GR8FL sorry for that sample (I hate that) @threebears...trying again undead undead undead @lillianwong @sputnicker @Cosmika @joe61 @IchBinDave @Corts
Dysn0m1a It must be feeding time in the Blip, lotta people fallen by the wayside....Lol Alice Cooper-Feed My Frankenstein

Alice Cooper-Feed My Frankenstein

| play
DirtyUrine RB @ladypn: "Friends, I think @Betterlucky is calling me an alien!! LOL!! :) : "@ladypn Always having fun with you :)"" (reblip)
CarlaJean126 Listening to Marvin Gaye-Let's Get It On

Alice Cooper-Schools out

| play
backasswards i rb myself, haha. but this is a beautiful song...and they are great live, as well. (reblip)
backasswards i am so tired.....i should probably try to sleep. Metallica * Until It Sleeps
DamnTheMan Hell No! I actually prefere it ;) @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Dope - "Let's Fuck" ♥ Nothing wrong with some straight forwardness ;) " (reblip)

DopeLet's Fuck

| play
SkyeCebh Muah! Awesome choice! RB vi@iReignMusic: "never misunderstand me.... this song kicks ass too (reblip)

GodsmackKeep Away

| play
Dysn0m1a Argh one more FNM ....for the road Rb@ardelin (reblip)

Faith No More Gentle Art of Making Enemies

| play
zx10r07 same here! @Metal_Rocks: "Linkin Park - One Step Closer. Prefer their older tunes to their newer stuff!" (reblip)
zx10r07 My fav Coal Chamber song – Big Truck
ilklovn A klovn has to eat. but ill be back.


| play
ilklovn @zx10r07 oh well, my translations are technical ones so its easier hehehe and in english (reblip)
ilklovn "there was nothing i could say"

TOOL--Crawl Away 1992

| play
backasswards my fav billy joel song

Billy Joel We Didn't Start The Fire

| play
zx10r07 @kiddo84 ¡¡Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love!! (reblip)

¡¡Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love!!

| play
backasswards great song =0 @NicoleVSanchez: "@tammyphinney: "For Once in my life, I have someone who needs me, someone I've needed so long . . . "" (reblip)
judi You need this version @Untamed ~ Muppet Show plays Rammstein Engel (reblip)

Muppet Show plays Rammstein Engel

| play
backasswards i have to reblip myself..thank you brian..hahahaha (reblip)
DamnTheMan We live in a wheel where everyone steals & when we rise it's like strawberry fields.....rb @musicsmybyfrnd: "i will forever love this band." (reblip)


| play
backasswards ive seen them twice...need to see them again
backasswards i keep coming back to coal chamber today...............

coal chambersway

| play
DamnTheMan LMAO!!! @Untamed: "or maybe i shoulda used this instead..@ DamnTheMan" (reblip)

Rammstein B ck Dich uncensored

| play
TheMortalPoet "... in violent times... you shouldn't have to sell your soul..." (reblip)

In the Air tonight LIVE- phil collins

| play
SkyeCebh Great blip! Thank you! @Gen22: "rb.@rguimaslima: "ty:) Bliped by @damselicious: "vi@theFRUKE" [Alice in Chains - Man In The Box]"" (reblip)
Gen22 Thom Yorke with PJ Harvey - 'This Mess Where In'
backasswards oh yea, put me on the spot, fool!! @DirtyUrine (reblip)

Tool Intolerance

| play
clarasaurusrex awe that's too bad. still puking? or just feeling like shit? @LikeAnAngel
RedHeadBitch Me 2! playlisted it!@Untamed: "haha, yep ..i like the song though @HeatherMaccart: "Fucking monkeys!! @Untamed: "here's one for you @HeatherMaccart""" (reblip)

Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Hush" ♥
backasswards who's got the hooch???


| play
JDS442 Got a load of cars/trucks coming in shortly... ain't gonna have much time for #FridayBootyCall !!! We'll see ?
lalunajade Night @Darkangelkas x.. Have a great party @grom_gromowlad! x Thanks for listening @all :)
MrsASoprano Hiya :) @SimpleJim: "Agreed !! >@MrsASoprano: "Fab choice ~ r/b@lillianwong: "This one goes out to The One I Love - REM""" (reblip)

REM-The One I Love

| play
quorum [2042/5300] :: There are only two kinds of men -- the dead and the deadly. -- Helen Rowland

DioxydeVida Rota

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Zakk Wylde/Slash -"Voodoo Child" ♥ ["If I dont meet you no more in this world then, I'll meet ya on the next one. And dont be late, Dont be late"]
marijaanadj "Any color you like as long as its black"!
candy156sweet Daughtry - Feels Like The First Time

Daughtry Feels Like The First Time

| play
loripop326 me @HeatherMaccart: "Who busted out the Hollywood Undead? Now I gotta hear this! " (reblip)
Dysn0m1a Someone called the ambulance? lol rb@adversary1: ":D @DJCZ: "Infra-Red........."" (reblip)


| play
ChadThomas Love this one too!! rb@djwttw: "@ChadThomas "I'd give it all away if you give me one last try."" (reblip)
RedHeadBitch @Untamed - I was introduced to this cover tonight!! Have you heard it?
RedHeadBitch LOL - join the club! & xmas is coming! @Yesguv: "@HeatherMaccart: "Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - ah... Muse Moment" Yes out of my bank account !" (reblip)
DamnTheMan My FAV Alice Cooper.....Roses On White Lace
backasswards hmm, this dude actually sings pretty well, covering nickelback's 'far away'
MandyPenn Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine
Model_Daughters don't 'cha just want to dive into this video? // Ladytron - Tomorrow @LadytronMusic


| play
backasswards one of my fav rhcp songs..tho i love most of their stuff anyway =P @AdamOfDallas: ""Aeroplane" – Red Hot Chili Peppers" (reblip)
harmony60 GOODNIGHT~MORNING~AFTERNOON~EVENING~ me and my Fireflies are going to bed now~hope they don't keep me up~**giggles**~so keep rockin'~Thanks~

Darius Rucker Alright

| play
backasswards np.. always gotta share the incubus love =) @str8jgirl: "Southern Girl RB to share with @Untamed - thanks for feeding the "Incubus need"!" (reblip)

Southern GirlIncubus

| play
Bubbly3 The Wallflowers – The Difference
marijaanadj Tool- Bottom

Tool Bottom

| play
370z goin deep to reblip my bebe vixxeninpink pink ink nk k. (reblip)

Fluidity - Learning How To Grow - Str8 Out Tha Garage Demos 2009.. BLIP.FM Shout Out!

| play
Dysn0m1a Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts

placebo - sleeping with ghosts

| play
backasswards fuck it all, fuck this world, fuck everything you stand for. don't belong, don't exist, don't give a shit, don't fucking judge me!!


| play
DamnTheMan Doing nothing is hard work. It takes time, patience and the will to sit on your ass for long periods of time. @Pippi @blackgrapes: "nothing all day.." (reblip)

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Taking care of business

| play
FineNGood I'd like to believe we could reconcile the past Resurrect those bridges with an ancient glance
shortygal Tears for Fears -Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version - I find this funny :P

Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version

| play
DamnTheMan I see your true colors shining through. I see your true colors and that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let it show, your true colors

Aaron Lewis from Staind singing Cyndi Lauper True Colors

| play
paisley Staind – Everything Changes
ChadThomas FOOOOOOOOO!!!!! rb@Time2Burn: "FOOO!!!!! rb@Bubbly3: "~ Wheels ~"" (reblip)

Foo FightersWheels

| play
Louden Cover of a Alice Cooper song. Good stuff. @Untamed: "WIN! dont think ive heard or seen it =) @Louden: "@Untamed"" (reblip)

No More Mr.Nice Guy

| play
FullMetalRadio Whoa!!!! \m/ RB@brucefraser: "fuck, but Oli Herbert kicks ass! --> All That Remains – Six" (reblip)

All That RemainsSix

| play
PAMsLOvE Shrek - 12 days of Christmas
str8jgirl How about some Big Head Todd and the Monsters? @Untamed

Bittersweet Live Acoustic

| play
backasswards hehehe i had a rowlf puppet @TPJK

The Muppets- Bohemian Rhapsody

| play
razorfire Heard this for 1st time other night. Rammstein in the Original Sperman:) @Untamed

Rammstein: Te Quiero Puta!

| play
backasswards damn straight.

Godsmack-No Rest for the Wicked

| play
backasswards im here (not a lie. despite the ahhh cali, prolly bit warmer than va tho ..*shiver* @nikxnak

Fleetwood Mac-Little Lies

| play
str8jgirl she's mighty-mighty!!!

Brick House-Rob Zombie

| play
backasswards i dunno, you might have cooties =p (i saw 'touch' and this came to mind..blame my weird-ass mind) @DamnTheMan

Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch

| play
LikeAnAngel ok time for yoga. Al helps me to remember to BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE YOU BASTARD
backasswards LOL funny video. watch just for the beginning, funny kid.

Curtis Peoples -- I Can't Dance (Genesis cover)

| play
backasswards dang, dump some watah on your head, jack..LOL.
mariovanderwart Faith No More - Das Schützenfest
backasswards some lovely spineshank..which sounds so utterly painful
zoja01 Thanks! @MysticEclipse: "THREE DAYS GRACE brings us BREAK. Welcome new listeners @BoogieDown @colourmatrix13 @Anna_Nand @zoja01." (reblip)
backasswards rbrb@Metal_Rocks: "Slipknot - Snuff. The full 6+ minute video! Cool!!" (reblip)


| play
paisley Orbital – Belfast/Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
zx10r07 You did this unto me... And now I'm doin' it unto you... You did this unto me... And now I'm doin' it unto you... You did this unto me...
backasswards gnight..or morning. whatever ;0 @Totengrber

Assemblage 23Awake

| play
backasswards i have that same problem..damn blip and its bugs. ;p@Totengrber (reblip)
backasswards im like certain ways, tho not the surgery that went way wrong @Totengrber:" Why for? You are the Bionic Woman?" (reblip)
backasswards yesss inspired by @mettee

Muppet Show plays Rammstein Engel

| play
backasswards ooo sweet..LOL (reblip)

The Devil Went Down To Georgia-Metal

| play
vixxeninpink 'complicated,x-rated,i want you bad'
backasswards night wario =) sweet dreams@DamnTheMan: "I'm out for the night. G'nite. Peace y'all" (reblip)

Otep Perfectly Flawed

| play
Metal_Rocks Ill Nino - What Comes Around. "I have nothing to say...but I feel like my mouth is open!"
backasswards hadnt heard this. nice. big nick carter fan yeaaaaars ago. rb@kellyhunts: "#LOVE #PEACE" (reblip)

Nick Carter-Jennifer Paige "Beautiful lie"

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR If I had a picture of Prince,I'd rip it up TOO!! (This is fuck'n DEMENTED!)@Untamed

"Sex Shooter"literal version

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Better (Watchmen Movie poster,No video)

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning-Smashing Pumpkins

| play
backasswards hmm. this could apply to someone. i wont say who. LOL. ty for this - vi@Metal_Rocks (reblip)
LikeAnAngel oh, thank you. haha @chameleonpixie: "I'll forgive you @LikeAnAngel . . . this time." (reblip)

Android LustStained

| play
backasswards woo! @NikkiPixel: "More Placebo for you @Untamed! | Placebo – Taste In Men" (reblip)

PlaceboTaste In Men

| play

Coheed and Cambria-Good Apollo, Vol. 1: Always & Never

| play

Velvet Acid Christ (VAC)-Malfunction (Funker Vogt Remix)

| play
backasswards i see u r from germany. used to live there myself..ansbach. @Schoork: "Mötley Crüe – Rattlesnake Shake #motleymonday" (reblip)
DjLx44 These guys have announced their end... but there will be a new album in March and a World Tour afterwards... just for goodbyes...
djdickbag Dinosaur Jr. – Feel The Pain
SLPPRY "ahhh monday how i hate you"

Bangles Manic Monday

| play
detroitfan Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls @sinistercinnamon: ""A million miles of running and I hit the wall. I bounce back and I run some more."" (reblip)

Three Dog Night "One"

| play
backasswards happy song. yippy.

Darius Rucker-Alright (Lyrics)

| play
backasswards @lukesharp: "glad you liked it,see you tomorrow morning "G'nite :D@patita: "thnx new2me rb@lukesharp: "@ patita""" (reblip)

Velvet Revolver- Messages

| play
razorfire a Dubstepped up version for @Untamed who'll sleep when She's dead I guess:)
backasswards ok that was just awesome!@sugah: "code monkey, that's me but I don't eat junk food :\ thx for talking me through releasing you'z the bomz" (reblip)

Code Monkey AMV

| play
marijaanadj David Bowie feat. Maynard James Keenan & John Frusciante – Bring Me The Disco King [Loner Mix]
caporal_chief nice....@Anna_N: "let's go:)@caporal_chief: "nooo, it´s a free ride.. (reblip)
mettee I think it would be a shame NOT to give the American idiot a chance then ;-) @backasswards
backasswards ''sactly@Metal_Rocks: "Metallica - Frantic. Why the hell did they produce this album to make Lars' snare drum sound like a trashcan? #TallicaTuesday" (reblip)


| play
backasswards wtf is right..hahahaha@TPJK: "@TPJK: "WTF?? lol @NikkiPixel @CMDoria @bassackwards @Angie74"" (reblip)

Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz...!?!?

| play
backasswards a code monkey singing that is the 0wn! haha @TPJK: "What duh? lol RB@backasswards: "LOL!!"" (reblip)
backasswards @Sebastian_Templar: "Metallica – The Unforgiven II (Official Music Video) [HD]" (reblip)
vixxeninpink doesn't that sound like the voice of someone you'd like to kiss? LMAO OMG (reblip)
backasswards @NikkiPixel: "More Michel Gondry for @romanus @TPJK @endomeso @backasswards | Michel Gondry – Star Guitar clip for Chemical Brothers" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ OTFL! Great song and did I mention I love Cake? LOL! TY! RB@iMickeyD: "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell." (reblip)

CAKE "Sheep Go To Heaven"

| play
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ OMG! LMAO over here! Too funniez! Yer terrible! Hahaa! TY! RB@teajeans: "[Junior Boys – In The Morning] .. ♥ .." (reblip)
backasswards man, im running out of fumes fast. dont want to sleep yet though. need a pick me up.

pod sleeping awake truth video!

| play
backasswards ty..i LOVE skinny puppy!!! esp cEvin key.@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Skinny Puppy ~ Protest" (reblip)
krystynchong Ch Check It Out - Beastie Boys remix! #krys

Beastie Boys Ch-Check It Out Just Blaze Remix

| play
DjLx44 Peaches - Fuck the pain away

**** the pain away- Peaches.

| play
backasswards sweet!! my fav vid game series, after final fantasy.
edurrosa Desire @texasREgirl: "~With no secrets. No obsession. This time I'm speeding with no direction.~" (reblip)

Ryan AdamsDesire

| play
backasswards @flinndc: "Is there a place for the hopeless sinners? rb @ankita_gaur: "Bob Marley – One Love"" (reblip)

Bob MarleyOne Love

| play
backasswards love this vid mainly cuz of its gothy look.
backasswards rb this again@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Hahaa! You officially suck! LMAO! @backasswards" (reblip)
backasswards the revolting cocks - wizards of sextown ...some bands have the damnest names.

Saw V Soundtrack-Wizard Of Sextown

| play
Dysn0m1a Don't think I've heard b4, thanks! rb@paisley: "Korn / Hollywood Undead – Coming Undone / Undead [R.A.T. MashUp]" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Whiney Whiney ... thought you might find this one amusing ;D @backasswards (reblip)

Willie One Blood: Whiney Whiney

| play

The Dresden Dolls 'Backstabber' music video

| play

The Dresden Dolls 'Girl Anachronism' music video

| play

The Dresden Dolls 'Shores of California' music video

| play

The Dresden Dolls 'Sing' (Chapter II / original) music video

| play
paisley Metal Mashup: Korn vs. Muse – Falling Away From Hysteria
paisley Muse – Uprising (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Mix)
backasswards noooooo LOL tho i do like it @escordeiro: "@backasswards no, not that one! this one!" (reblip)
backasswards weird i was just singing that to myself a few mins ago! rb@creativeness: "I am so in the mood for this that weird?" (reblip)
travelmop Neat tune. Strange title. Unless the cats were frozen. (reblip)
backasswards @acdobbie: ""stuck in this rut I fell in by mistake" @cmfig ♫ Relient K – Be My Escape (Acoustic)" (reblip)
backasswards no idea =/ *sad face* @razorfire: "Who's gonna pick you up when you fall? @LikeAnAngel @backasswards" (reblip)
DaSein1973 VNV Nation- Epicentre

VNV Nation- Epicentre

| play
DaSein1973 Ghost Dance – A Deeper Blue
DaSein1973 corpus delicti – Absent Friend
mettee Photoshop CS4 yes hates me or win7...keeps crashing rb@LocoStavos: Of course in any given minute my relationship with technology can turn to this (reblip)
mettee I remember stealing one of my mother's sheets, converting it to a long white dress and dancing around to this......wearing white gloves
backasswards awesome!! rb@str8jgirl: "Nice! "I found myself some wings.." @sswayze: "you need not wonder why -"" (reblip)

The Guess WhoNo Time

| play
backasswards yep, new to me. share more!@tieTYT: "More from this band. Is the band new to you? They're from the 90s @backasswards" (reblip)
backasswards hahaha. aw damn. ^smacks forehead with palm of hand and shakes head sadly^@TPJK: "WTF?haha @robb_west" (reblip)

Beastie Boys Vs Michael Jackson Mash-Up 'I like my sugar with coffee and cream'

| play
RedHeadBitch Always a fave! @razorfire: "What time is it? Time for Going Under for the New Shit!!!! @4Sins // Sup girl @RedHeadBitch // GOING UNDER! @Angie74" (reblip)
backasswards im laffin so hard here..not while im drinkin, guys!! *squirms* @Djfunkysounds: "LMAO. I deny all responsibility. @Louden: (reblip)

FireflightThe Hunger

| play
BiPoLar_BEaR Did you hear this one yet,Cubby?@NikkiPixel real cool (Smells Like..& In Bloom)" (reblip)

lady gaga poker face cartman version with lyrics

| play
backasswards lets change the props limit! and check out for where/when bands play and more..a fav. for me & this awesome DJ>@sugah: "#5props (reblip)
backasswards LOL! rb@riseandroar: "for the kid that just bragged to me about his junk while i was working in his building. honey, you're an undergrad. please." (reblip)

U and Ur Hand by Pink (official video+Lyrics)

| play
backasswards you think you gonna be on msgr tonight or tomorrow? @sugah
backasswards agreed! @azandiaMJBB: "That was so thoughtful of you to give CONGRATS to Top 10 DJ's ...they so deserve the praise ~ rb @lukesharp: ":)))"" (reblip)

Blue Oyster Cult-Burning for You

| play
backasswards rmbr this from middle school. like..15 years ago.@Bubbly3: "someday u will find me~caught between a landslide~in a champagne supernova in the sky" (reblip)
backasswards plz dont make it your last resort..goto cuz @sugah and the team have been working HARD. vote on where/when bands can play, and mo'!

Papa RoachLast Resort

| play

Culture Club (Electric Dreams soundtrack) -Love is Love

| play
backasswards @riseandroar: "DO IT! :) @Angie74: "HEY EVERYONE!GUESS WHO'S BACK?!?! Smile86 is back as==>@MelonPatrol Add him back and tell him you've missed him! (reblip)
djdickbag Last one for me, I'm crashin' Deftones – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
LikeAnAngel #shameless80s #newwave I could do this all night if i wasn't so f-ing tired! goodnight @razorfire @HaloNReverse @backasswards and @ll!

"Brand New Lover" by Dead Or Alive

| play
backasswards nite dear!rb@LikeAnAngel: "#shameless80s #newwave I could do this all night if i wasn't so f-ing tired! goodnight @razorfire @HaloNReverse and @ll!" (reblip)

"Brand New Lover" by Dead Or Alive

| play
backasswards LOL! rb@razorfire: "German chocolate in my german Peanut butter?:) @backasswards" (reblip)
backasswards nice! @sugah: "Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race!" (reblip)
backasswards i bet they put on a good show. i likes. rb@NikkiPixel: "@backasswards @TPJK - I was at this very concert. A funny song, actually a Momus #cover" (reblip)
backasswards poor rb@DirtyUrine: "ビールください lol! ~ I got dragged in the local tavern tonight and I'm not 21 anymore! \m/" (reblip)
DamnTheMan hahahahaha! She couldn't even make it over the railing @NikkiPixel: "Another funny freak out :)#DamnTheMan @backasswards @TheLeisurePirate @TPJK (reblip)

P.O.D.-Youth Of A Nation (Live) In NYC

| play
razorfire It's Wunderbar! @backasswards Rammstein "We're all living in America" (HD)

Rammstein "We're all living in America" (HD) English Subtitle

| play
harmony60 Hey. Snowing like crazy Good to see you today. I am good. Feeling Great today. How are you doing? rb@DaLady: "G'Morning Mary :)@harmony60 (reblip)
backasswards night girly. blip atcha later;) @NikkiPixel: "Well it's that time again blip buddies! Have fun and see you soon! | The Cure – Underneath the Stars" (reblip)
backasswards @NikkiPixel: "One of my fav zombie movies to the tune of Bob Segar's Old Time R&R @backasswards @TPJK @razorfire @DamnTheMan @sugah" (reblip)

Shaun of The Dead

| play
backasswards night night@nopantsjones: "almost 3am (guess where?)... this is me calling it quits; (reblip)
TheLeisurePirate I want you laugh, I want you to dance as they put me in my grave.

Rob Zombie Brick House 2003 Better Version

| play
Walk An all time favorite of mine
mariovanderwart Radiohead - Subteranean Homesick Alien #spacenight

Subtteranean Homesick Alien / Radiohead

| play
backasswards oh yeah. my bad =D @DamnTheMan: "That's Xena, and it's already been done :) (reblip)

Bon JoviUnbreakable

| play
backasswards yum! rb@LikeAnAngel: "A new Mexican restaurant opened up in our tiny town so my daughter and i are off to try it out. hope it has someting vegetarian (reblip)


| play
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 inspired by @BruceC ;}

Pat Travers Snortin' Whiskey

| play

Green Day- Whatshername

| play

"All I Want" by Toad The Wet Sprocket

| play


| play
lalunajade not heard this in a while thx :) @DEFCON5 (reblip)

Porno For Pyros "Pets"

| play
str8jgirl just a kid with a pad and a pen and a big imagination... ~BUCK WILD~
LeandroAzevedo Paula Abdul – Rush Rush

Paula AbdulRush Rush

| play
backasswards @lalunajade: "rb luv:)@marijaanadj: "Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Fuck Me remix)"" (reblip)
4Sins ............ Nice. rb@CooperHarris: "You say you wanted more. What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you" (reblip)
DamnTheMan THE D!!!!! rb@Doggonahogg: "Don't ever forget about The D. I'm talking JB & KG. I'm talking equally hard rockin' and fuckin'." (reblip)

Tenacious D the road

| play
backasswards damn skippy!! rb@DamnTheMan: "Of course, you can't play The D without playing this one! @Doggonahogg @backasswards @DavidJurado" (reblip)

Tenacious DThe Metal

| play
SophieBerges *docking my iPod, sighing as this song plays*

The UsedSmother Me

| play
backasswards hahaha, i dont wear my clothes backwards =P but u can if u want ;)..and its kriss kross, foo:)@TPJK: "lol I was thinking of calling you "Kriss Cross' (reblip)
backasswards rofl @riseandroar: "1) awesome song, 2) if i ever make a weed tribute video, please end our friendship (reblip)
backasswards us southern gals are the best, tho. then again, im biased :P @Louden: "It's the accent :P (reblip)
backasswards nighty night:) @Anna_N: "Eyes won't stay open....have fun Y'ALL!!!! :P :P (reblip)
PAMsLOvE The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow |The End|
d_upsettah can i get a props for the ozomatli? ;-p

Crash Into Como Ves

| play
backasswards i think blip is tellin me sometrhin when it wont lemme rb @Sylak: "Somebody said SONNY and Cher "lol" (reblip)
backasswards good, just feeding the music addiction as always;0 u? @Time2Burn: "TY! how are you tonight? @backasswards: "@Time2Burn: "Nickelback – Too Bad""" (reblip)

NickelbackToo Bad

| play
backasswards WOW. where ya at?? thought it was cold here..prolly 30s rb@harmony60: "Hi R. Cold as brrr here. only -8 degs here. wish i could build a fire. lol.... (reblip)
Schoork Papa Roach "Last Resort" Live At Guitar Center's Drum-Off

Papa Roach "Last Resort" Live At Guitar Center's Drum-Off

| play
DamnTheMan I'm gettin there! rb@Time2Burn: "Mudvayne – Happy?" (reblip)


| play

Assemblage 23 - 05 - Document

| play
backasswards TGIF!!!!

The Cure Friday Im In Love

| play
backasswards @TPJK ok, @NikkiPixel persuaded me to tell ya got some major talent there, satan. :) impressed.

TPJK , Voice of Reason

| play
backasswards my eyes hurt. maybe some eye-candy will help?

Incubus-"Drive" Music Video (Acoustic Version)

| play
backasswards and me 3. was my favorite band in HS, before i broadened my horizons. :P and this is my all-time fav korn song. @Louden @NikkiPixel
backasswards NICE! ty rb@vix_rock: "Dream Theater – The Dark Eternal Night.One More For You @backasswards This is one of My Favorite Tune From Dream theater \m/" (reblip)
backasswards nighters. blip atcha lata. :)@Louden: "That is it for me. Gotta be up early again so another early night. Take care y'all!!!" (reblip)
backasswards cuz sometimes, i just need a new damn skin. :P
backasswards very very nice. ty again. rb ;-) @vix_rock: "Dream Theater – Cemetery Gates (#Pantera cover). @backasswards One More Legendary Song for you \m/" (reblip)
backasswards im asking myself that question actually. heh. damn pain! rb@DirtyUrine: "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" (reblip)
backasswards wish i could send the pain below!

Chevelle-Send the pain below (MTV)

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DirtyUrine awesome! we still need the video! @Schoork: "White Lion – Radar Love" (reblip)
backasswards my fav nin tuneage, after the whole 'broken' album.
backasswards nice. ;0 eine zwei drei vier rb@TweakerRay: "@backasswards - well I prefer this more... 1... 2...3...4... ;-D" (reblip)

CovenantDead Stars

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backasswards Night. See ya laters ;) rb@DirtyUrine: "Pearl Jam – Black! ~ and all I taught her was everything ... goodnight everyone! DU" (reblip)
backasswards "i hurt myself see if i still feel. i focus on the pain, the only thing that's real."

Nine Inch NailsHurt

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Schoork cool tune!@RonnieSoak: "last from me, heading out for a while, but @Schoork put me in the mood for more slash, so it's VR time" (reblip)
backasswards ive been putting a shit-ton of tunes on my playlist. thank you all for being such awesome DJs!!

L7 -Shitlist-

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backasswards Ich seh im Spiegel dein Gesicht. Du liebst mich denn ich lieb dich nicht. Ich tu dir weh
backasswards lol, know the feeling. just got my marathon badge the other day due to my not-sleeping-ness =p rb@musicalmind (reblip)
backasswards ive been yawning for about 7 hrs now, LOL. 6am here almost. unfortunately, sleep wont come 2day. chronic pain sux. rb@musicalmind (reblip)
backasswards ooooo. must rb@TweakerRay: "@backasswards hmmm i think i have a maxi because of the nine inch nails remix of this song ;-D" (reblip)
backasswards will miss u too!! :( take care rb@str8jgirl: "Good Morning! Working out of town - will miss you, Blip-lovlies! Have a gr8 Friday! TGIF!!" (reblip)
backasswards lucky! its about 20 sometin here.@TropicsZ4: "WoW that is insane cold , sending some warm air to you it's 70 degrees here at 6 am :) >>@JeanneBehr" (reblip)
caporal_chief rb@brunoahn: "Rammstein – Te Quiero Puta" (reblip)