iggyG The reeling figures pass on by like ghosts in some forgotten play...
marilovisky Oh, @crispast! Have a g'night, dear! o/ Youre always going as Im coming! o/ See you! Hi, @VeganDrus, hope youre well! :)
marilovisky "The best thing you ever had has gone away"
marilovisky Take a look at your window, it's a pink moon :)
tardisgrl evening blippers part deux--events have conspired this evening to keep me off blip :( But the music will prevail!
tardisgrl well I'm not sure how that's happened, but I'm already OOP for ya @2fast4u so must RB (reblip)
swilson Son House - Walking Blues (1941) @BLUESBOOGIE ... you can hear a train pass in the background...
KublaConn Like a sad hallucination, When I opened up my eyes, The train had passed the station, And you were trapped inside...
KublaConn They just don't write 'em like that anymore.....

Greg Kihn Band-The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)

| play
tardisgrl welcome to blip @Roxy641--you a Whovian, or is that a daft question? :)
UncleRay Faroese singer songwriter - deserves much more recognition.
UncleRay Perfect rainy night song. Sinatra was so much more than "My Way" and "New York, New York".
UncleRay Late night chill - the entirety of "Simple Things" is a stellar late night groove.

Zero 7I Have Seen

| play
MusicIsMySunshine @dochugo one of my faves that Sia sings for Zero 7!

Zero 7Thistles

| play
UncleRay Oh yeah - here's another artist who should have been WAY more famous.
UncleRay Sinatra and bossa nova - worked far better than anyone ever imagined. Truly beautiful.
UncleRay Andreas Johnson - from Sweden. Another artist who should be far more famous.
UncleRay My fave Kent tune. From "Hagnesta Hill". English lyric version. I have the Swedish lyric version from i-tunes. They need to sell this one!
UncleRay A love song for the ages.
UncleRay The night begins the day/Why think when we can play... The Ocean Blue. More mellow magic.
nastysurprise Inspired by @UncleRay. Clem Snide is great, especially the album Hungry Bird
nastysurprise Love Clem Snide and Eef Barzelay. Lyrical genius. Here's "Me No" from the album Hungry Bird
UncleRay Ella, Riddle and Gershwin - timeless.
UncleRay Criminal: (adj.) The fact that the Grapes of Wrath were virtually unknown outside of Canada.
UncleRay Sinatra and Riddle. Maybe this track is what both men really were about. I'm not the first to suggest this. What did Wilde say about life and art?
UncleRay Great way to end a rainy night.
Southerndelite I got a taste for the oldies tonite...Yummy Tommy James & the Shondells – Draggin' the Line
KublaConn Let's see if Diane remembers this 80's tune!
UncleRay As long as people meet and fall in love, there will be Sinatra and Riddle to accompany their lives.
keyclic EasyBeats – Friday on my mind The original-----though I really like Gary Moores version
UncleRay Supergrass - the best band most people outside the UK have never heard of. Lyrically and musically brilliant.
UncleRay Always wondered about parts 1, 2 & 3 but when the music is this good, who cares?
UncleRay Supergrass - Far Away - "I don't believe in a life that I can't feel..." Man, what a chorus! I wish I wrote that.
keyclic The Smithereens – A Girl Like You (24-Bit Digitally Remastered 04)
keyclic Bittersweet – Big Head Todd and the Monsters
UncleRay Andreas Johnson - from "Liebling". Weltschmerz and longing in every note.

Andreas Johnson: Should Have Been Me

| play
UncleRay Dinah Washington had a very special way with a lyric; her phrasing and diction were among the very best.
UncleRay Sinatra - "That's All" - another love song for the ages.
UncleRay Iain Matthews - another great singer/songwriter who should have been far more famous.
UncleRay Nick Drake - 33 great songs on his 3 official albums. Every one of them will make you stop and take notice.
UncleRay Europop rules!

Darren Hayes Popular

| play
nastysurprise First song of the day. Supergrass / St. Petersburg
KublaConn I know I need a small vacation, But it don't look like rain, And if it snows that stretch down south, Will never stand the strain...
UncleRay Breathtaking - as is all of the "Woodface" album.
UncleRay It is really upsetting when music that is as socially conscious, brilliant and transcendent as this is used to sell office supplies.
UncleRay oh how I miss album rock pre-1983...
UncleRay more aor from the sherbs.... fm105 wava rocks the nation... r.i.p.
UncleRay classic aor from the golden age... these guys should have been far more famous...
UncleRay I like Baby Huey's version better than Curtis Mayfield's.
UncleRay Baby Huey - had he lived, he would have been far more famous. Here's proof:
UncleRay Robert Johnson - it all started here. Just ask Keith and Mick...
UncleRay Rainy night music at its most dreamy.


| play
UncleRay I wish everyone was wrong...

ben lee, cigarettes will kill you

| play
UncleRay Sumner, Tennant and Marr - those were the days
UncleRay Brick - Incredibly underrated musicians. Flutes, saxes and guitars are solo here - all killer no filler.


| play
crispast at home again ..non ho proprio sonno, anche se sono stanca.. [stolen!@alexzimmer: "Roswell series theme"<---i watched all that!!!] hello there! (reblip)
blue_buddha original band members...paul butterfield, elvin bishop, mike bloomfield, mark naftalin, sam lay and jerome arnold
Will_the_bloke Joy Division – Heart And Soul ... out for a spell .. catch up with you all later :-)
UncleRay The great Kalsoum - you do not have to speak her language to appreciate her emotive power with a lyric.

Om Kalsoum: Aadeet hayati

| play
UncleRay Dark, ethereal, haunting: Sneaker Pimps - "Six Underground".
UncleRay One of the best tracks from "Secret Samedhi" - never got the recognition it deserved. Might be Live's finest moment. (reblip)
UncleRay "The Shaming of the True" - the greatest rock opera you've never heard. Had it been made 30 years earlier it would have ranked among the immortals.
UncleRay Great vibe to this track. Je l'aime! More proof that great music knows no borders. (reblip)
UncleRay Does anyone else miss Lush? Ethereal beauty and entrancing melodies.


| play
UncleRay Really inspired pairing... wow. Wish she would make an album of standards. She has the chops to measure up to all the great vocalists of the past.
UncleRay @UncleRay: "First tune I heard of hers - on Capital FM in London. Would love to hear her sing standards - she's got the musical chops for it. " (reblip)
UncleRay First time I heard this, I thought this was Raymond aka Gilbert O'Sullivan. Both are fantastic singer songwriters.
UncleRay A ballad that has very justifiably stood the test of time. Devastating.
UncleRay Dinah Washington - Come Rain or Come Shine. One of Johnny Mercer's greatest lyrics. Close your eyes and you'll swear she's singing to you directly.
UncleRay Sinatra's reading is a radical departure from Dinah Washington's reading of this great Mercer lyric, but still captures its great emotive force.
Chise David Crosby – Tamalpais High (At About 3)

Roots of Blues -- Bukka White „Parchman Farm Blues"

| play
UncleRay Underrated BeeGees song.
blue_buddha one of the best covers of this song i've heard...and i've heard a lot of them!!
UncleRay Mellow magic. Unavailable on i-tunes in the US.
MusicIsMySunshine I think this is a good way to start off Saturday Night!
UncleRay If you love Strayhorn's masterpiece and you've never heard Queen Latifah sing, this will amaze you.
UncleRay Electronic - Get the Message.
UncleRay I love "Exile On Main Street" - and this is my fave track from that album.
UncleRay I like this better than the Leadbelly original. Incredible arrangement.
UncleRay Boz Scaggs + Duane Allman = bluesy magic for a rainy night in the Great Lakes.
UncleRay Pharcyde - She Keeps on Passing Me By.
UncleRay Dream Warriors - Follow Me Not. "Who is more fool? The fool or the fool that follows the fool?"
UncleRay More Dream Warriors - great humor, wit, love of language and great jazz samples - imported from Canada.
UncleRay Pharcyde, Brad Nowell and Gershwin - unforgettable music.
UncleRay The Tragically Hip - Blow at High Dough
UncleRay The Tragically Hip - New Orleans Is Sinking
UncleRay The Tragically Hip - Little Bones
UncleRay Anytime is the right time for Nick Drake!!

Nick DrakeRoad

| play
UncleRay Nick Drake - Saturday Sun
Atomik Effn Cool @RnBE! - Ive only visited once, had a great time there
UncleRay Nick Drake - Hazey Jane I
UncleRay Thanks to Shuggie Otis for writing this! I love this cover.
DareToEatAPeach Top of the Pops.

Junior Senior-Move your feet

| play
UncleRay Iain Matthews with Tim Renwick and Richard Thompson in 1971.
UncleRay I hope you realize/they can never be blue....
UncleRay @UncleRay: "Props to @nastysurprise72 @DJAntWan @mteric @daretoeatapeach @redangel @steamingmimi for all the great music. Sincerely, UncleRay" (reblip)
UncleRay Props to @StreamingMimi @dickadcock @ladypn (it's rained all day here too) @Atomik for all the great music
UncleRay Some more rainy night music for everyone. Can you hear Little Walter crying?
UncleRay @Chise: "David Crosby – Tamalpais High (At About 3)" That whole "If I Could Only Remember My Name" album is breathtaking on the original pressing LP. (reblip)
UncleRay My nights were sour/spent with Schopenhauer... Ella, Gershwin and Riddle - soothing
UncleRay Chapterhouse - Breather - Ethereal swirling guitars and voices
UncleRay Grew a mustache and a mullet/got a job at Chick-Fil-A...
UncleRay This is the earlier version arranged by Stordahl. Raw pain in song. The last 15 seconds are searing.

I'm a Fool to Want You '51 (Frank Sinatra)

| play
UncleRay Inspired by @kaaeyl who blipped Cocteau Twins


| play
BLUESBOOGIE The Guess Who – Laughing
UncleRay Inspired by @BLUESBOOGIE "She hasn't got the guts or the faith to leave him/and they stand in each other's way"

The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight, New Mother Nature

| play
BLUESBOOGIE The Guess Who – Albert Flasher - Burton Cummings
UncleRay If only he lived long enough to finish his record... Beats Mayfield on his own track - and Mayfield's label recorded him.
UncleRay Love this very early Pumpkins track - late night chill...
scarlettkisses i think about the implications......of diving into deep and possibly the complications (reblip)
UncleRay 24 and there's so much more...

Neil Young OLD MAN

| play
UncleRay Inspired by @TrainWreckRadio - You have to hear her dad's version! Arranged by Gordon Jenkins.
2HandedJam *** BT Express - Here Comes the Express


| play
2HandedJam *** Brick – Dusic (Soul Train 1977)
UncleRay Inspired by @sOak ... Props for the Adam Ant blip - been looking for "Wonderful" for years.
2HandedJam *** McFadden & Whitehead – Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
2HandedJam *** Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life ** Dedicated to all the great DJ's of Blip- Nation!
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props on this. Killer cut. @vandaleyes: "Wilson's voice is spectacular! RB @VelvetGarage" (reblip)
blue_buddha nite all...thanks for props, reblips, replies and the new listeners. catch ya'll later

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

| play
swilson Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
UncleRay Inspired by @jennyleepenny Badfinger's "Just A Chance"
UncleRay Supergrass - Title track of their great second lp with the soaring chorus that includes: "All I can see is our love/and all I can feel is her."
UncleRay Rained here all day and is still raining at 2:48am. Perfect song to fit the mood. Nick Drake's "River Man".
UncleRay Gordon Jenkins arrangement. Goes very well with 3am and endless rain....
TrainWreckRadio @hotbeans don't mind me.......i had to re-blip this one from your playlist (reblip)
UncleRay More 3am music: From the sublime "Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely" (1958)

Good-bye (Frank Sinatra)

| play
UncleRay @jennyleepenny If you dig Badfinger, you'll really like Emitt Rhodes. This is from his debut (1970)
UncleRay @jennyleepenny BTW - yes there is. Took 32 yrs to find mine :) Last one from his debut - he was a one man band in a home studio. Truly gifted.
UncleRay @ladypn I'll stay up a little while. More great harmonies and lyrics from CH's "Woodface". Love that album.
UncleRay KOD - from "Strange Free World". Haunting. I never tire of this track nor the album.
UncleRay @LittleC I fall asleep to Nick Drake most nights. Every once in a while I dream about clocks in big cities.
UncleRay May Ella's voice bring everyone peaceful dreams.
UncleRay Good night to all the great blippers. Special props to all. Have to beat the gray light. Here's some gorgeous Supergrass music - very relaxing.
Zarabeth ... keeps me alive. (more or less) Hi there @andd. ^__^ Where did you go?
blue_buddha Boogie with the king of boogie

John Lee Hooker Boogie Chillen

| play
UncleRay For all the blues lovers in Blipland. Bumble Bee Slim. I really dig his style, musically and lyrically.

'No More Biscuits Rolling Here' BUMBLE BEE SLIM (1936) Georgia Blues Legend

| play
UncleRay @doodah - Love his wit and humor. A real original. Speaks to me across the decades. Here's another Bumble Bee Slim track:

'Greasy Greens' BUMBLE BEE SLIM (1932) Georgia Blues Legend

| play
UncleRay ...when they put those stamps on all those letters...
UncleRay ...don't feel so alone with the radio on....
UncleRay I've been loving you too long to stop now... sing it Otis.
ishibutsu rb @Zarabeth: "OK, let's cheer up... what about some Joy Division? (O_o)" (reblip)
UncleRay What's the word y'all? Thunderbird! Man, he could work a crowd! Wish I was there!
UncleRay Ella Fitzgerald and Nelson Riddle - perfect together.
blue_buddha I'm back, left the damn cat in charge and he plays the drifters, go figure
Zarabeth Isn't it funny? Some people (me) just have to hide their true nature, thoughts and all, in order to relate to others... in real life, I mean.
UncleRay @blue_buddha: "How ya doin today froggy? @FreakinFrog" Special props @blue_buddha for this! You made my day! Who's backing Janis? They're amazing (reblip)
keyclic young rascals - ive been lonely too long (reblip)

young rascals - ive been lonely too long

| play

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited

| play
UncleRay With Al Kooper. I can be President of General Motors baby/or just a tiny grain of sand...
UncleRay The great Kalsoum. You do not need to speak her language to feel her emotive power with a lyric.
UncleRay Haunting, dark, doleful. The most powerful reading of Mercer's great lyric that I've ever come across. Illinois Jacquet on sax.
UncleRay inspired by @lausen Sinatra and Riddle. You can hear the warmth and love in every note.
UncleRay @lausen: "Body and Soul - Ella Fitzgerald... with a very cool introduction!!! =)" Fabulous! Love that Sinatra+Ella+Jobim DVD! (reblip)

Ella Fitzgerald sings Body and Soul

| play
UncleRay Ella in the late 1960's - breathtaking.
UncleRay He's about 70 years old, something like that... I'm a lot like you were
UncleRay Virtually unknown outside Europe... Das ist aber Schade. Er ist ausgezeichnet.
UncleRay One of the greats on tenor sax. He could really swing.
UncleRay inspired by: @verawooten: "@SlipperyDistortion: "from @aebar. A lively tune. "" More Teitur. Great singer/songwriter from the Faroe Islands.
UncleRay @verawooten: "great one thnx! @bravo23" Song was inspired by the life and art of Nick Drake. (reblip)
keyclic Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long [Paris]
UncleRay Inspired by Dream Academy blip. Video from the documentary "A Skin Too Few". It's a must see. Video accompanies the music beautifully. "River Man"
UncleRay Someone on YouTube put this video together for Nick Drake's "At the Chime of a City Clock". Fits the music beautifully. Props to whomever that was.

at the chime of a city clock

| play
UncleRay Props to all my blues loving friends, Barbecue Bob.
UncleRay Can't get enough of that country blues!
UncleRay Oh yeah... Blind Boy Fuller for all my blues loving friends.
UncleRay Uncle sends Blind Lemon Jefferson out to everyone who loves blues.
swilson @stena Sonny Terry – Motherless Child
UncleRay Can't get enough of that Barbecue!
swilson Charlie Patton - High Water Everywhere Pt. 1
UncleRay Oh yeah - time for Washboard Sam! For all my blues lovin' friends with props from Uncle Ray!

Washboard Sam ~ Soap And Water Blues

| play
UncleRay Special props to @swilson Thanks for the two tunes!
nastysurprise It's now Monday here and it already sucks. Rialto / Monday Morning 5.19
UncleRay Special props to @nastysurprise72 for all the great music, esp Rialto - thanks... "She's not on that 3:15 then I'm gonna know what sorrow means"
misterscience These guys from Milwaukee had this one hit, then vanished...
UncleRay Someone on YouTube put this video together for Nick Drake's "At the Chime of a City Clock". Fits the music beautifully. Props to whomever that was. (reblip)

at the chime of a city clock

| play
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 Thanks - I've never heard "Wait for the Sun" before. I own all their albums... Where's that from? It's fantastic.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - Have you ever heard this? His albums are very good but neglected... I know "Love Is Stronger Than Death - the video is powerful.
nastysurprise @UncleRay In It for the Money has a 2nd CD. Hard to find, but worth it. Supergrass / Nothing More's Gonna Get in My Way
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 I must have that bonus disc. In It for the Money is often my fave album - depends on mood. BTW - Shotover Hill actually exists.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 Have not heard Enigk - I'll take a listen. He was in Sunny Day Real Estate, right? A. Johnson is definitely worth checking into.
UncleRay Extremely underrated outside of Canada. Amazing track. @jennyleepenny might dig this. Props to her. She has great taste in music.
TrainWreckRadio ...this is the "let me get this damn geetar in tune, first" version (reblip)

Neil YoungOhio

| play
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Very happy to hear that. I think you'll dig this track too. These guys were amazing.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny you may dig this track too. Discs should be easy to find on i-tunes.
UncleRay One more for @jennyleepenny You might dig this more than A Dream (About You). Props again to @nastysurprise72 I have a meeting at 0930. Time to go
nastysurprise And it's something quite peculiar. The Church / Under The Milky Way
UncleRay @jennyleepenny I do not know Chalk Circle. I'll give them a listen. You probably know Nick Drake - he is #1 in my book. I sleep with his albums on
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Yes I like Gomez. Multiple songwriters and singers in that band. Really dig this track. @nastysurprise72 might dig this song too.

Gomez "How We Operate"

| play
UncleRay Sinatra closed many a show with this song. The sentiment is beautiful. Good night to all of you in blipland. @jennyleepenny might dig this track.
UncleRay Last blip. @jennyleepenny might dig this. Melodic magic from Canada in the early 90's. Haunting and unforgettable. Peace to all.
UncleRay Let's start with something warm and beautiful. The sun is out and it's time to share the love of music with everyone in Blipland.
Crimmie Nobody loves me... not like you do.... portishead, Sour Times

Portishead Sour Times, With lyrics.

| play
ToCas BoH. Jon Anderson meets Brian Wilson. Groov'n Seattle sound.
UncleRay @UncleRay: @jennyleepenny might dig this. Melodic magic from Canada in the early 90's. Haunting and unforgettable. Peace to all." (reblip)
Atomik good evening @RnBE: "George Benson – This Masquerade ~ hope your monday was well (reblip)
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Awesome. Makes my day to hear that. I know you'll dig this track too.
rogue_fm I'm going to a party this weekend where I'm supposed to dress British 70's rock & roll. Any ideas anyone? I've only got five days to figure it out...
UncleRay I can't get enough of this track. I found a translation of the lyrics; they lose none of their power in translation.
UncleRay Imagine Otis Redding and James Brown in 1965 - then you'll have an idea of what Baby Huey was in 1970.
UncleRay ...I'll talk but you won't listen to me...
UncleRay @rogue_fm This is in 5/4 time. It is captivating. (reblip)
UncleRay the original and the best... sing it Sam
MilwGonzo He's on tour now - critics are comparing his songwriting to Dylan and Cash...
UncleRay @rogue_fm glad you liked the Drake track in 5/4 time. 33 songs on his 3 official albums. Every one of them will make you stop and take notice.
UncleRay anyone remember this?

Waking Down Madison-Kirsty Maccoll

| play
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - Good Evening. Props to you. Mellow is good. "Two angels heard me cry..."

SealI'm Alive

| play
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - love Aimee Mann - since Til Tuesday. Are you familiar with her husband's music?
UncleRay His first record was really good. Saw him on his "Heavier Things" tour. Teitur opened - that second I became a Teitur fan. Met Teitur - nice guy.

John MayerNeon

| play
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 In a mellow Supergrass mood. I really love the "Road to Rouen" album.


| play
UncleRay @jennyleepenny @nastysurprise72 Here's one of my faves from Supergrass. From the X-ray lp. Love that album.
UncleRay Carpenters were not all cheese - Karen had a voice of an angel and they even covered Leon Russell on this track. Inspired choice at that time.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny @nastysurprise72 - familiar with the charlatans uk? melodic magic from the early 90's
divadonna5 @TrainWreckRadio ever see Leo LIVE?(MN boy)" @ClassicShredder3:yes, seen Live, Guitar Summit w/ Joe Pass and Pepe Romero.That's an Allman Bros. song!" (reblip)
SabriESC @OCkracker: "one more for "horse theme"" Thx!!! I am already out of props for you..... (reblip)
UncleRay Uncle Ray presents real AOR. Kicking it off with 707.
UncleRay I really think this track really helped Ron Wood gain cred with the Stones. Enough for them to recruit him when Mick Taylor left.
UncleRay Here's a great twofer from ARS.
UncleRay Yes, he was played on AOR at one time...

John Kilzer Red Blue Jeans 1988

| play
UncleRay we've all gone crazy lately/my friend's downstairs/rollin round the basement floor
UncleRay Nugent/St Holmes/Grange/Davies... the first and best line-up.
UncleRay The underrated vocalist Lenny Zakatek is featured on this track.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Hello and props to you. I really think you'll like Ian Matthews. One of my faves for many years.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Ah yes. Here's Ian Matthews in 1970 covering Neil Young. Gorgeous.
UncleRay Fired up the old Weber grill tonight. Perfect time for Barbecue Bob.
UncleRay Sing it Bob. Gone since 1931 but never forgotten.
UncleRay Take a listen. If you love blues, you'll be a fan too.
UncleRay 24 Gone = Canadian musical magic. "The Spin" was a great album. Thank you 89x Windsor/Detroit 1991/1992. I'd have never known 24 Gone otherwise.

24 Gone _ Mary Goes Round

| play
UncleRay Uncle Ray cordially invites everyone in Blipland to crank it up.
UncleRay Marvin. The whole world misses you.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny They're in Canada. :) You'll dig this track too.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Indeed I am. Very happily so. The GOW are from Canada :) Kelowna, BC. You'll love this track.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny More dreamy, romantic timeless music from the Sinatra/Jobim record that you may like :)
UncleRay @misterscience: "This is the only song I know by these guys" Same here album was called "Watts in the Tank" Had the 45 way back when. Own the lp now (reblip)
UncleRay @jennyleepenny @verawooten No. Just sharing beautiful music like this with those that appreciate it. :) The great Johnny Hartman on vocal here.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny - one more track from the immortal Coltrane/Hartman album. I think you might like this one.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 I like the Shindell. New to me. Where's he from? BTW - do you know Chalk Farm? One really good album in the early/mid 90's.
jgirl70 Ben Lee's finest effort thus far. Love the filmclip too.

ben lee, cigarettes will kill you

| play
UncleRay ...you are living a reality I left years ago/it quite nearly killed me...
UncleRay Suddenly in the mood for this song.
nastysurprise @UncleRay Alison Krauss's closet competitor for my true affection. Patty Griffin / Top of the World
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 I like Krauss. My all time fave female vocalist is Ella Fitzgerald. Reading the Shindell info made me think of Freedy Johnston.
Will_the_bloke Nik Kershaw – Wouldn't It Be Good 12"
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 My #2 is Keely Smith. Any of the Capitol material arranged by Nelson Riddle and Billy May is very, very good.
UncleRay ...ready or not here comes the drop/you feel lucky when you know where you are...
UncleRay Denmark's finest. Insanely happy song. You have to see the audience love for this band. Must have been a very special moment for the guys on stage.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 Liam Finn has his dad's and uncle's talent. Was the cd released in the US? I only knew about the cd from yahoo.co.uk and Yahoo Oz

Johnny CashHurt

| play
UncleRay @Atomik Thanks for the props. Another insanely joyous tune from Europe!
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - you'll love this. Might have been Oz and NZ only. Great album. Don't have it. Glad it's on blip!
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 @jennyleepenny Time to hit the hay. Thanks for all the music. You are both amazing. Best regards, Uncle Ray. Peaceful dreams.
ToCas Band Of Horses – "Ode to lrc" The more you hear it the more you love it. I can't stop listening to this tune.
Will_the_bloke The Modern Lovers – Government Center
UncleRay The very first Chris Isaak tune I ever heard - around 1983.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Good evening! Do you know Marshall Crenshaw's catalog? Fine singer/songwriter.
UncleRay @PigFluPanic I think you'll like this. Thanks for the props!

noir desir-le vent nous portera

| play
UncleRay To all my friends in Blipland... "yeah when the moon steals the scenery..." He never gets the props he deserves.
nastysurprise @UncleRay Check these guys out. I've never listened before, but I really like them. (reblip)
UncleRay There's only one Francis Albert. Just like there's only one Nick Drake. "I can only give you country walks in springtime..."
UncleRay Drinking again/and thinking of when/ you loved me... Bein' a fool/just hopin' that you'll appear... Sinatra and a Mercer lyric - Made for each other.
UncleRay One morning I work up and I knew you were really gone".

CSNYCarry On

| play
UncleRay Uncle Ray cordially invites everyone in Blipland to crank it up! @nastysurprise72 - do you know Poe?


| play
UncleRay Fabulous!!! I miss the 90's sometimes.

Matthew Sweet "Sick of Myself"

| play
UncleRay Ah.. Keely I love your voice.

"Stormy Weather" Keely Smith

| play

"Lullaby of the Leaves" Keely Smith

| play
UncleRay ...and she tracked him and hacked him and dug poor Sam a grave... from the Gershwin songbook, arranged by Nelson Riddle.
UncleRay Ella can sing me to sleep anytime.
UncleRay This may bring back warm memories for many people.
UncleRay I wished I lived in the UK...

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

| play
UncleRay Love the happy vibe of this song!
UncleRay Sing it Latifah. A great talent.
UncleRay If you did not know Latifah can sing, this will amaze you.
UncleRay Timeless. Sing it Karen. We will never forget you.
UncleRay If you dig Ella and Karen, this is must see. I do not believe it is commercially available.

Ella on Special 1980 Duet with Karen Carpenter

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UncleRay Gordon Jenkins arrangement. Wistful melancholy in every note.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 @jennyleepenny I think you both might like this. Another reason I wish I was in the UK sometimes. Would love to see this band.
UncleRay Haunting. This will stay in your head for days. The incomparable Eric Gale. Session man extraordinaire.


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UncleRay @BJAZZAY - thanks for the props. You might like this track Natalie Cole co-wrote.
UncleRay From a great lp on Nemperor Records. Great groove.
UncleRay warm vibe to this track... i still dig it after all these years
UncleRay @jennyleepenny - from the album "These Days". I know you'll like that album and this track :)
UncleRay @jennyleepenny Ginger was the Grapes of Wrath without Kevin Kane. Beautiful music.

Ginger "Try to Believe Me"

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UncleRay @jennyleepenny - Good night and thanks for listening. Sleep well; I hope you feel better soon.
UncleRay @SabriESC - If you can find it - :Neighbourhood Watch is very, very good. Have loved "away" for many years - here it is solo Kevin on acoustic.
UncleRay @SabriESC :) excellent for you and your husband. :) Do you remember 24 gone? Dreamy music. Haunting and unforgettable.
UncleRay @SabriESC - they were from Vancouver BC. Early 90's. "The Spin" was their only album and a masterpiece of melodic music.

24 gone trust

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UncleRay Can you hear Francis Albert crying? 'If you find love/hang on to each caress/and never let love go'
UncleRay Late night music for music lovers everywhere in Blipland. No one could capture the ache of lost love quite like Sinatra.
UncleRay @jennyleepenny - glad you enjoy it. It's a special record. Like this one.
UncleRay From the sublime "Songs for Swingin' Lovers". Sinatra and Riddle at their best.
UncleRay Amazing late night chill music. I have not found anything that surpasses this. It captures a unique vibe.

Zero 7Red Dust

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UncleRay Title track of a great album. Highly recommended by your Uncle Ray :)
UncleRay So often music expresses what words cannot. This piece from Barber especially. Peaceful dreams to all from Uncle Ray.

Phyllis Hyman--I don't Want To Lose You

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UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - Wanted to share with u the best article on Nick Drake that I have seen thus far http://www.algonet.se/~iguana/DRAKE/exiled1.html
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 Agreed on DCLC. Sampled the tracks after I got JE for free on i-tunes a while back. Did not buy the album.
UncleRay @nastysurprise72 - have to run. Catch u later. Ian Matthews is a long time fave of mine. Love his interpretation of Richard Farina's Reno Nevada.
UncleRay From "Rosemary Solves the Swingin' Riddle" great album. There is love and warmth on this album from start to end b/c Riddle and Clooney were in love
UncleRay In the mood for Patsy. Going to blip several track in succession. Hello to all from Uncle Ray.
UncleRay @scarlettkisses = r u sure? He is in the hospital according to news wires here in the states - death not announced. Agree with your sentiment btw
UncleRay @scarlettkisses CNN refuses to say... E! news says he is dead at 50
UncleRay Probably waiting til his dad gets to UCLA med ctr before they pronounce him and do press conference
UncleRay cnn quoting LA Times that MJ is dead - with disclaimer "CNN has not confirmed

Jackson 5ABC

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UncleRay NBC News has confirmed that MJ is dead. RIP
FOGGIELOANER I was never a huge fan, but respect to those on blip for whom he was obviously so important. and he made some great dance songs, especially this one (reblip)
UncleRay one of the best tracks from the great "Manassas" record.
julierthanyou holy crow, everybody. so busy. cross your fingers for me on sunday. 100 mile bike ride. so psyched. hope this finds you well. yes, you.

Bonnie Prince Billy I'll Be Glad

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UncleRay He..he buys you diamonds...bright sparkling diamonds...he may give you the world but will never love you the way I love you...

"Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest

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UncleRay Way underrated... fine band

The City Mark-Almond Band

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UncleRay she's gonna turn me down and say/can't we be friends?
UncleRay timeless

Racing With the Moon Vaughn Monroe 1945 Victor 20-1707

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Allman Brothers Band/Whipping Post/03.20.71

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Al Kooper "Bury My Body"

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TrainWreckRadio @girleddy Jo Jo Gunne – Run, Run, Run - love this! " ------->>major FLASHBACK for me! glad you're enjoying it! (reblip)
nastysurprise Sorry. Someone edited the other one I blipped. Assholes.
struggleville @lofolulu: "Absolutley gorgeous... My eyes can't look at you any other way. Band of Horses-Detlef Schrempf " (reblip)
MilwGonzo Nice way to start the weekend...