briangreene @TheUnwelcomeGuest its Monday 8pm so you know where I dashing to now. The 1st pic on your myspace / che guitara
Wally1 at last, thought I'd lost this...
TheShopKeeper #Topspin set: Never heard of him, but this is exactly what I need right now. Imaad Wasif.
briangreene Shortwavemusic #1: 11/12/2003, 5800 kHz, 0620 UTC Radio Bulgaria
Wally1 a precious birthday gift from Cliona...
jojofm I really needed to hear Farmyard Connection, but can't find it anywhere....

Fun Boy ThreeAlone

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Wally1 should've been a much bigger hit, sax from Saxa...
jojofm no. 4 @lonita. This might take a while, I'm multi-tasking :)


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briangreene Joel's Mother: "Please Joel, do what they say, just get off the babysitter." Risky Business
Wally1 Why I do make things get sad...

Vincent GalloSo Sad

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Wally1 sent from Coventry...

The EnemyThis Song

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Wally1 what does it haunt me so...
maurilao Gulag, Gulag, Gulag (word has lost all meaning)
melodyofurlife @Bendrix ever Heard of St. Vincent?
melodyofurlife @bendrix when I saw her live she played into a four track! she rocked many tunes by herself. great sound from one person.
Elanorrose A superb piece of music made famous, at least in Britain, by the arrangement used for Jonathan Creek. I'm looking forward to the Christmas special!
DerekJones Ah now there's a classic!!!!... Deffo in my top 5 @briangreene
Wally1 "lt's me... lt's Billy... Billy, your son... Turn down the TV, Ma..."
melodyofurlife @Aluciel I was expecting a piece of cake overnighted to me today. but nothing showed up? :(

WeenYour Party

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Wally1 "He's not coming back..."

RadioheadKnives Out

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briangreene Theresa Andersson ~ The Waltz

Theresa Andersson - The Waltz

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briangreene This Is Not A Tango ~ The Juju Orchestra
briangreene nite nite / *morning* / afternoon ~ im gone, ,,, , , bye all & tnx for the music

Obi BestSwedish Boy

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briangreene Bag Of Hammers ~ Thao Nguyen - soured at
briangreene correction: @jojofm blip said it would be on mobiles inside 90 days back in November (reblip)
rico laat maar gaan, dat gaat wel goed

doe maar - nederwiet

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Wally1 I remember the video for this from No Disco...
Wally1 it could all start here...
Wally1 quiet down...

Radiohead - Amnesiac - 08 - Dollars And Cents

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jojofm @angrybob, you're right, this is a great mash-up, I normally avoid them, this is good (reblip)
maurilao @GR8FL we just keep doing these things we do.
melodyofurlife Be builds into a song worth waiting for! @punkyfunk the album version has an 8 minute lead, it is a great song, eerie! (reblip)
rico strange, i've heard this tune before
briangreene RB:me: if you play this over its self from two tabs, great effect. :) (reblip)
lomovogt Thanx @ABoyNamedSue for reminding me of this long forgotten eighties' kitsch ;)... It's true, Ilked it... (reblip)
briangreene @wallyton Hey Presto! meets later Special A.K.A.
clarkowitz I really thought that this Air was originally in G Major, but this is definitely D. Whatevah.... ;)
clarkowitz @nixie Word 'em up! A1 is a sight to behold. In the public... Dude's nearly gotten us both beaten up a few times! I'm just glad he's a chef, yo! ;)

The PharcydeYa Mama

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clarkowitz Oh, yo... And, so then@OneLuvGurl blips the song I was gonna play next. Re-blipping @OneLuvGurl cuz she reads minds... Bravo! My cellphone's dead. ;) (reblip)
clarkowitz @OneLuvGurl They're on me. The drinks. Reading my mind? Easy money. I'm an open book. 'Bout to out. Peace to all! Peace train... ;)
briangreene at 15 when I started to DJ this is what I was playing (among others)
Wally1 Taxi To War – DJ Disse


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Wally1 Richie Phoe - Sinful


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Wally1 I Heard Wonders - David Holmes
Wally1 I Lust You (Feat. Cate Lebon) – Neon Neon
Wally1 Won't Trade - Q-Tip

Q-TipWon't Trade

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Wally1 Walcott - Vampire Weekend
melodyofurlife @Figgywithit Dude Hall and Oats are cool. I saw this dude with my ex. Worst concert ever! but I do like this tune for some odd reason!

Richard MarxHazard

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briangreene ls -lrt /blacklist/*.* | mail abuse@locahost
melodyofurlife Thanks to @GR8FL the master uploader! The The is always hard to find on
clarkowitz I'm pretty sure she's Canadien. That's right--French-Canadian. Oh, yeah!
Dillin_Chillin This is a request from the main posse "Silent Five" in the Bronx, NYC. Thumbs Up.
davidwatts1978 @TheArtfulDodger innit Big Boots Saturday Night 2/3 @davidwatts1978 (reblip)


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briangreene 86 i DJ a summer project, this is girl is slow dancing with some bloke to this song - I don't know her, 6months later we meet, we're together 22 years
briangreene @wallyton I think you playlisted this on
clarkowitz (.. sweetoldskooljazzie martianattaack!!!!"-->> )
clarkowitz (.."cosmic crystal castles on crystal stilts in the interplanetary radio- tokyo- air.." (..'now renting'))

Chopin Fantasie Impromptu Op, 66

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clarkowitz ..luv the beat, etc..


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Wally1 "Hey Don-bot, ain't that your wife what with you had that weddin' with..?"
Wally1 Thelonious Monk - In Walked Bud

03-In Walked Bud

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clarkowitz Happy mediums. Weird enough for me.
clarkowitz My trombone teacher. Seriously.
clarkowitz Reblipping @wapael to whom the credit for this and the last blip were due. (reblip)
clarkowitz Oh. My. Long black hair... I've seen your eyes. I'm doomed. I'm destined. I'm privileged by chance. I'm just happy to be here. Heaven help me...

BeckBroken Drum

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clarkowitz She isn't far. You aren't far. We are not far apart. They know this. You know this thing...
davidwatts1978 an overlooked band and tune, great production & playing its got the lot

Crass - Zounds - Can't Cheat K

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briangreene out of here for 2hrs - admin work done.

Female Of The Species-Space

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DubFreakz Mary Lou Williams † may 28, 1981...was an us jazz pianist, composer & arranger, she wrote & arranged for such greats as Duke Ellington & Benny Goodman
EggyRock Genius folk/soul from tragic Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!brings a tear to the eye

Karen Dalton-Something on your mind / How Sweet it is

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EggyRock Is the apocolypse near .... or is it already here!!
EggyRock He's a little delusional...hats off to him!!
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Great Music Of 2009! : Wave Machines - "Keep The Lights On"
briangreene Ghost Town + MESSAGE

Jerry Dammers against the BNP

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ZOEBOE @DJTalent hellllll hellllll helllllo mr unstoppable. heh
ZOEBOE Night lady >rb@MusicIsMySunshine: "Oh I love Sia.... good night all!" (reblip)
ZOEBOE wow..this made me think of warehouses, water bottles and sticky people =} ..thanks guys@djilo rb@Nymph" (reblip)
klitoria @Heike...bin am WE um den 13.6 in Düsseldorf...vielleicht klappt es ja dann.....grüsse... (reblip)
DubFreakz theme melody for José Giovanni’s 1969 movie "Dernier Domicile Connu",feat. a timeless leitmotif that was also used by Robbie Williams & Missy Elliott
DubFreakz Nicoletta’s second cooperation with Francois de Roubaix was her vocal version of the master’s theme melody for "Dernier Domicile Connu"
DubFreakz back to 1968 …Nicoletta -Il est Mort le Soleil

Il est Mort le Soleil

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pappwixe @G_r_e_g :-)))you`ve got for every song my props*-*ok!!! so nice thx*-*:-)))
EggyRock Jacque Brel meets Gutter punk!! If ya like this check the album .... Amazing!!!!
mmemaledicta video hour (because I am working and need something to look at out of the corner of my eye) and who could resist a vid by Film School?

Film SchoolCompare

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djilo Took me a while, but I found it. :) Hope you like @pita4l. The Guess Who sample really does it for me. That, and the sexy sax & bassline. =)
Atomik good morning (4me) good afternoon (4u) @chiron08 vi@ivan_filios: "@LexiePixie Wishing you a great day! Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc. via @miguesme" (reblip)
maurilao Gooooooooooooooood mooooooooooooooooooorning, blip
anjuscha @taniasonnenfeld terrible summer yes!! although yesterday i wore a skirt for a change... have a nice day!
Atomik gettin better, gonna go sing some scary-oke and drinks some beers so that should help. @LadyFantastick. How are you? //vi@TheLenzyme: "Hi blippers!" (reblip)
Atomik @Atomik: "Im outta here - @LadyFantastick ,I hope we catch up this weekend. See everyone later thanks for the FB comments @BlueJeanBaby & @GR8FL" (reblip)
Stay19 Julien Neto – VI [Featuring Keith Kenniff]<><>
briangreene @wallyton@dojodub I have an International Jet Set DVB TRANSPORT STREAM recording for ya! btw my new Blip AV looks at home when flash crashes chrome

The Specials "International Jet Set" (extended edition)

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Atlantic Ocean. Waterfall

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solid_au hoping for a clear weekend, bulk clothes washing to do [says the >blokiest< domestic godess round these parts]. For the record I do *not* use softener

KromestarRainy Dayz

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solid_au I think for myself, therefore I am... myself >>> not sure what I am trying to say >>> tweet me if you know >>> too many laundry beers!
solid_au drunk elephant>>>can't tell how many in pic, just kinda glad they aren't pink>>>

OoGuNCount & Duke Dub

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solid_au pretty bare-naked >>> best w/out the chatter for mine
ZOEBOE Haven't played this in a few...think it's about time...again :}
wxtc A new podcast has been released by This Week In Google. Hosts: Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, and Jeff Jarvis Topics: Media Talk USA with Jeff Jarvis City university of New York Graduate School of Journalism Apple Blocks Official Google Voice App, Pulls GV Mobile from App Store How (and why) to replace the AP The John Henry fight of man v. algorithm Gina: Gmail Adds Custom SMTP Servers, Drops On Behalf Of Google asks, "Do you really want to drunk e-mail?" Gmail offline New in Labs: Canned Responses Microsoft Office 2010 Starts Ascension to the Cloud Google Wave still in its experimental stage Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 The Pushbutton Web: Realtime Becomes Real pubsubhubbub Twitter clients could help with backup Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable Wiki for this episode Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show. Running time: 54:36
DJRaisonDetre Time to hit the sack. Good night blip
Stay19 Moi Caprice – A Midsummer Nights Fool<><>
Wally1 Riceboy Sleeps – All The Big Trees
dojodub via @jojofm If looks could kill, they probably will (reblip)
Stay19 Claudio Arrau Liszt Trois Etudes de Concert S.144 III Un Sospiro<><> (reblip)

Claudio Arrau Liszt Trois Etudes de Concert S.144 III Un Sospiro

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Stay19 Grouper – Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping<><>
lwsrc @Euphoriefetzen die fuckparade kann aber schon große momente haben
mmemaledicta no one 2 watch Mariam tomorrow, I have an appointment I have to go to, for my spine's sake. No dress for Saturday still. Keep yelling: 'SERENITY NOW!"
briangreene vi@wallyton but he wont guess how.

The Flower Duet (Lakmé)

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Wally1 Art of Noise – Il Pleure

Art of NoiseIl Pleure

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Wally1 Frankie Say Relax...

Frankie Say Relax (January 2009)

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EggyRock Spiritual!!!!!!!

Erik Enocksson @ BERG 211

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EggyRock Simple.........and more!!!!!!!!!!!!

EluviumRadio Ballet

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EggyRock Amazing soundtrack!!Check out Kning Disk records. Its all about about love and detail!!!!

Farväl Falkenberg OST

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ZOEBOE Think ima go stare at the man in the moon, then hit the hay. Cheers to you all =)
klitoria halte ich Dich aber ganz fest.....freu.... (reblip)
anjuscha gotta work... a nice day for you all... ♥ cu later :)

CathodeAnother Wish

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J J Cale (After Midnight)

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anjuscha :) thanks dear @Mysterymix and take care! (not only at the corner!)
p_ferd Mmmm, sweet start on a buzy december-day :)) thx rb @ZONE: "baie naturelle...................: D...." (reblip)
Wally1 We've had Joy Division Oven Gloves, now get your $pecial$ socks kids!
Wally1 Library music at it's best...
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