The Trashmen- Ghostriders in the sky

| play


| play

The Chymes-He's Not There Anymore 1966

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props and new listen! @morgansquare @Karuna Thanks for the recommendation @Corts

The Creation , Can I Join Your Band

| play
VelvetGarage In the mood for this one @Corts @Karuna Thanks for the props! @patita

"Put The Clock Back On The Wall" The E-types 1966

| play
VelvetGarage Was looking for something else & found this. @Corts @Karuna Glad you are enjoying and TY for the props! @morgansquare
VelvetGarage Bad song coming in your way @charmstep Thanks for the props and new listen! @Karuna @DJMilly (Please don't leave) LOL

Mrs. Miller- Strangers in the Night

| play
VelvetGarage Heading out. Thank-you all for today's listen. Take care.
VelvetGarage One of my fav groups. Give it a listen if you haven't heard them before. @krisp @pulsar @stustevens @Corts and any of my listeners.


| play
VelvetGarage PA Garage Rock-On rhythm guitar is Mike Smitreski. He was my collab and I added vox to his Shadestream projects. RIP Cryptic Zenmaster Miss Ya@Corts

The Creatures of the golden dawn

| play

CCR Good Golly Miss Molly

| play
VelvetGarage Good song to get in a sunny mood RB @SusanneW: "na das ist doch mal ein passender Song, oder? The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon" (reblip)
VelvetGarage Neo-Psych from Canada @DJPJH @weething

Orange Alabaster Mushroom "Your face is in my mind"

| play
DJPJH another for yer @VelvetGarage (they're still around, occasionally)
VelvetGarage Thanks for the new listen! @koekoeboeroe

THE ASTRONAUTS -"Baja" (1963)

| play

The Function At The Junction- Shorty Long-1966

| play

Macy Skipper - Bop Pills

| play
VelvetGarage In the mood for Rockabilly. Hey & good to see you online @Corts

Ardis WellsBaby Doll

| play
VelvetGarage @Corts She is from Texas but popular in Europe.
VelvetGarage @Corts Have to stick to YT. Running smoother now.
VelvetGarage @Corts Wanted you to hear Joyce Green "Black Cadillac" Evil fun lyrics.
VelvetGarage ;) Angels on your pillows @Corts bringing it down a notch.
VelvetGarage @Corts vid sound was to grimed here is the 45

Jack EarlsLet's Bop

| play
VelvetGarage @Corts An ol' classic

The Fendermen Mule Skinner Blues

| play
VelvetGarage @Corts Dirty guitar version. Thanks for the props! @djLop
VelvetGarage @Corts Another Woman of Rockabilly. Wanda might of been the Queen, but Janis was a close 2nd.

Janis MartinBang Bang

| play
pulsar One of the best! @VelvetGarage @Corts Good afternoon!

CreationMaking Time

| play

Shel Naylor , It's Gonna Happen Soon

| play
VelvetGarage <stretch>

The Mighty Avengers , Walkin' Thru The Sleepy City

| play

Tierneys Fugitives , Did You Want To Run Away

| play
VelvetGarage Sweet! RB @pulsar: "Never expected to find this gem!" (reblip)
pulsar Couldn't find the version with the drums but this will do. @VelvetGarage
VelvetGarage Freakbeat 4 @Corts

Jimmy Winston & Reflections Sorry She's Mine

| play
DJPJH On a brief Oz 60s trip, inspired by all now available by 'the Tube @VelvetGarage @Corts

Thane Russall Security

| play
VelvetGarage Astral Projection- Sunshine Seekers 1968 Psych Pop with harp intro.

astral projection * sunshine seekers

| play
VelvetGarage Great song! My rec. Can't find. Wanted you to hear. Moorpark Intersection "I Think I'll Just Go & Find Me A Flower" RB @pulsar (reblip)
pulsar From a scratchy 45 but a fine song! @VelvetGarage @Corts

Tintern Abbey-Beeside

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! & Blues back atcha @morgansquare
pulsar Curved Air - Metamorphosis

Curved Air Metamorphosis

| play
pulsar Fantasy - Stoned Cowboy

Fantasy 1969 05 Stoned Cowboy

| play

The Honeycombs in Pop Gear

| play
GroovyMonster The Sonics - Psycho a Go-Go
GroovyMonster The reverb's as wet as the waves...

The Surfites "Big Pounder"

| play
VelvetGarage Orpheus-I've Never Seen Love Like This 1968 Sunshine Pop
VelvetGarage The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-Time Is After You 1967 Psych Pop-Yappy guy at the intro. Patience required.

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy : Time Is After You (1967)

| play
VelvetGarage Nancy Sinatra-Sugar Town 1967 Pop-Campy fun.
HungryKid The Youngbloods - Get Together
VelvetGarage Lori Burton's dramatic Nightmare was the result of the fictional group the Whyte Boots. Often thought of as the edgier and tougher Shangri-Las sound.
VelvetGarage Sixties Garage-Cryptic Zen Master (Mike Smitreski-rhythm guitar) and I collaborated on some projects. He passed on to the great cosmos. RIP m'friend.
VelvetGarage Lush 1968 orchestral Garage-Psych from the album, Evolutions.


| play
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Pop from the self-titled album released in 1966.


| play
VelvetGarage From her Psychedelic-Progressive Folk album, Magazine, originally released in 1969.
VelvetGarage Duffy Power is a Sixties British Blues and Rock & Roll singer who combined efforts with Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts. London May 26, 1981

DUFFY POWER Mean Thing (Brett Marvin)

| play
VelvetGarage Blues Psychedelic Rock with horns and whirling organ from their self-titled album released in 1969.

Crazy ElephantPam

| play
VelvetGarage What does the title mean? "She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow". From the album Disraeli Gears 1967

Cream-SWLABR (Studio Version)

| play
VelvetGarage Garage Rock from Arrival of The Eyes 1966.

The EyesI'm Rowed Out

| play
VelvetGarage Garage Rock at it's finest, from the album Path Through The Forest released in 1969.
VelvetGarage Garage Pop from the self-titled album released in 1976. Great head-bopper tune.
VelvetGarage Soft Psychedelic Pop from their album, Tones.

The Gordian Knot-The Year of the Sun 1968

| play
VelvetGarage Overlooked and original 70's Jazzy Bluesy Pop with a lot of fun organ riffs. Re-released 2001 Live At The Pickwick/Three For All CD.
VelvetGarage Current Garage Rock from the land of Oz. Originally Peter & The Silhouettes in the Sixties. Fun Poppy tune.

Tol-Puddle Martyrs. "Claudette Jones".

| play
VelvetGarage Surf's up!

THE ASTRONAUTS -"Baja" (1963)

| play
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Progressive Rock with wailing lead guitars accompanied by piano and organ.
VelvetGarage Garage Rock from The Beats Go On....
VelvetGarage Known for the Theme from the Munsters, James Bond Theme, and others, this 1966 song is crazy fun.
VelvetGarage Was in the mood for some Steve Winwood. Excellent vid.
VelvetGarage Sunshine Pop from the album, Are Not For Smoking. Best known for I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

The Blades of Grass-Happy 1967

| play
VelvetGarage Blues Rock from Vincebus Eruptum 1968.
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Rock from the album, Psychedelic Lollipop 1966.
VelvetGarage Garage Rock from, All Kinds Of Highs 1968

The Bohemian Vendetta-Riddles And Fairytales

| play
VelvetGarage The King of Space-Age Pop. More "zu-zu" & "pows" vocals and exotic percussion in this spicy instrumental. Re-recorded with Combustible Edison in 1997

EsquivelMini Skirt

| play
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Pop from their album, Let's Go To San Francisco. Vid is from the Beat Club.
VelvetGarage Latin Jazz version of the Booker T and the MG's classic with a fun sax & trumpet solos. From his Greatest Hits album 1964

Mongo Santamaria - Green Onions

| play
VelvetGarage British Folk Beatles cover. The Silkie were managed by Brian Epstein. John, Paul and George played on the record.
VelvetGarage In the mood for Bossa Nova. I think this came out in 1967. Also covered by Bob Crewe Generation & The Ventures.
VelvetGarage FL Garage Rock with Baroque Psychedelic guitars. Groovy babe with fringed mini-skirt in the video. Was that Joey Heatherton too? 1967
VelvetGarage The British Modbeats-Somebody Help Me 1967
VelvetGarage CA Garage Rock with an aggressive R & B snarl. B-side to Baby Blue 1967
VelvetGarage Cream - I'm So Glad (BBC Sessions)

Cream- I'm So Glad (BBC Sessions)

| play
VelvetGarage Soul R&B Blues Pop 1966. Best known for Rescue Me.
VelvetGarage Barbara Lewis - Make Me Your Baby (LP Version) Soul 1965
VelvetGarage US Pop with well crafted vocal and instrumental harmonies. 1966
VelvetGarage Sixties Psychedelic Folk with flute solo who have a Buffalo Springfield groove.
VelvetGarage Canadian Psychedelic Pop. B-side 1967.


| play
VelvetGarage Fairfield Parlour-Soldier Of The Flesh 1970 UK Progressive Baroque Psychedelic Rock #musicmonday
VelvetGarage The Hollies-Soldier's Song UK Baroque Pop with full orchestra. Beautiful. #musicmonday
VelvetGarage UK Psychedelic Rock from their sought after self-titled album 1966

JulyDandelion Seeds

| play
VelvetGarage The Kinks-Tin Soldier Man 1967 Psychedelic Pop #musicmonday
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Rock with haunting dark sitar, driving wailing guitar and the backdrop of keys. From the self-titled album. 1968
VelvetGarage Rousing LA Flower-Pop anthem 1967

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-It`s A Happening Thing

| play
VelvetGarage UK Psychedelic Blues 1968 with driving organ & fuzzy guitar. Also covered by Les Fleur De Lys.
VelvetGarage Small Faces-Tin Soldier 1968 UK Psychedelic Rock with soulful vox and driving keyboards. #musicmonday
VelvetGarage Tales Of Justine-Monday Morning 1967 UK Psychedelic Pop #musicmonday
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Pop Rock with Mellotron and strings. 1968

Virgin SleepSecret

| play
VelvetGarage Heavy Psychedelic 1969 Chile from the self-titled album. Groovy naked people on the cover.
VelvetGarage American Breed- Bend Me, Shape Me 1968 US Pop Rock.

American breed: Bend me, shape me High quality

| play
VelvetGarage Weird and fun song slays me into convulsions of giggles. 1959
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Rock 1969 Gorgeous melody with delicate drifting melancholia.
VelvetGarage US Psychedelic Rock 1968 Trio that was hyped as the "Bosstown Sound".

Edens Children -Goodbye Girl

| play

Hair By Enoch Light

| play
VelvetGarage "Don't Bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me." 1968

The Fraternity Of Man-Don't Bogart Me

| play
VelvetGarage From liner notes-"This album makes slow parties 'come alive' and 'live' parties go into orbit." Campy fun. 1964
pulsar 1967 sounds. @VelvetGarage Familiar with this one?
VelvetGarage Les Baxter-Prelude C# Minor 1968 Moog Rock
VelvetGarage UK Beat B-side 1964 Happy little ditty.

Shel Naylor , It's Gonna Happen Soon

| play
VelvetGarage Baroque Folk Psychedelic Pop 1968

THORINSHIELD Life is a dream=The best of it

| play
VelvetGarage UK Rock & Roll Blue-Eyed Soul R&B Rollicking energetic organ 'n' vox.
VelvetGarage If you are in the mood to saunter into the room. This is your entrance song.
VelvetGarage ....then the KA-uuute guy comes over to you and you think...

Johnny Cash sings "BONANZA !"

| play
koekoeboeroe u might like this one @VelvetGarage @Corts @Swampratje @PennyDreadfulNightmareJuice

The Mod Squad theme song

| play
VelvetGarage Garage Punk version.

Bowling For Soup-Gilligan's Island Theme Lyrics

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for humoring me this aft. I'll leave you with this. <doing the pony> See you real soon!
VelvetGarage Electric violin almost a religious experience.
VelvetGarage More Electric violin.


| play
VelvetGarage RB @surforama: "Love this song, it reminds me of good ol' Santa Monica Bay..." (reblip)
VelvetGarage This is SO cute! Start your day with a chuckle.
djsushi "marina" theme from stingray (childrens tv programme)

Tv Theme Stingray End Credits (Aqua Marina)

| play

Animusic- Resonant Chamber

| play
VelvetGarage Slow start..stick around ..already have the glasses..but I want the dress too. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz
VelvetGarage For fans of Classical music and Emerson Lake & Palmer.

Animusic 2Cathedral

| play
VelvetGarage My girlfriend says I'm full of sh.......I gotta be nice and clean :)
VelvetGarage I'll leave you with this fun song. "He had a Tikki na na na" @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Thanks for the great shares this aft all!
VelvetGarage The Millennium-Prelude/To Claudia on Thursday 1968 Baroque Pop @weething
VelvetGarage Forever Amber-Me Oh My 1969 Pop Thanks for the props! @albertsdad @morgansquare

Forever AmberMe Oh My

| play
VelvetGarage Fun song for the night. Catch you guys in a bit.
VelvetGarage My girlfriend's brother played this for us when we were kids. I was in luv.
pulsar The Glitterhouse did a cool version of this also in 1966.
pulsar 1964 sounds. @VelvetGarage A touch of velvet of ya. :)
VelvetGarage Arcesia was a lounge singer in NJ..then went to LA to "find himself" @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz This will leave you in a wake of haze.
VelvetGarage The Daily Flash-Violets of Dawn 1966 Psychedelic Rock

The Daily Flash-Violets of Dawn

| play
pulsar Have to run for a bit. @VelvetGarage Leave ya with this one.

Lemon FogSummer

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the new listen! @urlgirl This is pretty catchy. Another rare one for @pulsar @GroovyMonster

THE SANDALS-House of painted glass

| play
VelvetGarage The alarm clock will blast for me......tomorrow. Angels on your pillows. Night!
bthecat @Blippo: "Niceee :) @mammara Ukulele Orchestra – Smells Like Teen Spirit forwarding @estrogen ;)" (reblip)
VelvetGarage Good morning! Thanks for the props! @JoeMercury @lilLADYT8845 @rogue_fm And the new listen @hoboboboo


| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! @Paddy @Kittylecat Another one from the vault @pulsar

The Feminine Complex-Love Love Love

| play
pulsar @VelvetGarage Check this out. Sitar!


| play
jas13 @jet333: "@77ozzie: Yusuf Islam – "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"" (reblip)

The Dovers-What Am I Gonna Do? 1966

| play
VelvetGarage Psychedelic Pop with a touch of fuzz and sitar.
VelvetGarage Nice cover with fuzz and bottom bass-line. Also done by the Chocolate Watchband.
VelvetGarage Secret Agent Man gee-tar with chunky hooks and a smidge of harmonica. Van Morrison on vox.
VelvetGarage Hi @pulsar Are you aware of the Psychedelic Archeaolgy series? This is one of the fuzzy cuts.


| play
VelvetGarage makes the world warm and tender <osmond grin> @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice
VelvetGarage Granny's Intentions-Story of David-Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage Jefferson Lee-Pancake Trees-Psychedelic Rock-Wonder what was in the syrup?

JEFFERSON LEE-Pancake trees

| play
VelvetGarage Finally showed up in search! Actually they are Garagey. One of their mellower songs @pulsar @Corts

StillrovenSigned DC

| play

THE SANDALS-House of painted glass

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! @Haaz @surforama And the new listen! @playtheverseplease


| play
VelvetGarage A zippy little song.

Sabre Dance by Love Sculpture

| play
vandaleyes Nowwwww that I can dannnnce. ...WATCH ME NOW!

Damaskas & Barnes & Barnes- A Day in the Life of Green Acres

| play

Thelonious Moog Hocus Pocus... as a Bossa Nova!

| play
VelvetGarage This proves that everybody & their mother covered this song. With strings & horns. @Haaz @rollovellocet @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @GroovyMonster
VelvetGarage Sixties strippin' music. Have to listen close for the lyrics ;) @pulsar @Corts @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

Groovers - Groovy

| play

The Hollywood Persuaders ( drums a go go )

| play

Gert Wilden & Orchestra Dirty beat

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @VelvetGarage No one told them about the gorilla...

Los Straitjackets & the Pontani Sisters: Twistin' Gorilla

| play
VelvetGarage Groovin' to the Uke @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @pulsar @Corts and @whoever needs a chuckle for the day.
VelvetGarage @pulsar added Part Two to Mellotron Songs if you want to hear more. Here is a Genesis live set with mellotron.
VelvetGarage Pavlov's Dog mellotron. The band from St. Louis, MO.
VelvetGarage Barclay James Harvest with mellotron. Haunting and beautiful.
VelvetGarage Join the hip, mod and happenin'.
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG Band Radio: - Canadian Brass [Ensemble] - The Flight of the Tuba Bee
VelvetGarage Jackie doing Bob Dylan's "Lay, Lady, Lay" cover.
pulsar And Gentle Giant themselves with a mellotron.

Gentle Giant-Three Friends

| play
pulsar Featuring the three Shulman brothers who would later form Gentle Giant. Mellotron.
pulsar Can't have a mellotron set without King Crimson!
VelvetGarage Bee Gees mellotron

Bee Gees "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You"

| play
VelvetGarage Procol Harum mellotron

Procol Harum- Magdalene, my regal zonophone

| play
pulsar @VelvetGarage suggested I continue with a part 2 to her Mellotron night set of earlier this eve. Glad to oblige! Starting with mellotron classic!
VelvetGarage Ditto on that. RB @pulsar: "Julian Cope - Five O'Clock World. The Vogues original was always a fave. Good cover here too!" (reblip)
VelvetGarage Happy accident & a keeper. Voila! @andreayates @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

Shake A Go Go on the roof,,,, shake shake

| play

Los Straitjackets & the Pontani Sisters: Twistin' Gorilla

| play


| play

The Ventures-Guitar Psychedelics

| play
VelvetGarage Hi! Glad you could make it to the party :) @ProphetOfSong

The Hallmarks- Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally

| play
VelvetGarage My gawd Madge, this is great (and perfect for Monday Madness) Another keeper! @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice #moog #weirdtunes

MORNING HAS BROKEN by Elektrik Cokernut (1973)

| play
jas13 Traffic – Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave

7-eleven the slurp

| play

Barbara & The Boys, ''Hooty Sapperticker'' (1958)

| play
VelvetGarage I feel your pain. I have about 30 songs I could play you. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice

La Barra de Chocolate -Buenos Aires Beat- 1969

| play


| play

Prelude # 1 in C (JS Bach) by Les Baxter + Fashion from 1967

| play
VelvetGarage Kickin' Garage Rock @Corts You deserve night off. Glad you are enjoying.
VelvetGarage Garage Rock. Thanks for the props! and Hi! @listeningsky Storms have arrived so I better scootch. Take care all.


| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! @SwingingtoDJFox @impossiblewmn @OoffahhMusik @saracarina @kulanjan @pulsar And the new listens! @Mabu @faceonmars

mr downtown by freddy fredrickson

| play
VelvetGarage @pulsar Since you are here, dragging out the obscure

Shape & Sizes , Rain On My Face

| play

The Blues Project-No Time Like the Right Time

| play
Haaz rb @CamelWalk would make a nice trio with Jayne Mansfield and Mrs Miller @VelvetGarage @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice (reblip)

Asha PuthliI Dig Love

| play
VelvetGarage "so many colors making me blind"

The Kingsmen-Guess I Was Dreaming

| play

Sons of Fred-Baby What You Want Me To Do

| play

CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-August mademoiselle

| play
VelvetGarage Haven't heard this in ages. This was before they were known for the disco sh...
pulsar Back later.. @VelvetGarage Leave ya with this one.

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-Why Did I Get So High

| play

The Carrie Nations / Sweet Talking Candyman

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! @LisaWorld Fuzz and organ! @pulsar

Gert Wilden & Orchestra Dirty boy

| play
VelvetGarage Fun one for the set. This will make you stick your tush in alcohol. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz
VelvetGarage This is the music that the Verve-"Bittersweet Symphony"-ripped off. Verve got sued. Andrew won. KA-ching. Got the royalties.
VelvetGarage "I'm gonna arrive at your funeral, Daddy, in a Black Cadillac." @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Haaz A sweet little song.
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props! @AndyTheHat @listeningsky @CherryGhost. It's Mellotron night in the Velvet Garage! Starting with this classic.

Vejtables I Still Love You

| play

Neighb'rhood Childr'n- Long Years in Space

| play
VelvetGarage "I'm secure once more. I've got my Mary Jane." Wonder what this song is really about? -------'ere.

Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army-Bubblegum March

| play
VelvetGarage Magic Mushroom Band-Living In A Dream-Live vid

Magic Mushroom Band

| play
VelvetGarage Shadows Of Knight-I Got My Mojo Workin' 1966 US Garage Rock
VelvetGarage Les Baroques-Summerbeach Sixies Dutch Psychedelic Pop dreamy and forlorn. Interesting combo considering the title.
VelvetGarage Love-Bummer In The Summer 1967 US Psychedelic Rock Arthur Lee's Bo Diddley-style rocker.
VelvetGarage Bill Fay-Screams In The Ears 1967 UK Progressive Folk Rock Sorry, no blood curdling howls with this one. :)
VelvetGarage Blossom Toes-Indian Summer 1969 UK Psychedelic Rock @theauldlangsyne I think you will like this. Long piece. So expect to set a spell.
VelvetGarage Jason Crest-Paint It Black Sixties UK Psychedelic Rock Rolling Stones cover with fuzzy guitar and organ.
VelvetGarage Harmony Grass-Move In A Little Closer 1968 UK Pop
VelvetGarage Fantastic Baggys-Tell 'Em I'm Surfin' 1964 P.F.Sloan and Steve Barri's studio project. They wrote for Jan & Dean
VelvetGarage It's A Beautiful Day-Hot Summer Day 1969 US Progressive Psychedelic Rock Went outside. Mistake.

Its A Beautiful Day (Hot Summer Day)

| play
VelvetGarage Music Emporium-Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 1969 Psychedelic Rock Thanks for the new listen! @LSField @beyon10deon
VelvetGarage You guys might like this. @Corts @stustevens TY to @DJPJH: "brilliant!" (reblip)

"Put The Clock Back On The Wall" The E-types 1966

| play
VelvetGarage RB Yes, hard to find! TY @DJPJH: "Been looking for this here since whenever @VelvetGarage @philkirby voila!" (reblip)


| play
VelvetGarage Tages-Get Up An' Get Goin' Sixties Swedish Mod Rock Thanks for the props and listen! @ginhollow @TropicsZ4

TAGES get up an' get goin'

| play
VelvetGarage Lemon Fog-Summer-Sixties US Baroque Pop

Lemon FogSummer

| play
VelvetGarage Mungo Jerry-In The Summertime 1970 US Jug Band @StanWeddle Enjoy!
VelvetGarage The Shangri-Las-The Sweet Sound Of Summer-Sixties Girl Pop

Shangrilas-The Sweet Sound of Summer

| play
VelvetGarage The Lords-Seven Daffodils 1965 German Garage Beat

Seven daffodils LORDS 1965

| play
VelvetGarage The Neatbeats-Poison Ivy Japanese Garage Retro Rock

The Neatbeats/Poison Ivy(Original*The Coasters)

| play
VelvetGarage Kaleidoscope (UK)- (Love Song) For Annie 1969 UK Psychedelic Rock @samodiva Thanks for the props!
VelvetGarage Ill Wind - People Of The Night 1968 US Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage The Hardtimes-Candy Man 1967 US Psychedelic Pop
VelvetGarage @Corts Hope you are on each other's list. Props are a given. RB @pulsar: "Couldn't resist one more. ALL-TIME FAVE!!" (reblip)
VelvetGarage Take care @pulsar I think this up your alley @Corts

The Freak Scene-A Million Grains Of Sand

| play
VelvetGarage Five Day Week Straw People-Same-1967 Psychedelic Rock @pulsar @Corts

The Five Day Week Straw People

| play
VelvetGarage The End-Shades of Orange 1969 UK Psychedelic Rock @Corts @pulsar

THE END-Shades of orange

| play
VelvetGarage Creation of Sunlight-Seven Times Infinity 1968 US Psychedelic I found it! Another recommendation @Corts @stustevens
VelvetGarage The Ventures-Munsters TV Theme US Surf Just for fun.
VelvetGarage Walker Brothers-Make It Easy On Yourself 1965 US Blue-Eyed Soul Pop
VelvetGarage Cat Stevens-I Love My Dog 1966 UK Pop First recorded single.

Cat Stevens "I Love My Dog"

| play
VelvetGarage Golden Dawn-My Time 1967 US Garage Rock

Golden Dawn-My Time

| play
VelvetGarage The Dovers-What Am I Gonna Do? 1965 US Garage Rock

The Dovers-What Am I Gonna Do? 1966

| play
VelvetGarage Tiffany Shade-One Good Reason 1967 US Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage Vanilla Fudge-You Keep Me Hangin On 1967 US Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage Apollos Apaches-Cry Me A Lie 1966 Garage Rock
VelvetGarage The Growing Concern-What Kind Of Life 1968 Psychedelic Rock with vox harmonies.
VelvetGarage Giles, Giles & Fripp-Under The Sky 1968 UK Progressive Rock
VelvetGarage Mighty Baby-Egyptian Tomb 1969 UK Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage Koobas-Royston Rose 1969 UK Beat Psychedelic Rock

KoobasRoyston Rose

| play
VelvetGarage Elllie Pop-Watcha Gonna Do 1968 US Pop with a Beatlesque sound.
VelvetGarage The Cyrkle-The Words 1967 US Pop

The Cyrkle-The Words 1967

| play
VelvetGarage Curt Boettcher-That's The Way It's Gonna Be 1966 US Sunshine Baroque Pop For fans of Sagittarius and the Millennium.

That's the Way It's Gonna Be by Curt Boettcher (1966)

| play
VelvetGarage Rock 'N' Roll Worship Circus-Everybody Awake 2003 Pop Good morning!
VelvetGarage Thanks for the props and listen! @patita @krisp @ginhallow @poochiesan24 This is one for the road. G'nite Blippers.

"Topanga Canyon Road" by The Fun and Games (1969)

| play

Small Faces (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)

| play
VelvetGarage Fleur De Lys-Mud In Your Eye 1966 UK Mod Freakbeat
VelvetGarage Fantastic Zoo-Light Show 1967 US Psychedelic Rock
VelvetGarage Friend & Lover-Reach Out Of The Darkness 1968 US Pop "I think it's so groovy now that people finally getting together." ..and sharing their songs :)

Reach Out of the Darkness

| play
VelvetGarage Sandy Salisbury-Spell On Me #1 1969 Pop

"Spell on Me #1" by Sandy Salisbury (1969)

| play
VelvetGarage The Nashville Teens-Tobacco Road 1964 UK Rock Yes, from Weybridge, Surrey, England

Tobacco Road-The Nashville Teens-1964

| play
VelvetGarage Here's one for ya @MidniteEagl

The AstronautsBaja

| play
VelvetGarage Jean-Jacques Perrey-EVA 1970 In the mood for Moog.
VelvetGarage No doubt. New discovery for me. TY! RB @pulsar: "More great fuzz guitar!" (reblip)
VelvetGarage Sound Magics-Don't You Remember 60's Psych Pop
VelvetGarage The Magic Mushrooms-Let The Rain Be Me 1966 Psych Rock

The Magic Mushrooms-Let the Rain Be Me 1966

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VelvetGarage The Chocolate Watchband-Dark Side Of The Mushroom @krisp Thanks for the props and Arthur!
VelvetGarage Whoa, with Steve. Love Annie's voice. Wore the grooves off of Ren when in HS.@pulsar
VelvetGarage Richard & The Young Lions-Open Up Your Door 60's US Garage Rock @Azaelix Thanks for the props!

Open Up Your Door

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VelvetGarage The Syn-14 Hour Technicolour Dream 1967 UK Psychedelic Pop
VelvetGarage Ugly Ducklings-Nothin' 1966 Canadian Garage Rock
VelvetGarage Neal Ford And The Fanatics-I Have Thoughts Of You 60's Pop Rock

Dragnet Theme on 78RPM

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Gert Wilden & Orchestra Girl faces

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Enoch Light Sunshine Superman

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VelvetGarage Led Zep done with banjo and tuba :)