VinylHuntress Let's try this again...closing the night with this one. In the words of Venus Flytrap, Good night, children... 'til tomorrow...

Walk in the night by Jr walker and the all stars

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satindoll Need more from this artist. One hit wonder?
Fluter "Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and Wouldn't you love to love her? Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and Who will be her lover?"
starkat her voice is so magical....i hope you enjoy...

Zero 7Somersault

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He's So Fine-The Chiffons

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SirLennonOfYorkshire this goes out to Keels. I dont know how i remember this random. but we had a coversation once about these two doing this song.
VinylHuntress Last One. I promise. Theme for the next few days will be 80s movie hits, Classic Soul, and Soul Revival...
Paintbox68 I love everything about this man.

Nick LoweSo It Goes

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hkremer another oldie but goodie from the guy who doesn't believe love exists outside of a mother's love for her child sheesh!

Howard Jones "What is Love"

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DJDOWNS @FrancesB: "@DJDOWNS for your Los Angeles mix..." Thanks FracesB Theme for the night.... Songs about Los Angeles (reblip)
mtouceda i'm coco bananas for this song (no matter how many commercials it shows up in) rb@shortygal: "Phoenix – 1901" (reblip)


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KayceeDee Fun! :) Tysm! RB @MottKorn: ""C'mon – Diplo vs Tiësto HQ Here it is... C'Mon DJ Diplo DJ Tiesto @DJ_DanceMix @Awannabeangel @Dancer12 @TropicsZ4 (reblip)
VinylHuntress the Zombies! Had to reblip "tell her no" then blip this one. A fav...

The Skyliners, Since I Don't Have You, 1958, USA

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Flying_Roundhouse Blue Oyster Cult – I'm Burning For You ~ Going out for oysters ;-) Have fun kids
DuncanDogg @HellsquidsIntl: "I love songs that use non-standard time signatures. And songs with Neko Case. This has both. (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse The Time – Jungle Love "Girl I want to know ya know ya" ;-P

The TimeJungle Love

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Flying_Roundhouse Ian Dury – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 1978
raspberrysonya it's wonderful it's wonderful!

Lady Gaga Vs David Bowie Lets Dance Glenn Be Trippin Mix

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lurgee rb@suzeethe1: "Happy 4th to Marnie! Next time @NatalieKJ comes for a visit, I will be in her luggage!" (reblip)
VinylHuntress was jamming to this on the way home...

Till My Baby Comes Home- Luther Vandross

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VinylHuntress Yo! YO!!!!!!! OMG! I haven't heard this joint in a minute!!! YES!!!!
VinylHuntress Eli's Coming - Three Dog Night

eli's coming history assignment

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smoothjazzy1 @Jazzyjones:@DukesMusic: Thx 4 props: Hope you enjoy this funky jazz cut with a touch of blues. @FatDaddy2 @SAMSLICK @LadyFox @smoothjazzy1 @HippyWebb (reblip)

ST Germainsure thing

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VinylHuntress ty for blipping great tunes (and introducing me to some new bands) @madrigal: "@Atomik.. thanks so much... @zoja01 @harmony60 @EFR56 @MzTrysRiddim (reblip)
somebody2love YeSSss!!! @Apples305: "George Benson – Family Reunion" (reblip)
VinylHuntress !!!!!! ... Rod Stewart is lots of kinds of awesome...
octoberland {the boys next door : shivers}
DjKirk90beta The Brand New Heavies ~ Shelter
VinylHuntress Greetings! How's everyone tonight?
VinylHuntress OMG, I heard this in a smoothie shop/bookstore the other day. Lovin' it! MIAMI FREESTYLE!!!!!! yes!!! (reblip)

Diamond girlStevie B

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VinylHuntress @newwaveclassics -- so on that note, I'm headed to bed. It was great talking with you this eve! Look forward to more music and convo soon! Take care!
arcticarab ♫ {rjd2 ~ the girls from art school}
VinylHuntress OH.EM.GEE. I haven't heard this song since I was a child!!!!!!! I love this!
MaggieRocks The Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play #GOP #t21 #Repubs (reblip)

The Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play

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VinylHuntress This song has been in my head all day...WOAH OH OH OH!
VinylHuntress Rhythm Heritage - S.W.A.T.

"Theme From SWAT" by Rhythm Heritage

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VinylHuntress Yes. THAT Philip Michael Thomas.

Philip Michael Thomas "Just the Way I Planned It"

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VinylHuntress tyrb!@igetfreepie wish you hadn't blipped this!Now compelled to go out...but nowhere to go and work in the am... :( "@me the evidence is piling up." (reblip)
VinylHuntress evening! just popping in to say hello...
USAShopper Nice! rb @DoctorOfJazz: "Makes me wann hit the dance floor again ;) @VinylHuntress: "#funkyfriday"People's Choice - Do It Any Way You Wanna (reblip)
VinylHuntress a couple more for the #funkyfriday crew....enjoy!

Rock It - Lipps, Inc

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VinylHuntress Hola! Yes, quite this! how are you? @NastyMcfelins: "@VinylHuntress hola chica- que rico no?!" (reblip)
VinylHuntress is wondering why I cannot find this song this. Helped me concentrate with my studies many-a-night in college...

Warren Bernhardt Felinicity ( A Smooth Jazz Classic)

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VinylHuntress love it! ty! how are you? I hope well this eve....@IamWhoIamMe: "U2 – Two Hearts Beat As One" (reblip)
VinylHuntress Oooh. Nice. tyrb! He even sounds like ol' Roddy are you? @Flying_Roundhouse: ...~ Hello gf #VinylHuntress ;-) Check this great cover" (reblip)
randomoldrecords One of my favorite glam tunes of all time! This one'll make ya move! Mud - "Tiger Feet"

Tiger FeetMud

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VinylHuntress @musiqDEEP - you are very welcome... gotta try and keep the soul funkdafied in these difficult times.
VinylHuntress mos def --- thanks, man. how are you? @NastyMcfelins: "i know yer gonna dig dis! #VinylHuntress get loose and move those new wave shoes!" (reblip)

PolyrockRomantic Me

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VinylHuntress !!! @Circusized_Peanuts: "Love the use of the Red Right Hand sample throughout." (reblip)

Cee-Lo - Night Train with the Goodie Mob

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VinylHuntress my favorite from the film // Jo Kennedy - "Temper, Temper"
VinylHuntress Nice. This is also a nice challenge to see how much French I remember...@igetfreepie: "#go-go" (reblip)
VinylHuntress Hey! Thanks for this! How goes it? @EFR56: ":-) Hi all ~ @me @bduubz@djilo@ZONE @whirlagirll26 @djbrianvega @Atomik @DJZeca / Mark Seven – Swept Away" (reblip)
swampwitch off to watch twin peaks! you stay here and cry.
VinylHuntress first time listening to them...tyrb! @FuriousStyles53: "Fire!! Is it just me or does this make you wanna drop a flow?? @madhatter1982" (reblip)
kvstr @asterion: "believe me i would love to... however, i wish no harm..." (reblip)
VinylHuntress !!!@ElDorkoPunkRetro: "rb@LastofmyKind - Johnny Burnette Rock'n'Roll Trio - Honey Hush shit, Sherlock..." (reblip)
VinylHuntress I haven't heard this song in forever. Thanks, Cold Case rerun on TNT.
MaxK bye bye for now and thanks. peace to @all

Marcela Mangabeira (Lovin' You) Sexy Groove

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bytera One last tune for you @VinylHuntress and @donnadontplay Kind of laid back J.J. Cale influenced work Clapton has favored. Off album 'Clapton' (2010)

River Runs Deep Eric Clapton with JJ Cale 2010

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Flying_Roundhouse Clara Luzia – Heartattack ~ A wonderful singer from Vienna, Austria. Give her a try ♫
VinylHuntress inspired by @shanecdunlop! and a goodnight to you fine folks of blip...take it easy and here's to a lovely day!
TheOneAndOnly "goldfrapp – lovely head (miss world MIX)" Thanks @threecs Gracias merci grazie! @GypsyFM ;o)
VinylHuntress one of my all-time favorite Supremes songs. doesn't get enough love tyrb@jimmytheP @MySecondHead" (reblip)
innoutwindows Paul McCartney & Wings – Goodnight Tonight
DressThatMan ;) hey hey - you ROCK! TY @pourgurl: "ty!!!u all ROCK!" (reblip)
TheOneAndOnly "The BPA ft. Iggy Pop – He's Frank (The Twelves Remix)" Good evening/night! @orangekittypie @HaLaN @Mysterymix
FOGGIELOANER the message i got when i clicked on your web address on your blip page @BobOstwald --"Oops! Google Chrome could not find horrifying chair-bound human"

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs- Putty (1978)

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Dancer12 [Norman Brown – Here's My Number] Remember if U need me while I'm gone . . .Here's My Number ~~~~~~~~~~ > ♥♥♥-♥♥♥-♥♥♥♥ . . . . .xoxoxo (reblip)
VinylHuntress YES!!!!!! tyrb @Cribs66: "and this.....@LastofmyKind @ VinylHuntress" (reblip)
VinylHuntress Heard this the other day and wanted to blip! Thanks for the reminder! @Unaturalsoul: "@DependableSkeleton: "Don't say it!"" (reblip)
VinylHuntress why I adore this man tyrb@Flying_Roundhouse: "Lost Horizon For Todd fans ~ this song is completely acapella,voice on multiple tracks. No instruments!" (reblip)
VinylHuntress The Vogues are so awesome! Love this song!
VinylHuntress Nice! Never heard of these guys...tyrb! @shakeyourmop: "Okay, not that strange. But I am on another planet right now. So, you judge for yourself." (reblip)


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VinylHuntress The Challengers - K-39 @knsrex -- hey!


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VinylHuntress rb!@ReverendSal: "Going back to '66 "I love and I live ... Primitive"" (reblip)

The GroupiesPrimitive

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mark_till Keane - With Or Without You (U2 Cover by Bubu) @inpensivemoon I'll see your reblip and raise you a U2 Cover!
VinylHuntress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dancer12 ♥ "I Believe All Good things come from God. I don't believe I'd sing the way I do if God didn't want me to." ~Elvis Presley (Same for Blippin'! ♥)
JLHensley @sheryonstone: "till next time I will be "howlin for you " <3" (reblip)
VinylHuntress inspired by @ambit and his #FreshJazzCafe :)

Comin' at Cha- Walter Beasley

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VinylHuntress This was my sh.. - loved this song! Evening blip.fam and g'night :)

Garage Rock: The Neanderthals Ghoul-A-Go-Go

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Gipsy Kings- Bamboleo

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mark_till The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
mark_till Does It Offend You, Yeah--Battle Royale
VinylHuntress @Scott_hn ...I'm alright. Hoping 2013 will be my year! :) So great to see you!
VinylHuntress G'night blip.fam ... brief session tonight! Just wanted to pop in and say 'ello.
paperdolls ooooo!! sexy sexy !@emulator_ii: "♪Girls On Film - Duran Duran #inthemood" (reblip)

Cleo Glyde Presents Duran Duran ,Girls on film Uncut version

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FOGGIELOANER When they were Johnny and the Self Abusers...Dead Vandals is better...check out the school photo in the vid!... @VinylHuntress

SIMPLE MINDS Saints & Sinners And Dead Vandals

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garbageman01 'Red Martini - La Musique Lounge Moderne Quatre' (2007) . . .
DJBadBilly Marvin Gaye..Groovin

Marvin Gaye,Groovin`.

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DJBadBilly Betty Wright..Shoorah Shoorah

Betty Wright " Shoorah Shoorah "

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mark_till Wakey!Wakey!--Say It Ain't So (Weezer cover)
djilo Freddie Cruger - Keep Striving
DJBadBilly Just disppointed in some blip friends ?, Just keep playing music,really enjoy listening to the songs as I send themout to people and @VinylHuntress" (reblip)

MorcheebaSlow Down

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DJBadBilly That I never have the time for, but with my new system, I'll use those songs after I clean out whats i my inbox now. , Takes along time@fayezeewayzee (reblip)

You Got Me Reelin' and Rockin' Roy Milton 1955

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mark_till The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--MAJOR **New track**
VinylHuntress I don't. (but really, I do). Happy (Anti) Valentine's Day, blip.fam :)
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