Collective_Soul Here's one for those that don't know Green River Ordinance who will be touring with us and Gavin DeGraw this summer
Oldies Talking Heads – Take Me To The River
ketpoc22 @ladypn Bitter:sweet often reverts me back to this
JodyWatley @JodyWatley: My current single 'Candlelight'. Available at all digital outlets. Grown folks music with a modern groove!" (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq my advice for today, even if you live in cloudy Britain!
Punched :: Gary Numan – M.E. ::

Gary NumanM.E.

| play
DJJazzyJacq the very talented Newton Faulkner
DJJazzyJacq something in your eyes makes me wanna lose myself....

"Feels Like Home" Linda Ronstadt

| play
ladypn rb @mignon Heading to dreamland, perchance to sleep! Goodnight all & thx for the wonderful music, your generosity & for your ear! (reblip)
GR8FL rb @VerChill - thanks for this... helped me to smile this morning :) (reblip)
Punched :: Eminem – When I'm Gone :: (Excellent)
DJJazzyJacq @broadwayg- hey there how you doin? Was it you whodunnit?

tavares whodunnit

| play
remembermstn 80s techno pop... DM

Depeche Mode-Everything Counts (Live In Hamburg 1984)

| play
Jeffie The Lovin' Spoonful - "Do You Believe In Magic?" (reblip)
messinwiththekid that's the truth :) @crowjane: "can keep his little mind on nothing else~~" (reblip)
rogue_fm Hey, what's up with you @messinwiththekid You having, er...withdrawal symptoms? :) (Good morning/almost afternoon. Sorry it's raining. Fabulous here.)
TrainWreckRadio OK girlz & boyz.....I'm going to leave you for a short while. Thanks for the props & ALL the great blippage this AM laterz (reblip)
messinwiththekid [Hey, what's up with you You having,er...withdrawal symptoms? (Good morning/almost afternoon]Nothing up@rogue_fm Having a little suggestive blip fun:)
FineNGood The blushing bride she looks divine, the bridegroom he is doing fine I'd rather have his job than mine when I'm cleaning windows.
rogue_fm rb @rmseguin One of my favourite SV songs. I could live without the non-video video though. Thx. (reblip)
messinwiththekid Maybe I can imagine being there. If anybody could make it happen it is SRV
bobscopper always a listener @Betterlucky...thanks for the many props and reblips. (reblip)

Magical mystery tour

| play

Toto -Hold the Line

| play
cjh Rob Thomas - Little Wonders - everybody needs daily wonders!!
cjh Crosby - Still - Nash - Teach Your Children well - I daily work with children!!

Teach Your Children

| play
beyon10deon It's Easier for A Camel To Pass through An Eye Of A Needle, Than For A Terrorist To "Score" With A Vesal Virgin
rogue_fm rb @tubilino Great live version of one of my very, VERY favourite songs. Ever. (Too bad they cut off Bowie's dedication at the end of the vid tho'.) (reblip)
cjh Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sweet Hitch-Hiker @ximon @tubilino @Zarabeth @c3p0 @StonyTunes @dustypony @DJBlues

Creedence Clearwater Revival Sweet Hitch-Hiker

| play
ghostrider9791 On my death bed, I will pray to the gods of the ages, like a pagan, to any one will take me to heaven!
dsb1218 this song might just get me through the week
DJJazzyJacq @TakeFive: "Edgar Winter - Free Ride, block booking six pack pensioners pass! (reblip)
Llltex1969 Frederick Knight – I've Been Lonely (For So Long)

The Supremes Baby Love

| play
DJJazzyJacq @BabylonGuy LOL ah Barney.... more a scooby doo fan!

Scooby Doo Theme Song 70

| play

the supremes where did our love go

| play
Sparklepony [Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Little Girl (feat. Julian Casablancas)] FAV!
ScenicKK do ya wanna dance? bucovina!!


| play
beyon10deon We All Die! Stop The Nukes!!! It's Imperative
cjh The Cranberries - When You're gone
tubilino Heeey boys, miss magic is back ...No hollywood waste or tinsel trash...

Def Leppard- Heaven is

| play
ScenicKK Little boots mgmt cover

little boots TIME TO PRETEND (WE'RE HAVING FUN!) funtimes cover of MGMT

| play
ShiaoMei @NebularKink: "@ShiaoMei: ">>> Pretzel Logic >> Steely Dan @----)--"I also have never met Napolean" (reblip)

K-os: Man I Used to Be

| play
ShiaoMei @LexiePixie: @----)-- "Billy Idol – Sweet Sixteen" (reblip)
rguimaslima » » » » » » » » » » Mamas and the Papas » » » » » » » » » » » »
DJJazzyJacq God football all night how depressing, talking of which....
sweetmagnolia every time I turn around, somebody falls in love with me, this has never been my soul intention, never claimed to have patents on such inventions...
MalikSr @mizzmbee: "Barcode Brothers – Dooh Dooh..... sing along..doooh doooh..♬音♭♩音" (reblip)
ShiaoMei ~ @MonicaOnline @dj_kwame @Suzn1177 ...:D~ >> Tonight by Kem>>> (reblip)

Tonight by Kem

| play
womensradio Just finished an amazing interview with @amyspeace ! Check out "The Killer in Me" here: #indie #songwriter

Amy Speace doing "The Killer in Me"

| play

Amie, pure praire league

| play
Fangbaby lol, this guy really cooks! the ascot is bound to spark up someone's smoldering spark...@rxrx1776: "Light My Fire _\|/_@Fangbaby" (reblip)
ShiaoMei Keiko Matsui {松居慶子} ~~ A Great Romance >>> @Faddic @bobscopper >>>
cjh The Rolling Stones - She's Like A Rainbow
DJFrankie Whoops, I meant @DJPamplemouss. This one is HBO-riffic!


| play
DJJazzyJacq na na na nana na na.....thx again @Msbiddybytes @johnnyag @revvs

Hey jude by The Beatles + lyrics

| play
Greenie John Mayer Trio – Gravity
ZOEBOE I'm jelious :) I was supposed to see her and got finagled into camping! Glad you njoyed the show rb@Karuna (reblip)

Lady Sovereign & Shystie The Battle

| play
ScenicKK WOW!! for your office work :) @freshjuice

Hold The Line (DJ Edit) -Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) featuring santigold and mr. lexx

| play

The Pretenders-Back on the Chain Gang

| play
justxjoce @thetello This is the best Mary song...fool.

Mary Poppins "Step in Time"

| play
mellomatic @toosweet4rnr - my birthday is this Friday, the 29th. =)

AC DC - Thunderstruck

| play
Shaman777 "A Good Day To Die" Lakota Sioux Going Into Battle
bobscopper hope you like cheese today @kaaeyl: ""ernie" spurned me on to become a milkman for one day. " (reblip)

Royksopp- Alpha male

| play
naturalsoul4u Classic!! Who remembers this one??
DJDreamy The~Zephyr~Song ~ RHCP {NO:imeem/video}


| play


| play
shortygal Oh, you just keep on using me - until you use me up...
DJJazzyJacq @Shukitty @mellowmatic All the best people are Geminis!
SANOMAJ we was all doin this *grinnin from ear to ear*

E.U.Da Butt

| play
ScenicKK MSTRKRFT – Bounce ft N.O.R.E NEW VIDEO!
LaKarune U know the rule @chinchillart - U blip Grace, U get propped & reblipped. :) Loooove this track. (reblip)
SANOMAJ she is pretty dope. love her myself @D90cent: "Chasing Pavements luv this girl!" (reblip)
DJDreamy Midnight Rider ~ Allman Brothers {video} THX 4 ReBlip => @ManifestIntent: (reblip)


| play
GR8FL why... I want to why is the whole I live in so insane. It's time to give the little people a break!
toosweet4rnr [Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Sex Bomb Boogie] @JDsRecordShop love those great 80's gems :)
beyon10deon HelP US!!! Yikes

XTC-Dear God

| play
ScenicKK after a dancing round there is a relaxing round.
TwiMom317 OHHHH to all my twi-mom friends...a little picture music as you oggle that beautiful Rob bod!
crowjane @Triple5Light: " a French Twist" Lemme see what my brotha got up in here~oh yeah babe~a man can say take out the trash~ in french 2 me~and I'll melt (reblip)

Les Nubians...Tabou

| play
ladypn Some things are just meant to be, it never comes easily & when it does, I'm already gone.... Yep, that's about norm for me! ;)
Metal_Rocks Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train. Featuring 'Guitar God' Randy Rhoads (R.I.P.)
ZOEBOE Hi @seizuresalad :) How bout some lasagna with that lovely name of yours? You may need the knife ;)
SANOMAJ yes yes yes. still got the vinyl girl @MahoganyGirl: "Guy "Groove Me..." " (reblip)

GuyGroove Me

| play
popr333 live version- good way to hear vocals out front on this one (reblip)
toosweet4rnr [Jimmy Page – Jam Sandwich] ok, now it's time for a sandwich. see you a wee bit later ;)
eliott_is_dead good luck goodbye blippers n' twitters n' flippers n' drinkers... see ya tomorrow
DareToEatAPeach @DJFrankie: "daretoeatapeach, more Tampa craziness: " Reblip and passing along to @Mirrorshades, the Floridian. (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @yourpennylane a MUST re-blipp! with that in mind......I've been ignore my 6-string friends <--------------- over there in the guitar rack. latah! (reblip)
DJDreamy Alamout ~ Ginger Baker {no vid}
BabylonSista Who doesn't love Andy Partridge?

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead / XTC

| play
Flow @MsButterworth -"we hatin on these hoes like we hatin on the feds" hahaha. this made my day. (reblip)

barry sisters - Coney Island

| play
Squirrel10001 Wooly Bully-Sam The Sham & Pharaohs.

Wooly Bully-Sam The Sham & Pharaohs.

| play
Gamera Yeah... that's never good! @jennyleepenny: "Ah. Another premature ending. Let's try again, shall we?" (reblip)


| play
HERDE Great remake of this song; gotta luv it.

Last KissPearl Jam

| play

The Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends".

| play
beyon10deon Things Are Snowballing Fast!


| play

Angry Samoans-They saved Hitlers Cock

| play


| play
SANOMAJ @MsButterworth YO them little dudes is fuuny as hell. OMFG. Im not the only one whos cracks up at them. His white friend with the cornrows is funny (reblip)

Boondocks Nigga You Gay Moments

| play
Squirrel10001 Hello @Flying_Roundhouse Have a great evening. Here's a song by a band, from my home City of Bristol.


| play
crowjane One day baby~U will began to realize~

THE TEMPTATIONS-you'll lose a precious love- 1965-

| play
SANOMAJ @MsButterworth: "@DJBiggL *BLIP TUBE JACK* Unfortunately not they need to move to Comedy Central because Adult Swim is BS! just invest in the DVD'S (reblip)

Boondocks Nigga You Gay Moments

| play
PuckTarget "Dreams of Happiness aren't wasted"

Amanda Ghost "Glory Girl"

| play
DJDreamy Runnin' With The Devil ~ Van Halen {NO:imeem/video} FULL VERSION
madandbeautiful I love Chris Botti and I want to BE Jill Scott. This song is like NIRVANA for me.

Chris Botti-Good Morning Heartache (feat. Jill Scott)

| play
Intriguingds Great Beat! Thxs! On A Roll >>@TropicsZ4: "London Beat – I've Think About You" (reblip)
robotnik oh, a vacuum cleaner ad... so you think i'd rather clean the house?

WoodsTo Clean

| play
Almar omg it's peter from heroes!

Fergie-Big girls don`t cry

| play
naturalsoul4u Even though they put us down and call us animals...

Don Henley- The Boys Of Summer (Live) (HQ)

| play
Squirrel10001 The Associates – Party Fears Two
Greenie MC Solaar – La Belle et Le Bad Boy
SANOMAJ im leavin with this peeps. see ya'll 2morrow
robotnik @CreepyGirl yes, you'd better be sorry ;) well, we have lots of deer here in sweden...
PauloStudio2002 Coldplay – 'Yellow' ★★★★★★★★★ Essa mesma, valeuuuu @DjFlavinha: "@studio2002 Era esse que vc tava procurando outro dia né?" (reblip)
BattLady Beyonce Double Down!

Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z - Crazy In

| play
crowjane @Triple5Light: "r/b via @rowjane: This is how much $ $ you could have save by going with Geico. Lol"No he did'taint"" a damn commercial~ROFL (reblip)

Michael Jackson- Somebody's Watching Me

| play
Squirrel10001 Fischer Z – Perfect Day
Flow @DJBiggL - damn man. R.I.P. Pun. and Black Thought is so underrated is really isn't funny. like serious. stop laughin. (reblip)


| play
SANOMAJ im 4real this time. ill see ya'll 2morrow
Llltex1969 Forgive me, this will be in your head all day - Macarena – Los del Rio
chiron08 @clio_berlin . kommste zu der party mit E.O.G. ? at MONSTER RONSON´S, Warschauerstr. 4
naturalsoul4u Best believe I got that good...

Bust It Baby Plies ft. Ne-Yo

| play
star45 Eels – Your Lucky Day In Hell – thanks rb@ladypn it would be ironic :) (reblip)
Sissie I sure would listen to more ppl if they wouldn´t blip Coldplay. And yes, I´m a racist too when it comes to Chris Whiney Martin.
Llltex1969 Don't forget about Zappa - Frank Zappa – Valley Girl

The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

| play
robotnik "i fought a crocodile for you"... true love... hello @mammara
beyon10deon Lets Take A Ride!

Yes-Starship Trooper 1973

| play
CreepyGirl @notdavidbowie. Good weekend?

You Have Cum In Your Hair and Your Dick Is Hanging Out

| play
bobscopper @Fangbaby: "i feel the need for a pete townsend power chord."...thanx (reblip)
madandbeautiful Takes me back to when my high school boyfriend, Marcus, would braid my hair for me...
ariherzog Last were the Beach Boys, preceded by Roy Orbison, and my first concert began with these guys...

John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band

| play
paisley Lolli Lolli (In the Ayer Remix)

Lolli Lolli (In the Ayer Remix)

| play
crowjane @DjAlfy: crowjane I am good~heads hurting a bit but going to a movie soon :D how are you? ok sis~once the move is behind ya sis~It'll be all ight'~ (reblip)
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl .... :| .... cellygirl is "man", man!!!! :P

Boy George-The Crying Game Soundtrack.

| play
DependableSkeleton Finally, here's the most frequently played song on my ipod with 34 plays. What can I say? I <3 synth handclaps!!!
DuncanDogg I was a huge English Beat fan, so it follows I had an affinity for General Public, too. Good remix here.
SuperBjorn the album is incredible and it starts off here, one of the best "trip hop" track ever.

Bobby Long Dead & Done Blues

| play
excessively wise men say / I'm a fool, but it's fine

The lovecats (acoustic) :The Cure

| play
alienfresh haha that's an interesting way to sing this song
mfa Vaixell de Grecia (Llach altre volte)

LLUISLLACH Vaixell de Grecia.mp4

| play
Abraham_Thunderwolf @cellygirl ain't no "man", man!

Beautiful Creature

| play
beyon10deon Running On Emty Is Right!

Jackson Browne- Running on Empty (live 1979)

| play
Performalosophos one more to get you on the dancefloor.
CarolannB ♐Wicked Wednesday ♫ Jams - "Thunderstruck" (AC/DC)

AC DC Thunderstruck

| play
crispast ..should i go? yeah.. gotta go friends! tnx @ll :)

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

| play
tubilino Felicidades Barcelona!!! Simply The Best!
alienfresh @bearchay does that mean there's no hope for your car anymore? have you found a replacement yet?
sheryonstone rb@Jenilin with thanks :) (reblip)

Gorillaz: Madonna and Gorillaz at Music Awards

| play
benyasbabe love this song


| play
Sissie Haha! Had some tapes 2 til I had saved up for my 1st;-) @AndreaUrbanFox: "this was my 1st Pink Floyd - Animals ... I was a bit of a gloomy teen haha" (reblip)
FineNGood @crispast: "..should i go? yeah.. gotta go friends! tnx @ll :)" STAY :-) (reblip)
frustratedauthor Yes, it's MMMBop! Don't judge me! :D


| play
MsBiddyBytes Since I left you.........♫ ♫ ♫
frustratedauthor I used such a crush on him. @1980s: "From "National Lampoon's Vacation" - awesome 80s tune recorded by Lindsay Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac)" (reblip)
MIEE Man, I hadn't heard this in years!

BVSMP- I need you

| play
nawlinswoman My love didn't go anywhere @1980s/love to find blipping good music.. (reblip)

the supremes where did our love go

| play
weething @xtcdukes yeah? Well, turns out there IS in fact an Elvis aside from Costello. And here's video proof :D
MsBiddyBytes Warwick Avenue...............♫ ♫ ♫ .


| play

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life

| play
alienfresh @bearchay bollocks! good luck in quickly finding a proper substitution!
LaLaLaurie NO WAY!!! SCORE!!!! Me thinks they're at 'Hole in the Wall' When I say EVIL, I mean BAD!
MsBiddyBytes Not Fair.......♫ ♫ ♫
kylecameron reminds me of going to debate tournaments in high school. For any number of reasons. (reblip)

40 Oz. to Freedom-Sublime

| play
ffluxx Tarika Blue- Dreamflower

Tarika Blue- Dreamflower

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie (In My Opinion) 5 BEST DEBUTS OF 2009 [So Far] ~ At Number #5 : Wave Machines 'Wave If You're Really There' - "I Go I Go I Go"


| play
ffluxx The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes of Funk

seven minutes of funk -tyrone thomas and the whole darn fami

| play
anaomelete BauHaus -- Bela Lugosi's Dead **Music Video**
jspace3 I am with you on The Model @n0her0es ... have you heard the Rammstein version it also rocks

The ModelBig Black

| play
LaLaLaurie surf's up

Southern Culture on the Skids "'69 El Camino"

| play
mmemaledicta love that the Killers managed to finagle Lou Reed into singing a song with them. That suits my purposes just fine!
DJJuxtaposedJunkie (In My Opinion) 5 BEST DEBUTS OF 2009 [So Far] ~ At Number #4 : Hockey 'Mind Chaos' - "Learn To Lose"
tropigal Good one! Added it to my list RB @LolaLovesMusic: "Ryan Shaw - Nobody" (reblip)
madandbeautiful Gotta go home, now. I'm out.

I'm Outta Time

| play
beyon10deon I Want Bush Back Darnit!


| play

Digital Underground "The Return of The Crazy"

| play
ZachsMind This tune is NOT #MPFC! Orig comp by Fred Heatherton I think it's Freddie Martin's Orch, prod by Merv Griffin. Verify? (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * HONORABLE MENTIONS ~ Other Great Debuts Of 2009 * : Red Light Company 'Fine Fascination' - "Scheme Eugene"
jet333 Paul McCartney & Wings ~ "Hi Hi Hi"

Paul McCartney & Wings: Hi Hi Hi

| play
turnthatthingdownplease Basia covers Aretha's Hit

Basia Until You Come back to Me

| play
SaoRibeiro I´ll stand by you @all , have a good evening,or night, cause I must rest now!
frustratedauthor Would You Lay With Me - Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker-Would You Lay With Me

| play
ilbis "Not Fade Away"- BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS


| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * HONORABLE MENTIONS ~ Other Great Debuts Of 2009 * : Here We Go Magic 'Self-Titled' - "Fangela"
oregonblip Time – Pink Floyd ::: Time for me to work on something for awhile... so will not blip for awhile... but will be listening... have enjoyed the day.

TimePink Floyd

| play
DJJazzyJacq this flight tonight Nazareth - the unforgetable voice of Dan McCafferty
CrescentMoonglow @oregonblip, one day you sent this to me...Today, I send it to you also. *Love the lyrics!* Dance beneath the light with that look in your eyes. ;)
Jalapeno While u were sleeping I was listening 2 the radio & wondering what you were dreaming when it came 2 mind that i didn't care... (reblip)
smartard David Bowie – Five Years
aphalloides :) These guys are kind of fun too - light and fun.
StonyTunes ~ LITTLE SISTAR ~ Ry Cooder
carlarafaela Adoro esta música em qualquer versão. Em qualquer voz. Até na minha! (reblip)
smartard Descendents – I'm The One
CrescentMoonglow @MusicIsMySunshine: "thanks @CrescentMoonglow Pete Yorn is lovely!" And I thank you, this is also a great selection of his. :) (reblip)

CHICAGO- Questions 67 & 68 (Paris 1969)

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ROCK N ROLL! : The Doors - "Roadhouse Blues"
rguimaslima The Association – Everything That Touches You
Will_the_bloke Pulp – O.U. (Gone, Gone) ...very early Pulp ..agreed @Samanthai .. way I see it, every time I sink, it's also a skeleton singing, in a sense
lokomotive merci @fabuleuxfab: "I used to love that song when I was in Damascus. Nice song to dance to. Many thanks. @lokomotive @ArizumaBrett" (reblip)

NANCY AJRAM ah we noss

| play
dietnam oh come on!

Pulp Disco 2000

| play
GR8FL rb @Atomik: "Chromeo – Mercury Tears" very cute (reblip)
GR8FL I wanted to blip your Nancy Wilson @curatEar, but it wouldn't play and never came up on search :(
GR8FL g'nite @all... follow true love (I am)
Deana Hush little baby dont say a word and never mind that noise you heard...........Good night sweet dreams! I'm going to bed!!

Metallica-Enter Sandman

| play
DJSassyMonkey This is what happens when I hang wif my girl.
Jalapeno Last Monkees of the night.. ok so it's Mike too :)
DamienBasile Why did someone just call me up to ask me if I knew anyone who needed weed truffles while I was finding this song? at 1am? phone call fail.
Llltex1969 gregorian_masters_of_chant_-_Celtic_Trance


| play
jesseluna Hope springs eternal........Vivaldi - La Primavera

1. Vivaldi: Concerto "La Primavera" (RV 269)

| play
MaddMatt @TrainWreckRadio Have ya seen this? Love this song! "Send lawyers, guns, and money, the shit has hit the fan"

Warren Zevon Lawyers, Guns and Money

| play
kbuech Love it! rb@Suzn1177 Kings of Leon - "Sex On Fire" ["(non-imeem)@beyon10deon @WashingtonOliveira ThnX for listening!"] (reblip)
aphalloides OK, this is just an absolutely awesome love song - Richard Thompson - "Read about love"
FineNGood common ruse dirty face pretty noose is pretty hate and I don't like what you got me hanging from
Diordan dance to my funky funky tamborim
Gamera ♥ Olivia @dj_midori: "*Shaking myself from my reverie, realizing the microwave dinged quite a bit ago. Pulling it out and taking a sip.*" (reblip)
ShiaoMei @Diordan: Nice.. "dance to my funky funky tamborim" (reblip)
LYRIC But as the scenery grows I see in different lights.The shades&shadows undulate in my perception.Myfeelings swell&stretch I see from greater heights..
MaddMatt For what it's worth, the Nuggets played well through 3 quarters. Doesn't mean much when you don't win. :( @PS1968
DJDibou Check this one ... Victor Wooten "I Saw God" #God #jazz

Victor Wooten- I Saw God

| play
jet333 The Moody Blues ~ "Nights in White satin"´67
kbuech The Guess Who - "These Eyes" (imeem-free)

The Time Warp & Sweet Transvestite (the rocky horror picture show)

| play
laks_srini ~ Happy together ~ thanks for the prop @ladypn, @kbuech, @sheryonstone. welcome new ears...
acanuckfan ♫♫ ~ hope every1 is having a great even'n ♫♫♫ (reblip)
pulsar The Nice - The Cry Of Eugene. Keith Emerson pre ELP.
BLUESBOOGIE later Bro lol..thx..@MaddMatt: "Pleasant dreams ["Good nite all"]" (reblip)
laks_srini Off to work... take care... laters @ll

Chubby Checker-The twist- (1960) doo wop pop

| play
kbuech The Guess Who - "Share the Land" (imeem-free)
Cattycake the last pick of the night..just don't say goodnight
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! It's Thursday by Morphine again (haha yesterday I blipped thursday's blip!) ... deja vu?
KatelynD Great song title!! Great video! I love this!! LOL (reblip)
elland666 Altered Images - Think that it might
miguesme The Eagles "Hotel California", buenos dias

The Eagles "Hotel California"

| play
redskyy This song really does define that stereotypical college life.
ARDELLd @ladypn tach it up, tach it up...buddy gonna shut you down
beyon10deon If You Were The King/Queen Of The World...Tell Them What Youd Do...
ARDELLd I'll be UR dream I'll be UR wish I'll be UR fantasy,be everything that U need. I want to stand with U on a mountain, I want to bathe with U in the sea
jesseluna Thought that was Prince......One of US..... reblip @LYRIC (reblip)
noisecontrol @BarackObama -Because if I am still walking at the behest of the Sec.Gen of the UN and you aren't in the mix -weilding your gratitude for my sacrifice (reblip)
FineNGood @ladypn: "As I said in a previous blip, I had forgotten you 20 minutes later @CooperHarris... LOL!" I feel special, NOT. lol (reblip)
DavidBerlin Okay, my last off-season song...

Happy New Year (ABBA)

| play
energizedmofo Can't say you're into Jane's if you never heard this.
noisecontrol Right now I should be on at least a Jeep to DC - With a Police Escort - What I see is mafia bitches harassing my neighbor for his NBA money (reblip)
noisecontrol So are you going to take the ball and fucking run with it? Or Am I going to pitch it to Reuben? (reblip)
GR8FL @santamistura @tubilino did you all of a sudden have many 'credits' in your account today?

Kate Nash "Foundations" video

| play
mattonrails And with that I'm off to bed... Goodnight everybody!

Glad it's all over

| play
Tropicsz4 Chicago Transit – I'm A Man
harisalisic Another great Turkish pop-hit from few years ago. (reblip)


| play
Tropicsz4 Santana Carlos – She's Not There
BabylonSista One of their best songs ever.
santamistura @translucida obrigadaaaaaaaaaaa (reblip)

No Caminho Do Bem

| play
Atomik @RustyB - Korgis did the song originally, its been covered by Beck, Erasure and a couple others
sagopal thx @StonyTunes @DaLady @arunragh @abarbosa @smiley @GR8FL @abarbosa @Sophizz for the props. wish i was there at Lansdowne Road :) wishing u joyoflife
Soundscape_Studios Cool, MY video came up in the search

Through The Void

| play
M_C OK, coffee break is over...last one. Enjoy your day blippers. :)
Tropicsz4 Micheal Franks – Popsicle Toes
beyon10deon All The Way There (Is Where We're Headed)

The Eagles-Take it to the limit

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Super Mario Bros. on the Theremin!

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valerie- amy winehouse feat mark ronson

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paulasilva Bom dia; buenos dias; bonjour; good morning,gute morgen !

Entre mis Recuerdos- Luz Casal

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe Didn't It Rain

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Bimbler morning @OneLuvGurl :0) .. AFI – God Called In Sick Today
beyon10deon For: " The FOX" That Rescued "The Kitten"

the curelove cats

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santamistura adoreiiiiiiiiiiii!!! @aramar obrigada e 1 bom dia pra vc (reblip)
gpharley @beyon10deon: "A "Fox" Rescues A "Kitten"...How Adorable! XX" (reblip)

Johnathan Rice Live In London "The Acrobat"

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RodrigoPassini65 @Takatakatakatak: "Bob Dylan (Van a subastar un manuscrito con la letra de esta canción escrita a mano por él --dato curiso--). " (reblip)
BattLady I see a little blue sky poking through!! YIPPEE!


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RockinRobot RB @djellenmellon: Nice Pick! Ten Years After – I'm Going Home (reblip)
BattLady @dustypony: "George Thorogood "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer"" JINX!!!!! You owe me a beer! LOL (reblip)

The Beatles I am the Walrus

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sir_edward_ross Baggariddim Ub40 @shiner

Baggariddim Ub40

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MsButterzworth Sample. ~Justify My Love-Madonna~

Madonna-Justify my Love

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Alper Bruce Hornsby - The Way it Is (live) -- meet the new boss, in a way...
RockinRobot "Get a slaw burger,fries ,and a bottle of sky'...bring it on out to my baby and me!" Kentucky Headhunters – Dumas Walker
BeccaLee This is a great version of "Happy" but nobody can beat my man Keith!
beyon10deon Our Troops Rock!

Yes-Starship Trooper 1973

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bobscopper get the attiTUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Misfits-Attitude

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aoibhneas @briangreene Long may it last!! We deserve more than a 3-day summer this year, right?


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Maedhros I like these guys; a little generic, but there's not necessarily anything wrong with that.
dailystendhal this was a great tour! @derby: "I don't know you but, I think I HATE you - Green Day nunca deveria ter virado emo, indeed." (reblip)

ChumpGreen Day

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DavidBerlin Dutch band again. I always liked this song, because of the energy it gives.
MissAstrid I'm pretty sure you are not unwanted...Cheer up :) @MaybeMyBaby: "unwanted" (reblip)
SpinninR This remains my fav Smashing Pumpkins....though as u can tell I like most of the album.Just turn it up,close your eyes and let the music pull u along.

Mellon collie and the infinite sadness

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DJrythaman Sit back down ↓ ☺ Linkin Park – My December
paisley Mason vs. Princess Superstar – Perfect (Exceeder)
Sissie Hot Chip – Transmission (Joy Division Cover)