UltimateInternetRadio Hello, this is Ultimate Internet Radio, bringing you your favorite internet songs. Lets start off with a classic.
UltimateInternetRadio Found the real name of the song.

Invasion of the Gabber Robots - All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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UltimateInternetRadio Next, a song that causes people to go insane! By the way, if you blip me a good internet song, I might give you a prop. :)

Raffi- Banana Phone

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UltimateInternetRadio Let's get a meme in here! It's the Longcat Song, in case you didn't know. :D

4chan/Zone Soundtracks #13

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UltimateInternetRadio Enought with these classics, lets get a newb song in here! Not saying it's a bad song, it's an AWESOME song!
UltimateInternetRadio Here's one for you Star Trekers out there!
UltimateInternetRadio BURNINATE!!!!!!


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UltimateInternetRadio Another flash classic by weebl.

The badger song

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UltimateInternetRadio Got to have one of the top ten youtube videos of all time, right? Go Canon Rock!!!


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UltimateInternetRadio No, really, don't download this song. It's against this site's ToS. ;)
UltimateInternetRadio Can anyone tell me why this one is internet popular? ;)
UltimateInternetRadio This is one of those songs that just sticks in your head. ;) ran ran RUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Ronald McDonald Insanity

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UltimateInternetRadio Now for one about the internet. lulzy XD

We Didn't Start the Flame War

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UltimateInternetRadio Is this not in every youtube video or what? XD


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UltimateInternetRadio Everyone's favorite flea market! Living rooms, bed rooms, dinettes, OH YEA!!!
UltimateInternetRadio Again replacing this one with the video one in the playlist.
UltimateInternetRadio One of my favorite songs, with one not so favorite singer...
UltimateInternetRadio One of the recent memes, all over TV. I can't really add the original one minute song, so here's the best remix I found.

Keyboard Cat (Revenge Remix)

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UltimateInternetRadio Got to have some Parry Gripp in my playlist! He has so many good songs too, but it wouldn't be fair to have a bunch of his. :P
UltimateInternetRadio Be a good person, and listen to this song. Also, I tried to upload this to the servers, but it kept giving me an error. Someone help. :(

Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin

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UltimateInternetRadio Classic numa numa. PS: still don't have any listeners or replies. :c

O-ZoneNuma Numa

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UltimateInternetRadio I was, thinkin, we could, go do, somethin, dirtaaaeeeeeeey.
UltimateInternetRadio One of the oldest memes around. One of best dances around.
UltimateInternetRadio One of my favorite weebl songs! :D

Weebl's pork

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UltimateInternetRadio Got to have one of the most popular songs from newgrounds! :D Also, this is the direct copy from newgrounds, no crappy video or link from fileden.
UltimateInternetRadio I'll leave you guys for today with one of the most used songs on youtube, ipods, and playlists, all because of GH3.
UltimateInternetRadio Back, starting off with sum rap yo! Go, Charizard!

Pokémon Gangsta Rap

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UltimateInternetRadio Classic techno with over 80 remixes. Nuf said.

Hot ButterPopcorn

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UltimateInternetRadio Silly Federline.

Popo Zao!

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UltimateInternetRadio Click it blip it prop it credit fav it add it and reblip it.
UltimateInternetRadio Those two girls and their dance... have spread to almost every anime.
UltimateInternetRadio Sorry, didn't realize the video had 40+ seconds of empty at the end. ^_^' Here is a non video version.
UltimateInternetRadio Both of the music ones have skipping, and it won't let me download the one from albinoblacksheep, so I have to use a video. :/

She Blocked Me

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UltimateInternetRadio llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama llama
UltimateInternetRadio I'm gunna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench.

Take On Me: Literal Video Version *ORIGINAL*

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UltimateInternetRadio No more swastika symbol made out of trees in the forest for Hitler. :(

"Why Must I Cry" (Tosh.0 Remix)

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UltimateInternetRadio Go go Power Rangers!!! (fixed version)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Song (Extended Version

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UltimateInternetRadio lol, ronald

Max Coveri Running in the 90s

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UltimateInternetRadio dang, 4 videos in a row!

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition.avi

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UltimateInternetRadio The original windows xp sound song.

Windows Noises Remix

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UltimateInternetRadio Go in Charlie. Yea Charlie, go in. Do it Charlie. Do iiiiiiiiiiiit.
UltimateInternetRadio These shoes rule... These shoes suck!


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UltimateInternetRadio From the days when crappy flash animation was acceptable.
UltimateInternetRadio MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

Mortal Kombat OST (1995): Techno Syndrome ~The Immortals~

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UltimateInternetRadio diabeetisbeetisbeetisbeetisbeetisbeetisbeetis

The Beetis

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UltimateInternetRadio You Have To Burn The Rope ending song. :D
UltimateInternetRadio Cats, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance.
UltimateInternetRadio Watch and be amazed! Took 1500 hours to make! Great song too! :D

8-bit trip

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UltimateInternetRadio Makes fun of the internet and it's stupidity. Melody from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX8VFa96tfA
UltimateInternetRadio You see, blip is like twitter, with the messages and the character limits and ooooooooooh you know what I'm talkin about.
UltimateInternetRadio @rxrx1776 I found the mp3 version in the video's description, in case you cared. Also, my first user requested song! :D
UltimateInternetRadio Another one of newgrounds most famous and used songs. Again, direct mp3 from NG.
UltimateInternetRadio I don't know what they're saying but it's AWESOME! du du dudu du du dudu du da da da!
UltimateInternetRadio internet abreviations made into a song. :)
UltimateInternetRadio This is like... what my whole station is about! :D


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UltimateInternetRadio I have 4 words for ya, developers developers developers develpers.
UltimateInternetRadio Great for a low budget zombie film. And what's with his beard? XD

Zombie Bitches Kickin Peoples Ass

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UltimateInternetRadio dosit dosit dosit dosit dosit... Why is this popular again? Song is great though! :D
UltimateInternetRadio I can't believe pepsi did a parody of this meme! XD
UltimateInternetRadio I can't find a mp3 of this for the life of me! I even found the song on imeem, which this site is partners with, but it's not over here.

CARTOON HEROES (Speedy Mix) Full Version

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UltimateInternetRadio Song about facebook. Parody of a song I can't remember the name to. XD Someone blip it to me.
UltimateInternetRadio Everything is gay to him XD

The Superbowl is Gay

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UltimateInternetRadio New, great mash up of movie and tv clips made into a song.

'The Golden Age of Video' by Ricardo Autobahn

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UltimateInternetRadio Don't you love it? It's a frickin candy bra!!!

It's a CANDY BRA!!! By Loco Mama

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UltimateInternetRadio Show me. Show you. KIKKOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!


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UltimateInternetRadio Heavy Metal mushrooms! And it doesn't even loop like most weebl songs! :D

Pixel Shrooms

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UltimateInternetRadio lol it's so true! XD Not that I play the games or anything... <_<

Final Fantasy Tribute

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UltimateInternetRadio Boil'em mash'em stick'em in a stew!

Mashed Taters

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UltimateInternetRadio Here's where I pretent to be Eva Peron. Look at me I'm lifting my arms. There's nothing else to shoot, so zoom camera under this arch.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)

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UltimateInternetRadio WANTED:Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.
UltimateInternetRadio ...no, just... no


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UltimateInternetRadio I'm not your guy, fwend! Well I'm not your fwend buddy! He's not your buddy, guy!
UltimateInternetRadio Back when crappy flash videos were acceptable. -_-
UltimateInternetRadio And all we want is to do is eat your brains. >:)
UltimateInternetRadio Cowabunga, cowa-piece-of-fuck-shit.

Angry Video Game Nerd Full Theme Song

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UltimateInternetRadio Who is the game that risks it rep on sequal shame? SHIFT!!! You're damn right...
UltimateInternetRadio Remember that show on G4 with 8-bit graphics? Yea... theam song. (reblip)
UltimateInternetRadio I'M STILL ALIVE!!! :D

This is Falling Techno.. its what goes on in my mind all day!

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UltimateInternetRadio Title says it all...

Nigga stole My Bike!

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UltimateInternetRadio nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
UltimateInternetRadio i like the first one better :P

Internet People 2 (Real Video Mix)

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UltimateInternetRadio It has a life, has a spirit, has a naaaaaaaaaame.

Three Wolf Moon

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UltimateInternetRadio Blip is nagging me in my emails to blip something, so here you go. I was busy being a banana this whole time.

Banana Song (I'm A Banana)

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UltimateInternetRadio And now I'm a mushroom. Just changed today. Are you happy?
UltimateInternetRadio other got removed. so thar u go


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UltimateInternetRadio Ignore the beginning, listen to the song. :')

Cyanide And Happiness-Waiting For The Bus

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UltimateInternetRadio There will be no shame. >:)


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UltimateInternetRadio it only takes a minute, and so does this song.

Razor Gator

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UltimateInternetRadio G4TV Gamestop Parry Gripp videogames what am I doing, tagging?
UltimateInternetRadio Games... are... gay...

WGJ4K Themesong by Hania Lee

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UltimateInternetRadio Dancing Baby, the oldest internet meme.

Track 10

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UltimateInternetRadio Lying on the cold hard ground. :(
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