YenShan7 LOtsa great music being blip'd today
YenShan7 what is the sample from in the beginning of this song? Mr. Rogers?
YenShan7 chill song, my name is the same as the lead singer, IAN ANDERSON. i don't play the flute tho, don't hate, Jethro Tull owns
YenShan7 GO HARD,,, this shit needs to be revamped, a lilly more up tempo too, but would be a bangin club rmx
YenShan7 HA HA HA this video cracks me up
YenShan7 where's my mac n' cheese and kool-aid mom


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YenShan7 D,U,D,U,L,R,L,R,A,B,A,B,select,start... RIGHT??? i can't remember, didn't the Deftones title an instrumental track with the code for infinite lives?


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YenShan7 I need my DJ buddy to mix this going dirty ELECTRO!!! nice RIGHT? heavy nasty crunchy four on the floor bass line
YenShan7 new mix to add to the list, HAVE A GOOD NIGHT ERBUDDY
YenShan7 Ya, forgot to say, a girl i used to know, summed up how i would describe this for sure, CREEPY kind. always loved Chino's shit.. all of it
YenShan7 This bitch is fly... she gots videos that are pretty sexy too


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YenShan7 This one just popped into my head been trying to think of something I haven't heard in a while this shit brings back a lot of good memories
YenShan7 I like Deadmau5, I picked this one randomly
YenShan7 Super simple METAL - brutal


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YenShan7 The only Billy Idol song I can listen to the whole way through.
YenShan7 If you can check this one out.. I like the Klaxons as themselves as well. JUSTICE
YenShan7 Beat produced by Mr Oizo. This is one of Uffies bests, she doesn't have many! lol
YenShan7 my nasty old cut from before i was born.
YenShan7 The video full of 80's television company adds each logo or slogan goes along wiff the song kinda nostalgic (reblip)


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YenShan7 Super simple. only part i don't care for is the down tempo period, get a little monotonous but when the beat drops again, BOO YAA!


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YenShan7 There is a cheezy car racer video thing rmxd for this song on youtube. dope track tho, this guy is classic
YenShan7 This is simply my favorite song ever... so far
YenShan7 check the queen sample at the end, i think it's carried thru out
YenShan7 actually, this is the one i meant to spotlight, but steroids is dope too, especially the remix, banger
YenShan7 I used to listen to these guys all the time, now I cant stop. the DK shirt looks kinda like a shirt I designed,,, now that I think about it
YenShan7 sends chills (reblip)

fugies - fugees - ready or not

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YenShan7 I forgot about the dope vocals in this track, check it
YenShan7 I saw these guys open up for 311 in 7th grade, bragging rights
YenShan7 one of the first CD's I ever had as a kid
YenShan7 First song I ever liked, truly liked, found my niche at an early age... came back to haunt me later in life, mr oizo is tha shitt
YenShan7 I get to prove my worth at work today!! who hooo!!
YenShan7 Ha I was hopin this wasn't the edited version, on e of their only good songs, including his solo stuff
YenShan7 something awesomely awkward about this, prob just cuz the original is sooo dope
YenShan7 This remix is dope, uses the original lyrics too
YenShan7 ha, girly, still diferent, and of course, nun otha than Mr Oizo on the beat
YenShan7 my venture into early indy rock, am i wrong?
YenShan7 another one of those I'd like to hear destroyed and rmxd dirty dirty dirty electro, heard one before but it sucked aZZ


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YenShan7 hybrid mix, i like MIA's style in this one
YenShan7 drug induced types eh?

MGMTThe Youth

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YenShan7 I feel just like we losin' contro,o,o,o,o,ol
YenShan7 if i had the money to go to the car store i would
YenShan7 this is the only correct version on here!! wtf, doesn't even have his name on it,,, BOB SEGER!!

Night Moves

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YenShan7 just realized I blipp'd a live version, hate that sh*t
YenShan7 I keep findin' myself in the FUNK
YenShan7 nothin like this to start the day, reminds me what I am...
YenShan7 @MarcelSoSwell: "Love this track! @Nikapalooza: "Feels like Thursday...."" (reblip)
YenShan7 scurry,,, deep,,, troubling,,,
DareToEatAPeach I'm taking submissions for an LOLCats book. If you have a pic of your kitty being hella cute, please let me know!
YenShan7 wow, another list of premier DJ's and finer things
YenShan7 ha this chorus is from the movie BIG w/ Tom Hanks
YenShan7 CLASSIC, can't go wrong with this one 1st and 15
YenShan7 what old song is the sample in this song from??
YenShan7 actually, this is the sicckest video ever
YenShan7 prob my favorite video ever, maybe


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YenShan7 i heard miller likes to rock out to this
YenShan7 try and pick one up like a six pack
YenShan7 tthis is the one i was lookin for


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YenShan7 UNITY

operation ivy - unity

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YenShan7 I'm going to blip this song every day


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YenShan7 One of the best RMXS I've heard in a long time. I am about to start working on my own..
YenShan7 DUDE his voice is insane

Static-X Dirthouse

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YenShan7 wow this s*** is intense. stumbled upon (reblip)
YenShan7 if you click on the link, it takes you to the song I am blipping
ZOEBOE dope. right up my alley. Thanks :)rb@Blippo: "ele(gy)ctronica @Stitch_13" (reblip)
YenShan7 I found this guy yesterday on here. Nice Chill, kinda sounds like the monks from the 90's ha,, Erlend Oye

Fine Day

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YenShan7 much needed rmx this would be heavy man (reblip)
YenShan7 dont even know who this is, but this shit izzzz CHILLLLL @ZOEBOE: "dope. right up my alley. Thanks :)rb@Blippo: "ele(gy)ctronica @Stitch_13"" (reblip)
YenShan7 ME ME ME

yellow note me me me

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YenShan7 is this really MGMT? never heard this before
bendrix Yeah mayne... Murs is always good. He's a talented kat=> rb@CFallerRun (reblip)

MursThe Pain

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YenShan7 finally figured the name of this song out
YenShan7 blippin dubsteppin

Bar 9-Triple Drop

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YenShan7 I like the artwork on this video. cool song too
YenShan7 Them other DJ's aint fuckin' with us
YenShan7 Classic, seems slow when ur first listening to it.
YenShan7 like calvin harris, mixed with radiohead, mixed with deadmau5.. strange video

SiriusmoNights Off

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YenShan7 OMG this shit is amazing... I've seen this before on youtube, found it! I want to go. I think burning man is coming up.

Freq Nasty at 2007 Temple of Breaks

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YenShan7 a little mainstream for me, but nice

Crookers Megamix

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bduubz make it a quadruple @Miee: ""@RevDrLuv: "Yup I'm blippin Kylie" there is absolutely nothin wrong with kylie." @tbolt not a thing wrong! tripleblip" (reblip)
YenShan7 I think I like most of the remixes to this song a little better than this one.


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YenShan7 Short clip, sounds tuff

Grand Theft Dubstep

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YenShan7 Most of the shit I blip, jumps all over the place, as far a genre
YenShan7 I like this stuff right now, but I can see it getting old fast

Bar 9Murda Sound

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YenShan7 Heavy synth chords anyone?

Siriusmo-High Together

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YenShan7 these movies are crazy, '9 lives of fritz the cat', and this iseven more ironiccuz i heard this song on the radio earlier, and I never listen to radio
YenShan7 cmon people, if you cant handle the crazy intros, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG >>> lol JK


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YenShan7 glad I didn't blip one of those shitty unofficial music vidz
Antenaweb Music Is My Life

Felix Da Housecat Musik Is My Life Miss Nina Extended Mix

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YenShan7 I like the short beat at the end of the song

Aesop RockFreeze

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YenShan7 this one goes out to an old love... havvent listened to thins in years.
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