blitzspin I'll be your whatever you want...
blitzspin w00t!


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Mix_Mix Everything I've ever done, IT'S A SIN!!!
blitzspin @Mix_Mix: "@CoSlive #outerspace" i've never heard a planet rock i didn't like! (reblip)

Fred Pellichero - Planet Rock (Mox Codeta rmx) MASTER

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blitzspin STILL HOT!


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blitzspin old skool, never tire of it!

Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show

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blitzspin this has been sampled so many times... awesome song, since i was, well, since i WAS.

archie bell & the drells / tighten up part1

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blitzspin i am in love with bryan ferry
blitzspin some girls give me children i_never_asked_them_FOR.
blitzspin for my boys... who are in their 40's...

Agent Orange (PipeLine)

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blitzspin you can't beat this combo... both are brizilliant!

prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

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blitzspin my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss be poppin...
blitzspin totally eargasmic; my favorite (HANDS DOWN) slow dance since 1983
blitzspin Song for a Sad Amy... Leonard can write the best fucking sad songs...

"Eyes on Fire" Blue Foundation Twilight Soundtrack Official Music Video (alternative version)

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blitzspin Sucker for this one even BEFORE the kick ass movie...

Debussy, Clair de lune (Twilight soundtrack? piano music)

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blitzspin too cool not to add... gotta love my Missy and my DM boys...
blitzspin slice of fucking brilliance. never fails to make me move...
blitzspin Mick says he loves it no matter how many times it's remixed, and I tend to agree... red beret spinning... (reblip)
blitzspin Personal favorite, a light skinned brother with dimples, last seen wearing a kango...

LL Cool JI'm Bad

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blitzspin wish he knew the meaning of the word of persona... could've worked it better... but otherwise, i dig it!
blitzspin always loved it... ye-ah...
Mix_Mix My favorite version of this cover!

How Soon Is Now? by Love Spit Love [with lyrics]

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Mix_Mix NO matter how many times this song is made over I still love it!!!
blitzspin happiness from a LONG time ago, just SAIL ON!
blitzspin been a long time been a long time now i'll get to you somehow...
blitzspin (PC takes on a whole new meaning) "this is your Captain with NO NAME speaking, and I'm here to take over the world."

PrincePussy Control

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blitzspin Bad Dawg Bad Dawg Bad D-A-W-G!

Fetchin' BonesStray

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RecordSpinna Damn, this would sound good in a club..RB@melodyofyourlife: "Whatever Happened To My Head?????" (reblip)
blitzspin o happy day! haven't heard this in YEARS! w00t!

Run Dmc - Mary Mary

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blitzspin from this broken hill i will sing to you...
blitzspin When I shoot my gun, I shoot to Keel
blitzspin the question we always ask...
Mix_Mix I wan someone to tie to my apron strings
Mix_Mix Worth the reblip baby!@blitzspin: "what'cha gonna do when you get outta jail?" (reblip)
blitzspin i be on that kryptonite
blitzspin booty booty droppin droppin...

Girl TalkSet It Off

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blitzspin ll i wanna do is (boo, boom boom) take ya' money....@diegomira: "MIA – Paper Planes" (reblip)
blitzspin FAB! funky as all hell... when funk was funk!
blitzspin hear the sample from no diggity?
blitzspin everybody knows there were people you just had to meet _ without YOUR CLOTHES...
lurgee @blitzspin: "pitch it up& we got a PARTY!" (reblip)
blitzspin pitch it up& we got a PARTY!
blitzspin Love me some White Stripes AND Prodigy, w00t!

prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

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blitzspin always a suckah for Trent and Fiddy!
blitzspin always has stuck w/me, this one
blitzspin happiness...

The Psychedelic Furs President Gas

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Mix_Mix And I love Leonard Cohen! Thanks!!@mrandysmiley2 Hey listeners, @Mix_Mix only needs 9 more listeners to reach 100 listeners. Lets all help him out :)" (reblip)
Mix_Mix Alright blippers, I need 10 more listeners to break 100. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME GET WHAT I WANT, lord knows this will be the first time! ; )
blitzspin For Duck... who died last night... Fuck. I love you babe - you're what I aspire to be one day.


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blitzspin music cross between 70's TV soundtrack (Shaft?) and a porn flick
blitzspin what the world needs now....
blitzspin report to my dance floor...
blitzspin never fails to make me laugh...
blitzspin still stuck on Studio 54

ChicLe Freak

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blitzspin reblipping my Damn self.. again!@blitzspin: "C'mon you can get it GET IT girl - BEAT THAT! you have to listen to a LONG intro, but it's good!" (reblip)
blitzspin @blitzspin: "@blitzspin: "Get yo' Studio 54 on!" reblippin' my damn self...AGAIN! (reblip)
blitzspin another eargasmic one, blipped it before; Vampires playing Baseball... HAWT!
blitzspin eargasmic because it reminds me of Twilight lately....
blitzspin tear the roof off the mother (sucker) tear the roof off the suckah
blitzspin YEAHHHHHH Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Aerosmith-Walk This Way (feat. Run DMC) Lyrics

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blitzspin oh it makes me HAPPY!

Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show

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blitzspin could mix w/Train in Vain...

GarbageStupid Girl

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blitzspin MUCH better than Bananarama... used to dance to this (on '45) when I was in kindergarten.... w00t!

Venus by Shocking Blue

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blitzspin @blitzspin: "Get yo' Studio 54 on!" reblippin' my damn self... (reblip)
Ju_Mashuganas @rafaelramos: "@LuckySong: "I think I always reblip this @blitzspin: "ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI, AND SHE WOULDN'T GIVE IT TO ME, IT'S JUST A PEPSI..."" (reblip)
blitzspin loving the violins, too!@DJ_KNOPPIX: "Another music with violins, i don't know but i think i'm addicted LOL" (reblip)
blitzspin C'mon you can get it GET IT girl - BEAT THAT! you have to listen to a LONG intro, but it's good!
blitzspin i don't have to sell my soul...
DJRed_Head Todays Jigsaw HAS fallen into place!
blitzspin happiness in a blip, LOVE TO ALL... things will get brighter.
Mix_Mix My favorite song growing up!@docstimulas: "love it ! @DJDreamy: "Hard Luck Women ~ Kiss {video} <== Great Acoustic performance!"" (reblip)

KissHard Luck Women

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blitzspin original is still the VERY BEST! happines!
blitzspin Hell Yeah, and My Sentiments, Exactly.... ABOUT EFFIN TIME!
blitzspin i love the way tou smack my ass... :)
blitzspin since some pof you missed this... response to Mix_Mix a while back
blitzspin NOT apologizing for this- Greg Gillis is the MASTER!
blitzspin this makes me happy... Na-na-na-NAH....

mobb deep ft 50 cent-have a party

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blitzspin giving me head on the unmade bed... while the limousine waited in the street....
blitzspin LOVES IT! dead live wire.... excellent drumming, btw.
blitzspin if the MUSIC makes your body move, WELL ALRIGHT!


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blitzspin never get tired of this one... "i like them girlz with them tatts on they thighs"
blitzspin i'm so high i don't think i can look down, i really don't..."
blitzspin love it! @Original_One: "After The Fire – Der Kommissar" (reblip)
blitzspin MY DADDY'S FAVORITE SONG OF ALL-TIME... fondest memories of playing it for him in the club, LOUDLY. :)
blitzspin cause I'm on a Booker T tip....
blitzspin for Mix_Mix - Booker T was IT in my house growing up- have this '45! (The flipside is The Mule!)
blitzspin Loving this....

The Big Pink-Dominos

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blitzspin awesome!@designtwit: "Earth Wind & Fire – Got to get you into my life Lets try again blip'o's" (reblip)
blitzspin @jilloatmeal: "Britney Spears ~ If You Seek Amy " I AM AMY! (reblip)

Britney Spears If you seek Amy OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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blitzspin thanks!@blitzspin: "@jilloatmeal: "Britney Spears ~ If You Seek Amy " I AM AMY!" (reblip)

Britney Spears If you seek Amy OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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blitzspin oh happiness @The Brewery, NC State!

UV Prom - Funhouse

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blitzspin so he's a screw-up...i can relate
turbolax BAMF cover RB@anna8687: "Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love" (reblip)
blitzspin smile on your brother- *who does the reggae cover of this & how can i get it?*
blitzspin for Frank, 3rd Legal Anniversary....

RadioheadAll I Need

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blitzspin still beautiful to me after all these years...
blitzspin can't find the oakenfold remix.... still, FIERCE!


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blitzspin 6 minutes.... uh-uh-uh-on.... here we go, c'mon

Doug E fresh ft. The Get Fresh Crew & Slick Rick

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Mix_Mix Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive....RRRREEEEEEEMMMMIIIIIIXXXXX!

N-TranceStayin' Alive

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blitzspin glad i don't recall the scene!@Turbolax: "luv this song but such a gut wrenching scene in Love Actually, gives me chills RB@vaniasmith: ".:. (reblip)
blitzspin dig it! love how "air" rhymes with "beer"@Mix_Mix: "Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive....RRRREEEEEEEMMMMIIIIIIXXXXX! " (reblip)

N-TranceStayin' Alive

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blitzspin going to see him 03 Nov! w00t!!!
blitzspin dig it, agree w/you on style; love it!@Turbolax: "totally! RB@Llalypop: "This chick is truly unique... Love her style (musically) "" (reblip)


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blitzspin everybody knows you've been discreet, but there were so many people you just had to meet, with_out_your_clothes...
blitzspin very_simple_message, in the gutter, but i love it!

Kid RockSo Hott

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blitzspin I go to bakeries all the time_ there's a lack of sweetness in my life

Modern LoversHospital

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Mix_Mix @SweetSugarFeet@TwistedToes@KaliAtrox @MommiesFeet@Itsallaboutme01 @MoniqueStranger@CPCDINIZ@jimmybradley
blitzspin Should play this every morning, thanks to TwinsMassive for reminding me!
blitzspin this one w/bass AND losts percussion
blitzspin ya' git down with my girlfriend; that ain't right....get ready mother, for the big payback...
blitzspin almost had forgotten this one! (reblip)

The Clash-Hateful

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blitzspin gimme big mac, gimme fries to go... WATCHMAN...
blitzspin some things you never forget! :)

KissGod of Thunder

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blitzspin sultry and somewhat insane, LOVE IT!
blitzspin digging the bass...

Bee Gees- Jive Talkin'

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blitzspin she left his amplifier... reminds me of my record spinning boys....

The dB'sAmplifier

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Mix_Mix I know I can be what I want to be if I work hard at it!

I CanNas (lyrics)

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blitzspin this is TERRIBLY distorted, but it's the BAD CHECKS, and they're my BOYS!

Graveyard Tramp

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blitzspin the only thing you've got in common now is paranoia...
blitzspin ode to my boys

Agent Orange (PipeLine)

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blitzspin different remix than i had in the day - lovely!
blitzspin no one does it like lux did

The CrampsHuman Fly

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blitzspin i dig it!@dailystendhal: "gotta split - i leave you all with this cuz you know you are! :)" (reblip)
blitzspin on a real Spiderbair Kick...
blitzspin love me some Etienne!

Etienne Daho Saudade

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dailystendhal off to the beach! have a good day everyone!!
blitzspin just lovely, every damn time!

MobyGo (2006)

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blitzspin thanks, T! i agree!@Turbolax: "because its a BAMF song and vid..." (reblip)
blitzspin a song written about me... :)


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Mix_Mix Pick it up on a Saturday evening!
blitzspin Let's Have A Ball And A Biscuit, Sugar!

Ball and Biscuit-The White Stripes (Elephant)

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blitzspin 1981! omG!

Greg Kihn Band-The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)

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blitzspin feeling fierce these days... it comes and goes...
blitzspin Sir Mix AND Laibach, HELL YEAH!
blitzspin sometimes you just gotta be Delirious.


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blitzspin everybody's got to believe in something!

Fred Pellichero - Planet Rock (Mox Codeta rmx) MASTER

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