san_bsb adoroooooooo!!!somewhere over the Rainbow / what a wonderful world (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Great Hawaiian musicians!

167 Brothers Cazimero - `Awapuhi Lau Pala Wale

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Waikiki is a classic song for dreaming about being in paradise.

134 The Brothers Cazimero - Waikiki

| play
Ukuleleuniverse A great Hawaiian duo.

006Makua - Sistah Robi Kahaklau With John Cruz

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Nice falsetto singer for this traditional song.

047 Puamana

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Nice Hawaiian sound.

7 Hula Girl

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Rest in Peace Aunty Genoa. Mahalo for your song and smile.

Genoa Keawe`Alika

| play
Ukuleleuniverse The lovely voice of Raiatea singing Kimo Henderson Hula
Ukuleleuniverse The version I learned hula to.

003 Papalina Lahilahi

| play
Ukuleleuniverse This version is a little slower and easier to hear the words.

021 Papalina Lahilahi

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Great ukulele along with good song and artists.

016 Ka'au Crater Boys - You

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Don't recognize the singer, but an interesting rendition.

03 Keep Your Eyes on the Hands

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hukilau in Hawaiian language. Could this be Amy Hanaiali`i?

49 The Hukilau Song

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Ukulele solo - instrumental


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage Kaimana Hila with steel guitar

04 Kaimana Hila (Diamond Head)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vocal - Manuela Boy - Hawaiian style singing

015 Manuela Boy

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Great energy for dancing. Lei Nani

011 Lei Nani

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Lovely instrumental for easy listening - Now is The Hour
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage Hawaiian song - Sweet Singing Bamboo

003 Singing Bamboo

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Aunty Genoa Keawe - gone but her aloha and great smile is shining through on this mele (song). Noho Paipai (Rocking Chair Hula)

001 Noho Paipai

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Traditional version of `Ahulili.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Nice slack key and vocal Na Ka Pueo (The Owl) - Makana

MakanaNa Ka Pueo

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage Mauna Loa - unknown artists

03 Mauna Loa

| play
Ukuleleuniverse A short clip of Na Pua Ilima - flower of O`ahu.

065 Na Pua Ka 'Ilima

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Another Iz song with great Hawaiian sound -Ka Huila Wai
dickadcock C O O L ! @toosweet4rnr [Should I Stay or Should I Go – Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain] oh blip, should i stay or should i go? (reblip)
tjmackster Last night I dreamt I was returning and my heart called out to you...Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u - Olomana (1 of my fav Hawaiian tunes ever)
Ukuleleuniverse Sample of the fantastic falsetto voice of Dennis Pavao - I Kona - one of my favorite songs and hulas.

Dennis PavaoI Kona

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Sample of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar style of Keola Beamer - `Imi Au Ia`Oe (King's Serenade)written by Charles E. King.
Ukuleleuniverse Sit back and relax to a full recording and nahenahe sound of Lei`Awapuhi (Yellow Ginger Lei) slack key greats, Bob Brozman and Ledward Kaapana.
CyndiCraven A fave tune from one of my heroes of the ukulele! (You know his Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World medley.)
Ukuleleuniverse Maika`i no! Great oli! Mahalo for sharing it. Wish I were there. Which island? I'm in Hawaii today... come join me. ;-) (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse A sample of Norton Buffalow and George Kahumoku Jr. jamming at the Maui Music Camp in 2008 - at Napili. I was there, and it was great!
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage Hawaiian - Sol Ho`opi`i. The sound is low and this is a short sample, but for Hawaiian music fans - a treat. Mahalo Sol.
Ukuleleuniverse A great mele by Iz - Heard this one for the first time about two years ago in a Pearl Jam show in Hawaii (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Traditional mele (song) - fun hula. Great clip of Keoki singing Laupahoehoe (Happy Me is Don Ho's the English version. Love the husky style.
Ukuleleuniverse Great Jazz Hawaiian style of Teresa Bright. Traditional mele (song)- sample of her beautiful voice. Mahalo for sharing, Teresa.
Ukuleleuniverse Contemporary - sample of a fun hit in English. Be sure and click on the Buy MP3 to access more of her great songs from Amazon.
Ukuleleuniverse Traditional - Sample of Uncle Richard and falsetto style of singing. He is touring with Hawaiian Treasures Celebration Tour 2009 in Texas in March.
Ukuleleuniverse Gerald Ross on steel guitar - "You were wearing a blue lei..." - nahenahe (soft-sweet sound) of Hawaiian music. Gerald will be in Dallas May 1, 2009.

Gerald RossBlueLei

| play
rkmonkey been a while. glad ur back to share rb @Ukuleleuniverse Gerald Ross enjoy this great instrumental - Nalani. (reblip)

Gerald RossNalani

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Live recording and talk story with Gerald Ross - playing Sol Ho`opi`i 1930-40's version of Weave a Lei. Hawaiian music with a swing.
Keao Oh this brings back memories. They are still playing.
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage: Hawaiian Hula Eyes by the late Alfred Apaka. Enjoy this full length version.
n0ri Exotica!!

Martin Denny "Quiet Village" from Hawaii Calls

| play
Ukuleleuniverse @MugichaGozen: "Sol Hoopii Trio - Song of the Islands / King's Serenade "Maika`i No! Great vintage Hawaiian. Mahalo. (reblip)

Sol Hoopii Trio Col 949-D Song of the Islands / King's Serenade 1927

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Enjoy this peppy version of Kuhio Bay. Nice voice. Looking for one by Teresa Bright.

IZUMI:Xmas Live``Kuhio Bay``

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hawaiian jazz/blues sound of Kuhio Beach by Teresa Bright. Maika`i!
Ukuleleuniverse Another Teresa Bright mele of an old standard - Hula Heaven. Great voice, add a little steel and a great arrangement. Heaven indeed. Mahalo, Teresa.
normrice On my way to a tour today, I found myself singing this :) Was kinda fun to sing along
normrice This has got to be one of my favorites on this day - Have a safe & relaxing 4th
normrice Heading off to the Blues Festival on the Waterfront - Come visit the Lions Mobile Screening Unit & get screened for glaucoma, hearing loss etc.
normrice Good night - hope all have a great week ahead
normrice A great day - felt this to be a fitting song to end this day
Ukuleleuniverse What a treat to see Herb Ohta, Jr.- ukulele master, playing a duet with his father, ukulele master - Ohta San. Doesn't get any better than this.

Hi'ilawe / Ohta-San & Herb Ohta,Jr.

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Amazing ukulele playing. Herb Ohta, Jr. will be on tour in the great state of Texas in September. In San Antonio the 18th and 19th. Y'all come!

Herb Ohta Jr Daniel Ho Yamano Ginza 2006 Europa

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Very nice treatment of Kanaka Waiwai - can be found on the album - Homesick. Hawaiian and English being sung at the same time. Enjoy!

Mikioi- Kanaka Wai Wai

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Jesse Tinesley singing Ipo Hula written by the late, great composer, Lena Machado. Jesse has many videos on YouTube. Hawaiian words clear and sweet.

Ipo Hula, another Lena Machado hit

| play
Ukuleleuniverse The late great Jerry Byrd playing Hawaiian style steel guitar. Kohala March. In Joliet, IL, they hold a Hawaiian Steel Convention in Oct. It is great!
GrowWear Dwight Yoakam -- Nothing

Nothing ~Dwight yoakam~

| play
Ukuleleuniverse I do not know who these lovely young ladies are, but they play and sing Uncle K's mele so nahenahe. This song was written for his wife Maiki. Mahalo.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Ah! Sit back and relax to the nahenahe sound of Hawaiian Slack Key by Makana - Pua Sadinia. Love that sound.

MakanaPua Sadinia

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Pua Tuberose by Na Leo - great mele and beautiful harmony and of course marvelous fragrance.

Na LeoPua Tuberose

| play
Ukuleleuniverse George and Kekuhi - Two GREAT award winning slack key players. Mahalo @pluckydaddy for blipping this mele. Doesn't get any better than this. (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Moonlight Lady written by Carlos Andrade recorded by Gabby's Band. Enjoy lyric, melody, and wonderful playing. Great stress reducer!! Hanahou.
Ukuleleuniverse Love this mele. A great and fun video on YouTube of George Klingelhofer-met him at the Chicago Ukulele Festival. Nice trio sound, George. Mahalo!!
Ukuleleuniverse A compilation of fun at Keoki's Music Camp in December on the Big Island. Best enjoyed if you can see the video. Love this family. Hope to go in 2010
Ukuleleuniverse Musical samples and video slides of some great players, singers and dancers, who gathered in S. CA to share aloha. Wish I had been there.

Southern California Slack Key Festival 2008

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage steel guitar by Sol Hoopii - gospel songs.
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage mele by Sol. K. Bright. Not the best sound quality, but worth overlooking that to hear this great version.

Sol K. Bright / Hawaiian Cowboy

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage and a bit scratchy, but a delight to hear.

Sol Hoopii's train song

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hapahaole Hula Girl by Sol Hoopii - steel solo. Vintage gold. What a great player.

Sol Hoopii / Hula Girl

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage - Sol Hoopii's Hollywood days. Great images on YouTube. Wonderful steel solo.
Ukuleleuniverse Three brief samples of Keola Beamer's CD. don't drive when listening to slack key. Do buy his music - enriches your life.

"Keola Beamer / Mauna Kea" (1997)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Maika`i No!(Great!)From my friendly island of Moloka`i. This mele and hula made me feel happy this morning. Enjoy!

Clyde "Kindy" Sproat -- Old Hawaiian Song with Hula Girls

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Memories of the Prince Kuhio Hotel lobby, where Mahi held court on Friday and Saturday evenings. Locals and tourists alike enjoyed his great talent.
Ukuleleuniverse LOL Great fun song. Good ukulele playing. Not sure who Haole Wolf is, but I like his kolohe style. Beware! Fear of coconuts. ;-)
Ukuleleuniverse written by Andy Cummings -Waikiki - great harmony by the Cazimero Brothers.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Makee `Ailana - slack key with vocal. Slide show of Kailua side of O`ahu from YouTube.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Jawaiian Style - Kapena's popular song - Crazy.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hapa Haole (song about Hawai`i, with English lyrics)- Classic performer Alfred Apaka.
Ukuleleuniverse Short clip of Marlene Sai with daughter.

Mahela with mother Marlene Sai live in Keauhou-Kona, HI

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hawaiian historian and master ukulele player, John King playing Alekoki. Mahalo for sharing your aloha with all of us, RIP dear friend.

Alekoki (hula medley): John King ukulele

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Be amazed - Peter Moon on ukulele. Hula `O Makee. Maika`i no! (Great!) Inspiration for all ukulele players.

ukulele legend Peter Moon: Hula 'O Makee

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Ukulele and J. Tinsley singing Green Rose Hula. The mele is classic and has been covered by most Hawaiian musicians. Mahalo Uncle Johnny.

"Green Rose Hula", a hula classic by Johnny Almeida

| play
Ukuleleuniverse On this cold cold night,I'd rather be Sailin'.

Cecilio & Kapono

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Kawika - musical version of chant dedicated to King David Kalakaua. Great solo.
Ukuleleuniverse Another version of Kawika by the Ka`au Crater Boys. Try find the CD and add it to your library.
Ukuleleuniverse The chant - Kawika. From Po`okela Chants CD.
Ukuleleuniverse HAPA! Great mele - enjoy harmony and images of paradise. Ku`u Lei Awapuhi (My Ginger Lei).

Ku'u Lei Awapuhi By HAPA

| play
Ukuleleuniverse @chickenkatsu - Happy Aloha Friday everyone! No work 'til Monday.

HapaAloha Friday

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Lei Pikake from the Hapa CD of the same name. I wore out the first one and had to buy another.

Lei PikakeHapa

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage - A short clip of When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop.

09 When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Traditional mele and comic hula about Tutu (grandma).
Ukuleleuniverse Short oli (chant) of gratitude - Hawaiian style.

Oli Mahalo

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Live - just like being there. Informal, fun, great music. E Nei by the Sean Na`auao Trio.

Ei Nei by the Sean Na'auao Trio

| play
Ukuleleuniverse One man, one ukulele, a mele played and sung with gret emotion. No need microphone or plug-in. Nahenahe the mele. Mahalo Boom. Road to Hana CD.

Ka Pilina performed by Boom in Hana Maui

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage - Gabby Pahinui - Wai O Ke Aniani. This is the good stuff. Aloha kakahiaka kakou (Good morning to all of us).
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage - Gabby Pahinui- not the best sound quality, but THE best slack key.
Ukuleleuniverse Short Clip of Kona Bob on the front porch with Bruddah Smitty. Be well soon Kona Bob. See you in April.

Bruddah Smitty & Konabob Stoffer

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage - SCRATCHY - Gabby, slack key, falsetto singing, nani images of Hawai`i.
Ukuleleuniverse Birthday Celebration - Hawaiian Style - Uncle George could still ami - Makaha Sons - Hi`ilawe - hula kolohe for him.

Uncle George Na'ope Passes at 81. RIP

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by King David Kalakaua or Lunalilo - Hawaiian anthem # 13 - 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. Sung with great pride at Merrie Monarch Festival.

Hawaii Ponoi (full orchestra)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Ke Kali Nei - also known as Hawaiian Wedding song. #9 - 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i - ukulele chord solo - player unknown.

ke kali nei au(ハワイアンウエディングソング)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Waikiki - written by Andy Cummings 1938 - #5 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. Lovely version solo with hula bonus.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by Jerry Santos-his unique voice singing # 7 - Greatest Songs of Hawai`i.Olomana Ku`u Home O Kahalu`u. Great memories of the Rainbow Lounge.

Olomana- Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u

| play
Ukuleleuniverse A gracious lady of Hawaiian music, Genoa Keawe. Mahalo for sharing your aloha with us.

a tribute to Aunty Genoa Keawe

| play
Ukuleleuniverse ty for sharing HI vintage music. MugichaGozen - Enjoy Alika made famous by the late great Aunty Genoa Keawe - # 15 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i.

Alika ~ The Abrigo Ohana featuring Kamaka Fernandez ~ 2/5/09

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Great novelty version of Hapa Haole Hula girl.I dare you not to smile. ;-)

Sweet Hollywaiians / Hula Girl

| play
Ukuleleuniverse 101 year old ukulele master Bill Tapia sitting in with the Sweet Hollywaians I Want To Go Back To My Little Grass Shack.

BILL TAPIA with Sweet Hollywaiians

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Pua Hone written by Rev Dennis Kamakahi - #16 - 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. Brothers Cazimero version. Lovely images to enjoy.

Pua Hone 02

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Kawohikukapulani, written by Helen Desha Beamer 1941 Mahi Beamer singing. #17 - 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. Memories of Prince Kuhio Hotel.
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage or antique recording. Not sure if it is 78 record or a cylinder. Samuel Siegel plays Ku`u Ipo I Ka Hee Pue One fast on mandolin. Hmmm
cwahine love this song - plus great dancing (in video)
Ukuleleuniverse Ka`au Crater Boys - Happy sound and fun mele. GREAT ukulele playing.
Ukuleleuniverse @ Hawaiibuzz Another great album from the duo of Ernie Cruz, Jr. and Troy Fernandez, AKA the Ka`au Crater Boys. Enjoy Still The One.
Ukuleleuniverse Tropical Hawaiian Day on one of my favorite CD's - The Best of Ka`au Crater Boys. Like what you hear? Get the CD.
Ukuleleuniverse Troy Fernandez radio interview - winner of three Na Hoku Hanohano awards. Ukulele role model for Hawaiian keiki in 1990. Wish I could play like that.

Troy Fernandez interview

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Haven't heard this Don Ho mele in a loooong time ty@Pbarton2: I am sure it was on a 33rpm album. Still a fun song to sing. (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Folks having fun with Don. Live video brings back memories of Don the Beachcombers.

'suck em up' Don Ho Show

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Let's go to the beautiful island of Moloka`i. A little nahenahe singing and some maika`i playing. Composer? Kumu Hewitt?

Molokai Sweet Home

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Clip with various artists performing as a fund raiser after the devastating Hurricane Iniki hit Kaua`i in 1992.

Kauai Aloha

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Aloha @jboyer5851 "Peppy version with ukulele and steel solos of On The Beach at Waikiki" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse There's a silent period after Kumu Obrien Eselu's intro and the hula. The clip of kane hula is more than worth the wait - be patient. Maika`i no!
Ukuleleuniverse @jboyer5851 Welcome to Here is the #25 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. These two wahine are new to me, but they have a nice sound. Enjoy

Mikioi- Kanaka Wai Wai

| play
Ukuleleuniverse The chant Kawika with vintage pictures - dedicated to Uncle George Naope. Kawika is #23 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by Helen Lindsey Parker, 1934 - Akaka Falls - #22 on 50 Greatests Songs of Hawai`i - vintage recording of steel and horus.

Akaka Falls1

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Uncle Ray hulas to I Kona - enjoys back yard kanikapila. Memories of talking story with him in Kona. Plays nahenahe sounds of ki`ho`alu.

Raymond Kane (1925-2008)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse He Aloha No Honolulu images Hawai`i - Teresa Bright shares her nahenahe voice.

He Aloha No O Honolulu-Teresa Bright

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Jake leading a group of musicians - See who you can find in the video. My favorite version is by Uncle K. Lake. Looks like they are having a blast.

He Aloha No O Honolulu led by Jake Shimabukuro

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Keiki ukulele - this young man is so much fun to watch - look out Jake. He even sings something that sounds like I'm Yours. Don't know his name.

I'm Yours(ukulele)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Sit back and relax to Barney Isaacs and George Kuo play slack key and steel guitar - Maui Medley. Two great Hawaiian musicians.
Ukuleleuniverse Hapa-haole mele about the Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai - Concert in the Park in Santa Barbara CA.

"Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai" by Kaleo Naea of Kaua'i

| play
Ukuleleuniverse eee-ha! Keiki playing and singing for hula. Maka`i no!!!

Laupahoehoe ラウパホエホエ

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Mahalo@djUNKNOHN: "this ones for my daughter..." sharing the aloha voice of Iz with your listeners. Great playlist - powerful mele. (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse You were a beautiful baby.....Close to my bosom I'll hold you - Baby mine. Love song from makua to keiki written by Albert Nahale`a.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Wow! He said it was punahele, but I don't hear that meleody. I DO see and hear some amazing slack key. Infusion Slack Key?


| play
Ukuleleuniverse Punahele Remix - sitting on the beach - be sure and read the poem at the end.

punahele remix

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Never heard this one, but I like it. Mahalo Jack Larimer for sending a joyful noise out into the universe. My Coconut Hat.

My Coconut Hat by Jack Larimer

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Mahalo for sharing Na Leo Pilimehana mele@vjvixon I feel lucky everyday@hawaiibuzz @chickenkadsu@ilove80! (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse A bit of Hawaiian history as an intro to this mele, Kanaka Waiwai, and performed to honor kupuna. #25 -50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i.

Kanaka Waiwai

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by K. Lake and Maddy Lam - Pua Lililehua - #26 - 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i. Ukulele and vocal duet. Uncle K was my ukulele teacher in 1995.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse A triple treat - Kanaka Waiwai written by Uncle Johnny Almeida, presented by Unity Church in Hawaiian and English, and the beauty and grace of hula.

Kanaka Waiwai by Faith Rivera

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by Alfred Alohikea 1916 - The Brothers Cazimero play and sing in fabulous harmony - Pua Lilia - #27 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i.

The Brothers Cazimero "Pua Lilia"

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Enjoy tropical images and sing-a-long with Hawaiian lyrics on this video from YouTube. Pua Lilia.

Pua Lilia

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Written by Liko Martin - recorded by Country Comfort in 1974 - #29 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i (originally Nanikuli Blues) - Beautiful slides.

WAIMANALO BLUES ~ Country Comfort

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Vintage Mele Kalikimaka - the crooner, Bing Crosby. Written by R. Alex Anderson 1940. It's # 28 on 50 Greatest Songs of Hawai`i list.
Ukuleleuniverse Nahanahe sound of Na Leo singing A Hawaiian Lullaby - written by Hector Venegas and Peter Moon 1973. #30 on 50 Greatests Songs of Hawai`i.
Ukuleleuniverse Enjoy the beauty of the Hawaiian language - Lord's Prayer & Doxology. I like the idea of going to church barefeet. ;-) Have a glorious day.
Ukuleleuniverse Hapa-haole song - Little Grass Shack - dancers in TI leaf skirts #41 on 50 Greatest songs of Hawai`i. Maika`i ka hula - Mahalo Island Inspirations.

"My Little Grass Shack" by Kaleo Naea Band & Hula by Island Inspirations

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Let's Go On a Moonlight Swim - Elvis singing to some lovely haole wahine.

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii

| play
Ukuleleuniverse @WhitlowVintage Thanks for listening. Here is a lovely presentation of clips from Blue Hawai`i - Elvis singing - lyrics provided to sing along.
Ukuleleuniverse Rock Hula Baby, Rock. Elvis in Blue Hawai`i. Celebrating the anniversary of his birth this year - he would have been 75.

Elvis in Blue Hawaii Music Video

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Hawaiian Wedding Song by Elvis Presley - in Blue Hawai`i . Love the vibes and steel guitar in the background.
Ukuleleuniverse Slide show of Elvis photos to Elvis singing I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. Nice relaxing love song from Blue Hawai`i movie - a classic film.

Elvis Presley Can't Help Falling In Love

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Kaua`i, Island of Love - Elvis Presely Tribute - nice collection of photos of his life

Elvis Presley Tribute

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Another version of Island of Love - hula is included. Mahalo Inge, for sharing your love of hula and your aloha.
Ukuleleuniverse Demis Roussos - Island of Love. This is a new song to me, but I like it - the words, the melody - makes me want to dance.

island of love

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Great vibes and nature sounds from Martin Denny - exotic album art from his recordings. Beautiful to hear and beautiful to see.

Martin DennyExotica

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Fingerstylings of Bla Pahinui - Ua (Hawaiian word for rain)
Ukuleleuniverse - Nice video of Rob MacKillop - Hawaiian Landscape with Rain.
Ukuleleuniverse Mele of the famous drenching rains of Hanalei - written by Alfred `Alohikea - 1920. Short lively version of Ka Ua Loku.


| play
Ukuleleuniverse after rain comes rainbows. A treat after his workshop, Uncle Richard sang Hawaiian Rainbows for the group. It was a wonderful event.

HAWAIIAN RAINBOW_Hawaiian Treasures Celebration Tour 2009

| play
Ukuleleuniverse rb of this clip, @hawaiibuzz@ILove80@Chicken katzu - check out this link It's maika`i!

Mahela with mother Marlene Sai live in Keauhou-Kona, HI

| play
jmic makes me Hawaii homesick

WAIMANALO BLUES ~ Country Comfort

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Mahalo to Hapa for sharing their great talents - Haleakala Ku Hanohano - PBS Special -

HAPA performs Haleakala Ku Hanohano (from PBS Special)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse Excellent images of Hawai`i and another great song from Keali`i Reichel - Hanohano `O Maui. Enjoy!

KEALI'I REICHEL singing HANOHANO 'O MAUI (Hawaiian music)

| play
Ukuleleuniverse "mele written in honor of Uncle George Naope and our memorable trip to Hachijo." Kumu Frank Hewett - Pua Aloalo (Hibiscus Flower) state flower of HI

"Pua Aloalo" by Kawaikapuokalani Hewett

| play
Ukuleleuniverse E Laka E - Prayer of adoration and praise to the goddess Laka. Chanted by Kumu Frank. More info on Kumu - Hewett.

e laka e

| play
Ukuleleuniverse An emotional clip - IZ speaking pono from his heart - Makaha Sons join him on stage - he sings Kaleohano written by Moon (his brother-in-law.
Ukuleleuniverse Lovely harmony of Na Leo Pilimehana - PLUS the beauty of Hawaii in pix. - Ka Leo O Ku`u Lehua.
carlnat @SunsetMom: "@BarbieRay: "can't live without 'em y'all, they get me higher 'n I can get on booze!! {{{{listen to some blues}}}} (reblip)
pluckydaddy Take more vitamins and naps - you'll be alright

I Feel That Old Age Creeping On by Homer And Jethro.wmv

| play
sceptre Crystal Gayle – When I Dream
vixenvoice Where it all started ...

Elenor Rigby by the Beatles lyrics

| play

To Know Him Is To Love Him= The Teddy Bears 1958

| play
flinndc Next Stop .... Roll In My Sweet Babies Arms!!! See you Super Blippers Later!!!!! ^5's and muaaaaaaahhhhhhhs as appropriate :-D

Grandpa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

| play
rachidkas Good night!@desyslava: "'Annie Lennox - Put A Little Love In Your Heart' ~ Good Night friends :-)" (reblip)
rachidkas Thank you!@proftherese: "RB@LRDavis: "Joan Baez & Mimi Farina – Try and Catch the Wind""" (reblip)
milkfish Hi @petxpert and thanks for the RB - enjoy this one!
MauiMichael Three Dog Night – Mama told me not to come
MusicWithMsB Can you doodle? You won't be able to get it out of your noodle!

A Bushel And A Peck -- Perry Como and Betty Hutton

| play
frankenstrat The Hollies – Carrie Anne
ssinfa @MNMissy: "This is it tweeple. Last song I'm blipping tonight. Hope U had fun shaking da booty! "Last Dance" by Donna Summer (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Indeed! TY@ShannonGrissom: "I'd rather be a forest than an street, Yes I would.. Thanks @ronnieron" (reblip)

Simon & Garfunkel El Condor Pasa

| play
ssinfa Another Saturday Night...coming soon to your neighborhood...

Fountains Of Wayne "Mexican Wine" Live RAVE HD

| play

I Am Woman by Helen Reddy LIVE 1975 Midnight Special

| play
straywebsurfer ♫ James Brown - "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"...TY@Ukuleleuniverse !
cabrogli Jimmy Cliff – I can see clearly now.................
lchamp Ed Ames – Cherish (1968)

Ed AmesCherish (1968)

| play
lchamp ROBERT GOULET (Live w / lyrics) – If Ever I Would Leave You
lchamp Peggy Lee – Summertime

Peggy LeeSummertime

| play
lchamp Frankie Lane – I Believe
lchamp @Dancer12: "RB@S75: "Sid's Big Band Radio: - The Ames Brothers - A Very Precious Love (1958)"" (reblip)
lchamp @Dancer12: "How wonderful! Hadn't thot of this in 99 yrs! Thank you! @AUDIOLESIblog: "@spitje: "Bing Crosby – Swinging on a star""" (reblip)
lchamp Doris Day – Enjoy Yourself
lchamp Doris Day-A Guy Is A Guy

Doris Day-A Guy Is A Guy

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lchamp Serenade Of The Bells - 1948 Kay kyser

Serenade Of The Bells

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jas13 TY :)@jet333: "Ray Charles & Count Basie - "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"...happy weekend!:))" (reblip)

Ray Charles & Count Basie Oh What a Beautiful Morning

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JTMaustin such a popular song. it is a good one, though. :: The Hollies – The Air That I Breathe" [1974] (Original Version)
Dancer12 almost done!! rb@S75: "Sid's Big Band Radio: - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade" (reblip)

roy orbinson only the only

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digitpt Crystal Gayle – Talking in Your Sleep - not very wise.... :))
lchamp Bobby Vinton – My Melody Of Love
lchamp Eddie Arnold – -Eddie Arnold Cattle Call
lchamp Ray Conniff – Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
lchamp Dolly Parton – Coat of many colors
Ukuleleuniverse Ukulele solo ;-)- "In The Ghetto" - Player unknown
pluckydaddy @Ukuleleuniverse: ""Can't Take My Eyes Off You" ukulele solo - tenor ukulele" (reblip)
ducks2007 rb @StreamingMimi: "The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You" (reblip)
ducks2007 rb @ginhollow: "Great song anytime,@GR8FL: "at last, my love has come along ... and life is like a song"" (reblip)

Etta JamesAt Last

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straywebsurfer ♫ The Who – "Pinball Wizard"...TY for listening: @droolius !
yesterhits John Fred& his Playboys- Judy in Disguise

John Fred & his Playboys-Judy In Disguise

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ladypn When the rain is blowing in your face & the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace, to make you feel my love....
daytonacharger STEVE MILLER BAND----FLY LIKE AN EAGLE,---a really great song by the SMB with a really great message in it too!!! BLOODY BRILLANT!!! (reblip)

Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle

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Marystudio The Four Tops ~ Baby, I Need Your Loving
Marystudio Santo and Johnny ~ Put Your Head on My Shoulder


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Marystudio Billie Holiday ~ It Had To Be You
Mr_Oneliner Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) #nowplaying
Mr_Oneliner Looking Glass – Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) #nowplaying

Frank Sinatra In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

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tigertuft Frank's voice at it's best, maybe my fave of his....

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (Frank Sinatra)

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WDavidStephenson @ckras Spent all day cleaning out basement of house that hadn't been cleaned since it was built in 1850.Bible was only thing that wasn't dusty
jet333 Glenn Miller – "Sunrise Serenade"...good morning:))
Ukuleleuniverse Good song.@belcanto9900: "thx&rb @Frauenpower: "Elton John – Crocodile rock"" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Good song TY@MugichaGozen: "Everything turned out just right. Good night. Sweet dreams - Doris Day – I Love the Way You Say Goodnight" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Good pick. TY@MirskuK: "♥'Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you.'♥" (reblip)

Kenny RogersLady

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Ukuleleuniverse I feel happy when I hear this song. TY@straywebsurfer: "♫ Abba – "Take A Chance On Me" Thanks for kind comment @fun4lilli (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Got to keep on moving.@Enigma42" ain't nothing gonna "Break My Stride". Have a great day.
jet333 TY;)) @russasis @StreamingMimi ~ Dean Martin ~ Non Dimenticar.. (reblip)

Dean Martin ~ Non Dimenticar (w/Dino photos)

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HeathersJukebox Diana Ross & The Supremes, "Love Child"

Diana Ross & The Supremes " Love Child " 1968

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SpinninSara hope they're good memories :) @MooseChili: "for @SpinninSara who blipped "Diamond Girl" and made me think of high school... <lol> L8R" (reblip)
zoja01 Thanks @azandiaMJBB: "*ty* 4 all the love :) "hugs" rb @zoja01: "Thank you! @D_Doyle: "Dave Clark Five" (reblip)
MusicWithMsB Little Richard...still going strong in his eccentric way!

Tutti-Frutti -- Little Richard

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MusicWithMsB So hard to say goodbye@DJC2: "Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye. RB via @DowntownBoogieMasterofLove.Cheers all, esp @TarinnAdaria" (reblip)
jroack Nat King Cole – Let's Fall In Love
BakingMan "It''s a super natural delight"....thx =) r/b @MSBloom: "Love it!!Rb!@MrsASoprano: "More Van Morrison"" (reblip)
dickadcock Nothing less than Superb! >>> It's The Same Old Song – The Supremes
TheJohnC Jackson/Orange Blossom Special – Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow
Ukuleleuniverse It always a good day for Hawaiian music - music that soothes. mele (song) "IZ - "Lover of Mine""" (reblip)

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Lover of Mine

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TheJohnC Paco DeLucia – Tico Tico
Jeffie The Beach Boys - "Sloop John B" (spring, 1966)

Lloyd Price "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"

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the who-squeeze box

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GraceOMalley @bytera: "✔ 'Smile' was the theme music for Chaplin last silent picture 'Modern Times' in 1936 composed by Chaplin himself. Performed by Nat King Cole (reblip)

SmileCharlie Chaplin

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BLUESBOOGIE Keb Mo & Corey Harris – Sweet Home Chicago
wilsoke dreams, by fleetwood mac

Fleetwood MacDreams

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Marystudio Little Richard ~ You Make Me Wanna Shout
Ukuleleuniverse Great song.TY@ShannonGrissom: Lyrics to "I Still Haven't found What I'm Looking For" by U2 (reblip)
jroack Neil Diamond - Longfellow Serenade

Neil Diamond-longfellow serenade

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jroack Linda Scott – I've Told Every Little Star
pfodra Great one! rb @Lovebreath: "Lucille is playing sweet love 2 U.. "The Thrill is Gone - BB King" (reblip)

B.B. KING (The Thrill Is Gone)

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TMA7 Heard this today on
pinkypotts46 The Beatles Lady madona

The Beatles Lady Madona

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Charmdeyes R E S P E C T .."find out what it means 2 me"! here we go.. #nowplaying xx
Charmdeyes i think it's time for a new pic here...Kodachrome, i have a few fav boys..Simon & Garunkel..this song made me happy! Luvs #nowplaying xx

Paul SimonKodachrome

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I Love The Night Life

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Charmdeyes @Dr_Wes: "I will try to turn it up a notch to ELEVEN:)rb @Charmdeyes: "@Dr_Wes it's too quiet, Doctor My Eyes, an oldie but goodie! #nowplaying xx"" (reblip)

Jackson Browne--Doctor My Eyes

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DJTIMMY @Chise: "Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better@heyjo" (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Smokey Robinson And The Miracles – I Second That Emotion
Songbird_ good evening Sid-hope you had a great day...
Ukuleleuniverse The Mavericks - great sound amazing images in the video. "Blue Moon"I love it. Hope you do too.
Ukuleleuniverse Fun and happy song. ;-) (Let's)"Dance The Night Away" The Mavericks
iSiTi @KURT2: "I L O V E Y O U S O M U C H...I T M A K E S M E S M I L E...@iTHANKYOUi@iSUNSHiNEi@iHUGSi@iSiTi" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse Great song from Miss Peggy Lee@kcsfann: "Good night and sweet dreams. Thank you for props&RBs xo" (reblip)
Jeffie Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "If You Don't Know Me By Now" (late 1972)
mmadl87 @ConTchr: "Thank you, @Toolesque - Listen to words, @mmadl87" always good to think like that (reblip)

Paul Anka "Having My Baby"

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Marystudio The Platters ~ Sixteen Tons
djaces29 Ramblin' Jack Elliott- Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild Women.wmv

Ramblin' Jack Elliott- Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild Women.wmv

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djaces29 Jim Reeves: Scarlet Ribbons

Jim Reeves: Scarlet Ribbons

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Ukuleleuniverse Great song. TY@JerryKidd: "You never even called me by my name" (reblip)

01 You Never Even Called Me By My Na

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Glenn Campbell ~ Southern Nights

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Thaiangel lol well you are fast TangMOo thxQ but hate to think of yesterday accident thou @TidyCat: "Thaiangel ขอแสดงความยินดี! (=^..^=)" (reblip)
Oldies Blood, Sweat &Tears - Spinning Wheel
Oldies Blood, Sweat &Tears - And When I Die
Oldies Bobby Sherman - Little Woman
cjh Want to finish my work!@Dancer12: "thx rb@marsabell: "Manfred Mann – Do Wah Diddy Diddy inspired by @Dancer12 #1964"" (reblip)
ducks2007 rb @Brooklynborn123: "Great Doo wop By The "Shirelles"/ Foolish Little Girl" (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse I LOVE it. Gracias(me gusto la canta) is that close? ;-)@tony_walker: (reblip)


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texman2 Words of wisdom from the masters - Jan and Dean - Baby Talk

Jan & DeanBaby Talk

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dawnie22 Ahhhh :) @GimmeSomeTruth: "thnx reminder via@pendulem On The Road To Find Out Cat Stevens" (reblip)

On The Road To Find Out Cat Stevens

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markLtuttle Purveyor of the Bakersfield sound, country singer-songwriter Dwight Yoakam grew up in Columbus, Ohio.
fxp123 @BlipisHip: "@BakingMan..."How do you all feel??" "I'm feeling gooood" "Feel so good"~~Chuck Mangione @mizhelena@donnadontplay @JeanneBehr @fxp123" (reblip)

Jerry Reed "Lord Mr. Ford"

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GrowWear Ending this session with Camelita -- Dwight Yoakam
stacruz2k She'll be waiting in Kingston Town...
muziekfreak voor @manojero (-: Peace & Love

Bob Marley 3 Little Birds

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Oldies Eddie Rabbitt – I Love A Rainy Night
Oldies Barry Manilow – I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN
Unci4 Good Morning..gettin a head start on St Paddys day :)

Carlton Showband, Drinkin' Irish Whiskey

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7 DRUNKEN NIGHTS with all lyrics

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Oldies Helen Reddy – Torn between two lovers
Oldies Leo Sayer - When I Need You
jeherv even if you say you hate him, you know you really don't.

One Love into My Head hurts My feet Stink Jimmy Buffett 6/20/2009

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jeherv it's just unamerican not to like this
mkenzzi RB @oreganospy: "Smiley Burnette Mar. 18, 1911" youtube Smiley Burnette It's My Lazy Day (reblip)

youtube Smiley Burnette It's My Lazy Day

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tedleew Cat Stevens – I Wish, I Wish
Ukuleleuniverse Good night to everyone - Herb is one of the best ukulele players in the world. Enjoy his version of "Europa". Sweet dreams.

Herb Ohta Jr Daniel Ho Yamano Ginza 2006 Europa

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Oldies Shirley Ellis – The Name Game#oldies
Oldies Jan & Dean – We Go Together #oldies
Oldies Billy Joe Royal – Down In The Boondocks#oldies
svanopbergen60 @TheMadSquirrel: "Eydie Gorme – Blame It On The Bossa Nova"Yeahhhh..good.. (reblip)
WigwamJones RB @AnneMarieD ROGER WHITTAKER - "New World In The Morning" (1970) (reblip)
SolDiesel78 I agree, great song :)) rb @joseph_hedary: "another savior :) thank you @me @sassykitts: "yes! great song! :-) Thanks"" (reblip)

I Will Survive

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cjh Mary Hopkins – Those Were The Days My Friend @Frauenpower
cjh Stand By Me – Ben E King

Stand By MeBen E King

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LEVS Mcguire Sisters – Goodnight My Love ~~ My last #Doowop blip today ~~ TY for props, RBs and RPs, keep up the good music and let the records spin