krystynchong Brady Bunch - Sunshine Day. This is for all the hardcore programmers out there. #krys
renaton ~~ La Rue Kétanou - Les mots ~~
renaton ~ ~ Beirut ~ Gulag Orkestar ~ ~ uma de minhas favoritas deles ~ um lamento ~ um grito de dor ou de liberdade ~ tristeza ~ alegria ~ libertação ~ ~

Gulag Orkestar

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renaton ~ ~ Beirut - Forks And Knives (La Fete) ~ ~ outra de minhas fav's do Beirut ~ ~ música para pegar a estrada essa =) ~ ~
Primadonna I saw this a few weeks ago, I’m not sure who blipped it, but I dig it. Thanks!
Primadonna I’m in the NYC for a few days and I have time on my hands. I want to go see a show, any suggestions? @FunkShoi @DJFrankie @sandyriverside.
theOFM Deerhunter – Saved by Old Times
renaton ~ ~ Pandatone ~ ~ Only to Sleep In ~ ~
renaton ~ ~ Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was (Voide Remix) ~ ~
theOFM Termos Tentet – Sam The Sham Was A Pharao
apx2001 Pure & Raw Iggy / one of my favorite tracks of 1973.
apx2001 catchy, but not kitschy,... one of my all-time undertones favorites
apx2001 punk goes eco-conscious?

BuzzcocksFast Cars

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apx2001 fantastic live recording (les bains douches?) of what is arguably joy division's best song.
apx2001 the pogues speeding. from the soundtrack to sid & nancy, remember?
apx2001 another great debut single / this one comes straight from the 1970s and put cleveland, OH on the indie/alternative world map.
apx2001 the godfathers of german krautrock / featuring the legendary hans-joachim roedelius.

ClusterIm Süden

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apx2001 kreidler have been called cluster's grandchildren before / yet, they have developed outstanding and original sound structures. hear for yourself!
apx2001 dense sound walls and complex structures emerging out of the beat box. one of austria's most talented and prolific electro-acoustic composer. great!

B. FleischmannBuzz

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apx2001 after all these years, i still love the pixies. some relationships last a lifetime, i guess...


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apx2001 one of the greatest composers of the 20th century / blind / homeless / a.k.a. louis thomas hardin

MOONDOGUp Broadway

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apx2001 kraut-prog-rock from the middle of nowhere.
apx2001 düsseldorf + manhattan = :))))
apx2001 very nice acoustic version of a forest / note the lead guitar!
apx2001 classic indie-pop from milwaukee, wiscounsin / worth checking out!
apx2001 when choosing side: 1. check which side the wrens are standing on. 2. choose accordingly. 3. try to see them on stage.
apx2001 great bonus track from their 1996 debut album "this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about" / only available on the vinyl issue.
apx2001 MTV makes me wanna smoke crack / one of the most genuine titles in music history. (reblip)

Beck - MTV makes me wanna smoke crack

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apx2001 something in my head tells me i should NOT have this track played at my funeral...
apx2001 from their 1996 self-titled debut album / track no. 01 / i don't know, but i usually like first albums best. and this track is the perfect intro.
apx2001 the album "infected" used 67 musicians and 3 producers. none of the tracks made it into the u.k. top 25. here's a live recording at royal albert hall.

The The   Sweet Bird Of Truth  at the Royal Albert Hall

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theOFM NuLL – Game Over (Original Mix)
apx2001 #music: "arms and danger" / when @promise_ring finally stopped being #emo /
apx2001 #music: @two_lone_swordsmen: "rattlesnake daddy" / the original mix / the sounds of zell am see /
apx2001 #music: @flex_funk / a.k.a. Aksel Freyr Ágústsson Berglund / #reflections / our track of the day / cheers to iceland!
apx2001 #music: @boards_of_canada "music is math" / the #sound that carried us into the new milennium /
SofiaFada ;D acordei com essa música na cabeça hj, adoro! @HermannSantiago: "the best song of week in my selection... ;D" (reblip)
apx2001 #music: @gogol_bordello "tribal connection" / eugen & company at their very best / (reblip)
apx2001 #music: @sonic_youth "incinerate" / a tribute to all #guitar_hero fans out there! (reblip)
Ragnaja John Mayer – 3 x 5

John Mayer3 x 5

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apx2001 #RaRaRiot "Dying is fine" / from the self-titled #debut EP / new album coming 2010! / (reblip)
apx2001 #Neu! = "Super" / it's all in the title / literally... /


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mettee Its 10pm - why do I still have 3 kids running in my house ???? - I think i need to go down and spray some Dragon repellent in their room *sigh*

black rebel motorcycle club - awake

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apx2001 We all remember #BeverlyHillsCop / Here's my favorite remix of the theme song by #TenAndTracer /
apx2001 From the album #Doolittle / "Gouche Away" - you can stay all day (if you want to) / #ThePixies

PixiesGouge Away

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apx2001 #MassiveAttack "Angel" (Blur Remix) / nice memories of the 90s / (reblip)
apx2001 #ElliotSmith - "A song about you" / because, in the end, love is tricky...
apx2001 #Cred remix of #RayBurst "Smithereens" / nicely reduced to the max / intelligent #house /
apx2001 #Tiga – "Burning Down" / dance, Canada, dance! / and get ready for Saturday night... /
apx2001 #RayBurst "Leisuretime" / when, if not right now??? /
apx2001 #TheWombats / this track makes me want to fake a Liverpool accent and move to New York / (reblip)
apx2001 To all the braggers out there: I'd rather be a #ModestMouse than one of you! (reblip)
Mysterymix Belle usine à tubes en platine, les Nord-Irlandais de Two Door Cinema Club mettront-ils K.-O. Franz Ferdinand et Bloc Party réunis ? #5mix
apx2001 #Cex "Cocceesville" / a close-to-dancable track by one of Maryland's most prolific e-musicians.


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apx2001 Nice cover version of Personal Jesus / better than DM, but... nothing beats #JohnnyCash (reblip)
Mysterymix RB@naomi_u: "Ellen Allien's top 10 for March: #6" (reblip)

TahomaDeep Night

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apx2001 #EchoAndTheBunnymen "The Killing Moon" / it must be the killing time...
apx2001 #TheYeahYeahYeahs "Date with the Night" / 1st single from their 1st album / What a debut! (reblip)
apx2001 #Deerhunter "Saved by Old Times" / from their 2008 album Microcastle / feat. Cole Alexander / Wow! (reblip)
apx2001 #Deerhunter / good music never stop... / being attractive. / Greetings to Atlanta, GA !


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jface @DJ_HeckaCool: "always a rb. Thx! @by_starla: "[Rocky Votolato - Eyes Like Static]"" (reblip)
apx2001 #Cazals "Somebody, Somewhere" / dedicated to endless thoughts during long night shifts / (reblip)
apx2001 #Digitalism "Idealistic" / two thumbs up for the attitude! (reblip)
apx2001 #Fanfarlo "You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us" / it shows on my playlist /
apx2001 #BrokenSocialScene / from their 2002 album "You Forgot It in People" / cause=time / (reblip)
apx2001 #RockyVotolato "Cut Me In Two" / and keep half of me...
apx2001 #JesusandMaryChain / my favorite from their debut album #Psychocandy "The Hardest Walk"
apx2001 #ClaudeBereau re-mixing #BonnieBailey / "Safe" doesn't necessarily mean boring...
apx2001 You know I have a faible for the A1 track of debut albums / here is #Radiohead / enjoy!


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apx2001 #TallFirs – a song about something I have never worried much about / This is "Hairdo"

Tall FirsHairdo

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apx2001 #TheRapture vs. #MobbDeep "Got It Twisted Sister" / Dance into the morning/afternoon/evening, dance!
DareToEatAPeach Last one wasn't live, wasn't the regular studio version either. Hmmm.
apx2001 #Soviet "Commute" / not really a rail-track, interesting nonetheless. /


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apx2001 I like #DangerMouse since his #Beatles - #Jay-Z Re-mix. Sold on Times Square then. Stuff of legends!
apx2001 #DangerMouse "Encore" / 10 years later, still a feat! / Simply brilliant.

Danger MouseEncore

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apx2001 #OliviaNewtonJohn saved from eternal oblivion / 1000 thanks to #Goldfrapp for this massive track!!!
apx2001 #TheSmithereens "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" / when indie was actually pop...
apx2001 #Nirvana "Pennyroyal Tea" / bad posture, laxatives, and the aura of the divine. Obvious greatness.
apx2001 #Minimal:Impossible "The Invisible Structure" / perfect while brushing your teeth (just tried it out)
apx2001 Were they really only #Charlatans? This track somehow defies the prejudice / Pretty cool brit-pop.

The CharlatansThen

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apx2001 #JesusAndMaryChain "Everything's Alright When You're Down" / How true... / I still love this album.
apx2001 #Texta ft #Attwenger "So schnö kaust gor net schaun" / Faster than you can blink... / Cheers to #Linz!
apx2001 #McSolaar "Nouveau Western" / Wasn't this by Serge Gainsbourg??? / Hollywood nous berne!!!
apx2001 #Menelik and #SilentPoets "La Vie n´est rien" / Mais la musique, c'est de plus et plus et plus...
apx2001 #SoonEMc / A track from the apex of French old-school hip hop. Superclaire.

Soon E MC- Elucider ce mystere (1993).wmv

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apx2001 70s funk made in Italy / #AdrianoCelentano / skillfully re-edited by Greg Wilson /
p0rter I wanna reblip your whole station tonight. @Oregonize (reblip)
anat_os rb@piercinghope: ""Now the only pure thing left in my fucking world is wearing your disease." reminder to myself: NEVER." (reblip)
apx2001 #Kreidler / sunny skies, fresh snow on the mountain tops, and German #kraut-rock in my ears...

KreidlerLa Capital

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apx2001 I'm usually suspicious of slow tracks / but this one is simply great / #BrianEno meets #Cluster
apx2001 I didn't know the #DalaiLama was into #ambient #music / nice re-edit by #BillLaswell / ...
apx2001 I'm surprised no #videogame producer has snatched this up yet... / If you like #Air, this is a must.
apx2001 A snappy tune from the French #Air masters / This version sounds less polished than the original...
apx2001 Finest electro-acoustics from #Vienna / Cheers, Bernhard, and visit #Zell am See soon!
apx2001 Experimental #rock from Cleveland / The sounds of instruments laughing /

Pere UbuLaughing

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apx2001 In my opinion, the best #cover of #Nirvana 's track / even better than their own unplugged version
apx2001 #Fourtet remixing #AphexTwin / the good meets the better meets the best / ...
apx2001 #TheXX / this track makes you want to go to the airport and board a random flight to the south sea /

The xxIslands

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apx2001 #TheFiveModFour / classic indie-pop from milwaukee, wiscounsin / worth checking out!" (reblip)
apx2001 #Pixies / still among the greatest indie bands in the world / live in Ferrara, Italy, 6th June 2010 /

PixiesLevitate Me

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apx2001 My favorite track of my least favorite #Cure album / more cerebral than usual /

The CureThe Kiss

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apx2001 #QueensOfTheStoneAge / one of the bands that dissolved too soon / we are left with great remains /
apx2001 #TheFlamingLips / great song, but what in world does the title mean? (common question with this band)
apx2001 #TheWrens / a band that suggests everything but this song title...

The WrensHopeless

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apx2001 #TheShins / New slang (maybe that's what a blank generation really needs?)

The ShinsNew slang

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apx2001 #TheDamned / Jet boy and jet girl directly hitting your ear drums / wake up and get started!!! (reblip)
theOFM Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot – Bal les masques! /// Zürich, Switzerland, January 7, 2005
apx2001 @xyzzytwit: I'll take #LilyAllen 's cover version over the original anytime / ... (reblip)
apx2001 @gigia: "@santamistura inspiradissima!" / and inspirational as well / (reblip)
apx2001 A mountain of Sound and a River of Rhythm / This is #Spoon /
apx2001 #DavidHolmes / 69 Police / Ireland meets Ocean's 11 /

David Holmes69 Police

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apx2001 #GalerieStratique "Orange Pastoral" / the sounds of #Zell am See, Austria / compilation out soon!
apx2001 Of the 7 mio. cover versions out there, #NouvelleVague is definitely my favorite one / beautiful /
apx2001 #SiouxsieAndTheBanshees "Clockface" / British indie/wave from the 80s / worth re-considering /
apx2001 #MyBloodyValentine "When You Wake You're Still In A Dream" / exactly my words /
apx2001 This is for the best kind of girls there is / and, please, keep making mixtapes! (via @Primadonna) (reblip)
muzicmajic sounds like a plan! the sun is shining, the skies are clear, and the thermometer is rising! SURF's UP! ;)
apx2001 #Faunts "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of." / it's all in the title (via @Oregonize) (reblip)
apx2001 #TheFall / desperatly searching protein... / snap your fingers as you go...
apx2001 #TheNotwist "Gloomy Planets" / (via @katost 's sensational playlist!) (reblip)
apx2001 #Swayzak "Speedboat" / feel the waves /


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apx2001 #Portishead "Wandering Star" / For whom it is reserved? /
apx2001 #Tricky "Bubbles" / The first 100 years are the toughest on this bubble... / Nice intro...


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apx2001 #BelleAndSebastian / "Could we please objective 'cause the other boys are queuing up behind us..."
apx2001 Dreams of growing up: listen to the lyrics (via @davidwatts1978) (reblip)
apx2001 One of the great opportunities of cover versions is to surpass the template. (via @GabriellaAguila) (reblip)

Or, the WhaleToxic

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apx2001 Nice old-school for getting up / an eye-opener, so to speak /

SorcererKalimba New

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apx2001 #ToughAlliance / Every re-mix is "A New Chance" / this one is great / and by #JuanMacLean / Enjoy!
apx2001 "When routines bite hard, and ambitions are low. And resentment rides high, but emotions won't grow."
apx2001 One of the best cover versions ever / the perfect tune for a perfect day in the winter sun / (reblip)
apx2001 #TheDismembermentPlan / The Ice Of Boston is bloody and reflects no light/life / getting lost in MA /
kaosicism apparently Beck and company (St. Vincent, Liars, Os Mutantes for this) are covering INXS for the next record club....this is the first song :)
avivajazz Lily Afshar ~ Fantasia on a Traditional Persian Song ~Gratitude for this beautiful song! vi@DesertLily: "تو از كدوم سرزمين تو از كدوم هوايي" (reblip)
apx2001 #Interpol / ... good evening and good night ... / hear you tomorrow /
apx2001 Sweetness Follows... Tonight's contribution to #coversthatdontsuck / sleep well!
apx2001 Silver Rocket is such a great #SonicYouth track / difficult to get tired of it /
apx2001 Start the day with Japanese punk / This is #TheStalin w/ "Light my fire" / #coversthatdontsuck
apx2001 Good morning world / let your imagination fly / This is #TheCure /
apx2001 My favorite band of 2009 / from south of London / This is #TheXX and "Stars" / Enjoy!

The xxStars

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apx2001 It is Friday and this boy is exhausted... / Will #TheWrens re-supply energy for the weekend?
spacespencer @DChain Dann mal Ärmel hoch und los, damit sich's ändert! :)
apx2001 HEUTE ABEND 20.00 Uhr - "Die Alpenklinik" live im Steinerwirt / feat. Chang, Lois und Klaus / Big Release Party mit unseren Stars / (reblip)

Beck - MTV makes me wanna smoke crack

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apx2001 06.06.2010 / #ThePixies live @ Piazza Castello, Ferrara, Italy / If all goes well, I'll report live.

PixiesBone Machine

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apx2001 Basement, attics, garages / odd places / regardless of child memories / this is the #Ramones /
apx2001 How positive this sounds / and what is left of it / is it really that long ago / this is #TheStrokes
apx2001 And if you're lonely, you know I'm here, waiting for you... / The hymn, so to speak,..
apx2001 Some tracks are cover versions of other tracks. This one is the cover version of an entire decade.
apx2001 Great live version featuring Dave Grohl / raw and pure power / even better than the album version /
apx2001 And the message coming from my eyes is... / must play Seven Nation Army...
apx2001 Everything but the title... / it's hard to beat the #Pixies / but is it necessary?

The PixiesTame

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apx2001 Boredom, boredom / get airtime, airtime / This is #TheBuzzcocks /
apx2001 My mathematical mind gives me 10 minutes before going to bed / the next-to-last track comes from #Spoon / Enjoy!
apx2001 Straight from #ViennaScientistsRecordings / from a time when Vienna was still hip /
apx2001 Hello, world! This is #Muse / Enjoy!

MuseNew Born

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apx2001 #ArcticMonkeys / great track from sunny #Zell am See / the sound of the mountains / ...
apx2001 I drove 500,000 miles to find a world unlike my own, and now middle of nowhere seems like my home...
apx2001 My friend Yaniv introduced me to #Godspeed long ago / I still listen to them / That's friends, I guess...
apx2001 Sounds like atlas... / Enjoy!
apx2001 A song title which is everyone's nightmare / but the track is good / have patience, listen with care /
apx2001 10:15 Saturday Night / and the keys drip under my fingers / and I'm sitting at my desk / blipping ...
apx2001 #TheYeahYeahYeahs "Date with the Night" / 1st single from their 1st album / What a debut!" (reblip)
apx2001 Take me across the water,... / great 70s rock from Uriah Heep /

Uriah HeepStealin'

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apx2001 I have a vision. Musically, that is... (reblip)

I Have A Vision (Fred Falke Remix)/ Roy Davis Jr. Ft. Erin Martin

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apx2001 Sometimes, it takes patience to get to the bottom of a track...
apx2001 A nice tune to go to sleep or to start the day...
apx2001 Will I get a high f***ing 5 later today??? We shall see. Meanwhile, enjoy #Thunderhawk.
apx2001 Always a good thing: coming clean.
apx2001 Only when you have to: grin and bear.
apx2001 The world is a vampire, and I am going to bed... / Good night, vampire...
apx2001 Get ready for a funky weekend / With lots of friends & great music / This is the Bar-Kays. Enjoy! (reblip)
apx2001 "I'm going out sleepwalking where mute memories start talking" / great track by one my favorite songwriters: Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith2-45 Am

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apx2001 "The change will do you good. I always knew it would." (via @Sonali) (reblip)
apx2001 The Beach Boys of the Lower East Side?

The RamonesChainsaw

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apx2001 No surprises here, I guess. Still beautiful after all this time.
apx2001 "She can never walk a straight line except sometimes in the morning" / sounds familiar?

Howie BeckSometimes

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apx2001 "How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again?"
apx2001 The good's back for good.
apx2001 "I don't know just where I'm going. But I'm gonna try for the kingdom, if I can."
apx2001 #Airship / great new indie band from Manchester / debut EP "Algebra" to be released in May / visit:


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apx2001 So, after all, I have a new favorite indie band / brandnew & straight from Manchester, this is Airship / enjoy!

AirshipSo After All

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apx2001 The sun smells too loud, but it's hidden behind the cloud anyway... (reblip)
apx2001 #TheYeahYeahYeahs "Date with the Night" / 1st single from their 1st album / What a debut!" (reblip)
apx2001 "And if you're lonely, you know I'm here, waiting for you... / The hymn, so to speak..." (reblip)
apx2001 Sometimes things just add up perfectly, like a jigsaw falling into place... - beautiful like a Radiohead
apx2001 When live comes to a grinding halt: 1. listen to your favorite record (no pauses!) 2. think 3. reboot 4. get going
apx2001 To date my favorite newcomer indie band of the year - eagerly awaiting their debut EP "Algebra" t.b.r.

AIRSHIPSpirit Party

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apx2001 The view from the afternoon is... usually better than the view from the morning :)
apx2001 Worse than kissing the lipless: loving the heartless.
apx2001 I ain't never going anywhere...

Sonic YouthTunic

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apx2001 A tribute to a classic...

Kings Of LeonCamaro

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apx2001 You can gouge away. Stay all day (if you want to).

PixiesGouge Away

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apx2001 Double vision, single focus.
apx2001 Get your payments from the nation for your trials and tribulations...
apx2001 The school field wasn't that much better than school, actually.
apx2001 This is for an old friend of mine. Hope you are doing well!
apx2001 A group of hippies fled into the mountains of Colorado and awaited doomsday,..

Le TigrePhanta

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Model_Daughters @Model_Daughters: Audrey - Big Ships // reblips self - i couldn't help it man, i couldn't i just couldn't! (reblip)

AudreyBig Ships

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apx2001 Take off your overcoat, you're staying for the weekend...
apx2001 Of all Doors tracks, this is clearly my favorite. Nice video, too. Makes you want to go to L.A.
apx2001 Met a girl. Fell in love. Glad as I can be. The rest is history...
apx2001 Got a cure for misery: BUBBLE POP.


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apx2001 Yeah you can taste the fire for yourself...
apx2001 Andrew Razor – Razor Satellite / if you feel like dancing...
apx2001 it’s easy when you’ve been given such charms...
apx2001 "Where do you move when what you're moving from is yourself?" Being a modest mouse, I don't know. To cheese, maybe?
apx2001 What can you do with a brat like that?
apx2001 @Sonali: ""Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage"" (reblip)
apx2001 Curiosity may kill cats, but it keeps humans alive at the same time. A difficult trade-off, I guess.
apx2001 Down where this ugly man seeks his sustenance, strange sounds emerge...
apx2001 And the photographs of god I bought have almost fade away... / Hello, says the Crow
apx2001 Everybody's down we pulled each other down / ...


| play
apx2001 Despite your random acts of violence, I'd feel alright...
apx2001 It's how you look and how you feel... / A clear case for #coversthatdontsuck /
makinloverite i concur with u;)@indieearcandyforeveryone: "me too! one of my fav discs this week. thx to @Indie_Tunes @makinitrite: thanks indieearcandyforeveryone (reblip)
Carmilla Thankies :D @inavision: "Eyesdown [congrats]→@Carmilla" (reblip)


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apx2001 More airtime for The Vaselines!
apx2001 Good night, world... Enjoy this beautiful track and hear you tomorrow! (reblip)
apx2001 @RunRunItsHim: "Whatever happened to Fuck? Something's gone wrongy wrong." (reblip)

FuckWrongy Wrong

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apx2001 @lilyetc: "@by_starla: "[Disappears-Magics] from Lux (2010)-for BJM fans. fwd @lilyetc *_*" (reblip)

Disappears02 Magics

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apx2001 Sunday afternoon curiosity...
apx2001 Neu! is always worth a spin... / Enjoy the godfathers of German kraut!


| play
apx2001 Don't touch me this way...
apx2001 It's how you look and how you feel... (reblip)
apx2001 Early Björk, still unmistakenly Björk...
ABoyNamedSue Gold Panda comes up with yet another example of what makes him so damn golden. Great stuff.

Gold PandaYou

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Apple_chic pretty little words for @Blippo. Guten tag x
Mysterymix #sc geoffroy mugwump – Rocha 'Hands of love (fingers of sand)' Mugwump magnet rekrump mix @Apple_chic
apx2001 If you don't shut your mouth you're gonna feel the floor...

The MisfitsAttitude

| play
apx2001 Hey, obstacles everywherer today, it seems...


| play
derkrauss wow@MojaveMini: "...hi & i believe i owe you another one from BRMC. @laFemmeBoheme BRMC most def worming their way into my top 10 fave bands." (reblip)
derkrauss // TV On The Radio – Playhouses //...still such a great song!
derkrauss // Duke Spirit – My Sunken Treasure //
makinloverite indeed :)@Faddic: "Tnx.. it seems we're back in business :) @makinitrite" (reblip)

Lucky LeoLet's Roll

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Will_the_bloke Very underrated band. Thanks! @vandaleyes: Comet Gain - Love Without Lies (reblip)
CHaDmAn "Get the cool! Get the cool shoeshine!" (reblip)
adversary1 And I opened up my eyes and those black clouds are all I see.
Carmilla @ducks2007:I'm intrigued to know what is so quintessentially English about Dorian and I?Maybe I've answered my own question :D Or Is it the bad teeth? (reblip)
apx2001 like lots of things you heard about...


| play
yoyocanary @77ozzie: "Hey girl...why are you sleeping...? wake up...why are you could be alone..@boatdancer" (reblip)


| play
apx2001 hey girl, why are you dancing? / electroclash pushed to the max ... ;) (reblip)


| play
rguimaslima Thank you very much for multiple props & for listening (reblip)
Lovecat "...ten days of perfect tunes..." :-) :-) :-)
craigz @amsiebee: "hey i'm going to sleep & i heart @craigz (<3 <3 <3 ... <3)" / <<spoon>> (reblip)
apx2001 collected in the east...
apx2001 Even when a Frightened Rabbit: try to be not miserable! (reblip)
apx2001 A classic & probably one of FF's best tracks

Johnny Cash - Starkville City Jail

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apx2001 right there, and no place else... beautiful 9in nails track... (reblip)
apx2001 Then I sadly remembered they did not even take my name... (reblip)

Johnny Cash - Starkville City Jail

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apx2001 And all the stars in the sky could never take you from my heart... / Enjoy The Drums!
beap j'aime ça, merci@thesearejams: "Inspired by @Mysterymix. I keep coming back to this album. It's really impressive stuff." (reblip)

CamilleTa Douleur

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apx2001 @beap: "j'aime ça, merci@thesearejams: "Inspired by @Mysterymix. I keep coming back to this album. It's really impressive stuff."" (reblip)

CamilleTa Douleur

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apx2001 This is soooooo kraut - beautifully cerebral (if you like Cluster, Neu!, et al., that is)

KreidlerLa Capital

| play
nastysurprise Dude from Gnarls Barkley.

Cee Lo GreenGeorgia

| play
apx2001 The words of modesty? - "Sometimes I'm so full of shit that it should be a crime." / BTW, their 1st single (1996)

Modest MouseBroke

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pratinsky not a zombie, a whole country... :)
apx2001 Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi - unquestionably classy...
pratinsky the sweatest bower in the gym... myself :)
muffinlab i want a space holiday, and japanese gum.

Holy Roller Novocaine Kings Of Leon

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santamistura @fishkopp_deluxe bom dia!! and I wish also a perfect weekend to you! (reblip)
mark_till Please, Please, Please, Let me get what i want - Muse lyrics
apx2001 Take off your overcoat you're staying for the weekend... / this is Monday, bye now / #coversthatdontsuck
ZackDolore RB @feynschliff: "We Were Promised Jetpacks – It's Thunder And It's Lightning." (reblip)
apx2001 Don't know about you, but i am un chien andalusien...


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star45 The Launderettes – My Replica
paraboschi arcade fire is up for a few grammy nominations. including best album of the year for the suburbs. pretty crazy stuff.
Mysterymix Peter Bjorn and John Gimme Some Cooking Vinyl

Breaker Breaker

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MONIKKA Indeed : not even 9AM here and 31°C already ....
Anne nah! no reason to be! :* @MFP4073: "I'm jealous...@Anne @aagochan" (reblip)
apx2001 I ain't never going anywhere... / Dedicated to those who would like to see me leave town / Enjoy! (reblip)

Sonic YouthTunic

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apx2001 You're a suspect device they know they can't refuse / A classic from the Stiff Little Fingers / Enjoy!
apx2001 @Anne: "nah! no reason to be! :* @MFP4073: "I'm jealous...@Anne @aagochan"" (reblip)
apx2001 Things have gotten closer to the sun... / Enjoy the xx and have a nice sunday!

The xxCrystalised

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apx2001 One of my favorite ambient composers / Enjoy scanner!
apx2001 Walking through town is quite scary / And not very sensible either / I PREDICT A RIOT!!! / Enjoy the Kaiser Chiefs! / @eliott_is_dead (reblip)
apx2001 Die Nordsee schlägt Dir ins Gesicht... / die Toten Hosen roh, sympathisch unpoliert und soooo jung / Enjoy!!!!!
wejazz Awesome! rb@ell_ess_dee: "God Is An Astronaut – Shadows" (reblip)
apx2001 great band / great track / you don´t know love if you don´t love Neu!


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apx2001 Mother´s day is coming up - only 3 weeks to go. Time to start family tunes again... / #iheartmom
apx2001 Stopped. Short. Grinding Halt. / The Cure at their best / Enjoy!
apx2001 Great instrumentals may go on air uncommented ;)
apx2001 Great song + great video!

Fujiya & Miyagi, Ankle Injuries

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doubledrat Ruby Falls – Let Me Go

Ruby FallsLet Me Go

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apx2001 The conspiracy got dropped along the line ;) / Where'd you get that look in your eyes??? / Enjoy!
xTRiPPx Nine Inch Nails – Eraser (Denial; Realization)
craigz "if i could just keep my stupid mind together..." / oh, mark, i miss you.
hajoni Anouar Brahem – L'Oiseau De Bois
MrsASoprano From the fab archives of @dickadcock: "powerful song by Rufus Wainwright – Going To A Town"" (reblip)
cuezaireekaa see you next time. <3


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mark_till The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
killerswp @redcalcit: .."Love your list...greetings from Philadelphia!!" (reblip)

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

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LocoStavos What means to you, what means to me, and we will meet again ... Who is right, who can tell, and who gives a damn right now?
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