patrickvanelk Nouvelle Vague – Don't Go
Stolen "I think I kind of lost myself again"
ladypn @berzerkeley YAY! You're first blip!! And I LOVE this track! Because the shoes ALWAYS matter indeed, I have 140 pair! ;) (reblip)
bendrix Here's a Baroque Chill Drum N Bass dreamy female vocal track. Its like Liquid-Draino, you will be sucked in its whirlpool @ladypn @tubilino (reblip)

MonoThe Outsider

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by_starla @CherryGhost i agree with you--i think if we get less than a foot at a time, there is really no point to snow.

Aimee MannFreeway

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ladypn @wapael @by_starla I'm like a kid in a candy store here! I get so excited when I discover such gems as this! I'm in AWE of man's ability to create. (reblip)
lub @diyei_amilcar creo que esta es mi favorita de hooverphonic! (reblip)

Hooverphonic2 Wicky

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lub hello @Reinhoren..... nice 2 meet ya ;)

Zero 7Morning Song

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bendrix Hello Cindee how R U tonight? Have you heard this track before? This song is soo good U can eat it with a chopstick @ladypn
PlasticRobot Sorry if that last one cut off. I didn't realize it was a snippet! @ladypn @by_starla @Figgywithit @skwm


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2HandedJam *** Roads – Portishead


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loungecreature Thanks @Sherryness Satie: Gymnopédies - 1. Lent Et Douloureux – Aldo Ciccolini (reblip)
RadioRider I want to go to bed with arms around me, but wake up on my own.
ladypn @kswiggs I had no idea that Lovage was spawned from this! I actually like this song of HBMSchool. Of course Cat Power helps. ;) (reblip)
musoSF I love the dramatic, tortured strings on this. It lays the perfect swampy foundation under such silky vocals.
patrickvanelk Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello – I Want You (RB @stormlog) (reblip)
YvV As long as you jump the ride.........
YvV Christobel, why won't you just fall in love with me? - JAPW
YvV Impressed at Festival Mundial 20th of June with their new album.
YvV Every year in your eye is a drop in my mind.

oi va voi everytime

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YvV If I didn't love you, you would know.
YvV What is this game we're playing?

Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited

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YvV I'd best tidy up my head: I'm the only one in love..... the only one in love....
YvV I mustn't make you call (beautiful vid!!)
YvV Zanna!

Anna Domino Luc van Acker ZANNA

| play
YvV Everything else is a waste of breath.....
YvV Summer feelin' good - you know how I feel!

Feelin' Good

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YvV 9 juli in Effenaar: Simone White
YvV Kate Nash: Definiately the sweetest song with the nicest animated video I've seen made by musicANDmuffins

Nicest Thing by Kate Nash

| play
YvV Oi Va Voi >> 'I refuse to replay the mistakes that we made yesterday'
YvV MBD - "May June July I count the time Every minute I go takes the smell of your clothes further away"
YvV Hail-hail for Alice McLaughlin as Oi Va Voi-frontsinger!! Shame on losing her in the song "Look Down".......
YvV Oi Va Voi - "I have a theory, too complicated to explain now, don't make me waste it"
YvV Feeling good again.... My Brightest Diamond-version
YvV MBD - "And I can't seem to get it through your head No matter what I do"
YvV MBD - You are the brightest diamond
YvV "Hurt myself again today And the worse part is there is no one else to blame."
YvV Somersault - let's eat out in the garden............

Zero 7Somersault

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YvV Lady Linn does Eddy Grant
YvV Lady Linn says Cool Down!

Cool Down

| play
YvV Fever Ray - This will never end, 'cause I want more. More, give me more, give me more!
GR8FL yikes, that big butt blip (bbb) did me in... @kaaeyl - 2 convos going at the same time got crossed (but still wouldn't want that in my mouth) :D

Cat PowerFool

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YvV Favoriete Etta-James-song van Adele
camila_dias hahah o clip é muito bom. Regina Spetacular!

Regina Spektor- Us (Official Music Video)

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Englandsrose1978 I am I am so mad about you baby! xxx


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YvV Perfect song, even when you're not sad.


| play
YvV Who is the one that makes you happy?


| play
YvV Never back down! Just get back on your feet........ Even if it hurts you so much.
YvV The end is where I start. It's more than we have asked for, it's more we can deny.
YvV Amazing voice. Not happy ever after.
YvV Love the cover: It's cold outside - 1

ADELE 'Cold Shoulder'

| play
Ruben Happy groovy sunday with Selah...... (reblip)
llovmaartje Great lyrics, but it is not neatly that they used a riff that belongs to a song by Franz Ferdinand
YvV Am I just a girl in lust with you?
YvV Accoustic Amy Winehouse, non-albumtrack: 'Will you still love me tomorrow?'
YvV Beautiful voice: Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins Where i stood

| play
YvV Thanks to Studio Brussel, need to hear more from these two!
YvV I want you to be the only one - music for romantic fools like me.
YvV What do we gotta do, to know the right decision?

Nina KinertLibras

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YvV Ane Brun does Sam Brown - Nice!
YvV I would spend 3 or 4 lines on describing your eyes... And then I would tell the world about the way you hold my hand, and they, they would understand!
YvV It could begin and end in one evening! Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa..........

FeistOne Evening

| play
YvV Goldfrapp - 'Who do we think we are?'


| play
YvV Goldfrapp - 'Dial up my number now!' (got me a new phone!!)

GoldfrappOoh La La

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YvV Please stay in my past...................................... Goodnight!
YvV Zekers zo mooi als versie Gnarls.... D'n Jasper is nog ontwapenend jong, zeker live!
tsarnick cat power - wonderwall (reblip)

Wonderwall by Cat Power

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YvV This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof!

La RouxBulletproof

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MusicIsMySunshine @Sook - making your own music, nice! You'll have to upload some :)
GR8FL if this can be answered...
GR8FL excellent! rb@palacios: "Anne Montone – White Rabbit Revisited" (reblip)
YvV "Here's my love, step inside, let me warm you up"

LambCotton wool

| play
tsarnick holly throsby - things between people

Things Between People (Holly Throsby)

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YvV Lights out....... Mooi van Myriam Gaasbeek!
YvV Where is my love? - Cat Power (boer er ligt een kip int water....)
YvV Perfect marriage: Triggerfinger & Selah Sue play Duffy's 'Mercy'

mindblowing mercy duffy cover by triggerfinger selahsue

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YvV Still a beautiful song. Really worth while to see Angus & Julia Stone live.
YvV Another Angus & Julia Stone from downunder: "everytime you walk into the room my head is spinning round and I can't see clearly now"
YvV Dilate-Ani Difranco's best album, song & lyrics "You left me with nothing, but I've worked with less"

Ani DiFrancoDilate

| play
YvV And Ani's second best song "I prefer the worst in you. Too bad you gotta have a better half"

Ani Difranco Untouchable Face

| play
YvV Quiet version of 'Love is a losing game' by Amy Winehouse
patrickvanelk Olive – You're Not Alone

OliveYou're not alone

| play
YvV Summer in the city, means cleavage-cleavage-cleavage!
patrickvanelk Erykah Badu – Next Life Time
patrickvanelk Kosheen - Catch U

Kosheen Catch

| play
YvV When I grow up I want te be a forrester and run though the mud on high heels!
YvV This will never end 'cause I want more. More, gimme more, gimme more...
YvV Six afraid of seven, 'cause seven eight/ate nine.....
patrickvanelk Róisín Murphy - Ramalama (Bang Bang)
YvV You know me better than I know myself
YvV I need ooh la la la la - Goldfrapp!

GoldfrappOoh La La

| play
YvV Heather Nova: "Maybe you got something, but the flowers grew back!"
YvV Kate Nash - "Darling don't give me shit 'cause I know that you're full of it"

Kate NashShit Song

| play
YvV Yael Naim - Too long: "How can I pacify myself and let go?"

Yael NaimToo Long

| play
YvV Regina Spektor: "Hey, remember that time that we decided to kiss anywhere except the mouth"
YvV Soko - I'll kill her, she stole my future, she broke my dream

SokoI'll Kill Her

| play
patrickvanelk Lily Allen - Everybody's Changing (Keane Cover)
YvV Des'ree - Life: Pavlov-song Arpa


| play
YvV My Brightest Diamond does Tainted Love!
YvV I'm afraid to forget you. I am remembering you. You were sparkling.
patrickvanelk Pixie Lott - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Acoustic Cover)
YvV Eilen Jewel - This thursday live in 013, hope she'll knock me off my feet even if it's country.
patrickvanelk Oleta Adams - Get Here

Get Here (Oleta Adams)

| play
YvV I get a feeling deep down inside Something just ain't right (Duffy - Serious)


| play
YvV And all that stuff I knew before Just turned into Please love me more (Aimee Mann - Long Shot)
YvV Golden oldie: "It won't be long before you see you're walking back to me" (Sam Brown)
YvV Every time I look at you your eyes they say the same thing back to me (Oi Va Voi - Everty time)

Oi Va VoiEverytime

| play
YvV "I had so much to tell you, but it never came to words...." - Taken By Trees (genomen door bomen??)

**Taken by Trees [Victoria Bergsman]*To Lose Someone

| play
YvV Weltrusten met Our Broken Garden
patrickvanelk Damian Rice feat. Lisa Hannigan - 9 Crimes (Live)
YvV "When you have no-one, no-one can hurt you" / Soulsavers - You will miss me when I burn
YvV The XX: Wish the best for you, Wish the best for me, Wished for infinity

The xxInfinity

| play
YvV Mazzy Star: I guess that you believe you are a woman, And that I am someone elses man

mazzy starhalah

| play
YvV The Love Cats - Katrine Ottosen. Wat lekker!
YvV Weltrusten..... 'Did I dream you dreamed about me?' Song to the siren - This Mortal Coil
YvV @patrickvanelk You need la-la-la-la-la-la, you need ooh lalalala!!! (reblip)

GoldfrappOoh La La

| play
YvV Weltrusten met Scout Niblett - 'I walk behind you so I can see you'
YvV Tegan and Sara - 'who I am has benefitted from all my cleverly planned meals'
samsa_G ~ Melou - "Sweet Love"

MelouSweet Love

| play
YvV 'Cause we all need a lot of 'Good Love' - Bat For Lashes......
YvV "Kiss me with your mouth open" The Dirty Projectors - Two Doves
YvV @YvV: "Fierce play will get you everywhere......" (reblip)
YvV Lekkere muziekjes, word ik hebberig van.... (The Swell Season - Low Rising) Tip uit Linda. nota bene!
YvV Beautiful quiet version of bulletproof....... La Roux - Glastonbury
YvV Goedemorgen 2010! 'Sometimes, we've got to sing out of key' - Hooverphonic

Hooverphonic- Sometimes

| play
YvV Goedenacht met een pareltje van Azure Ray, November.

Azure RayNovember

| play
YvV Sleep tight met Low - 'When I go deaf'

LowWhen I Go Deaf

| play
YvV I'm a real late starter, so I'm making up for lost time... (Nerina Pallot)
YvV Just for now we learn to say: We are not our sorrows, we are not out scars. We are only human, this is what we are.
YvV Nighty-night met Holly Miranda: "Who's gonna feel you?" - Slow Burn Treason
DjeePatrick @DjeePatrick: "Kings of Leon – Use Somebody Acoustic Cover - Pixie Lott Wat een genot..." (reblip)
YvV Gentlemen Of Verona - If (If my heart was full of bullets, I would shoot you)

Gentlemen of VeronaIf

| play
YvV Zondag ook in Den Bosch >>THUS:OWLS - Climbing the fjelds / 'So this is love, nothing we ever could prepare for'


| play
YvV Massive Attack - Saturday Come Slow ('Lost in the magic from the last time')
YvV "I said you do!" Mang Tree - Angus & Julia Stone
patrickvanelk Dee Edwards - Why Can't There Be Love

Dee Edwards Why Can't There Be Love

| play
YvV 'You're gonna make me lonesome when you go....' @kaasvlinder: Twee dames My Bubba&Mi (reblip)
YvV "Endless tears - Forever joy!" - Moloko/Forever More

MolokoForever More

| play
YvV XX! @jandesac: "had ik al gezegd dat ik deze fijn vond?" (reblip)

XX-Teardrops (cover of Womack & Womack)

| play
YvV Florence & The Machine - "I'm not calling you a ghost, Just stop haunting me"
YvV Hiermee krijgt Eels me plat! "That Look You Give That Guy...." (reblip)
YvV Paradise Circus: "Oh well, the devil makes us sin, But we like it when we're spinning in his grin" - Massive Attack
YvV 'When I get a little scared.....' Tegan & Sara - Back in Your Head
YvV "I've been there on holiday" - Primitive Radio Gods


| play
YvV Weltusten met "I smell you in my dreams" (Fool of me - Me'shell Ndegeocello)
YvV Waarom is dit zo'n lekker nummer? "Somethin' tells me I've been here before" - Ruby / Flippin' Tha Bird

RubyFlippin' Tha Bird

| play
YvV Inception: "Weltrusten met "I smell you in my dreams" (Fool of me - Me'shell Ndegeocello)" (reblip)
YvV Listening to The Swell Season - Falling Slowly ('I'll sing along") (reblip)
YvV Deze muizige kindstemmen blijven in mijn hoofd rondspoken: 'Terrible Angels' - Cocorosie
YvV Maakt nichtje in met kaarten..... #whendidIbecamesuchabitch - Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot-When did I become such a bitch? lyrics

| play
YvV "Serais ce possible alors?" Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit
YvV "No regrets, nothing lost or gained" Gavin Friday - Apologia
YvV Soundtrack van vanaafse #buitenfilm, 'Frozen River': Keri Latimer - Ray's Echo
YvV Joan As Police Woman – Hard White Wall ("...and you you you you stood by me.")
YvV My Brightest Diamond – Feeling Good ("You know how I feel, and I'm feeling good!")
YvV Late nite music: Sinéad O'Connor – You Do Something To Me
YvV Martha Wainwright's Piaf - Adieu Mon Coeur

MARTHA WAINWRIGHT _ 'Adieu mon coeur '_ (Sans fusils, ni souliers, à Paris)

| play
Myr Sarah Blasko – "Bird On A Wire"
YvV The XX – Night Time "Can I confess these things to you"

The xxNight Time

| play
Myr The Black Atlantic – To Give Up the Summit (Acoustic)
erik3003 Slovo feat. Emiliana Torrini - Weebles Fall

SlovoWeebles Fall

| play
erik3003 @yvovro the Rue Royale mini-concert wasn't exactly outside but in a cold and damp basement. Very nice, though!

Rue RoyaleUFO

| play
erik3003 Yay! The cd of GOASTT arrived! Ook iet voor jou, @yvovro?

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger "Lavender Road" Live on Spinning On Air

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