aleph_null More Namlook is never a wrong choice.
aleph_null Anthemic, epic, hypnotic techno. Oh yase.
aleph_null Having something of a marathon here. Indulging myself once again.
aleph_null Bing bong boop (boop bop).
aleph_null The malfunctioning robot ignored the abort signal.


| play
aleph_null And?

B1_Davis & May - Take off and

| play
aleph_null Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.
aleph_null Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices.
aleph_null There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships.
aleph_null Some pre-DJed background music whilst I wire things up in the studio.
aleph_null Whisper me to sleep, sweet sirens of slumber.
aleph_null Desert eyes, forest brain, jungle energy, tundra attitude.
aleph_null Dirty roads and sonic sea-craft make for a good breakfast.
aleph_null Name the game, win a prize.
aleph_null Wining. Dining.


| play
aleph_null Slowing down in the red light district.
aleph_null It can certainly pull off a few good tricks.
aleph_null You're perfect, yes it's true. But without me you're only you.
aleph_null Everything is chill in the mythical high-tech future.
aleph_null Maybe it's just hope, but escape starts to seem possible.
aleph_null Of course. Unbridled emotional emancipation is always best achieved through rocking it.
aleph_null I don't know. Where are you at?
aleph_null And dance-floor sandwiches are the best sandwiches.
aleph_null More like a gray-ish light here at present.
aleph_null It's me. I'm the hypocrite.


| play
aleph_null Gotta learn to play this riff one day.
aleph_null More waves rolling in. Never ending motion, flow, turmoil.
aleph_null Yeah, synchronize your orgasms baby.
aleph_null Sometimes, I regret selling my 303.
aleph_null He's fine. Chilling out.


| play
aleph_null BST.


| play
aleph_null It's a Witchman track.

artistTrack 3

| play
aleph_null Dunno what I'd ask for when making a deal with god.
aleph_null Ice cream sandwiches in the lobby.
monovolume Impossível não lembrar da pista escura do finado Madame Satã...adoro essa música :)
monovolume It's the only way to live in cars!

Gary NumanCars

| play
seancarmody This gives me flashbacks to Max Headroom @threebears thanks for the reminder!
seancarmody Bad tagging: this one is by the Silver Apples. Back in the 60s, they were in a world of their own!

16. a pox on you

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aleph_null They're barred from my place by my bouncers.
aleph_null Seeks queen to make lots of princes and princesses.
aleph_null It will soon be sunrise. Again.
aleph_null (Unless you work in a mortuary.)
aleph_null (Except don't if you work in a mortuary.)
aleph_null The air was thick with the smell of temptation.
seancarmody @fuzzygroove Since you played Out of Space, have a listen to this...
aleph_null Some dolphin jungle to ease my sore head.
Holyshow Good morning... some Kung Fu Fighting to start the day!
stewbagz "Berserker" - Gary Numan. I don't know why this wasn't a bigger hit than it was. I think it's quite catchy.
stewbagz "Metal" - Gary Numan. stonking.
aleph_null Just where does my bastard cream go?
pierre Loved this track since '97 - City of Industry soundtrack. Flashbacks to university campus radio! Photek++
a_large_battered_sausage i shot a man in reno...............just to watch him die
aleph_null I inhale it like beer.


| play
aleph_null It gets bigger under the right circumstances.

Dub KultPeanut

| play
aleph_null Appleblim.


| play
aleph_null Working towards the 36th chamber of shaolin.
monovolume I'm not afraid anymore...
aleph_null Me, I need to watch the stairs when stumbling drunk around my flat.
aleph_null We thank you for shopping at A-Mart and hope you return again soon.
threebears @aleph_null . . . excuse me while I get in touch with my inner tube . . .
formalhaut  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
formalhaut do the tonsur! bitte jetzt! alle!
slipperydoodah Gotta get my timing right to make it to all meetings today! it'll be tricky... already having blip withdrawals!!until much later blippers.. peace x
simonsound wanted spaced out but this will have to do. super funky synthesizer disco
simonsound maybe a little heavy for this time of day.... oh what the hell....
jackola i like techno.... and you like techno too. don't lie, i can see you're lying over the tubes.
aleph_null @jackola Jackin' in the house.


| play
aleph_null Gettin' a touch old skool in the house.


| play
aleph_null 707+727+303 = supremacy.
kleverson Gostei do nome, Star Trek. Boa noite a todos.
MightyXenu antigrav kicking in. I'm floating now in complete sensory deprivation.
formalhaut @maujabur this one is 4 u! UFO a 70’s UK sci-fi tv series theme. yet unmatched! S.H.A.D.O. extended titles: enjoy1 see ya :)

UFO Theme

| play
aleph_null Got snare-verb?

Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

| play
owljazz Tem que ouvir! Ananda misturava citara+groove+jazz+moog+guitarra+.... Uma pérola dos 70!
aleph_null Going to where the milfs are at.
aleph_null ▇▆▅▄▃▂▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▇
MightyXenu thought he saw something move... is it the meds? Is it this infernal darkness? where the hell am I?
MightyXenu is listening to an old fashioned radio reciever when they find him. His blank stare and expression of livid terror don't help the investigators at all
MightyXenu adjusts the knobs of the super computer and hopes that it's enough to regulate the brain patterns of @Lady_Frostbite before cardiac arrest sets in.
aleph_null T'is a moody morning, oh jah.
aleph_null @MightyXenu: take your time. The future comes plenty fast enough to those who look in the right direction.

Barbarellas song

| play
aleph_null Yep, I sure do have an organ going here.
aleph_null Scientific detachment is easier amongst the stars.
aleph_null You can slide down my Bat-pole anytime, baby.
aleph_null It is more peaceful out here than in Gotham, that's for sure.
aleph_null Be careful, though, lest you lose your eye-sight like I did.
aleph_null Ensure you apply factor 9000 butt cream first, though.
aleph_null And now, and now I’m just letting go...

The KLF - Go to Sleep

| play
aleph_null All we need is a beatbox for people who only need a beat.

7. The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - Burn the Bastards

| play
aleph_null I wanna play in the horny section.

UFO Theme

| play
formalhaut good night everybody. see you. I'm almost starving 'cause tonight we had…
aleph_null Type of transistor.

Forbidden Star - NPN

| play
aleph_null Dearest of all mommys. By that, I mean she's expensive. By the hour.
giudit oggi è scontata e banale. e ha il cervello in panne. stava meglio quando dormiva meno!
johnpapa from one of the THREE albums I own dedicated to the soundtracks of 60s and 70s Italian "stag" films. Seriously.
aleph_null There's nothing to do.
aleph_null Twist away, now twist and shout.
aleph_null The din in my head is too much and it's too good.
aleph_null Up in the mountains.

5 Ultramarine - British Summertime

| play
aleph_null The price is high but the end is near.
mmemaledicta @aleph_null: your musical taste reminds of my best friend in the world: (he'd deny Cat Stevens, but he's a liar)
aleph_null Never gonna stop.

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

| play
aleph_null Also on bricks, mortar and hard work.
aleph_null It'll never get me on my knees.
aleph_null What, where are you getting that from?

It's Always Sunny - Nightman

| play
aleph_null A-aaaa-AH!

Electric Dream Machine - Dayman

| play
aleph_null I'll reach you on the way down.
aleph_null I blame Leroy Anderson for my early onset obsession with semi-functional drum machines.

2002051812.The Syncopated Clock

| play
aleph_null The Grecian synthesecian.


| play
sudaca70 Phil Spector invented the Wall of Sound and was a hell of a producer, in spite of other things...
Inesobjetsmart 1 step forward, 2 steps backward - finally bought the vinyl of this sealed. Groove Records, SF, 10/4/08.

33 Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner

| play
aleph_null But there's always one more blank DAT waiting to be used.
aleph_null Driving nitro-glycerine through a jungle has never been so attractive.
aleph_null Dunno why, but I find this song counter-intuitively uplifting.
Inesobjetsmart Every day is just an aleday...good dub morning from San Francisco.
Inesobjetsmart It had been some time since Ines had even thought of opening the box.
aleph_null Evidently in something of a MILFy mood.
aleph_null It is far too easy to become acclimatized to loneliness, accustomed to living alongside a constant emotional abyss.
aleph_null I never find it particularly comfortable. :(
aleph_null Finally, the physical aches begin to evaporate, dissipating into surrounding space leaving behind a soft, heavy and slow melancholy.
aleph_null Where are you going, Leslie Nielsen?
quakkaz Twinkly malevolence


| play
aleph_null He *is* the Kwisatz Haderach!

Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme (Dune)

| play
aleph_null It's a me.


| play
Gavmatronic Plaid - electronic masters of goodness :)


| play
aleph_null What does this song mean?
aleph_null 808 supremacy.


| play
aleph_null Probably not an early Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference.
aleph_null Bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher.
aleph_null My manifesto for life.

DJ Rush - Freaks on Hubbard

| play
zeroinfluencer @TheKaiserMix Good evening squire.
zeroinfluencer @jfolkmann They said I need more fire in my processors. I said fine; let's light the up the interwebs with fairylights.


| play
aleph_null Time to get a little hairy-eyed.
aleph_null Fortunately, techno transcends language barriers.
aleph_null Starting with numbers is good, @formalhaut, as I sometimes suffer from...
aleph_null Where're the Shaolin women who give wood at?

Shaolin Wooden Men - Go People

| play
aleph_null I used to live down the road from Adam Freeland. Do I get any proximity cred? Oh well, must try harder.
aleph_null Those who don't like hairy-eyed techno need to learnt to...
aleph_null To get me in the mood for a day of serious meetings.


| play
aleph_null He's actually not that crazy when assessed with the appropriate context.
aleph_null From the personal archives, the first long-play composition.
aleph_null It'd sure be easier to love Cosmic Baby if his pseudonym weren't so naively cheesy.
aleph_null Been that, done there.


| play
aleph_null Still there, doing that.
aleph_null Kill the enlightened ones: supercilious pricks.
aleph_null More spacey than watery to my ears.
aleph_null Red-lining my pun-temptation-ometer.


| play
aleph_null You old hippie in the final sky, fluffy clouds are passing by.
aleph_null Name the movie.

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
aleph_null "Where are all the good men dead, in the heart or in the head?"
aleph_null Heavy breakfast vibes.
aleph_null What's blue, hangs in the corner and doesn't fit any more? Ian Curtis.
aleph_null Opening the curtains to yet another sunny day in Chiswick.
aleph_null Like a lake: deep, clear, still.


| play
aleph_null It's me. I'm the debaser.


| play
aleph_null And when you touch down you'll find that it's stranger than known.
aleph_null It is neither cartesian nor euclidean.

Humanizer - Headspace

| play
aleph_null We are all going to die. I intend to earn it.
aleph_null And out the other side.
aleph_null Dunno, I stopped speaking to Him a long time ago.
aleph_null Alkalines in my wine rack. Booze in my belly. Fire in my thought. Hunger in my groin.
aleph_null To be honest, I kinda prefer my head dirty, unclean maligned and misaligned.
aleph_null Feel it. Feel it. Oh. Feel it. You can rub it.
aleph_null Waking up with Quagmire.

DJ Sega Glenns Theme (Philly Club Remix)"

| play
aleph_null Bmore breakfast telly.

Baltimore Club Music-Fat Albert Theme

| play
aleph_null They match my silver socks and bronze briefs.
120hippos1girl Nosaj Thing – Coat Of Arms

Nosaj Thing- Coat Of Arms

| play
aleph_null C'mon, c'mon. Booooooooom... Vodka boom.

Pieno lazeriai-vodka boom

| play
aleph_null Happy Darwin Day! Wake up, time to devolve.


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