sciain le szanszare hanno ufficialmente rotto i proverbiali coglioni.

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MrAwesome pete yorn is the shit, if you think differently i would love to stab you
mr_diego My song of the day: Dire Straits - Private Investigations
MrAwesome i didn't know steve miller sang this.. ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿
MrAwesome not allot of chemical brothers on here
mr_diego My song of the day: Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
MrAwesome going on feeling strong


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MrAwesome if you have nothing to do for the next 12 minutes.. listen to this
sosureimparanoid does it really comes as a suprise when I tell you I dont feel good?
mr_diego Deep Purple - When A Blind Man Cries. WOW, I love this ballad...
calamari I don't think it's possible for Ryan Adams to write a bad song.

Wierd Al Yankovich - I'm Fat

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sosureimparanoid Im taking a ride with my best friend today =)
sosureimparanoid good song for when sunset catches you driving still =)
sosureimparanoid I have another confession to make...
calamari @juliagrandi blipped Solsbury Hill and it made me want to hear Red Rain.
sosureimparanoid driving in your car, I never ever wanna go home (take me anywhere, dont care)
mr_diego Song of the day: Supertramp - It's Raining Again. No doubt Supertramp have never been the same after Roger Hodgson left the band...
nixe My new car has a shockingly polite horn. Someone cut me off yesterday and I pushed hard. And gained absolutely no satisfaction. Like a nose blow.
nixe the thing you hate the most.
mr_diego Paul McCartney & Wings - Maybe I'm Amazed, a wonderful ballad reminiscent of the sound of the Let It Be album by the Beatles.
sosureimparanoid and I'll feed your obsessions (this thing you'll never doubt)


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sosureimparanoid when I dream, I dream your kiss... (see you right back here tomorrow, for the next round)
sosureimparanoid c'mon and love me now (so now Im demanding)
mr_diego Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles... oh, those ole memories!
sosureimparanoid |speeding it up a little| You rip me up and spread me all around
sosureimparanoid | I'd tell myself... how good do you convince yourself? |
sosureimparanoid I've got a lot to lose and I'm betting high (what I need is a good defense)
sosureimparanoid how does it feel like to let forever be?
24shots lo so che è una cover, ma è semplicemente la versione migliore che esista di questa canzone. Ed è emozionante.
24shots Have no questions but I sure have excuse, I lack the reason why i should be so confused
skiphubley Chan Marshall backing. Nice.


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mr_diego Highway Star – Deep Purple: something groovy to shake your lazy arses off your armchairs (in-office headbanging allowed) :-)
calamari @emilythemom Did you have fun at the Springsteen concert last night?
sosureimparanoid but night makes a fool of us in the daylight


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24shots "don't you know you're life itself?". Aww.
24shots reminds me of 14-15 y.o. summers
MrAwesome sierra loves this song


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calamari The beauty/problem with working at home is there is nobody to stop you from taking a nap in the afternoon.
24shots "I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway! I am not your carpet ride, I am the SKY." La canzone dell'autostima.
nixe omg. Cake does War Pigs too. Woo hoo!

CakeWar Pigs

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nixe ...and the Flaming Lips. This was not my intention at all. To find covers of War Pigs.
nixe This is, of course, my very favorite interpretation.
nixe Top of the mountain today. You could see all the way over SF to Marin.
nixe maybe you're better off this way.
mr_diego Song of the day: Even Flow – Pearl Jam, probably Seattle's best band and one of the best songs of the 90s.

Pearl JamEven Flow

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24shots p-p-p-p-power!

Aerosmith - Rag Doll

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zoe è felice di aver aggiunto zurfe
sosureimparanoid two lovers lie with no sheets on the bed, and the day it is breaking (on rainy days we go swimming out)
24shots get your kicks on route 66!

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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tangledcord A BLIP.FM EXPLOSION! Look at all those blips!

The KinksStrangers

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tangledcord Lord of the Rings fanaticism nostalgia.
mr_diego Song of the day: To Cry You a Song – Jethro Tull, an old forgotten classic mixture of Brit folk, hard blues and progressive rock
24shots LOL.

Bangles - 80 s - Walk like an egyptian

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Geo8 Gloria In Excelsis Them


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Geo8 Re-blipping and re-dancing.
Sgtpepperslass @MexyRexy I don't know if it works, because I can't hear it, but I just had to contribute to the Pearl Jam. :)
delboydare Again, a real spine tingler.

Johnny CashHurt

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Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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Vygotskij A thrill on your back...

Johnny CashHurt

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Vygotskij Simply the best song of the Boss...
Vygotskij I'm a loser baby


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DizzleKizzle Ahh, this song reminds me of the summer after highschool graduation.
DizzleKizzle Like the people here it seems. :\
DizzleKizzle Beck, you silly bastard, you.

BeckSteve Threw Up

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sciain blippata delle 3.33, più scontata di così.. ah, auguri @giudit, chiaro!
Colin Seems like everyones blipping Rock Band tunes tonight.

R.E.M.Orange Crush

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mr_diego Song of the day: Baba O'Riley – The Who (a favorite of many CSI fans being it the opening theme of "CSI: New York" TV series)

The WhoBaba O'Riley

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DizzleKizzle And it's time for another theme hour. Today it's songs directly or indirectly about the devil. We'll start it with the GNR version of the Stones.
DizzleKizzle The D saved everyone from the Devil by playing a tribute to the greatest song in the world. SAVED THE WORLD.

Tenacious DTribute

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DizzleKizzle Motor, huh? Does he use unleaded? You should retrofit him to use Hydrogen or bio-fuel or something.
DizzleKizzle Satan laughing spreads his wings...
kewagi Very peculiar Nirvana cover. Props to @Benedict for bringing this to my attention!
Geo8 A different America: CSN&Y (for the deads during the demonstrations in Kent OH, 1970)
Vygotskij L'unica canzone d'amore nella quale non si usa mai la parola "amore"!
Geo8 A different America: Janis @ Woodstock
Geo8 I've been through the desert on a horse with no name (my very first English lessons...)
Geo8 And what about this summertime???
Geo8 Rikki, don't loose that number, it's Steely Dan's
Geo8 Still 1974, Sugar Baby Love
Geo8 And, now, back to 1968. Steppenwolf. The Pusher.
Geo8 1968: Hello I love You (Won't You Tell Me Your Name)
sciain stasera si sente particolarmente stupida, e in vena di Scrubs.
WilliS rockin the classic rock this afternoon

EaglesTake It Easy

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Colin Were not the only ones on this island and you all know it.
Colin My first concert. Smashing Pumpkins - Live @ GM Place 1997-01-08 (This mp3 is from that actual show)
threebears thank you blipperati for you 500 peeps that I can bore to kingdom come!!
mr_diego Song of the day: Carry On – Crosby Stills Nash & Young, one of my all time favorites...
flaviochubes eu usei Redley (das antigas)
24shots "I'm sick soft gooey and cold, my head's a mess"
rudelbildung sterbende gardenien, stücker zwei. sachen, die sich auf deutsch anhören wie fallobst, sind auf spanisch toll.
christopherware I'm gonna go out on the street and do anything I want

Iggy PopSuccess

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rudelbildung draußen: nieselregen. dagegen hilft: cuba libre.
robbierae wayne's world. benjamin's babe layer.
djhelcat Yay nice saturating late summer Fay rain, nourishing my tomatoes.
djhelcat this song still works. it's just retro instead of futurist. so let's party like it's 1999, and I'm still 29!


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Colin deep down in the jungle

Manu ChaoBongo Bong

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Geo8 @briangreene Does it suggest anything 'bout it?
Geo8 @briangreene If you look towards south, they're all on our right, anyway...
djhelcat Wow. Here's a song I barely remember, but totally do. Whole of the Moon, Waterboys.
Geo8 Mind if I leave for a while, folks?
Vygotskij the original version

The Beatles - All My Loving

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U2 Mission Impossible Theme (techno remix)

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threebears she's back in the UK, she drives me crazy . . . but she's not on

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

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threebears @clarkowitz - thanks, that is so beautiful! I live by a river :D

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps 06 Powderfinger

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ianthommas tema de uma das melhores séries que já assisti.
davidwatts1978 god rest jerry wexlers soul, thank you for this soul delight
Scai Marciare come maiali. Pfiuuu... che bella immagine...
fredone88 Essa é pro Dioguinho e seu pianinho fanfarrão.
fredone88 If everything could ever feel this real forever... If anything could ever be this good again...
Aur3lio Eu quero uma garota de mini-saia e sobretudo..
Aur3lio Se você não pode se decidir...Nós nunca começaremos. And please don't tell me..Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
Aur3lio o verdadeiro som do Metallica
Aur3lio Axl Rose, need learn with Ulrich & cia. DUKA! =D
Aur3lio Child, the living's easy......
alberto già da qualche giorno, ormai
Aur3lio i need understand me... :-s

CakeNever There

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Ugugu elektro-klim-bim ist sonst ja nicht so mein ding, aber moby find ich ok...

MobyLift Me Up

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Aur3lio essa versão ficou live ..very boa.. =D
Ugugu macht platz, hier kommt jovanotto...


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Ugugu ...erst mal etwas hintergrundmusik auflegen ♣ ♥ ♪ ♫♥
Ugugu so, mal wieder was für die ältere zielgruppe...
fredone88 rock'n'roll to waking inthe fuckin sunday, baby!!!
lalai aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
sosureimparanoid I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign, but it's my destiny to be the king of pain...
sosureimparanoid blue skies up ahead, when I like a dry kind of love

U2Sweetest Thing

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madu Her hair is aways a mess

TrainMeet Virginia

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alberto Stare a letto il giorno dopo è forse l'unica mia meta
sosureimparanoid constant marry-go-round status.


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sosureimparanoid we dream our dreams alone with no resistance, fading like the stars we wish 2 be.
fredone88 Just like Fiona and Shreeeek...
davidwatts1978 and on this totally brilliant tune I blip goodnight
Dobin1000 Tom Cruise is very annoying...
RachMorais You're not the Jesus of Suburbia....

Green DayLetterbomb

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brujodoncarlos Bossa, lo mejor para una buena digestión
DJBrandrede "And if you look closer / It's easy to trace / The tracks of my tears"
analu137 si de versiones estabamos hablando... lo maximo
m800 Fifteen minutes with you, well, I wouldn't say no. Oh, people said that you were easily led. And they were half-right.
elipongo I loved the version he played at the "Concert for New York" after the September 11th attacks
davewasthere I think trying to play this as a beginner is stretching it a bit far...
mau_svartman The song tells of a road trip in which Anthony Kiedis guitarist John Frusciante and bassist Flea surfed at Big Sur following John's return to the band
laurarmac sei lá, vontade de ouvir Kings Of Leon.
yasmin Curtindo bastante o novo do Oasis. Seria melhor ainda se tivesse sido lançado em 2000, quando eu só ouvia os irmãos Gallagher.

OasisFalling Down

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kimfresh i guess i'll see you next lifetime <3
aleks_be @uknaus @medienkompakt die zufallsliste führt mich heut in die sunday-afternoon-chill-triphop-ecke, auch bei nem roten (schleck)

AirAll I Need

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maurilao the exact time my daughter woke up tonight and only got back to sleep after 3 or 4 hours

The Strokes12:51 AM

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Andre_SC A Kim Bessinger ainda era sex symbol
Vesyp Let The Good Times Roll - The Cars

Cars - Let The Good Times Roll

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SofiaFada @jorrge, eles têm tantas músicas boas que fica até difícil decidir qual blipar... ;-)
elismarchioni O disco é uma obra-prima que está fazendo 40 anos neste mês.
novalis Il giocatore di biliardo - Angelo Branduardi
schneeengel meine allererste mp3... 1998 war's... manche songs vergisst man einfach nicht...
gsorvig Christmas music is now allowed!
jhana peace peace peace peace - no weary heads!
rafaelsachetto Dedico essa ao meu brother @betoside, e claro ao meu irmão @fabioverdi q fica louco comigo vendo clipes bizarros.
viktor if i'm the man you love the most you can say I do at least