RentWisely The track of the day this overcast Monday morning. Such a great song.
RentWisely Anyone else feel like some Passion Pit?
RentWisely Miniature Tigers - what a fun album. @DependableSkeleton - for clarification, if you want to pick the whole 'Hazards of Love' album, it still counts.
RentWisely I gave up on understanding the lyrics long ago, but I still love this song.

ClinicThe Equalizer

| play

A.G.- Hip-Hop Quotable ft. Aloe Blacc (Prod By J Dilla)

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Great Bands You Didn't EVEN THINK EXIST! ~ : Of Montreal - "Faberge Falls For Shuggie"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Current Fav Tracks : The Polyphonic Spree - "Watch Us Explode (Justify)"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Bands That Ended Up 'Innovating/Progressing/Influencing' American Rock Music For The Better! ~ : Black Kids - "Hurricane Jane"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Bands That Ended Up 'Innovating/Progressing/Influencing' American Rock Music For The Better! ~ : Grizzly Bear - "Easier"

Grizzly BearEasier

| play
edcetera RB @DJfeuerer: Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm (nsfw) (reblip)

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

| play

Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams-Beautiful Musik Video

| play
extraface One of my favorite Miles tracks.

Miles DavisSaeta

| play
Choonks Happy Wednesday Morning to one & all...It is Wednesday right?
erosenstock integral song to my "hunker down and work" playlist
dubstarr .....and full circle....... thanks for the props and reblips and thank you 2003..........
gabrocks While we wait for the single in Brazil... Let's listen to the blip! Placebo – Hardly Wait

PlaceboHardly Wait

| play
charleyhorse @minmae Did you loose a weeks work? Efterklang are playing tonight but I got no one to watch the boys so no concert for me... Hello @antennica
RentWisely A favorite from Mr. Vanderslice.
griffintech Happy 20th Anniversary "Paul's Boutique." 20 years!

Beastie Boysegg man

| play
Flavoured Hey darling!! Amo the vines...Vem pra SP!!!@anebulosa: "@tubilino ;) hey'ya @Flavoured oi freubeees ;*" (reblip)

The Vines: Ms Jackson

| play
Bekker65 great song, love the video, amazing how they have made it, super. (reblip)

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

| play

tv on the radio tonight

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RentWisely I can't see any reason not to like this.

got my vans on but they look like SNEAKAS!!

| play
RentWisely I'll get in on this's pretty much re-blip night anyway vi@djEastBay: "@Mudskipper: re-blipping one of my favorites." (reblip)
doublethumb haven't blipped these glitching whooshing sounds for a while. time to crackle. :-)
OKnightmare A proper farewell to summer + this song just puts a smile on my face
olivertwisty @daretoeatapeach: "Now a mandatory RB! "it would be nice to help in your escape from patterns our parents designed." (reblip)

Pearl Jam Evolution

| play
Performalosophos it's been a good blip day thus far... walkin away with plenty of music to DL tonight. thanks to @DJFrankie: "Okay. More working." and the rest of u (reblip)
erinagin nice!!!!@satyr9us: "RB @tubilino ... "don't remember a line, don't remember a word, but i don't care, did you see the drummer's hair? ooh ah ooh uh eh (reblip)

PavementCut your hair

| play
erinagin @tubilino: "How Soon Is Now?" very soon, like immediatly (reblip)
marcos2204 esta version de jose es para mover la cabeza como el...aplauso sostenido
marcos2204 Yo no se si esta zamba podra llegar a Ud. a mi si me llego...

Soledad : Honrar la vida / Zamba de usted / Para la libertad

| play
marcos2204 a veces lo necesito, hoy es ese dia, y estos tipos saben como hacer para desaparecer completamente...
marcos2204 we don`t need no more trouble, yo solo quiero verte esos ojos con el brillo de serpiente

no more trouble-erykah badu-tributo bob marley

| play
marcos2204 q derpa por dios!!! "Loving you is like a battle,and we both end up with scars, tell me, who I have to be to get some reciprocity"
DaddiBeatz Special forces

Bahamadia Special forces (feat. Planet Asia, Rasco, Chops & DJ Revolution) +lyrics

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andhow #Mixtape { Odd Little Love Songs, Pt. 1 } Track 3 // @eliott_is_dead Sitting at my desk, enjoying the quiet. Past midnight here. Early Tuesday.
bronco_bob @ladypn breaking my own rule here blipping after goodnight irene. but. sincerity it was and is. now i'm going to crawl way down in a hole. good night.
doodlewhale yay, conchords on at 10:30, most beautiful tv (in the room)
Portaljacker I finally found my favorite song from Watchmen. I happened to find it when I took out the Muse album from the library! Huzzah! #firstblip

MuseTake A Bow

| play
kts2oo1 Gonna smooth it out for a little bit since I just got you all hyped up with some Rectangle. Come down from your high and listen to some spoken word.
kts2oo1 I lied... I had to end it on this song. If you don't know, now you know.
NightclubberLang co flo as a unit was so influential to a league of long winded mc's. el and juss and len = can't be fuct with.
megg @inkednblue: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. sadly, i don't like the album version..the soul was just drained from it." =]] (reblip)

Avett Brothers Laundry Room Norfolk 6-19-08

| play
megg @CLARITY: "The new album is OH-SO good...I'm seein' them at austin city limits in 2 DAYS!..." This is sooo mine tomorrow! I'm liking all of them =]] (reblip)
megg @Moishe74: "...another fave from the new one." <--------- This DJ is blipping some serious new Avetts! @Kathrynn33@JustChristy@LEM_40@MoiraColleen (reblip)
megg @Moishe74: "@megg: here you go. send me some listeners. :) including you." I'm signed up! I don't know if I hold much sway, but I'll do what I can! (reblip)
megg @amyleigh: "Thx4 listening! Man, I love Avett Bros RB>@megg If you didn't I probably couldn't be your blip-friend ;) (reblip)
irishvan @alicia_ glad you got it! I didn't have much faith of it making accross the ocean so hooray!
irishvan omg... this dudes rhymes???? yep........
RentWisely Kind of appropriate for "lloré, lloré por ella" (reblip)
RentWisely Songs: Ohia - Lightning Risked It All, a cool song by a band that I like a lot. Night everybody.


| play
supersusie it's strange what love does (reblip @fiDigital) (reblip)

Ghost of Love David Lynch

| play
Mistadobalina Leonard Cohen - Lover Lover Lover

Leonard Cohen-Lover Lover Lover (original)

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jambands I know you better than I know myself.

Tool- Part Of Me

| play
avivajazz The Last Poets – Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution // vi@mammara (reblip)
jccunningham my sleeper favorite from Backspacer... [Pearl Jam – Just Breathe]
Nomentionofkev Prince – Kiss thnx for the props, shoulda added you a long while ago @JODYGIRL162 ! (reblip)


| play

A Perfect Circle- Peace, Love, And Understanding

| play
mildabandon "I'm sitting here with you tonight / you make an awful pretty sight / and since it's just us two tonight / I think that we should screw tonight."

Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

| play
Dysn0m1a Go get your knife, get filthy Deftones – Knife party

DeftonesKnife party

| play
alamsam Música bem....... intensa!!! Sem palavras........


| play
DJC2 @The45King You've got me playing a lot of Joy.

Joy Division Passover

| play
ElZorro Melba Moore – You Stepped Into My Life
MikeyDoc I can't wait to have kids just so i can use stuff like this to teach them :)
juropel Happy Friday, Blippers! Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell #holdmusic
maichu ♫ Take a good look around you, Take a good look you're bound to see
THEORDEROFEARTH Thx~Tribute T Margot~Living Symbol f Humanity~Invite pilgrims T experience new possibility!0! (reblip)
islandgirl66 HEY O

Red Hot Chili Peppers "Snow (Hey O)" live at Fuse

| play

Dana Falconberry "Blue Umbrella"

| play
nemesisurchin [Radiohead – House of Cards]... put your keys in the bowl
struggleville Great Lake Swimmers – Various Stages
nemesisurchin [We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices] logging in here is like coming home. (reblip)

Hello Saferide, My Best Friend

| play
bthecat and thats where I'm heading right now.....till anon. x
AprilAllYear Hello Blippers! I'm in Austin for ACL. Blippin' tunes from bands I'll be seeing today... 1st, Blitzen Trapper!
eliott_is_dead Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
wordvenus Yo, put your hands opposite to the ground if you're lovin our sound Go - oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh!
chameleonpixie @HellenKellersIpod Let's discuss this on aim or email. I'm chameleonpixie at yahoo for email and chameleonpixie on aim.
chameleonpixie I like to eat tic tacs and altoids like candy instead of like mints. Whoops.
chameleonpixie @LikeAnAngel Anytime, I <3 corny jokes & puns. //Grrr, I keep trying to change my profile pic and it says its uploaded but keeps showing the old one.
KDub pharrell williams. one of my favorite producers
VintageRain Cee-lo! Enough said. Crafty just like Andre 3000.

Heatmiser/Plainclothes Man

| play
eliott_is_dead @minmae eu sei q vc ñ achou! nem eu, aliás! mas fica a torcida aqui: Setembro Negro no Rio 2016 =)
brainboy @mz_rocko how are you? had a good day?

Fatboy Slim -THE BPA TOE JAM ft. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal

| play

Guilty Simpson ARES (feat. Guilty Simpson and Kriz Steel) Prod. by Oznoh

| play
driczz or just USE ME!!!!!! ♫...someone like u ohohooohhh♪
DJ_Moishe @AlyG: continuing my theme of the evening of both covers and soundtracks (this from 500 days of summer)
DJ_Moishe what a nice surprise to hear Young MC again. on the whip it soundtrack.

Young MCKnow How

| play
DJ_Moishe @Echo_L Bye @badtemperedzombie like this voxtrot.

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives.

| play
DJ_Moishe it's just been raining on my face.
DJ_Moishe @RandyElliott: "luv'n this band! "Lightning Dust – I Knew"" reblipping @RandyElliot. needs some listeners and prop so i can return the love. (reblip)
DJ_Moishe The Antlers - Two.

The AntlersTwo

| play
usin420 @rockthetropics Thanks, you're pretty damn cool there yourself;)
usin420 Masta Ace – NFL (Unreleased Saukrates Mix), Masta ace flexes his lyrical skills in this track...
usin420 Katamari Forever: サヨナラ Rolling Star, @rockthetropics From the new Katamari game that just came out for the PS3

Katamari Forever: サヨナラ Rolling Star

| play
MusicHigh ok....tell me you DID NOT just say that word!?!?...cos that movie was on last night and i laugh every time he says that line @JensJams


| play
MusicHigh AT&T 'more bars in more places' ad & 2 yrs ago, christmas jewelry commercial with couple in car on a snowy night... rb @dreamrevelry @nastysurprise72" (reblip)
MusicHigh "i'm tossing up punchlines that were never there" - love that...

R.E.M.- The Great Beyond

| play
RentWisely It's going to be a crazy day...again.
neillcameron You look stressed. Seriously, are you okay? Sit down, take a load off. Here, have a biscuit. There, isn't that better?

MF DoomArrow Root

| play
charleyhorse Hello @CargoCulte yeah know the feeling but since I work alone and from home I guess it means I'm turning suicidal ;)
charleyhorse damn my shoes need a good shining......
DJ_Moishe 10 blips straight away from the randomness of my iTunes library. #4.

The RootsWeb

| play
DJ_Moishe 10 blips straight away from the randomness of my iTunes library. #8.
TheRealFLUIDITY :~) Consider it picked! What up? @Yan: "need to pick up some unknown prophets" ♫ Unknown Prophets ft. Slug - Never #WhatHipHopIs #RealHipHop (reblip)
RentWisely & I love online 'electric feel' playment vi@DependableSkeleton: "Whew! Just remembered I need to pay the electric bill. I love online bill payment." (reblip)

MGMT "electric feel" video

| play
RentWisely I held out for a while, but couldn't not blip it forever...
RentWisely This band makes me happy. I don't know why I didn't discover it sooner...
RentWisely Definitely ranks in the best band names ever! They played here recently. Couldn't go. vi@badtemperedzombie: "starting to seriously love this band..." (reblip)
badtemperedzombie It was a blast! Great to see you as well. @newNEWwave: "That was good fun. Great to see you as always @badtemperedzombie, @everythingispop!" (reblip)
badtemperedzombie he played this at Knox United last month! It was fabulous! @newNEWwave: "Wow! This is super cool! A Bloc Party cover." (reblip)
HellenKellersIpod So substitute the anger and oppression with guilt and depression and it's yours

Saul WilliamsGrippo

| play
HellenKellersIpod @dronnoisseur @Shukitty Still trying to work up the balls to wear my sleeveless sequin shirt with the virgin Mary on the front of it to work.
HellenKellersIpod @Shukitty Need to find a job that lets you dress foolish imo
HellenKellersIpod @Shukitty Oh man I just watched clips of it...looks so ridiculous and awesome. There'd better be tickets left...I would be sad if we missed it (reblip)
Spare_Ribs I need some other Cat Power songs, can anyone recommend me any of their favorites
eliott_is_dead greeat song title! rb@antennica haha... tnks! I'll bring u a piece of cake ;D (reblip)
RentWisely This is the song of the day for this afternoon. I'll believe in anything, if you'll believe in anything. (reblip)
MusicHigh rb @Alturn8tive: "Constantines & Feist – Islands In The Stream" (reblip)
wordvenus let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of france
usin420 On that queens tip, y'all can't mess with...
RentWisely It's re-blip day. What a great song. This one's back again from the infamous (reblip)
RentWisely "Does she know you should know that I am not just searching for some first time high" - another excellent (reblip)
eliott_is_dead [Silver Apples - Oscillations]

1MC Podcast: Oscillations

| play
RentWisely Lookin' for evil, thinkin' they could trace it, but...evil don't look like anything.
RentWisely Song of the day, hands down. vi@deedes: "Yes!" (reblip)
megAlone ((i f-ing LOVE this song! DJ SHadow - "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)" :D))
megAlone (( <3! Portishead - "Only You"))

Only youPortishead

| play
megAlone ((i really enjoy this song quite a bit.. "Rabbit in your Headlights" - U.N.K.L.E.))
megAlone ((lovely... "Lady" - Regina Spektor))

Regina SpektorLady

| play
megAlone ((Enjoyable Little Tune.. Adele - "First Love"))

AdeleFirst Love

| play
megAlone ((Great Song.. Sia - "Academia"))


| play
MusicHigh "eyes must do some rainin'...if you're ever gonna grow" rrb :) @shano: "rb :) @MsBojangles: "so i composed a poem."" (reblip)
eliott_is_dead @kevinfoca aqui tá um dia digno deles. ou um bom-humor, pelo menos! bom dia aê, velhinho! \o\

arab strap If There's No Hope for Us

| play
megAlone This song always makes me feel inspired. lol. i think it's the rise in the beginning, and the drive throughout.

Rogue WaveHarmonium

| play
OKnightmare I'm loving your playlist tonight! Thank you @everythingispop (reblip)
usin420 Missed the beer expo last weekend, too broke to go:/
usin420 Smif N Wessun – Movie

Smif N WessunMovie

| play
wordvenus it's a Magnetic Fields kinda day. so there. :p
by_starla RB@FUZZYFM--i agree with you completely! : "<3 .... Sounding more and more like JAMC meets The Smashing Pumpkins ... it's not a bad thing." (reblip)

The Big PinkVelvet

| play
MusicHigh paradox...paradox...paradox (reblip)

Laura VeirsRapture

| play
by_starla [Beth Orton - Absinthe]

Beth OrtonAbsinthe

| play
by_starla [Mirah – Generosity] reminds me of Kate Bush a bit here... instrumentation as well as vocals.


| play
MusicHigh leave it all behind...into the wild @megg
MusicHigh well, sometimes the hugs you bring just aren't enough :) rb @JensJams: "Found this funny.. Good song though" (reblip)

"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

| play
DJLOPZ One more DJ Shadow for good measure...

Bear in Heaven: For Beauty Music Video

| play
RentWisely I'm considering this as my theme song. I like it.
RentWisely Haven't blipped this one in a while!
RentWisely If there's just one thing you need to remember, it's to write down your name and your phone number...that way we can make something out of this mess.


| play
eliott_is_dead @antennica and how's yr wednesday?? everything beautiful?
eliott_is_dead @antennica whow! Never done ice-skating.. well, never even saw snow in my life =~~ anyway, uh.. so that's you on twitter?? (stalker mode ON, I know)
eliott_is_dead @by_starla I'm fine.. you know, doing my best and stuff =) @minmae cadê vc??? pô.. preciso d cafuné =~~
eliott_is_dead hey @by_starla! how r you today? (reblip)

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart opening credits

| play
MusicHigh total blip foul...last vid blip annoyingly had another that specific one to boot. sorry, not gonna say the name...guess i got 100 problems

Jay-Z99 Problems

| play
by_starla [Laura Gibson - Where Have All Your Good Words Gone?] @the_night_manager--i always look forward to your blops. :)
MusicHigh just don't be surprised if it tastes like... @dragonfly113: "I'll just have to hire you as my consultant. I hope you can make coffee. @MusicHigh" (reblip)
by_starla RB@toobad with many thanks-perfect! :) : "and this is for @by_starla ; )" (reblip)
by_starla [nick cave - she passed by my window]
by_starla [Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Then The Letting Go]
by_starla [Earlimart-Nevermind the Phonecalls]
by_starla [Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Mercy] @Alturn8tive-let me know if u have lastfm ?s-i agree-blip interaction m better-lastfm always feels static in comp.
by_starla RB@everythingispop-w thanks-you're right :): "Don't know if you are familiar but I think you will love this lady. She is from the city I live in." (reblip)
by_starla [stuart murdoch - another saturday]
by_starla [Yeasayer - Wait For The Wintertime]
by_starla [Blitzen Trapper-Sleepytime in the Western World] @SabriESC-hoping kids didn't wake u like 1 of my cats woke me-sat on my pillow, ran claws thru hair.
by_starla [Conor Oberst - Sausalito]
by_starla [Okkervil River - Singer Songwriter]
by_starla [Bon Iver - Woods] @SabriESC-i'm happily drinking my coffee, which i really needed-cats do NOT understand sleeping in. how are you? :)

Bon IverWoods

| play
by_starla [Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit] hello @SabriESC! :)
by_starla OOP for you today (already-darn!) @everythingispop-so a well-deserved reblip here, along with hopes for all to be well for you. (reblip)
by_starla [M. Ward - Requiem] needed some more M Ward this AM.

M. WardRequiem

| play
by_starla RB@sleepingwino with thanks-have recordings of this, never saw video: "by_starla Billy playing some guys guitar on the street AC/DC cover acoustic. " (reblip)
by_starla @everythingispop=so sorry to hear you had a challenging week-hoping things looking up for you now. my holiday ok-nice in some ways, hard in others. :)

Arcade FireLenin

| play
by_starla [Bob Dylan - Visions Of Johanna (acoustic version, live)] i love the acoustic live versions from 1966.... hello @everythingispop-how are you? :)
by_starla [Jeff Tweedy - Simple Twist Of Fate]

Jeff Tweedy - Simple Twist Of Fate

| play
by_starla [The National - The Geese Of Beverly Road]
LaKarune Hey yourself @djilo :) Nice tunes today, you!

Shad -- What We All Want

| play
MusicHigh sounds simple enough to me :)


| play
MusicHigh wish andre would go back to this...


| play
MusicHigh in that case @MissLordy you know what you need to do/be...
by_starla [The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt this Place]
by_starla [Telekinesis - I Saw Lightning]
DJLOPZ Ill cut.

The Game feat. Jamie Foxx Around The World

| play
wordvenus MC Chris – Fett's Vette: my backpack's got jets, i'm boba the fett
MusicHigh future huh... @MyHeartsBeat how much worse have things gotten? i hope music is still alive and well ;)
DJLOPZ The closest to Tribe I think I've ever heard.

People Under the Stairs-Check the Vibe (HQ)

| play
DJLOPZ @gamefiend Hey there. Snow? Doesn't exist in SoCal :))


| play
DJLOPZ Whats up dude. Just gettin some blip in on this gloomy Sat in SoCal. @DirtyUrine: "hey bro! ~ #DJLOPZ: "RB @gamefiend"" (reblip)
DJLOPZ The Roots – The Seed (2.0) (Ft. Cody Chestnutt)

Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen

| play

Twisted Nerve-Bernard Herrmann.

| play
usin420 Prodigy of Mobb Deep – Real Power Is People
by_starla [ Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt. 1] hey there @mammara-are you feeling better? and hello @space_cadet :)
usin420 Posted this a couple of times but I can't help it...War is my Destiny!!
by_starla [Eulogies - Bad Connection] acoustic, from Homespun Sessions. delay here re. seeing replies to me-please don't think i'm ignoring you!
by_starla [Eulogies-This Fine Progression] acoustic, from Homespun Sessions. off to more meetings & conferences-see you later. hey there @katost-how are you? :)
by_starla [The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Want to Get Over You]
by_starla [Sufjan Stevens-Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!)] @Modster-laughed at your Raveonettes comment-here's counter-programming
by_starla [Mariee Sioux – Buried In Teeth]
MusicHigh @MissLordy why rely on a caffeine push when you can have a @MusicHigh ;)

Yo la tengo Our Way To Fall

| play
tubilino @Lez: "@tubilino... happy blip day! :) ... The Shins – Gone For Good" ---> thank you ;) (reblip)
Alturn8tive {Neutral Milk Hotel- Leave Me Alone / GardenHead}

Neutral Milk Hotel- Leave Me Alone / GardenHead

| play
DJ_Moishe finding it impossible not to blip my fave song of 2009. sure i am not alone. or even close to it.
by_starla [Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Another Satellite (XTC cover)] happy Monday @xtcdukes :)
by_starla [Animal Collective - Guys Eyes]
by_starla I've waited for the leaves to fall/ For old John Wayne to save us all
by_starla making me think of terry gilliam....

Arcade FireBrazil

| play

the flaming lips do you realize

| play