courosa Another great cover. The Editors have some terrific covers.
Crimsonmuse More Ruby songs and fun to rock out to on Guitar Hero. \m/ ^_^ \m/

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

| play
cosita i look in each direction, eenie meenie miney moe...

MolokoFun for Me

| play
cosita ahh, recovery. here we go again...!
MsRedPen I first heard this song at a classmate's party. Had a terrible time. Maybe that's why I remember?

Dream Weaver (1976)

| play
Crimsonmuse @WalkingZero Hehehe! BRAINS! Nom. Nom. Nom. I <3 that song, I do.
rayne All around me are familiar faces...mad = anger. Close enough for today's theme.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
Crimsonmuse Clocks: All I know is that my work clock is moving way toooo slooooooooow.

Cold PlayClocks

| play
WalkingZero What ever happen to the Gin Blossoms. I heard this the other day at the grocery store.
WalkingZero "I'm just a happy kid Stuck with the heart of a sad punk" one me favorites songs.

Nada SurfHappy Kid

| play
cosita i haven't thought about this song in *ages*

Mr. MisterKyrie

| play
cosita i loved the movie say anything.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
cosita i always tried to figure out how anyone could have a house in the middle of the street

Madness - Our House

| play
Cavatica I'm absolutely shocked that blip could even find a copy of this. Wasn't this out of print? Wow.
rayne Day of Rock Band ahead. As such, that will be today's theme! Gonna goooo to the plaaaace that's the besssst!
cosita music like this reminds me of my grandpa... and sundays!
miketrevis ...perchè mi fa così natale questa canzone?
WalkingZero this is a beautiful song.

Damien Rice9 Crimes

| play
Cavatica Found this completely by mistake. From the movie "The Warriors" comes the theme song. Who archives all this music? :)
Cavatica I like the energy Matthews has in this as it goes. Add some beats from Paul Oakenfold and you have one good thing that came from The Matrix Reloaded.
CindyB_MO I so miss the show Family Plots.
Cavatica So many songs owe themselves to this one. Epic classical music. :) My dad used to play this for me as a kid.
Cavatica Part of this was used for Nightcrawler's first appearance in the Second X-Men Movie. Beautiful vocals here.

MozartAgnus Dei

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Cavatica For the longest time, I actually thought that Diane Lane actually sung this one from Walter Hill's "Streets of Fire".
thessalian "Pump Up the Volume" - gods, I love that film.
cosita this song always, always, always makes me stop worrying.
thessalian I <3 this song. Just generally.
cosita this is no time to be depressed.
cosita it always rains cats and dogs when i don't have my umbrella. curse you.
cullenbunn This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
cosita super classic! i think this one would trump almost all of them.
cosita time for a break, ears! *\o/*

Toad the Wet Sprocket - Fall Down

| play
Rushiano Depois da original essa é a melhor... Mas o clip da Fiona Apple é insuperável.
rics a oooooommmmmmm a oooooommmmmmm a oooooommmmmmm a...
cosita i think today's going to be a day of reblips
MariMonne primeira música que ouvi no rádio hj
nicavieira Alguém bota fé que tô com um buraco enorme na parede do meu quarto? :O Tipo, não pode chover em hipótese alguma! Sério!


| play
Cavatica From 28 Days/Weeks Later, comes this John Murphy tune.
Cavatica What's funny about this is that where I come from, Mamas actually do tell tell their kids to knock other kids out. :)
Cavatica While the movie didn't go anywhere, the music was pretty nice. :)


| play
Cavatica This song always causes me to feel relaxed.
Cavatica I just thought about that old movie "The Replacement Killers" with John Woo and Mira Sorvino. This song came to mind, from the film.
Cavatica Because it's 80's Friday...

Spandau BalletTrue

| play
SylvioMicelli She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult... Quebra tudo!
ArtBel me ha dao el ramalazo rockero sureño...
Cavatica From Imogen Heap's band, and the Shrek 2 soundtrack comes remake of this one. :)
Cavatica From the upcoming Freerunning game, "Mirror's Edge" comes the theme song (Instrumental). Nice to wake up to.
Cavatica From the soundtrack to Michael Mann's "Collateral" comes this one from Audioslave. I like this one. :)
WalkingZero Good morning everyone. Hope you all have a nice Friday.
Cavatica Because I need to relax. :)

Damien Rice9 Crimes

| play
Cavatica Because Gears of War 2 is only a week or so away...and this made the end of Donnie Darko a tearful one. :)

Gary JulesMad World

| play
Cavatica This is the strangest version of this song I ever heard, and for the episode it was on, it really worked.
cosita happy saturday! woke up with this in my head. it's an S.O.S. come get me.

TrainGet To Me

| play
Cavatica From the movie "Layer Cake" comes this one, used at the start of the film.

FC KahunaHayling

| play
cosita i hope everyone has a good friday
Cavatica Oooh, Nickelback and Santana. A good team up.

Nickelback feat santana Into The Night

| play
Cavatica This one goes out to my Mafia Family. :) You know who you all are.
Cavatica This song is featured in the Second trailer for the movie "Watchmen". :)

MuseTake A Bow

| play
Crimsonmuse A sly sanguine smile spread her parted lips as she murmured, "Mighty, Mighty...for today, that's my middle name."
nicavieira @star45 THANK YOU!o.o @ianthomaz Fly me to the moon!:}~ @Enrico1830 Não humilha no italiano¬¬' @patricia_coelho Bom dia,frô do dia!:D~ (reblip)
nicavieira @tublino Acá tenemos 1versión d esta d Iggy Pop pero hecha en portugués por 1grupo d rock q yo odio! @star45 I'm leaving now.Kisses,sweety! ;** (reblip)
cosita this song always makes me feel better when i'm worried, lol.
as_if Idioteque – Radiohead


| play
as_if sing sing sing y ésta!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
djcrackwhore boy don't try to front, i know just what you are-are-are

Lily AllenWomanizer

| play
cosita omigod ulitimate cowbell!!!!11!1!!!
Cavatica It's been years and I still can't quite make out what these guys are saying. "And we pray, and we pray..."
Cavatica An old one from Tricky, it was used in "The Replacement Killers" in Mira Sorvino's opening scene.
cosita another pick me up song because i know i'm going to be very late for work, lol.
veronicabelmont I've had this song stuck in my head for like 4 months. I blame Tropic Thunder.
NanaYeah This is the 2579th song in my collection. I don't know many people that have more than 3000 songs, yet... we have these crazy large MP3 players. Shame


| play
calamari Are you ready to soft-rock?
Cavatica One of my favorite Alice in Chains songs, I think this one was also used in the Doom games.
cosita i kind of feel old for knowing the songs they talk about, lol. (reblip)

WeezerHeart Songs

| play
zegim Moby & Gwen Stefani - South Side (Hybrid remix) | B-|
cosita island music hour will resume in an hour, lol.

Ho'onu'aOn and On

| play
cosita @francisrivilla esto ya es mitico xDDD (arrrgh, no puedoooo...)
cosita i'm taking back my life... in about 56 minutes.

LinaWake Up

| play
tmray remember when Chris Cornell used to rock!
cosita okay, last one. but this one's good. :)
cosita good morning, people. i thought it was already wednesday.
cosita good morning! it's gray and foggy out and the gin blossoms are perfect for it.
cosita i have to get off the sugar and caffeine. (reblip)
cosita we'll do it all, everything. on our own.
cosita this song hits the nail right on the head. ouch.
cosita this day already feels long, lol. and i've only been here 30 minutes.
cosita happy friday, everyone! i am so ready for the weekend to start!
Cavatica If I find out I fail my road test, I'm flooring the pedal and peeling out like Kirk.
cosita now that i know i've lost my mind again, this is my next question. (reblip)
Cavatica When Thursdays feel like Fridays. :)
cosita 11am is too early to party but whatevs. i need to entertain myself.
cosita @Cavatica i found another driving song, lol. so oldskool.
Cavatica Final Blip of the night. Thank you all for listening, and have a great evening (or early morn). I leave you with this one from Sonny Rhodes. :)
Cavatica I'm not a big fan of Courtney Love, but I always liked this one.

hole-gold dust woman

| play
Cavatica The first time I heard this song, I was screaming at Izzy Stephens to keep her from cutting that damn LVAD wire. Crazy doctor girl.
Cavatica Because long after "The Mist" ended, this song stayed with me. Haunting.
Cavatica @Tsauro Sleep well and have a good night. Thanks for the music. :)
SylvioMicelli Sisters Of Mercy – Walk Away
Cavatica Because it's Saturday morning, and I want cartoons, dammit. :)

Thundercats (Theme)

| play
Cavatica Wow, Jonathan Davis can do just about anything. Great cover of an Ice Cube track.

Korn -Wicked

| play
cosita good morning, everyone. happy tuesday!
cosita got the entire school bus to sing this on a fieldtrip. lol. or at least they were yelling "you give love a bad name" bit.

Bon Jovi-You Give Love A Bad Name [Lyrics]

| play
cosita red light, yellow light, green light, go!
sophie_o melhor música do mundo

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

| play
Cavatica Every time I hear this, I have the urge to fold my hands in front of me. Here's "It Only Takes a Moment", the Wall-E & Eve 'holding hands' song. :)
cosita special for @A_NYRican, last last last one. really really really. lol.
cosita leaving you with one of the best.songs.ever. good night, everyone. sleep well.
cosita @WalkingZero i think it's time for some eardrum busting music. it's been that kind of day, cousin. i hope you're having a better one. *hug*
cosita @aiSHO no se por que "de curro 1 a curro 2" me recuerda de este video.
cosita i haven't listened to this song in ages. i'd forgotten how good it is. (reblip)
Cavatica I have no idea what's being said, but damn, the guitars and drums are great. :) (reblip)
Cavatica If only I had a DeLorean to make this mix happen.

The Beatles vs. Nine Inch nails Come Closer Together

| play
Cavatica Okay, just one MJ song.

NIN vs. Michael Jackson

| play
nicavieira @eliott_is_dead Acordada já!:D @Aluciel Sweety!Your songs have been making my days so much happier <3


| play
cosita good morning, everyone. happy monday! :) looks like we're starting the day off with something really old school.
cosita i kind of already saw it coming. i hate doing damage control.
Cavatica One of the most soothing melodies I know. :)

Resident Evil Save Room Theme

| play
Cavatica Heard this one on an episode of "The Cleaner" recently. Forgot how nice this was. Video's downright strange, though.
Cavatica "Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart" (Great song to start the day! :) ) (reblip)
calamari Listening to -- Baltimora "Tarzan Boy"

BaltimoraTarzan Boy

| play
cosita good morning. today feels more monday-ish than ever.

Moby-It's Raining Again

| play
cosita not sure why this song came to mind. i still like it a lot, though.
cosita good morning, happy thursday!
sarahlane I wore this song out on the jukebox at Round Table in middle school. Pizza makers HATED me. Close 2nd? "Immigrant Song".

Van HalenPanama

| play
cosita i think i'm in for a 96 hour day. yepyepyep.
cjh Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
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