amsiebee could anyone love you like i love you, Karen O.??
Mikey_Vega Someday, you will ache like I ache...

Holedoll parts

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amsiebee Cut the demons out of my head / You can't kill something that's already dead ... awesome track!
anebulosa claaaassic crow ost, remembah?rsrs the dude died an all ;/ @redeft rsrs fugly is THE best curse ever rsrs
amsiebee How I lurve early rolling stones... i have a funny story about it... maybe I'll write a blog post about it... Beast of Burden
Bakojo @sakapfet: "This song had me rollin' - CRAZY" --- this dat illy (reblip)
amsiebee more stones for you... this one should be my theme song... Can't Always Get What You Want...
Franimal I've been watching "The Alzheimer's Project"...hence this tune.
avivajazz Rolling Stones | Not Fade Away // Thanks for the Buddy Holly version. Here's the one I first heard! and loved, @LeeDuncan.
stankyj @Radioplay its okay you had these lyrics wrong too! lol

GarbagePush It

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amsiebee i have no idea how i know this song... but it is ridiculously familiar, and remarkably appropriate... (reblip)
amsiebee more from romeo and juliet... never heard anything else by this band... but i like this...
amsiebee boppy and cute, but c'mon... you know you love it.... so i cry, i pray and i beg... more appropriateness...
amsiebee i want to be someone else or i'll explode.... floating upon the surface.... TALK SHOW HOST :: RADIOHEAD
mistressbatty first song I ever heard by Live and it's still by far one of my favorites
amsiebee #blip I grab my pen / And write out a list / Shitlist / Of all you assholes / Who won't be missed... L7 :: Shitlist


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amsiebee I try to keep her on a short leash, I try to calm her down. I try to ram her into the ground, yeah. -- can't fight the seether


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gusgreeper just love this song so much i could play it 400 times.
amsiebee i love those songs that you don't hear for years, but when you hear them again, everything from where you were 10 years ago floods right back...
amsiebee it is my personal experience that you can NEVER go wrong with tori amos... ever.

Tori AmosSiren

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amsiebee way better than britney... thought it was weezer for the longest time... but the interwebs edumacated me...
DJSammySarlaac About a Boy....Band Track 2: LFO - Summer Girls
amsiebee way overplayed... but a great track nonetheless.
messinwiththekid hey @rogue_fm always remember it's not over(at least til it's over :) )I'm doing ok, trying to figure out how to watch Wings while making mom dinner
amsiebee this is the first RHCP song i ever heard... i believe i was in the sixth grade and Tim Bailey sang it in a talent competition... (reblip)
dinomarz You speak to me in riddles and you speak to me in rhymes... My body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive
judi RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Under The Bridge unplugged (reblip)
LocoStavos My those quiet eyes become you
aphalloides Hmmm, perhaps I'll extract a lapdance from @bexmith as part of compensation for running so late ;)
amsiebee falling asleep to this song. <3
amsiebee this whole album is awesome.
amsiebee ok. last one i promise. i'm going to stop distracting myself and go to sleep now.
amsiebee !@harryhaller @junebug_16 can we blip tom waits songs all night? do you mind if i do?

TOM WAITS "Going Out West"

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harryhaller @amsiebee @junebug_16 I'm in. Here's a perennial favourite of mine.
amsiebee @harryhaller this one always puts a sick smile on my face. ps. that tegan and sara ad is driving me nuts!
amsiebee @harryhaller this one will remind me of shrek forever.
harryhaller There's a story on this one involving me & the Sir John track team at a meet in Ft Smith that will take more than 140 characters to tell

Tom Waits In The Neighborhood

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harryhaller !Beat me to it "all Halloween orange and chimney red" rb @amsiebee: "@harryhaller this one always puts a sick smile on my face. (reblip)
amsiebee this is my three year olds favorite tom waits song... he pretends he's a pirate and dances around...
amsiebee another fave of mine. creates a mood with his voice, and the percussion... i love tom waits.
harryhaller TW is not much loved in my home. This one literally had April running downstairs to turn the stereo down!
amsiebee that is a hilarious visual... never heard that one before but it's GREAT! -- i love the spoken word stuff...
amsiebee no TW list could ever be complete without this.

Tom Waits-"Waltzing Matilda"

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harryhaller @amsiebee Check out the intro story...speaking of kinky.
harryhaller TW's arrangements are the bomb. Who else would combine brass, accordion and guitar?
amsiebee i don't know anything about arrangements. all i know is this is good shit.
harryhaller Another exquisite downer of a song.


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amsiebee Well I don't need anybody, because I learned, I learned to be alone ... (it really is 'listen-to-by-yourself' music)...
amsiebee amazing tune. @harryhaller: "Another exquisite downer of a song." (reblip)


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amsiebee @harryhaller seriously. i will do this all night. :)
harryhaller You can tell me that it's gospel but I know that it's only church rb @amsiebee: "i don't know anything about arrangements. all i know is this is good" (reblip)
harryhaller I can only describe this as off-kilter in the best possible way.
harryhaller Seriously, Tom Waits is a master of lyrical and bleak.
harryhaller I'm encouraged that my search didn't return any hits for Paul Young's cover of this.
amsiebee i can think of a few that 'off-kilter' might not be quite the right word for...
amsiebee there is a terrible charlotte johanson version of this one. rb @amsiebee: "Well I don't need anybody, because I learned, I learned to be alone (reblip)
harryhaller Unfortunately, lots of hits for R. Stewart's execrable cover of this. Too bad, 'cause it's a great tune.
amsiebee i only have two speeds today. seeing as y'all are done with TW... i'm on to tool.

ToolThe Pot

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junebug_16 funny @amsiebee the Cowboy Junkies one makes me remember this one!
amsiebee i love what you do to my heart.
harryhaller Had this in pretty heavy rotation back in '86 or so...
harryhaller Sorry Somehow - Grunge-era Seattle didn't impress me, maybe because I already had Minneapolis
harryhaller @amsiebee Nope - Seattle was way too commercial, couldn't hold a candle to this in my books.
amsiebee @SlimBoyPhat: "I miss the sound of your voice. I miss the rush of your skin. I miss the still of the silence as you breathe out and I breathe in " (reblip)
artboycraig @amsiebee: "I don't think I could love this song any more, and this live version is amazing. "Nice Choice (reblip)
harryhaller Is it just me, or does the guitar part in this song sound like it was lifted from Marquee Moon?

Interpol- Obstacle 1

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amsiebee this is a totally neat video a la common craft...
amsiebee beck helped her with this one.... can you tell?
harryhaller @amsiebee "and hours and hours and hours" Nobody makes lust sound quite so romantic as Van.
harryhaller @amsiebee I've been to Tupelo. It's nothing like this song.
harryhaller @amsiebee And for a bit of a break - one of my favourite pieces from Arvo Part (but not on any particular desert island disc)
harryhaller @amsiebee We used to cover this back in the Strange Things Happen to Walter days. Van's is better :)
harryhaller Time for some Hibernian soul. I forget how much I like these guys sometimes.
harryhaller This album took a long time to grow on me, but it's the one I go back to more often than any of the others.
harryhaller Takes some time to develop, but then it cooks.
harryhaller Probably their last album to have some impact in North America, but a strong effort in my books.
harryhaller From the loping bassline it begins with to the shout outs to some truly great songs at the end, this song always does it for me.
SabriESC @noiseAnnoys83: Thx!! Will def. buy the Beach House one. How are the other two? (reblip)
amsiebee feels mildly ridiculous, but i like it. i don't know why.
amsiebee i love this song and this video. i think its perfect.
amsiebee ...

El perro del mar-Heavenly Arms

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harryhaller Mellow and just a little bit ominous.
harryhaller Still with the slightly sinister vibe.

SlotekBorn God

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harryhaller Struck by a Steve Reich kind of vibe to this.

Seefeel Climatic Phase 3

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harryhaller Love it. And look, another Rickenbacker bass. vi@emilymphocyte: "This has nothing to do with that cheese covered movie. Way before." (reblip)

Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright

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harryhaller A minimalist video for some minimalist music.
harryhaller Not the song I was looking for, but I like it.

Honeyroot : Falling

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harryhaller And part two...there are parts of this so intense it's almost intoxicating.
junebug_16 @amsiebee you may have noticed this has been a recent Pharrell-driven obsession of mine. Ah, Pharrell.
harryhaller @ronherr45 Nice to see Del Amitri getting a bit of love.
SabriESC @Davrocks I am having a hard time refraining, however- so many new things I want- like the rest of this album.
SabriESC @Davrocks: " they are different. AOL is far more rock than Crooked Fingers, this is also Eric Bachmann from both bands. I like them all" TY : ) (reblip)
harryhaller Listening more to The Swell Season these days, actually. (reblip)
harryhaller Another one that caught my attention earlier today.
harryhaller !Metric are really growing on me. vi@mark_till: "Metric - Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic version)" (reblip)
amsiebee i think i listened to this song like 30 times today and it is still not enough.
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