VeniceRiley OriginalRecipe Mafia Theme SONG! RT @DesireePernasel @VeniceRiley thats me, do I need my brass knuckles?
VeniceRiley The Bitch is Back! @kimmyt22

The Bitch is Back

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VeniceRiley Commercial break while chix go R in DM @nycwriterchick

Commercial break P.D.Q. Bach

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VeniceRiley For my Chewish Mafia @Sunshineliron @mimitorch @rnsnewman


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VeniceRiley "Oh Happy Day. When Jesus Balked" at forgiving Kanye @NoToriousTori
VeniceRiley @VeniceRiley: "Mama told me .. not to come," but I'm glad I did... thanks everyone who came to @bliptv @tubefilter at Egyptian! (reblip)
VeniceRiley RT @MizRosah @nycwriterchick How about "Walk On By"? You dig?// here u go @destini41


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VeniceRiley This is for my OSU friends @k8eistrubl @cathie1054 @kimmyt22 others, and my sisters. Safety Dane!
VeniceRiley Listen to how great she is, and how wretched her brother's arrangement is @nycwriterchick but i still want 2 b close 2 u!

Carpenters Close To You

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VeniceRiley Don't Make me Over" Dionne in 1967 @mizrosah @nycwriterchick Wow. i wish i was there.
VeniceRiley I'm nOthing if not stubborn! FINALLY! PLANET CLAIRE!
VeniceRiley Precious... Yeah. Just Very very.


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Klemmie RB: @docstimulas: "oh you dont even know (-:@nicklove01 - INXS – Need You Tonight" (reblip)
VeniceRiley Good night, my adorable musketeasebacks. And For the Record: BPD,TWoP, wherever. Official answer
VeniceRiley Want to see a hilariously BAD High School Choir somewhere attempt Eurythmics? I am ROTFLMAO!

Walking on Broken Glass

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VeniceRiley Listen, it would make a great youtube for two pll we lke to watch.
VeniceRiley An earlier season 1 piece, also lovely. (Trying to make sure Riley lovers have great taste!)
VeniceRiley Lords of Kobol. More Raya in Sanskrit! What? I'm smart. have a degree from obedience school. Just listen.
VeniceRiley Black Market. Clipped version. This one goes hardcore rocking!
VeniceRiley Olivia tells Nat to step away from the Father Raybrows!

EURYTHMICS Missionary Man

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VeniceRiley batt low ... here is a song 4 u. i am out!
VeniceRiley Hunting dogs rule! If you know what I mean ... and I think you do.
VeniceRiley 5000! And # 1! WORLDWIDE Party Time! Thx again ALL @nycwriterchick @kimmyt22 (reblip)


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VeniceRiley I'm awake! Here is a song for newly voluptuous Jessica Leccia and always titillating @crystalchappell
VeniceRiley Lookin' for the love getaway? What we want! baby-beeee ...

The B52'sLove Shack

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VeniceRiley B 52's doing Private Idaho on Leno ... um backintheday.
VeniceRiley Deborah Harry and Kermit the Frog! did Rainbow Connection! *dies*
VeniceRiley Special PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for @k8eistrubl @evilmoments @NoToriousTori @pibby and all you party animals! xoxo (reblip)
VeniceRiley FEVER! I have it for Muppets, Rita Moreno, and @Sunshineliron ! and for @venicetheseries !
VeniceRiley Well, I promised. and we're so close, i would not renege due to twitterfail!
VeniceRiley Is she in bed? @k8eistrubl ? Insomniac. I think I'll get her a massage. even tho

Kyle's Mom is a Bitch

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VeniceRiley ReBlip @Sunshineliron "Gutterbus uh, coming through! Get on, get off. stops every town worldwide!" (reblip)

FoxyGet Off

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VeniceRiley Here comes the dimples ... make u feel like this?
VeniceRiley She came from Planet Claire.
VeniceRiley Night and Day. It goes like this. Lookin' at you, U2.
VeniceRiley "Blood on the leaves, and blood at the root." "Strange fruit hangin from the poplar trees."
VeniceRiley "Tell me, what will I find? What will I find?"

Colective SoulShine

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VeniceRiley Moar go to sleep plz for the love of Caprica sounds ...

Caprica Soundtrack 14 Children of Caprica

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cubfnatic Cee Lo Green - F*uck you (explicit version) aka "Forget you"
green78 @erinmar13 would like to dedicate this song to @MsJaimeMurray (I'm so going to Hell for this. >:D)
MsJaimeMurray "She hid around corners and she hid under beds, she killed it with kisses and from it she fled..."
MsJaimeMurray Ah thanks everyone, I ♥ each & every one of you! Here's a song 4 my bestie @juliebenz...
MsJaimeMurray 'There's all kinds of shades of white, embrace the colour in your life...'
caseymckinnon Forgot this song existed... Now I'm dancing to it.


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VeniceRiley DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND LISTEN! The World of Castrati - Die Welt der Kastraten
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