WickedCupid This is really cool,, like it alot. tyrb. @Metaphra: "Dubstep and Rock" (reblip)
WickedCupid Haven't heard this one before, nice. tyrb @Alvaroxx: "Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall..." (reblip)
WickedCupid Wow, this is a really prttey cover. tyrb @Nani1982: "@ladycatlady i really like Jem´s one too!" (reblip)
WickedCupid Nice! Never heard this before. Greatness, tyrb :)@ForlornHope: "Come on, you know you wanna..." (reblip)

ScandyTouch It

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WickedCupid I am oop for you. But liked your Chem.Bros. and this. Good picks. Keep it up:) @Feminomaly (reblip)
Gypsylyn ~ You are a Pirate, I am a Princess ~ Play Radio Play ~ :-)
WickedCupid Never heard this before. Very cool, tyrb @faithlesshaze (reblip)

EmmonLips on Fire

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WickedCupid Personal Jesus [The Stargate Mix] – Depeche Mode. Very cool remix.
WickedCupid Wow, nice! Very nice man! tyrb@Fortharrison: "The Beautiful Girls ~ Girl, Lately Things Have Been Changing" (reblip)
WickedCupid This is a cool and mellow mashup. Worth checking out. Massive Attack vs Lenny Kravits vs Justin Timberlake. Give it a listen, you'll see what I mean;)
iMickeyD TYSM! was stunned you'd rb'd this, it's an honor! rb@LindyLuv: "this is a beautiful song with wonderful imagery ~ such talent, thanks RB@iMickeyD" (reblip)

Michael David Sherwood-MindlessEncounter

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WickedCupid Another really good one. tyrb, loving your music:) @emilybear: "day after day" (reblip)
WickedCupid oop for you, but really pretty. Me likes, tyrb @Feminomaly: "let's trance it up too" (reblip)
WickedCupid Nice! tyrb @blipstarz_: "Betty Blowtorch - Shut Up And Fuck vi@sabragirl" (reblip)

Shut Up and fuck By Betty Blowtorch w/ Lyrics

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WickedCupid Well if it isn't The @Feminomaly !!! How you be today? This is actually kind of a cool song. No hinting though;)
WickedCupid Nice, tyrb :) @Mysterymix: "Play me a sad song That's what I want to hear. I want you to make me cry. I want to remember the places that we. (reblip)
Alvaroxx De nada Señor!:) RB @nitologic: "gracias :) rb Alvaroxx: "Dan Mangan – Till I Fall..."" (reblip)
WickedCupid tyrb @MartinaHunter: "@Hanai: "Tender is my heart, it's screwing up my life ... Lord i need to find someone who can heal my mind."" (reblip)


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WickedCupid You have that, and more;) Hope you are enjoying your weekend. tyrb @Unaturalsoul: "......I Have Boom Boom......." (reblip)
WickedCupid This is TOTALLY a reblip. This rocks! So glad to see you Lil:)@lillianwong: "Felix Da Housecat – Like Something 4 Porno (Teenage Bad Girl Remix)" (reblip)
WickedCupid Another one worth an rb, ty. @lillianwong: "Nine Inch Nails – Fist Fuck [Remixed By J.G. Thirwell]" (reblip)
WickedCupid That's a reblip. Ty, to u both@Totengraeber: "thanks :D@EvilBlackAngel: "You get from me a little *kiss*instead of props. rb @Totengraeber: " (reblip)
WickedCupid Before I leave, that is a reblip. Now, Happy 4th to all. Later friends. @DamnTheMan: "I see an amazing farm gal with a heart of gold :) rb@Angie74: (reblip)
WickedCupid Nice! I could've used this song a couple of weeks ago. tyrb @faithlesshaze: "@obz I refuse to even rb that or give it a listen. The title tells me all (reblip)


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WickedCupid tyrb @skunk63: "Sui Generis Umbra – eXecutrix" (reblip)
WickedCupid mmm-hmmmm, subtle, but very nicely done;) @EvilBlackAngel: "Built for Pleasure (T-Graeber)" (reblip)
WickedCupid Great song,, and great video! Love the cakes and what happens next:) tyrb @lillianwong: "Acid Girls – Lightworks (Official Music Video)" (reblip)
lillianwong LOL should have known you would like this one my dear!! :))) @CupidsLament: "Great song,, and great video! Love the cakes and what happens next:) (reblip)
WickedCupid Good luck! No mercy, no quarter, and no pain but for your opponent. None. @Feminomaly: (reblip)
WickedCupid My sentiments exactly;) tyrb @faithlesshaze: "Bon soir blippe! :P" (reblip)
WickedCupid oop 4U but have liked everything you've blipped today. Outstanding music! tyrb, and some bloody kisses ;)@EvilBlackAngel: "Saints And Sinners" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel Things To Come [War Changes Nothing Mix]

Informatik -Things To Come [War Changes Nothing Mix] (1998)

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WickedCupid Nice. Haven't heard this b4. I like this, tyvm @Feminomaly: "@me"// #OhMy That must go in the #forseducing category." (reblip)
WickedCupid Oh my God this is too fuckin' cool! Total reblip! @Feminomaly (reblip)

-WP I Am Ironman ( Dubstep Remix )

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WickedCupid I know, right? Not as sweet and pure as I let on. Deceptive, aren't I? >;)~@Feminomaly: "@CupidsLament // Debauched? You? No! I don't believe it." (reblip)
WickedCupid Goodevening ;) tyvm @nicavieira: "Good evening, sweeties! @Alavroxx @by_starla @me "Just like the rock in my hand you don't understand"" (reblip)
nicavieira @by_starla Yes, me too.I'm saying my prayers already.Bad foot gone good,pls.Bsides,July is our vacation month.It's way 2wrong being injured at home.
WickedCupid Niiiiiiiiice! I am likin' this alot, tyvm sweetheart:) @Feminomaly: "@CupidsLament // Guilty!" (reblip)
WickedCupid Yeah that is for certain. Good pick. tyrb @Feminomaly: "@me // You've not played a thing I haven't liked. We're just dialed. :)" (reblip)
WickedCupid O que ove darling:) @DarkLady

Spiderbait Black Betty

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WickedCupid I like this very much. What a pretty waltz. I am thinking things 2 tyvm;) @nicavieira: @me I like that one very much as well.What about this one here? (reblip)
WickedCupid tyvm :) @secret_garden: " Why is Angel Ariel related to the numbers 4 and 6? @keithold @MyAngels @Lilynight @DarkLady @me @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)

SohaCafé Bleu

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WickedCupid This is cool, I like this alot :)@DarkLady: "#portugueseband :) @me: "Right here. Still too far away though;) joking :)@ (reblip)
WickedCupid OMG, no I haven't. But tysvm, how could you tell? I relate with so much of this. This is outstanding! @DJCZ: "have you heard this one @,e (reblip)
WickedCupid Truer than I'd care to admit. Still good song tyvmrb @TenebraeDominae: "David Fonseca- Hold Still ...The lonely people here,They throw lonely stares.. (reblip)
nicavieira A song that I love for a beloved chef @CupidsLament <3
renothespinner Seal ~ Crazy [A Cappella Mix]
WickedCupid Now this is cool. A propper and really god distraction for me. tyvmrb @DJCZ (reblip)
WickedCupid Very cool, tyrb.@Naestopaz: "w00t! Congrats!@AvidEyeZenIll: "Scientist – Night Of The Living Dead ... lol I resurrected the macbook oddly... (reblip)
WickedCupid Never heard this before untill now. Very cool, I like this alot. tyvmrb :) @DJCZ (reblip)
WickedCupid This is greatness. I really like them now. tyvm :) @DJCZ: "this is my fav by them @me" (reblip)
WickedCupid oop for you. Very hot, tyvmrb :) @alekr2o: "The Engine Room – A Perfect Lie... #hot" (reblip)
alekr2o Massive Attack - Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval (Gui Boratto Remix)... #hot
alekr2o Brothertiger – Feel... #hot
alekr2o Royksopp – Remind Me... #hot

RoyksoppRemind Me

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faithlesshaze yw@WickedCupid: "I LOOOOVE this version! I have looked for it on here and could never find it, and you did. TYVMRB :) @faithlesshaze" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I've seen this before, that dude is trippy vi@Angie74: ....this vid is mesmerizing! (forgive me the dubsteps @DJrythaman #DTM @betomo17 @BattLady)" (reblip)


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WickedCupid Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Jamie Woon Remix)
lillianwong scratch it up DJs!! ~ Nitro & Glycerin – Sexplosive (Album Preview)
WickedCupid Wow! This is really cool :) @InnerRhythm: "Thanks for the Zombies blip@99thFloor You might like this one too @me" (reblip)


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WickedCupid I like this. I can always count on you for new and cool music. tyvm @DJCZ: "Louder Thaη Words (Sad Mix by Paul Udarov)" (reblip)

Louder Than Words (Sad Mix by Paul Udarov)

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WickedCupid Great remix of an already cool song. tyrb :) @DJCZ: "Number 1 (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Maiη Remix)" (reblip)
WickedCupid Yep. tyvmrb @DJCZ: "cause im not over you......" (reblip)

Trust Company Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics

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WickedCupid Nice find. I love their work on that soundtrack, tyrb @katost: "Daft Punk – Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix)" (reblip)
WickedCupid Glad to see you:) How are you today? @gypsybug
DjLerica Depeche Mode versus VNV Nation ~ Epicentre In Your Eyes
WickedCupid Thanks! Will look for it:) @rumplemixin: "czerny will def. help you get your fingers back into shape! @me, good luck... (reblip)
WickedCupid Very nice rendition, good find tyrb @Dancer12: "☆ ¸. * ● ¸. ★ °. *. • ○ ° ★.* ● ¸. ★ °. ¸ ★. ° ☆ ¸. * ¸. ★ ° ¸. ★ °. ¸ ★. °nite...when music stops (reblip)
WickedCupid You know you made my eyes burn, tyvmrb@cohetes: "!!!" (reblip)
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