ambit .


| play
ambit Its LUTHER..WITH Beyonce...what will JZ SAY?
ambit When I play...I play!!! Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrettpart I

| play
ambit Boney James is ready...R/U?
ambit Need to head to my Secret Space...

Secret Garden

| play
ambit I feel like Jim Carey from the movie "The mask" everytime I hear this. BIG BAADD VOODOO DADDY!!
ambit Enter the Fresh Jazz Cafe with Bella Luna....The Rippingtons
ambit #FJC: I always enjoy the change of seasons: Hope you do 2.
ambit Am I a Changling....Jennifer Hudson!!
ambit Charlie Wilson..and his bros...Yearning 4 ya!
ambit Gotta get back to Cali.....LL
ambit Kickin it with Mariah....We belong together!!
ambit I only think of U on Two Occasions! Face!
ambit Hey tell me something good...pleeeez! Chaka Khan
ambit keith Jarrett.... good evening and peace.

Keith Jarrett - Tokyo

| play
ambit Pax Vobiscum....The Ancients of old are here!
ambit Jeff and RA.....FEELIN MYSTICAL

Jeff LorberSun Ra

| play
ambit Something for the jazzstream this evening...just chill with Miles!!

Miles DavisGreen

| play
ambit Can U tell me where the last exit IS?

Spyro GyraLast Exit

| play
formalhaut I will leave you alone now with a masterpiece of cinematography…

SadeBy Your Side

| play
ambit In our society in this day and age....this is all too true! Someone IS watching U!
ambit Hangin w/my friends...Red Hot Chili's
ambit Sting....he IS an Englishman in NYC
ambit GWB....IS the man who sold the world!
ambit's been a long time since I've heard the Delfonics...thanks for the reminder!!
ambit I am restless...and U?

Bob JamesRestless

| play
ambit Bring your big head over here and let me correct that problem...I've got the MIDAS TOUCH!
ambit a baad boy....writer producer musician!
ambit What the hell R/U waiting 4? jAYZ and Linkin pARK!

jayz and linkin park - numbencore

| play


| play
ambit I remember when I lost my mind!! Gnarls!

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
ambit Hey pass that bottle bro!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - You Me And The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight

| play
ambit bLAST FRom the Past w/David Ruffin...voice of the Temptations!
ambit I'm In a Blue...moood!!

Blue Man GroupAbove

| play
ambit Just imagine the good times of your past...Nostalgia!
ambit Don't go to L.A and think your gonna be a star...the Boulevard is rough!
ambit No evening is complete without a little Pat!
ambit sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfriday saturdaylove

Club Epic - 09 - Alexander O'Neal (f.Cherelle) - SaturdayLove

| play
ambit We are all strangers on this bus!!
clarkowitz Peace out to all the Blipsters in the unrealworld. Where ever ever you live and love, register to vote. We can do big things if we show up. Peace out.

OutkastMs Jackson

| play
ambit Andre 3000 says...Hey ya!

OutkastHey Ya

| play
ambit Here's to the Fallen Heroes...Pax Vobiscum!
randymatheson Love My Way... its a new road, I follow where my mind goes... Psychedelic Furs


| play
ambit @Randymateson...thanks for the FURS!!! Here's more classic Bruce!
ambit oooooo girl...pleeze excuse my hands....My bad!
ambit Met a gal like this once!.....
ambit Sometime 1/2 the fun is takin the long way home!
ambit You know've got the WHIP APPEAL!

BabyfaceWhip Appeal

| play
ambit Mo money w/mo Better Blues @ The Fresh Jazz Cafe! Bradford Marsalis
ambit More Keys here in the Fresh Jazz Cafe!! Bob James

Bob JamesBare Bones

| play
ambit Feels so real ( won't let go) PLEEEZ! pATRICE Rushen
ambit Classic Gill! Without the New Edition!
ambit The Boyz do Classic Smoky!!
ambit Think I'll head to the Hotel Now!
ambit bLAST FROM The pAST! p-fURS


| play
ambit bEEp BEEP...merging left into THE fREEWAY OF luv!
ambit Forget about the future....STing
ambit Alicia KEYS is UNBREAKABLE!!
ambit cAN'T miss with MY Girl>>>MARIAH!! OOOOH YEAH!
ambit noBODY walks in LA...NOBODY!!!
flybitty another mcnaughty song!! meOooOoOOow!!
Chris_Jobim keeping up with the 80s for a bit I guess. More science, the kind that makes you go blind.

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

| play
ambit Hey...there was just a big INCIDENT ON 57TH ST! Classic Bruce!!
ambit Tu Pak and his MAMMA!!

Tu PacDear Mama

| play
ambit bACK N the day when I was cool....eryKAH BADU!
ambit Everybody needs a little bit! Robin Trower
ambit Toni Braxton....back in the day!
ambit hOW BOUT a little SEDUCTION...Boney James.
ambit Love Arizona....especially My SEDONA....
ambit's U...And You've changed!!
ambit Andre 3000 is keepin it real.....U R The PROTYPE!

Andre 3000Prototype

| play
ambit wEcolme to my world...make yourself @home/with Maxwell!


| play
ambit Need some LUV??...Prince


| play
ambit Man would I like 2 take Mariah on a joy ride!
ambit Here's a pretty good UNION....Black Eyed Peas featuring STING!
ambit Maxwell....I wish there were more.
ambit some smooth sounds with Bob and Dave!
ambit Toni...Tony....Tone....need some slow wine!!

Tony Toni Tone - Slow Wine

| play
ambit Music from the smooth one...Marion Meadows
ambit Can I help U find your way?
RoRicka michelle, you make me swoon. <3 i'm eagerly anticipating more dnc coverage.


| play
ambit It's the LITTLE WONDERS that are so amazing!
ambit Nice evening for a nice song! Peabo Bryson.
ambit Love some sweetwater.....kickin it with Craig and Russ!
ambit Summer's over and fall is officially here! Paul Taylor
ambit Hey....what's your destination? Mine is unknown!
ambit Well you may be right after all!
ambit U Look Marvelous dARLINK....WITH THOSE bETTY dAvis eyes!
ambit by yourside!

SadeBy Your Side

| play
AnyaPiranha muss uuuuuuuuuunbedingt jetzt sein!!! Chrissi mit Forever
ambit Cinema Paradiso....Metheny!
ambit A classic song by a Classic Singer!
ambit Reflections of my heart....

12. Rachelle Ferrel Feat. Russ Bar - Reflections Of My Heart.MP3

| play
Philharmoniker Ik hou van A´dam! Misschien tot #picnic08


| play
ambit How bout a little SEDUCTION!!
ambit i'M oN MY SOAPBOX AGAIN......Supertramp!
ambit Classic Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

| play
ambit Good evening all....starting off with some Lionel Richie
ambit Really liked Freddie...wonder what happened to him?
ambit Classic Wynton...the master!!
ambit Ever heard the LEGEND OF THE 1 EYED SAILOR?
helds acho que já blipei isso antes.
ambit It's time 4 us to GET IT TOGETHER!
ambit oNE must be careful outside of THE GatES OF Istanbul!
paddyfraser more spunk than barry. possible?
dings Pat Metheny - Are you going with me
ambit Hello All: Paul Taylor is starting my evening off well
ambit The US Gov is just asking U to GIVE A LITTLE BIT! Like 700 billion$$....Yikes
ambit Orwell was a Prophet!!

David Bowie1984

| play
ambit This is one of the best versions of this song ever done....I kid U not! Rachelle Ferrell
ambit I enjoy every moment with U!!
ambit Classic Peabo this tune..yes I do!
flaviadurante inaugurando o meu! ;oP


| play
ambit Classic feel sooo good
ambit Alicia...our days r never promised to us!
ambit I'm out with some Pat Metheny...just remember THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE! PAX VOBISCUM!
ambit I hang with both Friends and Strangers!
ambit Great version of Summertime by Al Jarreau
ambit Boyz 2 Men jam a Stevie Wonder classic
ambit Reflections of my heart......

12. Rachelle Ferrel Feat. Russ Bar - Reflections Of My Heart.MP3

| play
ambit @ZachsMind have U played this already: YAZ!!


| play
ambit Bobby Mcferrin does Beatles. Drive my Car
ambit Blast from the past.....ABC

ABCPoison Arrow

| play
raluk will i disappoint my future if i stay?

SadeKing Of Sorrow

| play
ZachsMind I may be running out of situations. This one's nice, but it's instrumental. You can make up your own words and sing along if you like.
ambit Nat King Coles little girl!

14 Stormy Weather - Natalie Cole

| play
ambit Just dropped in for some Metheny!
ambit It's Saturday and I'm playin this song BECAUSE OF U!

Ne-YoBecause Of You

| play
ambit U have 2 left feet?
ambit How bout that Fantasy you were just thinkin bout?

Mariah CareyFantasy

| play
ambit #FJC is the FRESH JAZZ CAFE!! U might hear anything up in here! Come on in!!

Paul TaylorExotica

| play
ambit Sundaymondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfriday... SATURDAY LOVE! Do U have 1?

Club Epic - 09 - Alexander O'Neal (f.Cherelle) - SaturdayLove

| play
ambit R u Grown?? R U sexy??
ambit #FJC Blast from the past: AL IS THE MAN!!
elismarchioni Canto de Xangô, do Baden e Vinícius. Grandes no repertório de Mônica Salmaso.

MCanto de Xang

| play
ambit #FJC Sit back and chill with Luther!

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

| play
ambit Ever been to Idlewild?
ambit Zoom off to the Carvan of love with the Isleys!
ambit @thaisiapastini I haven't heard any anastacia in a long long time. Obscure but good! Thanx
ambit Natalie and Lucy.....Beatles would be happy!
ambit Blast from the past...Stomp!
ambit Annie Lennox is ca-ca COLD!

Annie LennoxCold

| play
ambit Here"s a little GIFT for ya from Larry Carlton
randymatheson Tarantinopalooza - fr. Jackie Brown... Bloodstone - Natural High
ambit #FJC is the FRESH JAZZ CAFE with Earl Klugh!
ambit #FJC: The Rippingtons w/ Russ Freeman. Bella Luna!
ambit #FJC: Rachelle Farrell: Reflections of my Heart!

12. Rachelle Ferrel Feat. Russ Bar - Reflections Of My Heart.MP3

| play
yukitori Agradeço a Brothers & Sisters por me apresentar a essa música linda!
ambit #FJC: Fresh Jazz Cafe and George Howard...Helping U find ur way!
ambit Kickin it with Bruce in MY SECRET GARDEN!

Secret Garden

| play
kfed123 Too tired to say anything...

John MayerSay

| play
sergiovds My soul is blues and jazzy - Autumn leaves - Diana Krall
sergiovds My soul is blues and jazzy - Sous le ciel de Paris – Juliette Gréco
anabarroso I go nowhere high. Go nowhere warm.
ambit When It all comes down 2 it just Let YOUR SOULD BE YOUR PILOT!
ambit #FJC: I remember when my folks used 2 say I understand why!! GOD BLESS THE CHILD!
ambit #FJC: On the stroll: Every generation has the same issues...just a different cloak!
ambit #FJC: Anyone got a map of the world?
quakkaz Best white rapper ever?

EminemDrug Ballad

| play
ambit One of my FAV'S of all time...My gurl Mariah!
ambit There R only 2 occasions and U know what they R!!
ambit #FJC is The FRESH JAZZ CAFE and Brian Culbertson It's all about U!
ambit #FJC: Does anyone know where ALONZO is?

Al JarreauAlonzo

| play
ambit #FJC: Come with me and Pat Metheny...R U coming?
ambit Getting on my Soapbox again with SUPERTRAMP!
ambit A trip 2 never never land?
ZachsMind In light of current events, I'm concerned some people actively seek the end of the world in their lifetime so much, that they're helping it along.
ZachsMind @threebears yeah I'm walking the beaten path with themes but it's fun. Did colors too, and time, and also weather, Halloween... Themes are fun! =)
pasadenaviews Can't wait for Jason Mraz concert this month!

Jason MrazButterfly

| play
ambit Sometimes I dream of THE TEARS OF THE OCEAN!
ambit I'd give anything to touch you....
ambit Babyface....late night magic!


| play
Roddykat When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'
ambit Now that Obama is Prez we will HOPEFULLY return to our original purpose and begin to regain the respect of peoples from around the world. Pax Vobiscum
ambit FJC: Is the Fresh Jazz Cafe. Looking back with Freddie and Phil.
ambit "!" From My First Elton album...a classic.
ambit Take some advice from me...things get strange ROUND MIDNIGHT! Thelonius!
ambit FjC: iS THE Fresh Jazz Cafe...Music from my long time friend ...Billy Mitchell
ambit FjC: Fresh Jazz Cafe: 4 Days beyond 9/11... September 15th: Pat and Lyle!!
DonnyShell Featuring that shooting star called Special Ed. This was tha tail part.
ambit Hey Neo...have U seen THE ONE? Prince......

PrinceThe One

| play
ambit U remember that girls address? 3121.......


| play
ambit Yumm...taste soo good...just like CANdy! Cameo.


| play
ambit You are the Gift...just believe!
ambit FjC: bOBBY Caldwell. Back to you.
ambit I look in mirror....and what do I see...I AM CHANGING! And so R U!
ambit Come to think of it...NOBODY does it like U!!!

Keith SweatNobody

| play
ambit Wrapping it up with an alll thime classic from Luther A house in not a home...without you.

Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home

| play
ambit FjC: The Fresh Jazz Cafe..where the truth will always Be! Pat!!!
ambit FjC: Time for the SLOW JAMS..With Babyface!

BabyfaceSlow Jams

| play
ambit FjC: Fresh Jazz Cafe; Hangin with my girl Mariah...We belong together!!
ambit FjC; fRESH jAZZ cAFE....oh how I wish for and Indian Summer. Rippingtons
ambit FjC: mY fUNNY vALENTINE! rACHELL version.
evablue out of your heart and into your head and maybe you'll get out of the deep (reblip)
rsepulveda @rmen is finding pearls with the search engine... (reblip)
craftyallsorts I guess we should get Christmas ...
ladypn A surprising and rewarding pairing.
ladypn Dark of the alley, the breaking of day, ahead while I'm driving... nice way to start the day!
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe and Pat Metheny. The Longest Summer.
ambit It's Time!!! STAND UP! Jennifer Hudson!! Gurrrl!
Dillin_Chillin Let's gather ourselves now...the Space Shuttle is staying put...piggyback time tomorrow.
rsepulveda so Mr. DJ keep the music grooving
ambit I am THE ONE! Love this song!

PrinceThe One

| play
rsepulveda ok let's start the week at the office!
ambit Hey...what the hell happened to my Hotel key? And How do I get outta here? Eagles!
ambit FJC: kEITH Jarrett with a little INNOCENCE!
ambit fRom where I sit...if you stick your head outside and look'll be facin West! Pat Metheny!!
ambit You can take what ever direction you desire...but remember it's a long road out of EDEN! EAGLES
ambit The Captains of Industry and The Captains of in 2 Worlds
ambit God only knows...Bowie! Classic
ambit Don't leT anybody keep you down....always remember IT'S A NEW DAY!!! Patti LaBELLE
ambit fRESHjAZZcAFE: Hangin with Babyface. U make me feel brand new!!
briangreene did he ever write it? did it get published? will it be a one hit wonder?
ambit FrESH Jazz Cafe: Time for me to dip into my bag-o-tricks....psst..Call me late tonight!! Michael Lington.
ambit FJc: Love will take care of you...Peabo Bryson
Somerset08873 Still awake after the NY Giants pulled off a big win in overtime
rsepulveda seems my reblip #3 for @rmen didn't go through earlier today (reblip)

U2 ft. mary j blidge - One Love

| play
rsepulveda It seems no late night without Rihanna ;) , so "Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up?"
rsepulveda I really hope the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true - good luck & good night
fbrahimi Merci @bduperrin j'adore! "Bon on continue... faut réchauffer un peu l'atmosphère" (reblip)


| play
julianlacey last present to wrap... getting tired... sleepy....


| play
ronwessmusaq feeling this one, definitely... (reblip)

Oleta AdamsGet Here

| play
sandraew Get This Party Started - Pink
fbrahimi @peechxxxx, i LOVE TOOO anastacia's music! great pick! happy new year! (reblip)
sandraew I made it. Don't hate it. (Paid My Dues - Anastacia)
deadcowaroma Had to hear this one.

Estelle vs Temptations

| play
ladypn And then @ambit, be watch out for those holes in the floor of Heaven... ;)
ambit Me and PROT at the GRAND CENTRAL! KPAX!
ambit Kickin with some Brian MAC! Used 2 be MY GIRL!
Blackempire Kirk Whalum ~ Can We Talk
formalhaut are you ready for some dynamite soul?
toosweet4rnr [word is out - jermaine stewart] "couldn't keep it our secret. it ain't no secret anymore"

01 01-Jermaine Stewart - Word Is Out 1984

| play
randymatheson cover this... Hot Chip covers Sinead O'Connor (& Prince)
ladypn Well @ambit, we're glad you're here now. ;)
CynDyn thanks @bendrix @coloured @ladypn @Chickee @toothless and everyone else who blipped this heartbreakingly beautiful piece (reblip)
ladypn @bendrix I'm sure I have, but still out of props for you so had to reblip my appreciation & pleasure! ;) (reblip)


| play
Somerset08873 Very nice surprise @bendrix. Falsetto reminiscent of Jon Anderson, Yes? (reblip)

Sigur RosSæglópur

| play
nuria29 Especialmente dedidado a ti @masterkid4u - Besos mil. See you soon

george michael As (Featuring Mary J, Blige)

| play
fbrahimi Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson - [EMG] (reblip)
ladypn @toothless Love this song. (reblip)


| play
LesleyLambert I remind myself that I shouldn't worry and then I do the dance that dog did in the Oliver and Company movie...
rosetopal Poetry Girl~Eric Benét (ok off to z-world, my birthday hours away...lots to do, so this is my gift for all of you...cherish each other. Sweet dreams
toosweet4rnr thanks @SonyX :) this is a great one from grover (reblip)
djdiggla don't sleep!

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

| play
Blackempire Teedra Moses ~ Be Your Girl
ladypn Hello @GR8FL! I'm wundebar, thank you! ;) Beautiful track! (reblip)
ladypn @GR8FL I actually DO have a theme in mind... kind of odd... but should be fun. Just wait, see & PLEASE join in! You'll get it when you see it. ;) (reblip)
elementguy Get a job and fight to keep it, Strike out to reach a mountain. Be so nice on the outside But inside keep ambition
Z80GameCoder Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, like 10F degrees warmer, which would be nice. Might even geocache.

Bob JamesSun Runner

| play
LisComunello Versão linda de Listen to your heart.
ladypn @morganh OK - I may just have to marry you after blipping this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Don't worry, you're safe, I'm taken. ;) Thx for this! (reblip)
ladypn @ATG Oh thank you, this is beautiful. I can almost feel those healing winds... ;) (reblip)
ladypn More Gare Moore - best description of this style guitar @patita "the guitar cries". Indeed. Love love love this song!
ladypn @wapael @by_starla I'm like a kid in a candy store here! I get so excited when I discover such gems as this! I'm in AWE of man's ability to create. (reblip)
FishCo A little night music - - - pleasant dreams! May the angels keep watch over you!
fbrahimi Beautiful (feat. Pharell and Charlie Wilson) – Snoop Dogg (reblip)
ladypn The David Sylvian hour has neared! :)

David SylvianBuoy

| play
ladypn Through the good times & bad times you lend me your ear.... you're all that I've ever known.
toosweet4rnr February 5 birthdays - Bobby Brown, American singer (it looks like Bobby's going to be a daddy again.

Bobby Brown Don't Be Cruel

| play
andhow Bom dia, @Diordan @calamari, two of my favourite blippers!
Chikolad I'm getting detached from my car today...
bandini This movie is ending...let´s dance for a while.
thrak While The Earth Sleeps – Peter Gabriel & Deep Forest
Amalgamutt This is my church, this is where I heal my hurts


| play
prinsesaa She's got her own thing, that's why I looove her ♪
Niidome 's wonderful 's marvelous
ladypn Franti's got such an interesting voice.
ladypn If I could, I'd surround you with 100 props, @DesertLily! But alas, a re-blip will have to suffice! Love this song! :) (reblip)
mdouglass Being attractive is the most important thing there is

Nada SurfPopular

| play
toosweet4rnr [Cool – Gwen Stefani] After all that we've been through I know we're cool @nufctj

Gwen StefaniCool

| play
Dave_Malby Burning Down The House – Talking Heads
ladypn She offers up fellowship to those who come from broken homes. Yes she laughs in the crowds while her heart is all alone...
MrThompsonR The Sky is Crying... Time for some blues?
jeff Trying to lean how to sing this song in Portuguese. It's hard enough just playing the weird Jobim chord inversions on guitar
ladypn This boy's voice reminds me of Stevie Wonder's. ;)
metaMeerkat for my mom ... one of your favorites by Lena Park who also grew up with music in her father's church... because you raise me up still...
AliveinMe This is the best day! Every day IS A GIFT from God...we should always utno others..reach out..things that make Him smile!
Dave_Malby Summer song – Joe Satriani
Will_the_bloke .. . oh @by_starla .. this one here is devastating for wallowing ... i actually am going through it (sort of) .. this one cuts to the bone ..
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: @Somerset08873... has something we loved!! One sexy sax blowin' for ya' KIM WATERS!! Thumbs up..... (reblip)
ladypn Find your inner child, you need to stop projecting your feelings on your pet fish, talk through your fears, you're in denial about your true feelings.
ICEGIRL152 OH YEAH!! My knees are jelly....
ladypn Reblipping @Cysquatch! This is a great Fixx. ;) (reblip)

prince - do me baby

| play
MrThompsonR @mtlb Thanks... You've reach my per day/ DJ prop limit. :~( (reblip)
ladypn @bendrix How did you find K'naan? Amazing. (reblip)
AliveinMe I can breathe thru Him-so many fresh beginnings thru His mercy & grace-amazing all He has done 4 us-does 4 us-keeps doing 4 us! God bless you! (reblip)
PauloStudio2002 Keane – Spiralling... pra agitar tua madruga @maahi... pq falamansa ninguém merece hehehe


| play
haveAwonderful sexy? yes! hot, lazy summer evening... sangria anyone?
PauloStudio2002 Michael Buble – Kissing a Fool.............
AliveinMe Come and Listen-Go and tell...what HE HAS DONE FOR US ALL! He is SO AMAZING! (reblip)
beerSanta @Bandit I see your NOFX cover of Hotel California and raise you with a Gipsy King's version.
ladypn @by_starla, you're so right, these lyrics just rip me up inside. (reblip)
AliveinMe @ambit I praise God for the husband He blessed me with today...this was the music I was listening to in our beginning..just grew from there!


| play
AliveinMe How awesome does this feel-not just on Sunday's-but everyday we do sing to HIM! He is so amazing! :) Lift up your voice for HIM!
ladypn Amazing, @SatinLegsSmith! THIS is the song I was looking for when I blipped Toxic! I couldn't find it! I really love her too. How did you find this? (reblip)

Yael NaimFar Far

| play