aLxAa Guten Morgen! Does she know me?
aLxAa In spite of all the consequence
aLxAa Sunday evening mood song :)
aLxAa Sunday evening mood song 2

Robbie WilliamsFeel

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aLxAa Too early and too big of a to-do list to fall asleep

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

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aLxAa Time to perfect our german

JuliPerfekte Welle

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aLxAa does not like being up at 6 AM
aLxAa @evajmah - talking about powerful women :) could I forget TT, she rocks! (reblip)
aLxAa < Bath or shower ? >

SuperbusCa Mousse

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aLxAa Salut @Nettys - sous la neige en Allemagne/in the snowy Germany :0)
aLxAa Dancing cleaning up the kitchen...
aLxAa Monday morning .... bad mood


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aLxAa mais moi je suis un homme...

Renan LuceLa Lettre

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aLxAa J'ai toujours prefere aux voisines les voisins.
aLxAa Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Miiiiiiiiiiissssss Bluuuuue

VincentMiss Blue

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aLxAa @estrogen Ca va devenir ma chanson totem ca - trop bon! (reblip)
aLxAa Come on @estrogen, we're far too xxxx for princes :)


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aLxAa @estrogen it works again aaaahh :) - mine is...well the only thing I think of is Garfield's fur :0) - I reblip with the non-live non-drunk version :)
aLxAa @estrogen, for garfield: same color, same mood but for the shape, the lazy-I-do-not-use-a-hairdryer-style :)
aLxAa @estrogen - magst du ich+ich? nicht schlecht!

Ich und IchStark

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aLxAa This is not america ... with a klein german touch.
aLxAa Dedicated to my female blippin' friends. He's hot! :)
aLxAa Ben alors fo rien changer.
aLxAa My dear blippers, my book is calling me :0) Gd night!
aLxAa miss independent, that's why I love her.
aLxAa gd mornin' - I need SLEEP or at least a (very) strong coffee :/

Suavamente - Latin Remix

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aLxAa @fbrahimi - you know me, I always reblip T.T. :) (reblip)
aLxAa Je peux tres bien me pas assez de toi.
aLxAa Hey guys, is BLIP also acting strange with you today???


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aLxAa It gets warmer suddenly...:)
aLxAa Back from the sunny slopes :0)
aLxAa J'adoooooooooooooooore les gens dejantes.
aLxAa @lilybauer :0) mon humeur du jour: bang! bang! bang! (reblip)

MIAPaper Airplanes

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aLxAa Dreams! always dreams! and the more ambitious and delicate the soul, the farther from possibility is the dream. (reblip)
aLxAa Hi @ladypn, another Blip bug?? Can't give you props 2day :(
aLxAa @estrogen ich auch! mais je commence 10' avant :0)))) (combien?)

Julien Dore Moi Lolita

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aLxAa @estrogen, eating my cheese sandwich and can't help thinking about the frikadelles :/
aLxAa @pierregrimm, tres bien merci, il fait si beau :)
aLxAa und jeder Vollidiot weiß...

Depeche Mode - Never let me down again

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aLxAa Hasta La Vista mi amor

65_mc solaar - Hasta La Vista

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aLxAa Ils sont souvent chics, mais rarement en même temps.
aLxAa L'amour comme un boomerang.


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aLxAa So she lazer beamed me with her cosmic eyes
aLxAa J’en connais des tas qui feraient mieux de s’aimer un peu Un peu comme nous qui nous aimons beaucoup
aLxAa Comme je l'imagine il sourit d'un rien, Comme je l'imagine il pense bien
aLxAa Guten Morgen!

She Bop

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aLxAa caus' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Take ThatPatience

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aLxAa Hi @pyrrho how are you 2day? I'm flying to breakfast...
aLxAa burning shower after a freezing PM outside aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aLxAa @estrogen it makes me feel I'm stuck in a coconut tooooooooooooo :0)))) (reblip)
aLxAa I'll take ya till ya all spun up ..... mmmmh @estrogen, that was BEFORE :)
aLxAa goooooooooood niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
aLxAa @ladypn, their music always make me feel good. (reblip)
aLxAa thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks @pyrrho luv'it (reblip)


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aLxAa 10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx @Musing ......And candles would burn just for me (reblip)
aLxAa hey @GR8FL ...u speak to yourself?? with a small french touch....:)
aLxAa @ladypn - the use of the word "regenerer" made you move to advanced class :0) - T.T. for me, just the best.
aLxAa Lili, easy as a kiss we'll find an answer

AaRONU Turn (Lili)

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aLxAa 2day no sea for me .... so the missing-the-sea-mermaid goes to the pool ;)
aLxAa when Mr Gorgeous meets my fav' woman.....:) have you seen what she's wearing in the video?, she really gots it!
aLxAa aaah one of the top-10 things I like about leaving in Germany: winter-opened-outdoor-swimmingpool that let u swim in the middle of the snow :)
aLxAa I - live my life - the way - i want

AyoLife Is Real

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aLxAa And if you are a number you’re infinity plus one. @Sally29 a song 4 U :))


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aLxAa @Sally29 the Q question IS: how do we feel this good <> ?


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aLxAa Easy conversations, there's no such thing
aLxAa merci, j'adore :)) (was bliping U at the same time ;)) (reblip)
aLxAa Salut @Nettys, desolee pour mon nom un peu embetant :) (aLxAa)


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aLxAa Step in my transporter so I can teleport ya :))) (I'm tired :s)
aLxAa Se faire un trip, s'offrir un streap, sous le soleil en plein midi
aLxAa h.E.l.L.o

Michael Bublé - Call Me Irresponsible

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aLxAa r/b via @estudi080, gracias. I like many things. (reblip)
aLxAa so I we-ee-ee-ee- so I we-ee-ee-ee so I we-ee-ee-ee :)

Lykke LiLet It Fall

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aLxAa @adbert, oh yes, wish I were sOmEwHeRe else ;) - it's genetic, I need s.U.n :0)
aLxAa I'm sooo tired. This song is like an NRJ drink :)))
aLxAa I like this softer version :))))) .... Hallo @Musing
aLxAa o**... ESPECIALLY on woman's day :0) ...**o
aLxAa @chuckdarwin :) And then she’d say it’s ok I got lost on the way but I’m a supergirl


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aLxAa girls, here another 5 hours of woman's day :))))) "I can be your hero babe" oh yessssss!
aLxAa 0000 soft sand, dark skin, palm trees and sun cream 0000


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aLxAa ahahaha :0)))) @pierregrimm cre-a-ti-vi-te dans les noms de groupe...
aLxAa @estrogen @GR8FL @ladypn @chiron08 - I wonder what it is to be a calm person, even for one day (well even a couple of hours .... 8-) )
aLxAa @Veronique I like this version :)


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aLxAa I barr'de ch0-c0-lat, I c0-ca-c0-la
aLxAa You know, there's still a place for people like us......

AaronU-Turn (Lili)

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aLxAa (: * Look at your watch now, You're still a super hot female, You got your million-dollar contract * :)
aLxAa ♫♫ so I can, so I can, .... watch 8) ♫♫
aLxAa aaaahhhh memories memories :0)
aLxAa @estrogen bodyshop Papaya.Papaya Koerper peeling :0)
aLxAa @adbert "From all the strrrrresssssss and strains of the day with just a tiny stroll thru Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-tiiii-er " :0)))))" (reblip)
aLxAa Bonjour @Nettys ;) - talking about politics.... :0)))))
aLxAa @pierregrimm @pyrrhoX, watch "swimming pool" with Ludivine Sagnier and I swear you jump into the water :)


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aLxAa ♫ she said Lola L-O-L-A Lola lo-lo-lo-lo Lola ♫ (reblip)

The KinksLola

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aLxAa Ooh...Ooh...Ann' Lee Soleil Tous les jours Y compris soir et week-end

TeteAnna Lee Soleil

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aLxAa @pyrrhoX - thanks for telling it :s and what does it have to do with underwear ?????? 8-/ (reblip)

pulp hitsUnderwear

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aLxAa @estrogen do not see the link between my lollipop blip and yours that I will not dare r/b'in.....8-/


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aLxAa @estrogen no worry my girl so lovely 8-) (reblip)

Glass CandyBeatific

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aLxAa danke @estrogen!! - ready for shopping? warm up the ec karte! (reblip)
aLxAa mornin'!!!! ..........@estrogen what's on the Speisekarte 2day?
aLxAa yes @tubilino ? are you calling @patita and I ? ;0) (reblip)

SuedeBeautiful Ones

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aLxAa @patita - you always give me a good excuse to roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D


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aLxAa titi #3 t'as toutes les bougies pour mon gateau???? 8-)
aLxAa titi #5 ahahah non ....Paris, les Champs, OUF!!!
aLxAa @klitoria @estrogen engel, how can I resist reblipin' a cover like that? :D (reblip)


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aLxAa @chiron08 - ich möchte nicht, daß du *deine* Knie verletzt :D (reblip)

AyoDown On My Knees

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aLxAa [@aLxAa superbe, ma poulette ;) toi?] tiiiiip tooooooop .... but I cannot speak :x (reblip)


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aLxAa Qui veut de moi Et des miettes de mon cerveau Qui veut entrer Dans la toile de mon reseau
aLxAa Mornin' - I'm so happy cuz you're so happy!!


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aLxAa ♫♫♫♫ Mornin' ♫♫♫♫
aLxAa Have a great day ♫♫♫

Chinese Man Records - Washington Square

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aLxAa Baby you're toooooooo much
aLxAa Like her voice :0) - Ouuuuhh whooooa whoooooa
aLxAa Everybody's going out and having fun I'm just a fool for staying home and having none :D - (titi, tout est sous controle a la maison?)
aLxAa """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Andrew BirdHeretics

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aLxAa @TitideParis tu sais, Apolline devait etre Arthur ahahahahaha :0) (reblip)


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Alexis HK - Le nouveau Western

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aLxAa je vais vite très vite, j'suis une comète humaine universelle
aLxAa @TitideParis ^)%$*@#($&(@ de journee!!! et je reste polie!

EelsMan Up

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aLxAa @TitideParis - 1 ke j'm ds mon nano!

Vive ma liberte (range)

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aLxAa Il est tard ce soir, ma tête dans l'brouillard, Mon goût salé, je sens la bière Elle, la fraise.
aLxAa @TitideParis - je suis borderline, mental ou juste un peu bizarre?


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aLxAa vi@MilaSaintAnne - ca fait longtemps que je le cherche celui la! (reblip)

TétéFils De Cham

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aLxAa @TitideParis ta mission trouver le twenty-two-bar de picardie 8-)
aLxAa Hey, hey, hey, Hi, hi, hi, My, my, my :))))
aLxAa gruessli @estrogen - mein heute Lied fuer dich 8-)
aLxAa On a na, na-na na, na-na na, na-na na, na na na na
aLxAa @patita: si si si, doch doch doch, yes yes yes 8-) (reblip)
aLxAa @ScenicKK je crois qu'on va bien s'entendre 8-)


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aLxAa Mother, mother, tell your children
aLxAa @TitideParis - peux tu arreter de m'envoyer du boulot pliz, j'ai plus le temps de blipper :0)
aLxAa I sang that VERY loud in my car tonight, coming back from work - tudududuUUU, TUDUDUDUUUUU, TUDUDUDUUUU, aaaAAAH aaaaaaAAAHHHHH

Bonnie TylerHero

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aLxAa make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all (reblip)
aLxAa German blippers, I have no id if this is considered old-fashioned here, but I am a real H.G. fan since I discovered/moved to Germany :0)))
aLxAa @estrogen @GR8FL, looked at the blog post & finally understood what was going on thanx :) - I agree with u @GR8FL, let's just ignore the short tracks
aLxAa We need more Dorval on Blip
aLxAa .....come to an end! Back from holidays!
aLxAa Not bad this new You Tube thing!!!! :) Not bad this new M.M. whyyyyyyyyyy-ay
aLxAa @tubilino - salut, a bit late on latest blips changes :s I do not see the videos after a while, why? (reblip)
aLxAa @TitideParis - c'est tout

ARNO Vive ma Liberté

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aLxAa @TitideParis - il est en concert en france cet ete
aLxAa j'adore

"le twenty two bar" de Dominique A

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aLxAa my favourite from Delerm.
aLxAa thanx @tubilino :)))) I was suntanning in italy 8-)
aLxAa @Nettys - I enjoyed watching your very nice photos - thanx for sharing!


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aLxAa @TitideParis - jtoffre le slip rose

louxor j'adore : les vedettes, katerine & la secte humaine

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aLxAa my favourite from Camille - C EST DECIDE JE ME BARRE :)


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aLxAa yep, these guys are french......:)
aLxAa lalalalalalalalala

Des idées de Karpatt

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aLxAa Erinner mich daran wie es sein kann

Ich+Ich du erinnerst mich an liebe

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aLxAa marie marie marie

Marie Max Mutzke Lyrics

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amadou et mariam senegal fast food

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Kate Nash "Foundations" video

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gerald depalmas jen reve encore

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California Mylene Farmer

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Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole Over The Rainbow

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George McCrae -- Rock Your Baby

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Wonderwall by Cat Power

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Ilene Barnes Day Dream

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aLxAa @TitideParis: "Juliette just wonderful" (reblip)

Sugar Sugar (EPK)

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aLxAa I hope not

YODELICE Clip sunday with the flu

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The Proclaimers 500 Miles (live 8)

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aLxAa roaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

Billy IdolRebel Yell

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Gorillaz-All Alone

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aLxAa @tubilino....25k listeners .... waouh!!!! :D

Hunting High and Low by Coldplay

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aLxAa via @pierregrimm: "nothing to add there" -- for @TitideParis; sentiments mixtes apres ton depart :s, lacheur! (reblip)
aLxAa @pierregrimm tu veux dire tout le temps en vacances comme toi? :D - peux pas mon brave monsieur!

Rock N' Roll Train-ACDC (with lyrics)

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aLxAa There's a reason why I'm feeling so high

Let Your Love Flow

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aLxAa @benb ici mais tu ne regardes pas au bon endroit (ou au bon moment) ;)

Noir DésirIci Paris

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aLxAa @inavision: "Wicked Game [cover]" (reblip)

A Perfect Circle influenced Wicked Game Chris Isaak cover Official Music Video HQ

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