VanillaJ Did you never worry that I'd come to depend on you?

Sam BrownStop

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doodah Even if Rolling Stone mag left this song out of it's Top 500, one of the great R&R song of all time! Ask folks in The Netherlands! (reblip)
doodah Since this is the 50th anniv of "The Day the Music Died" here's the timely & timeless commemorative tune by Villanova Univ's most famous drop-out. (reblip)
doodah Just added this to Blip data base. Karmadale blues legend performs this soul classic LIVE at benefit for REAL Blues brothers killed in car crash.
Womanist This has always made me feel peaceful, particularly when I played it on the piano.


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Womanist Another one of my favorites to play. I'm not even going to get started on the ragtime music - right now, anyway.
Womanist The wisdom of living life.

Alanis Morissette - You Learn

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GR8FL hope this great song is complete by Sophie B. Hawkins!


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Womanist Voice like silk.

Sophie B Hawkins (spirit of73) #22 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

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doodah Wise words to the class of 97 & the rest of us. Lyrics here: (reblip)
doodah for @Womanist ...Pinch me / Try to see the world beyond your front door / Pinch me / Try to figure out what all this is for.
doodah Blip 2 Twitter: "after all that i've been through / I ain't tryin' to lose / gotta make my move and groove / everything i can." (reblip)
doodah "If you've got the secret, just try not to blow it!" Great song from OLM film soundtrack by Alan Price.


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GR8FL r/b @patita one of my Aerosmith favorites... (reblip)
doodah Continuing w/ the unflinching vision and visceral voice of William Elliott Whitmore. .... "When life throws a punch .... take it on the chin."
m2ederson Herb Alpert – Rise -Great Blip @Ruben! (reblip)

Herb AlpertRise

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Womanist You know who you are - had to reblip this for you. Thanks to modern technology...I know that right @voss! (reblip)
hajoni the answer to all these questions;) thx@Womanist (reblip)

Susan TedeschiTrue

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BellaTuk e nao vou no show =~~ *dies*


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GR8FL @bronco_bob thank you... blip is not behaving for me, so I finally saw your blip. :)
doodah che dire... not the Everly Brothers, but more than 140 words wld be needed to properly praise this excellent cover. (reblip)
doodah ... Google translation fails to do justice to the Italian, I'm sure, but this song is more than words. (reblip)

Gianna Nannini - I maschi

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hajoni more bliping tonight, because - they're coming... ;)
mystwitch vi@RonnieBebop ... [I love it!] ;~)[time to sleep-blip on friends!] (reblip)
coloured I really L O V E this song!! 4@all .. yes :) me as well :) hi @smiley thanks for this moment .. (reblip)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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briangreene reading the Guardian btw. The Blind Leading The Blind
olumi_day Labi Siffre – My Song /// goodnight everyone. thx for props/blips/new listeners.

Labi SiffreMy Song

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Womanist It seems that a lot of people have kissing on their minds @doodah @olumide_e, @estrogen @KathysArt ...Yes, well, sometimes it takes {song title}. (reblip)
doodah Need an inspirational rap? "No more waiting for what fate may be creating" (No World Order, 1993)
doodah Heard Chris play last night in St. L ... He said he wrote this song years ago in St.L, after a low-attendance gig. In this song he's on top form.
doodah You came along to change the grade / To raise the bar I'd made of late ... We're just blind pilots / In strange planes ... (reblip)
doodah From Synecdoche, NY ... great movie, awesome song. (reblip)
doodah Pour some Twitter? On your browser, on your phone, on your desktop, you're never alone. Happy Friday, Tweeps! Thnx @SarahFields (reblip)


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doodah To my fellow Tweeps >> You're No One If You're Not On Twitter. . . . @Gaz50 exists! (reblip)
doodah Even if it's not your birthday, you'll ♡♡♡ this song. For @Womanist who shares today's birthday w/ @Cosmika (reblip)
doodah At age 16, Jewel traveled from Michigan to San Diego, then hitchhiked around Mexico where she wrote this song. (reblip)
doodah An incredible voice and a great song for an afternoon slow dance (ask @Womanist). :-) thanx @pierregrimm (reblip)
doodah Deep Forest is a 2 man group known for "ethno-introspective ambient world music." This night bird sez good night. (reblip)
doodah Ben Folds cover of the The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" takes it to greater heights! (reblip)
doodah "This is hell, it never gets better or worse ... But you get used to it, after a spell ... 'cause heaven is hell in reverse." My 2nd fave Elvis C song
doodah "Maybe be one day we'll all be telling peace stories to our children, god willing, all over the world." Jonell makes it seem poss.
crispast dance with me a last dance.. for tonight..
Womanist Dad used to sing this one to me.
Womanist Dad used to sing this one to me too.


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Womanist We wanna stay the way we are, the way we've been for far too the lifeless corners of this empty frame.
aksarah Going to have to bring this on my MT trip.
doodah Good song for #followfriday on twitter, so check out @Womanist, @beerphilosopher, @kellythomas and @lowercase_dave (my alter ego)


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doodah Haddaway's 1993 hit "What Is Love" (later used in classic SNL sketch) got another surge in popularity last yr after being used in a Pepsi commercial. (reblip)

Haddaway-What is Love?

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Womanist "Only for a moment and the moment's gone...just a drop of water in an endless sea...nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky."
doodah Jack Johnson - Wasting Time: "If we already knew everything that everybody knows / We would have nothing to learn tonight." (reblip)
doodah Guitar sounds outa sync at first, but Idol winner-up sings the hell outa this one. Move over Sam Cooke, make room for Adam Lambert! (reblip)
Womanist thanks for this version @estrogen (reblip)


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doodah yo @dapperradiocolumbiasc Stevie Wonder ruled mid-70's - mid-80s w/ tunes like this from "Songs in the Key of Life" ('76); then along came Prince. ;-) (reblip)

Stevie WonderAs

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Womanist I hear ya @doodah: "Jack Johnson - Wasting Time: "If we already knew everything that everybody knows / We would have nothing to learn tonight."" (reblip)
doodah Prince & NPG w/Rosie Gaines - PUSH "until you get to higher ground. /You're never too young /you're never too old /Don't stop until your goal." Great!
lilwldchld @Suzed Now that would be nice.. :-D


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lilwldchld Touch me once and it's all hazy....
doodah some lyrical compassion from Erik Schrody, aka Everlast – "What It's Like" (1998) ...theme music for the tv series "Saving Grace." (reblip)
doodah Another take on Romance - from Out of Season (2002) by Portishead frontwoman Beth Gibbons and former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb. (reblip)
JackandDianne Devil Went Down To Afphganistan

Charlie Daniels Band "Devil Went Down to Georgia" Opry Live

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doodah Frou Frou recorded a special cover version of "Holding Out For A Hero" for the Shrek 2 soundtrack, played at end credits. (reblip)
doodah Lookng 4 a b'day song for my grandaughter, found this gem. A little too "grown up" 4 her, but funny. ;-) by Arrogant Worms
doodah @DesertLily One Nick Drake song deserves another: "the greatest English love song of modern times"... w/ JJ Cale helping out on organ, piano, celesta.
doodah charming 2007 single frm Fields (London-based indie band): "Fate fragile in our hands / Protected in our homes / Hide them while they're still alive." (reblip)
doodah Kt Tunstall sang "Suddenly I See" at 2006 BRIT Awards, the year she won Best British Solo Artist. (reblip)
lilwldchld Other link didn't work... hate it when that happens...
estrogen visitez les yé-yé....
wow2000 music ★★★★ Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark
doodah Great lyrics by a master, so many reasons for "Pacing the cage." ... Bruce sang this on recent eTown appearance.
doodah Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols can be heard in sevrl films & phone ad. 4@Womanist @vin_de_candy @daring_darren @cracey_stacey @Catgut @Prof50s (reblip)
doodah another blip in The Rain bucket. @DesertLily
lilwldchld Why'd you have to be so cute it's impossible to ignore you...... Goodnight :-) (reblip)

MewithoutYou-In a Sweater Poorly Knit

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Womanist "Oh I wish you well, And I wish you well...Well, well, well" @doodah (reblip)
MaggyTheBrave My admiration for Band of Horses is reaching dangerous heights. rb@Gen2: "RB vi@bizzarelove" (reblip)
doodah In early 2009, "Weakest Shade of Blue" from the Pernice Brothers' album Yours, Mine & Ours was featured in a Sherwin-Williams paint tv ad in the US. (reblip)
doodah Never say 'Never' Yusuf! "I listen to my words but /they fall far below. I let my music take me where /my heart wants to go." - Cat Stevens - The Wind
doodah LInda Perry and 3 other Non Blondes asked "What's going on" in their 1992 debut album "Bigger, Better, Faster, More." (reblip)
doodah Emily Haines asks "Who'd you rather be? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? ... Come on, baby, play me something /Like, 'Here Comes the Sun.'" (reblip)
doodah Lightning Crashes - (dedicated to dead victims of senseless violence) by the alt-rock group Live on 1994 album, Throwing Copper. bliptip@SpinningDiscs (reblip)
doodah Tequila - David Sanborn ... So hot, almost makes want to have a shot! lol (reblip)
OneLuvGurl Mariah Carey vs. The Supremes vs. U2 vs. The Beatles #mashup
Womanist Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease? @sheryonstone (reblip)


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melpimenta @Atomik: "i dont feel like driving so please..."thanx and hi ;) (reblip)

DMX KrewCome To Me

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doodah @Echo_L: "This still is not right. Fellow blipper's, if you ever want to find "The Eeel's – Goddamn Right It's A Beautiful Day" search Beck." (reblip)
doodah Pink Floyd - Fearless - on Meddle (1971) "Go down in your own way /And everyday is the right day." ... Liverpool F.C. choir joins in at the end. (reblip)

Pink FloydFearless

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Womanist Thanks for this one @OneLuvGurl: "Mariah Carey vs. The Supremes vs. U2 vs. The Beatles #mashup" (reblip)
doodah The Clash - London Calling - ranked LC #8 on Rolling Stone list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (up to 2003). @lilyetc may think it should b higher (reblip)
lostinsuburbia Death Cab For Cutie – Your Heart Is an Empty Room
mystwitch vi@liminal: "Tracy Chapman ~ All That You Have Is Your Soul"[this is so true!] (reblip)
rachidkas This is my fav-Nice Sunday.. @fyrebyrd: "thanks @crispast: hope you slept well :)" (reblip)
rkmonkey she is here... hola @BarbieRay Santana Carlos – She's Not There
Womanist Thanks @estrogen: "hello, blipheads! have a wonderful day!" (reblip)
lilwldchld I find myself alone and thinking just of you. You got me dancin'......

Chris IsaakDancin'

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dutchovenmulligatawny //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
dutchovenmulligatawny //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
TaxiBob It's a long story Mike. Thank you for your concern and support. Tell Sally that I'm doing laundry, making a spinach salad and writing. @MikeattheMike
TaxiBob @MikeattheMike & @BlueJeanBaby : Organic spinach, red onion, baby bella mushrooms, one chopped egg, fresh feta cheese, a spoonful of Marie's spinach
TaxiBob I'm truly grateful for all of my friends. You all make this journey thru life worthwhile.

Natalie Merchant Life is Sweet

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dutchovenmulligatawny /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
mystwitch Early I know, but time to go....Leaving you with [Shudder To Think _Appalachian Lullaby] Thanks for the great blips!
MaggyTheBrave Rush of dream, leave in peace, let me be.

DovesSea Song

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TaxiBob @wetfootblues we aren't all bricks in the wall all the time.
4Fl [ ♫ ] SPIRITUALIZED - Baby I'm Just A Fool
Radiobread amazing.. "Neville Brothers - Ain't No Sunshine"
doodah The Verve... "it's a 'Bittersweet Symphony' this life, trying to make ends meet. /You're a slave to money, then you die." Alright now, everybody... (reblip)
MaggyTheBrave :) @LEM_40: "@NurseSpunk @urlgirl @J2ad @aebar "There's a chance I'll start to wonder, if this was the thing to do..."" (reblip)
Womanist "The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride. I smile up to the sky, I know I'll be alright."

Pocket Full Of Sunshine (Mix it Up Remix)

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Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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Womanist "And I need something to help me sleep when I know that you're not good for me..."


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tinearaujo Christine - Siouxsie and the Banshees


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Womanist @doodah, "Rest your soul here and you'll find we are the energy..."
doodah Start with the Ending - Just heard David Wilcox perform this song on KINK-FM Live Weekend.

David Wilcox performs "Start with the ending" at WDVX

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Womanist "Our eyes are always open devoted to perfection through silence."

Tom Jones-If He Should Ever Leave You *** NEW!!

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lilwldchld Lying beside you, here in the dark, feeling your heart beat with mine.... sigh... love it. Classic Journey
ellendiane Hi there- hope all is well:) Belle&Sebastian -She's Losing It... (reblip)
WithOutMakeUp nice! Ty@SpinDizzy: "Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (reblip)

Aretha Franklin Until You Come Back to Me

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