OmeRoon Deep Purple – "Child In Time" - ooooooohoooooohoooooow.... 8-)
anaomelete a tal k nunca pára de tocar ultimamente no meu mp3..


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anaomelete why not? dance in your own... :o)
anaomelete this theme feat. damon albarn.. excellent album :o)
anaomelete now it's time to wish nighty night... :o)
anaomelete the FULL version.. newbie around here, sorry ;o)
rguimaslima [* * * * *] Re_MembeR ||| Lloyd Cole & The Commotions ||| »»»♫LIVE♫««« @ ™ [* * * * *]
anaomelete i'm feeling glad.. i've got sunshine in my bag..
rguimaslima * * * * * We Didn't Start the Fire * * * * *
threebears full of healthy delicious blip !!!yay!!! and imeem freeeee!
anaomelete simply loved this movie when I saw it (lonngg time ago).. and never forgot this music..
anaomelete this is not a movie for people with a fragile stomach... no patience to edit photos today... :-/
anaomelete this brings good memories to me :o)
BuzzEdition Follow @Collective_Soul on Twitter and see them on tour this summer with Gavin Degraw for dates
threebears FYI comedy on twitter (via @MitchBenn) (incidentally ♡ genuine 100% pure blip ... contains no imeem!)
anaomelete long time I didn't listened to this one... OST Trainspotting.
cjh Texas - Say What You Want
anaomelete OST Laberinto del Fauno // Pan's Labyrinth a dark fantasy movie.. for grown-ups.
anaomelete ah... bons tempos da adolescência... dunas das praias portuguesas... e mai nada! :o)


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anaomelete ui... andava há séculos para encontrar isto... bom som..
anaomelete e esta é a única k consigo encontrar dos Sitiados :-/
anaomelete a little more rocky version of this song...
anaomelete I didn't feel a thing It didn't mean a thing Look in the eye and testify I didn't feel a thing
AnaRi hino da minha universidade... ahhh saudades deste tempo!!!
anaomelete A cidade está deserta, E alguém escreveu o teu nome em toda a parte: Nas casas, nos carros, nas pontes, nas ruas. Em todo o lado essa palavra...
rguimaslima Echo And The Bunnymen – The Cutter
anaomelete from "Bram Stoker's Dracula" OST, directed by Francis Ford C
anaomelete another from the FAV movie list.. excellent soundtrack.


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OmeRoon Free – "All Right Now" - great song. Anyone remember the G3 version during the Expo '92 in Sevilla? Brilliant!

Free - All Right Now (1)

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anaomelete The story of Bangladesh Is an ancient one again made fresh By blind men who carry out commmands Which flow out of the laws upon which nation stands
tubilino ??? my counts of props, replies & listeners have suddenly changed
anaomelete I was a little girl when I first watched this.. but never forgot it
dickadcock Very nice ... "It doesn't take too much to upset her,... under this morning moon"
anaomelete um bocado lamechas, mas até gosto..
emilymphocyte In a Harmon's stealing wifi, they're pumping out some Bangles.
Elling_ Argh, ya se me tiraron el día !
dickadcock The only time I had heard the phrase before this was in the movie, O Brother, when Clooney said "dumber than a 'bag of hammers'" Nothing to do w. it.
dickadcock THAO gets an encore. Neat cover of catchy old tune.
tubilino hey @DJstromer19 ...what have you done cleaning! ;))
anaomelete I didn't heard this one since the my 18's.. when it was almost a hymn at college..

My Dying Bride - For My Fallen Angel

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dickadcock Doctor, doctor, give me the news... I've got a bad case of lovin' you!

Bad Case of Loving You

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anaomelete @tubilino: no te puedo dar mas props!! Arghh! :o(
anaomelete adoro a letra desta música, lol.
crispast @GR8FL i have the same problem and now i'm totally out of props..totally!! for no one..sorry friends:( (reblip)
anaomelete a primeira favorita dos madredeus..
anaomelete @Aluciel :o) sometimes I also forget, but I always notice, when the preview song only has 30sec.. ;-)
anaomelete this is a really old one :-|

dr alban its my life

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anaomelete a heavier version of this Doors hit...
Elling_ All i need is you @tresM I need you :'(

AirAll I Need

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anaomelete @Buzzz: ":D" from the Nescafe tv ad.. i still remember it :o)) thanks! (reblip)
anaomelete @rerkaisen: you can reblip all you wish :o)


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Alright [Supergrass]

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Glenn Frey- The Heat Is On

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anaomelete @Evelyn hot hot hot search for Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo "Knock You Down" | Unavailable ] :-(

Batman: Mad World

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Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

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anaomelete love these videos stuff... :o)

V for Vendetta Tristania A sequel of Decay

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Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit(Official Video HD)

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anaomelete most of youtube videos that appear are not available... :-(
anaomelete just one original vid from moby playing good in youtube... ahhhh!

MobyLift me up

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anaomelete videos from my teenage youth...

Enya Only Time HD 720p

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DeVotchKa "Till the End Of Time" video LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE

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anaomelete @SofiaFada: "hoje sou eu que vou te reblipar, @elenamachado ;)": e eu tb ;o) (reblip)

Fado Coimbra Serenata Monumental Queima

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Dexy's Midnight Runners LIVE Come on Eileen

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De_Ann I'm grrreat! Love that new video feature on blip!!! How'z it going in the old country? @Oldies
anaomelete great vid! (nightmare before christmas)
anaomelete another one i like just for the video..

Runaway train---Soul asylum cover, by xutnirvana 2009.1.21

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Pascal Comelade & PJ Harvey. Love too soon

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Rammstein "Du Riechst So Gut" Video

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anaomelete resting now..

Radiohead "All I Need"

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Aerosmith - Dream On

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Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

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OmeRoon Type O Negative – "Love You To Death" - cool band, saw them live at the Dynamo festival 12 years ago... great show!
Pronuncia Me vou... não vai ser digital, vai ser mesmo de água!! Até amanhã :)

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

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anaomelete @to all stressed people out there...
anaomelete remembering my gothic age... ;o) we never change that much..

nothing else matters

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anaomelete and now, for something completely different
anaomelete @crispast: ehehhe ;o)

holding out for a hero Bonnie Tyler

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anaomelete @OST "Pulp Fiction"

urge overkill girl you'll be woman

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sum41 - still waiting

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Joss Stone & James Brown Men's World

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anaomelete @crispast: sometimes it feels good only to hear, and no seeing :o)
anaomelete nineties back, just for some moments..
anaomelete it was not their voice, but whoever voice it was, I still like this song :o)

Milli Vanilli- Girl, I'm gonna Miss You

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anaomelete 1992 Madonna... and yes, I love Final Fantasy :o)
anaomelete from this video, one can see how egocentric he was, rsrsrs... @TuraSatana: love the version! :o)
MarleneRocha from the movie "Empire of the sun"

suo gan

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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Music Video

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anaomelete @sagitarius :o) Welcome to blip! Bem vinda ao blip! :o)

Cake Never There

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anaomelete @digitpt: thankx ;)

George Michael Freedom '90

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Mad'House (Like a Prayer)

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anaomelete get on the move!! it's friday night! :o))

Sweet Surrender ( DJ Tiesto mix )

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anaomelete for the night addicts out there... cheer up :o)

Jack's Mannequin- "La La Lie"

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anaomelete @for someone special :o)


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kbuech - "Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" rb@oreoteeth (reblip)

Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

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De_Ann and I'm crankin' this one :))))@DOCSTIMULAS: "awesome @storylet: "@GeneBrady: "Joe Cocker – Unchain my Heart""" (reblip)
anaomelete Good Morning!! Bom dia! Bonjour!! :o)
anaomelete video it's with awful image (many pixels :-| ) so, just the sound..

Tarkan - Kiss Kiss (Arabic)

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Tiguana Bibles "Lost Words"

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FPonTheDL Since the last Sam blip was a flop due to the audio here's another Sea Blue
anaomelete going for some of this... :o) see u later guys!
anaomelete @Aluciel: enjoy o-o

Star Trek + Nine Inch Nails = Closer

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Rock me Amadeus- Falco

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anaomelete my favourite from this portuguese singer... :o)

Dream on Girl

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anaomelete @patita: great!!! :o)))) (reblip)

Time Of The Season by The Zombies

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anaomelete ]no imeem on this neighbourhood...

DJ Tiesto-Adagio For Strings

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Annie Lennox- Why

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anaomelete for IMEEM FREE (=full songs), write -imeem after your search term (minus included)