Stolen "I think I kind of lost myself again"
ComradeZero ...always a good place for a tattoo.

PixiesNo. 13 Baby

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VertigoJones Currently fuelling my desire to go out...
EddieCurrent Oddly, could never get into the Sopranos show, but the theme hooked me.
VertigoJones Home again, home again, chikkity chik.

CurveLeft Of Mother

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VertigoJones Rain, Rain, we all insane...

Tom WaitsClap Hands

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VertigoJones You've heard the Soundtrack. Go watch the video.
VertigoJones Shake it.

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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VertigoJones He's short. He's fat. He's the spirit of Rock N' Roll.
EddieCurrent Yes, I blipped this recently. But it fits the theme, and I STILL CAN'T FIND THE ORIGINAL! (reblip)
VertigoJones Yes, I blipped this recently. But it fits the theme, and I STILL CAN'T FIND THE ORIGINAL! If you don't feel this, I can't like you. (reblip)
VertigoJones As far as corporate invasion themetunes go... :D This morning, I have the fever.
VertigoJones Because you know you want to.

Salt-N-PepaPush It

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VertigoJones An acceptable cover sounds something like this.
VertigoJones Carrying on gentle-like.

AirPlayground Love

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VertigoJones My lineage and right are not easily questioned.
EddieCurrent This album, Atomgrad? Free. Seek it out.
VertigoJones But driving is the devil's work.
VertigoJones Because all the best songs are based on the thought processes of wannabe transsexual psychopaths.


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VertigoJones Red label thunderbird and an 80's frighthair do. my wasted years.
nandush Beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer!!!!!!!
VertigoJones Couldn't find the original. but... well.
VertigoJones Melancholia. In a 80's style.
ayenami meow hopefully this track will work
VertigoJones Actually performed by Rubber City
VertigoJones I want one, you want one @JeffOwens wants one.
outlawpoet good news at work. friday. T2 on the big screen tonight. I'm a happy goth today.

The CureClose To Me

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VertigoJones Home. accompanied by annoying cats. Annoy! Annoying cats! Annoy!
estraviz 42:So, understand Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years Face up, make this stand And realize you're living in the golden years
VertigoJones Hardly Elvis Costello. But carried well.


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VertigoJones Ok. Can't say this isn't Elvis Costello. :D
VertigoJones A song that makes one think of cakes. Or maybe not.
VtownLee NIRVANA - April 8th is almost here again, R.I.P. Kurt! (reblip)

NirvanaOn A Plain

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mishakitty another fav of the tribal fusion crowd - zoe and others are dancing to blockhead these days..."carnivores unite" has quite the nice flow...
RNRSteve Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy
VictorMalaguti Everyone's got their chains to break
RNRSteve Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina (1989)
VertigoJones And if Monkeys were... um.... Caribou.


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VertigoJones Re blipping, you cannot wear out a classic. (reblip)


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DJ_Rosa Taking us back to the glorious days of hardcore
ComradeZero @DJGoblinCock ...some outta tune and angry Courtney. Oh wait, that's SOP.
VertigoJones Good enough favourite song for my Mother, good enough for you.

NazarethMorning Dew

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VertigoJones another fav of the tribal fusion crowd -..."carnivores unite" has quite the nice flow... From @mishakitty (reblip)
VertigoJones smoke,crack,coke,dope,e's and whizz...
VertigoJones A tale of romance. Or possibly arkward childhood friend recognition.


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folkmusicdude Get "The Forest" by David Byrne and enjoy it, even if you don't like classical, you gotta' dig this...


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VertigoJones But not nearly as much as violence is violent.


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VertigoJones Because the original just wasn't silly enough.


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VertigoJones I had a tape of this when I was 12 or so. Grace Jones was my first crush, oddly enough.


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VertigoJones You Can't. You Won't. And You Don't Stop! - Beasties! @cybel (reblip)
VertigoJones When I was 14, I bought Appetite for Destruction from the Petrol Filling station next door, I played that tape till it broke.
sedederede This song is so gooooooooooood!
VertigoJones Yes. I'm sorry... I'm really sorry.

09 Suture Up Your Future

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RNRSteve Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
VertigoJones With this title, you just know this tune is gonna be great.
VertigoJones This is getting old, and so am I.


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VertigoJones "carnivores unite" has quite the nice flow... (reblip)
VertigoJones Metallica - Damage inc. I love this.


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spinecut GOODNIGHT..i leave you with on the floor
robotpilot @everythingispop replacing the pop-fueled drive of the OG with nervous atmospherics
VertigoJones I love how that guitarist looks like a young Nick Cave

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

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Gavizinha Eu pessoalmente não consigo escolher... Esta marcou o concerto deles no Pavilhão.
ladypn Hi @ZONE, yes everything is OK! ;) Happy Sunday to you!
jlightbody going out to do some yard work...check you crazy cats later... (reblip)
ComradeZero ...James Iha was on Jimmy Fallon too.
DJ_Rosa [Arrested Development – Tennessee]
VertigoJones From @ComradeZero ...James Iha was on Jimmy Fallon too. (reblip)
VertigoJones How could I not blip this. I mean. Seriously?
EddieCurrent Sia – Paranoid Android. A favorite vocalist, a favorite song.

SiaParanoid Android

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EddieCurrent Broken social scene - Bandwitch. Thanks, @xtcdukes (reblip)
warrenellis Anti-sleep noises - surf guitars and stinging sitars:
ComradeZero ...just a bunch of old magazines here.

FugaziWaiting Room

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Saint_syn Researching... Cleaning... Ignoring me deadlines!!!
EddieCurrent The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do. Oh my god, what a rush.
EddieCurrent Crystal Method & Filter - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do. Rare I like Filter.
EddieCurrent Revolution Void - Trip Time Divine
ComradeZero ...I luvs me some DD. Colleen sings like an angel. A bourbon-soaked, chain-smokin' angel.
VertigoJones I always rather liked Shirley. I want that coat.

Garbage -Vow-

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ayenami Is this a tear? And I wonder whether one tear may bear away all the grief that is suddenly in me. (reblip)
Templesmith Time for a little of the ol' ultra violence as I watch A Clockwork Orange. Reminded me of this. Imagine Hollywood will want a remake soon. Sigh.
AlKronos Tilda Swinton brings an otherworldliness to this stunning vid, for a stunning song. Still sends shivers up my spine.

OrbitalThe Box

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EddieCurrent Moxy Fruvous - Green Eggs and Ham. Damn FINE.
VertigoJones Does anyone have any idea who the "Condition Boy" song is by? (reblip)

Ichi the Killer: Condition Boy

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AlKronos One of my fave mashups..

Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army

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jlightbody hey...whores in my head, whores in my bed...

Pixies Hey

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warrenellis A recent discovery - Fursaxa. Night music:


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m1k3y (grr blip truncate ftl) ..when we encounter modified alien races are they always dying?

GWARSchool's Out

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TryphOrGekko Hey! I've got five hundred listeners! THANK YOU ALL!
InnocentVoices Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught
photofinish_ hey thx, i love LAV! RP@treakiepop: "Muddy and Maria Minerva- y @ photofinish" (reblip)
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