Waer Sensational. @Circusized_Peanuts: "Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria" (reblip)

Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria

| play
Waer Great music today. :) @TropicsZ4: "Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) " (reblip)
oysterhead Hi, welcome &TY @Waer: "I saw them open for the Pixies, in San Diego. One of the best shows EVER." (reblip)

Happy MondaysStep On

| play
Waer Inspired.

Sistars Inspirations (Innocent Sorcerers Remix)

| play
Waer @Totengrber: "rb@zoja01: "rb@CrowleysGhost: ...the Bob Dylan classic, industrial style. Sounds fucking wicked."" (reblip)

MinistryLay Lady Lay

| play
Waer @kirkill: "Eric Johnson - East Wes" (reblip)

East WesEric Johnson

| play
Waer Yeah Heaven! @dalastar3: "@Stregaserena: "love this too...@Alfea: "thanks → rb@mariacatarina: "The Psychedelic Furs – Heaven"""" (reblip)
Waer The rush is on.

North To Alaska

| play
Waer Love is addicting. RB@paisley: "Reflekt & Delline Bass – Need To Feel Love (Seb Fontaine & Jay P mix)" (reblip)
Waer The fairy. She is green.

DasoLa Fée Verte

| play
Waer She's still not talking...

kd Lang : Nowhere To Stand

| play
Waer I've got no defense for it.
Waer So what good would living do me?
Waer Not dissing dub, it's a song for when you get your ashes hauled.
damiana we're high above but on the floor

I'm not an addict- K's choice

| play
avivajazz Gábor Szabó | Bacchanal | Jazz Raga | #jazz #guitar |
Waer I could get with that.
Waer On topic. @sabragirl: "Brains, brains, I won't lie...I'll eat their brains 'til they're zombified...@obz: "lobotomy or not..."" (reblip)


| play
Waer ;) @Damiana: "mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhh @Waer: "#Dami"" (reblip)


| play
Waer Just right. Right now. @quorum: "Industrial :: 294 songs left :: Q: What lies on the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A: A nervous wreck." (reblip)
Waer Damn! @Damiana: "ahhhhhh what you do.. ;) @Waer: ";) #Dami: "mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhh @Waer: "#Dami"" (reblip)


| play
Waer Social. D. @DirtyUrine: "Social Distortion – Ball and Chain !! \m/" (reblip)
Waer You move like caged tigers.
Waer Real love is coming back.

Miguel MigsWaiting

| play
Waer I'm working on it. @Damiana: "something's really wrong, something's wrong with you" (reblip)
Waer I only know it isn't mine.
Waer Hate when that happens @Damiana: "my polyamorous friend got me in a mess of trouble again" (reblip)
Waer Kicking. @gpharley: "@TricksRadio: "Route 66 (LindaTomRadio) ~ John Pizzarelli Dig it! TY 'n GM @LindaTomRadio "loved his Cole Porter tribute albumm" (reblip)
Waer No sir. No ma'am TYVM :) @mark_till: "tyvm!@MeoowMix: "@ mark_till: "tyvm@Waer Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick" ba dap bop ba dap bap da da"" (reblip)
Waer "...if it feels like you've lost a pint of blood" - WH Burroughs.

Talvin Singh.Vikram The Vampire.Francois K Remix.Island Records .wmv

| play
Waer Flying in formation.


| play
Waer Here and now. @xTRiPPx: "rb@aprildax: "Never-never ending."" (reblip)


| play
Waer Kissing in the back room.
Waer Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Excellent sound.
Waer Kissing you good night. Thanks for the great Blips.
Waer Are you asking 'cause you really want to know? @LilyPlaisir: "Are You Kinky? http://lilyplaisir.posterous.com/are-you-kinky" (reblip)
Waer Crazy! @avivajazz: "Sonny Clark (piano) | Midnight Mambo | Tommy Turrentine, Charlie Rouse, Butch Warren, Billy Higgins | #jazz |" (reblip)

SONNY CLARK, Midnight Mambo (Tommy Turrentine)

| play
Waer Bahamadia? I confess to loving this song.
Waer @Circusized_Peanuts: "Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly" (reblip)

Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly

| play
Waer I can feel it coming.
Waer God rest ye merry gentlemen (and ladies).

Philipp Koltsov (piano). "Christmas variations"

| play
Waer Gypsy fiddle from the home county. You can see how much beloved is this song: from their expressions.
Waer That's what he sai..... I can't do it. It's too easy.
Waer Genius. @redroulettes: "Started today with the origin. Ending with genius. " (reblip)
Waer Live. Professional video and sound.
Waer I know I left the other half lying about. Somewhere.
Waer The thorns cause insomnia.
Waer Supa Soul. You can really be: a super man, a super woman.
Waer I was looking for you. Are you gone?
Waer Should'a stayed at home yesterday.

OMDEnola Gay

| play
Waer Over again, all.

The OrbVuJa De

| play
Waer Real love makes sense to me.

Miguel MigsWaiting

| play
Waer Jazz piano prodigy.

Joel Holmes Quartet (Full length, Part1)

| play
Waer Jazz piano, part 2.

Joel Holmes Quartet (Full length, Part2)

| play
Waer It's a nice day for a... @TropicsZ4: "Billy Idol - White Wedding" (reblip)
Waer Inspired by @Rafa_go and @bradcrump

Santana and Chris Cornell- Whole Lotta Love

| play
Waer My kitty (Siamese) is named Hiro.

Kitty The BillNu City

| play
Waer The best African finger piano I will blip all day.
Waer You know you want to.

LyambikoGive It Up

| play
Waer Gonna give my heart away. @MrsASoprano: "reblip! @revbeatman: "rb@Totengrber: "rb@lillianwong: "Portishead – Glory Box"""" (reblip)

PortisheadGlory Box

| play
Waer Prisoner inside your own frequency.
Waer Marching music. No trombones.
Waer Yum @lillianwong: "full of love RB! hiya dear! :) @bendrix: ... the sound of feeding & fulfilling @lillianwong & @RuesTunes aural hunger pains."" (reblip)
lillianwong Ladytron – Seventeen - Soulwax Remix
Waer Again. ;) @lilwldchld: "Here you are down on your knees again..." (reblip)


| play
LisaWorld what a voice!@teddyrised: "Perfect. Her song is perfect." (reblip)
Waer @RuesTunes: "I am reading my poems out loud to the audience. My deep, soft voice resonating with each of them" (reblip)


| play
Waer @pumpkinsoup: "time time time ..see whats become of me. i was so hard to please.." (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Double - The Captain Of Her Heart
Waer Love the human whistle vs flute into.
Waer Chimp Beams - Menina

Chimp Beams "Menina" PV

| play
Waer TY! @lillianwong: "Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 @Waer" (reblip)
Waer So sweet. @lillianwong: "Beautiful! Thank you Mr C! rb@mchangesq: "Classic tune by the husband and wife team Sakamoto/Yano~"" (reblip)
Waer @RuesTunes: "@TropicsZ4 from one of the best movies in the whole wide world" (reblip)
Waer rb @RuesTunes: "Wow steve, great song..a wonderful find ..tyvm--->@Smilinsteve @RuesTunes Haven't seen this gem (song) here!"" (reblip)
MrsASoprano reblip@PetDogShop: "Hi there@alekr2o: ""Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands on Me"" Yep classic 80s Love it xox @PetDogShop" (reblip)

Lay Your Hands on Me Thompson Twins Extended Video Mix

| play
Waer Go with the wicked flow.

Wicked Flow by Sounds From The Ground

| play
Waer Have no fear, my dear!
Waer rb @zoja01: "Thank you, good evening! @JonathanDune: G'day@zoja01 TY Rbs!...how about some..."Games Without Frontiers" (reblip)
Waer Good one. @lillianwong: "Shiny Toy Guns – Puttin' on the Ritz" (reblip)
zoja01 rb@Waer: Prisoner inside your own frequency. (reblip)
Waer Love that's only slightly soiled.

Julie London Love for Sale

| play
Waer Been great blippin' you. Sweet dreams, or great days (depending on your timezone). Good night all.
Oculuris @aquamarines: "xo à @SabineWe: "Bill Evans Quintet – There came you (Hope so)"" (reblip)
lillianwong Hot Chip – Sexual Chocolate
sefrond I'm trying to. lol @Vifke: "*lol* Nooo, not at all! *muah* rb@sefrond: Hmmm...Am I making you crazy? lol @Vifke: Today? Tomorrow? My time? Your time? (reblip)
Waer This is really good! @lillianwong: "MAX BERLIN – ELLE & MOI - ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS - REMEMBER DISCO MIX" (reblip)
Waer Yah! @lillianwong: "My Life With The Kill Thrill Kult-Sex on Wheels" (reblip)

My Life With The Kill Thrill Kult-Sex on Wheels

| play
Waer rb @Totengrber: "rb@iMickeyD: "rb@Totengrber" I like that one and Alex admits it was inspired by Frontline Assembly - Predator" (reblip)
Waer Thanks you. Love the vid too. @lillianwong: "VNV Nation – Illusion (Doll face) Best Audio @Waer :)))" (reblip)
Waer :) @pumpkinsoup: "maybe i should follow @Circusized_Peanuts .. and just .. hit delete.." (reblip)


| play
SpinningDiscs (Hed) P.E. – Wake Up... You don't love me... I don't love you... I rise above & I say "Fuck You Bitch"
Waer Tomorrow is... Night. Love you!
Waer It's warm. @graficator: "Warm Leatherette" (reblip)

Warm Leatherette.

| play
Waer I'll meditate on this one. @lillianwong: "La Bouche – Mr. Vain" (reblip)

La BoucheMr. Vain

| play
lillianwong Groove Armada vs. Beastie Boys – Right Now Mr. Suntoucher @romanus
Waer Umhum This works! @lillianwong: "Groove Armada vs. Beastie Boys – Right Now Mr. Suntoucher @romanus" (reblip)
Waer Love this. @abarbosa: "So let me kiss you once again... Soon we must say auf wiedersehen" (reblip)

"Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear" (Russ Columbo, 1932)

| play
Waer Take what I can can get and love it. @abarbosa: "Or touch me with your glove :)" (reblip)
Waer Just what I wanted. @lillianwong: "Cake – Love You Madly" (reblip)

CakeLove You Madly

| play
Waer Awesome. @lillianwong: "Chris Lake – Release (Carlo Grieco Remix) @Waer" (reblip)
Waer @Damiana: "dirty little secret. dirty little lies.." (reblip)
Waer Ma head iz asploading.
Waer Careful where you put that thing.
Waer @lillianwong: "hiya dear! xoxo! @romanus: "Peter Gabriel :: And Through The Wire"" (reblip)
Waer Al J. One off. No name no slogan. @Waer: "Acid Horse. Giddyup." (reblip)

no name no slogan

| play
Waer Always you. @lillianwong: "who me? lol! hi there! tyrb@Waer: "I was thinking it."" (reblip)
Waer Kisses. Kisses. @dANGELofLOVE: "♥x♥~X~♥x♥ Kiss...For You... ♥x♥~X~♥x♥ #Bliss" (reblip)

Bliss- kiss.wmv

| play
Waer Hey! @zoja01: "rb@SquareBiz83: hey rb@zoja01: rb@joe61: Hey @mtouceda :) The Pixies – Hey" (reblip)

The PixiesHey

| play
Waer All sentience is people.

CantomaOnly People

| play
Waer Bipolar bear. @quorum: "Industrial :: 281 songs left :: In Boston, it is illegal to hold frog-jumping contests in nightclubs." (reblip)

PusciferPolar Bear

| play
Waer I wouldn't want it any other way.

Depeche ModeDangerous

| play
Waer Straight to the good part.

Everybody needs a 303

| play
DJ_Psycho Puscifer – The Mission (feat. Milla Jovovich) (reblip)
Waer Sinatra loved this. I like to think. @romanus: "sex pistols :: my way" (reblip)

sex pistolsmy way

| play
Waer Starbucks is the cocaine of our day.
Waer Travel is good.

Rush- A Passage To Bangkok Live! 9/30/1980

| play
Waer @zoja01: "rb@Manoela: @n4t: Nouvelle Vague – Love Will Tear Us Apart // rb @zoja01" (reblip)
Waer I could die and I wouldn't mind.
Waer @lillianwong: "Last blip! Thank you and Good night BlipStars! :))~ Dido – 06 Thank You" (reblip)

Dido06 Thank You

| play
Waer You are the eighth wonder.
lillianwong niiiice! tyrb@Musicalizing: "Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating" (reblip)
Waer @DJ_Psycho: "Puscifer – The Mission (feat. Milla Jovovich)" (reblip)
Waer Cause you are adorable. @abarbosa: "I adore you" (reblip)
Waer @lillianwong: "inspired by @romanus ~ In My Room – The Beach Boys" (reblip)
Waer Bring out yer antibiotics! @romanus: "Infected Mushroom :: IM The Supervisor" (reblip)
Waer ...dialogue dub, now here's the rub...
Waer St. Joan of Baez.

Joan Baez-The Lily of the West

| play
Waer They grow their ruthless criminals stylish-like in the UK.
Waer Missed this, thanks for blipping @mark_till: "The Breeders - Cannonball I'm the 1@5t 5p1@sh RB@nemesisurchin: "rb@FSS34 ... devastating"" (reblip)
Waer BeBecause BeIt BeBe BeReally BeHard BeTo BeNot BeDance
Waer Some Flamenco guitar, some hot Latina harmonizing vocals, and *now* it's a party. Who brought the tequila?
Waer Those zany German dudes let loose on a truckload of overlapping TB303's. You can hear all gazillion boingz bounce around in yer brain. Feels weird.
Waer Excellent @ZONE: "listen .........Inner Ear" (reblip)
Waer Great song. @RuesTunes: "please be good to me...love rue" Ok. ;) (reblip)
Waer Gorgeous devotional. Traditional vocal and instruments mixed with modern production and beats. Thanks to David Visson.
Waer Still blows it up.

i am a nightmare walking

| play
Waer Welcome to the Robolution.


| play
Waer Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Iggy Pop -The Passanger

| play
Waer @avivajazz: "Luca Bonvini | Spiritual (John Coltrane) | Guqin 古琴 and Electronics" (reblip)
Waer Went to my home and nursed her gently.
Waer When we were young we had no history, so nothing to lose...
Waer Some walking down the street, (with a broken leg, a casio microsynth, and a bottle of cough medicine) music.
Waer Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.
Waer Let's just turn up the funky. Why won't my volume go any higher? I need an 11.
Waer Featuring Kathryn Williams. You already know.
Waer Very nice! @EdgeOfNow: "@avivajazz: "Steve Lacy + Gil Evans | Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat | #jazz |"" (reblip)
Waer Words will disappear, if there is no one there to hear.
Waer Jerome Sydenham in the house ya'all.
Waer If the Talking Heads took even more drugs, were hospitalized and injected with ketamine this might have happened.
Waer I'm obsessing now. Just humor me, and everyone can go home safely.
Waer OK. Deep breath. This is the root. I'm gonna get it together. Cold Turkey.
Waer Thanks for holding my hand. @Damiana: "@Waer Claude VonStroke – Who's Afraid of Detroit.. shades of crash worship - wild mountain" (reblip)
Waer Cleansing spirits take me now-------------
Waer Meditate on this.

(goa trance) psygone-cosmonaut (time travel visuals)

| play
Waer Just give me a reason to love...
Waer You have a great playlist! @Damiana: "i must be running out of luck cause you’re just not drunk enough to fuck" (reblip)
Waer Good night my blipsters. Time for na na.
Waer It's getting chillier by the minute.
Waer Nice new way to think of this song! @MrsASoprano: "Thank you! @manbearpig: "@MrsASoprano:"" (reblip)

OrgyBlue Monday

| play
Waer Yes!@arcticarab: "♫ {crystal method y fatboy slim ft steppenwolf ~ magic carpet ride}" (reblip)
Waer ...in the driving rain.
Waer ...fireflies... roaring disguise..
Waer I spent the frigging apostrophe elsewhere... Goldie Lookin Chain

GLC-New Day

| play
Waer Love that virtuoso guitar @hippiechick: "Steve Vai – I'm The Hell Outta Here" (reblip)
Waer Lush, a little spooky psychedelic guitar girl band for you.
Waer Bahamadia, I confess I love this song.
Waer Watch out! There's a thief about (in Manchester).
Waer Because sometimes you just need the beat to beat a little harder.
Waer Best band name and a great Queen cover.

Antigone Rising- Fat Bottom Girls

| play
Waer The second (brief + psychedelic) incarnation.
Waer Clickety IMD remix really works for this song.
Waer Klaatu did not initially publish the names of the band's musicians, causing some speculation. They do *kinda* sound like those guys...
Waer Who needs clothes anyway.

JaffaBe Nude, Baby

| play
Waer Stunning guitar virtuosity. As you might expect, but whoa.
Waer Nirinjan Kuar. Devotion is beautiful and so is her voice.

Guru Ram Das

| play
Waer The lottery is a tax on the math challenged.

Patti SmithFree Money

| play
Waer Punk meets Progressive Electro. Er, WTF?? Still sounds great though.
Waer This remix makes me feel funny...

Erykah Badu : Love of My Life Worldwide Screwed & Chopped

| play
Waer Amazing east meets west. The Yardbirds would approve I think.

Krishna Das-For Your Love-Live from Omega Chant Weekend

| play
mark_till Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds
Waer Compelling and slightly brain melting.
Waer Too obscure guitar psychedelia. This is a gem.


| play
Waer Because punk had to start somewhere.

PATTI SMITH 10.03.1976 Ask The Angels

| play
Waer So why am I still whole? Er, never mind...
Waer Beautiful and sincere Sikh devotional.
Waer The 4th dimension.

Beat Pharmacy- time

| play
Waer You don't know how real it feels.
Waer One of the best live acts I've ever seen, (San Diego, 1992). Twenty years later they still sound fresh.
Waer So much ahead of me, it keeps me moving on.

Miguel MigsWaiting

| play
Waer I'd like some new real music please, with some piano and soul. OK. Thanks.
Waer I hope you can listen to this with the sound high and the lights low.
Waer "Gotta see the show. It's a dynamo. It's rock and roll!" Much better, considering it's both recent and live, than I expected. In fact, quite awesome.
Waer Ah yes. Back in the day we didn't need guitar lessons, we just ATE them on stage.
Waer Featuring Miss Billie Ray Martin.

HELL Je Regrette Everything

| play
Waer When I hear Bahamadia, that is when I shine.
Waer Sounds like our Dani fell into Herbert's piggy bank and got rolled down the hill to a skanking shuffle beat, with Rhodes flourishes.
Waer Don't know why, I love it like I do...
Waer A chilled Mozart-like study in rhythm and lovely percussive progressive repeating phrases. At first.
Waer Awesome jazzy deep house. Late nights and good friends.

Ivan Enot- Grooves of the Heart

| play
Waer ```````I'm just glad to have this little bit of Manchester psychedelia. Preserved for your enjoyment.````````````
Waer @fun4lilli: "33.7866 118.2987 Ha! "@dreamingmoon3 [sending a few over to your house later...keep the back door open] lol... ;)))@ fun4lilli" (reblip)
Waer Why your bank was closed during the day the other day.

Kid LocoSister Curare

| play
Waer Take it or leave it. Resigned to it. No one cares when someone dies.


| play
Waer Too....many....balloons...........
Waer This version is so stark, clean and pure, perfect for the song.
Waer After "Beyond I" is "Just You & I."
Waer And more jazz flute if you please.

Malena More Afro

| play
Waer I like the cosmos, and circuses, except for the Carnies scare me. Wee small hands and smell like cabbage
Waer The hypnotoad version, gotta love those tb303s.
Waer Bag of bones in his pocket. *insert "she said" joke*

Talking Heads Swamp

| play
Waer The original, still strangely compelling, version.
Waer Liquid Oxygen is both way chill and highly explosive.
Waer Who knew that timbales, electric fiddle, beach guitar, and etherial vox would make such a tasty cuppa?
Waer Mr. Steven's choice to leave this music behind is a crushing blow to music that doesn't suck.

Wild WorldCat Stevens

| play
Waer Mighty mighty, letting it all hang out.
Waer I first heard this on the Love Song Remix CD single, kinda like a b-side. Played it many a night with the lights dimmed or off altogether.
Waer Little boy born out of wedlock. The most trippy pseudo-reggae you will hear all day. OK, not you, but everyone else.
Waer Congas, piano, shimmering vocals, timbales, and jazz guitar = musical nirvana.


| play
Waer I'm a fool who thinks its cool to fall in love @abarbosa: "But never mind" (reblip)
Waer W/ The Brand New Heavies.
Waer Chris And Cosey – Exotika
Waer That's pretty sharp.

CollideRazor Sharp

| play
Waer Time for...yawn...sleepy...bye. night luvs....
Waer Great song. @romanus: "Jeff Beck with Imogen Heap :: Blanket" (reblip)
Waer So very beautiful. @RuesTunes: "this is beautiful..." (reblip)
Waer Getting better. @Carmilla: "Love is dead." (reblip)
Waer Why not?

Aya- Do What You Want

| play
Waer When you just need a little over driven African finger piano and nothing else will do.
Waer Flamenco guitar? Check. Jazz Flute? Check. Virtuoso? Check and check.

Al di MeolaFugata

| play
Waer It's raining in LA . Right now. Adapt or die.
Waer I know why.

alu Recluse.mpg

| play
Waer Here is that funk.

Erykah Badu Annie Dont Wear No Panties

| play
Waer OK. I'm game. @Damiana: "brush your hair back from your eyes.. take you down watch the river flow.." (reblip)


| play
Waer I just wanted to hear it again... @Waer: "Yeah. Gimme." (reblip)
Waer Go Anja. My brain was starting to feel...normal. Better now.
Waer My friend @mark_till: "@evablue thanks for the props! It is an honor. Junkie XL - Cities In Dust" (reblip)
Waer Together we can weather the storm.
Waer Stairs. Flowers. Skinny. Puppy.
Waer Good choice! @zoja01: "rb@shraieunah: \m/ @Cephy: Hell Yeah? Puscifer – Queen B." (reblip)

PusciferQueen B.

| play
Waer Yes. @zoja01: "Hello rb@Kesselman: All we've got is the silence" (reblip)
Waer My river runs with love for you.

Swans-The River That Runs With Love Won't Run Dry

| play
zoja01 @koiheart: Rhythm & Culture Music – Balkan Beat Box "Balcumbia" (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix) Floating this out to @zoja01 & @Totengrber esp. (reblip)
Waer Thanks for all the blips Love an kisses Blipsters. ' Nite.

Electric Six Dance Commander Benny Benassi Remix

| play

Right Round [[Benassi Remix]]

| play
Waer Do the devil's work.
Waer Radio Rocks Red Rage. (pictures at 11:00)
Waer I had to let her go. It was for the best.

RamonesPet Semetary

| play
Waer @pumpkinsoup: "you make me feel like i am whole again" (reblip)
Waer Rara Avis. I'm there.

jimi hendrix if 6 were 9 (rara avis version)

| play
Waer Rene Breitbarth has landed. In a "I'm frosted up in this tree" sorta way.

Rene BreitbarthLanded

| play
Waer I'm starting to feel it's right.