sumit From Darwinian opera "Tomorrow, In A Year" - - anyone know if it's coming to the UK? #musicmonday (reblip)

Incubus-"Drive" Music Video (Acoustic Version)

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Scorpionkiss back later...S

Theory of a Deadman-Bad Girlfriend lyrics!

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CleoBe Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
SirensEgo @kkjordan: "Listening to: Paramore - "Ignorance (acoustic)"" (reblip)

Paramore- Ignorance (acoustic) w/ lyrics [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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iPengin Woohoo! "...dancing queen, young and sweet only 17..." ♥

ABBA Dancing Queen 1976

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What Them Girls Like

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VMoizinho @adapar: "Realmente no pero la canción gustarme." (reblip)

Hoy tengo miedo-Fobia

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VMoizinho \,,/,

Lady Gaga Paparazzi Lyrics

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KaitiBoo Good use of Iron Man.

Busta Rhymes- This means war with lyrics

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judi Evanescence- Going Under Live at Download Festival (reblip)

Evanescence- Going Under Live at Download Festival

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equilibriumnutricao BEST NEW ELECTRO HOUSE MUSIC MIX 2009


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VMoizinho LOL ok, ok. One more 4U. Take a look!! @mizhelena: "LOL ok now look at what U started .. Uve just been ace of based LOL @VMoizinho"
VMoizinho Lol XD @mizhelena: "LOL ok now look at what U started .. Uve just been ace of based LOL @VMoizinho" (reblip)
VMoizinho Começando dia de maneira muuuuito light. Aproveitem!
VMoizinho Kooool! Muito bom MESMO! *_* Bad Company - Bad Company Live
DjDiddlesSkittle Shinedown~"Sound Of Madness" {@MetalRocks}

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son

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aprildax me too@Angie74: "love it!! rb love @muso: "@CarterCullen_: How could something that's so wrong Be exactly what I need? Here comes trouble again (reblip)

Kansas- Carry On Wayward Son (Live in Chile 2006)

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VMoizinho Yeah, yeah. Musica latino-americana, blondie! :) @BarbieRay que bonita! te quiro esta cancion! Very nice Dawlin!

Ricky Martin & Kylie Minogue- Livin La Vida Loca

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Nisso70 hello ! rb @VMoizinho: Shania Twain... 12 year ago! " (reblip)

Shania Twain : Man I Feel Like A Woman.Live.HQ.1998.

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muse- new born

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vixxeninpink the vid w the red print at the beginning plays best
VMoizinho \,,/,

Hinder-Better Than Me

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ankita_gaur AC DC Thunderstruck

AC DC Thunderstruck

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red hot chilli pepers - red hot chili peppers - give it away now

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trobertc @Gailoh: "Happy birthday Aaliyah #Aaliyah you were some girl." (reblip)
VMoizinho Good morning, people! Thanx 4 everything, really. Have a GR8 day! @THEORDEROFEARTH @djfromhell @Syrioh @fun4lilli

(DW) Naruto "Orochimaru Theme Remix"

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VMoizinho \,,/, Ghost Rider in the sky! Johnny Cash cover. Amazing! *_*
MILFalicious Get low get low get low get low (reblip)

"Get Low" Lil John & The Eastside Boyz

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MILFalicious Cuz Black Velvet is my fav sippin' whiskey... (reblip)
SecretAngel I only wanna be with you! Sighs he knows
SecretAngel COMING UNDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

korn-coming undone with lyrics

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Syrioh *I know I what I wanna be, If I work hard at it.. I'll be where I wanna be* @Tubabo @Angie74 @abarbosa @VMoizinho @patita

NasI Can

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Syrioh I really would like to hear a powerful nice remix of this song...Anyone? (WHISTLE) ;) @Nat_Nat @Tubabo @TheOneAndOnly @VMoizinho @patita
VMoizinho (whistles) Lol Try this, girl! \o/ @Syrioh I really would like to hear a powerful nice remix of this song...Anyone? (WHISTLE) ;)

3OH!3Starstruck remix

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VMoizinho Like this version! Steppenwolf 's original is GR8 too. o/ @ShannonGrissom: :) (reblip)
Syrioh Maríah Maríah....yo te quiero cada día más...!! :) @Tubabo @Nat_Nat @VMoizinho @Angie74 @abarbosa @kikue Enjoy Guys..!! :)

Juan MaganMariah

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VMoizinho Just 4 you, kids! :) Thanx for everything! "K'mon Barbie, let's go party" @Syrioh @mizhelena @fun4lilli
VMoizinho Yooo! o/ @CleoBe: "Corona – Megamix" (reblip)


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edurrosa @dANGELofLOVE: "I FEEL GOOD TOO! WISHING YOU A FABULOUS FRIDAY! @AnaLuciaSilva: "James Brown - I Feel Good"" (reblip)
VMoizinho Hahaha. Essa é antiga! Meu Deus! \o/@ThaPrado: "não fica um, meu irmão!" (reblip)

Devils and Dust

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VMoizinho Isso que é música para uma sexta-feira! \o/ @Ktagata: "Pitbull – Move, Shake, Drop" (reblip)
judi Chris Cornell – Like a Stone (Studio/Jam) (reblip)
judi Foo Fighters In Your Honour – Live At Hyde Park (reblip)
aprildax A'la Kill Bill...perfect.@killerswp: "@SandroC:... "Thank You!!"" (reblip)
MCMaz Tekno Tekno – Beep Beep (Get Off Your Ass And Dance)
MCMaz Black Box – Ride on time

Black BoxRide on time

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MCMaz djmixes – Larry Levan "The Final Nights Of Paradise Garage" ( Sep 1987 ) PT.1
MCMaz spells Techno : "inner City ~ Big Fun (1988)".
MCMaz Paris Grey – Don't Make Me Jack (Tonite I Wanna House You)
MrsASoprano r/b @liveanlietdii (reblip)

knockin on heavens door-guns and roses

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VMoizinho LMAO Barbie/GI Joe fun, huh? Like it! I'm in. \m/ -(|n_n|)- \m/ @mizhelena OMG LOOOVE this mix! THX! we'll have our barbie/GI joe fun @VMoizinho
Franimal Thank you @GarlandGrey. I know he was wrong! He is cute too...even if he's like a big manchild. ;) "#greenparty #dreamsequences" (reblip)

Aimee MannSave Me

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SecretAngel ""When The Levy Breaks - Led Zeppelin""" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

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KarynK pra fechar, tempos que não ouço essa musica...


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KarynK o toque do meu celular...
KarynK "...vou passar cerol na mão..." ahahahHHAHAHHha

Front 242Headhunter

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monicapadilha E por falar em show... \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/
VMoizinho "Gona be trail your husband... Even in the honey moon"... :-P @monicapadilha 'Só enquanto eu respirar vou me lembrar de você...' @VMoizinho
KayceeDee You Won't Forget Me

La Bouche You Won t Forget Me ( cobra club mix)

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KayceeDee heehee!! :D I KC love this tooooo! Thanks girlie! :):) @SuperSpaceAngel: ♥ Nummie! I super space angel LOVE this tunage! [fwd@DJ_DanceMix] *Grinz* :D" (reblip)


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KayceeDee hahahaaa!! :D@leaferi: "@DJ_DanceMix Think this is roughly contemporaneous." (reblip)
VMoizinho Bem-vinda! Musiquinha animada para começar bem o dia. ;) @abarbosa
CleoBe Racey – Some Girls

RaceySome Girls

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monicapadilha Pode deixar!!! =DDD @rafaelboo: "@monicapadilha !! aproveita por mim, bata 10milhoes de fotos ! e me conte tudo depois ^^"
monicapadilha E com essa Mônica irá à loucuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! \o/
VMoizinho Sem dúvida! :) @globalgrande felicidade@VMoizinho: "I'm crying for another WEEKEND with mis amigos, chica! @Syrioh I Love this!@abarbosa @mizhelena"
vixxeninpink @DamnTheMan: HAHAHAHFINHA WHAT?! (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mushroomhead - "Save Us" ♥ #metal ["All alone I hear the whole world calling; Save us from ourselves ~ Are you pure enough to hear me out yet?"]

Mushroomhead -"Save Us" Filthy Hands/Megaforce Records

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aprildax LOL@SexfiendLuvs69: RAPE ME - NIRVANA "this song has some meaning *grins* I am so going to HELL" (reblip)

NirvanaRape Me

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Dancer12 TYVVM, RB@VMoizinho: "Countdown to the weekend... n_n (reblip)
VMoizinho Everlife – Real Wild Child
klynnDemar @VMoizinho oh, i ain't finished...sit back down
VMoizinho LOL Oh, thats nice! Now I will call you "Vampirella". ;) @mizhelena
KayceeDee It makes me feel all bubbly! heehee!@BumpusHound: ""Could be the movie that turned me into a geek Togetherinelectricdreams@jakks @heatherdesi @lizrock (reblip)

together in electric dreams (2ert remix) georgio moroder

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Pink_Viper Nah...she probably loves ya as much as she loves this song. ;-) rb@running_on_idle (reblip)
VMoizinho Video music ~~ Santana feat. Patricia Manterola - Foo Foo

video patricia manterola la estrella de méxico

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VMoizinho Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! =D
Dancer12 Will miss you..back LTR?? have a GR8 day/night!! TYRB@DJRUCA: "Gonna fly now......" (reblip)
Dancer12 Now I believe You CAN fly!! LTR...RB@DJRUCA: "Superman Theme" (reblip)
shawnz @GHollingsworth @VMoizinho Sometimes perfection can be... It can be perfect hell.
DjDiddlesSkittle Daughtry~"Poker Face" #hotguyhumpday My fav Bald Guy :)

DaughtryPoker Face

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VMoizinho Ok, I'll try. But in the end, it doesnt even metter. :) @comicmama
VMoizinho OK, we all agree on that. :) @droolius: "I will drive her anywhere!@jimi_bullington: "I don't think she's talkin' about cars... per se. @klynnDemar (reblip)

The Fast and Furious Teriyaki Boyz Tokyo Drift great Music Video ENJOY HQ

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VMoizinho Hmm. Don't know, but I think today is a #BlipHop day. So... Let's shake. ;-)

Kasper KKwad Up

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VMoizinho "I know what them girls, I know, I know what them girls like..."

What Them Girls Like

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VMoizinho Bang Bang...

Electro House Super remix; Bang Bang- Nancy Sinatra

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VMoizinho Hands up! Boom Boom Pow! o/

Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow GI Joe Remix HQ

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KarynK @adaltonsilva eu recomendo: @blackdraing

"My Favorite Way" by Black Drawing Chalks (OFFICIAL)

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klynnDemar really? is it to much to want you to want me?
klynnDemar too bad i'm not here in the evenings @Santosbaby: "He's going to make up for it tonight ~wink~ @klynnDemar: oh well @LockednRocked"" (reblip)

Bon Jovi-Superman Tonight( full song new 2009)

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VMoizinho Time to go. Always a pleasure to spend time with you, people! Love y'all. ;)
KarynK @ValkyrieFreya: "love" (Tava com saudade de ouvir essa musica!) (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE YVWM! Great Song! @fxp123: ty @mikeusa: @fxp123: me too @dANGELofLOVE: "Love...Love...This Song! TYVM @fxp123: Shinedown-Breaking Inside – with lyrics (reblip)
cheesy80s Doesn't matter what@Flyzard does now Doesnt matter @whatzwild7 sez Somwhere in@Schnuchten's heart@DeliaTS always Dancing with@Condor n the@summer_rain
SecretAngel @SexfiendLuvs69: "Do You Wanna Fuck? -Byz *FUCK YEA!!!*" (reblip)

ByzDo you wanna fuck?

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Hyper Crush Sex and drugs [HQ] [Lyrics]

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The Who Behind Blue Eyes live 1975

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MissLordy ha ha lol i picked this song cos I cant remember that jam u got in trouble wit ur mom lol, i'm aite..just work :)@djtsap: "@me "I'm sure it is :) (reblip)
aprildax wanna b wonderwoman with the invisible plane...@Allexis: thaT fN sUperMan BorrOwed My bLue tIgHtz xo@GirlNextDoor76: "REM - I Am Superman"" (reblip)

REM - I Am Superman

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klynnDemar i work all night i work all day......ugh

02-Soundtrack Mama mia!-Money,Money,Money

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Dancer12 RB@fxp123: "The Calling - Wherever You Will Go © Video Clip HQ &" (reblip)
DaddyDM (Ut) 5 For Fighting-It's Not Easy [Smallville is on tonight.] @lilwldchld @SpinninSara @Time2Burn @UnderDeeper @Estimator1
AlchemyOfFlesh Megan MaCauley - Wonder [Elektra OST] I love this song it rocketh, ok it doesn't rock it sort of pops ;D

Wonder, Megan McCauley, Elektra OST

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HighPlainsDrfter just enjoying some selections from your arsenal. @trishpants (reblip)
Franimal Here's a song that plays @hellorobert. It's cuz I'm a lameo.

Pearl JamJust Breathe

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Dancer12 Thank you very much for p's, etc RB@pulsar: "Last for now. Thx all!" (reblip)

The NazzRain Rider

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cheesy80s RB @littleauntm: "do you belive in the boogy man hears HALLOWEEN TECHNO/TRANCE FREDDY KRUGER" (reblip)

Halloween Techno / Trance ( Freddy Kruger )

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Jim Morrison "The Severed Garden" O "The friends' banquet "

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dANGELofLOVE TYSM For This Beautiful Song....@GeriMontoya: Beautiful & perfect for tonight~ Goodnight~ <3 @dANGELofLOVE (reblip)

Mötley Crüe You´re All I need

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krystalmystic thx to all for props and rb's ya all rock goodnight blippers.Have a good one..........
aprildax @Allexis@RedRhia@Claudine_fairy: "Pray to your god, open your heart Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark Cover your eyes, the devil inside... (reblip)
Dancer12 Oh, OK, excused!!:-)) @klynnDemar: "gotta go get supper mama! @klynnDemar: "yep, i'm outta here! have fun @LockednRocked: "U leaving already ?" (reblip)
Lunaladee good music takes some of the bite out of Mondays :))

The Beatles-Help (live from Shea Stadium 1965)

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VMoizinho They are awesome. Thanx, @DeAnn! "Black Sabbath - Hard Road @DirtyUrine@RonnieSoak@SuzySue (reblip)
VMoizinho Joan Osborn ~~ What If God Was One Of Us
nosetu Is anybody there? ... give me a sign ... :)
nosetu hello :) @hensleymj: "@nosetu: "Thank YOU sooooooooooooo VERY much :) YOU are my #1000 @Else" (reblip)
Helenahuntress @VMoizinho I don't know. I think we should dig up some artifacts. What do you say? *cracking bullwhip*

Disturbed/Drowing Pool Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

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Dancer12 Told you before, back in act 1 we weren't doing the 37 act thing. . .you two deserve each other (no wonder I liked you, you were just a memory again)
Gypsylyn Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

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VMoizinho Tha thing is AMAZING... Really want one. If @KendallJaye agrees. XD @klynnDemar
VMoizinho [to Supernatural fans] Kansas ~~ Carry On Wayward Son -- [para os fãs de Sobrenatural -> Legenda em português!]

Supernatural Video Clip Music Kansas Carry On Wayward Son

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Dancer12 G'Morning to you!! TY RB@attla: ""G'morng" @attla@Dancer12: "G'Morn to you!! RB@ShannonGrissom: "Just because....Good Morning :O)""" (reblip)
Dancer12 TY and GR8 day wished for you!! RB@ShannonGrissom: "Good Morning! @Dancer12" (reblip)

My Favorite Family Guy Songs Part 1

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aprildax xx another one@romanus: "Maroon 5 – This Love" (reblip)

Maroon 5This Love

| play
aprildax ha@carriebenton: "I'll tell you things that you already know" (reblip)
MrsASoprano I like it! Grazie@vinny2jays: "@OneNightSnogger @Greenie @GR8FL @Karuna @ksablan Spread love..."If your love is strong then that's all that we need"" (reblip)
katmeow man i forgot about this one! @34thStreetVintage: "Stadium trance!!!! @katmeow @VMoizinho @MrsASoprano @wurst" (reblip)

da rude sandstorm

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VMoizinho Plain White T's ~~ Hey There Delilah
Claudine_fairy NICE!! rb @demondiantha: "CRANK THIS MY LOVLIES - seen them live he articulates it well o.O - amazing riff" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE So have I! My Twitter account was comprimised *sigh* @scotlandlover: "met a few of these...hey sweetie :-) rb @dANGELofLOVE: "Sade [SMOOTH OPERATOR].. (reblip)

SadeSmooth Operator

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Unaturalsoul @taboanega: "pq eh uma garota q tem q ser comentada..." (reblip)

NirvanaAbout A Girl

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SkyeCebh Hey sweets! In Flames is a great #metal choice :P Swedes rock! :P RB vi@fearshop (reblip)
klynnDemar yes, it's an old one.....still get to see sam and dean....I'M GOOD WITH THAT! carry on!

Carry On My Wayward Son -Supernatural

| play
klynnDemar heard the i have to see this version


| play
klynnDemar that works @RonnieSoak: "how about Rocky instead ... hehe @klynnDemar" (reblip)

Iron Maiden-2 Minutes To Midnight

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westham999 Interesting Remix ~~ U2 / With Or Without You (Mirage Remix) remixed by DJ JIRO ~ @DJ_DanceMix (reblip)

U2 / With Or Without You (Mirage Remix) remixed by DJ JIRO

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VMoizinho Love this one. Especially the original version! @eriharris87: "What have I become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know, goes away in the end." (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @Angie74: "Seether -- Fuck Me Like You Hate Me Another hash tag request #FMeFriday hmmm....boy you all are a creative lot ;)" (reblip)

Seether-Fuck me like you hate me

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VMoizinho Oh, that's good! :) Today is Friday, so, I'm good, reeeally GOOD! #TGIFriday @martinimaker very good thank u! how are u?
VMoizinho Chemical Brothers ~~ The Salmon Dance @ Let me introduce to you a brand new dance... =D
VMoizinho Hoho. Drowning Pool roooox! o/ via@SexfiendLuvs69: "Bodies - Drowning Pool" (reblip)
VMoizinho Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie ~~ The Man Without Fear @ Inspired by @SexfiendLuvs69
dANGELofLOVE Are you busy with the kids now?@camamich, no problem, can`t wait.@dANGELofLOVE: "I will call u later. OK! HUGS@camamich.Love you my guardian angell"" (reblip)

My Heart Will go on Celine Dion( Featuring White Angels)-with Lyrics

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PuNkFunK thanx:D@MysticEclipse: "Christian rockers FALLING UP gives us an EXHIBITION! Shoutouts to @Surferess @dkrmdude @makinitrite @VMoizinho and @PuNkFunK." (reblip)

Falling UpExhibition

| play
VMoizinho Yeap, they rox! TY, guys. ;) @PuNkFunK: @MysticEclipse: "SANTANA with NICKELBACK's CHAD KROEGER slip INTO THE NIGHT. Hellos @zakksama (reblip)
Syrioh Yemayá, oh Yemayá, donde ella esté protéjela... Venezuelan Talent :) @Hittman @abarbosa @huangmarong @VMoizinho @darita @patita @Tubabo

confesionking chango

| play
Dancer12 Right?! YES! RB@muso@Dancer12: "ALL BLIPPERS(required) RB@Drowninglander: "Sorry standard reply.....Right :) rb@BlueDemons" (reblip)
dutchguy22 Steel Pulse - Global Warning
VMoizinho Hehe. See? I hit it again >>> @martinimaker: "i would love it! @VMoizinho: "Note: she wanna be a rockstar (reblip)
VMoizinho Beautiful dreams, Vampirella. ;) @mizhelena: "off to bed ahead of a busy day .. will catch up with all your sweet replies soon.. much love XXXXX" (reblip)
NatalieAkers Lady Gaga- My daughter loves her!

Lady GagaPaparazzi

| play
VMoizinho RB@SpinningDiscs: "Hopeless ...Heck, lets just pull another song off the new album...not one bad song on it! Shout Outs & Thanks to: @martinimaker"" (reblip)
Gypsylyn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......;-);-)

StingDesert Rose

| play
VMoizinho Oh, Thanks dear. Already told I love you? Yeah. LOL @martinimaker anything for u my friend!
VMoizinho Oasis ~~ Stop Crying Your Heart Out (live)
VMoizinho Ok, folks, the last before finally leaving. Thank U for the company, congrats, props, patience and audience! Love y'all, U know. Hasta la vista! o/
dANGELofLOVE HI! How are you today? TY @Awannabeangel: "rb >>@dANGELofLOVE: "RICKY MARTIN (NEW VIDEO)[CUP OF LIFE] [LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA] TY" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Dark Suite feat Aura [I BELIEVE IN ANGELS] WELCOME [NEW LISTENERS] Looking Forward To Sharing Music With You!!!!! (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Thank You So Much! Wishing You The Same! >>>@kellyhunts: "RB ~~~ @dANGELofLOVE ~~~ have a great weekend. I LOVE this song, too." (reblip)

Aerosmith and Carlos Santana Just Feel Better

| play
CleoBe Great this song - TY for RB and Probs @aerowolf36: "been a long time.." (reblip)
CleoBe I Love the 90's: Snap - rythem is a dancer

rythm is a dancersnap

| play
CleoBe Police – Every Breath You Take
dANGELofLOVE HI! I am glad you Love the Song Choice. Wishing You A Fabulous Day!>> @Sibyll:thank YOU! i love this song ;o) >@dANGELofLOVE: [EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE] (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Good Morning! Wishing You A Great Day! >>>>>>@vento: "Good morning to everyone! have a great day! whoooo" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Christina Aguilera (Lyrics) [FIGHTER] Because Of What You Did To Me... It Makes Me That Much Stronger....It Makes Me Wiser.... (reblip)
VMoizinho North ~~ Glory of Love @ Shut up, Daniel-San. Miyagui rulez! Original version by Peter Certera.
VMoizinho Yeah, you look so good... :)) @ Bon Jovi ~~ Twist And Shout
valeriapiemonte ouvia mto essa música!! kkkkk @Ferdy: "desenterrou! valeriapiemonte: "**NINETIES**"" (reblip)

Ace Of BaseThe Sign

| play
VMoizinho Hell, ya! @Essvari: "how can anyone forget this... one of the best :) @VMoizinho: "Ghost" theme. Long time ago..."" (reblip)

ACDC- For Those About To Rock (with lyrics)

| play
VMoizinho Don't believe I had to leave in the middle of a BB marathon. Sorry, guys! :-\ @MrPrint @martinimaker @KatjaAsbreuk
VMoizinho I'll do everything possible to blip a little more. It's Friday, is worth some sacrifice. :-D @KatjaAsbreuk @MrPrint @martinimaker
www_StroumDesign_com @MrPrint: "Bring it on ! :) @VMoizinho: "LOL And here we go! @martinimaker: @Sheila_nl: "rb vi@MrPrint: "Breaking Benjamin – Until The End""""" (reblip)
VMoizinho OK, folks. Must go now. Thank you for the RBs, props, patience and audience! Enjoy your weekend carefully, huh. See y'all later! Bye!
SkyeCebh Youshouldbesmackedforthisfuckedupnastyassblip!! :P @romanus: "Gunther - Ding Ding Dong (You touched My Tra La La)" (reblip)

GuntherDing dong song

| play
DJHeartedSuit A song that always gets in my head..
makis Florence + the Machine – You've Got the Love (XX remix) / really missed this song.. @suckmydeck @melpimenta @mizhelena @VMoizinho @DJC2 @Condor @DeAnn
klynnDemar i don't even know you so what does that mean

Bon Jovi-Superman Tonight( full song new 2009)

| play
GypsyHeart ~~Still Haven't Found~~

U2 Still Haven't Found (with lyrics)

| play
VMoizinho My time to RB. Sorry, girls. :) @Claudine_fairy: "*wipes a tear* I always gets moody when I hear this... rb@Santosbaby: ""'Here Without You"'""