DaKnish 15 days until WSOP Europe. Song for the day is "My Generation."
DaKnish 11 days until London and here's "Take Me Out" from Franz Ferdinand.
ZomBParadox Never get enough Deadmau5!


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ZomBParadox Sometimes, not often, I like my rock nice and bluesy, if it's got enough grit! ;)
ZomBParadox This used to be my Theme Song when I got my first hot rod. #music #guitar #poker

WhitesnakeBad Boys

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ZomBParadox I love this band! this is a singer I would love to meet in person and that inspires me to want to write more stuff on guitar...
ZomBParadox 96 people left, 56 get a ticket to next tournament, im 40th... but I want to sleep! :)

D-A-D Roskilde 05: Sleeping my Day Away

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ZomBParadox Back from before I was in a band... :)


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ZomBParadox One of my all time favs

Zero 7 "Destiny"

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ZomBParadox My favorite Radiohead song


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OKBettsy "Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast"
Bright_Blue No, its Two Dogs F'ing @MrsASoprano: "John Smith? @BenWright007TX: "Chris Cornell – You Know My Name"" (reblip)
GraceFell rb @WREXX: "A classic from the MAN himself " (reblip)

Gary NumanMetal

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mkenzzi judge jury executioner

AnthraxI Am the Law

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fiederels En ook gitaarspelen kan heel goed in zwart-wit
auxraus X Marks The Pedwalk – Mirthless Knick Knack
krystalmystic ahh no you will have to tell me lol...@DirtyUrine: "girl do u know how much I missed u @krystalmystic?? " (reblip)

Judas Priest- Hot Rockin

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ZomBParadox One of the first records I enjoyed
lilyetc xtc ~ making plans for nigel
freedomgirl cinematic - screaming for a short beautiful film
iSiTi @IchBinDave: "...you wanna fly, but want your feet on the ground..." (reblip)


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Collide w/ lyrics by Howie Day

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ZomBParadox Was looking for a joke song, but found some really cool Hobbit songs ;)
ZomBParadox if you haven't seen this, you MUST! Leonard Nimoy singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. No words can describe.
kevindavis We have passed into the Twilight Zone...
Dfrom82 Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
ZomBParadox Awesome Cult song that passed me by until last year, Sweet Soul Sister.
LPD a country boy can survive

A Country Boy Can Survive

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ColnagoRider check this out - the old one but good

metallica-nothing else matters

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JillOnline la la la la la la la la nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah =)
FineNGood Yes. It is Poison doing a cover of Suffragette City by Bowie. Love it.
TechJunkie Aim High!!!!

Van Halen-Dreams (Blue Angels)

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KristyRNinAZ Club w/secret handshake perhaps? "IN" what? ;-) @creativeness LMAO! I'M INNNNNNNNNNNN! @KristyRNinAZ Guess you aren't really OUT! Hey! @creativeness (reblip)
normannovaes Every time I close my eyes / Theres another vivid surprise / Another whole lifes waiting / Chapters unfinished, fading /
ZomBParadox Got to blip to save some songs, don't like that lack of feature. ELO Turn to Stone

Turn To Stone

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Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles

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SGMan System of a Down ~ B.Y.O.B.

System of a Down- B.Y.O.B

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ZomBParadox Very Different... Olivia Newton-John – Magic [Archangel Knight's Inline Sk8 128 BPM Mix]
cogno "O sinners, let's go down, down in the river to pray..."
LLLEB08 "Freeze, or make it forever, I feel a weakness coming on..." (No, don't read too much into it.)

Imogen HeapThe Walk

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Hi Honey! This one is old but it rocks, doesn't it! lol rb@redbarchettadrive: "rb@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ :)" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Porcelain Heart" ♥ Well.. Opeth is one of the greatest Swedish Metal bands.. This is a slow one however, but awesome!

OPETHPorcelain Heart

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ZomBParadox Billy Idol – White Wedding - Part 1 (2001 Digital Remaster) and a couple more to come
DJLOPZ Cage – Hells Winter

CageHells Winter

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joshredux One more Pulsedriver =)

PulsedriverTrack 23

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DamnTheMan G'nite @DJLOPZ...some VH to help you drift off into peaceful slumber

Van HalenDreams

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FullMetalRadio Wait.. let's do that together!! :P@Angie74: "Oh hell yeah!!!!! Watch out here I come!!! rb love @DreamWarriorz: "Orgy - You Spin me"" (reblip)

Orgy You Spin me

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Happylaura They Might B Giants Instabul ooooh oh even old New York was once New..........
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Thx for becoming a listener. Spotted this on your playlist...never heard it before. rb @RolandDePhaty: "The best.... song with claypool!!" (reblip)

Redneck Casanova's Beer Run (Gin & Juice: The Gourds)

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Steely Dan-Rikki Don't Lose That Number

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ZomBParadox @joykendra Bassboosa - Wicked Game a different version. I love the original by Chris Isaac and the one by HIM
ZomBParadox Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place Thought this was already on my list but apparently not.. I like 3 versions of this song.
ZomBParadox Royksopp – What Else Is There Let's see if this one will stick this time.
ZomBParadox The only song I was missing from my greatest hits CD Kylie Minogue – Fever

Kylie MinogueFever

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ZomBParadox What an excellent mix. Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Mix)
ZomBParadox Loudness | `01 | Best of Loudness 8688 Atlantic Years – | S.d.i too good to pass up.. song is S.D.I.!
CAZB hi @shanti45 :))

Rihanna- shut up and drive music with correct lyrics!

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AmeslyBristow @CooperHarris: They use this song in the Twilight movie. Totally exposed a new generation of fans to Muse. I think thats a good thing. (reblip)
SandroC Led Zeppelin~Over the hills and far away

Over The Hills And Far Away- Led Zeppelin (Live at Earls Court)

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ZomBParadox Warlock – All We Are ... did I already blip this one? #guitar #rock #poker for a couple people

WarlockAll We Are

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RoomM401a @girlatroomm401a forgot to say thanks for all the Flickr work earlier

The OnesSuperstar

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brucefraser Cheese! but I loved this tune as a kid


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ZomBParadox Blue Oyster Cult – Black Blade and this... #rock #fantasy #elric
Gypsylyn ~ Gypsy ~ is out of here for today..catch ya all tomorrow..Sweet Dreams Everyone..;-)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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RedRhia My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade" (reblip)
Phoenixwoman "Doncha love her madly?" RB@Chise: "The Doors – Love Her Madly" (reblip)
Audi420 Sweet track RE-Blip courtesy of @Kingsofdabeatz: "M.A.R.S. – Pump Up The Volume >>> @1001queen @DJAudi420" (reblip)
BleakMouse Did people at home REALLY sing along? Were they sober? @backtoback: "just don't sit there sing along .@BleakMouse" (reblip)

Sing Along With Mitch (1 of 4)

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AllTheRage The intro of this song is on the soundtrack of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" which I saw today with my family.

The Alan Parsons Project- Sirius

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DJBellaterra @kmaria187: "LOVE IT TKS rb@DJBellaterra: "To my new listener@kmaria187. Welcom to non-stop party!!!"" (reblip)
optionmonster The Card Game Prepaid, but Not Prepared for Debit Card Fees http://bit.ly/2beg91
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # 'Countdown Playlist' To JuxtaposedJunkie Attaining The MILESTONE Of 10,000 Listeners # : The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Vampire Diaries / WIld Place by Glass Pear

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DjLove7 Elvis Presley - In the ghetto
DanBrolli sound from distant mesas

The Orbplateau

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DancinDonna Electric_Slide


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jevedel Hoy estuve sacando este tema y me quedé en la mitad... mañana lo saco completito!!!

Steve VaiDyin' Day

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Ranking_Full_Stop Top Tune from a great funky lush lass called KT (Tunstall)

KT Tunstall "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" on Jools

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Dj_Cthulhu Razón No. 2 para verr Zombieland: Mejor uso de "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (in cinema) so far.
DamnTheMan I love it when you blip the rock man \m/\m/ @DJLOPZ: "Metallica – The Shortest Straw" (reblip)
pussreboots @CPCDINIZ: ":rb@storylet: haven't heard it in years. (reblip)

XTC-Dear God

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DirtyUrine ROFLMAO!!! ~ @romanus: "Alas I thought this 1 was my find till DU reminded me HE found it! Hats off to the Mystro! rb vi@MusicInfiniti: "vi@DirtyUrine (reblip)

MGMTTime to Pretend

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Lollyblop DJ Holly - Alphaville – Dance With Me
Sylak Do you want to be somebody?
sodasmile Wake up! @romanus: "Brilliang quality all 'round ~ rb via @MusicInfiniti: " "vi@SkyeCebh"" | Judas Priest – Beyond the Realms Of Death" (reblip)
ZomBParadox Estelle ft.Kanye West – American Boy
ZomBParadox Long ago, around the time of the first star wars movie there was this.. Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip – I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper
ZomBParadox Bringing an instrument to life... Pink Floyd – Sorrow (1997 Digital Remaster)
ZomBParadox Must save this. Want to hear it unprocessed

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Full Shred

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avivajazz Sara Tavares (●» One Love
eMJay1974 I saw floyd in Van '94 for this tour and was amazing, then Roger Waters in '07.. even more amazing. PF is my all time favorite band.. Led Zep second..
nicklokes I love ur swt spirit, thx for lighting my fire @harmony60 (reblip)
ZomBParadox Zero 7 – Destiny ,... I love these two songs so much.

Zero 7Destiny

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FlavorOfLife ♪Mare - Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed PeasMare

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Downtown_Joey_Brown @Nihilism_Jones: You can choose from phantom fears & kindness that can kill. I will choose a path that's clear. I will choose free will.


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DirtyUrine great blippage! ~ @punky07: ".•**•.Metallica~~~For Whom the Bell Tolls .•**•..•**•..•**•." (reblip)
ZomBParadox My favorite song by this band.. Rainbow – Stranded


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ZomBParadox @Angie74 Songs for the mistress.. Other songs of the bands she plays Aerosmith – The movie

AerosmithThe movie

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ZomBParadox Audio quality is important.. i'll play the video later ;) Duran Duran – Rio

Duran DuranRio

| play
ZomBParadox Very strange but cool version.. DVAS – Urgent (Foreigner cover) (BL Rewind 2)
ZomBParadox just adding to list, looking for another song
ZomBParadox Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For? ... one of my favorites. Love the video too but haven't seen the whole thing in high def ;)
ZomBParadox Pink Floyd "Pulse" Tour – Sorrow I may have already blipped this last week, but it's worth repeating ;)

Nightwish-Dark Chest of Wonders

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ZomBParadox need a higher level recording, but this is one of the sickest guitar tones ever, and a great song by Vivian Campbell – Sixgunz (glad I found it!)
ZomBParadox Rob Zombie – Superbeast @Angie74 more to come
ZomBParadox night @ hospital all day @ doctors, half day work, then more doctors followed by dentist @Angie74 Ratt-You Think You're Tough (Official Music Video)

Ratt-You Think You're Tough (Official Music Video)

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ZomBParadox Talk about a bad week... Ratt-You're In Love (Official Music Video) @Angie74 etc (Body Talk is one of my favs!)

Ratt-You're In Love (Official Music Video)

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RafaelCortines Rush is pretty scary anyways.

RushWitch Hunt

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ZomBParadox Judas Priest – The Hellion/Electric Eye (Live) @Angie74 more preist comin up
ZomBParadox another video .. "My NEW WORLD ORDER video"


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AnnieLicious Love it. Thank you ! @WZMF: "@AnnieLicious I'll hear ya later ..I'm out....." (reblip)
ZomBParadox Patience is a virtue.. just not one of mine ;) watch the image! @Angie74 et al Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle

Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle

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ZomBParadox I listened to this when I was homeless once, over and over..... @Angie74 Korn – Forsaken (Queen Of The Damed)
ZomBParadox I was looking for this song too.. I miss my guitar :( Evanescence – Everybody's Fool @Angie74
ZomBParadox for about 20 years with a 5 year break to raise kids :) got compared to George Lynch more than anyone else Dokken-In My Dreams (Official Music Video)

Dokken-In My Dreams (Official Music Video)

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ZomBParadox Dokken: Into The Fire (Official Audio) @Angie74 one of may favs along with just got lucky, In My Dreams, Breakin the Chains, etc

Dokken: Into The Fire (Official Audio)

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ZomBParadox This was a great find on an album I never expected to hear but love :) Dokken – Heart Full Of Soul @Angie74 remind me to dedicate this to someone ;)
ZomBParadox 8 Bit Muse for certain friends ;) MUSE – Knights of Cydonia 8-bit howdy @Angie74
ZomBParadox You Know My Name – Chris Cornell - James Bond Casino Royale #music #poker Great poker music :)
ZomBParadox Way ahead of it's time, in stereo, crank the headphones. We need a new heavier version of this Blue Oyster Cult – Black Blade
ZomBParadox a song about DT Jesus ... Savatage – Jesus Saves (official video)
ZomBParadox Savatage – Edge Of Thorns
ZomBParadox @Angie74 @maridu Have fun in Costa Rica! Dont' be tooooo girly! ;) lol
ZomBParadox Radiohead – Everything In It's Right Place ( Josh Wink RX ) Yet another version, wow
ZomBParadox Whitesnake – Doug Aldrich Guitar Solo (HD) @joeugly @Angie74 et al :)
ZomBParadox La Roux – In For The Kill @Angie74 @caitycaity I found this CD on the subway ;) (BART)
ZomBParadox more Def Leppard til I get it out of my system (ie I find the song I was lookin for!) @Angie74
ZomBParadox @Angie74 here is the song I was looking for :) Def Leppard – Switch 625 (In Memorie Of Steve Clark) and I'm going to listen to it for an hour! ;)
ZomBParadox A band I was in had this on our songlist, LOVE IT! The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister
ZomBParadox Here is a better version of The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister @Angie74
ZomBParadox @Angie74 one of my favs :) Bon Jovi – Tokyo Road

Bon JoviTokyo Road

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ZomBParadox Pink Floyd – Sorrow @Angie74 joanne and others.. I love this song. File it under Motivation ;)

Pink FloydSorrow

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ZomBParadox So you think you are a guitar hero? ;) Guitar Hero – Joe Satriani & Funtwo - YouTube Live This is how it's done..
ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force Need to build my high energy poker playlist :) @Angie74 @caitycaity
ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force one of my favs :)
ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Black star I keep forgetting to add these to my playlist
ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Seventh Sign finally a clean copy
ZomBParadox Helloween – Halloween (1987) I forgot about this video :)
ZomBParadox Mankind(Pink Bubbles Go Ape)HELLOWEEN I love Helloween :)

Mankind(Pink Bubbles Go Ape)HELLOWEEN

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ZomBParadox Helloween – Power (1996) don't mind my blips, im building my list :)

HelloweenPower (1996)

| play
ZomBParadox Helloween We burn :) More burn...

Helloween We burn

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ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Deja Vu (Hoshina Anniversary Remix) techno - yngwie is strange indeed!
ZomBParadox Yngwie Malmsteen – Deja Vu here is the version I was looking for :)
ZomBParadox Chris Cornell – You Know My Name and a couple others to follow @Angie74 @caitycaity
ZomBParadox Chris Cornell – Scream @Angie74 @caitycaity Keep finding more Cornell songs I love!

Chris CornellScream

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ZomBParadox Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric (Renegade Soundwave '91 Mix) this is from 91??
ZomBParadox Gary Numan – Metal .. forgot about some of these videos :)

Gary NumanMetal

| play
ZomBParadox NIN: "Cars" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09 [HD] something a little more modern :)

NIN: "Cars" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09 [HD]

| play
ZomBParadox Mötley Crüe – Looks That Kill[@Metal_Rocks] ;) gonna follow t his one up with Heart @Angie74
ZomBParadox HEART – If Looks Could Kill (HD Audio) love this song :)
ZomBParadox Black Eyed Peas – Don't Phunk With My Heart haven't heard this in a while ;)
ZomBParadox Black On Black II – Heart The best song since Barracuda! ;)
ZomBParadox Hurricane – I'm On To You (HQ) more 80's good ness
ZomBParadox Hammerfall – Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row Cover) someone got me listening to Skid Row today @Angie74
ZomBParadox Here ya go.. somethin with teeth! Skid Row – Monkey Business
ZomBParadox Hammer Fall – Hearts on Fire Time to load up on some Hammerfall
ZomBParadox Styx – Miss America from so long ago :)

StyxMiss America

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ZomBParadox Morgan Page – The Longest Road Ft. Lissie (Deadmau5 Remix) @Angie74 @caitycaity love this song
Pyro8718 alanis morissette - uninvited
ZomBParadox @Angie74 have you heard th is one?? :) Morgan Page – Fight For You (Audio)
Pyro8718 alex armes - dig yourself out

Alex Armes-Dig Yourself Out (Oryginal Vocal Mix) [HQ]

| play
ZomBParadox Billy Rankin – Baby Come Back @Angie74 Here's an "old" one ;P 84 anyways..
ZomBParadox @ZomBParadox: "Hammerfall – Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row Cover) someone got me listening to Skid Row today @Angie74" @caitycaity (reblip)
ZomBParadox for my friends at pokerstars.tv for their "Funkystack Town" tshirt commercials! Lipps Inc – Funkytown

Lipps IncFunkytown

| play
Pyro8718 steve vai - in my dreams with you
ZomBParadox Kylie – Sexual Gold (The Slips RMX) @Angie74 I think this is my current favorite song
ZomBParadox @Angie74: "Morning girl! :) @CMDoria: "Morning@flinndc@Schoork@Angie74" MORNING! :) been working a lot... (reblip)
ZomBParadox Love Whoever's music :) Whoever – Race Bannen Foodstamps And Cadillacs (Whoever Dubstep Remix) @Angie74 my friend who's a producer
ZomBParadox wait, here is the original :P ... All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

| play
ZomBParadox Dweezil Zappa – Black Napkins Still rocks.. love this guitar playin ;) @Angie74
ZomBParadox Learning this song was the most fun ever - ZPZ Dweezil Zappa plays "Eruption" (EVH) Live at Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ – Feb, 26, 2009
ZomBParadox Steve Vai & Dweezil Zappa – Ibanez & SG Workout more awesome guitar stuff I never heard before, need to find better version of this ...
ZomBParadox Dweezil Zappa (Automatic) – Hawaii Five-O (wish I could save blips without spamming everyone too often..)
ZomBParadox Dream Theater – The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun
ZomBParadox Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Metal Health) @Angie74 got me to get the Quiet Riot back out.. time to relearn BattleAxe!
ZomBParadox Quiet Riot – The Wild and the Young
ZomBParadox Quiet Riot – Mama Were All Crazee Now
ZomBParadox Here is what I was looking for that I can relearn ;) I miss playing this .. Quiet Riot Battle Axe and Let's Get Crazy

Quiet Riot Battle Axe and Let's Get Crazy

| play
ZomBParadox DAD – Sleeping my day away lyrics (even though I never have time to sleep my day away.. love this song ;) )
ZomBParadox pretty sure this is NOT guns n roses but is Amy from Evanescence, will have to find the name of this song... love it.
ZomBParadox @portalduda do you like this song? :D I bet you would sing it very well.
ZomBParadox billy idol – Shock To The System - Greatest Hits ...Love this song!
ZomBParadox billy idol – Don't Need A Gun - Greatest Hits ... this whole album was awesome
DeckHead RB@CMack75 Thx for your love last week,top proppers! @La_Vera_Mahshid @donnadontplay @fxp123@lostndanet @biap I love ALL my listeners.Happy Monday!!" (reblip)
ZomBParadox @Angie74 @swearitycharity @alexpokerguy @WhoJedi @rheanni Deadmau5 vs. Morgan Page feat. Lissie – Faxing Road (Deadmau5 Mashup / Vexilium Rework
ZomBParadox @rheanni @swearitycharity Peter Gabriel: Diggin the the Dirt

Peter Gabriel: Diggin the the Dirt

| play
ZomBParadox Night Ranger- Don't Tell Me You Love Me .. took me a while to a studio quality recording, but this is not the original either :)

Night Ranger- Don't Tell Me You Love Me

| play
ZomBParadox Public Enemy – He Got Game @swearitycharity @rheanni a dedication in your honor.
ZomBParadox Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon (with lyrics) @swearitycharity @rheanni Sure you heard this 1000 times but Love this song ;)
ZomBParadox Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick [Part 1/5] @rheanni what's wrong with jethro tull? :)
ZomBParadox Saigon Kick – Eden .. was looking for Feel the Same Way but ran across this..

Saigon KickEden

| play
ZomBParadox "Carl Sagan – 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)" wonder when he made this? gives me song ideas ;P
ZomBParadox Whitesnake DVD – 03 Love Ain't No Stranger
ZomBParadox Whitesnake – Judgement Day @swearitycharity #asyouwish
ZomBParadox Luc Jeanneau – I Remember a UFO (Sneaky Sound System vs. Deadmau5 & Kaskade) @swearitycharity WARNING: very infectious track!
ZomBParadox bang goes the bells by babylon ad .. memories! @swearitycharity @Angie74

bang goes the bells by babylon ad

| play
ZomBParadox MUSE Knights of Cydonia – Symphonic Remix, .. a study in contrasts as compare a couple versions..
ZomBParadox Evil Woman – E.L.O. AMV with a modern twist... I need good writing music, got a lot to write.. @swearitycharity @rheanni @Angie74

Evil WomanE.L.O. AMV

| play
ZomBParadox Heart – Magic Man @swearitycharity @rheanni @Angie74

HeartMagic Man

| play
ZomBParadox Xanadu – Banda Xanadu (rush cover RJ) Excellent cover! @savagepoker @whojedi @AlCantHang
ZomBParadox Killer Dwarfs – All That We Dream - working/writing music ;)
ZomBParadox Killer Dwarfs – STAND TALL - dwarves
ZomBParadox Killer Dwarfs – Dirty Weapons .. end of this set for the night :>
ZomBParadox Dedicated to my closest friend.. you know who you are... Helloween – Don't Stop Being Crazy
ZomBParadox What an excellent version of this song. Nina Simone – Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (reblip)
ZomBParadox Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In Motion ... from the movie The Social Network, great working music
ZomBParadox The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister inspired by my rocker friends of the 80's..
AnnieLicious ROFL I slipped rb @DownLow: "my 1st Christmas blip of the season. Blame it on vi@AnnieLicious: vi@john_vogel: Indeed a cover worthy of this classic" (reblip)
seb098 @SabineWe: "Yes it is ♥ merci pour Gershwin et cette merveilleuse Rhapsodie @rubikoO: "this is ethereal"" (reblip)

Korgis- Everybodys gotta learn sometime (Change your heart)(Sex Klinic Remix)

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