GloomyGoLucky @chris_is_cool...shes paying in san diego as I type a little sad
akarra Yes, "Under the Blacklight" is a good album.
akarra The Weakerthans, "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure" - beautiful and powerful: listen to the lyrics carefully, I've written on them :X
marlovely the most beautiful song on! oooh riga girls......
akarra Stars, "Life Effect" - the opening lyrics set the scene.

StarsLife Effect

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akarra Snow Patrol, "Chasing Cars" - alright, this really is the last song for a little bit. Enjoy.
mas_09 Oh sh!t, get your towels ready it's about to go down i got my trunks and flippie-floppies i'm riding a dolphin splashing, people wet but is'nt sea...
akarra "We're so close to something better left unknown" - Metric, "Gimme Sympathy"
akarra "This greed and jealousy turn to need" - Rilo Kiley, "Dreamworld"
akarra Death Cab For Cutie, "Different Names for the Same Thing"
beebow @muttnik Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
akarra "Speak slow / Tell me love / Where do we go" - Speak Slow, "Tegan and Sara"
akarra "...why does it feel / so good to die today" - Metric, "Grow Up and Blow Away"
akarra "I know I haven't said enough." - Mates of State, "Nature and the Wreck"
akarra Rilo Kiley, "Under the Blacklight"
akarra Frou Frou, "Only Got One" - Last song for this set, thank you all for listening! @VickiHinman especial thanks!
JoePegorsch I Love This Song So Freaking Much!!!
Monkeytoes Makes me want to get up and jump around.
star45 Tegan & Sara – Dark Come Soon – . . . @patricia_coelho hi - @dswancanada I never really blip 3&7s, I thought it was a good choice!
sheepchase The rest of the album is pretty average. This song kicks it though.


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sheepchase It's Saturday. Gotta work, but still got that weekend feeling!

MIAPaper Planes

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akarra Daft Punk, "Aerodynamic" - shout-out to @pljunkie, who plays different music. Give her a listen.
akarra "I'm not searching for self-improvement / I'm sticking to the beaten path" - The Good Life, "The Beaten Path"
akarra The Killers, "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" - coming soon, Canadian indie rock - Metric, Weakerthans, maybe Stars...
akarra "Hold my wine hold it in / Nobody's lost but nobody wins" - Azure Ray, "Sleep"

Azure RaySleep

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akarra Metric, "Combat Baby" - Emily Haines is something else. (reblip)

MetricCombat baby

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akarra "Try so hard not to remember what all empty playgrounds know: that sympathy is cruel." - The Weakerthans, "Fallow"
akarra "Chord, shapes in air / Go press that dissonance / If you dare" Frou Frou – Breathe In

Frou FrouBreathe In

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akarra "You're out of my mind" - Tegan and Sara, "Walking With A Ghost"
akarra @pljunkie & @evablue - hi! @StateofKait - insomniacs unite! Metric, "Succexy"


| play
akarra "They are after us, I swear..." - Eisley, "Invasion"


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akarra The theme to the anime, "Ghost in the Shell" - "Inner Universe:"
akarra Daft Punk, "Aerodynamic"
akarra "Green is the color of my envy" - Tegan And Sara, "Superstar"
akarra "I remember losing hope..." - Our Lady Peace, "Innocent" (reblip)
akarra "This love isn't good / Unless it's me and you" - Tegan & Sara, "I Know I Know I Know"
akarra "We are desperate, lonely and underpaid" - Voxtrot, "Raised By Wolves"
akarra CSS – Music is my Boyfriend
akarra "We're living in a den of thieves" - (live) Regina Spektor, "Us"

Regina SpektorUs

| play
akarra "So let go, let go" - Frou Frou, "Let Go"

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
akarra "I thought I might die alone" - Rilo Kiley, "I Never"

Rilo KileyI Never

| play
akarra "Who were you after / You were mine" - Metric, "Soft Rock Star"
akarra @Vemsteroo - Notwist, "Gone Gone Gone" - last song of this set; happy to have met you! (reblip)
Miss_Demeanours New Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuff, I have no idea what my favourite track is yet, but this one's pretty amazing
Miss_Demeanours To give you more of an idea for the album, and its definately worth getting the deluxe edition for the bonus tracks.
meetapossum "Had one of those days when you wanna try heroin, drunk driving, some form of soft suicide."
akarra "I'll come here on my own" - The Submarines, "Clouds" (reblip)
akarra @daihard & @ladypn - thanks for this! - Kathleen Edwards, "Back to Me" (reblip)
akarra "Who's gonna watch you die" - DCFC, "What Sarah Said"
akarra No comment necessary. Enjoy - Sigur Ros, "Saeglopur"

Sigur RosSaeglopur

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akarra "I describe all the things that you cannot see" - Owl City, "Dear Vienna"

Owl CityDear Vienna

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akarra "How bad does she seem? / She makes me wanna scream." - The Fiery Furnaces, "Chris Michaels"
akarra The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
akarra "And I believed them all" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Y-Control" (reblip)
oreogasm working on my self portrait & listening to kings of leon =]
akarra "I got lost in the sounds / I hear in my mind" - Regina Spektor, "Fidelity"
akarra "Yeah, you know you got to help me out" - The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done" (reblip)
akarra "And I promise you, I'm doing the best I can" - Rilo Kiley, "With Arms Outstretched" (live)
CanadianAudiophile Like sex in a tub, it's never as good as it sounds. Or so I've they, uh, tell me....Hi Mom!
akarra "I'm not who I used to be" - DCFC, "Brothers on a Hotel Bed"
akarra "How can you promise the world" - Vedera, "Desire on Repeat"
akarra Ergo Proxy OP [Monoral - kiri]

Ergo Proxy OP [Monoral - kiri]

| play
akarra Serious indie cred for knowing this band (use that cred, sound like a geek) - "Waiting to Know You," The Fiery Furnaces
akarra "You put me in my place no more" - Vedera, "Safe"


| play
akarra "Tell me that you love me more" - Feist, "1234"


| play
akarra "You can take me away from here" - Eisley, "Vintage People"
akarra "You're gonna drive me crazy" - Passion Pit, "Better Things"
akarra "And I don't mind waiting if it takes a long, long time" - Rilo Kiley, "Capturing Moods" (reblip)
akarra Stars, "Take me to the Riot" (it's more exciting than here, trust me) (reblip)
akarra Monoral – Kiri


| play
bthv Radiohead – Karma Police
akarra "My words don't travel far / They tangle in my hair" - Regina Spektor, "Consequence of Sounds"
BingFutch Green Day - "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
anyothercity Tegan & Sara – You Wouldn't Like Me
akarra "the thought alone / is killing me right now" - Obadiah Parker, "Hey Ya!" (reblip)
akarra (@davidrobots - ty!) Dear and the Headlights, "I Just Do:" "Oh I just love you"
by_starla [Maria Taylor-Time Lapse Lifeline] thanks @nick_sorg-just really sad & conflicted about something. hoping i will feel better tomorrow. how are you?
akarra for @fringe - hope you like this / "Tonight I won't be coming home" - The Submarines, "Clouds"
by_starla [Rachael Yamagata - What If I Leave]
akarra "When will you see that I am all that you've got" - Sia, "Academia" (reblip)


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akarra "It's not dark yet, but it's getting there" - Bob Dylan (reblip)
akarra for @katehavnevik - apologies for the radio / "So:Lo," Kate Havnevik

Kate HavnevikSo:Lo

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akarra "Breathe and I'll carry you away" - Owl City, "On the Wing"

Owl CityOn The Wing

| play
akarra "You're writing your tragedy" - Frou Frou, "Let Go"

Frou FrouLet Go

| play
akarra "Do you think I'm strange?" - "Unlike Me," Kate Havnevik
radiojen Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (Shrek Soundtrack)

| play
meetapossum "Pardon me, but wasn't that your heart that I felt?"

The BlowPardon Me

| play
akarra @cynthiay29: "There's a lack of color here" - "Death Cab For Cutie – A Lack Of Color (reblip)
akarra "I waited so long, I couldn't find a cause" - Phoenix, "Rally" (reblip)


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akarra "Because nobody loves you" - Rilo Kiley, "Ripchord"

Rilo KileyRipchord

| play
akarra "Now I'm never gonna see you again" - Metric, "Live it Out"

MetricLive It Out

| play
akarra "You were so condescending" - Death Cab for Cutie, "Photobooth"
akarra "just like that / it's done" - Maria Taylor, "Time Lapse Lifeline" (reblip)
threebears 22k listeners thanks for listening to me. ...quote'n'rb @briangreene ^_^ thanks! It really is a *pleasure* :) :) :) (reblip)
akarra "Until we were just bone" - Regina Spektor, "On the Radio" (reblip)
akarra ty @deepbluesealove - "And take whatever you have to take" - The Kooks, "Sway" (reblip)

The KooksSway

| play
akarra "Set sail from where we once begun." - Klaxons, "Golden Skans"

KlaxonsGolden Skans

| play
akarra "This is not my life" - Elliott Smith, "A Fond Farewell" (reblip)
akarra "Come by and see me, I'm a love-letter away" - Voxtrot, "The Start of Something"
akarra more bugging @intelamber - "But then it's your life" - Frou Frou, "Only Got One"
akarra "...still i'd love you / through all peace and hate" - The Submarines, "Peace & Hate"
akarra "Love is all and love is everyone" - Our Lady Peace, "Tomorrow Never Knows"
akarra "Tonight I won't be coming home" - The Submarines, "Clouds"
akarra "Close your eyes to corral a virtue" - The Shins, "A Comet Appears"
akarra for @Vemsteroo - "Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping" - The Postal Service, "Sleeping In"
akarra for @Vemsteroo - "Now it's up to you" - Jem, "It's Amazing" (reblip)

Jem04 It's Amazing

| play
oreogasm @akarra this one makes me sleepy.. very music box-y
akarra Welcome @aceshigh333 - Tegan & Sara, "You Wouldn't Like Me"" (reblip)
akarra Everyone please add @aceshigh333 when you get a chance. | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
maggiesfarm add a little fun to your evening
maggiesfarm amazing cover, totally out of this band's ordinary style. listen up and enjoy. =]
akarra "Innocence is seen as weakness" - Vedera [formerly Veda], "The Falling Kind"
akarra "...hope i put a sparkle in your eye" - Vedera, "Lover's Lie"

VedaLover's Lie

| play
akarra "I'm a modern girl, but I fold in half so easily" - Rilo Kiley, "Pictures of Success"
akarra for @tygerbaby & @deepbluesealove - "I was so far out of place / Watching those stars in outer space"

Owl CityDear Vienna

| play
akarra "But then it's your life" - Frou Frou, "Only Got One"
Vemsteroo Some awesome Sunday morning music - The Album Leaf - See In You
MarkRosenbauer Re cap...No bowling...@katehavnevik...In Brooklyn. (reblip)
akarra ty @deepbluesealove | "Beneath the sound of hope" - The Smashing Pumpkins, "1979" (reblip)
akarra "Your words are with me still / They whisper in the grass" - Camera Obscura, "Tears for Affairs" (reblip)
akarra to @sk_seim - this is awesome! I feel my indie cred increasing significantly. How'd you find this? (reblip)
sk_seim The Rocket Summer – Brat Pack @akarra This band is really just one guy, he's from a town pretty close to mine, seen him in concert as much as possible
akarra "back to the years and all those tears" - The Rocket Summer, "Cross My Heart" (reblip)
sk_seim Manchester Orchestra- Where Have You Been @akarra Yeah that's who I meant. Wilco's alright. Not my favorite though. Have you heard this band?

Manchester Orchestra- Where Have You Been

| play
The_Kraken If I turn off the power to the office, I reckon I can go out cycling with my mate - is that irresponsible? Nah!!!
akarra Getting to work, but need music. | Rilo Kiley, "Silver Lining"
MandyPenn This was stuck in my head all day for some reason ... Goodnight everyone! Thx @ladypn @SizzlinShara @AdamOfDallas @melbrehl @Cranphi @MANOTAS @cg_2001
klloyd82 I'm not much of a fan of Lady Gaga, but I love this track!
akarra Good morning all! Lyrics & Commentary: | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
Zubenelgenubi The hardest part of life is to live while you're alive!
akarra "Come with me / We'll travel to infinity" - Klaxons, "Gravity's Rainbow"
akarra for @saragarth & @Vemsteroo - happy to be talking to you both again | DCFC, "Different Names for the Same Thing"
akarra "Got no time to take a picture / I'll remember someday / All the chances we took" - Metric, "Gimme Sympathy"
ladypn Shhh, @J2ad! Don't tell anyone I'm Blipping! ;) (reblip)
meetapossum For @akarra - Not sure if you've heard Christine Fellows before - she's John K. Samson's wife. Wonderful voice.
akarra more for @saragarth | "fight off the lethargy / don't go quietly" - Metric, "Combat Baby"

MetricCombat Baby

| play
star45 Feist – The Simple Story
akarra Lyrics - | The Weakerthans, "None of the Above"
akarra "And I was wanting you to show me / I was wondering all the time" - Eisley, "If You're Wondering"
akarra "Try so hard not to remember what all empty playgrounds know: that sympathy is cruel" - The Weakerthans, "Fallow"
akarra Speaks for itself: Metric, "Poster of a Girl" (reblip)
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