Voxetta GogolBordello!!


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Voxetta You put the man in manipulative, you sick bastard! ; )
Voxetta "So Vio-Vio-Violetta! Etta! Va-va-va-vaja dama ti moja!"
Voxetta ✿"You spurn my natural emotions...It makes me feel like dirt...And I'm hurt..."✿
Voxetta ✿ "If I could get another chance...I'd put it in a zip-loc bag...And keep it in my pocket" ✿

LitZip Lock

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Voxetta "Ive been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks"
Voxetta For @adbert <3~Evanescence – Missing (reblip)
Voxetta "Face the world...on your own...life will go on...life will go on"
Voxetta ✣ "But now's the time to look and look again at what you see, Is that the way it ought to stay?" ✣
Voxetta Thoughts meander like-a restless wind inside a letter box they tumble blindly as-they make their way across the universe
Voxetta "...something is happening here but you don't know what it is...do you?...Mr jones!"
Voxetta "Build me up, Buttercup" Well, I like it- so sue me : )
Voxetta *Sting* is our very own Elizabethan Troubadour and all around bon vivant!
Voxetta Follow *Sting* through the Labyrinth of once-upon-a-time Elizabethan era romance!
Voxetta Living on a Thin Line "...Now I see change, But inside we're the same as we ever were..."
Voxetta My mood today is..."Draw the lace and black curtains and shut out the whole truth. Spin me down the long ages: let them sing the song"
Voxetta ✝"Just passing through nature into eternity"✝
Voxetta Who sings this version? (sounds like ABBA)

Across The Universe

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Voxetta "...the special love I have for you - My Baby Blue"
Voxetta This song is usually sung in a gothic cathedral at Xmas but since today is Ash Wednesday I felt compelled to hear it.
Voxetta I meant to re-blip this from last Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) but lost the original poster...sorry
Aluciel So if you're crazy; I don't care you amaze me! But you're a stupid girl, oh me, oh my, you talk, I die, you smile, you laugh, I cry. *sigh* <3
Voxetta "caterpillar sheds his skin to find the butterfly within" I can't decide what to wear this morning.
Voxetta ♥Reminder for all Chris Isaak fans! His new show premiers Thursday night (tomorrow) on the BIO channel at 10mEST!♥
Voxetta ♥Reminder for all CHRIS ISAAK fans! His new show premiers TONIGHT on the BIO channel at 10mEST!♥
Voxetta "If you ever see her Say hello goodbye girl"
Voxetta "...Please understand me, my walls come falling down There's nothing here that's left for you But check with lost and found..."
Voxetta "Your heart pounding in my head"
Voxetta Ordinary people follow the "Leader"
Voxetta "I look inside myself and see my ♥ is black"
Voxetta Who sings this version? @ViolettaVox it is the actress who plays the role of Prudence I think... Thanx! Jim Sturgess sings it also in movie I guess. (reblip)

Across The Universe

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Voxetta 'onky Tonk Voman?...lol...French chick sings Stones classic!
truejerseygirl @diddy76 ...this one is amazing. Fragile, she doesnt see her beauty. She tries to get away.
andhow #Mixtape { Let's Have Some Violin } Track 11
greenbubba Mr. Morello on Tavis Smiley tonight, Oct 1, 2008. Looks like its a new show!
briangreene more shyness. 16 clumsy & shy. Nature is a language: can't you read? (The Smiths, 'Ask')


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briangreene via the @GR8FL label :) @GR8FL #1 most propped blipper! busy blippers now tracking props http://url.ie/18x4
sfs i honestly believe this song, and her performance of it, is one of the sexiest things i've ever heard. please offer your own suggestions :)
RainStorms Too many tear drops for one heart to carry on...
MK_Ultra Lift up the receiver, I'll turn you into a believer"
MK_Ultra I found music and he found me, I gave him a tambourine.
Maureen Richard Carpenter said it was his favorite cover on the Carpenters compilation--our way of saying f*** you to Sonic Youth for insisting on "Superstar"
MK_Ultra "Telephones and old typewriters"


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melodyofurlife I got something for his Punk Ass!
Aluciel Someone is crazy...and it's you.
MK_Ultra "the universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you're going straight long enough you'll end up where you were."
Voxetta "And the memory stays clear with the song that you hear" (reblip)
Voxetta off the new "Mr Lucky" album-The Chris Isaak Hour “Stevie Nicks” Thursday(TONIGHT), March 05 @ 10 pm ET (reblip)
Voxetta "All the storms in winter and the birds in spring again I do not count the time"
MK_Ultra "We must have died alone, a long long time ago"
Voxetta Joan wrote this for Bob after rekindling their relationship briefly when his marriage was on the rocks.
Voxetta "Many times I've wondered...How much there is to know" You know Blip.fm has really helped me love music again! Thanks all!!
Voxetta Had to play this right after a crazy circuitously endless conversation with my own "Uncle from Abroad"! lol
Voxetta "Gonna recommend you To the spirit in the sky" (reblip)
Aluciel @gigia I'm sure I will be all over the place, but there is always, always, always going to be at least a little bit of Gogol Bordello. ^_^
MK_Ultra "from the moment I was taught to resist the education,"
xhantee @QuicksandRangero I Love This GUYS & they are from GERMANY. @AbsinthEve yes we r talkin about last nite
Voxetta "The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense... Take what you have gathered from coincidence"
Voxetta "I'm going home no more to roam"
Voxetta "Telling myself its not as hard, hard, hard as it seems"
Voxetta Legendary Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling- (4 any opera blipers)
Voxetta "...still havent walked in the glow of each others magestic presence..." (reblip)
Voxetta @apollogenetics "Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir, so that every mouth can be fed. Poor me, the Israelite. Aah." (reblip)
thegeek74 The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Stars
Voxetta @MK_Ultra "Some whispers around the trees, the juniper bends, as if you were listening." (reblip)
Voxetta @pyrrhoX It's never too early for accordions! (reblip)
Voxetta "she never stumbles...she's got no place to fall" (that never stops me from stumbling lol)
MrJeb Mister Richard Cheese! On a loser?
Voxetta Chris Isaak – Somebody's Crying
Voxetta Paul McCartney – No Other Baby
Voxetta @iamtony Fantastic "and you so care what you look like the world is falling around you" (reblip)
Voxetta "...every day I feel the tears that you weep..."
Voxetta @LexiePixieBryan – "Love Is The Drug and I need to score" (reblip)
Voxetta "Today everything you want, I swear it all will come true" (reblip)
Voxetta @MrJeb "In the Box Room, with black curtains, near the station....." (reblip)
Voxetta "But I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road"
Voxetta @lgiesel aproveitando meus últimos instantes de descontração... She's Not There (reblip)
Voxetta Marc Anthony – Se Esfuma Tu Amor ❥ (your love disappears)
Voxetta "Time Of The Season" - "tell it to me slowly...I really want to know" Spring's almost here!
Voxetta The Clash – Should I Stay or Go Now
Voxetta "there's too much pain and too much sorrow...guess I'll feel the same tomorrow"
Voxetta "Hallelujah" "I heard there was a sacred chord That David played and it pleased the lord " (reblip)
Voxetta @patbone another good beatles cover-Aimee Mann, Michael Penn – Two of Us (reblip)
Voxetta From "The Watchman"-Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"
Voxetta @patbone "what if i was heathcliff it's no myth" (reblip)
Voxetta Hall of Fame Inductees-Jefferson Airplane – Embryonic Journey
Voxetta "She's come undun She didn't know what she was headed for And when I found what she was headed for Mama, it was too late"

Guess WhoUndun

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Voxetta Long John Baldry's version of the classic Black Girl (aka In the Pines)
Voxetta Shocking Blue – Deamon Lover
Voxetta "Another turning point; a fork stuck in the road."
Voxetta "she f*#ckin hates me" lol

2 - Puddle of Mud - She Hates Me

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Voxetta ~Reminder 4 Chris Isaak ❥'ers watch him on BIO @10pmEST~
Voxetta American Wedding by Gogol Bordello (hilarious youtube video of this song http://tinyurl.com/c246xq)
Voxetta @purplesime @Sally29 Thank you and great tune (from a great album). The Rifles – The Great Escape (reblip)
Voxetta @photogurrl Lenny Kravitz – American Woman...Cover Wednesday continues... ;) (reblip)
themissiah Just a good lullaby before I go to bed.
2HandedJam *** Morcheeba – Undress Me Now
Voxetta @Radiobread @kevster["I first heard this in (the late) Tower Records - years ago and was rooted to the spot - in case the spell was broken :)"] ilikey (reblip)
Voxetta George Harrison & Paul Simon – Here Comes The Sun
Voxetta Eric Clapton - Layla (Acoustic)

Eric Clapton - Layla (Acoustic)

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lollydaskal Chris Isaak – You Owe Me Some Kind of Love #ILoveYou
avivajazz Yes, oh yes, Otis. You are the very very best. Do not rest too long up there. Time to reincarnate soon! (reblip)
spancake Ahh!! my favourite! this song holds so many happy memories!
salleegal I love all things Decemberists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
avivajazz Street Tango, by master accordionist Carel Kraayenhof
air Such beauty..........the inner beauty of all things!
GR8FL morning @klitoria - I could be better... just waking up and maybe I will fix my attitude later. How are you?
Bimbler pulp hits – Sorted for e's & wizz
Bimbler Suede – Beautiful Ones
JJonah actual title is WYLF if you like it and want to look for it. Such a fun bass line.
2fast4u I think I met her when I was in noalans
dagw A sculpture is a sculpture, marmelade is marmelade. And a sculpture of marmelade is a sculpture, but it isn't marmelade
dagw underrated singer/songwriter.

Casey Abrams - casey_abrams-my_doppelganger

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dagw talented, virtually unknown singer/songwriter. (reblip)

Casey Abrams - casey_abrams-ghost_story

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Bimbler Off to buy more wood....Timber Timbre – Under Your Spell
by_starla [Heartless Bastards – Hold Your Head High] hang in there @angrybob! they just need to be enlightened, perhaps.... :)
Rollerballrocco off to see the Spinto's at the Joiners tonight...good times!!!
Rollerballrocco when you bite your tongue...you get a mouthful of blood!
Gaz50 Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's
BlondeBlogger for Holy Thursday...the phenomenal jennifer knapp (my favorite Christian artist).

Chumbawumba - Tubthuumper

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EliaAlberti what's that sound? I like that sound. I love that sound! It's the sound of my shoes
Gaz50 Squeeze – Another Nail in My Heart
Punched :: Steeleye Span – All Around My Hat ::
avivajazz Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt | Do I Ever Cross Your Mind // Thanks! rb@DougAlder (reblip)
ucana422 love this cover (reblip)

Joan Jet-Crimson & Clover

| play
patbone Steve Earle – Jerusalem
save_the_wolves If I needed you would you come to me, Would you come to me, and ease my pain?
tyrelassie this sends shivers down my spine everytime i hear it(thankyou jinky (reblip)
philkirby that time of the evening for me . . . where's my dosette box?
Bimbler have this stuck in my head..not such a bad place 2 be :0)
EliaAlberti I don't tend to look back too often but ... I'm deff looking back over my shoulders now
elocio Katie Herzig – Butterfly
B_L Orange Juice!! (guitar) not a flugle as in Brassed Off
SofiaFada "I can be brown, I can be blue, I can be violet sky, I can be anything you want.." (reblip)

MikaGrace Kelly

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Orli heart this song

FR david words

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oreoteeth RB @GR8FL: "for @oreoteeth :)" Nice one, hadn't heard this cover before. @PS1968 because ;) (reblip)


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save_the_wolves @mrtunefest: "My Top Ten Bob Dylan Songs (no particular order) - Every Grain of Sand" (reblip)

Every Grain of Sand- Bob Dylan

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Maria Kalaniemi "Ellin polkka"

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Clifford T Ward ... Wherewithal

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rguimaslima Danny Wilson – Mary's Prayer
DanceDog @morebrains Polka radio from Madison Wisconsin? Good lord. @annadynamite Hi there

Accordéon par Julien Gréco

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DaveDoyle Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green) – Need Your Love So Bad
threebears total self indulgence with this ... My baby don't mess around and this I know for sure.... nothing is forever ... what makes love the exception?
CrescentMoonglow Not sure if I'm going to commit to a "signing off" song yet, but if so, it might be this one. Sending positive healing out to all, calling all angels.

Love You Madly ~ CAKE (Lyrics video)

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cyanoticblue Dead and Lovely, Tom Waits

Dead and Lovely, Tom Waits.

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yohanp forgive me for I have sinned
bibman No Xyzal without prescription @pharmacy, so i took Cetirizine EG 10 mg, makes me really sleepy

The Veronicas- "untouched" Rolling Stone

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StreamingMimi Arthur Rubinstein plays Franz Liszt's Liebestraum

Arthur Rubinstein plays Liszt.

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The White Stripes with Holly Golightly - It's true that we love one another

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placebo-pure morning

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Punched @GeeksofDoom: "Everybody knows... it's #TacoTuesday! (and always a good time for some Leonard Cohen)" (reblip)
Karemelia Oh, yeah.....I LOVE this music!!

Lolo Lovina, Bubamara

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Dave_Malby Jonny Lang – Give me up again (live)
CrescentMoonglow This song is about as nakedly intimate as I think I have ever heard. Exquisite.
CrescentMoonglow @acanuckfan: "♥♥♥" **I second that. I was very skeptical when Brooks&Dunn covered this, but was surprised, it was pretty well done. ;) (reblip)
playalongjon I thought I give this cover a spin for change, mmmm , Pat brings something else to the song !

Pat Benatar-Wuthering Heights

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Danininha Dave Matthews Tim Reynolds Jimi Thing (acoustic)video

Dave Matthews Tim Reynolds Jimi Thing (acoustic)

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77ozzie song...finally I figured out...though it took a long long time... (reblip)
77ozzie metal..love is a wild animal...that goes on hunt...love love...amour...love scratches, bites, drags me in the love's nest...eats me up at the end... (reblip)


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Atomik Sister Hazel – All For You
Cooper_Designs reblip from @rwc9u: "One of the best songs from Pink Floyd." I agree with you. I quoted it in my Senior yearbook cause I found the lyrics inspiring (reblip)
Cooper_Designs One of my 13 yr old twin boys told me "I needed to listen to this song"... not bad... heck of a lot better then most of the crap heard on the radio
CrescentMoonglow @pinkpolkadots: Thank you... This is a favorite that goes way back! (reblip)
Artist_chic @Suzed: "it is, y'know...let's keep it this way...." Amen! nite blippers (reblip)
Robertto Rubylove - Cat Stevens

Rubylove Cat Stevens

| play
BlueRoute Man - used to play this, too. Was LOTS more fun than The Hustle. (no, really, don't need to hear that one again.) This is good 'nuff. @Daeflyn (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow You can see what you want to see. It's a fine line, but that's ok...I remember that place~~broken.
mushka I ache in the places that i used to play.... wow! is that gonna happen really???
DJMees Sarah Brightman – Pie Jesu
dcychan My fav Nina !@lotuslight: "Nina Simone-Ooh Child" (reblip)

Nina Simone-Ooh Child

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Voxetta Season Of The Witch ~ Al Kooper Steven Stills Mike Bloomfield~ (reblip)

Season Of The Witch Al Kooper Steven Stills Mike Bloomfield

| play
essjam Robert Johnson – The Sky Is Crying -- "look at the tears roll down the street" #blues
avivajazz Los Desterrados || Sephardic Music || Avre Tu Puerta Cerrada
beavertimes Michael Jackson has been playing everywhere. Nice. Huge load means songs not streaming well, so for now this South Indian tribute will have to do.

Indian Thriller

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Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

| play
CrescentMoonglow @GR8FL: "and I will be alone again tonight my dear..."**Greetings GR8FL...I have enjoyed everything I have heard these two sing together! Sweet! (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow Sunday Morning Oldies Show: The harmonies of the Louvin Brothers contributed to their popularity. Musicianship was another.

Louvin Brothers ~ I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby

| play
simon_plays Smells like content, The books
Lil_Wing @PaddyH: "I can hold u close,I cansqueezeu tight,Make u cry for meboth day&night,Heal the sick&raise the dead,Make littlegirls talk outof their heads" (reblip)
avivajazz Hana Pestle | Hallelujah! || Thanks! RB@divadonna5 @wild_divine: "@Madhatter1978" (reblip)

Hallelujah by hana pestle

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Jabaro teardrop by massive attack (reblip)
suava If this crazy advertisement makes another noise I'll go crazy

Antsy PantsVampire

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organicsue Blackmore`s Night - Diamonds and rust

Blackmore`s Night Diamonds and rust

| play

Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

| play
DJDiamondJen You've been reading some old letters You smile and think how much you've changed... All the money in the world... Couldn't buy back those days.
Scalla Collective Soul – Adored
toosweet4rnr [The Beatles – For You Blue ~vid,aud only]

Sin Fang Bous: clangour and flutes

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blue_buddha about the best cover i've heard...thanks! @Chise: "Black Sorrows – Brown Eyed Girl @DixieDynamite" (reblip)

Red Hill Mining Town

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Oh My God (Official Video)

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JimmyHook You don't have to religious to dig this! Man, he really lets it loose toward the end! Al Green – Jesus Is Waiting (2003 Digital Remaster)
thecurefan Cure, The – Friday I'm In Love (Ultrasound Extended Version) ★ yep, need it extended today. ^^

Blind Boys of Alabama "Higher Ground"

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enard very cool stuff@DesertLily: "I could use one." (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow Who wouldn't want to to twist & shout to this version? Sexy, smooth, & S-M-O-K-I-N'. Join me, won'tcha???? Any takers?
sswayze I try to walk away and I stumble -

Macy GrayI Try

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toosweet4rnr [Spirit - Nature's Way]

Nature's Way by Spirit

| play
toosweet4rnr [John Martyn – May You Never] my "goodnight to you" musical mantra... see you later! :)
hipEchik @surfcitykitty Thanks for the cake...here is your EYE CANDY the GREAT Chris Isaak @hipEchik

Chris Isaak "Go Walking Down There"

| play
reunionradio don't hear too many men tackling this song...

Bryan Ferry "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (Live)

| play
OKnightmare A great song from "Once"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ 'The Beatles : Rock Band' E3 2009 Trailer 1 ~

Rock Band: The Beatles E3 2009 Trailer [HQ] (Rate This Game)

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UnionJakk in homage to the Isaak show I was at on Fri night....this guy KILLS!!!!!! Presence, voice, talent, and cool....

Chris Isaak performing "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" Soundstage

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FOGGIELOANER thank you kindly@4kiki: "Gilliam Welch - Long Black Veil. "this is my favourite version of the lefty frizell song..hadnt seen it on blip before (reblip)
dickadcock You don't have to be a DeVotchKa fan to enjoy this. Just need to have ears and a heart. ... cover of "Hot Burrito #1"
CajunGypsy Still all too true today...like the man said, "57 channels and nuthin' on."
TrainWreckRadio @LEM_40 wow..long time lauren! good to see you pickin!
patbone Last time I saw him, this was on the setlist - Monte Montgomery – Sara Smile
TrainWreckRadio @finchbeak hey-long-hair! steph----> @girl_piper_pilot got to see Monte for the 1st time this past Sat nite !! (I was jealous) :-) (reblip)
Doylex @RadioFreeIllinois: "GREAT little tune by smoking popes frontman..." >>Cool! Thanks @acanuckfan @RoxUranus @mairsplaylist @ViolettaVox @DJRoyal (reblip)
beholder I don't know how to get there

'A Conscious Life' by Aereogramme

| play
Tequila_Kitty this song is so calming....and so beautiful
cjpadgett Let this one creep into your soul...
radiobarz @mark_till: "I am satisfied I am NOT going anywhere if this song plays. YES YES YES Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - I've Seen All Good People" (reblip)
HERDE MEMORIES~TY@docstimulas: "Do You Know What I Mean ? – Lee Michaels- 1971 been 14 days since i dont know when and i just saw her with my best friend.." (reblip)
Bimbler they used to love this ones when i danced in the clubs of Berlin @benjobubble @fairy_claudine .. YMCA (in german hahah)
djaces29 Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins – Instrumental Medley
AtheDJ A little cool German music...- not the ompah kind." (reblip)
AgentSpymonkey Had to throw this one in...lol
AgentSpymonkey starting to close it down tweeters and blippers....thank you for everything! You're all brilliant!!
DaisyDee I think TY means "Thank You"?:) RB@Telma_13: "Hi there @DJRoy1!! Please, help... What does "TY" mean?" (reblip)
Voxetta The Marmalade – Rainbow ❀
Voxetta UB40 - Sweet Sensation
Voxetta Placebo – Meds (Live) "baby, did u 4get 2 take ur meds?"

PlaceboMeds (Live)

| play
Voxetta All on Seven – Only Words
Voxetta Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart
Voxetta Andrews Sisters – Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four
Voxetta Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky "Hey there mister blue- We're so pleased to be with you- Look around see what you do- Ev'rybody smiles at yo

Dream Theater -The Spirit Carries On

| play
poochiesan24 love it @BeautifulSorta: "I love this video :) And the song fits my theme." (reblip)
RoxUranus and he did this stone deaf...sweet hay-zeus...

Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 "Choral"

| play
sweetlilmZmia @johncmayer it doesn't go very well with farts or pie ...but it is my feel better song.
Greenie Ghost Bees – Vampires of the West Coast
judi @ViolettaVox ~ The Dirty Mac : Lennon, Clapton, Mitchell, RIchards : 1968 (reblip)

The Dirty Mac : Lennon, Clapton, Mitchell, RIchards : 1968

| play
hipEchik @hipEchik rb @vanbytheriver: "Peter Frampton- While My Guitar Gently Weeps "See the love that is sleeping... (reblip)
fun4lilli Danny Elfman sets the mood for Tim Burton's visual genius to shine right on through the darkness.

Corpse Bride Piano Duet

| play
cpcdiniz @ilbis: "roll on! The Black Seeds – One by One" (reblip)
Keltois lo d guapo me llegó al alma ;)@Ababernardo: "many thanks guapo ;) @djLop: "Song For You→@Ababernardo "" (reblip)
amcandyc Musiquinha bonitinha... - She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
SandroC ;););) This is the sea. Just for "the moonlight" ;););)
djaces29 CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON | Shape of My Heart Sting & J. Groban

CHRIS BOTTI IN BOSTON | Shape of My Heart Sting & J. Groban

| play
hipEchik @CityofStGeorge Taps- The Bugler's Cry- The Origin of Sounding Taps -Some Gave All #MilitaryMon" @hipEchik (reblip)

Taps The Bugler's Cry-The Origin of Sounding Taps

| play
valkry18 @freedomspice: "Plunging back into my Breton roots and falling in love with Alan Stivell all over again. " (reblip)
Alamar9 Best recording avail here of my fave Classical Piece Borodin's: In the Steppes of Central Asia 4 @ViolettaVox and You...touches my heart...Good night.

A. Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia

| play
Mysterymix yo:)*@DesertLily: "Here's wishing you @ll find delight in all of life's simple pleasures. Night! " (reblip)

Jacques Loussier & Bobby Mcferrin- Bach Anniversary Leipzig

| play
sanewell stuck in my head...

Blitzen Trapper: Furr (official)

| play
hipEchik @hipEchik Bonnie B - San Francisco Days - Chris Isaak & Brian Setzer at Calavaras ...sigh...
Chise Gus – Don't Fear The Reaper
crispast ahahah....yeah, i know i can!! \o/ holaaa@adbert :D " Ciao !! I became #Master in Spagliano! (80% Spagnuolo - 0.01% Italiano -19.9% adbertiano!) XD" (reblip)

The Rolling Stones ~ The Spider And The Fly

| play
radiobarz Neko Case – Buckets Of Rain
ShiaoMei lol! ((((:@lillianwong:)) u the best! "Deee-Lite – Pussycat Meow @ShiaoMei @Fangbaby @TidyCat " (reblip)
svb 005

Missing You John Waite Alison Krauss

| play
bthecat til 2morrow friend x @Mysterymix

Chopin Nocturne

| play
VonD True Blood Theme Song - (Jayce Everett~Bad Things (( Very Sexy , cool Vid!)"" (reblip)
blackgrapes Big day tomorrow. @ffunnyguy is flying out from CA to spend the holiday. fun fun! So Goodnite Blippers & G☮☮dnight Moon☾ (reblip)
radiobarz Johnny Cash – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Mysterymix @Mysterymix: "☃ The Jewish-Arab Peace Song (w/ English subtitles) #decemberwish " (reblip)

The Jewish-Arab Peace Song (w/ English subtitles)

| play
rightcommentary Poor Al Gore... turns out Global Warming was bullshit afterall..... I'm super... super Cereal.. #KCON ray-dee-oh.
tyrelassie The Marmalade ><><><Reflections Of My Life ><><><enjoy !!!!
tyrelassie Jason Miraz ><><><Winter Wonderland ><><><enjoy !!!!!

Jason Mraz WINTER WONDERLAND front & center @The Nat'l

| play
BingFutch Julie Andrews - "Feed The Birds" Walt Disney's favorite Sherman Bros. song
upinthehills A must listen. Amazing. "O come, O come, Emmanuel" by Enya

"O come, o come, Emmanuel" by Enya

| play
MusicIsMySoul3 ~ Third Day - Do You Hear What I Hear? ~ love the @thirdday version - well, love anything #ThirdDay :)
ladypn Seems there's been too many of the latter of late... @TriggerHappyJack @donfelipe @champ1969 @Chopinforte @mizdemeanor @kirkill @thomo12 @77ozzie @cjh

Good Days Bad Days Official Video

| play
johnnybennett1 Who do you belong to when there's no one waiting? I don't know I've held my breath too long.
ladypn I'm so in love with the song... vi@NikkiPixel! Thanks! : "Blue October – Calling You" (reblip)
nawlinswoman Sometime I wonder why I spend the lonely night dreaming of a song..sigh..
GorgoMcGuirk yes! Still drying my eyes RB@dronnoisseur: "hi blip and RIP kate mcgarrigle // prop/rb thx@outoforder @tuatara @BruceC @froh @ginhollow @samodiva" (reblip)

Matapedia by Kate & Anna McGarrigle

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Exhale_J This is the funniest, especially if you've been in that situation.
GorgoMcGuirk You got a mouthful of diamonds and a pocketful of secrets, so get high on someone else's supply for a change.
azandiaMJBB Their music is SO GOOD :) *TY* 4 reply ~rb @Rella: "@conradw: "great moody moment @70srocker: "Flyin' high...voices in the sky....""" (reblip)
enard perfect for going to sleep with dreams to lift you up into the heavens above@Nymp (reblip)
OneTruthHunter Gotta play this at least once a week if not more. Just for the scream! @backtoback: "wake up !!! @chiliDog" (reblip)
Awannabeangel Thank you for your wonderful props, replies and RB's everyone ! Am wishing you a Magicial evening !
BradWest A little too poppy to be entirely effective.
ladypn all that you believe is here & now, you could have had more doubt. Wipe the shadow from your eyes, rest your daughter while your mother cries.
ladypn Hey wonderful @rkmonkey! Love the XX! Have I said how great it is to HEAR you more often of late?? ;) : "sometimes... " (reblip)
STEVENDOES @randomfreckles: "@UncleRay: "dedicated to the memory and the genius of Nick Drake and to all who love his music"" (reblip)

Fruit Tree, Nick Drake

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fun4lilli RB—>@TarinnAdaria: "one last time – the kooks" (reblip)
DownLow great thanks! ur vw! rb@dharshaw: "@MONIKKA: the piano is terrific here, love it!! thanks" (reblip)
BenPT Xavier Rudd – The Letter here is your letter With everything I know 'Bout the weight of the world And the way things could go
Voxetta "My city's still breathing (but barely it's true) through buildings gone missing like teeth." (reblip)
Voxetta "Take a take another nother look into his eyes And you will on-ly see a rep-tile"

Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt (4 of 9)

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Voxetta ✣ "...The velvet blade of apathy Makes the crush so bittersweet" ✣
BarnabasCoLLins Chance Halladay – Bury Me Deep ☂ (reblip)
Voxetta Nordic Tenors ~ Yodeling ~

Nordic Tenors Yodeling in Beat for Beat 2009

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Voxetta The Be Good Tanyas "Human Thing" (Gotta b. good to humans!!!!...pls)

The Be Good Tanyas "Human Thing"

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FlyingPatriot Jordan Page "Liberty" Second American Revolution - True Sons Of Liberty - Appeal To Heaven Flag RB @MinuteMan1776 (reblip)
hipEchik @hipEchik TY rb @BUzzBizz: "@jewlyann: "for @hipEchik Great Job ~~Chris Isaak – Please"" ...Your'e killin me! Love it! (reblip)
enard a little camera shy but boy can they sing
ginhollow ty@DJCoquette: "re:album cover@EFR56" (reblip)

Chladni Song

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killerswp @Vanzetti: "very nice!!... thanks for the props!!" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE HI My Blip Friend....Perfect Song For My Broken Little Wing! TY For Your Props. @fxp123: "Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing" (reblip)

[Culture Express] The Art of Brewing Pu'er Tea 2/2

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huangmarong about the chinese civilization culture :

[Culture Express] The Art of Brewing Pu'er Tea 1/2

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Traditional Jewish music

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镜花缘-The Flower Dream-version 1

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huangmarong : " do not want you hard ", a chinese song


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blipfmyour_dj_aniAleluia @Dancer12: "[I Know You By Heart – Eva Cassidy] . . ." (reblip)
fortytwostars Happy Tuesday!

Lyrics: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (The Life of Brian)

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Dance of wolves

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straywebsurfer ♫ Sean Hayes - "A Thousand Tiny Pieces"...Luv this. TYSM rb@hd2010 (reblip)
octoberland thank you :) nicked from @DJAerin: favorite version of this, and apparently it's difficult to find on blip...cheesey video, love the sound of the song (reblip)

Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now

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TrainWreckRadio @AnnieSage_Songs Warren Zevon – Poor Poor Pitiful Me (damn, I miss Warren)
dANGELofLOVE ♥Hugs♥@alexparr: ":)) @dANGELofLOVE: GM To All My Fabulous Friends! ♥ RB @Dancer12: "GM both BFFs ♥Rb @alexparr GM! #BFF @dANGELofLOVE [[U Want Me 2]] (reblip)
AleBeat Wild Sweet Orange - Be Careful (What You Want) (reblip)
LAjrz Oh, oh vertigo...

Vertigo by Anya Marina+lyrics

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dANGELofLOVE ♥♥♠♥♥ {[Angel Video W/Lyrics]} ♥♥♠♥♥ [[Sleepsong]] ♥♥♠♥♥ (reblip)

Sleepsong by Secret Garden (with lyrics)

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Voxetta Shivaree – The Snake

ShivareeThe Snake

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dANGELofLOVE Hi! Wishing You A Wonderful Sunday! Thanks So Much For A Beautiful Song! A Must RB @cpcdiniz: "@dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
Voxetta Shemà Israel "Hear O Israel the Lord our God is One" ✌
sir_edward_ross Some blues are more Kozmic than others ;) @patita: Janis Joplin – Kozmic Blues (reblip)

Gossip-Love Long Distance

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Vanzetti THANKS PEACE 2U@MsMercurial: "Butthole Surfers : Dracula From Houston --->Inspired by @Vanzetti!" (reblip)
TheJohnC ty much Mr B, i was still chuckling about his Wonderful World about an hour after hearing it @bytera: (reblip)

Joe Pesci-Funny Song-Ultimate Hate Song!

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in search of the miraculous part 2

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huangmarong : sharing interesting/amazing items with my listeners ... « 29 »

How to make Chinese- chicken noodle soup

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