BabyGhost love this vu song. i'm going to play some modern lovers after this.
raluma angela mccluskey, one of four of my favorite vocalists

Telepopmusik - Dont Look Back

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Betty Boop 1933 Cab Calloway "The Old Man Of the Mountain"

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akiraboy2010 wow never heard this before... nice

Frank Zappa. The Roxy Perfomances.

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Rilo Kiley "Silver Lining" Live and Acoustic Q985

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Rilo Kiley "The Moneymaker" Live and Acoustic Q985

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MaggyTheBrave Gods, I love this. @aacfilms: "love the big drums from carla azar" (reblip)
Chise Bobby Womack - California Dreamin@lilyetc

Bobby Womack california dreaming

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iMatthew_ 2say the Lounge Lizards were intense live is a bit of an understatement –Voice Of Chunk (vid: Night Music '89) (I saw LLs in Philly in '92 =awesome)
akiraboy2010 Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice [features Beth Orton]

Finley Quaye & William Orbit Dice

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angulita @Sorceress: "Además es tan linda" (reblip)

A collage of Cat Power ( Chan Marshall).

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akiraboy2010 Bill Frisell~Keep Your Eyes Open

Bill Frisell~Keep Your Eyes Open

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akiraboy2010 @BleakMouse @tbell thanks! Enjoy this... Marc Ribot

Whoopie Pie with Marc Ribot | NYC @ Zebulon | May 06 2009

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akiraboy2010 more classic stuff! | Lightnin' hopkins – lonesome road
avivajazz Jon Hassell / Vernal Equinox (ECM 1990) / John Hassell-trumpet/Fender Rhodes/arp; Nana Vasconcelos-berimbau/percussion
akiraboy2010 Authentic Chicago blues here from Maxwell St . Check out the dancing! Robert Nighthawk causing a scene! (reblip)

Maxwell Street Robert Nighthawk

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akiraboy2010 Cream – Tales of Brave Ulysses - Live
akiraboy2010 group led by saxophonist and composer John Zorn
akiraboy2010 @akiraboy2000: "In a similar vein to the Zappa I just blipped. Great album!" (reblip)
KitDakota Ustad Ali Akbar Khan - Raga Chandranandan, with Panfid Mahapurush Misra, Tabla Accompaniment
akiraboy2010 from the full sessions of One The Corner - Hip Skip part 2

Miles Davis- Hip Skip part 2

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akiraboy2010 Public Image: Careering | Live on Whistle Test

Public Image: Careering

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akiraboy2010 Material -Black Lotus [live]

MATERIAL@Tokyo Jazz 2005(part1)

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akiraboy2010 nice!

Fred Frith/ Iva Bittová/ Pavel Fajt "Morning Song" (1989)

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elementguy Dead Flowers live

Keith Richards Dead Flowers live

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akiraboy2010 Another track off Dreams of Freedom / Ambient Translations in Dub (Bill Laswell / Chris Blackwell production)
akiraboy2010 from the last album he put out before went detox and away from the whole scene. Fantastic track I think.
akiraboy2010 from Dreams of Freedom / Ambient Translations in Dub (Bill Laswell / Chris Blackwell production) - great great album
akiraboy2010 From the film Betty Blue by Jean-Jacques Beineix
akiraboy2010 video: Bowie - Ziggy Stardust - Changes / Space Oddity (Live 1973)

Ramones Live London 1977 full show Part 2

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akiraboy2010 This show in London spawned everything else. I believe Joe Strummer, Siouxsie, Johnny Lydon were all there.

Ramones Live London 1977 full show Part 1

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akiraboy2010 demo or live not sure... but its excellent
akiraboy2010 Sorry all you Radiohead/Ramones fans if this causes whiplash. I like all kinds! Listen its a beautiful tune. Grateful Dead - Jack Straw 1977
akiraboy2010 Grateful Dead – Sunrise 1977 (off of Terrapin Station)

Shellac "Didn`t We Deserve A Look At You The Way You Really Are"

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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I'm a little obsessed with this song at the moment.

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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akiraboy2010 The Greenhornes / Holly Golightly – There Is an End (reblip)
evablue I vote for to be the 12th @Twiistup Showoff [tweet this 3 times if YOU ♥ blip] (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Radiohead – The Bends (Later with Jools Holland - Live)
akiraboy2010 "Entrances uncovered, street signs you never saw..." Band is tight and Mark is on it.
akiraboy2010 The Fall – The Man Whose Head Expanded - Peel Session
CHaDmAn "A little more bite and a little less bark! A little less fight and a little more spark!" (reblip)


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akiraboy2010 Patti Smith – Gimme Shelter (Jools Holland 2007)
MainVeld G.L.O.V.E.S. – PYX (Strip Steve Paradise Dub)

15 - Milla Jovovich With Jon Hassell And Danny Saber-Satellite Of Love (Danny Saber Remix)

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akiraboy2010 999 – Fun Thing | this band live back in the late 70s was a thing to behold

999Fun Thing

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akiraboy2010 this sounds like andy gill samples (gang of four), maybe?
akiraboy2010 Coldcut & Steinski – Television (Jam) | more solid dance grooves from Coldcut
akiraboy2010 Omar Souleyman – La Sidounak Sayyada
akiraboy2010 Little Boots – Every Little Earthquake (Redlight Remix) @trishpants = nice friday night to ya!
akiraboy2010 this is sounding good

Fatboyslim(Norman cook) Blame it on the bassline( Aymeric G remix)

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gorillaz vs space monkeyz slow country [srictly rubbadub]

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akiraboy2010 The Cure The Hanging Garden | live with vid!

The Cure The Hanging Garden

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katz22 @MrsAmosBardi: "RB @JazzmYn: "I personally think, this is THE best version of AVE MARIA! Night!""(dreamy...thnx rb ....x0x) (reblip)
akiraboy2010 µ-Ziq – Tango N' Vectif | so tell me how do you type this, - µ - if one was to search for it? (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Natalie Merchant – Build A Levee | from Letterman!
akiraboy2010 The Dresden Dolls – Pretty In Pink | didnt know about this! the things you learn here on blip!

Mal Waldron quintet 1

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Kid loops lbs-Feel (Rockers Hifi Album)

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akiraboy2010 @amphore: "Black Mighty Orchestra – Ocean Beach (Cybophonia Cinematic Remix)" Don't know this but I like it! (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Augustus Pablo – Shanking Easy
akiraboy2010 Robert Rich – 02 - Rainforest Suite - I. The Forest Dreams of Bach
akiraboy2010 @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "From Dec. '09 @akiraboy2000" ok I think I might be sold | Boston May 4th and 5th (reblip)

Public Image Limited,Death Disco (Swan Lake), Leeds

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akiraboy2010 Test Dept – Bang On It | more agit prop 1980s
akiraboy2010 Steve Miller Band – Space Cowboy | ok now I know I'm insane... better quit it for the night!
akiraboy2010 Snakefinger – The Model | Found another kraftwerk cover!
akiraboy2010 Moog Cookbook – Sweet Home Alabama !!!
Jazzhole New Joanna Newsom. I really like how her voice is developing.
akiraboy2010 The Runaways – Wild Thing | @renegadegirl | this track rocks
akiraboy2010 Dj Food – Spiral (tongue and groove mix)
akiraboy2010 Wow, this live version rocks... 2000. with immaculate BBC recording...
akiraboy2010 The Clash BBC Live1978 Clash City Rockers – Tommy Gun | classic footage!
misterDW Another song that seems to speak to me in my current malaise...
akiraboy2010 via @Shonie1966 | Didnt know this but learning everyday, thank you! Nice take on Guns and Roses (reblip)

Sweet Child O Mine / Taken by Trees

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by_starla [CocoRosie-Good Friday] @wayoutosphere--trying not to.... i guess the magnetic attraction to Fridays leads to theme blipping, etc.
akiraboy2010 thx @PixelInTime | A good version of one of my favorite Bunnymen tunes... "Is this the blues I'm singing?" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry
akiraboy2010 love this, so lush the production, get the headphone on and loud!

The Specials "International Jet Set" (extended edition)

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akiraboy2010 Nouvelle Vague – Love will tear us apart (LIVE)
akiraboy2010 @DeAnn >@lilLADYT8845 >RB: @MCDEIBEM: ":))" Al Green - Take Me To The River""" Al Green is a god, thanks for sending this out there (reblip)

Al Green-Take Me To The River.

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the rolling stones far away eyes '78 ojos lejanos subtitulado

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iMatthew_ Lounge Lizards – My Trip to Ireland (live) from No Pain for Cakes @akiraboy2000 @prescottscott
akiraboy2010 Thievery Corporation – Reign Dub @chazzz have a nice weekend bro!
akiraboy2010 inspired by @EFR56 | this rocks out... at the intersection between blues and beats
akiraboy2010 @renegadegirl turned me on to this awhile ago so I'm digging it out to go with Black Keys blip thanks. its almost techno industrial in its beat!
akiraboy2010 Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (LIVE)
akiraboy2010 Roots Dub duo from London and Plymouth | Alpha & Omega – Dub Into Me
FOGGIELOANER Department S - Is Vic There? @jojofm indeed @Paddy blipped that yesterday...we must be of roughly the same age @Corts i'm a youthful 43 :) (reblip)


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avivajazz Max Richter | Bach Shadow @calebdwilliams "surreal Bach: shadow of harmonic organization, intellectual depth, technical command, and artistic beauty" (reblip)
avivajazz Max Richter | The Haunted Ocean (Solo Version) // Thanks to @calebdwilliams for exposing me to Max Richter!
avivajazz Donovan | Sunny Goodge Street // I love, love, love this song, vi@yohanp (reblip)
GR8FL @curatEar: "vi@GR8FL..LOL would've liked to be able to blip Blue Soap by The Associates rare b-side .Ever heard it?" can't say I have :) (reblip)
avivajazz Rachael Yamagata | Duet with Ray LaMontagne // Two warm, husky voices, with feeling.... real slow! Thanks, @melodyofyourlife (reblip)
kyotosong still lovin' Crispian's voice... "like the flower and the scent of summer"...
richardstafford The Doors "Peace Frog" Didn't really know & love this song until 3rd Bass sampled it
ericats I also wake up alone but I mostly I choose not to sleep at all...therefore I don't have to wake up to an empty bed....
avivajazz Benny Goodman | Flat Foot Floogee // vi@Oldies Wish I could find the original "Slim Gaillard" version! // @patita@Nani1982@ZONE@BarbieRay@crowjane (reblip)

Benny Goodman - Flat Foot Floogee (Swing Kids)

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FOGGIELOANER @Will_the_bloke @DJEteng re: "could this have been Joy Division's greatest song? top 3? in a just universe it would've been no.1 for 6 weeks (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER @Will_the_bloke in honour of your new avatar this version must be from the filty lucre tour
akiraboy2010 such a nice melody to this... Jonny Greenwood rocks
akiraboy2010 Used to do surgery for girls in the 80s, But gravity always wins...
akiraboy2010 Tribute the Velvets. Legendary Mick Ronson on guitar!
akiraboy2010 God wouldn't it be fun to be the musical director for these folks? What a great job.
akiraboy2010 American Blues and West African Guitars mixed. what a great idea..
akiraboy2010 The Village Green Preservation Society ! We need these guys right here in Boston!
FOGGIELOANER @photogurrl found the studio version @Will_the_bloke in honour of your new avatar. cheers! ;)" (reblip)
retroferran 80s totales: Echo And The Bunnymen – The Cutter (reblip)
Lemon MADchester time ladies and gents, "Jippy Jippy Ya Ya Yey"
harlowe A tunisian oud player and two brits combine to put me in a super-relaxed state (and Surman's Bass clarinet playing blows my mind)
akiraboy2010 another great Club D'elf track.

dream wanderer

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akiraboy2010 Another hot Boston based Dub sound DJ
akiraboy2010 Good German Electronic Music, nuff said.
De_Ann :-)@Oldies Pete Townshend – Let My Love Open the Door (reblip)
akiraboy2010 cover of Kraftwerk by Romanian (?) string quartet
akiraboy2010 When he's not yapping away, they are a most amazing band!
akiraboy2010 One of my favorite electronic artists. Mellow and clean.
akiraboy2010 My turn. Taking Marley and really rocking him out.
akiraboy2010 Interesting, Bowie still has some mileage left in him.
avivajazz The Verve | Bitter Sweet Symphony (Extended Version)
paeix ......into the trenches this new day... __________________________good morning @santamistura!
akiraboy2010 @mammara thanks for reminding of this amazing poet musician! I had forgot about him. We need more dub versions up here!
sheryonstone I loved Mark Sandmans voice @dionroy ~ it just was "sexy" RIP Mark (reblip)
avivajazz ►◄►◄Tabla Beat Science ►◄►◄ Ap Ke Baras ► (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Live April 25, 2009 Madison Square Garden
akiraboy2010 Magic Bus? I could use one now!

The Who - Magic Bus

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avivajazz ☮ Pinetop's New Boogie Woogie | Pinetop Perkins
akiraboy2010 Sad that this guy checked out on us...
akiraboy2010 Great version of the Joy Div song. Jarboe on the haunting vocals.
akiraboy2010 Club D'elf - Wish I was in Heaven - A monster track in heavy blues style (reblip)


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Shaman777 thanks@srsg: "Hubby's list." (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"

| play
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice Thanks for this one @rico! Nice wake up music for a rainy morning. (reblip)

Patti Smith, Dancing barefoot, (unplugged)

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shannynjoy just a little more- Radiohead – Where I End and You Begin
GR8FL at least I am at the beach @CynDyn, I know I should be more grateful... but 2 weeks of gloom and rain??? This is my holiday. I may as well go to DC.
dubstarr @antennica how far is the coast from Beograd....500 miles? is the beach on a river?


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1001songs i dig lennon's sideburns. the boys changed their looks for every single

The Beatles Hey Bulldog 1968

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avivajazz Drums & Tuba // Grinding Winding Down


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cdub this pairing still gives me goose bumps! love how neil's guitar goes to 11. check out the path of destruction his solo leaves in it's wake!

Neil Young & Pearl Jam!

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akiraboy2010 Hobart Smith – "Cripple Creek -- all this stuff is Folkways (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Varttina (finland) - Merten Kosijat

Merten Kosijat

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akiraboy2010 brilliant singing in this... happy birthday anyone who's lucky today!
akiraboy2010 Natalie Merchant – Saint Judas | more vocals extraordinaire
avivajazz Johnny Winter / Sonny Terry / Willie Dixon // Whoo Wee Baby! // Thanks, RB@Garrett_The_K: "Dang that Mr Winter can play the hell outa his guitar." (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Buddha Bar - Eric Satie - Gnossienne N 1 (Buddha Bar Remix)
akiraboy2010 Leadbelly - The Rising Sun Blues (House of the Rising Sun) (reblip)
akiraboy2010 @avivamagnolia @shanti45 thanks for a great day of stuff! Here's a good blues number for yous! "Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard "Coal Miner's Blues"" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Buzzcocks - Are Everything | one my favorite tunes of theirs

Amanda Palmer "Creep" Live On Uke From Red Peters' ODDVILLE

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akiraboy2010 The Pogues - The Sunnyside of the Street
akiraboy2010 Van Morrison – Bright Side of the Road
akiraboy2010 Dub version of Slavery Days... classic dub style
akiraboy2010 Erik Satie – 03 Four Gnossiennes 3 - Lent
zencly @sowelu: "oh god los recuerdos me asaltan xDD" mil veces mejores q los ahora hermanos jonases (reblip)

Hanson mmmbop live (Wayne Brady Show)

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jimbulian The hip-hop version of this is Sir-Mix-A-Lot's, Baby Got Back.
akiraboy2010 Mom threw me out till I get some pants some fit. She just won't approve of my strange kind of wit!
schizophonic THIS SONG TEARS ME APART & BLOWS ME AWAY... (Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood, recorded live from the backstage)
schizophonic imeem on = ridiculous 30-second tracks! (reblip)
akiraboy2010 from South Saturn Delta album released post-humously. As was Pali Gap/ / Such a shame he left us so early.
schizophonic "Oh you speak to me in riddles, and you speak to me in rhymes" -- WAY better than the original version. Wonderful voice, great lyrics.
Lemon Too bad I can't find a live version of this one. Donny Hathaway Live is one of the albums that's in my personal top-10 of all times.
avivajazz Blues/Spirituals ~ Ben Harper with the Blind Boys of Alabama ~ Won't You Take My Hand (When You Are Worried)
avivajazz Thanks for the "heads up" on "Baraka," @DesertLily: " Baraka: breathtaking cinematography and mesmerizing music. Full film in 10 parts via YouTube" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 Found this in searching for a Zappa tune. Ambiently interesting.
GR8FL there are interesting blip tips on including trick for 30-sec preview tracks
LaBelladiva_ "I lost my trust in you, you were dangerous and scary, you poisoned me with the fruits everyone was intrigued by and I finally got buried"
MasaruKondo UNKLE – UNKLE (Main Title Theme) 懐かしい〜。この頃が好きだった
boamorte vi@annapurna just in time after that Jane´s addiction... thx!!! (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

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akiraboy2010 this is awesome Holly Golightly LIVE "You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying" (reblip)

Holly Golightly LIVE You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying

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Stay19 Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back And Forth<><>
akiraboy2010 James Blood Ulmer - Sitting on Top of The World

James Blood Ulmer LIVE! @ Radio City Music Hall

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blurryleg Wait...Anna Tsuchiya is mai waifu. She reminds me of Asia Argento. Plus this song is frakin' wacky!
GR8FL okay, am breathing now rb@by_starla: "[A Place To Bury Strangers - Breathe] hello @scound @paulzy @Erwin1974 :)" (reblip)
akiraboy2010 This is the one I meant. Its unrivaled in its simplicity and beauty.
akiraboy2010 Cat Power – I Believe In You (dylan cover)
akiraboy2010 Tom Waits – 16 shells from a Thirty-Ought Six !!
akiraboy2010 Miles Davis – Human Nature - Even as he got older he still was in command of the band.
akiraboy2010 Tutu (live) Miles Davis - need to turn up your levels on this one, its low.

Tutu (live) Miles Davis

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