WDavidStephenson Best version is Flatt & Scruggs & Mother Maybelle, but this will do..
sengseng All I Ask Of You – Andrew Lloyd Webber
sengseng You've got to love her, squeeze her, don't tease her, Gotta try nah nah nah, try (Try a little tenderness – Otis Redding)
WDavidStephenson OK, that's it for my Day The Music Died prequel. Waylon, Willie & the Boys
WDavidStephenson Thanks, Buddy, for inspiring The Stones to cover this one!
WDavidStephenson Thank goodness Waylon gave up his seat on the plane 50 yrs. ago. Channeling Buddy?
FishCo babababab La Bamba . . . Richie Valens
seattleorganize If you have not heard Nell then you need to listen up.
WDavidStephenson my fav Italian crooner...

64 Al Martino - Blue Spanish Eyes

| play
WDavidStephenson from quite possibly greatest album ever, "Modern Sounds in Country & Western"
sengseng Theres a boy I know, hes the one I dream of (How Will I Know – Whitney Houston)
WDavidStephenson with a bazillion feet of snow on ground in The Hub, Margaritaville very enticing
WDavidStephenson if we lived our lives like the lyrics of this song, would be a better world
FishCo For you Andrea Bocelli fans, and Sarah Brightman too. Powerful voices with powerful orchestration. Goodnight one & all. Tks 4 the music! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Ray's 2 country & western albums were absolutely superb
WDavidStephenson I don't get it, Mick why sing with Dave Stewart when you can sing with Cheryl Crowe??
WDavidStephenson I'd take Etta over Beyonce any day in a smackdown!
WDavidStephenson May be zero in Hub today, but also Truck Day at Fenway Park & won't be long til we'll be singing along!
RadioRider @sheryonstone Used to watch him play in area local bars before anyone knew who he was - including me... (reblip)
RadioRider Don't know much, but this one puts chills up and down my spine.
RadioRider Can't help myself - Let's madison
WDavidStephenson always think of this as matched pair w/ Save the Last Dance for Me. Love those strings! Need a girl with a lot of crinolines to dance to it...
WDavidStephenson man: this one always makes me want to polish my waltz steps.

49 Drifters-Save The Last Dance For Me

| play
WDavidStephenson one more before getting back to book writing: leave on an up note!

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

| play
WDavidStephenson runner up to Silver Spring on my Mac favs...
Punched Feel that rock n roll beat! Mick is one of the best, still outperforms others.
WDavidStephenson baaaaaby (Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye) @sengseng Is this theme song of Postmodern Dating? (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Jessi Colter, not Anne Coulter! Make love, not war
WDavidStephenson a place where even squares can have some fun.


| play
WDavidStephenson Hey, it's Sunday. Better get spiritual (Unitarians only have few great hymns & no gospel: tend to put weird humanist lyrics to old hymns).
WDavidStephenson Once did all research for a Gershwin documentary.Think this is my fav, esp. Ira's lyrics: incredible command of English idom for 1st-generation guy
WDavidStephenson nite, all. God, I love Johnny's late work: that man was really world-weary, wasn't he?
WDavidStephenson and time for my bedtime as well. Nite, all!
WDavidStephenson Actually, in The Hub we're more interested in the Thaw Out today -- gotta go shovel melting ice, listen to The Boss.
WDavidStephenson Wasn't this a Richard & Mimi Farina collaboration? Liked their version better, but Johnny & June are jes fine.
WDavidStephenson Wow! I'd totally forgotten this one. Absolutely great & raunchy!
WDavidStephenson All I ask of you - Phantom of the Opera. Loverly jubberly. Thanks, @Punched! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson If I was on desert island, here's the one song I'd never grow tired of.
WDavidStephenson Never noticed this lyric til it applied to me "I'm dying for some action, I'm sick of sitting 'round here trying to write this book"
gingerNC Wishing you all rainbows! Eva's version is exquisite!
WDavidStephenson love this bluegrass treatment of Dylan
RadioRider I don't need nobody to tell my troubles to. Since I met you baby all I need is you. @dickadcock Thx (reblip)
WDavidStephenson OK, was lookin for Bill Monroe, but J D Bennett will do jes fine.
WDavidStephenson Luv Alison Krauss & Cox Family separately or together.
WDavidStephenson figure I should bank some spiritual points in case I think any impure thoughts on Valentine's.
WDavidStephenson The world is so miserable right now that we can't wait until 2/14 to start playing Barry White.
WDavidStephenson The title says it all - Why don't we get drunk? ;) (I saw CNN story yesterday about how bartending is about as recession-proof a job as you can find) (reblip)
ckras Bryan Ferry Roxy Music - Slave to Love. bonus for movie this played in?


| play
WDavidStephenson Had totally forgotten about Ronnie. Sweeet
WDavidStephenson Here's another oldie but goodie comin' at ya -- "My Girl" ~ the Temptations (reblip)
WDavidStephenson The way your smile just beams....... thx, @Joette2, for digging this gem out... (reblip)
djsmuttysteff Ashley MacIsaac fucked up what was a promising career with scandals. Brilliant "Cape Breton alternative fiddle" music.
WDavidStephenson Definitely eccentric dude. guess that's why I like him.. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Take the rest of the day off and saddle up.
WDavidStephenson Time for some virtual islands, mon. Who's got the rum?
WDavidStephenson Since Obama has reawakened patriotism, time to sing the National Anthem!
WDavidStephenson rt @cheeky_geeky how's it goin' We should do WWHTD tees: What Would Hunter Thompson do... (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Highlight of my salad days was using my press pass to sit next to The Ronettes in dugout at Cleveland Stadium when they opened for Beatles.
WDavidStephenson When they played Cleveland Stadium, I got so close with my press pass that I was past the amps, heard an acoustic concert by the lads.
WDavidStephenson Here's a good one for today's weather in the Hub (BTW: Kelly shot this with just 1 take for the movie!)
ckras a ras top 10, Jimmy Buffett – Barometer Soup
WDavidStephenson awesome @ckras. Can't believe I've never heard this one. I'll buy you a rum punch Saturday night @Tcamp09 in gratitude! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Getting ready to head to DC for Transparency Camp, so might as well play the theme song...
WDavidStephenson Carole King (& Gerry Goffin) wrote this when she was just 21. I've never heard a bad version


| play
WDavidStephenson Always think of "Big Chill" when I hear this one..
WDavidStephenson Caught just a few minutes of "Saturday Night Fever" the other night. That Tony Mareno was a smokin' dude. Nice polyester threads.
WDavidStephenson The 'rents in the South went crazy when they saw Little Richard.He may have been as important as Brown v. Board of Ed. in breaking down segregation.
WDavidStephenson part of my continuing campaign to build up chits in case the Unitarian thing doesn't pay off...
WDavidStephenson John Duffey had such a sweet voice...
WDavidStephenson suspect we'll be hearin' lot more of Woody as the tough times settle in. My fav in that genre is "My Name is Morgan"
WDavidStephenson Nite, all. Don't know which version I like more, this or Fleetwood Mac.
WDavidStephenson on military bases they play National Anthem at sundown, so please hoist a rum punch, turn toward Key West, and sing along.
WDavidStephenson Friday night demands some crooning...
WDavidStephenson Thanks for transporting me to the islands, mon. I can feel the sand between my toes.
WDavidStephenson Having spent my early summers on the Greenbrier R. in WVA, I'd like to be taken home now, & Country Gentlemen can serenade me!
WDavidStephenson First play I saw was my high school's production of "Showboat," starring uber-spy Aldrich Ames as Gaylord Ravenal.
WDavidStephenson One more from ABBA. I don't think I could sing phonetically in Swedish and sound like they do in English. Sweet!
WDavidStephenson US Navy Country Current Bluegrass Quartet? never heard of them. That's kewl: more bluegrass, less war!
WDavidStephenson George Gershwin gets all the props, but listen closely to these incredible lyrics & consider that bro. Ira was 1st-generation English speaker! Wow!


| play
WDavidStephenson props @ymotux @ralphhutter Had never heard this version! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Desperately need some Fenway Park right now. Can hardly wait til the Sox are Shipping Up to Boston!
WDavidStephenson Won't someone please help us? We've just got so many "frustrated women" here in Boston. Send in the reserves!
WDavidStephenson for @cdorobek & all of us who love newsies. Let's not let Jimmie Brown become endangered species.Subscribe to your local daily, STAT
BlairDC tehee, let it whip. "work it all night"
potentiate @DavidStephenson The only mellow song I could find on blip quickly. Very spa-ish.
WDavidStephenson I fall to pieces when I can't hear Miss Patsy Cline.
RadioRider @WDavidStephenson Written about good times had, the serenity and spiritual connectons at their Michigan retreat. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Love almost everything about the Shakers: the furniture, "hands to work, hearts to God" spirituality -- but the no sex stuff is kinda a non-starter

'Tis A Gift To Be Simple

| play
WDavidStephenson what would you do to this one? A Tango? Where did that woman holding a rose in her teeth go?
WDavidStephenson Man, could I use a little divine intervention right now... either that or some sleep.
Punched :: The Corrs – Everybody Hurts :: (Cover)
WDavidStephenson In Mrs. Brewer's 6th grade we violated ch/state separation daily by singing gems like this one..

Church in the Wildwood

| play
WDavidStephenson Twofer: Dropkick Murphys for St. Paddy's & Tessy for the Red Sox. Woot!
WDavidStephenson & for that nice young Mr. Papelbon & his mates, another St.Paddy's/RedSox twofer: Shipping up to Boston!
WDavidStephenson @TxJz welcome to the bluegrass conspiracy. we're small in numbers, but zealous, eh, @ckras? (reblip)
DJam_Z Thank you! @ WDavidStephenson - the bluegrass conspiracy. we're small in numbers, but zealous, eh,? Yep, sure enuf! ;) (reblip)
WDavidStephenson luv all versions of this one, sorry Eva left us too early..
WDavidStephenson yep, that's why I can do this.

Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler

| play
DeBrandWeerman "I have got sunshine on a cloudy day" ;-)
WDavidStephenson it's a deal: 1) you cheer me up 2) I thank you.
WDavidStephenson glad he takes some time off from his painting to do some of this singing on the side..


| play
nelroy goodnight tweeps.another #thursdaynightbeer session down.work will be painful.but it's always worth it! sweet dreams.
WDavidStephenson taking time out to read portion of "The Man Who Found Time" (great read) about Bonnie Prince Charlie. Had to hear the skirl of the pipes!
WDavidStephenson Waylon shared my distain for convention & oughtas ... kinda think I was destined to be a (polite) outlaw
WDavidStephenson OK, gotta get the pissed-off rebel thing out of my system tonight. Bob says it all.
WDavidStephenson Hadn't heard this one in years. Used to sing it in Mrs. Brewer's 6th grade, if memory serves (which is doubtful..)
WDavidStephenson No matter who sings it, one of my favorite Dylan pieces
WDavidStephenson if there was one marriage I could patch, it would be theirs: made such sweet music together!
WDavidStephenson continuing with meme of duos where the woman was named Sylvia (ok, this may be a little tenuous)...
WDavidStephenson God, did I waste my teen years with my face always in a book, instead of working on night moves. Way up firm & high, LOL

Night Moves

| play
WDavidStephenson Doesn't Ms. Alison have an absolutely distinctive voice? Always fascinated by ones that are unique.
WDavidStephenson gonna stay home from church & write so I'll get my spiritual sustenance through blip (not that Unitarians would EVER sing this one).
WDavidStephenson THX @dickadcock Imaginary lover. You're mine anytime, all the time. Satisfaction guaranteed. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson want to walk with you not just on a cloudy day, but also a rainy one like today. Luv Norah on a gray day.
WDavidStephenson keep your eyes on the prize, folks. Still a long way to go.
WDavidStephenson Oh, Eva, wished I'd heard you live. Great music for a cloudy, sad day...
WDavidStephenson Miss Rogers, may I have this dance? It would be my pleasure, Mr. Astaire!
WDavidStephenson Oh, Ms. Sylvia: now that Ian's not in the picture, I'd go down River Road or anywhere with you (& please bring the autoharp, BTW).


| play
WDavidStephenson Sweet: had never heard this version by Johnny & Waylon (but what's with the strings?)

Johnny Cash - One Too Many Mornings

| play
WDavidStephenson I've definitely got this one on my mind today . Any day now, I shall be released...
WDavidStephenson Definitely need some of The Boss to get my writing engines revving..
WDavidStephenson ..and a little Steve Winwood definitely has me recharged. Back to the salt mines!
WDavidStephenson Love this, even if my 14-yr. old is mocking me....
WDavidStephenson Gotta practice my inner Barry if wifey's friends are gonna launch that phone sex service featuring my bedroom voice...
WDavidStephenson that was also an appropriate choice. excellent critic.


| play
dickadcock Natural. . . Free-range. . . Over Easy. . . . . . . . obviously I'm not awake enough to blip.

you make me feel like a natural woman-aretha franklin

| play
WDavidStephenson always one of my favs by Ms. Nora...
WDavidStephenson In the spirit of G-20 compromise, Madame Sarkozy offers this ..
WDavidStephenson @gingerNC That is a nice one with which to start the day! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson need a little Fleetwood Mac for mid-afternoon slump...
potentiate @DavidStephenson my point exactly. [Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back]
WDavidStephenson welcome, @poplifegirl: you're going to love this community as well. Believe me, tonight I can use all community I can get, esp. Ms Nora! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson @potentiate that was perfect for the situation. per aspera ad astra (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Think Rodgers & Hammerstein nailed it in terms of how I feel today!
WDavidStephenson That is awesome! Had never heard! Grin! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson geez, Norah, after you finish on him, please make me your next reclamation project. Pleeeeze..
WDavidStephenson Just can't wait until Monday, go RedSox! We're gonna lead post-to-post this yr!
WDavidStephenson Little more RedSox Nation Madness. The Royal Rooters will be out in force Monday!
evablue @GR8FL yeehaw! :) ][ @dickadcock somehow your blip won't load. will listen to it later when my machine likes me better.
WDavidStephenson @potentiate: will try it on tomorrow's run (does it reduce shin splints?) (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Coach: put me in at 2nd & I won't let you down. Oh, man, less than 24 hrs. till play ball! John Cheever: "All literary men are Red Sox fans"

CCR - Put Me In Coach

| play
WDavidStephenson lil more from the Wicked Mr. Pickett.
WDavidStephenson Thank you, Ms. King & Mr. Goffin, for writing this gem...
Punched :: The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday ::
WDavidStephenson @Punched Politically incorrect as all-get-out, but a great song (reblip)
WDavidStephenson No way I'm nostalgic for Dixie, but always loved this song. @ckras -- checkitout


| play
WDavidStephenson nite all. Gonna let Barbra sing me to slumberland
WDavidStephenson isn't this true? Sometimes you can't make it on your own...
WDavidStephenson I always thought this was one of his sweetest songs...
potentiate I'm thinking about you, my friend. [Norah Jones - Thinking About You]
WDavidStephenson and I of you. Thanks for the support, which restored the big grin! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson you'd better believe it: today's as great as yesterday was disaster (Thx in part to blips by @potentiate & @bizzybee)!
potentiate I never was one for following the rules. Hell, I can't even follow a recipe. [Pennywise - F**k Authority]

Indoreprises - Scala - J'Ai Demandé A La Lune

| play
WDavidStephenson Got a week to get in training for a week in the Bahamas. Where's the rum??


| play
WDavidStephenson if memory serves, "Show Boat" considered 1st modern musical. 81 yrs. young. Still my fav.
WDavidStephenson thx zen23 just can never hear enough of this one. (reblip)
potentiate In a mellow mood. Ready for sleepytime. G'nite [Meiko - Under My Bed]

Meiko - Under my Bed

| play
WDavidStephenson NEVER get enough of this one (incl. the sax)
WDavidStephenson completing my Bahamas prep attitude adjustment course
WDavidStephenson Doh! I can cure migraine & prepare for next wk. in Bahamas with some serious rum! Thanks, Dr. Buffett
WDavidStephenson If I had a million dollars, first I'd listen to this, to get in a generous mood then start dividing it with my Blip Buddies

Bare Naked Ladies - If I Had a Million Dollars

| play
WDavidStephenson Farewell, Bahamas! Had a great time here..
WDavidStephenson Ended vacation with incredible snorkeling trip including swimming w/ SHARKS! (no not the Buffett type, the ones that bite).
WDavidStephenson thx @bizzybee hadn't heard this for yrs. Somehow can't imagine Janis growing old... (reblip)
WDavidStephenson wow, @ckras. Hadn't heard this version. She is hawt. (reblip)


| play
WDavidStephenson decided I need to add 1) make 2) play steel drum to my Bucket List..
WDavidStephenson @DocRockstarDiva Even tho I prefer Rod Stewart or Joan Baez, the Dylan version obviously comes from heart. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson damn, that brown-eyed Chuck always gets the girls (esp. the really young ones). Pale, blue-eye WASPs just get the left-overs.
dickadcock take off your thirsty boots and stay for a while...maybe I can make you laugh, smile ... i"m looking for the evening, the morning, in your eyes...
WDavidStephenson @dickadcock Yikes! no way will I admit how long it's been since I heard this one! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson thx @sengseng More than this? why not a Red Sox sweep of the Yankees? (reblip)
WDavidStephenson as close as we'll get to Cali in Mass...
WDavidStephenson Isn't Sophie B. Hawkins the all-time WASP singer name? Just makes me think of some of the boarding-school girls I knew...
WDavidStephenson The Seeger 90th birthday concert in NYC is underway. For the rest of us, here's some inspiration that's sadly needed right now.


| play
WDavidStephenson Roger/Jim McGuinn sang this a few minutes ago @ the Pete Seeger 90th.
WDavidStephenson Gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day! Yea!
WDavidStephenson In the arms of an angel Fly away from here
WDavidStephenson Phil,we all would have been better off if you'd kept focus on Roni & the Wall of Sound instead of offing your girlfriends. How's life in Big House?
WDavidStephenson up until 2 am finishing chapter of my book, so need Bruce & some caffeine to revive myself...
WDavidStephenson I don't hold yout down.. Let yourself go ... and let love begin ... think about me!
WDavidStephenson It's a reach, but I think this will do the job....
WDavidStephenson My b'day!Dylan captured my spirit:"I was so much older then,I'm younger than that now!"Ol' Satch:"Don't look back.Something might be gaining on you."
WDavidStephenson even one movement of this gem is a great mid-day pickme-up!
WDavidStephenson 5 on Friday: please turn toward Key West & join in the national anthem!
WDavidStephenson Miz Ella, you paint a very compelling and logical argument. Let's fall in love. Hey, here in Boston even beans do it.
WDavidStephenson Perfect combo: reggae & a great message...
WDavidStephenson always loved the video for this one. Neat line dance... When life is too much, roll with it baby.
WDavidStephenson @ckras I'm gonna move to DC in June -- we'll have to hit some bluegrass venues!
WDavidStephenson Sweets for my sweets, but I'll pass (hey, I don't eat that way anymore!)
musicla Gretchen Peters – Like Water Into Wine
TimbrePitch "Talk" by Coldplay - @gaylejack I'm here.... (reblip)


| play
WDavidStephenson @Deeziner check their version of this Dylan Classic
WDavidStephenson Damn! We were really cheated that Eva was snatched so young..

64 Al Martino - Blue Spanish Eyes

| play
WDavidStephenson For a friend who's got more than her share of stuff right now.
WDavidStephenson Let me hear the words I want to hear...
WDavidStephenson I haven't even left for New Zealand & I'm already homesick for Massachusetts...


| play
WDavidStephenson RB @SteffnieFawn Yum: The coolerator was jammed with TV dinners and ginger ale (reblip)
SavannahsGMA Cat Stevens – Another Saturday Night
WDavidStephenson RB @TLuvsMusic love this one back to back with In the High Life.. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson ooh, Chuck she's too cute To be a minute over seventeen (actually, she was 14, Chuck! Imagine making your Mann Act problems into a song...)
WDavidStephenson Heaven is in your eyes, bright as the stars we're under, Oh, is it any wonder, I'm in the mood for love
WDavidStephenson When the music plays I hear the sound I had to follow Once upon a time. I'm outta here!
WDavidStephenson Even when I'm into rigorous asceticism (which I ain't right now) I can only go about a wk. without an Into the Mystic fix...
WDavidStephenson Terrible mistake! Thought I flew from SF to New Zealand tomorrow for speech, but booked me on Sloop John B. Hoist all sails: gotta be there 5/22
WDavidStephenson I'm so tired that this could be dangerous, but if you're willing, I'll try (it's peaceful, you know)
WDavidStephenson RB @Relaxman. Great way to end the evening: great Dylan song & wonderful Stewart rendition. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @Relaxman. You're killin' me: I gotta get to bed, but can't pass up Miss Norah! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson ooh, Carol, Now and forever! Didn't we share the ecstasy?

Carole King

| play
WDavidStephenson I'm a secret monarchist: I believe in restoration of the King (at least the late king, not that weird lounge lizard stuff he did in the middle)
WDavidStephenson LADIES! LADIES! Tonight will go easier if you just cut us some slack. Afterall we're just ... men (oh how ignominious!)
WDavidStephenson Before Dusty was on her own, she was part of this folk rock group, & this was one of their best.
WDavidStephenson From Sara, AP & Mother Maybelle, some good thoughts for hard times!
WDavidStephenson Another Saturday nite & ... I gotta write a book proposal. Where's the justice in that?
WDavidStephenson RB @selise3 Me too. So sad she died young. (reblip)

Eva Cassidy-Songbird

| play
WDavidStephenson What the heck. One little boat drink couldn't impair my writing that much, could it??

Jimmy Buffett Boat Drinks 9/1/2008

| play
WDavidStephenson Every time I hear this I fall to pieces over Miss Patsy.
WDavidStephenson Might as well make believe I love you, For to tell the truth I do

Kathryn Grayson Howard Keel Make believe

| play
WDavidStephenson And I'd be remiss, while listening to this one from the King and I, were I not to ask if you'd join me in a waltz?
WDavidStephenson And, to wrap up, with a bow to my new NZ friends, Dame Kiri in a quasi duet
WDavidStephenson And a benediction delivered by Jesse Belvin. Pleasant dreams and sleep tight my love...
WDavidStephenson Sunday,so a g'night mixing religion & love of the Mother Country.I will not cease ...'Til we have built Jerusalem In England's green and pleasant land
WDavidStephenson The Corrs plus Mick Fleetwood doing Dreams sweet combo
WDavidStephenson @crkas: @lewisshepherd tells me he shares our love of classical music!
WDavidStephenson Just love this one. Everybody up on your feet. Let's dance til we drop!!!!!!
WDavidStephenson OK, think Buddy's perfect music to write book proposals by, wouldn't you agree??

Buddy HollyRave On

| play
WDavidStephenson 1 more before I go back to writing: listen to this supergroup do Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms.Sweeet! Every contemporary bluegrass star under the sun!
WDavidStephenson RB @BlairDC My fav is Back in the High Life, but this is a strong second! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson What could be nicer than the Cox Family? The Cox Family & Ms. Allison!

Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown---Allison Krauss & Cox Family

| play
WDavidStephenson Does that bring back memories! 1st song I heard them do. If Harper wants to help US-Canada relations he'll issue decree they must sing together again
WDavidStephenson Ian's 12-string & Sylvia's autoharp: what could be sweeter?
WDavidStephenson It would sweeten my bliss in the city of gold, Should there be any stars in my crown!

Cox family

| play
WDavidStephenson there should be law this song can only be sung by beautiful women with beautiful long hair, namely Crystal Gayle & Sylvia Fricker
WDavidStephenson love the subtlety of good country lyrics, & this is among the best. Do ppl. even know what it means to hang a wreath on door (except @ Xmas) anymore?
WDavidStephenson OK, time to repent for everything we did last nite. Yes, that was one drink too many...
WDavidStephenson To those who make the new day a little more beautiful for the rest of us -- you know who you are -- a little recognition on behalf of the cosmos!
V_Bloomberg I fellow Blipster introduced me to this song, love it! Vonda Shepard – Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RT @Marystudio: Totally forgotten about the Chiffons. Sweeet. ty (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Carole, you've been awesome for so many years
WDavidStephenson You're the chosen girl of the social world...but will the timely crowd, that has you laughing loud help you, dry your tears?
JohnGushue The Decemberists, covering Fleetwood Mac's Think About Me.
WDavidStephenson RB @CarolannB: "Workin on mysteries without any clues" (reblip)

Bob Seger- Night Moves

| play
WDavidStephenson When I get to heaven first thing I'll do, pull out my horn and call old Blue...
WDavidStephenson Well I'm older now and still against the wind (love the piano solo..)
WDavidStephenson Ms. Norah just can't make a bad song. "all I know is I'm just glad to see you again" (and I 2 hear U, Norah)
WDavidStephenson Tonks: Dolly is still the standard we're aiming for...


| play
WDavidStephenson Oh, Elizabeth, I'm still missing you..
WDavidStephenson If I had a million dollars, I'd have these dudes play @ our Blip party & have them cater it w/ Mac & cheese!

Bare Naked Ladies - If I Had a Million Dollars

| play
WDavidStephenson I gotta be careful: if I keep this on constant repeat in car, maybe I'll grow to hate it. No, don't think so.
WDavidStephenson OMG: had never heard Ms. Norah doing one of my fav's. Nite all!
WDavidStephenson I was "Going Home" so long it's nice to finally be there. We played this @ my father's memorial service.
WDavidStephenson Like this, but doesn't sound like the Jessie Coulter version...

I'm Not Lisa

| play
WDavidStephenson Need something majestic to celebrate granddaughter's birth http://twitpic.com/7stg1. Temporarily renamed the Empress Concerto to honor little Sophia
WDavidStephenson 4 @Marystudio Thx for getting Merle back on my radar!

Merle Haggard & Tammy Wynette "Today I Started lovin' You Ag

| play
WDavidStephenson "I've always been different, with one foot over the line." -- You and me both, Waylon!
Marystudio Richie Havens – Just Like a Woman
WDavidStephenson RB @zen23 R: "Never want to lose their inspiration. Time for, cool change...." (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Had to end the evening by getting down & dirty. I have to dowse myself with Purell after hearing this one...
WDavidStephenson "Everywhere I hear the sound of marching,charging feet" --in Tehran. Can we keep it militant non-violence tho?The people united can never B defeated!
WDavidStephenson RB @CrescentMoonglow My poor scientist father never could figure out his right-brained, intuitive son. But Mamma tried!! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @joechapman: just can't hear this one enough! "I wonder if you still rememberOnce upon a time In your wildest dreams" (reblip)
WDavidStephenson @WDavidStephenson: RB @CrescentMoonglow Perfect for a Unitarian in summer: our churches R closed,can just listen 2 gospel(or panel discussion)on radio (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow Sunday Morning Oldies Show: A second dose of Rose! For you, @WDavidStephenson! This one is beautiful, too. : )


| play
WDavidStephenson RB @dianne10jack this one's so funny on TV! World needs more furry happy monsters! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @CrescentMoonglow tx 4 intro 2 Rose Maddox (BTW: @potentiate: U might want to cover yourself spiritually w/ occasional gospel innoculation) (reblip)


| play
WDavidStephenson Remember when this came out & ppl. thought the man AKA Harold Lloyd Jenkins might challenge Elvis..
WDavidStephenson RB @potentiate How 'bout a special hashtag 4 1s I can listen 2, such as this 1, without weeks of headaches? (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @RoRClubSAVE ppl. forget Sam had a great career singing gospel 1st, with the Soul Stirrers. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @SgtMac: "Here is Waylon & Jessi's version!" (reblip)

Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter-Suspicious Minds

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WDavidStephenson A beautiful reminder of the interdependent web of life. We're all part of it: pay it forward and you'll inevitably benefit!
WDavidStephenson Yo, @BlairDC: see you soon. Goal is 2 B part-time Washingtonian within the month! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson RB @leahtove. Thx. That is so beautiful. (reblip)

Navy Hymn Eternal Father-Strong to Save

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WDavidStephenson Wonderful breeze today: auspicious, since we're sailing w/ a friend off Gloucester today!
WDavidStephenson RB @nawlinswoman: "Loving this oldie..listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.." Figuratively? 'cause in Boston the rain's back after 3 days off! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson @potentiate Check the tires & oil, then Dolly will take care of you.
WDavidStephenson RB @camden "I'm working on a dream, Though trouble can feel like it's here to stay, I'm working on a dream, Well our love will chase trouble away" (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Blipping this one equivalent of a Unitarian service in summer months. Go about your business.
WDavidStephenson Sam had great gospel career w/ the Soul Stirrers before he got into popular music
WDavidStephenson finishing out a trinity of gospel sounds for Sunday...
WDavidStephenson @SgtMac: "John Rich - Shuttin' Detroit Down"" Pardon if I don't shed a tear! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Bye, folks: this is a little music to accompany writing a book.....
WDavidStephenson RB @immunity: "Last night I introduced @sengseng to The Tudors and the smoking hotness of the Duke of Suffolk." What, pray tell, was her reaction? (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Oh yes!! Everyone on your feet. Let's GO!!!
WDavidStephenson Think I'll pass on a visit until cooler weather, but it's def. the place to be... ain't nobody feelin' no pain.
WDavidStephenson Never looked up lyrics 2 this 1 http://bit.ly/FrkZi My version was much more creative, bears no resemblance to real ones..! LOL
WDavidStephenson Little more from "Harder they come." Haven't seen that since era when it ran for years @ the Orson Welles Cinema..
WDavidStephenson And one more from "The Harder They Come.." Nite, all
WDavidStephenson Bon soir! Goin' out with a little Zydeco from the incomparable Queen Ida... (check the video...)
WDavidStephenson I'm not big on social graces, think I'll slip on down to the oasis
WDavidStephenson It's an hour early for High Tea on E. Coast, but I'm gonna take a chance & rush things. Who's bringing the scones & Devonshire Cream?
WDavidStephenson I gotta strap on my tool belt. Damsel in distress
WDavidStephenson WOOT!! @ last nite's Gillette concert, Sir Elton & Billy Joel did "our song" as a duet. We were 20' from them.
WDavidStephenson Damn! Gotta finish speech, but what does HBO do: runs Mamma Mia! again. Everybody on your feet! We're headin' to Greece
WDavidStephenson Woops! Little jet lag: pump me up 4 rest of the day, Sly!
WDavidStephenson I'm on W. Coast (just finished my speech!), but still East Coast guy, so please lower the flag, turn toward the capitol (Key West) & sing anthem
WDavidStephenson Oh Norah, how'd you guess I had a hard time sleeping? Cause the heavy moon was keeping me awake And all I know is I'm just glad to see you again
adbert #Video #Live [Gary Moore – The Stumble] Somos dos @Flower.
WDavidStephenson Saw "Billy Elliot" on Broadway Sunday.Didn't realize it was about Thatcher screwing coal union.This was so moving: "I'll never leave until I die"
WDavidStephenson Another moving anthem: "We saw a land where wealth was shared, Each pain relieved, each hunger fed, .. Each soul redeemed, each life fulfilled"
WDavidStephenson @liminal thx for reminding me of the great New Years concerts Tom did @ Symphony Hall
WDavidStephenson thx @GinaDunc always loved the video for this one! (reblip)

Steve Winwood - Bring Me A Higher Love

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BlairDC i miss jamaica. everytime i hear dennis brown, i'm there. pass me a red stripe.
WDavidStephenson nite, folks, you see Ms. Norah has requested that I come away with her, and who in their right mind could resist that invitation?
WDavidStephenson "Oh, please don't go Let me have you just one moment more" This was played @ memorial service 2day 4 elderly friend. Gee: she had pretty hip tastes.
WDavidStephenson @NicoleVSanchez if you liked "Save the Last Dance," should like this one by Ben & the boys as well..

"This Magic Moment" by Ben E. King & the Drifters

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WDavidStephenson Is Al good music 2 do some serious woodworking by? We'll just have to test that hypothesis.
WDavidStephenson @potentiate: don't consider this license 2 get plotzed. Just 2 glasses of a fine vintage.
WDavidStephenson In celebration of @rogermcguinn being on The Twitter, one of my Byrds favs!

The Byrds-My Back Pages

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WDavidStephenson Watching the Pete Seeger 90th birthday concert on PBS! Wow. Living national monument.

John Mellencamp If I Had A Hammer Live Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Celebration

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WDavidStephenson Just watching the Boss singing this on PBS as tribute 2 Pete Seeger @ his 90th birthday. Comfort the afflicted & afflict the comfortable, Pete!
WDavidStephenson It's Sunday, which can mean only one thing: some bluegrass gospel (had never heard this one).Still headed for 7th Ring of Hell, but may slow may path

The Decemberists--Annan Water

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WDavidStephenson @potentiate are you feverish? Little worried about your state of mind. This seems positively romantic. Don't let it happen again. (reblip)
WDavidStephenson extremely dangerous playing this one @ beginning of day when I've got a lot of work, but it seemed so right...
WDavidStephenson Another NLCR classic in memory of Mike Seeger. Particularly appropriate to current economic situation!
WDavidStephenson A final one by the NLCR to keep us on the straight & narrow. Now back 2 writing, alas...
WDavidStephenson I was so much older then -- I'm younger than that now. Ain't it true?

The Byrds-My Back Pages

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WDavidStephenson original tear-jerker! "Oh thank you for your trouble and the kindness you have shown, You're the thirteenth one that's been here, bringing Mary home"
WDavidStephenson Hey, punk lady, we can agree on Loreena! "The road now leads onward And I know not where I feel in my heart That you will be there."
WDavidStephenson RB @mystic23 Thx! I'd never heard Stones' version! Think I still prefer the Tempts, but it's by a whisker! (reblip)
WDavidStephenson And speakin' of prancing, spose Chuck inspired Jagger? Watch out for those little gals,Chuck,you'll be back in slammer 4 another Mann Act violation
WDavidStephenson from Chuck to another with an eye to young girls (only 13??), The Killer .. oh man, havin' waay too much fun. Gotta get back to writing. Bye now.
WDavidStephenson what beautiful articulation. Swoon...There like a bird I'd fly, High through the air, Reaching for the sun's full rays, Only to find you there
WDavidStephenson I'd never heard Denver's version of this Eric Anderson classic. Beautiful.

John Denver Thirsty Boots

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WDavidStephenson Oh yes! Talk to me amazing mind, So understanding and so kind, You're everything to me!
WDavidStephenson In memory of our beloved Senator! #p2 And, in his memory, let's pass Edward M. Kennedy Universal Health Care Law.
WDavidStephenson Pardon the schmaltz, but you give me hope to carry on. Yes you do!

You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone

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WDavidStephenson Prefer 2 think of self as a tribal younger, not elder: using ideas as my map, I'm so much younger now...
WDavidStephenson OK, 1 more and we can get back to raising hell. We Unitarians have 1 more week until church re-opens 4 fall.
WDavidStephenson Oh, Joan. I'm putty in your hands. One of my favs by Dylan, by my fav. interpreter. Always wonder what would have happened if they stayed 2gether.

JOAN BAEZ ~ One Too Many Mornings ~

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WDavidStephenson need a little country 2day, and who better than Charlie (sic, actually Charley) Pride (fact he played pro besbol is a nice extra).
JodyGirl162 @vanbytheriver: "Isaak- Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing...good. and funny. " (reblip)

Chris Isaak performing "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" Soundstage

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WDavidStephenson whoa! Getting groggy & I've got a lot more speech writing 4 tonite, so everybody up & let's DANCE!!
WDavidStephenson "I've always been different, with one step over the line... I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from goin' insane" Ain't it true?
WDavidStephenson prefer Ian & Sylvia version but Waylon's swagger goes well with the lyrics...
WDavidStephenson Oops! My bad: too long since I've blipped some Tex-Mex!
WDavidStephenson never heard Waylon's version of this Dylan classic...
WDavidStephenson or The Man in Black's version, 4 that matter...