YaelBeeri she said one blip a day

Beatles - The Long And Winding Road

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YaelBeeri appropriate song for the book I am reading: Blindness.
YaelBeeri i love waking up to her voice, it's like a massage
YaelBeeri first big find in blip, i love her, what a great version
YaelBeeri it's one of these empowering songs
YaelBeeri Seems like a good song pre Inauguration song.
shiraabel Renegade Child - Fatboy Slim Old Skool Edit, yeahhhhh baby.
shiraabel Getting my tuchas motivated for the gym. Now I just need to download all of this to my ipod
jakks i draw the line at christmas songs @CooperHarris take me
gilit Good morning. Reflecting how I feel today. More than a woman.
cosita @ComputerNationRadio have you gotten your truck unfrozen yet? :O and to think i was complaining at -22ºC.
YaelBeeri now if that doesn't get your day going with powerful energies, i wonder what will...
bandini Good morning, @YaelBeeri, and good morning to all. Cold day here in Madrid.
jakks @alexislyon we'll catch up this wknd... lol, see @KDGorgeous on T... btw, my BFF's brother drove an IROC-Z ;) ciao!
AndrewWindham Good Morning Friends,heres a little Blood, Sweat & Tears to let you know that "You've Made ME So VERY HAPPY!"
oudiantebi Just a nice quiet song before I got to sleep.... enjoy
gilit Watching American idol. Oh, baby, I feel the earth move under my feet...
gilit Feeling alone again now that @yosit is on his way to PARIS
gilit @adamben Everywhere you go, always take the weather and our moral support with you, Good-luck!
Orli my Saturday song recommendation (a beautiful one)
cosita last one. good night world.


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bandini I am in love with fridays. Getting out of bed...
bandini Good morning to all. It rains in Spain ;-)

Staying Alive-Bee Gees

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ariherzog It's that time again. Time to go to sleep. Falling asleep to the Counting Crows....
damongarrett @victorhiu Nice one. I'm enjoying the ride so far.
Yarinhochman I love RJD2, and this song is great, it's the Theme from Mad Men
gilit Good morning, @YaelBeeri - this one is for you.
ronenk @YaelBeeri This one is for you...Have a GREAT day and week!
Yarinhochman fairly intense, i think that's why i like it.. Prob one of the most beautiful moving songs ever... (reblip)
lisadamast Not sure why, but started thinking about Cruel Intentions and this song when I was washing dishes
YaelBeeri am blipping again :-) have a lovely week-end and good night
Yarinhochman Just found this awesome song, it was featured in the movie: The Weather Man. Love it !
Kevqtmn "Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty." This was always the closing song played at Masquerade on Thursday nights.
jangles Cat Stevens, great lyrics here.
Orli listening to some Zero7 before I'm calling it off for tonight - soothing (I'm in love with this song)
naor i'm not sure why, but i keep humming that tune
Orli beautiful song for a peaceful Friday
Orli 2 great songs of TTD'Arby, one is relevant, and the other one is just wonderful: http://cli.gs/rain
ronenk Con mucho gusto, hermano. Do you know nick Drake? (and Jeff Buckley? ---> Matt Belamy [Muse]'s voice origin and inspiration)
ronenk @adambn This one is for you.
kaput perfect acoustic arrangement for an acoustic rainy weather
De_Ann @CBSpinner ☺♥ Moonshadow ♥☺ >> sweet blip, love it!!! (reblip)
De_Ann Hi y'all...DeAnn is back! Startin' out with Jethro f'n Tull...."Happy and I'm smiling...." ...peace and a bucket of stars...and 'Living in the Past' (reblip)
De_Ann @tresatresa wrote:I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving you>> I will, Tresa darlin' :-)))) How's your day been? (reblip)
ahoova Whine it up folks... get up and dance

tIANNAWhine Up

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ahoova this reminds me of my earlier years driving home from Jamaica Estates
kfirpravda another great song from a great band - are you going to their gig?
shimonta for cold winter days, nick drake
guy Another amazing acoustic performance by Chris Cornell (reblip)
guy Maybe today is the first day of my life.
ronenk @YaelBeeri feeling good~~~~ (heard this cover?)
amitcb If I told you you were right, Would you take my hand tonight? If I told you the reasons why, Would you leave your life and ride?
sageeb @YaelBeeri no, I didn't. boring stuff, if I may say so myself. but it blipped out his one ---
gilit Just noticed that @YaelBeeri got to 100 listeners on blip (Congratulation!). You can change it... come listen to her!


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viviancohen And now for some inspiration from a magical movie.
idangazit I lie 90 degrees underneath palm trees.

The Fugees-Fu-Gee-La [Refugee Camp Remix][-]

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idangazit A little-known version of the classic "Sway".
idangazit @YaelBeeri here's my fave Nick Drake song, covered by Beck. The true genius of blip: I punch in a track name and unearth lots of covers!
De_Ann LOL, I should have sweet dreams now :-)) @Veronique >DeAnn good night, sleep tight (reblip)
De_Ann THX@charlie_joe >"Got to be a joker he just do what he please..." (reblip)
adamben Mr blue sky!

Elo-Mr Blue Sky

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Orli my #fridaysong to you is 'I Like Chopin' by Gazebo (a real classic one)

20 - Gazebo - I Like Chopin

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amoyal One dance left, this world is gonna pull through....
amoyal I don't want to leave her now, You know I believe in how.
amoyal Must be the clouds in my eyes...
amitcb @Gifty That life seems like light years away... Light years away...
Orli This one goes out to all the ladies - Happy International Women's Day!
guy Do you have to let it linger?
sageeb we can live in fear, extend ourselves to love. we can fall below or lift ourselves above.
sageeb @YaelBeeri - your blip made me think of Singles (the movie). Singles made me think of this one.
brucie after moog - gotta get into the mood
cosita today's going to be happy music friday. sounds good, right?
De_Ann ain't got time to take a fast train...
jakks goodnight after this one anyway ;) (reblip)

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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jakks my favorite pixies song (reblip)

the PixiesHey

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cliffagogo great video to this

Propellerheads - History Repeating

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ariherzog If I had the chance, I'd ask the world to dance..... (reblip)
De_Ann Yep, he is!!! @headphonesymphony Willie Nelson-Always on My Mind. The coolest old man stoner in America. (reblip)
llbarkat For a fantasy, this is rather mournful. But maybe all fantasies have a sorrowful underside. (reblip)
Orli working and listening to some soft music. this song is from the wonderful movie Arthur (1981)
naor and another great one - the beat fits so well to the sky now (reblip)

BjorkPlay Dead

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naor Good Morning all..heard that one on 88fm this morning..
kfirpravda morning with a black and white images and some past memories of old tapes
llbarkat Thanks @bradleyjmoore. I think I understand your ipod now.
amitcb Last blip of the night goes to @YaelBeeri.... Good Night
paulasilva She'll be weak She'll be strong Struggle hard For so long
robot55 no sleep at all last night. yawn. If THIS song can help grimy truckers stay awake, I should b fine. If u don't recognize it go see the Pakinpa film...
robot55 Define Irony: A singer/songwriter who commits suicide using Antidepressants <- Gotta LUV da Drake (reblip)
amitcb I've found a way to make you smile! :-)
cosita okay, so mary j cheers me up. this day needs more... cowbell. (reblip)
jakks RB @AlexSteed: "If that last song was made out of sex, this one is made out of straight lust - @KDGorgeous @jakks @OhAngie @ccmaine" (reblip)

Ciara Ft. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic (Produced by Justin Timberlake And Russ Castella)

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guy Acoustic version of this great STP song (reblip)
gilit When I wake up in the morning and the sun light hurts my eyes
shiralazar great late night listen...
northernchick Listening & smiling at you @YaelBeeri Mumford & Sons
northernchick Listening: beautiful..... Sea song by Lisa Hannigan
AndrewWindham And the final ballad of the night by MS Tori Amos..."Sweet Dreams" friends, make em BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS, & GYNORMOUS transformaional Goals
lirontocker Finally fulfilling my urge from noon to listen to Killing Joke.
shalomcharlie this one is for Richard - he was really into supertramp
Singularity Secretly, you all love this New Order song.
guy When I wake up in the morning and the sun light hurts my eyes (reblip)
NancyClaeys AC_DC - Highway_To_Hell

AC_DC - Highway_To_Hell

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NancyClaeys @star45 Lovely song for Good Friday. :) George Harrison – Give Me Love (reblip)
sharon This has got to be the best, most paranoid song in existence. Love it!
guy I'm easy like Sunday morning.
ronenk @Yosid lol, easy :) I still like you. This one is for you~~
ronenk @YaelBeeri Do not mess with me, precious love. This is for you.
yaelweinstein alanis morissette - Not the Doctor

alanis morissette - Not the Doctor

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RavitLevrann The best cover song EVER!!
ranilavie Time to go to Sleep...Good night and Sweet dreams (;
taltalush Actually, this was the version that I had on my mind... hilarious, taken from the First Wives Club movie (See here - http://tinyurl.com/cr5ymw)
bandini How many times has been listed the reverend as the singer of this wonder. Let´s give credit to Mr Bill Withers.
robot55 this blip goes for our dedicated listener @YaelBeeri ;) best soLongMarianne cover in a while. LC is coming to town!
Ronsho memerising Pretenders all time track !
Ronsho music perfection: Yes – Roundabout (reblip)


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Hilzfuld It is amazing how a song can take on such different meaning depending on where you are in life!
guy Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream (reblip)
NancyClaeys Carly Simon – Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Love Me Theme)
NancyClaeys Sheena Easton – For your eyes only
Paisano One of our favorite Disney songs. Part of Your World.
De_Ann @daihard does age make the clip any less funny? :-) vi@ djLop @Oldies You are always on My Mind... @ladypn @aapstermaan, DeAnn
Yarinhochman Amazing moving song, perfect for today's memorial day here in Israel. And one of my fav songs
Paisano Lucky Man proves The Verve was not a one-hit wonder. Loved how they used it Marley and Me. http://sn.im/luckyman
brooksbayne Al DiMeola & John McLaughlin & Paco De Luca - Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho
naor Good Morning, didn't hear this one for a long time
ahoova Whatever Lola wants...


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Orli Great song by Björk from the film The Young Americans: Play Dead

bjork Play Dead

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brooksbayne Lauryn Hill - Everything Is Everything (reblip)

Lauryn Hill-Everything Is Everything

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JasonPollock Grizzly Bear is one of the Best Brooklyn Bands around... This song rocks!
gilit And I'm getting old... Who's having a birthday?
galm Although I'm not a fan, here's a tribute for last night Depech Mode concert and also for the Pope's visit! Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus
shimonta everything will be all right, Tonight
kfirpravda Why are you so petrified of silence Here can you handle this?
ahoova one of my all time fav billy joel songs...piano man.
ronenk @YaelBeeri There you go, and don't worry, everything is in it's right place...~ ~~
galm Oh my and a Boo Hoo - The Stooges - 1969
sageeb @hagoleshet למשל, אפשר להקדיש לך שיר שמילותיו הן: מה את מבינה, מה את מבינה?!

מה את מבינה ( לעיתים )/ רעש

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ronenk Dedicated to @YaelBeeri, my love plus many things.

no wow

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kfirpravda @sageeb: "one of the best cover versions ever, surely the best for this Eurythmics classic... " (reblip)

Sweet dreams are made of this- המכשפות, קורין אלאל ודנה ברגר

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jessicakorman this is for you, new york, i miss you!
sageeb @YaelBeeri Everybody knows, everybody knows. Thats how it goes. Everybody knows.
ronenk Good morning, beautiful ones.
sageeb RT @ronenk: I'll love you endlessly. #ImaginaryHer

Mercury Rev-Endlessly

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sageeb RT @benuri: אין אף שיר בעולם שהוא יפה כמו Nude.
kfirpravda Hurt cover by Johnny Cash is nothing less than amazing.

HurtJohny Cash

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NancyClaeys Van Morrison – Brand New Day
galm Yes, I'm out of time

BlurOut Of Time

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roeeaizic the best song i've heard this year.....
niso ניסיון

Oren Lavie performs "Her Morning Elegance"

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sageeb thanks for the props and enjoy your weekend, @YaelBeeri.
Orli I'm not going anywhere...
ahoova did you know rufus has a sister with a magical voice? Martha Wainwright, Factory
Efratk The perfect soundtrack for this evening.. and it's a live version.
sageeb The way to blue passes through the opposite side of the sea. (writing the review on Oren Lavi's album makes me miss Nick Drake)
sageeb המוזיקה שלי לא נועדה לגרום לאנשים להתפרע, היא נועדה לגרום להם להם להזדיין ~ ג'ניס ג'ופלין, וודסטוק 1969 http://bit.ly/Nw5ng by @benuri
sageeb @rominska not that there's anything wrong with 80s music. this one came out in '85. (cc @ahoova @YaelBeeri)
Ealz All we got is right now if you're not goin' my way.
darealya and dark is the night...sweet dreams Paris #fb

Amel Larrieux-Wild Is The Wind

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rominska @YaelBeeri morning yaeli. thanks for the great morning song! i <3 RJD2. Here's 1 for you (reblip)
rominska to @sageeb & way2bizi @YaelBeeri - no bumps today i hope
ronenk איזה שיר יפייפה, רוננק מת עליו ~
sageeb this one goes out to @YaelBeeri. "We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight..."
ahoova o meu amor... (reblip)

O meu amor

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rominska 1 of my favorite Feist songs. can't get enough of her voice

FeistSo Sorry

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rominska ואם כבר מלחמות ולא זמנים לכתוב שירה @sageeb @YaelBeeri

פונץ'- עדינה / חייל אמריקאי במיטה

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rominska the perfect morning song @YaelBeeri (cc @sageeb)

4heroLes Fleur

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NaamaSegal @YaelBeeri תראי מה הזכרת לי. עם הקליפ ה-כה מגניב הזה

Zero 7 "Destiny"

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irenesharon For you, lovely @Linara

Here Comes The Rain-Eurythmics

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rominska "Where The Wild Things Are" made me think about the music and cinematography of "Into the Wild" (<3 @YaelBeeri Music Video by Eddie Vedder)

Into the Wild Music Video by Eddie Vedder

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sageeb Did I mention that this is my #1 song ever?! (not this version, but this song...) [RB @shiribiri] (reblip)
rominska skunk anasie – secretly
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