avygravy nice and funky ...let's dance
avygravy nice and happy ....:-) old sentiment in new wine bottle ;-) (reblip)
avygravy wake up to this ...once again :-0 slow and sinuous, mommy.
wejazz Chapel Club – Bodies (Alvaroxx) ~ Many thx to @Alvaroxx for this song!
avygravy transgender kixxx :-)

The KinksLola

| play
avygravy dig them horns - they help you make love!!~!
avygravy rock to trance to dance to prance :-)
avygravy This is it - mono stereo quadro :_

Love Her Madly by The Doors in Quadraphonic Sound!

| play
avygravy from tits you cant see on radio lets go the whole hog
avygravy @UncleJesse: "@michi66f: "[Veruca Salt – My Sharona]"" ahh baby suck on my sharona :-) (reblip)
avygravy and coming round again we can do the LOLA thing this way on the wild side too :-)
avygravy hush now baby, the snake's gonna get ya :-)
avygravy Leaving on a jetplane the Mayall way ..
avygravy stoned song for zelda waiting at the end of the runway ..
avygravy The other cult, more unknown than the Dead
avygravy from snoopin around dogg to "i am an apeman"
avygravy rest like lazarus, resurrect like lazarus :-)

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

| play
avygravy and to get with the beat :-) (reblip)

No Ordinary Love by TobyMac

| play
avygravy spaced out donovan done by steve hillage of Gong
avygravy Don't know what Dylan thinks of this, but I dig it :-)
avygravy The ultimate roach song - dig it L:-)
avygravy Need a night nurse? Here she is :-)
avygravy and now the jazzy version of it :-) slow fire ...
avygravy the delicate flame that burns so bad and we love it :-) we who sing ...
avygravy Let's revive the Mccoys
avygravy and after sorrow, lift off on a starship and see miracles ..
avygravy way way back in time ....soft soft machine
avygravy heard it along time ago so now let's do it again :-)
avygravy music for when the night is young and you're not there
avygravy "hollywood whore, passed out on the floor.. i'm sorry, but the party's over. :/"" (reblip)
avygravy this one has an edge you cant miss (reblip)


| play
avygravy lady gaga always makes me head in the opposite direction ...
avygravy i need this to purge myself and do things anew
avygravy from the moody blues to the shockng blue :-)
avygravy need to watch the film on arcade fire ... (reblip)
avygravy as i go older this song grows on me :-)
avygravy and yet the older you grow the more the slave to love
avygravy may you rot in your grave new world - yeah - i agree :-0
avygravy Today I am playing for all the heavy inside people :-)
avygravy yeah ...and one loves them :-)
avygravy famous one but lets laugh again
avygravy some relic psychedelic stuff revamped
avygravy trip slow and good on a wild dream
zombiemom74 @avygravy: "trip slow and good on a wild dream"-absolutly!!! (reblip)
avygravy lucky man indeed we you me i us them she
avygravy ahhhh time to lie back and enjoy
avygravy someone once cried to this and tried to make me too ..the stupid ...
avygravy O aaja, O come ...

Noman GoiaO Aaja

| play
avygravy i am transmitting a virus between the lines
avygravy Another kind of transmission :-)
avygravy who's this baby?


| play
avygravy remember the club that burnt down :-) (reblip)
avygravy and all the way from canada
avygravy engineering pink floyd gets you places :-)
avygravy time to bring this spacy band out :-)
avygravy ohhh why did he have to die so soon? no guitar wails like his
avygravy something more off beat ..another kind of guru
avygravy mix it up so well it's like ice cream and honey :-)
avygravy @BrasilPlural: heybro, long time since I heard this Rev. Thanks (reblip)

Rev. Gary Davis playing "Candyman"

| play
avygravy ladies, don't open the door, or santa will be in your panties :-)
avygravy seven days ....a long time livin lovin
avygravy question me ....i'll send u a miracle
avygravy and then how can one miss playing this?
avygravy and has anyone ever listened to this?
avygravy the first ever faithfull song i heard and i dug it rightaway
avygravy Iggy Pop doing David Bowie ;)
avygravy a toast to you van gogh :-) starry sky :-)
avygravy I have so many to thank ..this one is for all of them :-) the good women and the bad :-)
avygravy move into the bayou and make out there
avygravy remember singing this with paddy :-) god rest your beautiful soul
avygravy where there is dylan there is the band too :-)
avygravy fascist stuff but it's ok once in a while
avygravy never get tired of this one
avygravy planet earth is blue and there's nothing i can do ..
avygravy lovely version of mori kante's song
avygravy and who remembers these guys?
avygravy and surfacing from the womb of my childhood days
avygravy ahhhh ...to wallow in hurt ....heals
avygravy when a wound is deep cauterize it with fire
avygravy another rime of the ancient mariner
avygravy and thence to phil collins who took another path
avygravy from the brilliant album A TRICK OF THE TAIL
avygravy the closer to the moon the cooler the light
avygravy for all the vain women on the planet
avygravy how come noone has a mix of one and one?
avygravy an old one from one of the fab four
avygravy and some more of ben :-)
avygravy this was a lovely band dig it now..
avygravy remix of this deadly track used in the film Baraka
avygravy @princessleah515: thanks it's brilliant (reblip)

I Can't Stop Loving You

| play
avygravy and how can i forget to be a dead head?
avygravy hello folkks its me again with ladytron from the roxymusix
avygravy what a beautiful one this is ...let's revivve it
avygravy am talking to you out of touch
avygravy i know what i like this christmas

Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford ~ I Know What I Like (live) 1983

| play
avygravy wish americans thot like this all over again
avygravy let's unionize again or we are all gonna die in the mines not vietnam
avygravy where would we be without this guy?
avygravy Merry Christmas Gentlemen and Gentle Women
avygravy Christmas and the pricks come later for the one who follows
avygravy yes i just want to celebrate - do you too?
avygravy this is the best thing to do :-) for anyone
avygravy classic ...get on and ride :-)
avygravy one of the earliest queen songs i dug ...

lush - for love

| play
avygravy yeah just perfect fro the day after Christmas
avygravy yeah people let' stop all wars with the wah wah
avygravy remembering the madman manson tripped out on this song ...
avygravy every silver lining is overdosed by a touch of grey
avygravy and do you know the road youre on?
avygravy and now little apocalyse :- apocalyptica :-)
avygravy michael who?

Franz Fedinand: Michael

| play
avygravy all the hurt began in nazareth :-) with love ...
avygravy yeah i will follow you will you follow me ?
avygravy going back to the old Genesis is always best
avygravy from that brilliant lamb lies down on broadway album
avygravy am looking for that long cool woman in a black dress :-) Text Me.
avygravy and for that hindi track to f*** with you listening heads :-)
avygravy and this is for all you mango lollies out there ...hugs kisses :-)

Naam Mera Mango Dolly(LovePaki.com)

| play
avygravy what can i do when i get called off my dj station?
avygravy travelin and playin rock n roll
avygravy let me sail with you :-)
avygravy and i i i i i i will always be there ...for you and you and you :-) (reblip)

Damian Marley-There For You

| play
avygravy @usteppedoutofadream: just the right song i wanted to send a friend :-) thanks (reblip)
avygravy shift it to a bit of new jazz
avygravy call me or text me or email me or add me on FB?
avygravy and sometimes when i am weary this is what i listen to :-)
avygravy Brilliant One this!!!

Chuck Girard "The Warrior"

| play
avygravy i'll be your friend even if you f#@$% me over :-)
avygravy see me? feel me more like it :-)
avygravy the things you do to me when i sleep :-)
avygravy @pamplays: had forgotten this one :-) thank you (reblip)
avygravy how to be healed - meet an acid queen :-)
avygravy and this is what the Acid Queen brought :-)
avygravy @aZiMuTh: "Peter Gabriel & Laurie Anderson - This is the picture (excellent birds)" - ahhh was looking for this one :-) (reblip)
avygravy :-) :-) :-) the best woman performer i know :-)
avygravy Effing brilliant version of this song :-)
avygravy something morbid for early morning listening?
avygravy beautiful version of the bowie classic :-)
avygravy yeah for sure that's what love does :-)
avygravy mighty technoloveitsybitsyteenyweeny wang poontang :-)
avygravy and Gerry's hit right down the line :_
avygravy and of course it all began on Baker Street :-0
avygravy and a band I have always loved - eat some Pie!
avygravy let rock with the street rats :-)
avygravy and yes sometimes this is all I need :-)
avygravy i am sorry but i love this song which i fell in love with at goan beach parties in 1979 :-)
avygravy of course it wont be televised cos we would have smashed the TV stations :-)
avygravy let's take a breather huh?
avygravy traveling back and back and back
avygravy little wing broken wing

2639 - Toxic Virgin - Broken wings

| play
avygravy time to lie back and get raped :-)
avygravy that's the right position :-)

Eurythmics - missionary man

| play
avygravy another fantastic song :-)
avygravy a very cool version of this evergreen ":-)
avygravy back to father mckenzie for confession :-)
avygravy do it slowly then speed up
avygravy and it's foolish to wish someone was there when you know it's not possible :-)
avygravy introducing some minimalistic cool stuff :-)
avygravy hare hare shri camel - here's to all the zombies who worship godmen and godwomen :-)
avygravy talk about the mother of all remixes :-)
avygravy intense, if you know the film :-) let the young one know and go :-)
avygravy koestler may not like this but yet ...
avygravy it's only words ...surrender :-)
avygravy yeah i will follow you down too :-)
avygravy Interesting cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain song :-)
avygravy let's f$%^ the military industrial complex :-)
avygravy ahhh humble pie ... a forgotten bunch of heroes :-)
avygravy another brilliant band ... less heard but cool :-)
avygravy let's ride a white swan :-)

Steve Kuhn ~ Trance ~ #iji

| play
avygravy song from the past ...makes me feel very sentimental :-) pinky so perfect ...
avygravy another lovely elton john oldie :-)
avygravy Yes, Pinky is Perfect.
avygravy Sweet lil boys with sweet lil tunes.
avygravy Yesterday don't matter if it's gone.
avygravy Anthem for a threesome :)
avygravy Good morning ALL - tribute to Randy Blythe.
avygravy Let it turn

JOHN LENNON Watching the Wheels

| play
avygravy Yeah man, gimme.

George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

| play
avygravy walk, don't run

Paul McCartney- Band on the Run

| play
avygravy Yeah :)

Levon Helm, Ringo Starr and the 1989 All Starr Band "Up On Cripple Creek"

| play
avygravy Got a fever baby?

Stillwater | Fever Dog (Almost Famous) (Official Video)

| play
avygravy From the first Wishbone Ash album I bought a long time ago ... There's the Rub

Wishbone Ash Persephone

| play
avygravy Brit stuff which interests me

The Strawbs Hero and Heroine

| play
avygravy That's it folks for this morning. :)

Henry Mancini live "The Pink Panther Theme" with Don Menza sax solo

| play
avygravy this always brings tears to my eyes :P

Paul Desmond & MJQ -- Greensleeves

| play
avygravy and this always gives me the goosebumps :P

Esbjörn Svensson Trio (Seven Days Of Falling/Elevation of Love)

| play
avygravy let's shift it slightly?

Robert Fripp & The League Of Gentlemen — Minor Man

| play
avygravy pop it a bit?


| play
avygravy Step up teeny BOPBOPers

Weather Report-Teen Town

| play
avygravy yeah keep smiling and add some bounce to it
avygravy come nearer ...let me nibble your ear ....:)

Nancy Wilson, The Nearness of you

| play
avygravy we are speaking to you from the past ...

Soft Machine Live at UFO in 1967

| play
avygravy :) i hate you some i love you some
avygravy :) brings back memories?
avygravy good evening and enjoy what I feed :)
avygravy and yet more in that vein :)

Mandrill "Fencewalk" Live Montreux 2002

| play
avygravy Spectral

Phish | 12.31.10 | Ghost

| play
avygravy Good afternoon from a grey rainy Bangalore, India. Listen to this new one from Ahmad Jamal.
avygravy Brilliantrix!

What Goes Around, Shadowfax Live in 1986

| play
avygravy swallow me whole

Otis Rush Berlin1966 / All Your Love

| play
avygravy don't look back


| play
avygravy Rolling Stone Tribute Yeah

Rolling Stones-Sway

| play
avygravy yes, let's get sacred.

This is the air I breathe

| play
avygravy indeed. indescribable.

Chris Tomlin Indescribable

| play
avygravy even though i walk thru the shadow of the valley of life ...
avygravy want my number?

Blondie- Call me

| play
avygravy it's all grey outside my window :)
avygravy ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
avygravy if this makes you sleepy, i'll wake you up
avygravy wake u all ye ginsooaked ladies
avygravy yeah ..:)

Little Feat All That You Dream

| play
avygravy from one otter to anotter

All Your Love (I Miss Loving) by Otis Rush & His Band

| play
avygravy never ending succession of otters?

Otis Taylor Hey Joe

| play
avygravy And now, reviving the Gryphon.
avygravy and more revival - STACKRIDGE
avygravy thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud

Bob MarleyKaya

| play
avygravy do you really want to?
avygravy Let it rise :)

Stolen Prayer Alice Cooper

| play

Streetwize Distant Lover

| play
avygravy take me down sad street for at the end of it there's joy
avygravy and here's my quick Christmas message sandwiched between my songs for you :)
avygravy does this make u feel like smiling?
avygravy a little different
avygravy More of it from the Source

Hawkwind-Assassins of Allah

| play
avygravy loved the album Sparkle In The Rain when it came out

Simple Minds Waterfront

| play
avygravy Flow for me Baby


| play
avygravy Funny cover of the Doors song :)
avygravy Discovery ...channel

Jimi Hendrix Hound Dog Acoustic Rare

| play
avygravy heheheh laugh with me


| play
avygravy tks @GGDANCE: ""Who Owns internet blips transfers ,depends who is blockin :) (reblip)

Don Henley Who Owns This Place

| play
avygravy What a cool version :)

Marc Bolan \ Children Of The Revolution \ Elton John & Ringo Starr

| play
avygravy slide with me baby :)

T.Rex " The Slider "

| play
avygravy ooooh....

Jethro Tull- Cross-Eyed Mary

| play
avygravy let me give you some bull today :)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass The Lonely Bull Video 1962

| play
avygravy and more of it along those ancient ley lines

Montrose- Rock Candy

| play
moka765 Think Locally Fuck Globally by Gogol Bordello

10 Think Locally Fuck Globally by Gogol Bordello

| play
avygravy haha yeah ...parodying grace slick huh? (reblip)
Illicite Nicolas Repac – Redemption Blues (I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole)
LuvGunn Face your fear Accept your war It is what it is

Black Label Society: Fire It Up (Mafia Album)

| play
avygravy yeah man

Miles Davis- Dig Watermelon Man

| play
lolalmazan mt w/thnx @backtoback [concierto de aranjuez, narciso yepes] (reblip)
avygravy heal me

Robbie Robertson Peyote Healing (Native American)

| play
avygravy get up and dance for your lunch :)
avygravy Great stuff (reblip)

"Cry" by Godley & Creme

| play
avygravy yeah yeah yeha

The VeNtuReS ~ MISS BRAND NEW DAY ~ (Japanese Only Release!!!)

| play
avygravy pop goes the whistle

Hot Butter- Popcorn Song

| play
avygravy ever heard this friends?

The Harmonicats Perfidia Live in San Francisco

| play
avygravy rise with me :)


| play
avygravy sail with me ...

VANGELIS Pinta Nina Santa Maria

| play
avygravy hello there - am here again to see you again

-The Three Degrees- -When will see you again-

| play
avygravy yeah and i just said a prayer for all you listeners
avygravy ahh so cool

1992 The Temptations on "The Woopie Goldberg Show" (TV Live)

| play
avygravy i am your mirror ;)

Diana Ross & The Supremes: Reflections

| play
avygravy do it slow :)

Gwen Mccrae Girlfriend's Boyfriend

| play
avygravy yeah among my favorite things, this tune :)