WaterburyPirate Iggy and the Stooges-Gimme Danger (1973) from Raw Power
WaterburyPirate The Factory-Path Through The Forest (MGM 45 1968) Formerly known as Souvernir Badge Factory, The Factory were a UK trio that had only 2 45's.
WaterburyPirate Roy Harper-China Girl (Strike 45 UK 1966) From Roy's debut LP Sophisticated Beggar.

Roy Harper China Girl (1967)

| play
WaterburyPirate The Troggs-Night Of The Long Grass (Page One 45 1967) The Troggs most progressive 45, but still retaining the group's uber-primitive sludge riff!
WaterburyPirate Les Rallizes Denudes-Otherwise My Conviction (1972?) Japan's answer to Blue Cheer!
WaterburyPirate Sun Ra-Interstellar Low Ways (Saturn 1961)
WaterburyPirate Primal Scream-Keep Your Dreams (2000)
WaterburyPirate The Byrds-I See You (Columbia 1966) from 5D
WaterburyPirate Augustus Pablo-Selassie I Dub (1977)
WaterburyPirate Peter Hammill-Red Shift (Charisma 1974) from LP The Silent Corner & The Empty Stage
WaterburyPirate The Comsat Angels-Another World (Polydor UK 1981) from EP Eye Of The Lens.
WaterburyPirate Empire-Now (1982) featuring Bob "Derwood" Andrews & Mark Laff of Generation X.

Now. Empire Expensive Sound CD

| play
WaterburyPirate The Buzzcocks-Autonomy (UA 45 UK 1978)
WaterburyPirate Magazine-Back To Nature (Virgin UK 1979) from LP Second Hand Daylight.
WaterburyPirate The Parliaments-Don't Be Sore At Me (Revilot 45 USA 1967)

NS KTF 688 Parliaments Don't Be Sore At Me

| play
WaterburyPirate The Great Unwashed-Neck Of The Woods (Flying Nun Records New Zealand) More New Zealand rock, this one from the 80's.
WaterburyPirate David Kilgour-No No No (Flying Nun Records 1994 New Zealand) Great Unwashed/Clean lead singer with a gem from his LP Sugar Mouth.

"No, No, No" by David Kilgour (1994)

| play
WaterburyPirate Leroy Parker-Groove With It (from Aquarius Rock by Herman Chin Loy)
WaterburyPirate Augustus Pablo-Snowball & Pudding (1971)
WaterburyPirate The Meters-Stormy

stormy- the meters

| play
WaterburyPirate The Damned-Seagulls (Chiswick 45 UK 1980 B-side)
WaterburyPirate Suicide-Wild In Blue (1988) from LP A Way Of Life.

SuicideWild in blue

| play
WaterburyPirate The Rolling Stones-Sway (1971) from Sticky Fingers.

Rolling StonesSway

| play
WaterburyPirate The Mynah Birds-It's My Time (1966) this group featured Neil Young, Bruce Palmer & future soul star Rick James on vocal. Signed to Motown Records.
WaterburyPirate The Fairies-Get Yourself Home (HMV Pop 45 UK 1965) Scalding freakbeat from Colchester, England. The group featured John "Twink" Alder on drums.

The Fairies , Get Yourself Home

| play
WaterburyPirate Keith West-On A Saturday (Parlophone 45 UK 1968) Classy solo 45 from Tomorrow/In Crowd singer Keith West.

7. On a saturday

| play
WaterburyPirate Fairport Convention-Meet On The Ledge (Island 45 UK 1968) also on What We Did On Our Holidays LP
WaterburyPirate The Heard-Exit 9 (One Way 45 USA 1966/67?) from Longview, Texas.

The HeardExit 9

| play
WaterburyPirate John Cale-Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (1979)
WaterburyPirate International Harvester-There Is No Other Place (1968)
WaterburyPirate Iron Butterfly-Most Anything You Want (Atco 1968)

Iron Butterfly-Most Anything You Want

| play
WaterburyPirate The Music Machine-The People In Me (Original Sound 1966)
WaterburyPirate Mad River-Amphetamine Gazelle (Capitol USA 1968) Mad River were from Yellow Springs, Ohio and moved to the Haight (naturally!)
WaterburyPirate The Steve Miller Band-In My Dark Hour (Capitol 1969) from Brave New World (Paul McCartney guests on bass)
WaterburyPirate The Saints-Nights In Venice (Harvest Australia 1977) from I'm Stranded.
WaterburyPirate The 5th Dimmension-The Pattern People (Soul City 1967)

5TH DIMENSION The Pattern People 1967

| play
WaterburyPirate The Monkees-A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (Colgems/RCA 45 1967) written by Neil Diamond.
WaterburyPirate Amon Duul-Paramechanische Welt (1970)
WaterburyPirate The 5th Dimmension-Carpetman (Soul City 45 1968)
WaterburyPirate The Lovin' Spoonful-Close Your Eyes (Kama Sutra 45 1968) One of the Spoonful's lost sides!
WaterburyPirate Carole King-The Road To Nowhere (USA 45 1967)

Carole King The Road To Nowhere 1967 single

| play
WaterburyPirate Bobby Womack-I'm A Midnight Mover (Minit 1968) from Fly Me To The Moon.
WaterburyPirate Popol Vuh-Vuh (Outro 1972, Pilz Records Germany)

Popol VuhVuh (outro)

| play
WaterburyPirate The Cosmic Jokers-Galactic Supermarket


| play
WaterburyPirate The Hellions-Daydreaming Of You (Piccadilly 45 UK 1964) pre-Traffic outfit with Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi, Luther Grosvenor & Poli Palmer (of Family)
WaterburyPirate The Hellions-Tomorrow Never Comes (Piccadilly 45 UK 1965) The Hellions were led by Dave Mason & Jim Capaldi (later with Traffic), they had three 45's.
WaterburyPirate Grannie-Coloured Armageddon (SRT Records UK 1971) Grannie were a very obscure UK progressive group, their ultra rare LP was a home-made affair.
WaterburyPirate Tomorrow Come Someday-Tomorrow Come Someday (SNB Records UK 1969) Ultra rare underground UK folk album.
WaterburyPirate Trees-Snail's Lament (CBS UK 1970) great UK folk-rock group who produced 2 exceptional LP's. This is from The Garden Of Of Jane Delawney (1970)

Snails Lament by TREES

| play
WaterburyPirate Jellybread-Evening (Blue Horizon LP 1969) UK blues rock group who had three albums for Blue Horizon.


| play
WaterburyPirate Agincourt-All My Life (Merlin Records UK 1970) from their rare 1970 LP Fly Away.

AgincourtAll my Life

| play
WaterburyPirate The Moths-Here Lies The Question
WaterburyPirate The Beat Of The Earth-This Is An Artistic Statement Part 2 (1969)
WaterburyPirate The Beat Of The Earth-This Is An Artistic Statement Part 1 (1969)
WaterburyPirate Time Of Your Life-Ode To A Bad Dream (Ionic Records 45 USA 1967) Flipped out Los Angeles psychedelic punks, dig that crazy guitar solo!
WaterburyPirate The Grateful Dead-Born Cross Eyes (WB 45 USA 1968)
WaterburyPirate The 13th Floor Elevators-Never Another (IA Records 1968) from Bull Of The Woods.

13th Floor Elevators , Never Another

| play
WaterburyPirate The Bob Seger System-White Wall (Capitol 1968)
WaterburyPirate MC5-Starship (Elektra 1969) from Kick Out The Jams.


| play
WaterburyPirate The Stooges-L.A. Blues (Elektra 1970) from Funhouse.

The StoogesLA Blues

| play
WaterburyPirate Hawkwind-Space Is Deep (UA 1972)

6. Space is deep

| play
WaterburyPirate Wayne Shorter-Kryptonite (1967) from Schizophrenia.
WaterburyPirate Jethro Tull-Cat's Squirrel (Island UK 1968) from This Was.
WaterburyPirate Cream-The Clearout (1967 out-take)

CreamThe Clearout

| play
WaterburyPirate Neil Young-Lookout Joe (Reprise 1975) from Tonight's The Night.

Neil YoungLookout Joe

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WaterburyPirate Cream-Traintime (San Jose, Ca. May 25, 1968)


| play
WaterburyPirate The Electronic Hole-The Golden Hour (Part 4)
WaterburyPirate The Electronic Hole-Love Will Find A Way (Part 3)
WaterburyPirate The Electronic Hole-The Golden Hour Part 1
WaterburyPirate The Leather Boy-Soulin' (MGM 45 USA 1967)
WaterburyPirate Country Weather-Fly To New York (1969) unreleased track by San Francisco group that featured future Steve Miller Band/Hot Tuna guitarist Greg Douglass
WaterburyPirate Kak-Rain (Epic 45 USA 1969) San Francisco group who had Blue Cheer & Oxford Circle connections.
WaterburyPirate The Rich Kids-Only Arsenic (EMI 45 UK 1978 B-side) flipside to Ghosts Of Princes In Towers.
WaterburyPirate The Desperate Bicycles-Sarcasm (Refill 1979) from Remorse Code.
WaterburyPirate The Buzzcocks-Raison D'etre (UA 45 UK 1979 B-side)
WaterburyPirate The Seeds-Nobody Spoil My Fun (GNP 1966) from The Seeds.
WaterburyPirate The Lipstick Killiers-Mesmerizer (Demo)
WaterburyPirate David Koresh aka Vernon Howell-Sheshonahim
WaterburyPirate The Guess Who-Sour Suite (RCA 45 1971)
WaterburyPirate Spacemen 3-Lord Can You Hear Me (Fire 1988) from Playing With Fire.
WaterburyPirate Delaney & Bonnie-Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (Atco 1971)
WaterburyPirate Public Image Ltd.-Albatross (Virgin 1979) from Metal Box aka Second Edition.
WaterburyPirate The Pop Group-There Are No Spectators (1980)

THE POP GROUP B2 There Are No Spectators

| play
WaterburyPirate Swell Maps-Loin Of The Surf (1979)
WaterburyPirate The Smashchords-The Halloween Song (1981?)
WaterburyPirate The Flaming Lips-The Train Runs Over The Camel But Is Derailed By The Gnat (1997) from Zaireeka
WaterburyPirate Roy Gaines-(If This Ain't Love) Skippy Is A Sissy (RCA 45 USA 1958)
WaterburyPirate Flamin' Groovies-Jumpin' Jack Flash (Skydog 45 France)
WaterburyPirate Rolling Stones-Silver Train (demo 1970)
WaterburyPirate The Rolling Stones-Jivin' Sister Fanny (Decca)
WaterburyPirate Rolling Stones-Hamburger To Go (demo 1969?)
WaterburyPirate Johnny Winter-Jumpin' Jack Flash (1971)

Johnny Winter Jumpin' Jack Flash.wmv

| play
WaterburyPirate Johnny Winter-Fast Life Rider (1969) from Second Winter.
WaterburyPirate Black Pearl-Forget It (Atlantic 1970)
WaterburyPirate Swervedriver-Last Day On Earth (Creation 1995) from Ejector Seat Reservation
WaterburyPirate Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band-Water (Piccadilly 45 UK 1966)

Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band Water

| play
WaterburyPirate The Cult-Coming Down (1994) from The Cult.

The Cult-Coming down

| play
WaterburyPirate Ernie K-Doe-Mother In Law (USA 45 1961)
WaterburyPirate The Mothers On Invention-Lonely Little Girl (Verve 45 USA 1968)
WaterburyPirate The New Colony Six-At The River's Edge (Centaur 1966) dedicated with respect to Ray Blades!
WaterburyPirate The Last-She Don't Know Why I'm Here (Bomp 45 USA 1978) great and underrated Los Angeles group.

The Last "She Don't Know Why I'm Here"

| play
WaterburyPirate Manassas-Don't Look At My Shadow (Atlantic USA 1972)
WaterburyPirate Moby Grape-Someday (Columbia USA 1967) from Moby Grape

Moby GrapeSomeday

| play
WaterburyPirate The Rolling Stones-Connection (Decca 1967) from Between The Buttons.
WaterburyPirate The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Mansion In The Sky (1999) from Bringing It All Back Again.
WaterburyPirate Love-Stephanie Knows Who (Elektra USA 1966) from Da Capo
WaterburyPirate The Bonniwell Music Machine-Bottom Of The Soul (WB 45 USA 1967)
WaterburyPirate Manfred Mann-My Little Red Book (1966) from My Little Red Book Of Winners.

My Little Red Book-Manfred Mann

| play
WaterburyPirate The Count Five-Contrast (Double Shot 45 USA B-side 1967)

Contrast-The Count Five

| play
WaterburyPirate Cyrus Erie-Get The Message (Epic 45 USA 1969) Eric Carmen's pre-Raspberries outfit.
WaterburyPirate Country Joe & The Fish-Colors For Susan (Vanguard 1967) from I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die

COUNTRY JOE and the FISH Colors for Susan 1967

| play
WaterburyPirate The Damnation Of Adam Blessing-Lonely (United Artists) Cleveland, Ohio are group who had three LP's for United Artists (1969-1971)
WaterburyPirate Medicine Head-How Does It Feel (Danedlion 45 UK 1972)
WaterburyPirate String Driven Thing-The Machine That Cried (Charisma UK 1973)
WaterburyPirate It's A Beautiful Day-Essence Of Now (Columbia 1969) from Marrying Maiden. Sung by bassist Mitchell Holman.
WaterburyPirate Jefferson Airplane-Spare Chaynge (Outtake #2 1967)

"Spare Chaynge" outtake pt 2 Jefferson Airplane

| play
WaterburyPirate The Daily Flash-Jack Of Diamonds (Parrot 45 USA 1966) Seattle area group who spent a lot of time in "The Haight".
WaterburyPirate Lollipop Shoppe-Don't Look Back (UNI 1968) from Just Colour.
WaterburyPirate The Seeds-900 Million People Daily (All Makin' Love) (GNP Cresendo 45 USA 1968)
WaterburyPirate The Stranglers-No More Heroes (Liberty UK UK 1977)
WaterburyPirate The Kreeg-Impressin' (Lance 45 USA 1966/67?) The Kreeg were from New Mexico.


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WaterburyPirate David Axelrod-The Smile (Capitol 1968)
WaterburyPirate David Axelrod-Holy Thursday (1968) from Songs Of Innocence
WaterburyPirate Joy Division-Wilderness (Factory 1979) from Unknown Pleasures.
WaterburyPirate The Nova Local-Games (Decca 45 USA 1968) Connecticut group who managed to land an LP with Decca.

The Nova LocalGames

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WaterburyPirate The Lines-The Landing (Fresh LP UK 1981) from Therapy.
WaterburyPirate The Lines-Disenchanted (Fresh UK 1981) from Therapy

The LinesDisenchanted

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WaterburyPirate New Order-In A Lonely Place (Factory 45 1980)
WaterburyPirate The Sleepers-Mirror (Search & Destroy 45 USA 1980)

SLEEPERS mirror (san franciscan punk band)

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WaterburyPirate The Sleepers-Forever (Adolescent 1981) from Painless Nights.


| play
WaterburyPirate The Pretty Things-Honey, I Need (Fontana 45 UK 1965)
WaterburyPirate The Pretty Things-London Town (Fontana 1965)from Rainin' In My Heart EP.
WaterburyPirate Nimrod-Don't Let It Get The Best Of You (Mercury 45 France 1968) flipside to The Bird.
WaterburyPirate Nimrod-The Bird (Mercury 45 France 1968)

NimrodThe Bird

| play
WaterburyPirate The Smoke-Utterly Simple (Island 45 UK withdrawn)
WaterburyPirate Traffic-Utterly Simple (Island UK 1967) from Mr. Fantasy.
WaterburyPirate The Talismen-Casting My Spell (Stateside UK 45 1965) Jimmy Page on lead guitar.

Talismen (Jimmy Page) -- Castin' My Spell On You

| play
WaterburyPirate Neil Christian-I Like It (1965?)
WaterburyPirate The Blue Rondos-Baby, I Go For You (Pye Records UK 45 B-side 1964) lead guitar by Jimmy Page.

The Blue Rondos , Baby I Go For You

| play
WaterburyPirate Man-The Alchemist, Part 2 (Liberty UK 1971) from their 3rd LP MAN.
WaterburyPirate Man-The Alchemist, Part 1 (Liberty UK 1971) Welsh group that was heavily influenced by Quicksilver Messenger Service. They had over a dozen LP's.
WaterburyPirate Man-Daughter Of The Fireplace (live 1970) Drummer Terry Williams was later in Rockpile, Man evolved out of a Welsh pop group called The Bystanders.
WaterburyPirate Quicksilver Messenger Service-Mona (Capitol USA 1969) from Happy Trails.
WaterburyPirate The Comsat Angels-(Do The) Empty House (Polydor 45 UK 1982) non-album prior to their third LP Fiction.
WaterburyPirate Talk Talk-The Rainbow (Parlophone 1988) from The Spirit Of Eden.
WaterburyPirate Neil Young-Cortez The Killer (Reprise 1975) from Zuma.
WaterburyPirate Traffic-No Time To Live (1968)


| play
WaterburyPirate Family-A Song For Me (Reprise UK 1969) from A Song For Me.

Family "A Song For Me"

| play
WaterburyPirate The Wipers-Let It Slide (1987) from Follow Blind.

WipersLet It Slide

| play
WaterburyPirate Greg Sage-Straight Ahead (Restless 1985) from Straight Ahead. Greg is the lead singer/guitarist with The Wipers.
WaterburyPirate Roots Radics Meets King Tubbys-Too Deep Dub
WaterburyPirate Prince Jammy-Immigrant Dub

Prince Jammy Immigrant Dub

| play
WaterburyPirate Dennis Brown-Cool Runnings (Dub)
WaterburyPirate King Tubby Meets Jacob Miller-Dreada Dreada Dub
WaterburyPirate Barrington Levy and Roots Radics-Shine Eye Girl In Dub

Barrington Levy and Roots Radics- Shine Eye Girl in Dub

| play
WaterburyPirate Barrington Levy and Jah Thomas-Shine Eye Girl
WaterburyPirate The Roots Radics & The Soul Syndicate-Blood Of The Saints (Dub)
WaterburyPirate Barrington Levy-Shaolin Temple (Dub)

Shaolin Temple Dub by Barrington Levy

| play
WaterburyPirate The New Christs-Love's Underground (Citadel Australia 1989) from Distemper.

THE NEW CHRISTS love 's underground

| play
WaterburyPirate Public Image Ltd.-Another (Virgin 45 UK 1979 B-side) flipside to Memories.

Public Image Ltd.- Another 7" (B-side of Memories)

| play
WaterburyPirate Barrington Levy-Black Heart Man Dub
WaterburyPirate Gang Of Four-It's Her Factory (EMI 45 UK B-side)
WaterburyPirate Gregory Issacs-My Time (Dub)
WaterburyPirate Creation Rebel-Space Movement Section 7 (Starship Africa 1978)

Creation Rebel: Space Movement Section 7 (Starship Africa 1978 UK Space Dub Reggae)

| play
WaterburyPirate The Lurkers-Out In The Dark (1979) from God's Lonely Men.
WaterburyPirate Generation X-Heavens Inside (Chrysalis UK 1980) from Kiss Me Deadly.
WaterburyPirate The Rolling Stones-No Expectations (Decca UK 1968) from Beggar's Banquet.
WaterburyPirate The Adverts-I Looked At The Sun (RCA 1979) from Cast Of Thousands.
WaterburyPirate The Comsat Angels-Now I Know (Polydor 1982) from Fiction.
WaterburyPirate The Beatles-Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Apple 1968)

The Beatles: Happiness is a warm gun

| play
WaterburyPirate Magazine-Feed The Enemy (Virgin 1979) from Second Hand Daylight.
WaterburyPirate Zounds-Demystification (1981) from Curse Of The Zounds and also issued as a 45.


| play
WaterburyPirate Peter Hammill-Fogwalking (1980) from A Black Box.
WaterburyPirate Peter Hammill-Central Hotel (Virgin 1981) from Sitting Targets.
WaterburyPirate Peter Hammill-Sitting Targets (1981) from Sitting Targets.
WaterburyPirate Eric Burdon & The Animals-Orange & Red Beams (1968) from The Twain Shall Meet.

Eric Burdon & The Animals-Orange And Red Beams(1968)

| play
WaterburyPirate Eric Burdon & The Animals-Closer To The Truth (1968)
WaterburyPirate The Fall-English Scheme (1980) from Grotesque
WaterburyPirate The Mothers Of Invention-You Didn't Try To Call Me (Verve 1966) from Freak Out.
WaterburyPirate The Mothers Of Invention-I'm Not Satisfied (Verve 1966)
WaterburyPirate Echo And The Bunnymen-All That Jazz (live 1981) from Shine So Hard.


| play
WaterburyPirate The Riot Squad-I Take It We're Through (Pye 45 UK 1966) great mod/soul group with several 45's for Pye, Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell was onboard.
WaterburyPirate The Jet Black Berries-Charles Darwin's Dream (ex-members on New Math outta of Rochester, New York)
WaterburyPirate The Outsiders-Filthy Rich (Relax Records Holland 1967)

OutsidersFilthy Rich

| play
WaterburyPirate The Lee Kings-On My Way (1966) Swedish group, great early Who soundalike!

The Lee Kings , On My Way

| play
WaterburyPirate The Artwoods-What Shall I Do (Parlophone 45 UK 1967) London R&B combo that featured Art Wood, Jon Lord and Keef Hartley.

The Artwoods ~ What Shall I Do ~ Parlophone Single (1967)

| play
WaterburyPirate The Music Machine-The People In Me (Original Sound 1966)
WaterburyPirate New Math-They Walk Among You (415 Records 1981) Rochester, New York group who later changed their name to The Jet Black Berries.
WaterburyPirate The Bonniwell Machine-Bottom Of The Soul (WB 45 USA 1967)
WaterburyPirate Echo & The Bunnymen-Fuel (Korova 45 UK 1982 B-side)


| play
WaterburyPirate Iggy Pop & James Williamson-Kill City (1977)

Iggy Pop and James Williamson Kill City.wmv

| play
WaterburyPirate The Pretty Things-London Town (Fontana UK 1965)
WaterburyPirate The Daily Flash-Jack Of Diamonds (Parrot 45 USA 1966) Seattle group who spent time in the Haight!
WaterburyPirate The Missing Links-You're Drivin' Me Insane (Phillips 45 Australia 1966) One of Australia's wildest groups ever!
WaterburyPirate The Saints-No Time (Fatal Records 45 Australia 1976 B side) flipside to I'm Stranded.

The Saints-No Time (1976 orginal version)

| play
WaterburyPirate The Aints-A Good Soundtrack (Hot Records Australia 1995) Ed Kuepper of The Saints 90's side project.

The Aints : A good soundtrack

| play
WaterburyPirate Tame Impala-Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind (2010) Exciting new group from Perth, Western Australia, from their LP InnerSpeaker.
WaterburyPirate The Sound-Heartland (Korova 1980) from Jeopardy
WaterburyPirate Second Layer-Definition Of Honour (1981)
WaterburyPirate Cabaret Voltaire-Your Agent Man (1981) from Sluggin' For Jesus EP.
WaterburyPirate Cabaret Voltaire-Silent Command (Rough Trade UK 1979)
WaterburyPirate Iggy Pop & James Williamson-I Got Nothing (Bomp 1977) from Kill City.
WaterburyPirate The Doors-I Can't See Your Face In My Mind (Elektra 1967) from Strange Days.
WaterburyPirate The Gun Club-Bad America (Animal 1984) from The Las Vegas Story.
WaterburyPirate The Sleepers-Los Gatos (Adolescent 1981) from Painless Nights.

The SleepersLos Gatos

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WaterburyPirate The Electric Prunes-Little Olive (Reprise 45 USA 1966 B-side) flipside to Ain't It Hard. RIP Mark Tulin.

Electric Prunes

| play
WaterburyPirate Them-Friday's Child (Major Minor 45 UK 1967 B-side)
WaterburyPirate Raw Material-Time & Illusion (Evolution 45 UK 1969) UK Prog band who issued two albums circa 1970-1971
WaterburyPirate The Rats-Spoonful (Oak 45 UK 1964) Mick Ronson's early group from Hull, England.

The Rats-Spoonful

| play
WaterburyPirate Procol Harum-Rambling On (Regal Zonophone 1968) from Shine On Brightly.
WaterburyPirate Jefferson Airplane-Let Me In (RCA 1966) from Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.
WaterburyPirate The Seeds-No Escape (GNP Crescendo 1966) from The Seeds.

The SeedsNo Escape

| play
WaterburyPirate Cabaret Voltaire-No Escape (1979) from Mix Up.

Cabaret Voltaire: No Escape

| play
WaterburyPirate Dead Meadow-What Needs To Be (2008) from Old Growth.
WaterburyPirate Eddie Harris-Silver Cycles (Atlantic 1969) from Silver Cycles.

Eddie HARRIS "Silver Cycles" (1969)

| play
WaterburyPirate Comets On Fire-Pussyfoot The Duke (2004) from Blue Cathedral.
WaterburyPirate Art-Love Is Real (Island UK 1967) Art changed their name to Spooky Tooth in 1968, this if from Supernatural Fairy Tales (their only LP.)

artlove is real

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