anjeee lovely song... even when the minutes aren't dragging. haunted...
anjeee "could it be you?" this WAS high school.
anjeee "i KNOW you're the one..."

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
anjeee "if you want me, you can find me left of center, off of the strip..." too true, too true... wonderin' about you... against the grain...
Rupertmike This song is straight nasty. Gotta love Prince's freaky a-double s. (reblip)
anjeee "is something wrong w/ me, is something wrong w/ you? i really wish i knew, wish i knew, wish i knew...." love this.
anjeee RB @chriseff Depeche Mode's new album has leaked.. guess who has a copy? ~ WoW! i'm diggin' it so hard! been listenin' to them since 1985. thx!!! (reblip)
anjeee jumpin' on this wagon vi@TechPatience ~ "please bring me my wine" ~ no. SERIOUSLY!!! let's open some good red! (reblip)

Bob marley - Hotel California (Reggae Remix)

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Cheaney I enjoy this one, but I think the Iron & Wine cover of the other song is much more moving.
yamamiya The Cat Empire - Hotel California
anjeee RB vi@MissNikkiAnn ~ i don't even listen to mandy moore, but thanks for this... it was an interesting spin on this song. quite different... nice vibe (reblip)

Mandy Moore - Umbrella

| play
Alby Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
DareToEatAPeach Electronic music w/some truly wacky percussion. 2/3 of the way in he goes nuts, that's the best part. Playing at 330 Ritch April 16th.
DareToEatAPeach The Presets sounds like a dancier, darker Depeche Mode.
DareToEatAPeach @fuzzybunnyluv Been trying to convince @prosa_tu to go to this show for weeks. But I think you'd enjoy Late of the Pier better.
row1e I love her cover songs. @galto (reblip)

Tori AmosAngie

| play
anjeee rb @gleegirlrock ~ totally brought a smile to my face, great pick ~ haven't heard in a while... "last night i had the strangest dream..." (reblip)
jencvs ...must I always be waiting on you?....


| play
gleegirlrock Honeydrippers~Sea of Love.....let it be decreed,henceforth Roberts honey shall drip!
gleegirlrock Night Ranger~Sister Christian


| play
jencvs I don't get tired of this song... // bleed just to know you are alive...
gleegirlrock This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren.....How ethereal is this?
anjeee mixin' n trippin' it up... headed to my pillow... 'bout to be dreamin' here in california... of y'all... keep the party bumpin and see u in the a.m...
adbert [Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone] Hey @Irish_siobhan!!! Is real this Limited Edition Green Guinness?

Blondie - Heart of Glass (Disco Version)

| play
gleegirlrock Kajagoogoo and Limahl~Too Shy.....Still not sayin' nuffin','cept LOL!& maybe hang on a tic.....
T_DeBarros Eric Benét. Poetry Girl. ~late at nite i see her thru the window..she burned frankinsence..and she sang her songs..she took the words form my ♥
bajan @anjeee @gigijazzy hmm, just found this, interesting...
T_DeBarros FAB 4. Something. vi @GR8FL ~something in the way she moves,attracts me like no other..~ **GRT SONG, I ♥ IT !! ☺ (reblip)
anjeee "too much wine and too much song, wonder how i got along?"
anjeee woo hoo!!! officially spring break!!! hello friends!@TechPatience @T_rock @siennna @Atomik @Bluespanther @by_starla @haizee we were born to be alive!
BohemianChick @suzesinc Good advice I think! :-) (reblip)


| play
T_DeBarros Koko Taylor. Up in Flames. ~i fell 4 u baby like a my loves gone up in flames~ *Nice to c u @ladypn..*HELLO @anjeee @dj_kwame @Nymph
MyklRoventine Missing @jodiwthani tonight. Sweet Depeche Mode cover with her name on it.
jencvs Since you been gone... I ain't missing you!
mancho Y para @programator, el animal pobre con chompa
poeticimmortal "... kiss me, kiss me... life is way too short to scream and shout..."
aplusk another toon from my new movie Spread. Coming this august. This song is pure mellow.
Stay19 Between The Trees – The Way She Feels <><> To Write Love on Her Arms ..Inspired by Renee.
adbert [Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock And Roll] Danke vielmals dir auch Frohe Ostern @klitoria!!!
anjeee "on the 1st part of the journey, i was looking @ all the life, there were plants & birds & rocks & things, there was sand & hills & rings..." me luv
adbert [Pat Benatar – Hit Me with Your Best Shot]
Stay19 still a daily listen. love the vocals. love everything about this track<><> top SmasHjam for sure. (reblip)
spicystu new york, london, paris, munich......

MPop Muzik

| play

Lou Bega - Mambo number five

| play
De_Ann I got you babe (reblip)


| play
GR8FL falling slowly after being dead in the arms is an experience not to be missed @Saorsa @anjeee @rerkaizen (enjoy your dinner) @HuMBush and @TuraSatana
gleegirlrock Godley & Creme~Englishmen In New York.....crazy Anglophiles!(Gordon Ramsay come to mind.....wonder why??)
klitoria @GR8FL....i am drunk yesterday and head is heavy...but i am happy...sun is shining...i enjoy the life...
klitoria @GR8FL...oh yeah...hugs...gentle caressing and kisses allover...i am ready... (reblip)
De_Ann Agree! :-) @ gaz50 What a great mix this :) Snoop Dogg ft The Doors – Riders on the Storm (reblip)
anjeee never really did fall back to sleep last night but up now for real... g'mornin' @GR8FL @tubilino @nunomontenegro thx for ur blips! my fav luvnrockets!
dabnotu thanks again to my younger older sister for providing our home with choice vinyl LPs for me to wear out whilst doing my homework with headphones on
Philamon @anjeee @bajan @TechPatience @MixMasterMarcus @T_rock @siennna I had to reblip this one. It was just too much fun not to play and have as a ringtone. (reblip)
ckras Puddle of Mudd -She Fucking Hates Me, one of the best songs I've heard in awhile
Stay19 I wanna hear you voice..<><>
djMnemosyne limerick for @eddyizm (thx for the 400th prop=) ahem: There once was a guy from the States/ who blipped lots of music so great/ (cont'd)
Stay19 its the truth . <><> be careful. shhhh <><> i'm still afraid ...
by_starla [Camera Obscura - Forests & Sands]
by_starla [Low - Walk Into the Sea]
Zentaurus Desperté aún pegao con esta canción. El problema es que mi voz no llega a los agudos, entonces es casi insolencia cósmica al mundo.

HimWicked Game

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alfonvaina @Nirvana16 ja ja ja ja ja y JA :))))))))) Aquí uno de los mejores empieces de la historia de la MUSICA
bendrix Bents music must be shared. Its pleasing to see this song moves U as much as it moves me => rb@DesertLily #bendrix Thanks for introducing Bent to us. (reblip)
bendrix This is the sound of U're brain contused like a man who tattoos clues to his body to jump start his voluntary bodily functions. (reblip)
bendrix This is the sound of scientific research probing the echo patterns within the heart beat deep within our DNA to discover the roots of our ancestry (reblip)
bendrix {{Lets compare this=> music track B}} This is the same group Lustral same song "Everytime" but its a mellower version its also nice=> @prettybutty
bendrix Do ya'll mind if I invite myself? Very niiiice=> rb@LYRIC thank U @ladypn, I love this... the sound of *SPARKLES* over a lush Chinese landscape... (reblip)
bendrix Yes madd luv to @ladypn or @DJstromer19 whomever first blipped this=> rb@ZOEBOE wow this is beautiful. rb @bendrix @ladypn RB@DJstromer19 (reblip)
LYRIC In the middle of something potentially inspiring!<---@rpOliveira, thank you--this IS inspiring... and lovely :) (reblip)
bakinrapscallion this song just makes you want to greet everyone and everything all your way.
iSiTi just remember you can do anything you put your mind to...just think...its simple...sometimes you dont need to read instructions just RUN with it.ownIT
anjeee rb vi@davidwatts1978 ~ a little ditty for @anjeee ~ where's my dawg at??? good evening my blipztaz!!! (reblip)
MyklRoventine I scream this in the car. Techno-esque Ah-Ha cover.
ladypn Time for a little nightmoves... the music begins the titles fade in, starring you and me....
mellomatic hey there @toosweet4rnr! :) woohoo, we're blipping when there's still light out! :P
DareToEatAPeach I find this song very creepy, which I guess is the point. The anti-lyching masterpiece "Strange Fruit" in honor of Workers' Rights Day (may 1st)
anjeee rb vi@by_starla ~ how are u on this friday nite/early saturday a.m.? well, i hope... (reblip)
formalhaut RB @bendrix everytime you play RasaMello II you completely blow my mind, bro! this is HOT! my ears are drooling! ;) (reblip)
PauloStudio2002 Fabolous – Make Me Better (feat Ne-yo) ★★★★★
anjeee rb vi@Sparklepony ~ lovely! ~ @bduubz goodnight, hope u won't be [title] tonight! =) (reblip)
threebears erg .. later and later .......thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/morning/day in any order. better not to blip in your sleep *_~
anjeee @davidwatts1978 ~ dancing through the fire, just to catch a flame...
anjeee ~ oh from a vision i recall your presence in a zoom ~
shortygal Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way
anjeee @bendrix ~ i figured it out! =) u could never disappoint! =) for all u fans of the damned out there... my first blip upload! =)
anjeee ~ the deadbeats & the dispossessed ~ the seekers of unlikeliness ~ the beauty walks on and on ~ with the beast tonight... ~ =) =) =)
briangreene \\//\\// II=II //\\ //\\//\\ !! feckless whimper
anjeee good afternoon/evening @RonnieBebop!!! how are you doing on this lovely day???
anjeee ~ i need a fix, i need to fix my ignition... if you want to whip me into shape, i need a plan or a mission ~ hello @TechPatience @Atomik @bendrix
bendrix I'm totally biteN off of @lub... she blipped me this track a few days ago & I Luvzz it big time. This will be U're lullaby tonight=> @LYRIC (reblip)
CargoCulte @SevenTenths This is so worth the listen in the spacious sense!
melodyofurlife RB -----> @evablue for the awesome Bat For Lashes, Kings of Leon cover. (reblip)
anjeee ~ if you want me, i will be right here ~ and if you love me, you will notice me here ~
anjeee good evening, @CargoCulte ! i'm out of props for u... again... =) (the bane of my existence, too...) and sleep well if ur out!
bendrix I think @ladypn & @LYRIC would dig this - I do not know this & I appreciate the introduction sir this was really ReaLLY nice=> rb@shoplifterslocal415 (reblip)
bendrix Thanx to my boy @Cosmix who uploaded the Anna Domino trax - this is really cool I hope ya'll dig too=> @TechPatience @anjeee (reblip)
anjeee ~ i'm out too, y'all... ~ @bendrix @SevenTenths @TechPatience @pyrrhoX & all my blipstars ~ sweeet dreeems ~ lovely blip, @Cosmix! nite!!! (reblip)
Diordan Heeeey @anjeee I'm fine indeed! What about you? It's very late here in Brazil! Time to get some rest! Hope your night rocks! : ^) hope you enjoy this!
bendrix I plead the 5th as I snatch this track from U so fast that U spin like a topsy twirly=> rb@evablue #bendrix i bet you say that to all the girls ;) (reblip)
paisley Depeche Mode/Prince – Just Can't Get Flexible in 1999 v2
melodyofurlife Thanks for the Hot Chip Blip @iceblink here is another one, a cover.
anjeee @CargoCulte ~ i'm great! i love fridays!!! =) hope u are having a good day too?!
anjeee be back l8r 4 some friday nite blippin' ~ got my ears open ~ @bendrix @SevenTenths @RonnieBebop @tubilino @pyrrhoX @Atomik @b_s_lynn @allmyblipstaz!!!


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anjeee rb vi@Cosmix ~ hallo! wie geht es ihnen? ich denke, dass wir ähnlichen geschmack in der musik haben. ich spreche nur ein kleiner deutscher jetzt. (reblip)
anjeee @Cosmix ich auch liebe nina hagen~ich habe auf deutschland gewonnen (nur ein jaren ~1988-89) aber jetzt habe ich deutsch vergessen. entschuldigung ~ (reblip)
anjeee @Cosmix vielen danke!!! =) ich lebte in der nähe von hamburg ~ dreißig kilometer nördlich in elmshorn. und du? whew! must speak english now!!! LOL
anjeee ~ the deeper u get the sweeter the pain ~
anjeee *online*i luv the way u log on*we can do it all nite*i’ll make u dot com*if u sign on*i'ma make u lite up*ooh baby if u log on*i’ll make u dot com (reblip)
Figgywithit A great companion to Gerry Rafferty's Right Down the Line...the 70's had some smooth tunes, eh?
bendrix I know I promised U 2 lullaby tracks tonight, but I firmly believe that this Sadesque track will be U're top EarGASM for the next 3 days=> @LYRIC (reblip)
Atomik for @patita (hi) @GR8FL (with <3) samodiva (diva+) @RNRSteve (the rock star) & @anjeee (playing tambourine & channeling stevie nicks) My band! (reblip)
TimbrePitch "You Light Up My Life" by Debbie Boone

-Debbie Boone You Light Up My Life

| play
kardwell Currently being used in the UK in an ad campaign trying to convince men they will get laid if they smell of chocolate.
TimbrePitch "Big Time Sensuality" by Bjork - "....we just met....and I know I'm a bit to intimate...."
anjeee ~ can't u see it's misery and torture for me... when i'm misunderstood ~
T_DeBarros Me'Shell Ndegecello. I'm Diggin U. ~sit back relax listen to the 8 track..yes, i'm diggin u like an old soul record..~ **HI @ladypn @anjeee @Nymph
T_DeBarros Quincy Jones. Harlem Nocturne. ~~~ Good Night @anjeee ~~~ ☺ ☺ ☺ **i ♥ this song,hope u do too ?!! ☺
anjeee rb vi@tubilino ~ very nice 1 ~ * well, say it now 'cause when i'm gone... you'll be callin' but i won't be at the phone * (reblip)
bendrix Hello to U lovely @anjeee madd luv to U kid... Hey=> @gxsoft I have 2 Badu albums & some singles I'll try to upload more for U sir
2HandedJam ** Teena Marie – Wishing On A Star
Flow @DJDreamy - Hood version of the Flock of Seagulls I Ran. lol.
anjeee @SevenTenths ~ another HOT one! 96 degrees already & not yet noon... guess we'll play hooky one day this week & hit the lake when it's not crowded. =)
bendrix She crept into the darkness dodging cobwebs & broken floor boards... sprinkles of sunlight spotlighting the levitating...she gasps @ladypn @LYRIC (reblip)
S4Songcrush >[^:^]< = my best representation of a feline cyborg :p


| play
anjeee @shiner congrats on the shiny new star! =) i think my follow just pushed u over the edge =)
Sparklepony [Royksopp – Beautiful Day Without You]
Stay19 Last Days Of April – At Your Most Beautiful<><>shhh
anjeee rb vi@bajan: "@anjeee out for now me dear ;)" see u soon! =) (reblip)

queens of the stone age-no one knows-(unkle remix)

| play
Diordan Withamouthfullofstars I trip over my feet You've blown me away I can hardly speak Stolen my silence scattered my peace I'm lost in the dark mislaid my
aoibhneas Yeah, I know.Blippin this track 3rd day in a row.My kind of crack, i'm hooked.
RNRSteve @TheLenzyme: "awesome pick!@acanuckfan: "~ @DJDreamy @D_Doyle @Greenie ~ thnx 4 props m8s ~,~"" (reblip)


| play
ZOEBOE You totally made me think of this. Hiiii YA! @MsButterworth I bet @anjeee & @TechPatience can dig it.
aoibhneas @Cosmix: rb Love the new that's a hood n a half... (reblip)
SNIZWHIZ thank you thank you very much@SoylentJames: "Spinning on that dizzy edge. . ." (reblip)
vodkaradio A tip of the hat to the Cure
Diordan reblippin @Miee Thank you this is a delicious mix for a delicious tune! (reblip)
anjeee rb vi@THX3:"@anjeee, @FiFiKaboom, @ZOEBOE, @leaferi, @vjfdm, @patita.. maybe the ladies like this.." out of props 4 u, but yes, i do very much! =) (reblip)
ximon ...G'nite!@all ;-)

Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video]

| play
bajan @anjeee @ladybird101 Good morning y'all, hope you have a great one :D
djilo The vid is SO entertaining. :P

Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It (Extended)

| play
dubstarr ok peeps gotta run catch u later....yeah?

AR Kane Suicide Kiss

| play
GR8FL rb@MeeJong: "Super love this song!! Already on my blip list but going out again to @BohemianChick, @QuicksandRangero, @eveblackorwhite, @SOcaM" tks (reblip)
djilo Samantha James is the sh**! Thanks for this :) @pita4l: "i dig it too #morganpage" (reblip)
djilo Deejay ilo. But's secret ;)
Tjeerd So beautiful@djilo: "Pretty! Thanks for this :) @kaoruo: "(good night) "" (reblip)
elclovo - learning the emotional savoir-faire of individuals is a curious thing -
elclovo - the storm has come, or is it just another shower? - (reblip)
bendrix One of the most creative & emotional charged videos that I've seen recently is Little Dragon's "Twice" - I'd like to see U'rs=>

Little DragonTwice

| play
anjeee ~ run, run away... no sense of time... want you to stay... want to keep you inside ~
DareToEatAPeach @GarlandGrey The only badge I have actively chased is the "Big spender" and I'm still on level 1. =P

Sarah Jarosz ~Shankill Butchers~

| play
davidwatts1978 poor Paul spent December recording with Mark, tragic @anjeee: "~ rest in peace, Sparklehorse.." (reblip)
bthecat an exquisite version...⚉⚉ summer time ♛ (reblip)
spacespencer night squall.

Balmorhea | Night Squall (Daytrotter Session)

| play
ReAnto TEARS FOR FEARS A1 Pale Shelter (Extended Version)@Stregaserena@Gaz50

TEARS FOR FEARS A1 Pale Shelter (Extended Version)

| play
CargoCulte @anjeee I'm very glad that the week is almost over. How are you?

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

| play
iMickeyD @Deodar God, I forgotten what an awesome selection you listen to! I am so glad i heard this one!!! Muah:) (reblip)


| play
Atomik heya miss@anjeee, ive been great, thanks, i hope you have been well.
davidwatts1978 not played for a while LOVE this =)

Herb Alpert Rotation Special Disco Pop Mix 1979

| play
anjeee ~ bye for now... lovely blipping ~ ~ i need u more & more ~
carinadjred and i'll take my clothes off but it won't be shameless; cos everyone knows, that's how you get famous. (i really like this remix.)
carinadjred RB patti smith covering prince... my brain just exploded. (reblip)

Patti Smith When Doves Cry

| play
bendrix Taking notes and saving this track for later to use at a later date.
djilo Ruddyp – While You're In France
serveauxx Shit I'm not good at, part 1: Putting the new water bottle on the water dispenser thing


| play


| play
axefield Path – Drip


| play
axefield TIGERBLOOD – Ceremony


| play
axefield alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks | ty @anjeee :)

alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks

| play
serveauxx lucky... none here yet rb @anjeee: "it just started pouring :) [rain]" (reblip)
mimnsee shhhhhhh.............
anjeee you stole my blip @serveauxx (reblip)

Hey You by the Cure

| play
anjeee :)

Tricky Lovecats

| play
serveauxx Let's get weird.

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mixtur (1964)

| play

Tom Tom Club Under The Boardwalk

| play
BluJulius definitely in my top fav...second chorus gives me chillz@ElizaJean
psycheundrock2 Amigo The Devil – Dahmer Does Hollywood
eubieland Love and Rockets - The Glittering Darkness
anjeee nice dM groove :) they are my first love rb@micoy (reblip)
diamondgal ~~~ The Beatles-Let it Be ~~~

The Beatles-Let it Be

| play
xtranguy rb@Illicite: "" I never felt so close, I never felt so all alone.." The Blow – True Affection <3 ..Bye!" (reblip)
Surreality Over The Rhine – "Hush Now (Tipsy Gypsy Mix)"

Sonic Youth- Kissability

| play
anjeee ~ swing the tambourine to the beat of my heart ~

Tonight You Belong To Me; Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters The Jerk 1979 (High Quality)

| play
anjeee out of the ballpark; still smiling :) g'night vi@serveauxx (reblip)

Tonight You Belong To Me; Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters The Jerk 1979 (High Quality)

| play
anjeee ~ fly me to the moon ~

The CureLove Song

| play
andreayates k, one mo'

The Grasshoppers — Shortnin' Bread

| play
anjeee :)

Hey You by the Cure

| play
anjeee good evening, love this one too, thank you :) rb@TropicsZ4: "hi @anjeee @Surreality" (reblip)

The CurePrimary

| play
anjeee ~ oh the kiss, so alcoholic & slow ~

The Cure -- The Upstairs Room ( 1983 )

| play
anjeee sigh, one of the very, very best rb@eubieland (reblip)

the cure = a night like this ( vhs show 1993)

| play
anjeee ~ i see no further now than this dream ~

Kyoto Song

| play
anjeee ok guys, the way he sings neeeeeewwwwwwww day is unlike any vocals in any song i've even known. i'm amazed anewwww every time.

The CureNew Day

| play

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

| play
djilo Dr. Hook – When you're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
serveauxx You put the lime in the coconut
deadroulettes ugh, this is an unexpected punch to the gut. sigh. such a special song to me. thanks and goodnight :) @anjeee: "for u @deadroulettes" (reblip)
anjeee and this one came to me later :) @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice rb@anjeee: "what is the tonic, mon?" (reblip)

Coconut water (Robert Mitchum Cover)

| play
anjeee faaangbaby :) almost friday :) rb@Fangbaby: "hi chica! @anjeee CasioKids – Fot I Hose" (reblip)
MrMagnetism One of my favorites by the excellent Moon Duo.


| play
Fangbaby thanks chica @anjeee

STRFKR // Say to You

| play
anjeee ~ but we know pleasure is not that simple ~
Hachimon BANKS - Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix) #Deez
anjeee haha, totes rb@Hachimon: "clan of xymox - a day blips are like pringles....." (reblip)

clan of xymoxa day

| play
anjeee first day of spring tomorrow, guys :)
anjeee < ~~~ feeling wanderlust

Dear Fellow Traveller

| play
anjeee aren't thursday evenings the best?
anjeee my very fav Chameleons song, inspired by @Surreality's inspired inspiration ;)
anjeee happy 6 year blipiversary @pulsar! happy to call u a friend :)
anjeee always a lovely day when i see you here :) @pulsar

Alt-J Lovely Day live @ Columbiahalle Berlin 2015 Full Song

| play
anjeee haha, this is perfect, as i always play bmsr when i'm out on the boat, on the lake rb@pulsar: "@anjeee" (reblip)
anjeee hoping for some california springtime rain, though there's only sun on the horizon...

Pure XRain

| play
anjeee i can see why :) rb@Surreality: "Prob my fav. though it is a tough call. So much quality to choose from. @anjeee" (reblip)

Animal Collective • Bees

| play

Sparklehorse-Shade and Honey-Lyrics Video

| play
anjeee thank u, so sweet :) rb@Lunaladee: "in case I don't see you on Thursday, let me wish you a happy anniversary now - wow, 6 yrs! congrats! rb@anjeee" (reblip)

Nitin SawhneySpark

| play
anjeee ~ i let the stare that tries to cripple you, slide down my back ~

Tones On TailLions

| play
anjeee ~ you've got your leather boots on ~

Depeche Mode- Something To Do

| play
anjeee g'nite @Fangbaby!

Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix) by Shlohmo

| play
anjeee me too :) rb@roguetimeguy: "OK, I'll get some snacks! ;)RB@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice:"Damn damn damn I wanna go!!! rb (reblip)
anjeee that was new to me, thx, i really like it rb@pulsar: "@anjeee" (reblip)
anjeee oops for both of u, as well :) @roguetimeguy @pulsar

Swans- When she breathes

| play


| play
anjeee sleep well! rb@pulsar: "Last one. Thanks all !" (reblip)

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd-The Girl With The Colorful Thoughts

| play

St. Vincent "Prince Johnny" (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

| play
anjeee i saw them this past summer... great twilight show on the pier @djilo

Jagwar MaFour

| play
anjeee yes, so are these guys. and they put on a great show, too... @djilo

Arthur Lee / LOVE "Five String Serenade"

| play
anjeee a quickie before heading out to enjoy some sun! @roguetimeguy

Sunlight Bathes Our Home

| play

Echo and The Bunnymen / Nocturnal Me(10 /24/ 83) Peel Session

| play

purity ring --- fineshrine (lyrics in description)

| play

The Cure-Fascination Street (With Lyrics)

| play
anjeee haha... ;) rb@Hachimon: "Not fair :) rb@anjeee: "i won't play this then, since Lee has to go... ;) @H @djilo"" (reblip)
anjeee this is who i'm dying to see... (also, purity ring.) have u seen them? @serveauxx


| play
anjeee do u like this song? @Hachimon & @Fangbaby might like... kinda hypnotic (and i see ur drink is low, another kr or something new?) @djilo
anjeee from tiny dynamine, my favorite cocteau twins EP. one of their most beautiful songs.
anjeee i'm looking forward to seeing swans next month... rb@roguetimeguy: "One more 4 @anjeee" (reblip)

Swans-Screen Shot

| play
anjeee thanks to all of my blipffriends for a lovely 6th blipiversary, those who were here in person & those in spirit/props. it was rockin! :)
anjeee with pleasure, a whole bushel just for u :) rb@Lunaladee: "would love some of your Meyer lemons, too, please. rb@anjeee (reblip)
anjeee ~ i travelled to a mystical time zone & i missed my bed & i soon came home ~

the smiths- a rush and a push and the land is ours

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anjeee fav song from the new album, thus far
anjeee reminds me of when i last saw mogwai... rb@roguetimeguy:"I saw them on this tour in 1992. An intense, loud industrial-like sound. Mind-blowing@anjeee (reblip)

Super Furry Animals | Mt. (Official Video)

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anjeee a favorite song; conjures vivid visuals for me. listen w/ good headphones @roguetimeguy

Tunng-Tale From Black

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serveauxx rb@anjeee: "it's friiiday!" Merry weekend :D Got big plans? (reblip)
Surreality Appropriate. rb@eubieland: "The Damned – "I Just Cant Be Happy Today" (reblip)
cpunctn_again The Damned - Wait For The Blackout (reblip)
tokno time for some dream action if ya know what i mean. hehe x_X (reblip)
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