justoffline Steve Moore..crazy drummer...performing ZZ-TOP - Sharp dressed man! Have fun!!

Best Drummer In The World At The Wrong Gig!

| play
VTWoodchuck 'Cream' of the Supergroup crop. Baker, Bruce, Clapton
VTWoodchuck Doin' nicely! "@jcase59: "Howdy! @JonathanDune, @VTWoodchuck, @Mumbling_Genius, @DJNickPapag Here's hoping UR weeks off to a GR8 start, thanks all."" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck @DamnTheMan Been lookin' for an excuse to blip this one.... been thinkin' about my friends from Army days
VTWoodchuck Oo-Rah from a Hoo-Ah! Back atcha, bro..@DamnTheMan: "USMC fam here. Hoo-Ha from an Oo-Rah!" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Done went an' turnt into Tooz-dy whilst i wa'n't lookin. Damn them slippery Small Hours anyhoo....
VTWoodchuck LOL my 'official' song in grade school.... Dono how they got there from Jeremy, but they did@Annaleise: "3 Dog Night – Jerimiah was a Bullfrog" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck OK, i get ugly when this computer wacks out & i gotta re-boot...i was gonna respond to @katiemdesigns blipping Zeppelin- now i'm doing THIS lol...

DREAD ZEPPELIN Your Time Is Gonna Come

| play
VTWoodchuck Must rb Sloan! Memories....ty faithlesshaze... (reblip)


| play
VTWoodchuck Dick Dale's immortal 'Esperanza' from 1992's Tribal Thunder album

EsperanzaDick Dale

| play
VTWoodchuck @KlauFimiani Welcome new listener! Girlschool - C'mon Let's Go....
VTWoodchuck "We're Primus. Yes, and we do suck." Or not.....
VTWoodchuck "You never know just how you'll look through other people's eyes"
VTWoodchuck Creatively saying 'i'm the man'...... :-}

Anthrax-I'm The Man Live

| play

Jethro Tull- Hymn 43

| play
VTWoodchuck "Newsman told me not to sit on strange toilet seats...."
VTWoodchuck Sounds like my internet too...@NightWitch2: "Sound more Like the internet from hell!@DamnTheMan: "Thanx, my internet keeps disconnecting.... (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Because i've watched like near 100 blips without seeing them.... on #TallicaTuesday of all times (vid is from thier hunt for a bassist after Newstead)
VTWoodchuck YES!! i do, in fact...:-)@CPCDINIZ: "rb@JeehSka: "RB @CPCDINIZ: Ramones - Do You Remember Rock´n Roll Radio // #DiaDoRock"" (reblip)

She Drives Like Crazy-Weird Al Yankovic

| play
VTWoodchuck The world of blip.... where plenty of Traffic is a GOOD thing
VTWoodchuck Big Jim Dandy & Black Oak Arkansas with the Buddy Holly classic
VTWoodchuck @Tealan You may remember this (or not), you may like this (or not) but man, i dig your avatar! Enjoy (hopefully)
VTWoodchuck As usual, hate to leave, but i'm wiped out. i can barely constipate on what i'm doin' here an' i gotta get up early. Have yourselfs a great night all!

Jethro TullBoureé

| play
VTWoodchuck Hey, hey cats and kitties, how goes the day? What i say is, it's time to Come Out and Play....

twisted sister Come Out and play live

| play
VTWoodchuck Just as well i signed off when i did last nite, heavy rains caused this Riff Raff to lose his Powerage not 3 minutes later...
VTWoodchuck rb a great Gary Moore riff! @patita: "ops hehehe @BarbieRay :D @patita: "siiiiiiiiiiiis :D muwahhhh!!!!!! cause we deserve it!!!! :D"" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Changing gears for a minute or 3 to remember some good folks who are Not Here......
VTWoodchuck Old School Boogie from one of the original Boogie Boys- Roy Perkins

Drop Top ~ by Roy -Boogie Boy- Perkins (Let's go for a ride)

| play
70srocker English band "Trapeze," Glenn Hughes, on bass, would join Deep Purple afterwards. This is a crisp track from "Medusa" album (1970).
biap @Ttddman Well, you got me too!!! LOL ~ Can u feel???
DirtyUrine Up the Irons! \m/ rb@ankita_gaur: "Iron Maiden – The Number of The Beast \m/" (reblip)
Annaleise Me too!!!@THEWHITELION"ty anna 1 of my all time favs @Annaleise:Rumour spreadin' a-'round in that Texas town 'bout that shack ZZ Top :: La Grange""" (reblip)
MC_Ro rb @zoja01: "Ramones R.A.M.O.N.E.S" (reblip)

Ramones R.A.M.O.N.E.S with lemmy from motörhead

| play
mark_till #mark_till: "Skirting the edge of being too stylized, but what the hell it's Elvis Costello – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)" (reblip)
MC_Ro Hey I was out almost losse this one! @Wes_H: "@MC_Ro hard to control those urges:):)"" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Although T.W.E.R.P.S (Those What Evaluate Responsible Playlist Selections) have been after me all night, i've escaped long enough to Blip This :-D
Tealan This song is bound to give you a workout! Everybody up, now jump @VTWoodchuck (reblip)

Rem Shiny Happy People Music Video

| play
VTWoodchuck @VTWoodchuck: "Bad Religion 'Back in the Day' Bad Religion" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck OK, long as i know whose fault it is lol@Heartfelt_Strings: @VTWoodchuck: Aw, who went and typed Dan-O and let me read it? " Sorry,it was me *winks*" (reblip)

The Ventures Hawaii Five-0

| play
VTWoodchuck Tapeworm of Love- i fell in love with this tune in about 1978. Been eatin' at me ever since... (reblip)
VTWoodchuck @ElDorkoPunkRetro Life in the Fat lane (Fat Wreck Chords) Keep on keepin' that beat alive!

SnuffKeep The Beat

| play
VTWoodchuck Millencolin – Coolidge "Was my own worst enemy"
VTWoodchuck Without looking, we've earned a new national anthem...PAY ATTENTION (Majority rule... Don't work in mental institutions)
VTWoodchuck Here's to blip- the new X! ZZ Top~ 'Heard It On The X April 1980' Boogie with the bearded ones...

ZZ Top Heard It On The X April 1980

| play
VTWoodchuck @MrWitch this is the one that makes me wish the same thing...

Jethro Tull Teacher Live

| play
fun4lilli one more for you @Louden We know how you miss your family so... AzzL and i will keep you company in blip, right sis? @JanetSEyre :D

The White Stripes: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

| play
VTWoodchuck Already part way there, man... rb@La_Vera_Mahshid: "Be back later to Rock You To Hell !!!!" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Wicked! rb@katiemdesigns: "Nice .. @DirtyUrine: "Awesome!!! RB @docstimulas: "Lemmy (Motörhead) – Nothing Else Matters @DirtyUrine \m/""" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck JEFF BECK~ 'Superstition' It's hard to credit this is the ONLY version of Jeff doing his own song here on blip... Still, live Boogie is good Boogie

JEFF BECK Superstition 3rd May 1975 Boston WT version

| play
EllisasDJ Triumph - Rock n' Roll Machine
VTWoodchuck Delaney & Bonnie and Friends~ 'Don't Want Me Around' - (w/Duane Allman) Friends, find yourselves a flick called 'Festival Express' & watch it. F'real.
VTWoodchuck Fairport Convention~ 'Tam Lin' Sandy Denny RULES!! Long live Sandy...RIP golden voice...
VTWoodchuck Bob Seger~ 'Nutbush City Limits' Great cover of Ike & Tina's tune about Tina Turner's hometown in TN #coversthatdon'tsuck
VTWoodchuck Wicked! RB@SGMan: "My favourite Gimmes :D @VTWoodchuck" (reblip)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Walk like an Egyptian

| play
eubieland Lyle Mays - Slink" Pat Metheny sideman/the most underrated Lyle Mays" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck "Oh, we won't give in, let's go Livin' in the Past..."@Roadie5: Jethro Tull~ 'Living In The Past' (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Quizz Kid' and 'Crazed Institution'
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'St Vitus Dance'
VTWoodchuck Bo Diddley~ 'Hey, Bo Diddley and Bo Diddley' Check out the gal on the right playing guitar...
VTWoodchuck Re-B's. Nice track!@romanus: "B::52's :: Dirty Back Road" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Mercyful Fate~ 'Come to the Sabbath'

Mercyful Fate "Come to the Sabbath"

| play
brenkeys I really like this group, if you don't know them you have to listen to them Fruit Machine - The Ting Tings #random
Somebody2Love vi@JimmyStagger the 3rd album, "All Mod Cons" is where Paul Wellers' writing really became amazing. @BLUESBOOGIE @nrayala @Wes_H @TrainWreckRadio

The Jam 'Mr Clean'

| play
VTWoodchuck Wild Cherry~ 'Play That Funky Music' Get down, get FUNKY, get back up again...
VTWoodchuck Electric Flag~ 'FINE JUNG THING' ty @Ineluctable HB to late, great Mike Bloomfield

Electric Flag "FINE JUNG THING"

| play
DirtyUrine Goodnight! Nice closer! RB @katiemdesigns: "Into The Void – Black Sabbath.... Leaving you all with this one .. Sweet Dreams Boys & Girls Xoxo's" (reblip)
kirkill Are you ready, can you handle Dream Theater - The BIG Medley? It's a lot for one sitting, but I have faith in your listening abilities! (reblip)
Bigfrosty13 rb@VTWoodchuck: "She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow...CLASSIC Cream! rb@kirkill: "Cream – Swlabr"" (reblip)


| play
MissLalala "Trainspotting" was AWESOME!!!@tyrelassie... Lust For Life!!!
Joleesa Here Is No Why ✧ ~god i luv the this band, the old lineup *sighs*~
VTWoodchuck Accept~ 'Midnight Mover' i remember (vaguely) late nights, and seeing this video. Some of those nights, the vid made what the room was doing seem tame
DirtyUrine RATT – Lay It Down (music video) HQ !! ~ Here ya go @VTWoodchuck !! This one is fucking speaker blowing LOUD !! \m/ #BHT
VTWoodchuck Cinderella~ 'Gypsy Road' @DirtyUrine this one is a bit better i think #BHT
VTWoodchuck Led Zep~ 'Darlene' One summer when i was growin up, it was when i was a kid..my summer at the lake crush was named- well, i drove folks NUTS with this

Led Zeppelin- Darlene (STUDIO VERSION)

| play
VTWoodchuck Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe~ 'And you and i' This nugget just broke off the rocky hillside of my brain
VTWoodchuck Now i get up around 11- used to get up on time rb@DirtyUrine:I used to do a little but a little wouldn't do So the little got more and more.. \m/ #BHT (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Guns N' Roses~ 'Garden Of Eden' #BHT
VTWoodchuck The Pogues~ 'The Rake at The Gates of Hell'
etcsilver "Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm"
VTWoodchuck Flotsam and Jetsam~ 'Escape From Within'
VTWoodchuck rb MK II@USAShopper: "Rockin RB! @DirtyUrine: "Ozzy Osbourne – Believer !! ~ The amazing Randy Rhoads on geetar !! \m/"" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck "i saw it i saw it i tell you no lies!" Black Sabbath~ 'Fairies wear boots'
VTWoodchuck To be honest, liked it the moment i heard it rb@Pantagruella: "An old Motorhead song that took years to grow on me." (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Motörhead~ 'The Watcher' @Pantagruella have you heard this one? A bit Hakwind-esque (Lemmy's first band)
VTWoodchuck Not me man rb@ducks2007: understand some folk HATE this originally retro song that is now retro itself..2 bad rb @AroaTijger: disco sentiments..luv it (reblip)

deelite- groove is in the heart

| play
VTWoodchuck rb @CargoCulte Whitefield Brothers~ 'The Bastard Funk 45' NICE! Garage funk'n Boogie... (reblip)
VTWoodchuck John Rhino Edwards~ 'Gravy Train' Passing Rhino's on my way hopefully to a Rhinicerous
VTWoodchuck UFO~ 'Rock Bottom' (Live) One of the truly ultimate guitar tracks EVER
VTWoodchuck Hell yeah man! IMO the TRUE king of R'nR- taken too soon. rb@LastofmyKind: "buddy rocked those eye glasses...." (reblip)
VTWoodchuck LOVE Blind Faith rb@Annaleise: "@readmylipstick: "Blind Faith (Clapton – Windwood) - Under My Thumb - Live 1969"" (reblip)
Dancer12 yw,tysm,> 3 < MORE, rb@Starkover TY yr gr8@Dancer12 gave 5 props,RB'd YOUR Song,Anything else?C'mon Blipstarz,ShowBlip Luv! only> 3 < More!!@Starkover (reblip)
VTWoodchuck More Funnies...STAN FREBERG & THE TOADS~ Sh-Boom' "OK, ya gotta talk unintelligible, like me..." i LOVE parodies

STAN FREBERG & THE TOADS "Sh-Boom" Deutsche 78er CAPITOL 1954 Novelty !

| play

Mermelada Bunch / Comando Borracho. High Quality

| play
VTWoodchuck @TrainWreckRadio HUMBLE PIE~ 'C'mon Everybody' 3 words for ya bro- Steve. Fuckin. MARIOTT!
VTWoodchuck Screaming Trees~ 'Nearly Lost You' From the 'Been here how long, canNOT believe i haven't blipped this band yet' file.
VTWoodchuck Faith no More~ 'Spirit' Only been trying to find this for a month. Musical Alzheimers sucks. Had to go pull the vinyl and actually cue 'em up...
VTWoodchuck Rick Nelson~ 'Fools Rush In' The Dad's favourite...Good ole' Ricky
sjsjh3172 Richie Havens – Freedom ... vi@VTWoodchuck > thanks to you ( and richie ofcourse ) ... (reblip)
VTWoodchuck James Gang~ 'Got No Time For Trouble' Got time for a break tho, back in a short...
VTWoodchuck Eight to the Bar – Superhero Swinger Undercover. Boogie-Woogie in the old-school style- Dig the Flathead V-8 in the intro...
VTWoodchuck BUDGIE~ 'BREADFAN' Oh hell, i almost missed my own invention...#3PieceThursday


| play
VTWoodchuck Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble~ 'Texas Flood' A)remembering SRV 2)remembering my vinyl, what i lost in a flood tres)#3PieceThursday
VTWoodchuck Dood, you just made my night for the 2nd time...rb@RatatatPat: "@VTWoodchuck -Nobody plays Surf Rock like skinny pasty British Punks." (reblip)
RatatatPat @VTWoodchuck -then again, guys in mexican wrestling masks make Everything sound better.
VTWoodchuck Snuff~ 'Vikings' Part punk, part cockney, part in-your-face, part garage band... all sorts a'cool...


| play
MuzzikLvr Amazing! @RatatatPat: "then again, guys in mexican wrestling masks make Everything sound better." (reblip)
RatatatPat @VTWoodchuck -anyone blips The Sweet, I gotta do this. SUCK it, KISS!
octoberland superb :) nicked from @instamatic81: "still love it...rb@craigz" {woods : blood dries darker} (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Blodwyn Pig~ 'See My Way' @RatatatPat In my world, anyone who has the nuts to say Suck it, KISS is either someone i'd marry or want my sister to marry
VTWoodchuck Sly & The Family Stone~ 'Higher' Bootsy Collins f'in RAWKS...
VTWoodchuck Metallica~ 'No Remorse' @Chow322 There is no good way...Kill 'em All
RatatatPat @VTWoodchuck -Please allow me to introduce my New God of Funk.
VTWoodchuck Classical Gas~ 'Mason Williams' My friend Jim played this once on a 12-string. As near as i've been to true bliss, and i would kill to have it on tape
Eclecticist rb @lillianwong: "The Who – You Better You Bet" (reblip)
RoxBox Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto! @jalexacla ^_^!! Secret secret.. I've got a secret! I really enjoy this song... haha :D (reblip)

StyxMr. Roboto

| play
VTWoodchuck Rhapsody of Fire~ 'Knightrider of Doom' i can't keep up with this tonight. i just know i'm gonna miss something, or somebody, and that'll be my Doom..
hippiechick rb @dickie1me: "@SGMan: "I think I got the one that mother gives me :(@tie_1: "Jefferson Starship Airplane -White Rabbit""" (reblip)
JimmyStagger @Classyvixenart here's the other one

The Weirdos - We got the Neutron bomb

| play
kimme23 Good 2 C U =))@hawaiibuzz: "aloha leilani!! @kimme23: "Hiya TY~rb"@HB: "April Wine - Just Between You And Me !!"" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Slayer-Skeletons of Society #\m/ #ThrashThursday

Slayer-Skeletons of Society

| play
VTWoodchuck My day is done...Much to do tomorrow; until later, take care all...

Jethro TullBoureé

| play
VTWoodchuck Agreement! rb@DJTundrazone: "A whacking good single from the Captain!" (reblip)


| play
VTWoodchuck The Beach Boys~ 'Sloop John B' This has to be my fave Beach Boys cut! rb @RoseArcadia (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Weird Al~ 'Oops I farted again' (Britney spears parody) COMEDY break....

Britney Spears- Oops I farted again

| play
VTWoodchuck Great SQ blip man...rb@raywoodwouldu: "spin cycle blues" (reblip)

Status Quo Spinning Wheel Blues

| play
VTWoodchuck Reel Big Fish~ 'Good Thing' Time to load up and hit the lake...i wanna Reel Big Fish. Have a great day all...
VTWoodchuck Richie Valens~ 'Come On Let's Go'
VTWoodchuck LOL i think it never left...rb@LastofmyKind: "right out of the trailer park y'all" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck The Donnas~ 'Safety Dance' #coversthatdon'tsuck Covers that are, in fact, pretty much cooler than the original...

The Donnas -- Safety Dance

| play
VTWoodchuck Slade~ 'Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine'
VTWoodchuck Megadeth~ 'Hangar 18' "Possibly i've seen too much..."

Hangar 18Megadeth

| play
ayogafriend @VTWoodchuck have you heard Judy Collins sing this? Her heartfelt honesty and lyrical voice just floors me every time...
kimme23 I am great Mary Thx 4 askin!!Hugs xoxo@harmony60: "Hi Kim!! Great to see you... I am good.. how r u? ty rb..@kimme23: "Hey Mary~☺#harmony60:" (reblip)
Greenfields47 ty rb @ramblingrose69: "Gordon Lightfoot 1974 – Sundown" (reblip)
www_StroumDesign_com @24websurf: "No more meaning to my life, no more reason to stay..."@Flight815 (reblip)


| play
VTWoodchuck Rodrigo y Gabriela~ 'Ixtapa' 2 of the best guitarists i've ever heard. They actually used to be part of a metal/punk band in Mexico City in the 80s.
Sylak THX man! ☺ @DirtyUrine: "RB!! @Sylak: "‡‡Godsmack – "Speak"‡‡"" (reblip)


| play
FullMetalRadio rb@RockTheNight: "♥ #nowplaying a song thats #stuckinmyhead : i ain't no nice guy" #\m/ (reblip)

Motorhead-I Ain't No Nice Guy

| play
DamnTheMan Flotsam And Jetsam - Smoked Out
VTWoodchuck April Wine~ '21st Century Schizoid Man' One of the best of the covers of this King Crimson tune #coversthatdon'tsuck

April Wine 21st Century Schizoid Man

| play
VTWoodchuck Hot Tuna rb! 2/5 of Jefferson Airplane here@SHERRYBABY65: "hot tuna??? hahaha no way @djaces29: "Hot Tuna – Been So Long"" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck rb!@Sylak: "‡‡Metal Church – "Over My Dead Body"‡‡" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Overkill~ 'Old School' @IDREAMOFJEANIE2 weren't we just talking of this earlier? lol
VTWoodchuck WAY cool! rb@Wes_H: "Ten Years After - The Stomp" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Megadeth~ 'Wake Up Dead'
JimmyStagger @DirtyUrine Diamond Head- "Helpless" (Live on TV, '80) \m/ \m/
jcase59 And you already know @VTWoodchuck, a sure way to stay cool is to just ride "Against The Wind" hehehe
VTWoodchuck Girlschool~ 'Demolition Boys' "Gonna make way for a new high-rise"
VTWoodchuck Sonic Youth is just cool...rb@MrWitch: "Rather Ripped is an AMAZING album through and through." (reblip)
VTWoodchuck 10cc~ 'Good morning judge' Yeah, how ya be...lookin good...dig the wig. WHAT? 30 days..?!?
VTWoodchuck Humble Pie~ '30 Days In The Hole' Ma said she's bakin me a pie man...
VTWoodchuck Motorhead~ 'On Parole' "They thought they had me, had me for keeps..."

MotorheadOn Parole

| play
VTWoodchuck The Band~ 'This Wheel's on Fire' @opus111 Great Byrds blip! thanks for the idea, thought i'd give The Band's version an airing...
VTWoodchuck i'll have to settle for one rb for the moment...@zycklon: "Mercyful Fate – Thirteen Invitations" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Infectious Grooves~ 'Therapy' Hey there @katiemdesigns. Just getting around to some Therapy... knew you'd see me off :-}
raywoodwouldu a road to nowhere a one way street me thinks
VTWoodchuck EDELWEISS~ 'Bring Me Edelweiss' Maybe my European friends won't vilify me too much for this...i just love this groove, man
VTWoodchuck rb@khaito Budgie~ 'Whisky River' A little birdie told me to re-blip this... (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Bones – Theme Song (The Crystal Method) Be back in an hour, gonna catch a Bones ep i've missed...
VTWoodchuck Just awesome. rb@opus111: "This slow-building traditional, the centrepiece of Unhalfbricking." (reblip)
raywoodwouldu Good night all off to bed maybe i will see ya tomm
VTWoodchuck i honestly thought i'd be the only one to blip this...Nice! rb@Roadie5: "Be vewy vewy qwiet. OZZY FUDD (the rabbit slayer) KILL THE WABBIT" (reblip)

OZZY FUDD (the rabbit slayer) KILL THE WABBIT

| play
VTWoodchuck Billy and the Boingers~ 'U Stink But I Love U' @Roadie5 Wasn't gonna go much off course tonight, but a skunk just touched off outside. For real.
scotlandlover very cute...caught ya ;) rb @Cairnmont: "Just had to sneak this in... ;-)" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Dropkick Murphys~ 'Worker's Song' New World Pipes, with a side of Salt (of the earth...)
VTWoodchuck @NaturalDancer Here's the original...The Sweet~ 'Ballroom Blitz' Also, Krokus did a great version in the 80s. ;)
VTWoodchuck Led Zeppelin~ 'Out On The Tiles'

Led Zeppelin Out On The Tiles (live)

| play
VTWoodchuck Fishbone~ 'Modern Industry' i don't know about anyone else, but that fish-lipped Bill Gates ad is startin' to creep me out...
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Acres Wild' @hippiechick Kickin it up in a field of green...
VTWoodchuck J. Tull~ 'One Brown Mouse' One for my friend K.."Smile your little smile, take some tea with me awhile; brush away that black cloud from your shoulder

Jethro Tull- One Brown Mouse

| play
VTWoodchuck Warlock~ 'All We Are' "...All we need..."
VTWoodchuck Millencolin~ 'The Einstein Crew' Thx B 2 the crew what gave me top props this week- @katiemdesigns@DirtyUrine@ScaryBaby @LastofmyKind@NightWitch2 :)
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'Killing Yourself To Live' & 'Hole In The Sky' From Don Kirchner's Rock Concert; Classic footage, killer Sabbath
VTWoodchuck Galactic Cowboys~ 'I'm Not Amused'
VTWoodchuck Re-mega-friggin-blip@SGMan: "Overkill ~ Bring Me the Night #FridayNightMetal" (reblip)

Overkill -Bring me the night

| play
VTWoodchuck sacred reich~ 'independent'

Iron Maiden-10.Sanctuary(Hammersmith 1982)

| play
VTWoodchuck Anthrax~ 'Medusa' & 'Efilnikufesin' Gotta be honest, not real into blippin tonite- friend is in a hard place right now. Thinkin of her...

Anthrax Medusa & Efilnikufesin N.F.L. Live at Hammersmith (Part 5)

| play
VTWoodchuck This is why i keep chuckin wood...@Pantagruella:Gas shortage fears. 1000s may not be able to do suicide when their gas bills arrive. This is for @me. (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Warm Sporran' One of my fave instrumentals.

Jethro Tull- Warm Sporran

| play
VTWoodchuck Art Of Noise~ 'Peter Gunn Theme' (The Twang Mix) :-D
VTWoodchuck Ramones~ 'Rock 'n' Roll High School' As it happens, my HS was rather a lot like this....
VTWoodchuck The Pogues~ 'Whiskey you're the Devil' The divvil is in'me, in'me...and more t'come
VTWoodchuck Mountain~ 'Taunta (Sammy's Tune)' Not the most computer literate individual. Think i've finally got this working...
VTWoodchuck Country Joe and The Fish~ 'Section 43' Sunday night, burnt out, just brain droppings on the blip front i guess....whatever occurs to me
VTWoodchuck American Bang~ 'Move to the Music' Cool band i found thru twitter. Give 'em a listen, i like 'em...
VTWoodchuck Hallowed be thy blip...rb@nrayala: "Iron Maiden – Hallowed be Thy Name" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Budgie~ 'In for the Kill' Groooovitude, dude....
VTWoodchuck Deep Purple~ 'Space Truckin' @Irishbiker OK, i found the purple...
naharuddin @dANGELofLOVE: "I Adore You ♥♥♠♥♥ Whitney's aunte" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck The Donnas~ 'Safety Dance' OK, pretty much my bi-weekly Donnas SD blip...that Chug-a-chug chord on an SG just makes me all hot an' schitt :-D

The Donnas -- Safety Dance

| play
VTWoodchuck Screaming Trees~ 'All I Know' All i know is the bros look amazingly like my pal Jim. His college nickname was 'Screaming Tree' (or, just 'Tree')
VTWoodchuck Faith No more~ 'Woodpecker From Mars' My pick for bikers everywhere- play this song. 8 or 10 times, LOUD. Then go for a ride under a clear starry sky.
VTWoodchuck i need to experience some 'universe', goin outside for a smoke and to check out that rainbow...rb@RawkRoll: Black Sabbath – Symptom of the Universe (reblip)
VTWoodchuck UFO~ 'Lights Out' "Smell of Anarchy..."

UFOLights Out

| play
VTWoodchuck B-52's~ 'dirty back road' OK, it's pouring again. My road is now a mud bog...but the harmonies are BEAUTIFICAL "Reckless drivin on..dirty back roads"

B-52's dirty back road

| play
VTWoodchuck Crumbsuckers~ 'Breakout'

crumbsuckers breakout

| play
VTWoodchuck New York Dolls~ 'Stranded in the Jungle' One of the coolest #coversthatdon'tsuck of a 50s tune EVER
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Witch's Promise' "Lend me your ear, while i call you a fool..."
VTWoodchuck The Pink Floyd~ 'Take up thy Stethoscope and Walk' @DirtyUrine @LindyLuv With all due respect, David was not part of the 'original' Floyd.

"Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk" Pink Floyd

| play
VTWoodchuck Suicidal Romance~ 'Angel Of Love' 9987. Lovin' the Angel of Suicidal Romance. Or, someone's gonna kill me if i don't add this cool DJ LOL....
mark_till RB! @Franimal Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Wild World (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Goldie originally played with the band Giuffria @Pantagruella: Craig Goldie. He played with Dio. Must have been fun 2 follow Budgie tour of Australia. (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Motorhead~ 'I Got Mine' #MondayMixTapeMania "Be anything, but don't be gone..."
VTWoodchuck Twisted Sister~ 'Like A Knife In The Back' "Don't turn around, ignore that sound..."
Dancer12 Ty♥Rb@dANGELofLOVE ♥♥♠♠♥♥{[[New Video W/Lyrics]} ♥♥♠♥♥ [[Wicked Game]] ♥♥♠♥♥ (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Waylon Jennings~ 'I've Always Been Crazy' "i've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane..."
VTWoodchuck Motorhead~ 'Back At The Funny Farm' "i really like this jacket, but the sleeves are much too long..."
fxp123 Led Zeppelin -Good Times Bad Times @Tinamarie11260
VTWoodchuck Nazareth~ 'Razamanaz' \m/ "Let's see ya dance, dance, dance...."

Nazareth-Razamanaz-Live HQ

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VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'A New Day Yesterday' "i want to see you soon, but i don't know how... It was a new day yesterday, but it's an old day now"
VTWoodchuck Simon and Garfunkel~ 'The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine' "Do all the hippies seem to get the jump on you?"

11-The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine, Simon & Garfunkel, The Graduate

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VTWoodchuck Jan Davis~ 'Zombie Watusi' "i'll have what this songwriter was having..."
VTWoodchuck Stephen Friedland~ 'Tapeworm of Love' Welcome to my world...
VTWoodchuck Jennette McCurdy~ 'Not That Far Away' "i'm just tryin to write the story of my life..."
VTWoodchuck Nazareth~ 'This Flight Tonight' Uhh, wait a bloody minute...whaddaya mean, Joni Mitchell wrote this song?
VTWoodchuck Prong~ 'Unfortunately' "Coming apart / At the seams..."
VTWoodchuck Ministry~ 'Jesus Built My Hotrod' i LOVE Drag Racing. Only sport on the planet that actually registers on the Richter Scale...

01 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

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VTWoodchuck Iron Maiden~ 'Women in Uniform' From the 'Misogynists 'R Us' files...

Iron Maiden- Women in Uniform music video

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VTWoodchuck Renegade~ 'Decapitation' Morbid? Perhaps. Good tunage? i think so...
VTWoodchuck Brad Paisley~ 'Welcome To The Future' Sending this one out for @jcase59 ....and, well, i just like it.

Pantera Drag The Waters Lyrics HD

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VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'We Used To Know' 3 years since i passed this NFI test originally. Wonder if i STILL know LOL....
VTWoodchuck Deep Purple~ 'River Deep, Mountain High' Deep Purple provides a rock/classical take on the Ike & Tina Turner motown classic

09 River Deep, Mountain High

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VTWoodchuck Allman Brothers~ 'No One To Run With' "Don't know where i'm goin, like a gypsy out on the road..."

06 - No One to Run With_New

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VTWoodchuck Anthrax~ 'Be All End All' "Make your peace and stand up"
VTWoodchuck Grand Funk Railroad~ 'T.N.U.C.' @brenkeys @raywoodwouldu@DirtyUrine@Irishbiker@CNS777 Thx for all the props! We'll celebrate in Grand Funkin' style...
VTWoodchuck Oh, wicked. i didn't know there was other footage out there! rb@Mysterymix: "@toolisima probably… surely :)" (reblip)

PinkFloyd live at pompei lost song

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VTWoodchuck Prong~ 'Lost And Found' "Look what they've found..."
VTWoodchuck Blue Man Group~ 'I Feel Love' i feel a need to blip this out again... @JimiJamzz this is the one i was talking about...
VTWoodchuck Deep Purple~ 'You Fool No One' & 'Mule' 1974 California Jam
Sylak ‡‡Accept – "Metal Heart"‡‡

AcceptMetal Heart

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VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Seal Driver' & 'Songs from the Wood' live 1982
VTWoodchuck Black 47~ 'Funky Céilí' Ceili down, man!

Black 47 "Funky Céilí"

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VTWoodchuck The Saw Doctors~ 'Joyce Country Ceili Band' - Live In Galway We're daaaaancin, we're daaaaancin... :-}
VTWoodchuck Mama's Boys~ 'Getting Out' #ThreePieceThursday #NWOBHM Getting out for a few, back soon
ladypn You are Omega-as 1 of my top proppers last week! Thank you SO much for your love & support! rb@13to1: " www.13to1.com Amazon http://lnk.ms/8cntS " (reblip)

I am Omega.wmv

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VTWoodchuck The Detergents~ 'Leader Of The Laundromat' Of course i love the classics...but there has to be room for the parodies, too. ;-} "Dang it..."
VTWoodchuck Madness~ 'Animal Farm Madness' (Alternative Evian Baby Dance Clip) OK, make of this what you will- i gotta admit, it's a tad freakish...but kinda cool
VTWoodchuck Motörhead~ 'No Voices in the Sky' "Eye for eye/tooth for tooth/You all know what i mean...what's the use of a cry for help/If no-one hears the scream"

Motörhead-no Voices in the Sky

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VTWoodchuck Primus~ 'Jerry Was A Racecar Driver' Almost time to shift to tonight's race...chat is always a BLAST during night races...
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'Voodoo' (Live Evil '82) i heerd tell someone's good at voodoo...any guesses who do that voodoo (like she do) @katiemdesigns ? :-D

voodoo Black Sabbath.wmv

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VTWoodchuck Slade~ 'Darlin Be Home Soon' "Stop gigglin', you naughty gel, you..." @katiemdesigns 'K, i'm back on blip, lass.... ;-}
VTWoodchuck BLOODROCK~ 'Lucky in the Morning' Much Boogie...
VTWoodchuck OZZY FUDD~ 'KILL THE WABBIT' @katiemdesigns The Wabbit Swayer...

OZZY FUDD (the rabbit slayer) KILL THE WABBIT

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VTWoodchuck Jan and Dean~ 'Schlock rod part 1'
VTWoodchuck Jan and Dean~ 'Schlock Rod part 2'
VTWoodchuck The B 52`s~ 'Planet Claire' "She drove a Plymouth Satellite..." i wonder what year, i had a '73 :-D
VTWoodchuck .38 Special~ 'Teacher, Teacher' "Can you tell me all i need to know..."
VTWoodchuck Foghat~ 'Easy Money' OK, so it's not gonna be easy, but at least i'm earning some again! :-}

FoghatEasy Money

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VTWoodchuck Erm.. i only went next door :-| rb@fxp123: "ok @katiemdesigns: "The Who – A Quick One (While He's Away)"" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Primus~ 'Tommy The Cat' Got a new furkid from the shelter last Fri. His name is Tommy. For real; it fits. 2 yrs as a stray in VT winters qualifies him
VTWoodchuck Motorhead~ 'No Voices in the Sky' "Ritual remembrance/ where no-one knows your name/ Don't help a single widow/ learn to fight the pain"
VTWoodchuck WayGnarlyRe-BlippinGroovyCool!@Wes_H: "Ten Years After – The Stomp" (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~ The White Stripes – Icky Thump Live ~ ...sittin drunk on a wagon to Mexico...
VTWoodchuck Dood-girl, how'd you know i needed to hear this tonight? i didn't even know...rb@katiemdesigns: "W A S P – I Wanna Be Somebody" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Pink Floyd~ 'Point Me At The Sky' "...And let it fly"

Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky (BBC Session)

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VTWoodchuck The Lemonheads~ 'Mrs. Robinson' #coversthatdon'tsuck S & G cover. "Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home..."
VTWoodchuck Holy 'Moby Grape Sighting' Batman! Nice, rb@pulsar Moby Grape - 'Rounder' (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'Electric Funeral' From 1978's live performance; Tony's solo leads into 'Lectric Funeral. "...radiation, minds decay..."
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Dharma For One' "Clive is turned on by the TV...and vice-versa" Seek, and you shall find...Dharma will come, eventually
VTWoodchuck Toby Keith~ 'Trailerhood' @jcase59 Hey, friend! LOL, i have done the lawnchair and a 6'er when storm warnings hit; In an RV, only thing to do, really
VTWoodchuck 2 Live Jews~ 'Oy It's So Humid' Comm-eddy break... "You mean Octogenarian mutant ninja Myrtle?"
VTWoodchuck Edelweiss~ 'Bring Me Edelweiss' Aw hell, he's in party mode...he's blippin that damned Edelweiss vid again... :-|
VTWoodchuck Björn Again : SOS / Message In A Bottle (ABBA) – Live Royal Albert Hall '98 (ABBA) "The love you gave me, nothing else could save me...SOS"
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'Trashed' Bugger, ended work after 7 & skipped supper. Now 4 drinks in, i'm a goner. Gotta stay up a bit or i'm gonna yark... :-|
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'North Sea Oil' & 'Old Ghosts' Hardly the 'classic' lineup, but apropos considering issues in the Gulf; Scotland was once where we are...
VTWoodchuck "Weird Al" Yankovic~ 'I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead'
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Living in the Past' Story of my life. In more ways than one...i find i'm usually the dude in the helmet :{

Great White Buffalo -- Double Live Gonzo -- Ted Nugent

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DDPlay ~ Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane ~
VTWoodchuck Black Sabbath~ 'Hand Of Doom' #FridayNightMetal "Time's caught up with you..."

Black Sabbath Hand Of Doom Live 1970

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ElDorkoPunkRetro Muffs - You Can Cry If You Want To ...just sayin'...
Sylak ‡‡Motörhead - "Orgasmatron"‡‡ (reblip)

Orgasmatron Motorhead

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straywebsurfer ♫ Ry Cooder - "Goodnight Irene"...TYSM! rb@JerryTheK: @smaclaren (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Warm Sporran' One of my fave instrumentals

Jethro Tull- Warm Sporran

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VTWoodchuck Lovin' the Love...rb@brenkeys: "Capitulo 18: Alone again or - Love #ghostgirl :)" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Yes~ 'Starship Trooper' a) Life Seeker b) Disillusion c) Wurm A fave prog rock classic, in 3 movements...
VTWoodchuck Most deef-innit RB!@raywoodwouldu: "A HEEPFULL OF URIAH" (reblip)
rabidrobot ZZ Top – Just Got Paid (From "Double Down Live - 1980")
VTWoodchuck Testament~ 'Electric Crown' "All i know is, that i'll soon be there..." #FullMetalFriday
VTWoodchuck NOFX~ 'The Idiots Are Taking Over' Just checked. Yep. Still defines my outlook on...well, the whole shebang, really
VTWoodchuck OOP's for you m'dear...rb!@katiemdesigns: "Black Sabbath – N.I.B. 1970 (High Quality) #FullMetalFriday" (reblip)
Sylak I find a window in the kitchen and I let myself in. Rummage through the refrigerator, find myself a beer. ‡‡Toadies – "Tyler" (Live)‡‡ (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Brownsville Station~ 'Smokin in the Boys Room' Headin' out to partake in one of my vices... :-P

Brownsville Station Smokin in the boys room

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VTWoodchuck The Sweet~ 'Teenage Rampage' And now, from the '70s Anthem' files... "There's something in the air of which we'll all be aware..."
VTWoodchuck How many fingers ya got? go a few more...rb@ElDorkoPunkRetro: The Nomads - I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time ..how many ways can I say this is f'ing great? (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Manowar on #FullMetalFriday - officially the loudest band in the world, according to Guinness...
Dancer12 Love this!Ty♥Rb@vmishep @TheJohnC "Chet Atkins, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas – Birth of the Blues" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Edelweiss~ 'Bring Me Edelweiss' *warning- just finished 76hr workweek. The following blips are meant only to put my addled brainwaves in physical form
VTWoodchuck "Weird Al" Yankovic~ Bohemian Polka This sucks. No spell check...with my beverage consumption, it takes me longer to proofread posts than preview song
VTWoodchuck Dread Zeppelin~ 'I Can't Quit You Baby' i can't quit my Dread habit... :-P

8-I Can't Quit You Baby

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apm35 @zoja01: Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk to Fuck (reblip)
VTWoodchuck Peter Schilling~ 'Major Tom (extended version)' Can't stay long. In CT for training seminar, full moon, feeling like a space cadet...
keefee @PeaceDiva:@claudix:@PoeticHeart34: "This slow-building traditional folk song, is the centrepiece of the brilliant Unhalfbricking." (reblip)
pulsar Great 1967 sounds! @mrs_daniel


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VTWoodchuck Cream~ 'Steppin' Out' OK, i'm here. Home from CT alive (barely) only just finished up work for the day. So.. now i'm steppin' out for a smoke lol.. :)
VTWoodchuck Pink Floyd~ 'Point Me At The Sky' "...and let it fly!" #mydailypink

Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky (BBC Session)

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VTWoodchuck Nazareth~ 'Morning Dew' @JimiJamzz this is the one i was talking about the other day... can't remember if this is in your Musikladen DVD collection

Nazareth -- " Morning Dew "

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VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Dharma For One' And if Tea is not particularly filling, perhaps a serving of Dharma (for One) as well..?
VTWoodchuck Big Mama Thornton~ 'Down Home Shakedown' Oh, this is just fv*king CLASSIC... :-D
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'A Song For Jeffrey' Man, can't find the opening # from R'n R Circus with Tull. It's the ONLY record of Tony Iommi's short stint w/Tull

jethro tull a song for jeffrey(live french tv 1969)

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VTWoodchuck BLACK WIDOW~ 'Come To The Sabbat' Don't ask me how i find this stuff, cos i honestly don't know. Every so often, i'm just glad i find it lol...
VTWoodchuck Rhapsody Of Fire~ 'Lord Of Thunder' This always runs through my head when i read George R. R. Martin for some reason. Good stuff for #FullMetalFriday
VTWoodchuck Cool, you found it...rb@JimiJamzz: "Nothin' Like The Original. I Never Heard Of These Guys Until Metallica Covered Them," (reblip)
JimiJamzz This Guy Would Be Awesome For A G3 Tour If He Hasn't Already.
VTWoodchuck Joe Satriani~ 'Summer Song' @JimiJamzz i found those kids doing Satriani, man. Check 'em out bro...
VTWoodchuck Holy fat rattin' catz, dude. This guy's off the hook! rb@JimiJamzz: "This Guy Would Be Awesome For A G3 Tour If He Hasn't Already." (reblip)
La_Vera_Mahshid Nazareth – Miss Misery !!!!
La_Vera_Mahshid Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times !!!
VTWoodchuck Joey Ramone & Holly Beth Vincent~ 'I Got You Babe' @ElDorkoPunkRetro -this popped into my head for no reason the other day. Kinda missin' Joey too...
VTWoodchuck Anthrax~ 'Medusa' #FullMetalFriday "...but don't look in her eyes!"


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VTWoodchuck Hey bro! Great to see ya man... rb@DirtyUrine: "Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter !! \m/" (reblip)
VTWoodchuck steve miller band~ 'wide river' 2 1/2 days of heavy rain. i live under a mile from US 7, 1 1/2 miles from the Cold River. All i can hear is the river
JimmyStagger @blip_tsf I was heavily involved in the Long Island (NY) ska scene back in the '90s haha ;)
VTWoodchuck AC/DC~ 'Let There Be Rock' i see @alwilbanks is into the AC/DC tonight... here ya go, enjoy! Live Bon... C'est si bon :-}

AC/DC- Let There Be Rock, 1978

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VTWoodchuck Nazareth~ 'Expect No Mercy' Seriously. None, whatsoever... :)
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'Pibroch' (Cap in Hand) Affectionately known to JT fans as 'pee break'. On that note...

Jethro Tull- Pibroch (Cap in Hand)

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VTWoodchuck Rose Tattoo~ 'One Of The Boys' "Can't turn back cos the die is cast..."
VTWoodchuck Johnny Winter~ 'Johnny B Goode' Boogie with a sense of history...a cover of boogie with already a sense of history. Yep... 8 to the bar!
VTWoodchuck Slade~ 'Lock Up Your Daughters' When Rock was Boogie and Parents were Scared... :-P
VTWoodchuck Infectious Grooves~ 'Cat Got My Tongue' Well really, cat's got my ATTENTION bein' as if i continue to ignore him he's gonna shred my pant leg... :-/
VTWoodchuck Jethro Tull~ 'With You There To Help Me' "Why am i crying, i want to know..."
VTWoodchuck Scorpions~ 'Pictured Life' "Sweet holiday.. Intoxication" #70sSaturday
VTWoodchuck Emerson, Lake & Palmer~ 'Pictures At An Exhibition' Helping to extend/draw out sundays for 40 years.. ladies and gentlemen, Emerson Lake and Palmer..
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