DJSwiss Tears for Fears really made an earnest stab at being the new Beatles with this song, didn't they? Still, not as annoying as when Oasis did the same.
UpsideUp Great remake of a timeless ELO song. Love the ukelele.
UpsideUp Note from self: voila more Wilco.
UpsideUp Such a great TMBG reworking of this song. Also a great song to run/work out to.
UpsideUp When I first heard this song, I pledged my eternal love to The Raconteurs. It's still one of my desert island songs.
UpsideUp How can you not love a song called "Daisy Click Clack?" The answer is, you can't. You can't not love a song called "Daisy Click Clack."

Stereolab - Daisy Click Clack

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UpsideUp Oh the irony of the song with the fantastic hook that you can't sing out loud.

Lily AllenFuck You

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UpsideUp This song makes a day worthwhile. The climax in the middle brings me to tears if I'm in the right mood.
UpsideUp My awesome DJ friend Adam introduced me to this. So grateful.
UpsideUp This song was great even before Walk the Line.
UpsideUp This is actually the Rilo Kiley song I meant to play. The one with the insults. Can only find it live here.

Rilo KileyIts a Hit

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UpsideUp Slowin it down a little. Lovely lovely voice.
UpsideUp Great lyrics in this song full of insults. Also fun to listen to.
UpsideUp Just try to stay in your seat while you listen to this song. It can't be done.
UpsideUp My cousin Ben is in this band. Nonetheless, they are great and this song kicks all kinds of ass. ;)
UpsideUp Note to self: add more Wilco to the playlist
UpsideUp Love Regina Spektor. This isn't my favorite favorite from this album, but it fits this playlist the best.
UpsideUp I can't get enough of Zoey Deschanel's voice. As if I needed another reason to love her.
UpsideUp Now there's a way to navel gaze AND shake your ass. Perfect!

Asobi SeksuThursday

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UpsideUp Go on. Do it. Clap your hands and say yeah, over and over again.
UpsideUp I won't f**k us over, I'm Mr. November. 'Nuff said.
UpsideUp Love this song because it makes me think it's 1986. So Cure-like. But different!
UpsideUp This is my current go-to song for when I need to happy up. Loving it.
UpsideUp Can't think of anything clever to say. Just a great great song.
UpsideUp When I first heard this song a few years ago, I couldn't take it off repeat. It still makes me happy and so, belongs on this playlist


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UpsideUp So many great O.R. songs. It's hard to choose which ones to Blip.
UpsideUp Love the music in this one.

Vampire WeekendM79

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UpsideUp This song makes me dance like it's 1984. Sounds like it should have been in the Breakfast Club soundtrack.

FeistI Feel It All

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UpsideUp This song is very Howard Jones. I love Howard Jones.

The ShinsSealegs

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UpsideUp One of their less "Arthurian" songs. Also one of my favorites.
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