soft

Kings Of LeonSoft

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KateEdwards @a_lil_spaz Calming down is over rated. Listen to this and turn the energy into a positive :D
Twelvevolts easily in my top ten songs of all time - never seems to age and sounds like it was recorded yesterday


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Twelvevolts the ultimate Radiohead guitar song - so f##king special


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Twelvevolts Opening song on one of the best albums of recent times
Twelvevolts another good song from a Sheffield band, and with more style than most. Oh so pretty.
Twelvevolts The Wombats are great - and this song is my favourite on the album
Twelvevolts Love the guitar on this one - the cribs rock
Twelvevolts so catchy I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like this song - album won the Mercury Music prize.
Twelvevolts be my little rock and roll queen - brilliant
Twelvevolts rockin Ramones - an oldie but a great rock and roll riff

RamonesI Wanna Live

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Twelvevolts Live cover of Peter, Bjorn and John - like this version
Twelvevolts grunty little number from Manchester - so shock me and we'll be dead by sunrise!!
Twelvevolts maybe punk rock packed up and went to Sweden - rock on
Twelvevolts she'll be saying use me, show me the jacuzzi . .
Twelvevolts breaking both my hands and telling me to it take it like a man - Well f*ck that. Original lyrics!!
Twelvevolts I think these guys are really from Canada? Great bass.
Twelvevolts Grew up with this song but it still sounds great.
Twelvevolts I remember rushing out to buy this as a vinyl EP. The Dunedin sound if ever I heard it.
Twelvevolts well sometimes I go out and look across the water . . . .

The ZutonsValerie

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Twelvevolts this song just hooks into your head after a few listens
Twelvevolts possibly the best female vocalist on the planet
Twelvevolts one of my favourite bands and enjoyed all their albums
Terrebelius "I'm not sorry", Morrisey sings. Well, neither am I!
Twelvevolts Live version with Johnny Marr at his brilliant best on guitar - with animal noises.
whisperygenie @jasimmo This is my fave, I like the lyrics :) And it rocks too.
Twelvevolts My favourite Joy Division song - guitar is brilliant and the base, drums, vocals match the lyrics. A loaded gun won't set you free - so you say
Twelvevolts I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit. Devoto has the best sneer in the business.
Twelvevolts who gives a f*ck about punctuation anyway? (reblip)
thatgirlmegan ever since i saw this in a movie preview it's been stuck in my head (reblip)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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Twelvevolts Come into my dreamworld, a simple smile not a loaded gun
Twelvevolts Live version of the track where all sparks burn out. Not many songs have bouncing cigs on the road burning out. Great riff.

EditorsAll Sparks

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Twelvevolts Opening track of first album - single version.
Twelvevolts Absolutely love this song - sounds like it was recorded on a railway track with Johnny Cash producing, and not in Glasgow. Great rhythm.


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Twelvevolts Could almost be a modern day version of the beach boys, but about a phantom and a fly, well maybe. Love the lyrics, and the vocal.
Twelvevolts Devoto is a genius, and apparently angry, ill and as ugly as sin.
Twelvevolts My favourite punk song - and it has stiff competition from songs like Anarchy in the UK and Pretty Vacant. Lydon at his best.
Twelvevolts Possibly the coolest guy in music - and he can sure play guitar. This is the live version.
Twelvevolts The live version - a beautiful song about the birth of his daughter. From Sunrise over Sea, a way cool album.
Twelvevolts I can be alive man or be the walking dead. The solo is something else. This is the live version.
Twelvevolts One of the best live bands I ever had the pleasure to see - and The Way To Go Out tour was one that will live in the memory for the rest of my life.
Twelvevolts a song I've played a few thousand times over the years - conjures up visions of outback Australia for me. The live version is even better.
Twelvevolts Five days until I see these guys in concert again - but I don't think they'll be playing Milk somehow.

Kings Of LeonMilk

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Twelvevolts everyone must own this song - I have several versions of it but this one the original is the best.

Snow PatrolRun

| play
Twelvevolts Well thrashed on my playlist - great song writing
Twelvevolts I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie back up Warren Zevon, no wonder it is good.
Twelvevolts Pete can write a tune - and this is one of his classics. Could be why he won best solo artist recently at NME awards.


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Twelvevolts I well remember seeing this band on three consecutive tours - what more can a poor boy do?
Twelvevolts Nobody listens to a word that I say . . . . but one of the classics from True Colours
Twelvevolts Brilliant kiwi rock and roll - get up, get out, get loose. Be envious America!!

The D4Get Loose

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LovelessSounds I can't get no. And i try and i try and i try t-t-t-t-try try
Twelvevolts This song just serves to remind me how good this album was - used to be played at every party once upon a time
Twelvevolts Another month or so you'll be gorging on me - another Aussie classic, love the guitar

The ChurchReptile

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Twelvevolts Always a favourite of Mr Finn - this is the live version but just as good as the original.
Twelvevolts Love this one - one of my favourite Libertines songs - the world kicked back a lot f**kin harder. Go Pete!!
Twelvevolts I know a girl with a golden touch . . . . This song is well up there on my most played track of the last five years. Catchy to say the least.
Twelvevolts Seems to be have been adopted as a football song everywhere - not just at Chelsea!!
Twelvevolts Oh I thought this was brilliant from the first time I heard it - clean out the bank and bump off your daddy . . .
Twelvevolts Is this the best dance song of all time? Some say she's from Mars, but she isn't. The vocal at the start is stunning - mimics the keyboard.
niknoi Got to get my act together and kick the Black Dog
Twelvevolts sometimes I feel I've got to runaway . . .
Twelvevolts an anti-war song apparently and a favourite off the album.

Green DayHoliday

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Twelvevolts A song about Billie Joe remembering the death of his father - in September.
Twelvevolts This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system - this is the real thing. Hello record companies - dinosaurs must die
Twelvevolts friends are not electric - but if they were they'd be listening to this. This song has a lot to answer for!!
Twelvevolts I remember pogoing to this - not to mention jerkin back and forth. Hell Devo were a lot of fun back then . .
Twelvevolts I got one hell of a job to perform for the US of A. Thank god I'm a secret agent man.
Twelvevolts Wow just heard this on here but can't find who played it - instant fan.
Twelvevolts The answer is they're a really cool band from Sheffield. This is from the EP of the same name - demonstrates why they're one of the top bands around.
AndrewLowe "I long to feel that wince in my heart". Oh my. Northern soul, indeed.
Twelvevolts nice keyboard from Peanut - one of the songs that made this album a classic. You are everything I wanna be.
Twelvevolts Three days until the Kings hit town - the opening track from the first album - until the red morning night woo hoo.
Twelvevolts so while we're going woo hoo - we might as well play it.
Twelvevolts nice drumming - nice song - nice album


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Twelvevolts another song that got stuck in my head for about a year and a bit and is still in there - Pete can write a catchy tune that's for sure.
Twelvevolts This J.J Cale song was once number one in the New Zealand charts but banned from being played on the radio. It was played at every party though.

J.J. CaleCocaine

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nusennatha Radiohead – High And Dry
Rohemako Now another nice young band with a story to tell ;)
eflippin Shout out to the Vic.... hooray, fun. (reblip)
Twelvevolts Saw this performed last night by KOL - so time to relive the experience
Twelvevolts Morrissey did a great job with this album, almost sounds positive in places. Nah that couldn't be Morrissey lol.

MorrisseyI Like You

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Twelvevolts A little bit of punk reggae - a great cover
Twelvevolts Another song that would make my top ten of all time - all that phoney Beatlemania had bitten the dust. The ice age is coming . .
starkdoulos Take a little walk to the edge of town, Go across the tracks...
Lochetic lazy saturday morning in a cafe round the corner


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Twelvevolts Pornography is one of the best albums I own - and this is one of the best tracks. A song about sex, not Siamese Twins.
Twelvevolts "He's had a few we've all been there". Not hard to figure what this songs about.
Twelvevolts If I ever want to lie back and listen to some great guitar - this is one of the tracks I go to. And Neil sings a bit about Cortez the killer as well.
deepbluesealove R.E.M. Losing My Religion & welcome to my friend MommyD, one of our new DJs :)
Twelvevolts Another great Clash rock and roll song - who said this was punk?
Twelvevolts Oh Bob please - the world owes you a living. The Rats in their heyday before Geldof found Africa.
Twelvevolts Who cares about Mondays when you're in a rat trap. Hey kick down that door.
Twelvevolts There is only one Elvis - and his surname is Costello. A little bit reggae and a whole lot new wave in this one.
Twelvevolts It has been said this is the greatest Rock & Roll song of all time and it is certainly in contention. Blows the likes of U2 off the planet.
Twelvevolts Time to be kind to U2 - they had a good song and this is it.

U2One Tree Hill

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starphaser ...e daí que eu voltei a me perguntar: como o radiohead deu um pulo tão grande do pablo honey pra obra de arte que é o the bends?
DragonHeart Good ole' school tune. Bronski Beat with Smalltown Boy!
Twelvevolts I think I've seen the light and it is The Subways. Wasting time and hangin out OH YEAH!! Great song that sticks in your head.

The SubwaysOh Yeah

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Twelvevolts Just love this, easily my favourite on the album - I know a girl with the Golden Touch.
Twelvevolts Sometimes I feel I've got to . . . run away. A classic that went to Number 1.
Twelvevolts A favourite from REM - this is the live version.
ashlarr this is what you'll get....when u mess with us
liesjelogthet The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army Wel jammer van blip dat je soms een heel kort fragment te pakken hebt:-(
Twelvevolts The new Franz Ferdinand album is pretty good - one of favourites for the year so far. Love this track - turn it on.
Twelvevolts Who could forget the Test Tube Babies - funniest band in punk.
Twelvevolts and we all know what this song is about . . .

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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Twelvevolts This early Joe Jackson stuff is class and this song is one of his best.
Twelvevolts Good advice I'm sure - a classic song from a classic era.
Twelvevolts fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
Twelvevolts Doves brought out some great tracks early on in their career and this is one of the best, from the band that may well now have the album of 2009.


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Twelvevolts Opening track from the album which is already being picked as album of the year. Good to have the Doves back after four years absense.


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Twelvevolts Title track of Doves new album - looks like Manchester is the creative capital of music. The Seldom Seen Kid of 2009.
Twelvevolts Just ordered the DVD today of Elbow playing the whole of Seldom Seen Kid live, this shows why it will be worth buying. Mercury Prize winner for 2008.


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Twelvevolts Another favourite from Seldon Seen Kid - the live version with strings here.

elbowsome riot

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Twelvevolts Good old Billy, whatever happened to him?
Twelvevolts Good thing where have you gone? Does anyone not like this song? Caught me dreaming like a fool . . .
nzstars Siouxsie Sioux & the Banshees -Spellbound Spellbound! Severin, Budgie, Sioux, Smith
Twelvevolts ah I remember when this came out and at the time it all sounded rather strange, now it is a classic and covered by other artists.
Twelvevolts Another furs song that takes me back, nice vocal and kind of eerie keyboards.


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Twelvevolts This was my favourite furs song, great pop song and how it didn't get higher up the charts is a mystery to me. Catchy tune even after all these years.
Twelvevolts Since I first heard this version a week ago, I think I've played it a 100 times. Better than the original and orchestra and choir just makes the song.
Twelvevolts At the Chelsea Nightclub is a favourite album to this day and as this song says - buy yourself this record!!
Twelvevolts My favourite Bob Marley song, hell my favourite reggae song.
Twelvevolts This has been my favourite song for weeks now, a work of song writing genius. Grace/Wastelands for album of the year.
Twelvevolts Another favourite from Grace/Wastelands although I think the title here is wrong.

Peter Doherty- I Am The Rain

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Twelvevolts Magazine would certainly be one of my top bands of all time and this song is eerie, great bass playing and had never seen the video until saw it here
Twelvevolts Wow Motorcade. I remember this video coming out and being awe struck by it. Was a fan from there on in and this still sounds good even now.


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Twelvevolts Great opening line - thunder shook loose hail on the outhouse again. Sets the tone for the song, not for the faint hearted. nor the easily offended.


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Twelvevolts I know the meaning of life it doesn't help me a bit!! Having a great time with these old videos.
Twelvevolts Ian Dury and the Blockheads were one of the best bands I ever saw live, the world would not have been the same without Ian.
Twelvevolts Brilliant - Steve Jones looks like he enjoyed himself.
Twelvevolts If I had a favourite song of all time, this might well be it. Ah maybe London Calling but not much in it.

PILPublic Image

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Twelvevolts Give me a time machine, I want to go back and see this.
Twelvevolts Watching this again after all these years it is still so poweful and stunning, the late 70's had some great songs and this is one of them.
Twelvevolts another one of those great late 70's songs.
Twelvevolts This one is an absolute gem, from one of the great albums of the era, At The Chelsea Night Club. 1979 was some year for music . Oh the memories .
Twelvevolts Another candidate for best song of all time, sends a chill down the spine just watching the video.
Twelvevolts Is Simon Gallup the coolest bass player in the world? Of course he is.

The Cure A Forest

| play
Twelvevolts Seventeen Seconds was so cool when it came out and this was one of the reasons why.

The Cure"M"

| play
Twelvevolts I chose an eternity of this, live in Berlin.
Twelvevolts That time of night for a lullaby . . .
Twelvevolts Well your precious Leeds is dead just so long as you know

The CribsMartell

| play
Twelvevolts another number on another row.
Twelvevolts This was such a good album and the band I most want to see live - hoping the tour to Australasia happens later in 09
Twelvevolts The Coral are so talented and this album Roots and Echoes is my most played of all albums according to my Last FM stats

Death To Los Campesinos!

| play
DJAppiehappie Goodway to expres mine feelings about the elections from yesterday ..The Automatics-Monster

The Automatics-Monster

| play
justamoochie The Verve - Lucky Man *indeedi*xx

The VerveLucky Man

| play
Twelvevolts Oh I can't stop playing this song . . .

The MaccabeesX-Ray

| play
Twelvevolts and by the telly appears salome - offically my favourite song on 2009, the album version that is.

Salome (Acoustic) from Grace/Wastelands DVD

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Twelvevolts One of the first songs that got me hooked on Babyshambles as a band. If the whole world tells you you are the one, I'd defy you not to believe them.

The Man Who Came To stay

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Twelvevolts The song from the second album that was most like the brilliant first album.
Twelvevolts Wow and acoustic version of Folding Stars - love it even if I never thought I'd ever see it.
Twelvevolts @Lochetic: "@lukevegas @Twelvevolts @Mara_Jad3 for you boys and girls " Ok - an Aussie classic I'll give you that and who doesn't like Vegemite. (reblip)
Twelvevolts I remember when this came out it was the only song played on the radio it seemed for about six months. Brilliant video and still like the song too.
Twelvevolts Always liked The Zutons doing this best and this live version has a bit of grunt.
Twelvevolts Took me a fair few listens to become a fan of this song but now I think it is up with their best work.
Twelvevolts If I haven't said it before - Matt Tong is my favourite drummer and this song is one of the reasons why. I love thrashing out this song on my drums.

Bloc PartyBanquet

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Twelvevolts I loved this song from when I first heard it to the present day - never wears off.
Twelvevolts Not a real video alas but still one of the great songs of the late 70's and one of the best debut albums ever.

Elvis CostelloAlison

| play
Twelvevolts The Smiths genius was never better illustrated than in this song - uplifting misery if that is possible. Ah - better than The Beatles any day.

UnloveableThe Smiths

| play
Twelvevolts I'm going missing for a while - but only because it is midnight!!
Twelvevolts another piece of great drumming . . . .
justamoochie Kasabian - Prob my fav song at the mo...Shoot The Runner xx
Twelvevolts Come on it, get on it


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Twelvevolts Someone's got their eye on you . . . you know what I mean?
Twelvevolts I've been trying to get out of here - new album track list out today, not far off to the new album now. Yee ha
Twelvevolts ooohhh - quite possibly the best sounding and worst looking band in England!!

Away From Here

| play
Twelvevolts Very sad about Chris having a stroke but what joy he has bought to many over the years with his music. Let's hope he recovers to sing again.
Twelvevolts an oldie but a goodie

TRex Get It On

| play
Twelvevolts Possibly my most played track of all time - Bonham is brilliant in this, JPJ does a nice solo and Page of course plays fantastic guitar.

Led Zeppelin No Quarter 1973

| play
Twelvevolts Just one for you record company people before I hit the sack - dinosaurs will die.
Twelvevolts Nice version of a great Aussie song.
Twelvevolts Always had a soft spot for this song and for that matter the album.


| play
Sally29 Saw Jarvis in Brighton last night. Such a great showman. Really really enjoyed it. Intend to indulge myself with lots of Jarvis today!
Twelvevolts and who says Nick Cave isn't a genius?? Beautiful song and pity the video isn't on here as well.
Twelvevolts Green Day back in the day when they had a harder edge.
Twelvevolts another great song out of Manchester. We'll be dead by sunrise!!
Twelvevolts Oh Juanita - bring the band to New Zealand . . . .
Twelvevolts Holy crap Batman - might not be the best quality audio you'll ever hear but hell what a great performance. Go Juanita.
Twelvevolts a version I'd not heard before - unplugged I guess you'd call it.
Twelvevolts now you can't beat the accent on this introduction and you'd have to pick them as from Glasgow!
Twelvevolts a personal favourite this one - got the album, DVD and every bootleg version on the net!!
Twelvevolts Get Up Get Out Get Loose

The D4Get Loose

| play
Twelvevolts oh - love this song as well and a good live version on Letterman

The Pixies- Monkey Gone to Heaven

| play
Twelvevolts One of my favourite White Stripes songs.

In the Cold, Cold Night by the White Stripes

| play
Twelvevolts I always liked the Hard-fi version of this - I think more than the original.
DJAppiehappie President of the USA - Peaches


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DareToEatAPeach @kbuech Well that's a good excuse to play another one. No video, since that's how you like it. =)
Twelvevolts Always had a soft spot for Supertramp and this is one of my favourites, known by everyone my age I'm sure due to massive radio play.
Twelvevolts Cover version of Bored Games song. Joe unfortunately was held by many strings. But our brave lad fought what evil brings . . . Brilliant

D4Joe 90 (blip.up)

| play
Twelvevolts Oh and the original to go with the cover I just blipped, now this takes me back to days in Dunedin.

Bored GamesJoe 90

| play
Twelvevolts Now this is so funny, not that you'd know from this but they were a great rock band, very good live but many know them only for this comedy song.
Twelvevolts Reminds me of how the good the Dunedin sound was even when it was coming from Christchurch.
Pineapple The Raconteurs – Many Shades Of Black
Twelvevolts I purchased this when it came out - vinyl EP. Has to be one of the best buys I made, still have it and still love the song but now it is Mp3 and CD.

The Clean: "Anything Could Happen"

| play
Twelvevolts One of the best live bands I ever had the priviledge to see and this always got the crowd going. Do you think I'm sweating like this just for fun?
xcitizenerasedx And because they should of been my first blip. Muse- Supermassive Black Hole

Supermassive Black Hole: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

| play
Twelvevolts Ah one of those songs almost everyone likes
Twelvevolts I'm sure I blipped this before but not many bands outside New Zealand perform with this sort of energy, well none I've heard about down under.

The D4Get Loose

| play
Twelvevolts Nice cover of the Paul McCartney and Wings song.

Foo Fighters.. Band On The Run (cover)

| play
Twelvevolts Been thrashing this a bit lately, an update of the Hot Chocolate song.
Twelvevolts ah like this from the Radio one Established album, Bowie cover.

Franz Ferdinand: Sound & Vision

| play
Twelvevolts Continuing the covers theme - it's Razorlight doing Sting.
Twelvevolts It Must Be A Madness Cover . .
Twelvevolts Nice cover - Editors and We Are Scientists covering R.E.M

We Are Scientists with Editors Orange Crush live at V '06

| play
Twelvevolts Editors playing a Cure lullaby.


| play
Twelvevolts Time for bed here in Welly - steady as she goes . . . (cover)
Twelvevolts I remember this coming out as a vinyl single, Rebel on one side and I think this was the B side. Hope Chris is recovering from his stroke.

Toy LoveSqueeze

| play
Twelvevolts Classic New Zealand single - he don't go to films unless he knows they're arty! Don't do nothing less he's told exactly how to behave. Classic.
Twelvevolts One of the great albums and my favourite song on it.
Twelvevolts Love the drums on this, lovely tune

Dido, Isobel

| play
Twelvevolts But don't you think that I know that walking on the water Won't make me a miracle man?
Twelvevolts Great lyrics, great song, great times. How would you like one puffing and blowing in your earhole?
Twelvevolts This morning I shot six holes in my freeezer, I think I've got cabin fever. Parrothead for life and this song is one reason why.
Twelvevolts This has been my favourite song longer than any other song has been, so I guess that makes it my favourite song.

Jimmy Buffett A Pirate Looks at 40

| play
Twelvevolts What ever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick that made his ears burn. No more heroes anymore.
Twelvevolts A video that has to be seen to be believed - but always loved the song since way back when
Twelvevolts If I had this before - then it is still worth a repeat, for all those who remember Hot Chocolate.
Twelvevolts Didn't know about this version until just.

Foo Fighters- Planet Claire Live in NYC with Fred Schneider

| play
DJAppiehappie THe New Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning, its different but i like it
Twelvevolts What's that coming over the hill?
Twelvevolts Another Followill band, and sounding more like early Kings Of Leon all the time, but nothing wrong with that.
Twelvevolts Hard-fi meets the Jam

Paul Weller Down In The Tube Station At Midnight

| play
Twelvevolts This was the first Hard-Fi song I really got into - a song about going to war.
Twelvevolts Caution - a work of genius from one of the best bands to ever grace the planet.
Twelvevolts And davy crockett rides around and says it's cool for cats

Squeeze-Cool For Cats #284.*T*O*T*Ps*70s*

| play
Twelvevolts Proof enough that Jimmy Page is the best guitarist around, or was in 1973 in any event.

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

| play
Twelvevolts and I'm falling under your spell . . . .

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds" Spell"

| play
Twelvevolts The Arctic Monkeys have to be one of the best bands around - look forward to the new album.
Twelvevolts Cause my Mum used to say "Don't be such a big Mardy"
Twelvevolts First time I heard this I didn't pick the band, certainly not as The Fratellis. Great version though,
Twelvevolts Cover of The Verlaines for the Under The Influence album. Still recall the original coming out, those were the days of the Dunedin sound.

Death and the Maiden (Stephen Malkmus)

| play
Twelvevolts Only an Aussie band could come up with a song titlle like that, but a very nice song all the same.

The Vines- Country Yard

| play
Twelvevolts We've got to put the sun back in our hearts - just love The Coral


| play
Twelvevolts We need The Coral to visit Down Under and perform live like this.
Twelvevolts Quite possibly the most played song ever on New Zealand radio (if you don't count Snoopy's Christmas).
Twelvevolts Hello Sailor Live - the things people manage to dredge up for You Tube. Were a band well worth seeing.

Tears Of Blood

| play
Twelvevolts Ha ha - listed as their only ever song in Wikipedia, certainly the only one I ever heard but it got a lot of radio play nonetheless.
Twelvevolts I gotta go mate . . . . .

The Jam-Strange Town (1979)

| play
Twelvevolts Love the vocals on this.

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

| play
Twelvevolts One of my favourite David Bowie/Iggy Pop co-written songs, I like both versions but this one was more popular on the radio than Iggy's.

David BowieChina Girl

| play
Twelvevolts Ok let's have Iggy's version as well, performed live on this version.

Iggy Pop- China Girl 1991

| play
Twelvevolts Another Iggy classic - I'm enjoying these live performances.

Iggy Pop, Lust for Life (live)

| play
Twelvevolts And perhaps Iggy's best song although there would be several possible choices . . .

Iggy Pop, The Passenger

| play
Twelvevolts Bigger, Better, Faster, More! What's Going On? Great vocal on this.
Twelvevolts I know a girl with the golden touch, nice version.
Twelvevolts The number one song played at parties in New Zealand for years (with the exception of Ten Guitars of course). Not exactly a call to moderation.

Th' DudesBliss

| play
Twelvevolts Love the video, another kiwi classic.
Twelvevolts A South Pacific version of reggae kinda. Sometimes referred to as New Zealand's alternative national anthem. From Footrot Flats - A Dog's Tale.
Twelvevolts ah remember the days . . . . .
threebears Congratulations!!!! I hope to follow in yours & every other Top Blipper's footsteps soon. :-) partquote(de-imeemed)rb @420thoughts ^_^ thanx sweetie!
Twelvevolts In Arcady your life trips along . . .

Peter DohertyArcady

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Twelvevolts A song about depression I believe, even if it does sound a bit cheery.
Twelvevolts One of those songs that used to make the crowd go wild when played live . . .

Split EnzI See Red

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Twelvevolts Not my favourite version as I prefer The Way To Go Out live version, but one of the great Australian songs of last twenty years.
Twelvevolts Simply brilliant from Way To Go Out. Saw this tour live so fond memories of one of best concerts I ever saw. This has long been a favourite track.
Twelvevolts Do you know me? I don't think so. One of the songs that got me hooked on Babyshambles as my favourite band.
Twelvevolts A favourite from the old days when rock was rock . . .

Thin LizzyEmerald

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Twelvevolts Bad company until the day I die . . . . . .
Twelvevolts Nice live version - this song was in the latest season of Supernatural.
Twelvevolts Hilarious video but this was number one back in 1972.

SladeLook wot you dun

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Twelvevolts Time for bed - Noddy was great on this, they could do no wrong back then.
Twelvevolts favourite REM song.

REM-The One I Love

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DuckieX this video is almost as awesome asthis song...

Broken Love Song Album version Pete Doherty

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Twelvevolts It's a harmony in my head . . .
Twelvevolts always thought this was a brilliant album, and Devoto should have carried on his solo career.
Twelvevolts Dig Lazarus Dig!!! was one of the best albums of 2008, certainly some great songs on it and benefits from a few listens.
Twelvevolts One of those great early KOL songs, before they got radio orientated . . .
Twelvevolts Ziggy played guitar

Ziggy Stardust

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Twelvevolts Sitting in a tin can far above the world . .

David Bowie "Space Oddity"

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Twelvevolts This is one of those great Aussie songs that sticks in your head . . . . . . . . . for years.
Twelvevolts Hilarious - and for those who don't know, this was a hit in Australasia. Don't you ever let a chance go by.
Twelvevolts a favourite song from a favourite album from a favourite band from a favourite worst nightmare.
Twelvevolts A you told me fool fire water won't hurt me
Twelvevolts This appeared on Supernatural in the last couples of seasons. In my opinion their best song although some prefer Love Hurts.

Nazareth Hair of the Dog

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Twelvevolts If I ever need a national anthem - this will be it. If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane. Parrothead forever.
Twelvevolts saw this performed live way back when - it was the sort of song everyone dances too, just about do when I play the video. Sit still if you dare.
Twelvevolts if you know your history . . .
Twelvevolts one of my favourite instrumentals ever . . .
Twelvevolts one of my most played albums in the last year - great on a Saturday morning at a good volume . . .
Twelvevolts ok one last one - Reverend and The Makers. I could have been a contender . . . . . .
Twelvevolts acoustic live version

The Wombats lets dance to joy division

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Twelvevolts as a fully signed up member of the Juanita Stein fan club I love this, and the night is young . .
Twelvevolts The Howling Bells before they were called the Howling Bells . . . . . . well more or less.

Waikiki perform Complicated on Rove

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Twelvevolts This band grows more on me all the time . . .
Twelvevolts Rockaway beach performed live - classic Ramones

The Ramones

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Twelvevolts Oh yeah the way to go out - a Ray Charles cover but what a tour that was.
Twelvevolts My new favourite song - can't wait for the album.

The CribsCheat On Me

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Twelvevolts from the new album - can't wait.

Crying Lightning

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Twelvevolts Oh yeah - I had the blues but I shook them loose. Loving this album at the moment.
Twelvevolts nice sound - love the rhythms
Twelvevolts Love this version as well - sounds good live.

Arctic Monkeys My Propeller NEW SONG! Live @ All Points West 8/1/09 NJ

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Twelvevolts Did I mention I love The Cribs . . .


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Twelvevolts Ah I love this

I felt stupid the drums

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Twelvevolts great song - I'm sure Robert Smith wished he'd written it.

The xxCrystalised

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Twelvevolts Favourite song of the moment - wish I could get over to Sydney for the concert tomorrow.
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