SeanMurphy i'm too much with myself...i wanna be someone else.
lincolnb In this day and age with all the crap that is happening to are country We better work together

Canned Heat Let's work together

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Christmas Music: "Emanuel", Blackmore's Night

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WorldWideWacOblivious PrestonBush=profiteeringWWII:helped fund covert military build up Nazi's/held equity as gold for companies like I.G. Farben... George I & II same sdd


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The Pogues-Love you till the end

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WorldWideWacOblivious If you like this: I saw Herby Hancock/Jack DeJonette/Dave Holland&Pat Methany Live they got together put out 1CD & went on Tour as 'Parallel Lines'

César Chávez Legacy "This Land Needs Picket Signs/X MiX"

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giesebrecht U2 – "DESIRE" Live from Slane Castle - 2001

Ajde Jano Nigel Kennedy and Kroke version

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ElementsOfJazz #jazzfff ~ Billie Holiday performing "Don't Explain" Live

Billie Holiday-Don't Explain (Live)

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FitzgeraldKC Wynton Marsalis "Go Tell It On The Mountain" #jazz << Love this song. (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious So good & relevant I had to put 1 of the earlier versions on as well, complete lyrics of orginial Richard Holler song available via your search engine

Dion DiMucci ,Abraham Martin and John

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WorldWideWacOblivious oblivious even to what happened on REICHSTAG 911.. bush clinton bush clinton (hand-puppet Prez Oblivious)TREASON IS NOT PATRIOTISM...WAR IS NOT PEACE
WorldWideWacOblivious Wisdom teaches us it is not what we learn about the world that makes us's what we unlearn...and what we are willing to question...

U2 Bad (Wide Awake in America version) live in 1985

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WorldWideWacOblivious Better without the propaganda images...a song destined to have only greater relevancy in the future...let's work to make it less relevant in our time
WorldWideWacOblivious We'll kick things off paying homage to the originator....always a good thing...

Lou ReedSweet Jane

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WorldWideWacOblivious Welcome to World Wide WacOblivious....enjoy the hors d’ oeuvres...just don't miss the feast...
WorldWideWacOblivious Manlichter Carbine...low velocity, NOT High enough velocity required for destruction we saw Brake Lights... ON ....Semper Fidelis
WorldWideWacOblivious Peter, Robert, & Bunny at they're best...

Bob Marley & The Wailers- Stir It Up

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WorldWideWacOblivious Censored Version:See what your government is 'protecting you' from while they herd & milk you like cattle then slaughter you in the next Reichstag 911

Public Enemy: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

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WorldWideWacOblivious howLongShallTheyKillOurProphetsWhileWeStandAside&LookSomeSay ItsJustAPartOf itWeHaveToFulfillTheBook Lincoln/JFK/MLK/RFK/Evers/Malx/SBiko who's next?

Peter GabrielBiko

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WorldWideWacOblivious I'll slaughter and eat a problem: as far as ammendments go my favourite's always been the second...go John Brown
WorldWideWacOblivious win election...dem trick me...

DAMIAN MARLEY Welcome To Jam Rock

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WorldWideWacOblivious Remember:300Firefighters/3000InnocentAmericans MASS MURDERED on Reichstag911/Afghan&Iraqis butchered in war4profit since... Treason IS NOT Patriotism

Gregory Isaacs-Slave Master

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WorldWideWacOblivious ...what else needs be said....

Dem Ha Fe Get A Beatin'

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WorldWideWacOblivious Go Raibh maith agat, dearthair Adam Sweet agus Celticado Ta se suille Liam Brent Ceallaigh...World Wide Waco
WorldWideWacOblivious them who would sacrifice liberty in the hopes of gaining security...belongs to them NEITHER. B. Franklin (reblip)
Choonks Ladies and Gentlemen...w/o further comes the- Sultans of Swing...Enjoy!!!" 'em...too kewl. (reblip)
giesebrecht The Promise – Tracy Chapman
WorldWideWacOblivious is war on terror: a war against a nation state for a causus belli or police action against those individuals who committ crime &should a pop. suffer? (reblip)
CargoCulte @DependableSkeleton This reminds me of my family, or at least the amounts of whiskey I'll be consuming during the holidays!

The Pogues Streams Of Whiskey

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WorldWideWacOblivious able was not struck down by a stranger-he was able: a stranger could not get over on him/he was struck down by 1 close to him...1 who could get close

RARE-Morrissey-10 We hate when our friends become succesful ,31 October 1991

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WorldWideWacOblivious To 4 my listeners: ladyboru/Liberality/CUBABOY/RadioFreeBoston/croxx & a couple I let hang out cause they got good hearts: giesebrecht & fiddleworld

Soul AsylumMisery

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WorldWideWacOblivious @SelektaKingJah: 2 much planting watering growing of BUSH weed, not enough hacking down & smoking of it/change change change- more like a singalong (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious @rico: "John Fitzgerald" sorry rico no credits will hook you up when I get the the ska (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious for: the black nadir to refresh your link...the original
WorldWideWacOblivious G'night all listeners &those who gave props &even all those who didn't.Jesus: ther is no other name& no other love supreme/except of course coltrane's

a love supreme John Coltrane Psalm

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WorldWideWacOblivious @Greenfields47:When are they going to CHANGE the lyrics of this1to: Afghanistan, Afghanistan:It's a hit already & the writer hasn't picked up his pen (reblip)

Jimmy CliffVietnam

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WorldWideWacOblivious @mizdemeanor: u must of checked in after I left to watch the football game...thanks for the props, sorry 4 the delay... (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious @rico: F#!*K disco...ska is the ONLY dance music: here's proof, get your girl and see for yourselves...leave the lie embrace the truth... (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious @Greenfields47:if this keeps up I'll have to make you my banker.See movie 'Children ofaLesser God'(deaf kids) this in soundtrack,good movie-great song (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious @Greenfields47: outstanding video & song...last post(re-blip): song(sicut) had a great soundtrack, u might like it (reblip)

Lou BegaTricky tricky

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WorldWideWacOblivious We care a lot about you people, about your guns about the wars you're fighting gee that looks like fun
WorldWideWacOblivious a song appropriate for the 'brave new world' we are subjected to today... Rheostatics...were a great band...sad to see them go...

Record Body Count by Rheostatics

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WorldWideWacOblivious if you know mormons(read'morons on LSD')then uknow how they came up wit this song:if u know kkk/CDI/blackwater/silverstein=911 then know mormonsthere2
WorldWideWacOblivious remember Apache Records and the riot grrrllls...Kim Deol and the breeders: canonball, still fresh...
WorldWideWacOblivious 'tis the thing that ever came out of ohio state...go Notre Dame
WorldWideWacOblivious actually it'sShaneMcGown&the'Pogues':pogue is Irish=kiss/originally band called pogue m'hones-that is kiss my arse/theyHad2drop M'hone damn censors (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious 4 radiofreeboston: ageless voice, Robert Fripp played guitar on the original, Gabriel sounds exactly the same as he did on the this song
WorldWideWacOblivious @KenArmstrong: great band, haven't heard in a while thanks for the reminder, Siochan (reblip)

The Waterboys : A Man Is In Love

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WorldWideWacOblivious @ClaireBoyles: it may not be co-incidental that everone who listens to the cure likes Monty Python (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious maith, an mhaith uisce, go deimhin- deartháir agus deirfiúr

Waterboys This is the Sea

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vanbytheriver R Great Taste! @Angie74:Glad you guys liked it! :) @vanbytheriver:RB Acoustic shows the true soul of a song @DjDiddlesSkittle:Love acoustic @Angie74 (reblip)

She Talks to Angels (Acoustic...Rare)

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WorldWideWacOblivious @TrainWreckRadio: LOL I saw the movie when it was released and forgot about that scene...hysterical (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious for mizdemeanor , thanks...hope you like Joan, she's awesome

Joan Armatrading-Drop The Pilot

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WorldWideWacOblivious and here she is live...have to see her live sometime...

Joan Armatrading: I 'm Lucky (08/27/1983)

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WorldWideWacOblivious definition of: Lyrical Rythm= Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come/great movie 2(see also jam rock Damien Marley): LOVE THIS TRACK 1 of the GREATEST EVER
WorldWideWacOblivious @sctlndlver:amazing I wanted2findSong could reblip4u:1st album ever:NursreyCrimes-sis gave it2me was like8-hated it but hadonly 1-then grew 2 loved it (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious here it is from 1970-paris...ozzy changes the lyrics a bit but they all fit...songs like this are why rock'n'roll was created- thank you jesus
WorldWideWacOblivious and here is the less we are about to go off to conquest version
WorldWideWacOblivious along the lines of scrooge, you could say this is also a Christmas song-am I out here alone with the skydiggers? no one else likes this band:C'MON MAN
WorldWideWacOblivious ok this doesn't 'exactly' fit asCHRISTMASY(inTradit'l sense-but look TRIO:as in 3 Holy Trinity&we are THERE/ besides I want this played at my funeral
WorldWideWacOblivious Who isn't sleepless christmas eve?

King Crimson Sleepless (Dance mix)

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WorldWideWacOblivious was going to get around to this...beat me to it...thanks (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious this is actually entitled jolie brian eno D.L. has been in the background of some very significant music Wrecking Ball ELH next blip

Daniel LanoisO Marie

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WorldWideWacOblivious Like on the Unforgetable Fire-U2/ Lanois takes an outstanding artist and challenges them to stretch & to develop a new language

Emmylou Harris 'Wrecking Ball'

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WorldWideWacOblivious ...and a live version, next I'll try and find the cameo of her at the 'last waltz' & you can see the impact of Lanois on her music

Emmylou Harris : Wrecking Ball

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WorldWideWacOblivious here is Emmylou Harris from the Last, as striking as the U2 before and after the Unforgetable Fire

Evangeline-The Last Waltz

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WorldWideWacOblivious since I was there...try to dig up some staple sisters while I'm at it...

The BandThe Weight

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WorldWideWacOblivious I'm going2start off with the most popular& c what else is in the archive/I sure wish I knew how to upload content2this site then we'd really be rock'n
WorldWideWacOblivious here we are...knew it had to be there...mavis at her finest...SOAK IT ALL IN...not many voices like that come along each generation

Sit Down Servant-STAPLES

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WorldWideWacOblivious from Mavis2her inspiration:they called her 'mother of Africa' outside of Mary- just might be the mother of us all, her voice was a wonder of the world

mahalia jackson "said he would"

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WorldWideWacOblivious I'm going to end the evening with this song...if you ever want music to fall asleep to: can't top this one

Steal Away-Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole

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WorldWideWacOblivious for Zamorra...welfare reform?...kill the poor...
WorldWideWacOblivious @ShannonGrissom: thanks we need sunshine,sandy beaches, and a carefree spirit sometimes around here at worldwidewacOblivious (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious greenfields47 how on earth can you blip that song without the video, my GOD she is sooooooo beautiful, what a song

SadeBy your side

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WorldWideWacOblivious only fans of JH can really apprerciate this tribute...a little bit of Stevie and a whole lot of master of the instrument to another
WorldWideWacOblivious &counterpnt here is 1u def want2skipvideo 4/chick is certifiably insane/incredible voice though chck out bridge Handle could'veUsed herBack in the day
WorldWideWacOblivious co-incidentally thnks2radiofreeillinois I'm bck where I was lstnght/THEYshouldNEVERhaveTakenTheVery BEST- anyone who knows-Lincoln wasASoutherner:best
WorldWideWacOblivious If we are going to listen to mavis then we have to put on another from Mahalia...just to let you all know...Mahalia = mad props = credits galore
WorldWideWacOblivious ...and let the credits continue to rolllllll on in: even hollywood was rendered dull by her angelic voice-very medium was humbled:her voice rose above
WorldWideWacOblivious I hope you saw the 'wrecking ball' videos that came out after she teamed up with Daniel Lanois, I put them on last night, I'll blip them again- thanks (reblip)

Emmylou Harris : Together Again (1977)

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WorldWideWacOblivious here it is live:I'm not sure if previous video-footage of new orleans after the flood was actual official video for the song-sure works though

Emmylou Harris : Wrecking Ball

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WorldWideWacOblivious Jam of song- stay to end!/check out nevilleBros helping out onCD(acadie)&of course the famous version from sling blade- that CD is the moviesoundtrack
WorldWideWacOblivious Here is the CD track, I'll see if I can dig up the neville bros on amazing grace from that CD...
WorldWideWacOblivious One of the most sampled reggae tunes kick off the reggae set
WorldWideWacOblivious we see a panic in come the upsetter...


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To The Foundation * Dennis Brown & Hugh Brown.

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WorldWideWacOblivious coming at you again, worldwidewacOblivious asks one & all: do you remember REICHSTAG 911: Lincoln...JFK..MLK..RFK..MalX...Medgar Evers...Stephen Biko

Burning Spear-Slavery days

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WorldWideWacOblivious got spirituals...oh yeah...

Jimmy Cliff Many Rivers To Cross Video: 1989 Jamaica -

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Ken Boothe "Moving Away"

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WorldWideWacOblivious ends of never certainly ended suddenly, so much for that archived sample...anyone know how to upload content pls send directions/ I tried & failed

Bob Marley Lively Up Yourself Studio 1974

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WorldWideWacOblivious most definitely cubaboy, most definitely (reblip)

Buju Banton- Only Man- Arab Attack Riddim

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Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott, Coco Tea pt1

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Aswad, give a little love

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DAVE BARKER, Prisoner of love.

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WorldWideWacOblivious unlike real radio stations we can stack different versions back2back all day long, and at worldwidewacOblivious we take advantage of that fact...

Peter Tosh "Legalize It"

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WorldWideWacOblivious here is another of the classic Barker hit...obviously Oblivious can't get enough and like PrezOblivious he doesn't care what you think
WorldWideWacOblivious here's a guy who knew WARwasn'tPEACE/think he would've had hubris2call it 'humble' & accept peace prize for flip flopping on ending an illegal war Nah
WorldWideWacOblivious I'm thinking RE-WRITE...afghanistan, afghanistan....we could REALLY CASH IN....who wants in?!!?

Jimmy CliffVietnam

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Harry Belafonte & Nat King Cole

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WorldWideWacOblivious thanks for listening, keep the great tunes rolling... (reblip)
WorldWideWacOblivious @croxx: thanks for listening, keep the great tunes rolling... (reblip)

Patsy ClineCrazy

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