b4webs Rock on - Rock on.


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b4webs Everybody wants it!

You´re Me Fix / Slyde

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b4webs Have a safe and happy Halloween this year!

TimePink Floyd

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b4webs From one end of main-street to the other - where the rubber meets the road.

We Built This City

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b4webs She looked at me - with big brown eyes
b4webs 34 wagon and we calls it the Woodie!
b4webs I keep a close watch on this here heart of mine.

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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b4webs What will be? What has been?

In The Year 2525 Music Video

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b4webs Their lies burn as bright as the bombs they are dropping on the innocent -

something good to show you

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b4webs Me no stop pushing the wood

Bob Marley- Stir It Up (Live) 1979

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b4webs Let me remember things I don't know ( Come on home to green river )
b4webs Looking for a savior in these dirty streets -


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b4webs Wake me up!

Evenessence-Bring Me To Life

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b4webs Waiting for someone who knew to make me feel alive...

Foreigner-Waiting For A Girl Like You

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b4webs Yeah take it easy you know the rhythm's all right-
b4webs What can I say?

THREE DOG NIGHT's Prayer of the Children

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b4webs Get it while the getting is good...
b4webs Needs some volume, sorry.

Cat Stevens "How Can I Tell You?" :)

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b4webs Alone in a crowd... when the silence is so loud, everybody is so busy doing nothing but their proudly getting on with their busy busy lives.
b4webs Here's one classic I know most of you will like.
b4webs I bet you all just hate this.
b4webs Very well done! Don't worry I will play the original too!
b4webs Feel like I should be drinking a rum and coke.

FREDDY FENDER "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"

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b4webs Most likely my favorite Freddy Fender song.

Freddy Fender ~ Flashback Circa 1975, Crying Time

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b4webs Seeing these guys in concert in Phoenix was great but can you imagine this?
b4webs If you like drums then...

DioHoly Diver

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b4webs Say what?

motorhead god save the queen

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b4webs message in a bottle


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b4webs I remember when they we're just the monkees And people said they monkeyed around, But they we're too busy singing To put anybody down.
b4webs Interested in a good graphics program? http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php Currently living Tucson, Arizona.
b4webs Hey, make a special effort to keep a positive attitude by excorcising gratitude.
b4webs Quality is inconsistent by fairly good.

Black Hole Sun- Peter Frampton

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b4webs Into the VORTEX


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b4webs Gmorning!

Steppenwolf (The Pusher)

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b4webs This is not Nirvana << it's >>> Little Leroy.
b4webs Saying hello to my friends on Facebook and reminding everyone to please keep the holidays safe.
b4webs His guitar style is awesome. Notice how he has araged the guitar and how he holds it.
b4webs This will be followed by Hendrix.

Janis Joplin- Summertime (Cheap Thrills Recording Session)

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b4webs Truly one of a kind.
b4webs In order to dance the Bamba In order to dance the Bamba A little humor is needed A little humor for me and for you Faster and faster Faster and faster


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b4webs I have seen the rain on a sunny day.

John Fogerty "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" Live

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b4webs A little wine some cheese and music ♪♪♪♫♫♪

George Baker Selection Una Paloma Blanca

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b4webs Step into my wayback machine- again.

Del Shannon Runaway

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b4webs Reminds me of teen angel.
b4webs Reminds me of Earth angel.

Teen Angel (Sims 2 Music Video)

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b4webs Keep on rollin

CCRProud Mary

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Avril Lavign When your gone Lyrics

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b4webs Good quality here.

3 Doors Down "When I'm Gone" York Fair, York, PA 9/16/11 live concert

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b4webs Oh no!

Jeff Beck/Imelda May,Walking in the sand,Indigo2,Sept 21st

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b4webs Don't like the Cello?

Rock You Like a Hurricane

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b4webs Are you sure you don't like Cello?
b4webs They've given you a number...
b4webs Anyone remember this?
b4webs Hope you like this one too.
b4webs Two of the best.


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b4webs Get jiggy.

Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live in The Round)

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b4webs Hey, just a quick blurb- lives depend on you being a defensive driver- not saying people are out to get you but...
b4webs Cast your bread, on the waters.

bread-everything i own

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b4webs Could this ol boy play guitar?
b4webs This one goes to my dad.

Johnny Cash Man In Black

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b4webs I'm going to do a block so here goes.

Arlo Guthrie /City of New Orleans

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b4webs Now I don't wanna die

Arlo Guthrie/Motorcycle Song

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Arlo Guthrie/ Amazing Grace

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b4webs Four part harmony.

Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant *

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b4webs This land was made for you and me.

Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger/ This Land Is Your Land

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pete seeger which side are you on

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b4webs Pete Seeger was truly one of our greatest american folk singers and much more, if you get a chance look into his life, it is very interesting.
b4webs He traveled across the land... Americas story telling, people loving, music man.
b4webs Richie Havens is truly amazing in his musical talent and the quality of his voice.
b4webs Mellow.

Richie Havens sings "Wonder Child"

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b4webs Consummate artistry and commitment.

Richie Havens Sings "The Key"

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b4webs Your vows you've broken, like my heart, Oh, why did you so enrapture me? Now I remain in a world apart But my heart remains in captivity.
b4webs Another block?

Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer (Original)

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Simon and Garfunkle LIVE 2011

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Simon and Garfunkel, the concert in Central Park (6)

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b4webs Step forward now so you will be able to fall back later/ A quote by Shane Cory Potter.

A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall

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b4webs Dust it off! Work it! Bang bang bang.
b4webs D u s t i t o f f !
b4webs Lets get into some metal for awhile.


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b4webs .elihwa rof latem emos otni teg steL
b4webs Yes a block of Tom petty and the heartbreakers.
b4webs Number 9 Number 9 Number 9
b4webs Don't want you falling asleep.
b4webs Volume is low on this one...Sorry about that.
b4webs No seizure zone.


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b4webs Lets get funkadelic

Cathedral "Ebony Tears"

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b4webs Gentlemen, start your engines.
b4webs Next time you are looking in the mirror, reflect on this, all you can do is try to make things right and hope that others do the same.
b4webs Throw em throw them bones.

Alice in Chains Them Bones

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UB40 The Way You Do The Things You Do LYRICS

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b4webs Oh baby (Please)

D'yer Mak'er by Led Zeppelin

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b4webs Not in Kansas anymore.

Judy Garland You Belong To Me

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b4webs Humor me.

"Gypsy Charmer " (1929) Sung by Myrna Loy

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b4webs Lest we forget.

Lee Wiley, Greta Garbo -I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues 1933

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b4webs Old blue eyes.

Stella By Starlight: Sinatra and hollywood divas

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b4webs Yeah I know I am all over the place. So?

Billie Holiday-Tain't Nobody's Business if I Do (Live)

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b4webs Goodness gracious but seriously people do play games.
b4webs If you run across the original please blip it and @ B4webs
b4webs If you like the build and horns this can be something you like.
b4webs Oh yeah... ♪♪♫♪♫♪
b4webs Huh?

the andrea true connection keep it up longer album version 1976

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b4webs Like hey man, who is this cat?
b4webs If anybody ca the canydyman can, cuz he mixes it with luv and makes the world taste good.

The Girl From Ipanema-Sammy Davis Jr.

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b4webs You have to love the big hair hi power all girl band!

Only a heartbeat away

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b4webs Did I forget to say this will be a block?
b4webs Ona fool could say it's better to have loved than lossed...
b4webs No one knew the meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b4webs Google plus is giving pages now... much like facebook but I think it might prove to be very different. https://plus.google.com/102012684667807866986
b4webs Sweet.

Lena Horne Stormy Weather

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b4webs If you ever get the chance to watch the movie, The biggest musical" do it.

LENA HORNE Sings "Moon River" 1965

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b4webs I really would have loved to be at this concert.
b4webs Some Eagles for all you happening peoples.

Witchy WomanEagles

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b4webs Maybe just a very few of you will wax nostalgic over these like I do. I hope the memories if any they instill are ones you are fond of.
b4webs Hey since I have your attention, those of you in snow areas should do the regular routine of changing / adding antifreeze but be responsible-can kill.
b4webs Winterize what you have to so you do not have costly unfortunate repairs later.
b4webs Look for sunshine in the rain!
b4webs Any dedications going out tonight? Sometimes just a spark can start a fire.
b4webs The coolest people still do the locomotion.
b4webs More of the same is what is coming.
b4webs Just for the hell of it, why not tell that someone your crazy about, how much they mean to you?

'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN : Neil Sedaka Live in Vina del Mar Festival Chile 1980

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b4webs Make sure to turn that umbrella upside down, don't wear a frown, just put on a smile and go to town.

The Skyliners-Pennies From Heaven

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b4webs Sorry about all this wayback machine.

WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL ~The Skyliners (a cappella) 1958.wmv

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b4webs Next one is a get your attention one.
b4webs You have to have some fun / or gfys

chubby checker " the fly"

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b4webs Volume is sort of low. Sorry ^ it up
b4webs Ring that bell!

Marty McFly -Johnny B. Goode- back to the future

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b4webs Where did that sound come from?
b4webs Rock me like I got no back bone.
b4webs I went down to the crossroads

Eric Clapton & BB King- Three O'Clock Blues

| play
b4webs Putting on the show.
b4webs Ok we will kick some other stuff in just a little while.
b4webs Oh hells yeah.

Robert Johnson- Crossroad

| play
b4webs Ill be driving that terraplain until the day I am dead an gone!

Robert Johnson-Terraplane Blues-85% Speed

| play
b4webs In my opinion one of the greatest!

Robert Johnson-Hellhound On My Trail (stills)

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Three Dog Night Shambala

| play
b4webs Just a few instruments here, hahahaha.

LIAR by 3 Dog Night

| play
b4webs I just wanted to play a few three dog night songs here, but I think I will play a few more.

Three Dog Night: Easy To Be Hard

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b4webs That ain't the way that it's done...SON!

Rock Of Ages Al Green

| play

Barry White Love´s Theme

| play
b4webs Hey, got young kids around your house? Think about child proofing, it can save lives and it doesn't have to cost a lot. http://goo.gl/W1Dqu
b4webs I had some teachers that rang the bell for me, did you?
b4webs If you have the time and you own your own home, insect it and make a list of repairs that could not only save money but if you sell, earn some money.
b4webs How can you save money on long distance? Make sure all your calls are local. No try this... http://magic-jack.me/
b4webs Love this car!

David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen filming the Panama music video

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b4webs It was just a weather balloon.


| play
b4webs Get your peace here.
b4webs Are you ready!? Aye, Aye captain! I can't heeeaaar you! AYE, AYE CAPTAIN! Oh. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Square Pants!

spongebob the final countdown

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b4webs You will thank me.

Christina Perri sings Jar of Hearts (Live at Ocean Way Studios)

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b4webs When black birds eat your crops, learn to eat crows, orioles, grackles, cowbirds, quote the Raven nevermore.

Christina Perri Sings "Blackbird"

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b4webs Better knock, on wood!


| play
b4webs I said! I said! I said Hey! Hey Hey yeah!
b4webs Awesome!


| play
b4webs Wild child!

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Real Wild Child

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b4webs I would love to touch her, but yeah my oh my.
b4webs Had to go there.


| play
b4webs One less for the road! Just saying! Please don't drink and drive.
b4webs Lettermen lol.

4 non blondes whats up

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b4webs Check ouyt the base guitar, it's sweet.

4 non blondes. In my dreams

| play

I Want My MTV (1983)

| play
b4webs MTV mtv MTV

MTV EMA 2011 Promo

| play
b4webs I like all girl bands!

The Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian

| play
b4webs Fire safety is not a joke- make a plan. Make sure your smoke alarms are working. Be responsible with fire use or i'll tell smokey the bear.
b4webs Say what you mean-mean what you say.
b4webs This is the one everyone remembers.
b4webs Very nice video with this stellar oldie.
b4webs Bullying is one of the worst things children face growing up. Talk to your children about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYJFy45HzR0 (reblip)
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