ninhurt Reasonably happy with how this one turned out.


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amyhale brilliant! love DJ Tiesto... and Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek is one of my favorites...
amyhale I STILL regret not being at this concert!!

Chemical Brothers-Let Forever Be

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amyhale This is a brilliant mix - Tiesto is genius!
finestsuit i NEVER hear shit this creative, or solid as KRS-1, or healthy as the beastie boys and del the funky homosapien blasting from the "hip-hop" radio. sad
amyhale Parabola is definitely in my top three Tool songs...


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amyhale @Simchabe: haven't heard this in a while - love! thanks! (reblip)
amyhale @SpinningDiscs: "tool – forty six & 2" #2 in top 3 tool songs... (reblip)
amyhale One of the best trance songs!
amyhale This is a great mix - you're so talented! keep it up! @ninhurt: "FINALLY... I figured it out!" (reblip)
SpinningDiscs T.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake – Dead & Gone......... Shout Out & Thanks: @DrManic & @OceanDaisy
LikeAnAngel i wonder if bowie ever put on NIN's "A Warm Place" and went--HEY wait a minute...
amyhale I need some energy... this always does it.


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LikeAnAngel sing me to sleep, i'm tired and i want to go to bed.
amyhale for all protesters in #iran right now, (#iranelection #freeiran, #iranians,) our hearts and prayers are with you in this mad world...
amyhale The beats and synchronies in this song are sweet!

Bloc PartyFlux

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amyhale I love this line: "When I grab your neck, I touch your soul..."
amyhale Kanye is AMAZING with this song... great beats!
amyhale Perfect for gym mix - this song guarantees a good workout! ;)
amyhale This is such a pretty and melodic "trance" house song...
amyhale This is one of my favorite songs, period. Just beautiful. Even if it's "influenced" by Boards of Canada song...
amyhale Top Tool Song! Always hard, always rocks


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amyhale Had this on continuous repeat on those days I needed energy...!
amyhale Yes, his covers are solid... @LikeAnAngel: "the guy can do covers." (reblip)
amyhale !Absolutely hilarious. You play the rockin-est shit - keep em comin: @LikeAnAngel: "this just cracks me up." (reblip)
amyhale !Kinda over it in general... but felt like dancing today for some reason!
amyhale I know this is sugary pop but so fun and danceable - makes me smile!
amyhale Dead and gone-how I feel at the moment!
amyhale Insomnia: became the anthem of my life...
amyhale This is a fave ambient-trance perfect to chill out (or in my case) fall asleep to
amyhale Brilliant! Even love the kooky "pan flute" part in the middle!
amyhale Feel the funk blast! I <3 Zack de la Rocha!

Calm like a Bomb- Rage Against the Machine

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amyhale Awesome Aphex Twin song - complex but melodic (reblip)

Aphex TwinXtal

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amyhale Interesting mashup - it's grown on me! pretty cool
amyhale Best techno remix of this song I've found - nicely done!

Eiffel 65 Im Blue (Techno Remix)

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amyhale I've grown into this rework... I guess...!
amyhale [Explicit] *real version* whoop whoop! heads up! i'm off to the gym with this one!
amyhale i'm loving this song these days DISTURBIA living it!
amyhale Also - my favorite Alice in Chains song, I think!@eljefe29: "Beer and cigarettes song." (reblip)
amyhale SUCH a great song - just brilliant!
amyhale Discovered this song today on Pandora - love her in general - captivating new find specifically!
amyhale mellowing it down tonight...
amyhale This song always relaxes me before bed!
amyhale Good morning! Wake up world... to everything... do something!
amyhale Sexy sweet vid - great club song

tiesto and bt love comes again

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amyhale Currently obsessed w this song: New EP from Gus Gus - can't wait for their new album release!
amyhale vampirism bites. or sucks.
amyhale love her voice - nice dance-y, trance-y mix too
amyhale Enjoy The Silence (of the Club) - ha! N
amyhale Kaskade - Sorry (Dirty South Mix)
amyhale Battles - Atlas (these guys are amazing live)


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amyhale Teargas & Plateglass - A Book of Black Valentines (Amazing electronica)
amyhale Great song to write to...!
amyhale Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge
amyhale Complex electronica - good beats - no vocals - yet infectious; repeat worthy!
amyhale Beautiful acoustic cover of Linkin Park's What I've Done by Marie Digby - High Quality audio

What I've Done Acoustic by Marie Digby

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amyhale Nice 3 a.m. tuneage for a rush! The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
amyhale Good night - hope to enjoy transcendence via dreams...!
amyhale Tom Morello's new project isn't bad... but would be better with Zack De La Rocha! :)
amyhale Underworld - Beautiful Burnout
amyhale Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (from The Blue Album)
JOHAB Sometimes sometimes the sound of goodbye is louder ...
amyhale So Pretty! Kate Havnevik, "So:Lo" (reblip)
amyhale It's that kind of night... Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost
amyhale Radiohead - Idioteque
amyhale @tubilino: "reblip from @honeycriminal :)" Ah, I love this song! (reblip)
amyhale Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
BostonWriter "A door left open / A woman walking by / A drop in the water / A look in the eye"
amyhale Leftfield - Dub Gusset (one of my go-to D&B elec faves, always)
amyhale Good night Seattle! I'm out!
amyhale Couldn't find my favorite: Echostar Remix but this is second best!
amyhale Boards of Canada - Pete Standing Alone (so atmospheric... perfection!)
amyhale The Crystal Method - She's My Pusher
amyhale Ulrich Schnauss - Clear Day
amyhale The High Violets - Chinese Letter (Ulrich Schnauss Mix)
amyhale Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us And Them

Ulrich Schnauss. Between Us And Them.

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amyhale Video - Sven Vath Live at Amnesia, Ibiza (Epic!)

Sven Väth Live at Amnesia (Ibiza)

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amyhale Mirwais - Disco Science
amyhale Underworld - Rez/Cowgirl (Live)
amyhale The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

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WilliamT The Smiths – There is a light that never goes out. Thanks to amyhale for getting me think of them. ;-)
DebDJ "really like this cover of Summertime ... " (reblip)
amyhale Beck - Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes!)
amyhale Air - Mer Du Japon - Kris Menace Remix
amyhale David Guetta - Time (Woke up with this in my head this morning! ...Is it working for you?)
amyhale Nice find! "@clarasaurusrex : The cd is well produced ... but live the voice of her is a little thin..." (reblip)
amyhale @GiantPimpslapper: "Nine Inch Nails - Discipline : The Slip (2008)" (reblip)
ninhurt This one ALWAYS makes me feel better
amyhale Leftfield - Rino's Prayer
amyhale The Knife - Heartbeats
amyhale Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Remix) - love this mix!
amyhale Leftfield - Dub Gusset (morning!)

Underworld Crocodile (Oliver Huntemann Remix) by Ruffo

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amyhale C'mon baby, in our dreams, we can live our misbehavior...
amyhale Architecture in Helsinki - Maybe You Can Owe Me
amyhale The Bravery - Time Won't Let Me Go (The Moon Version)
amyhale Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything

Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything

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amyhale Nice one! @GR8FL: "stand by me... that would be nice, yes @mammara" (reblip)
amyhale M83 vs Aphex Twin vs Khia - Pussylicker (thx to @klitoria for this coolness!) (reblip)
amyhale @DJDreamy: "Icky Thump ~ The White Stripes {video} <== SAW WHITE STRIPES 3 TIMES! ALL WERE GREAT CONCERTS!" (reblip)
amyhale Kid Cudi - Make Her Say (Poker Face? Poke Her Face? :)
amyhale Gus Gus - Add This Song (original mix) - amazing song as a first release - can't wait for their new album!!
amyhale What an amazing remix - great find! (reblip)

Depeche Mode Precious Matt Crofford Remix (Universe theme)

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amyhale Yeah it does! @LikeAnAngel: "i still prefer the original but i have to say that this rocks pretty hard in its own way." (reblip)
amyhale Oops that last blip was cut off! much betta
amyhale Me too! @Indylist: "I'm excited for Imogen Heap's new album, I've been playing this new single fairly often. No, it's not a sickness...yet :)" (reblip)
amyhale One Night In Bangkok - Vinyl Shakerz - This song makes me laugh - and move - all at the same time!
amyhale Lady Gaga - Pokerface (Jody Den Broeder Remix) This girl's got slammin' style - & is an awesome performance artist!
amyhale Full video version: You betta roll on! Keep rollin! (always a favorite - this absolutely HILARIOUS opening...)
amyhale @RadioGhost: "Blue Oyster Cult – Dont Fear the Reaper" always classic...! (reblip)
amyhale @ninhurt: I missed them as the opener for NIN's Lights in the Sky tour - now I regret it! (reblip)
amyhale @DJstromer19: "Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away (Ladytron Remix) (fluokids)<><>" (reblip)
amyhale Thanks for your entire playlist today! I played it and think I blipped it all! :) @ninhurt: "This one ALWAYS makes me feel better" (reblip)
amyhale !techno!

Marc Houle Techno Vocals

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amyhale Hello Seattle!

Hello Seattle- Owl City

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amyhale awesome cover

"Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic

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amyhale Coachella Countdown: 15 days!!!

flo rida feat. kesha - right round (benny benassi remix)

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amyhale 9 days to Coachella... <3 Deadmau5!
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